What You Can Do to Support the July 4 New World Order Protests

The date of the NWO protest demonstrations is this Friday, and these are the hours of the final push to get the word out to all Truthers. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the last blog entry below.)

We need to do everything we can to spread the information. Write letters to your favorite conspiracy sites with an attached link to the video and, if you wish, a link to my earlier article. Tell the site why it’s important that they announce this information. For too long, the anti-conspiracy scene has been a number of groups working separately – the Alex Jones people versus the David Ickers, for instance. While groups may disagree on a number of significant points, we need to join together this Friday to send a message to the global elite and to the world.

I’m seeing comments on the Visionary Peace website from quite a few readers saying protesting is useless or it’s dangerous. My answer is that if we don’t do what we can, in the moment an inspiration like these global rallies comes to us, we are walking headfirst into our waiting prison. We MUST do what we can, and support those who are doing it. To throw up our hands and say the NWO is inevitable is the same as telling everyone to roll over and take the microchip. If we think like that, particularly if we try to discourage others who are courageous enough to take action, then we deserve to live in the New World Order with all the emptiness and misery it brings.

Mankind is in this pickle precisely because we have allowed it. To sit back and say there’s nothing we can do is to continue with the same mindset that got us in trouble in the first place. No one can control you without your permission. Our entire system – of government, taxes, schooling, military – it’s all founded on the public’s permission, yours and mine. Each of these systems would fall apart if we refused to support them.

If we are ever to become free, we must take back the permissions we have given for everything that takes away our freedom. We must think long and dialog together to determine what must be jettisoned and what should be substituted. We must imagine and plan what a free society would look like at the same time as we stand up against those things that enforce our slavery. This forum is one place where that sort of thinking and dialog can take place.

But we must do more than simply think and discuss. At some point we must join together in action, in refusing to cooperate with the systems that take away our joy, self-determination, power and independence. Massive acts of civil disobedience are probably in our future, and inspiration will come for when and how we should do collectively carry them out.

Right now, however, inspiration has come for these rallies, and they are the first significant step toward mankind saying no. That’s why they’re so important. The rallies rally us. They bring us together as people with a courageous, common purpose. And it’s very important we heed this inspiration, because it’s a gift from God, a timely answer from the Infinite to that question we’ve asked so often, “But what can we do?”

I think it is also a test. Do we truly want freedom or are we too scared to embrace it? Is our opposition to the NWO just moaning and empty words or are we truly serious? And if we’re serious, will we be fatalistic and let our enslavers do whatever they like or will we summon our courage, strong in the knowledge that WE are masters of our fate, and demand the freedom we say we desire?

If the answer Truthers give is, “It’s too scary,” or “It’s hopeless,” or “I don’t give a shit,” the answer of the Infinite in response to that could well be, “Okay, if that’s the way you people want it.” If we want the support of the Infinite in restoring our freedom, we have to embrace the opportunities the Infinite gives us to do something. The chance may not come again. We may not deserve another chance, if we don’t make something of this one.

So those of us who know about the rallies need to give real thought to how we’re personally going to help them happen. Maybe you can’t make it to one of the events, but everyone can spend some time sending emails with links around. Everyone can write to Alex Jones or Chuck Baldwin or whomever and ask them why their website hasn’t announced this. Everyone can contact the Truther radio programs.

It’s time to kick ass, folks. It’s time to make a commitment. It’s time to show we care. If at all possible, it’s time to buy a plane ticket to Washington, D.C., or London or Berlin and be there on Friday. If we live in a different country, it’s time to send out a call, via this website and the Visionary Truth website, for a rally in our own nation. That’s all you have to do, is send out the call and be there. Then see who else shows up. If it’s a crowd, phone the media. If it’s a handful, stand on the street corner and wave signs.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if 12 people show up or 12,000. What matters is if each of us who knew about the rally did whatever we could to make it manifest. If we can answer yes to that challenge, then we will have acted with integrity, and we’ll have passed the test. We’ll have told the Infinite we’re ready to live for freedom and to do whatever it takes to save our race from the destiny that surely will befall it if we don’t.

Our commitment and integrity will garner support from the deepest, most powerful level of consciousness, which some call God. In every endeavor, victory belongs to the most committed, so we must be more committed than the global elite in order to defeat their plans. We must love our freedom and a free future for humanity more than we love being alive in these bodies. We must risk these bodies, if it comes to that, to restore the integrity of our souls. Because right now, living under the thumb of our oppressors, we do not live in integrity. We’ve relinquished our power with our permission that allows the system to exist and to do whatever it likes.

We should not glamorize martyrdom and do things that are silly and foolhardy, because life in these bodies is good and meant to be lived. But if taking action requires risking these bodies, we must act and take the risk. Then whether we live or die, we do it impeccably, with increased personal power and restored freedom. Our spirits will shed their dependence on our enslavers, and courage and power will flow into our being. Because intention is powerful, deciding within ourselves that we will live through the years ahead in utter safety, whatever risks we may have to take – that decision will go a long way toward securing our physical welfare, while building up our confidence and courage.

So let us now stop cowering in the shadows, which amounts to permission for the dark lords to continue their march and take over this world. Let us be discreet: anonymous to the level we can be, identifiable to the level we must be. Above all, let us act, and stop finding excuses why we shouldn’t. Right now, action means July 4th demonstrations. Let’s make them happen.

Over the weekend, 2500 people read the article on this website about the July 4th demonstrations. What if even one-third of them did something? One-third: just 800 people. The world would never be the same.

This week, make a sign or tee-shirt and bring it with you to a rally on Friday. If you can’t do that, spend some time today or tomorrow sending emails around with links to the rally information.

Here is the list of slogans I’ve compiled – some from me, some from other sources – that I think would make great content for protest signs and tee-shirts. At the bottom is a second list of slogans that have a rhythm, that could be used as group chants. These are just ideas. Have fun coming up with your own. You can share them in the comment section underneath this article.

Slogans are powerful in a demonstration because they draw visual and auditory attention. Video cameras focus on signs and tee-shirts. Microphones pick up chants. These things make a demonstration seem serious.

Slogan Ideas for Protest Signs and Tee-Shirts


* [“NWO” inside a circle, with a diagonal slash across the circle]

* Journalism, Not Propaganda

* Big Brother, we’re watching you

* Quash the Microchip

* It isn’t paranoia if it’s true

* Conspiracy isn’t a theory

* No global government


* No North American Union

* Superclass, Super Villains

* Microchip Means Cyber-People

* The Fall of the Fourth Reich

* The world is round, not a pyramid

* Power to the People

* Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (saying by Patrick Henry, American Revolution)

* Tell the World the Truth

* 9/11: Tell the Truth

* Chemtrails: Tell the Truth

* Media: Tell the Truth

Slogan Ideas for Group Chants

* NWO – We say no!

* 1,2,3,4, we don’t want your fucking war! (old slogan from the Viet Nam War protests)

* No world government!

* Tell the World the Truth!

* Conspiracy isn’t a theory!

* Power to the People!

Love and blessings to all who contribute to this historic effort,

Bronte Baxter

(Note: In the months since the posting of this article, the lead person behind the Visionary Peace website changed his focus from activism to rescuism. His website is now dedicated to his new ideas of solving the New World Order: salvation by Ashtar Command. This is most sad and unfortunate, as he was in a position to do so much good with what he had started. I can no longer endorse the Visionary Peace website.)

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.


New World Order Protest Rallies – Globally July 4

A historic event will take place across the globe this 4th of July, called “Independence Day” in the United States. It will happen in London at the House of Parliament; in the U.S. outside the White House; on both sides of the Canadian-American border near Champaign, New York; in Berlin, Germany; and in a growing number of other cities and locations across the world.

It is a global gathering for freedom, a New World Order Protest Rally, the first time Truthers of all persuasions are joining together to tell the global elite that their infractions against humanity will no longer be tolerated. This is a seed event, possibly a trigger event, in the saga of mankind.

Massive social/political change always begins with the people talking among themselves. Information is quietly spread, and public sentiment grows. Then sentiment builds to resolve and breaks out into action. At first, one singular but dramatic action, like a burgeoning seed poking its head through the darkness of earth into the daylight. That first significant act either is, or activates, the spark that ignites the conflagration.

We have been waiting for someone to light a match, and a woman named Izzy Smart has struck and tossed one. A humble Brit with a passion for freedom, she created a website, Visionary Peace, along with a stirring you-tube video calling for world-wide rallies July 4th.

Truthers are responding with you-tube videos of their own and a large Internet viral sharing of the call to protest next Friday. Illuminati News, the David Icke website, and other online sites dedicated to uncovering the conspiracy have also announced the demonstrations.

This event may be to the Truth Movement what Rosa Parks’ refusal to move to the back of the bus was to the Civil Rights Movement. We need to make ourselves part of it. If you and I don’t rise to the call now, then when? After still more restrictions on freedom tie both hands behind our backs?

It’s time to make a showing, to boldly stand up to the global elite, the swindlers and liars who control our governments, our economy, our military, our health care systems, our corporations, or media, our education systems, our spiritual systems, the U.N. and everything else that has power over us. They are the puppet masters. They stand on the top of the human pyramid, and when enough of us who support that pyramid remove ourselves, the pyramid must fall.

On July 4, we take action together. We mustn’t let the few stand up while the rest of us cower in the shadows. We boldly attend these gatherings, with tee-shirts, protest signs, megaphones, and camcorders in tow. We march and we slogan-chant. Hats and sunglasses are useful in muting identity for those concerned about revealing theirs, but mask wearing is not appropriate – that would make our movement scary to the public. Masks call up mental images of terrorists.

The protests must be peaceful, without violence. Izzy reminds of us this on a follow-up video where she shows her face and gives rally details. If the few become violent, they will destroy our good name in the court of public opinion. This is what happened in the WTO rallies, causing world opinion to side with the WTO.

Ours is not a revolution of blood but of consciousness. We are consciously taking back our power as sovereign individuals, sovereign communities and sovereign nations. We are saying no to all the atrocities, and when we cease to support them with our obedience, they will fall apart. The global rallies are our first collective act of independence.

We must not think with discouragement that protests are ineffective. By themselves, they are not enough, but this is just our first step. Strong protests July 4 will bring our cause to the public awareness, prompting people to google “New World Order” who never heard of it before, or who never took “conspiracy theorists” seriously.

It isn’t paranoia if it’s true, and conspiracy isn’t a theory. This, and our refusal to accept the New World Order, are the messages we must send to the world and those who control it on this Independence Day.

I remember the movie “Independence Day,” the wonderful scene where President Whitmore tells the little band of people right before their bold July 4th initiative, “We will NOT vanish quietly into the night!” His speech is a fitting end to this article, and I conclude with it:

“Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. ‘Mankind.’ That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: ‘We will NOT go quietly into the night! We WILL not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!'”

Bronte Baxter

In two days, I will publish some protest slogans on this site that could be used on signs and/or tee-shirts. There’ll also be some chant slogans, that people might chant as a group at these events. Chants and thought-provoking signs draw media (and viewer) attention. They make a protest look serious.

If you can’t make it to one of the rallies, or live in a country where a rally is not yet planned, think about doing something in your own nation or city.  For thoughts and suggestions on that, check out the comment section below.

(Note: In the months since the posting of this article, the lead person behind the Visionary Peace website changed his focus from activism to rescuism. His website is now dedicated to his new ideas of solving the New World Order: salvation by Ashtar Command. This is most sad and unfortunate, as he was in a position to do so much good with what he had started. I can no longer endorse the Visionary Peace website.)

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.

Is George Carlin Dead Because He Spoke of the New World Order?

I don’t know about you, but I find it very curious that comedian George Carlin died of chest pains a few months after his new, scathing routine on the powers-that-be got excerpted in a you-tube video, and five days after it was announced to the press that “Carlin was being awarded the 11th annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which will be presented Nov. 10 in Washington and broadcast on PBS.” (quote from AP article appearing on yahoo! this morning)

Were the bad boys afraid of what would happen if honor-laden Carlin spoke his mind about the global conspiracy on national public television to millions of intelligent viewers? Stranger things have happened. I attended a lecture 12 years years ago by Bill Cooper, a retired naval intelligence officer who had written a book, “Behold a Pale Horse,” that spilled many secrets he had been privy to during his service.

Cooper said he had taken an oath, as a military officer, to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign. He believed it was his duty to that oath to expose the truth that was being kept from the American public, threatening American freedom. He had received warnings on his life and said if he wound up dead, it would prove everything he had been saying was true. Three years later I read that he had been shot to death on the front yard of his home.

Bill Cooper was not the first “truther” to be assassinated, but it’s a name that sometimes gets forgotten on the list, which is reason enough to mention it. Was George Carlin a victim of something similar? Hard to say. But when an outspoken, fearless man with a growing public image steps forward claiming the people who “own” the country have swallowed our freedoms and intend to swallow those few remaining, that tends to get noticed by the “owners” he is talking about. How could they let Carlin stay on the loose?

Assassinations show us that aware people must collectively shoulder the burden of speaking about the what’s really happening in the world, quietly and in our personal circles. We must also, when we feel our numbers are great enough, act en masse, in huge nonviolent demonstrations and broad, collective acts of civil disobedience, against rules that infringe on basic human rights.

The few who become public targets by revealing information that points to the guilty (heroes like David Kelly, the Kennedys, David Icke) find themselves murdered or their reputations murdered. We can prevent that happening when we are everywhere, acting in a grassroots, “thought-guerrilla” fashion. The little mice, in the fable, freed the lion. The big beasts couldn’t do it.

I discovered this you-tube announcement for a “Rally Against the New World Order” scheduled to take place in London and in Washington, D.C. on July 4. We can support our heroes by standing with them on this day. Don’t let David Icke, Alex Jones and other brave individuals try to stop the emerging fascist state alone. The time comes when each of us must do something.

Those who want to microchip humanity and establish a global government can sniper-shot our leaders. They can’t kill millions of people who choose to oppose their strategies.

It’s time for us to speak out together. I believe the time has come to demonstrate, to make our message and presence widely known to the world.

The press can’t ignore demonstrations that take place in massive proportions. Will these rallies be massive? Are we ready yet? Where will you be on July 4?

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.

Affirmations for Freedom and Empowerment

Here are some affirmations I wrote that I use to create reality around the issues we’re collectively facing today . After my last article on the Law of Attraction, I thought some readers might find them useful.

Bronte Baxter

I happily disconnect myself along with all I hold dear from the influence of any and all predatory, invasive and destructive entities, energies, programs, substances, particles, vibrations and thoughts.

I establish protection around myself and all I hold dear that shields us from any and all predatory, invasive and destructive entities, energies, programs, substances, particles, vibrations and thoughts.

All humanity awakens from its hypnosis and perceives the truth of the human predicament. All people awake to the truth, find courage, and take the actions necessary to retrieve their souls and their freedom. We reclaim the world from those who enslaved it and forgive all past atrocities. We take the harmonious action required to make Earth free from predation forever.

I courageously speak the truth about the global conspiracy, both its material and spiritual aspects, with clarity, evidence, hope, patience, and simplicity. My words are inspired by the Infinite and open the minds and eyes of the people I talk to. I am protected from all harm as I do this.

I disconnect myself from the program-grid created and controlled by mankind’s adversaries. I connect and fully align myself – body, mind, and personal soul – with Infinite First Consciousness thriving within me. I align myself fully with Its original, glorious, joyous, loving vision for creation and for my life. Disharmony totally falls away from my body, mind and spirit. My entire being resonates in the frequency of Infinite First Consciousness.

I possess and manifest all I require to take care of myself and those I hold dear and to thrive in these challenging times. I fulfill my purpose in coming here. I help restore the world to the original, joyous vision of Infinite First Consciousness. Through all my thoughts and activities, I remain hopeful, confident, happy and empowered. I open myself to direction from the Infinite. I ask for guidance and help from those beings in the unseen who genuinely work for the freedom, harmony and happiness of all beings.

Infinite First Consciousness extends its love and humanity’s into the hearts of all predators, changing their desires into freedom and brotherhood for all. Mankind takes back its conscious power of choice and self-determination.

Truth is emerging. Humanity is awakening. The controllers are retreating. The predators are rehabilitating. Hierarchy dissolves. Sustainability thrives. The nightmare ends. The dance of joy begins.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.

Creating Reality through Thought: How It Works, Why It Fails, and How to Fix It

Lots of questions surround any discussion about creating reality (or manifesting desires) by using what is popularly called The Law of Attraction. What is this philosophy – something of genuine value or another New Age spiritual detour? Is it selfish and superficial or actually healing and useful? Can it help the state of the world? Doesn’t it contradict the Law of Karma? If the Law of Attraction is real, why do affirmations seldom work? Is there a more effective way to create reality through thought than the simple advice given in “The Secret” DVD?

Let’s look at all these questions and start with a definition. The Law of Attraction is a law of nature that says whatever you think, you get: our thoughts determine what happens to us in the physical outer world called “reality.” Is this valid theory or New Age nonsense?

The theory is a sound one. The Law of Attraction operates at the heart of personal self-empowerment. It’s also the key to unlocking new possibilities in the universe. As such, it’s a powerful tool for defeating the New World Order and creating a magnificent world.

To understand why consciously utilizing this law offers so much, we must first understand the relationship of thoughts to matter, because the Law of Attraction is a “mind-over-matter” philosophy. So let’s get philosophical for a moment.

Thought creates outer reality for one reason: because thought is consciousness vibrating, and that’s all physical matter is, too. The difference between thought and matter is only the level of density. They’re two layers of the same cake. Matter is just a slightly slower vibration of consciousness.

The analogy of a fan demonstrates the difference in frequency between thought and the physical world. When a fan moves slowly, you clearly see its distinct blades. They are unquestionably solid. They block out your view of anything positioned behind them. But when you turn the fan on high, suddenly the blades become blurry. Earlier perceived as solid, they seem to grow translucent, almost invisible. You can see objects through and behind the fan, things that before were hidden by the solidity.

Physical reality is like a fan on low-speed. It operates on a slow vibration, which makes it appear defined and dense. Thought is like a fan on high-speed. The higher frequency makes this level of reality fluid and invisible to the senses, but it is actually the same reality as matter, only vibrating faster.

Another analogy is H2O. Ice, water and vapor are the same substance expressing differently. One expression is solid and dense, another is fluid and without boundaries, while a third is gaseous and practically invisible. Consciousness, too, has layers or levels: gross, subtler and subtlest. Thought is a manifestation at a subtle level. Matter is a gross manifestation of the same thing.

Quantum physics has discovered that matter is not solid, in spite of its appearance being so. Matter consists of atoms, which are not combinations of particles and wave vibrations as scientists once believed. It turns out, atoms are pure vibration. So the physical world is pure vibration, appearing as solid the way fan blades appear solid when they slow down.

If matter is vibration, what is it that’s vibrating? Apparently, emptiness. But because it’s vibrating, that emptiness must be energy. And because it vibrates in the shape of organized forms, that emptiness must be intelligent. So intelligent energy is the stuff of creation, the power that underlies all things that exist. Consciousness is one name for that intelligent energy, and a subtle movement in consciousness is a thought. Thought results in changes in matter.

Here is an example, on a gross level, of how thought moves the material world. If I want a glass of water, I first have the thought to get a drink, then I walk to the sink, fill up a glass, and sip. The water, the glass, and my body – physical objects made up of atoms – all three shift and change a bit in response to the thought that I’m thirsty. Every minute of the day, thoughts shape physical reality. The world is a collection of atoms in various combinations, all of them pulsing in an intelligent energy field.

Besides moving reality around, thoughts can create reality “from scratch.” An example of this is inventing something that never has been thought or felt before: a symphony, a theory, a relationship …

If you consider any object or situation in creation, and think back in reverse to its origins, everything came together from a series of thoughts. Thoughts are pulsing consciousness, and matter is a denser, responsive expression of the same thing. Since thoughts and matter are two levels of one essence, they’re linked. Thought is the creative aspect, and matter the receptive aspect, of consciousness.

While it’s easy to see how thought moves matter in the case of a thirsty person reaching for a drink, the way thought moves the world is not always perceivable by the senses. If you desire a better job, and focus on having that with confident expectation, a better job will manifest in your life. You won’t see all the mechanics of how this transpires because so much takes place behind the scenes, like stage hands scurrying about behind the curtains of an ongoing play.

It isn’t magic when a scene changes in a dramatic production, nor is it accidental. When the scene we call reality changes, that isn’t magical or accidental either. It happens in response to the needs and desires of the actors on the stage of life, who directly influence what the “stage crew” (the dynamic substructure of the universe) is doing.

When you have a desire, that thought sends a pulse through the fabric of creation. Your desire vibrates the ether, the energetic consciousness, of which everything is made. That desire draws to you whatever is needed to materialize your thought, because thought is dynamic and magnetic. Then presto, the wish becomes an experienced reality. This power of consciousness, to desire and manifest thought into form, is what makes us co-creators with the Infinite.

Manifestation of thoughts into reality happens automatically, whether we intend it or not. Contemplate the people you know and how their outer lives reflect their attitudes (which are the sum of their thoughts). We can either create reality on autopilot, by thinking random thoughts indiscriminately, or we can elect to be conscious of how we think and make thought work for us to fulfill our most cherished desires.

But if thought moves and manifests physical reality, why do so many people have poor results when they try to consciously utilize the Law of Attraction? Why don’t more people get what they want from affirmations or from telling the universe their desires?

To understand the answer to that, we need to understand the nature of subconscious mind, because that is what fulfills or fails to fulfill our wishes. Subconscious mind is that deep level of ourselves where our individual self begins to link up with everything else. It is like the place beneath the ocean where all the islands touch the ocean floor – as Matthew Arnold poetically put it, “linking their coral arms beneath the sea.”

One person’s subconscious mind is connected to all other minds in that subterranean place, and when mind is stirred at that level, it sends a ping through the universe. It influences creation, because mind is the base or ground state of creation. That’s why connecting with subconscious mind, and persuading it to accept our desire, is essential to our wish becoming manifest as reality in the world.

When we have a strong or repetitive thought – especially a thought that’s emotionally charged – it is always recorded in the subconscious. We are constantly imprinting this powerful level of mind with every belief and attitude we pick up. Our past thoughts have programmed our subconscious. Every old impression is written and retained there.

When we have a desire that’s in harmony with our programming, deep mind accepts the desire without question because it is congruent with the program. The subconscious accepts this sort of desire without resistance, and spontaneously manifests the inner thought into exterior reality.

An example would be a successful business person starting a new product line about which he’s very excited. Because he trusts ability to succeed (i.e., he has a winning attitude engrained in his subconscious), the new product line will probably be a success. The thinker’s conscious desire, being in alignment with his subconscious belief, brings his idea into form on the material level.

Consider, by contrast, a person who has no confidence in himself . His talents may actually exceed those of the person in the first example, and he might have an idea for the identical product line. But in this person’s hands, the project will almost surely fail. Why? Because his subconscious mind holds the belief that he is a loser. It therefore sabotages his good intentions and efforts with quiet negative self-talk that creates fear or doubt. His conscious desire is not aligned with his subconscious beliefs about who he is, what he’s capable of, and how the universe works.

So the circumstances and opportunities never come together for this person that are requisite for success, in spite of affirmations he repeats, prayers he makes, time he puts in, or anything else. The ensuing failure of the project reinforces his original belief that he is hopeless. The next time he tries to accomplish something, his chances of success are even slimmer than last time he made an attempt.

This kind of mental self-sabotage keeps us all, to some degree or other, from having what we long for. We may be successful at manifesting certain desires, around which we carry no subconscious baggage, but most of us house programming that tells us we are limited, at least in certain areas of life.

We may be materially successful and affluent but always bat zero in personal relationships. Perhaps we have loving family and abundance, but can’t get rid of our asthma or some nagging extra pounds. Maybe we’re doing fine personally, but feel we’re helpless to solve the serious problems of the world. And almost everybody accepts that aging and death are necessary – few people even consider using thought to create eternal youth or physical immortality, because the collective programming is so deeply entrenched against this.

How do we get around this problem of a self-sabotaging, negatively programmed subconscious mind? The first thing is to realize that what looks like lack of personal power is really tremendous power hiding behind the mask of self-doubt. The person who can’t get what she consciously longs for is very powerful in creating what she subconsciously thinks she deserves: failure and unhappiness. Once she can see how her beliefs about herself are what undercut her, once she becomes conscious of the negative self-talk, she comes to an understanding that allows her to change the situation.

The trick is to persuade the deeper levels of mind to accept the new consciously held opinion that I should have, experience, or be able to do the thing I wish. How does a person persuade subconscious mind to give up its long-held attitudes and biases that subvert that?

We come to realize that if our subconscious harbors self-defeating attitudes, it is our own conscious thoughts that created the situation. Telling ourselves again and again for years, “I can’t,” “It’s dangerous,” “It’s impossible,” or “I’ll look stupid” has colored the subconscious mind with matching beliefs. But what conscious mind created, it can uncreate. The computer programmer can always overwrite the program he has written for himself.

We are each the author of our personal story, and we can revise it at any time. We can only do this if we can perceive how our thoughts have created and/or allowed all of our experience.

Looking back on our childhood, or on incidents of victimization in our lives, we may find it hard to believe our thoughts either created or allowed the whole scenario. But if we’re willing to let go of the karma doctrine long enough to consider an alternative idea, what if we planned our own incarnation? Freely made plans in the between-life place would then have determined the circumstances of our birth. (For more on this fascinating concept, read psychologist Dr. Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls,” a book of transcripts of conversations with hypnotically regressed subjects who revisit their pre-incarnation plans for their various lifetimes.)

Once we consciously accept that we are indeed the authors of our reality and should, in theory, be able to change and direct it, we are ready for the next phase of empowerment, which is to start to rewrite the programming we no longer want in our subconscious mind. How do we do that?

There are several parts to this, and more than one right way to go about it. One excellent strategy, outlined beautifully in Neville’s books, “The Law and the Promise” and “The Power of Awareness,” is to imagine, before falling asleep, precisely what you desire to experience, in all its color and glory. As your drowsy mind fantasizes, your subconscious mind becomes more alert and receptive (because deeper mind is most lively and open in a drowsy or trancelike state). Using this technique, the image of what is desired is recorded by the subconscious mind clearly and powerfully. Resistance to the desire is less than in normal waking consciousness, because the mental chatter is absent in a drowsy, alpha state.

You know you’re making progress when you find yourself “getting into” the fantasy, experiencing it as you would a movie in which you’re emotionally involved. When you find your emotions and/or your senses responding to your imaging, it means your subconscious mind is accepting your desire without blocking it. Deep mind is seeing your wish as a doable thing. The program is being rewritten!

When you practice this technique (which I like to call “imaginating”), it’s important to visualize the scene from the perspective of being in it, not from the perspective of a watcher. Imaginating is different in that sense from watching a movie. You become an actor in the scene, as opposed to an outside observer. Rather than seeing an image of yourself thin, let yourself experience the feeling of being thin, and imagine doing the things you would do or feel as a thin person. If you want a visual image of yourself, you can imaginate looking in a mirror. The point is to imaginate from the perspective of being in the movie.

If you find that visual images don’t spontaneously come to you, it doesn’t matter. You can imaginate through any of the senses: sound, touch, taste, smell – you don’t have to get visuals. You can even imaginate without sense involvement, by imagining the feeling of an experience. For most of us, though, starting out using some sense image helps generate the feeling we’re looking for. Having the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the culmination of properly practiced imaginating.

When you imaginate, picture the scene as if the desire has already been accomplished. Don’t imagine looking at the title of your home – imagine holding it in your hand. Don’t think of a piece of land in the country – imagine sitting on the grass in the front yard, or working in the garden. Imagine however your heart directs you, but always from the perspective of the wish fulfilled. If you imaginate a bike in a store window, the bike will always stay in the store window. Instead, feel yourself riding the bike, with your personal paraphernalia attached.

By practicing this technique right before sleep and sometimes falling asleep in the midst of the fantasy, a person will often find their desire realized in the outer world in a very short time. Circumstances come together, sometimes in remarkable ways, to bring the wished-for results.

While subconscious mind may seem dumb in that it blindly accepts whatever we tell it, there’s nothing dumb about an intelligence that can move the universe to bring us what we want. The subconscious mind deserves to be respected, but we need to understand that it is we, as conscious mind, that gives the orders.

We also need to understand that what we consciously desire may not always be good for us. It’s advisable to contemplate all desires at the deepest level of mind, the level of Infinite Source Consciousness, before deciding whether to imaginate on them. If upon Self-referral a desire seems in alignment with Infinite Source, then it has the support of God behind it. That will help overwrite any resistant attitudes to the desire that the subconscious may hold. We can directly solicit Infinite Source to overwrite our self-defeating attitudes, and God will work with us to accomplish that.

Affirmations, while pretty useless by themselves, are powerful when practiced in concert with imaginating. They’re especially potent uttered a few times after getting into bed, before starting the technique. They’re also potent when thought or uttered on waking, since waking up and falling asleep are both twilight junctures when the mind is in alpha state just on the borders of sleep. (For this reason, waking-but-still-drowsy is another very effective time to imaginate). Keep written affirmations under your pillow or on your nightstand. Pronounce them with attention and feeling when you think or say them, or they are only empty words.

Now we get to the number-one difficulty so many people experience in manifesting desires: negative self-talk. This can happen anytime your desire is not in alignment with your subconscious long-held attitudes and beliefs. Imaginating goes a long way toward overwriting ancient negative attitudes, because once the subconscious accepts the new image, through an emotional response to the imaging, the old program is already being revised. But if your desire dramatically contrasts with the “old you” or your old worldview, the subconscious mind may (not necessarily) give you some backtalk before it fully accepts what you are selling it.

An analogy to this is falling in love. The boy and girl are having wonderful feelings for each other. Something powerful is happening. But sometimes, when they’re apart, they have doubtful thoughts about themselves, the beloved, and what they’re experiencing. That’s the subconscious mind questioning the new direction, asking for an explanation that reconciles the old view of reality with the new emerging view. Lovers who give in to the doubts lose each other. Those who talk themselves through it, and reassure their subconscious mind that these new feelings are safe and good, are rewarded with the blissful experience of deep intimacy.

In the same way, as conscious creators, we have to talk down the doubts our subconscious minds might kick up, in the way of negative self-talk, about why we can’t or shouldn’t have what we wish for. One popular argument we hear from the Big Sub is that the world doesn’t work that way. It tells us we’re chasing a pipedream. It says we’ve gone around the bend. Just the same argument the Sub gives to the lover for why what he is feeling isn’t real.

This back talk usually comes in quiet ways, as little nagging feelings throughout the day. It whispers on a barely conscious level, poisoning our good mood and self-confidence. After a perfectly blissful morning imaginating session, where we joyfully knew our dream was in the process of coming true, we can, by 11 o’clock, be irritable and depressed, asking ourselves, “What on earth was I thinking?”

How to handle this? I’ve found head-on confrontation to be most effective. When I notice negative self-talk, I try to take a break from whatever I’m doing and give a little feedback to the Sub. I close my eyes, get quiet, and look at the nagging thought my subconscious mind has presented. Then I genuinely consider the possible truth of the negative thought, in light of my desired ideal. I listen to the argument of my sadly programmed subconscious as I would to an opposing parent or spouse: with patience and attention. Then I’m able to see the fallacies in its point of view, which is easy, because I now know more about life than I did when I taught those attitudes to my subconscious.

So I explain to the Sub where its thinking is wrong, why life does not work quite that way, or why it doesn’t have to. I do this little internal conversation using reason, logic, emotion, love, whatever my instinct tells me is necessary to heal the old attitude. It’s like telling a little child, afraid to jump in the water for the first time, why it’s all right and doable. You listen to the fears, and then you address them. You reassure and explain, in light of your greater knowledge. And the child, or in this case, subconscious mind, adjusts its thinking to reflect your reassuring understanding.

This idea, about talking things through with your subconscious, comes from Dr. Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.” That wonderful book illustrates several different ways of programming deeper mind to reflect what you consciously choose and desire for your life. Combined with Neville’s books, it serves as an excellent primer in how to consciously work the Law of Attraction.

But back to negative self-talk. Sitting down and having a little chat with your subconscious is the most useful technique I’ve discovered for rewriting old self-defeating programs. You may have to do it a number of times. In the first session, you’ll answer and erase the first “Yes, but.” Later that same day or the next, your subconscious will raise another, different objection, one that underlies the doubt you just resolved. So you sit down and address that issue, too. Then a still deeper layer of programming will expose itself in the form of another nagging fear or doubt. Again, you consciously and compassionately address it. You keep on doing this, peeling the onion, until all the objections have been aired and answered. After this happens, the self-talk will be far less powerful. That’s because the overwrite is well underway.

But sabotaging self-talk may still occur. At this stage, negativity is mostly a matter of old habit. The subconscious mind has understood the new explanations you’ve sold it, but it hasn’t completely bought the package. It’s used to the old habitual way of seeing and doing. That is more familiar, more comfortable. At this point, a little self-discussion about comfort zones may be in order. When you’ve talked that through and have the feeling your subconscious mind is basically in league with you, but hesitant to commit, that may be the time to simply tell it: “Enough – we’re going to do this thing.”

This is a form of ordaining that works when subconscious mind is 99 percent with you and just needs a little nudge over the edge. But don’t order your deeper mind around unless you’ve fully listened to it first. If you start out your work on a manifesting a desire by telling self-talk to stop, your deep mind will obey you. The doubts and fears will go underground and become repressed. Then your desire won’t materialize, and you’ll be stymied as to why. Your subconscious won’t tell you, of course, because you told it to shut up.

Never regard your subconscious mind as stupid or a nuisance, something to be sneered at or bossed. Its doubts and fears are trying to protect you, based on what you taught it is safe from before. Treat it like a concerned friend. But after you’ve explained everything to the friend, if they have no objection left other than being nervous at the newness of it all, it’s time to nudge them encouragingly and say, “Come on, buddy, let’s go for it.”

I’ve found my negative self-talk to be dramatically affected by these strategies. On most of the former “issues” in my life, self-sabotage has stopped completely. I feel in once piece, in an optimistic, happy frame of mind most of the time. I’ve manifested dramatic things, mostly using imaginating and conversations (when needed) with my doubting mind. Now that my subconscious operates from a program more in alignment with my conscious values, I find myself spontaneously moving to a new level of manifesting.

I call this level “ordaining” – simply willing, or giving the order, that something is so. This works if you do it from a state of consciousness that is a unity of conscious mind, subconscious mind, and Infinite Source. Ordaining has resulted in instantaneous healings and some other remarkable results. But this is a new area for me that I am only starting to learn to move around in, so I can’t write much about it at this point.

Remember to use the “conversations with the Sub” strategy alongside your imaginating. The two work together, because it’s the imaginating that stirs up and challenges the old programming blocking your manifestation. If you just sit around waiting for the subconscious to kick up and reveal its buried attitudes, without any imaginating to stimulate that, the mind will oblige you in the form of its typical daily background mental chatter, and indeed it’s always worthwhile to address that. But if you combine this with imaginating, you’re actively stirring up the buried mud, which starts flying to the surface. Then you can clean out old attitudes much more quickly.

Cognitive psychology teaches people to reframe negative self-talk by becoming aware of it, then considering in what way the negative thought isn’t true, then replacing it with a conscious thought that better reflects the truth (this could be an affirmation). Studies have shown that this strategy changes brain chemistry in people suffering from chronic depression to the same degree that brain chemistry is altered through anti-depressive medications. Cognitive psychology is clearly onto something, and it doesn’t hurt to borrow the strategy. Basically, you overwrite negative self-talk, when noticed, with an affirming statement that supports the new attitude or desire you’re working on. This complements the other techniques we’re talking about here.

“The Law and the Promise” contains many first-hand accounts from Neville’s students about what happened when they practiced his method. I could add stories of my own. The miraculous events that have already happened in my life have generated a confidence that drives me to work on still greater manifestations. My experience has completely convinced me that thought can create anything we want to experience! There are no limits, because consciousness is unlimited.

What about when you want something and someone else desires the opposite? Since both people have the power of creation, their desires can cancel each other out, or weaken the power of each other. If you desire something that conflicts with someone else, the best solution is often to move to a higher level of desiring, to envision a solution where both of you will be satisfied.

For instance, if you apply for a job and 15 other people are competing, you can imaginate yourself being thrilled with your work, creative and happy as you go about your day, doing the kind of work you love and having a great income — this, rather than imaginating snagging that particular job, which places you in conflict with the creating energies of 15 other people. You can word an affirmation in a way that promotes all 15 people finding jobs they love, right along with you.

If your ideal job matches the job you’ve applied for, the position will then be yours, without any conflict from the desires of the other applicants. If the job in question is perfect for someone else, they will get the job while you find something better, a position better aligned with your desire.

Everyone winds up happy because you imaginated in a harmonious way that brought fulfillment to everyone, not just to yourself. The universe can easily fulfill a desire like that, as there is no resistance.

The Law of Attraction is the key to creating in this world, and also to protecting ourselves from other people’s creations that we don’t wish to be involved in. Whatever the world is doing around us, we can carve our own path through the woods and go wherever we wish. We can use affirmation to disconnect from any negative influences, entities or programs that have previously controlled or manipulated us. We need to consciously withdraw ourselves from thoughts, activities and alliances that have allowed others to dominate our lives.

Conscious choice, or alternatively, unconscious acceptance, determines what we get to experience in this world. We have the choice of being conscious creators or victims. That is The Secret, the key to everything wonderful in life, including realities most people don’t even dream are possible.

Some people use the Law of Attraction to manifest selfish or superficial things. That’s rather like Frodo, finding the ring of power and mistaking it for a piece of trinket jewelry. We can use the Law of Attraction to fundamentally change our experience. We can use it to create good for others. We can use it to make a better world.

Perhaps it’s foolish to use the genie that can grant any wish by asking for something trifling. On the other hand, if some people need to do that for a while to establish their confidence in the genie, then materializing toys probably serves a good purpose. Each successful manifestation leads to more trust in the process. In time, our confidence rises to the point where we can ordain reality like a master.

If consciousness creates the outer reality, then consciousness is king. Thought is king. We can think and create unconsciously and get more of the same old thing. Or, we can think fresh thoughts, dream bold dreams, and talk ourselves into a finer state of existence. Whether we live on purpose or on autopilot, we are creating and/or allowing everything that appears in our path. Once we know this – our power to choose, our power of permission – we move from passive victims to masters of living.

Karma is a lie that keeps us enslaved to the past. Our future is not determined by what we did but by what we presently choose to think and experience. Karma only exists in the mind, in the ancient attitudes that keep us enslaved to tired-out negative patterns. Karma dissolves when we change our thinking, first consciously, then subconsciously.

When conscious and subconscious agree, and take their direction from the harmonious Infinite within, life opens out into beauty and miracles. This is the new consciousness humanity is moving into. When we arrive there, we’ll transform the world into paradise.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may copy or republish this article on another site as long as they include the copyright and a back link to the “Splinter in the Mind” website at http://www.brontebaxter.wordpress.com

Economic Jitters? How to Survive and Thrive in the Shadow of the New World Order

The phenomenally rising gas prices, the food shortage, the housing crisis, the sharply dropping stock market – it doesn’t take a financial analyst to see that the economy is doing very strange things, some of them unmatched in history. For anyone who’s informed about the New World Order agenda, what’s happening looks like the contrived approach to collapse of the economy that conspiracy researchers have predicted for decades.

How do we respond to these disturbing signals? We can do a number of things. We can and should focus our thoughts on stabilizing the economy. But we also need to work to create personal and family economic sovereignty along with community sovereignty. The less we depend on centralized systems over which we have no control (water works, power plants, chain food stores), the better we can take care of ourselves in the event of an economic crash that could cause life essentials to be rationed contingent on acceptance of the national ID.

Of course, it’s only a hop and a skip from the national ID to the microchip, turning humans into “cyber-people” whose emotions and responses are controlled and programmed by the friendly, local microwave tower. The ruling elite hope that an economic crash will further the New World Order agenda by making people so desperate they will take the chip to guarantee survival, thereby surrendering our last shreds of freedom. One-world fascist government is the shining motivation behind the engineered changes we’re seeing in our economy.

The most important part of making it through any crisis is attitude. If we can manage attitude, the situation our thoughts create will favor our personal welfare, in spite of what may be happening in the environment. If we sink into fear, our thoughts will create chaos and hardship. So the main thing, when things get tough, is to hold onto ourselves.

An economic crash will be averted if enough people set their minds against it. We should envision the economy strong and the New World Order agenda imploding. At the same time, we should make ourselves personally as economically stable as we can, so if a crash occurs we can care for ourselves and those we love without excessive hardship. We want to avoid a scenario of cold, hungry and desperate. Not only would that be miserable to experience, it could tempt us to take the microchip as a quick-fix for our pain.

Here are some preparedness suggestions for insulating ourselves from the severe repercussions of an economic crash, should the ruling elite succeed in creating one.

Empowerment Tip # 1

Take charge of your attitude: don’t let events move you into fear

Attitude is everything. Fear opens the door to what we fear. We can control our attitudes, and attitude controls what we allow into our lives.

It doesn’t matter if someone wants to plunge you into poverty and make you so scared you’ll beg for a microchip with its promise of food and shelter. What matters is if you give them the right to make you that scared, desperate and miserable. The world could be sunk in another Great Depression, but if you hold onto what you want in your mind, knowing you can have it, the limitless Source will find a way to deliver it to you.

Many people lived through the Great Depression without intense hardship. If we must, we also can live through economic upheaval while supporting and protecting our families. It’s a matter of knowing we have that ability. We need to know we always will land on our feet.

Why can we know that? Because if we ordain it, as conscious individuals in touch with our essential infinite nature, things have to happen that way. People in the environment can be creating whatever reality they desire or fear, but even their monster creations can’t pull us away from what we decide for our lives unless we allow that.

We share the collective reality of the economy, and our combined thoughts create the outer reality called “the world.” But you alone get to determine how you move and act and create within any economic situation, or any collectively created reality for that matter. There are always options, always creative ways out of dark alleys.

We can find them when our awareness is attuned to our Source. Then ideas and opportunities just come to us. We can’t find them if our awareness is pulled outward into panic. In fear state, we are like a drowning person, grabbing wildly onto the friend who is trying to save us, pulling both of us down.

The belief that we are helpless victims awash in circumstance is the thought that creates desperation and blind thinking. When fearful attitudes creep in, we need to pull back onto ourselves and remember the creative, infinite spirit we each are. As we position ourselves in that understanding, intuitions, ideas and opportunities will spontaneously arise that allow us to skate over challenging situations like figure skaters gliding over ice. In fact, such challenges, if engaged in consciously (rather than in panic) develop our ability to ground our awareness in our deeper nature and to mold the field of matter to match our conscious intention. Crisis, if handled right mentally, can be a spiritually empowering experience.

Empowerment Tip # 2

Pay off your mortgage and debt

If you own your own home in name but are paying a monthly mortgage, if you have creditors of any kind, you can lose your home if the economy crashes and money becomes worthless. Within a few months of not paying a mortgage, the home goes back to the bank. You may think you’re safe if your home is paid for and you carry only a small amount of debt. But if money loses its value, you won’t be able to pay that debt. Such failure could slap a lien on your house that would negate your legal right to live there.

Do whatever you need to do to free yourself of your creditors and own your home outright. If you have investments, cash out as many as necessary to pay down your debts and mortgage to zero.

If you live in a house with little equity, it’s self-deluding to see yourself as the owner. You’re living in someone else’s property: the mortgage company’s. Better to sell a beautiful house and buy a more modest property that truly belongs to you. Keeping up with the Joneses can have tragic outcomes in failing economies.

If you don’t own your own home but see no means for rectifying that, keep your mind open to all possibilities. Ask the Infinite for guidance. Is there someone who loves you that you could ask for help? Would they be willing to help you buy your home if you told them your concerns about the economy and how vulnerable it makes you feel?

Empowerment Tip # 3

Provide for your family’s basic needs free of assistance from ‘the system’

If you have a “good job,” you may think you’re doing that already. After all, you’re not on Welfare.

But do you provide for your family directly or do you provide by serving the ruling elite’s socio-economic system which in turn provides for your family? If a crash occurred tomorrow, would you be able to provide food next week and keep the house warm? Could you keep the water running? What if the system decided to ration water and electricity, or ration it pending your taking a microchip? Could you turn your back on that offer and take care of your family without the system’s help?

If your energy, water and food depend on sources over which you have no control (like an employer, a power company, the city water works, and chain food stores), you are dependent, not free. If your material survival is predicated on regular paychecks from your boss, or on business from your customers or clients, you’re in a vulnerable position.

Self-sufficiency means developing the skills and resources that rectify such dependence. It means creating an availability of the basic elements needed for life, independent of jobs or the system. Here are a few ideas for how you might accomplish that.

* Grow your own garden. Buy organic “heirloom” vegetable varieties. Unlike hybrid plants typically sold in stores, which are good for only one season, heirlooms produce “live” seeds that can be harvested and used to grow new plants the next year. If there’s a crash and you planted hybrids, you may not be able to buy seeds when planting season comes around again. But if you planted heirlooms, you’d have harvested seeds. It’s also smart to buy extra seeds (they usually stay live in an envelope at least 24 months) in case your seed-saving skills aren’t entirely successful the first year.

* Purchase in-bulk grains, dry legumes, oils and other food items that are hard to derive from gardens. Store them in a cool, dry place in plastic five-gallon buckets, enough to last your family at least two years.

* Do you work at a job that supports and depends on the global elite’s all-pervasive grid? If the economy crashed, what would happen to your position? Consider migrating from your current job to one that is sustainable. Learn a skill or develop a business that supports independence from the system owned by the ruling elite. Ideally, a skill or business that will provide you a living now and that also will be in demand in a simpler, freer society.

Whether or not there’s an economic crash, the dehumanizing economic system established by the global elite, under which the world currently labors, must implode eventually. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, builders, weavers, welders, shoemakers, farmers, millers and other practical trades-people will all have a major role in the sustainable communities of the future.

That’s probably why we’re taught to look down on skilled labor and why we’re socially pressured to go to college and work at “careers.” We learn to keep our hands clean and to pride ourselves on being better than the hard-working “blue-collar stiffs.” The middle class has been turned into a skill-stupid, image-conscious populace that relies on the system to maintain things and take care of us. That makes us sitting ducks for the dictates of the New World Order. We’re like domesticated animals who no longer remember how to survive independently in the wild. It’s time to rectify that, and to get back to basics.

* Develop an alternative energy source. Look into solar power, wind power and woodstoves. (Rethink pellet stoves or gas: where would you get pellets or gas in a crash?)

* Think about water. If it’s possible where you live, dig a well. Modern wells run on electricity. Make sure yours runs on your own renewable power supply, and/or add an old-fashioned, iron hand-pump that you can use in emergencies. Don’t count on the help of a power generator for long-term assistance. In an economic collapse, where would you get the gasoline to run it? Purchase natural water-purification tools, like Katadyn filters, in case access to pure water ever becomes impaired.

* Support your sustainable local farmers and merchants. Develop barter arrangements where possible. Stop supporting the big-box stores. They take business away from “the little guy.”

* Consider moving to the country if you’re a city dweller. When crashes occur, people in large cities are most vulnerable. In the Great Depression, rural people fared far better than most others. The country is an ideal place to establish personal and group sovereignty. You’ll also be safer, breathe more freely, think more clearly and feel more whole in consciousness there. Fewer ELFs pervade the countryside. The electronic frequencies blanketing Earth are less dense the farther you go from the city.

* If you can’t leave town or feel such a move is not right for you, give serious thought to how you will sustain yourself and yours if the system falls apart at the seams. In a crash, aware urban people will have to be the impetus for community solidarity against the microchip, inspiring and organizing friends and neighbors.

In the aftermath of a crash, city dwellers must stand together in refusing to move out of their mortgage-defaulted homes. They must storm grocery stores, food lines, power facilities and water works if the flow of essential resources is denied to those who are won’t take the microchip. Massive resistance will defeat the plans of the ruling elite to force cyber-slavery on the world. Resistance must come in a grassroots fashion, with large numbers of every community refusing to cooperate. The powers-that-be can force their will on a docile public, but not on a public where even a large minority say “no.” If the chip is imposed on society, the battle against it will be fought primarily in the cities, where the means of independent survival are so much more difficult.

Urban areas would be precarious places in the weeks and months after a crash. If you elect to stay urban, commit to being a leader and a hero if the New World Order unfolds. Freedom will need to be more important to you than your physical life, even more important than your family’s. If it isn’t that important, you won’t have the courage to stand up to the enslavers. This requirement, of caring more for freedom than for staying alive, is essential for everyone dedicated to taking back this planet. But aware people in large cities, in the event of a crash, would be more pressed to risk their lives than people living independent of the range of the tyrants.

Think long and hard about where you want to be if and when the New World Order comes down. If you choose to be an urban hero, not only will your organized resistance throw a wrench into the one-world agenda; active collective rebellion may be one of the few ways for freedom-loving city folk to survive.

Empowerment Tip # 4

If you have assets, convert some into bullion

In an economic crash, gold and silver skyrocket in value. Gold is useful for purchasing costly items, while silver is good for smaller exchanges in the first weeks after a crash. When you buy precious metals, get them from smaller coin shops where you aren’t required to give your name (or else, make up a name). If it becomes illegal to own gold (as can be expected if the microchip becomes the forced means of exchange), you don’t want your name on a list, or you could be ordered to surrender your bullion.

When you buy gold, buy the purest available. That has more value. Gold bars and the Canadian maple leaf are purer than the South African krugerrand.

Immediately after a crash – when gold’s value has spiked and before it becomes illegal to own – is the time to use your gold to purchase whatever you need that you don’t yet have to make it through the next few years without money.

Right now, reflecting the shaky economy, gold prices have soared to the highest they’ve been since the 1930s, selling for a record $900-plus an ounce. For many years, gold hovered around the $350-an-ounce level. If the current economic crisis is temporary, and not the last outpost before a crash, then the price of gold will slide back down as the crisis eases. When gold is in a more reasonable range, you’ll get more bullion for your money by buying at that time. But if a crash is imminent, you may not be able to buy gold again for anything under its current value.

Obviously, the choice is a gamble: buy bullion now or wait? It may be wise to first purchase tangible things that promote your self-sufficiency, like the title to your home, a well with a hand-pump, a renewable power source, seeds, tools, sheds, stored grains/beans/oils, and so forth. By the time such essentials have been purchased, the price of gold will perhaps have moved down into a more buyer-friendly range. If not, it’s probably a good idea to buy it at that point anyway.

Don’t tell anyone you’re purchasing gold and storing food whom you would not trust with your life. In a crash, lots of people go temporarily crazy. Your life could be threatened by friends who, desperate and terrified, remember that you told them you were storing food and gold.

Never put precious metals, the title to your house, or anything else of value in a bank vault. In a crash, safe deposit boxes can be raided by panicking bank employees. Put important papers in fireproof boxes and store them in your home. Keep bullion at home and out of sight.

Empowerment Tip # 5

Honor the difference between real wealth and money

Money, as we use the term today, is the flimsiest of illusions. It is numbers generated by a typist at the bank. Bankers don’t give you money when they provide a loan, they give you figures on a piece of paper, figures other people then accept as money. As David Icke put it, such money is nothing but fresh air. There is no gold backing it up. It’s nothing but an idea. The banks don’t have the money they claim to possess: they own the numbers they’ve sold us, draw interest on, and have hypnotized us to believe is real money. Very little money today is actually backed by gold.

Real wealth is not the figures on a loan check, or numbers in a check book/ credit card statement, or paper bills. Real wealth is things of value to life, durable things that support independence from the grid. Things like a house, a garden, a woodstove, a bicycle, a wheel barrel. A well of your own with clean water whenever you want it. A windmill that guarantees you a power supply.

Those who value freedom shouldn’t worry if the illusion of money, which was only fresh air to begin with, suffers a demise. We should find our security in consciousness first, and in good material things that support life second. A far third down the list should be air-money.

Empowerment Tip # 6

Use the power inherent in your consciousness to weave the realities you want to experience

For many of us, it’s daunting to ask ourselves, “How can I get the cash I need to pay for total ownership of my home?” A much more manageable thought is, “All I need is one little title in my hands.” Picture holding the title to your home. Know that consciousness can bring it to you in ways you haven’t imagined.

Focus on the goal, on what you want. Keep holding that expectantly in mind, then wait and see what ideas and opportunities unfold for you. Your mind is a part of the Infinite, an unlimited creator. When you ordain that something will be, and maintain an attitude of optimistic expectation, your subconscious mind works in concert with the universe to bring your desire to you.

Outside forces cannot obstruct the choices you ordain as a free consciousness for your own life. Negative psychic forces can only control you if you allow that, through fear, surrender, or submissiveness to their agenda. Hold your head high and act like the master of your life, because that is what you are. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are creating and/or allowing everything that personally touches you.

Be the skater gliding over the rink of life. If you fall down, or get pushed, stand back up and skate better from the experience. Even an economic crash can’t push or keep you down unless you let it. It’s all about what you allow into your personal reality.

As much as possible in the face of disturbing signals from the environment, keep your focus on a smooth transition for humanity, from hypnotized slavery to freedom. It is not necessary for the New World Order to materialize more than it has already. It can be stopped and turned around in its tracks anytime enough people wake up to the manipulation. A crash need not take place for this awakening to occur.

Think of your steps toward economic self-sovereignty as getting off the grid and growing independent of the forces that have controlled you. Be optimistic and joyful while you do it. Don’t get into panic mode, emotionally focusing on a possible crash. Plan and execute your independence/preparedness strategy, but focus on a beautiful, prosperous world, where the forces that want to own us have a genuine change of heart.

Love is a stronger force than fear. The manipulators act from fear. If we can act from the highest love, we can neutralize and heal the force that drives them. Biting dogs are tamed with love, and violent people dissolve in tears at the touch of a compassionate voice. We need to envision the healing of those who have made themselves our enemies. Thought is the creator, and what we think, we get. Together we can think the transformation of the universe, from physical prison to paradise.

Empowerment Tip # 7

Commit to helping others develop self-sufficiency

Think of ways you can assist worthy people to develop self-sufficiency, or to develop self-sufficiency with you. If you’re wealthy, share your money, not as usury (an Illuminati invention) but as gifts.

In the event of a crash, be willing to let people you trust move onto your land. Let them set up trailers or yurts. A lot of good people, who deserve to survive and will do anything not to take the chip, will be struggling if a crash occurs. Those who can create self-sufficiency now, with something left over to spare, will make a big contribution to the world’s future by helping such individuals. You’ll add to the ranks of those who won’t buy into the New World Order, by supporting courageous people who value freedom above everything.

Open up your land and your heart, and create a community together. You will personally benefit from such an arrangement. Perhaps you can supply funding for self-sufficiency, while others can supply skills, crafts, knowledge, muscle, or emotional support. In a world without money, legal tender is an empty concept. What counts are the skills and materials that make life sustainable. See your wealth as just one contribution to the preservation of humanity, and you’ll be less likely to place an Illuminati price-tag on the talents and tangibles others can contribute.

In Germany right before Hitler, people papered the walls of their homes with the worthless paper bills that once had meaning. Don’t let your wealth be for nothing and watch it become worthless wallpaper. Use it now while it’s worth something to help yourself and others become economically free.

Empowerment Tip # 8

Work with like-minded people to create a sovereign community

Get to know the people living near you who share your values and want to create independence. Barter your products and services among yourselves. Personally work to develop a skill that would be useful in a simpler, elite-free society.

If you can’t afford a home of your own, consider buying land with family members or a trusted friend. Or buy parcels next to each other, and share a well and windmill. Living close to caring people with like values can help immensely in hard times, and multiply the happiness in good times. The group can pool resources, skills, and emotional support.

Our Most Important Resource

Is an economic crash really in the works? All the evidence points to “the invisible hand” of the global elite working to make it so. Can we prevent it? That depends how many people consciously envision, and thereby promote, a better scenario. Can we live through another Great Depression, if the thugs get their wish? Not only can we live through one, we can grow and find joy in the midst of it, accessing a deeper level of ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what material resources we have in this moment, whether there’s money to pay off the house or move to the country. What matters is accessing our spiritual power-base. If we call on our Infinite Source to guide and support us, the help we need will always be supplied. If we image and ordain what we want to experience, those things will come to pass for us personally, and we’ll weather any storm created by our fellows.

We are far greater than we have imagined. We are Infinite Consciousness, at play in the field of matter. Sometimes the field gets challenging. That’s when Consciousness gets serious, and finds out it can do some fabulous stuff. The wonder and empowerment of that discovery is worth the phantom perils of any adventure in which we ever may find ourselves.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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The Power of Being Little: Why We Can Stop the New World Order

By Bronte Baxter

“No man made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

~ Edmond Burke

In the last article I wrote about the nature of truth to reveal itself, in spite of the nature of deceivers to hide it. I argued that truth is stronger than lies, because truth stands on its own while lies need artificial structures to hold them up, structures that, not being natural, collapse eventually.

It may seem like mankind has labored forever under the illusions that bind us, but a few thousand years of human history is little in the broad expanse of time. We are in our infancy as a race, and like children, we believed in Santa Claus. But the children are growing up.

Lots of readers write in about their concerns, whether mankind will wake up in time to save itself from the catastrophes we hear predicted on all sides. But I don’t share those dire visions, and no one has to accept them, not even those of us aware of the global conspiracy. In fact, the more we envision bad things happening, the more likely they are to happen, if quantum physics is right in saying that we influence outcomes through our thoughts.

Of course, the global elite has plans to establish a fascist global government. Those plans cannot materialize without people’s support. Granted, they’re programming the public mind, through media propaganda, New Age religion, television and many other means to accept and even like the idea of global government, giving up personal freedoms for the sake of “peace” and security. But working against this is the awakening human consciousness. People are questioning things that humans never questioned before. Religions that have ruled unchallenged for centuries are failing to retain believers and have to change drastically or risk dying out. People who never questioned the integrity of their government are researching on the Internet for find alternative explanations to what they view as bogus on the mainstream news.

We humans are not so sharp that we suddenly wake up and see the light. We wake in phases, in waves, like a sleeper rising from the depths of the night’s sleep, resting on higher and higher shelves of awareness. Eventually we open our eyes and realize it’s morning.

We wake up from one dogma to another, one illusion to another. We see through the fraud of Christianity, then spend years stuck in Buddhism. We see through the lies of Bush and give our trust to Obama. It does mean we’re suckers in a sense, and it can look discouraging, as if mankind is incapable of learning. But every time we shift from one false belief to another, we’re shifting up, rolling onto a higher shelf of wakefulness. We’ve seen through one lie and fallen for another, but our experience in seeing through the first is experience we carry with us into the second: we won’t be duped for as long the second time.

Certainly in my own life, awakening has been a gradual process, a movement from one set of beliefs to one a little wiser, each shift in paradigm getting closer to the truth. I have to think it’s like that for all of us. And even for those who seem to never change, who can say they aren’t like eggs, appearing lifeless and lacking in awareness, only one day, in their own good time, to burst upon the world, brilliant wonders?

The worst thing we can do, once we become aware of the New World Order, is to accept that its achievement is a given. The global elite does have dire intentions, but those are not as threatening to our welfare as our own dire thoughts. Those who would control us cannot do so without our consent. If they could, they would have established a global fascist state long ago. To succeed, first they must lure our minds into seeing their plans as good or as inevitable. The people who can’t see through them support them by going along with their programs and ideas. Those of us who do see through them inadvertently support their efforts when we regard their success as unavertable.

We need to tap our inner resources of self-determination and hope. More than hope, intention. We need to envision the world righting itself, the public waking up and saying “no” to our seducers. We need to look at the signs of spring that are popping up everywhere through the hard cover of mankind’s long winter, and find there encouragement. “We linger in winter when it is already spring,” said Thoreau.

Last summer my neighbors and I, who live in a rural community, learned that a government agency had clandestinely bought nearly a thousand acres of property next to our town that they intended to turn into a sprawling industrial city. One little old lady first discovered this, and quietly went door to door, cane in hand, passing out homemade fliers to the neighbors. This caught the attention of four women who had some experience with political activism. They organized a meeting, and whole troops of people started knocking on doors.

When the first public meeting was held about the project, 300 people showed up and loudly protested. Then we got a petition going and collected 2,000 signatures, many of those by standing outside the health food store in the nearest large city and telling shoppers what the invading agency was attempting. The newspaper stopped calling us “a small group of rural residents” as they realized we had expanded our ranks to include the whole county, which was rising in outrage at the bold attempt at destruction of local lands.

The agency held a meeting to explain their intentions and why their plan was good for all of us. They served coffee and fancy cookies and passed out slick, thick, colorful booklets summarizing the “study” they had done on why our community was the perfect and only suitable site for their project. They told us they’d bring us jobs. They tuned down our microphones so only their side could be heard. They refused to let us handle the microphones, and held them in front of our faces so we could be cut off if we became too “negative.”

But the people refused to take the manipulation. We stood up and told them that cookies and coffee and expensive, corporate-looking booklets targeting us as the perfect victims were not going to persuade us. We held up signs of protest, and one man in the audience, a former local official, asked for a public vote. We called them on their manipulation of the mike. And we told them with passion, that we, the people, would not give up our homes or surrender our beautiful countryside to their greed. We told them to go make a stink hole in their own back yard. And we jeered and we cheered and we booed.

When enough flies sting you at a picnic, you get up and move. A human is big and a fly is small, but when insects join together to make a nuisance, they are powerful indeed. We learned this week that the agency has given up its plans to create an industrial city in our county. Now they just want to cut their losses and get out.

This is the power “the little people” have when they stand together, when they image the outcome they want, hold firm in their will to accomplish it, and refuse to take no for an answer. This is the outcome that results from refusing to be controlled by the big guys.

Everyone said it was hopeless that our little bunch of rural folk could persuade a big power like the one we were fighting. But we did it. The flies won.

Remember the fable of the mighty lion that got caught in a snare? All the other big animals grieved, knowing he would never get out. They thought his fate was sealed. But in the night before the hunters came to check the snare and take away the lion, a cadre of little mice came scurrying out of the grass and gnawed through the heavy ropes that held the beast. He was freed.

Mankind is like the lion. The hunters are the global elite. The snare is the New World Order, and in many ways it has already fastened itself about us. The problem can’t be solved on a macroscopic level, by anyone big. But the little people, “the mice,” working in a grassroots manner, can gnaw through the ropes that threaten to enslave humanity and to kill the spark in every human heart. We do this by determination and by sharing the truth we’ve discovered. Knowledge is the teeth that cuts through the ropes of ignorance.

We win by being little, by quietly making our difference. We don’t attract big fanfare. We quietly whisper the news. And we whisper it far and wide, as every mouse in earshot is needed to make the rescue succeed. The mice are the people who’ve woken up. We can save the lion. Indeed, we must, or nothing will save him.

What would happen if the mice in the story had sadly shaken their heads at the inevitable fate of the beast? What would have happened to my community if the old lady with the cane had heard about the agency’s sneaky project, sighed, and thought how very sad and discouraging it all was?

We who are awakening don’t have the luxury of sighing and being discouraged. We have to summon our strength and our will and decide to stop this thing. We have to determine to stop the New World Order. Not by shouting loudly and being martyrs, but by whispering. When enough of humanity has heard the whisper, then we can descend en mass on our governments, media, corporations and other control networks and collectively demand our freedoms. That is up the road. And we will know what to do, and how to do it, when the time approaches.

For now we whisper, as we image and will into manifestation our intended outcome. We will to put an end to our collective nightmare. We will for our brothers and sisters to wake up. We whisper in their ear and gently shake them. As the dawn approaches, we know that their sleep can’t last for long.

The mice who’ve been discouraged must take hope, stop shaking their heads, and start spreading the news, ever so quietly. No more saying “the New World Order can’t be stopped.” All that ever mattered will implode if we give up. Failure is not an option.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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Don’t Miss the Great Debate!

There’s a fabulous debate going on, folks, in the comment section beneath the article Enlightenment: From Siphoning to Assimilation. It’s better than any article I could write. In fact, right now, instead of writing a new blog entry, I’m spending my time participating in the great discussion with the readers.

There are over 70 comments now under the “Enlightenment” article. If that seems overwhelming, keep in mind that some of them are on topic and some of them branch out into other interesting areas of thought. You can follow all the branches of the tree, and read everything, or stick to the main trunk/limb network and just follow the thread related to the article itself (the thread I’m responding to and writing on).

If you’re visiting here looking for new content, I strongly encourage you to visit the great debate. Many comments there are essays in themselves. It will give you a mental workout. The debate is rising in focus, depth and quality as it continues, so don’t skip the material at the bottom. I think that’s the best part of all.

Enjoy. See you in the comment section!

Bronte Baxter

‘There Must Be a Pony Here Somewhere’

By Bronte Baxter

It’s the nature of those who love truth to find it. Truth is more important to them than comfort zones or any material thing. Truth seekers are on the lookout for cracks in their world, sensing that where inconsistency is found, a deeper truth lies beneath, waiting to be discovered. The sincere researcher doesn’t only apply this attitude to things he hears from identified deceivers. He applies it impartially to his own beliefs and those of people he respects.

On the morning of 9/11, I remember sitting in front of my TV as news reporters announced that two different people onboard the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania reported by cell phone to their loved ones that they heard an explosion then saw (through the window) smoke coming out of the side of the plane. These passenger reports happened right before communication went dead.

This story was on the air for just a few minutes, then the smoke and explosion were never mentioned again, as if the report had never existed. If indeed there was an explosion and smoke, that indicates something very different happened than the official story. Was the plane shot down? Did the powers-that-be bury this news report to hide that? This is an example of truth shining through the cracks, revealing itself through the discrepancies.

Liars can’t help revealing truths alongside their deceptions. David Icke, in one of his books, quotes someone as saying that America is like a man with an unfaithful wife who can’t admit the truth of what she is doing. All the clues are there, but the man won’t let himself see.

Building on this analogy, truth seekers are like the husband questioning the unfaithful wife. He knows she’s having an affair, knows she’s answering his questions with lies, but he keeps on questioning because along with the lies, bits of truth inadvertently come out.

Think about the times you’ve had to question a vehemently lying child. Why did you bother, when you knew you were going to get fibs stacked on fibs? Because you knew if you asked enough questions, the right questions, the kid would trip over his own story and spill some or all of the truth.

In the same way, the questioning by the multitudes who are no longer willing to accept the official version of 9/11 and other media fairy tales puts this world’s big-time deceivers under close scrutiny, forcing them to come up with better explanations and new subterfuges. What we glimpse between the contradictory new and old explanations, between the changing masks, is the truth we are looking for.

That’s how a lawyer exposes a liar in court and proves what really occurred: he finds the inconsistencies in the story. The producers of Loose Change have created a new documentary on the death of John F. Kennedy, Junior, presenting a strong argument, through discrepancies in news reports and investigations, that JFK’s son was murdered. The film astutely observes that whenever TV news anchors revise their version of what happened immediately after a major news event, that typically indicates a cover-up and something worth looking into.

A lot of aware people believe that mankind is on the verge of “waking up,” of seeing through all the illusions around us. Is there any foundation for such a belief? There is, if the nature of truth seekers is to expose lie after lie until they discover what’s at the bottom. There is, if the nature of truth is to be known.

It is the nature of truth to be known, if we all have a collective memory of it deep within our consciousness. If on some level all are connected, if we have existed in lifetimes before this, our souls carry a memory of both our personal past and the past of the universe. We carry within us the history of creation, albeit that’s typically an unopened book. Our collective memory must assert itself eventually. It’s already starting to do so. The surprise is, not that we might remember where we came from and how we got here, but that we haven’t known it all along.

Tampering with our minds by fourth-dimensional deceivers (see my previous articles) causes the planet’s collective case of amnesia. But it takes effort for the deception to continue, and anything that must be supported by effort will in time succumb to that which is effortless and natural. Truth is natural. Lies need supported. Truth is self-sustaining. Lies need tireless entities to keep on holding them in place.

By nature, truth bobs to the surface. What happens when a killer tries to hide a corpse? He buries it, and someone finds the disturbed earth. He throws it in the river, and it floats upstream to shore. Truth is like a beach-ball that liars attempt to hold underwater. It will stay down only as long as constant pressure is applied. The moment the liars take a rest, get distracted, or slip up, the truth-ball pops to the surface again. Every time this happens, a few more eyes see it.

To stay ahead of mankind’s emerging awareness, to try and beat the truth in its nature to rise and be known, deceiving leaders are forced to add more truth to the lie-mix each time they create a new political excuse or remodeled spiritual teaching (a point David Icke elucidated in his May 4 newsletter).

We could call this the “yes but” phenomenon. The deceivers concede “yes, that’s true” because a large percentage of the public has seen through some lie they promoted. They then add a “but” and place their spin on the truth they have admitted, forming a new lie, excusing their former deceit, and pushing the truth-bottle down one more time. Icke cites the new book Superclass as an example of this trick. (It was written by one of the global elite, admits the existence of the global elite, then colors the character of the global elite as just a group of guys getting together over the golf course.)

The “yes but” strategy serves an added purpose: it makes deceivers appear like sources that can be trusted. If you bring out enough new insights, which impress or even help people, the public’s more likely to swallow everything you tell them, including the hook beneath your bait.

We see this a lot in new spiritual teachings, which bring out new perspectives on reality. Such teachers give answers that “improve on” understandings that preceded them, and that possibly even unfold more about our history and the nature of reality. But the teachings are laced with the old lies, dressed up in better clothes, that continue keeping disciples from experiencing self-empowerment.

The same strategy of detecting truth behind media or political lies can be applied to popular systems of thought. Religions and spiritual teachings, that lead people to feel ashamed of their “sins” or weighed down by their “egoistic small selves,” demonstrate quick costume changes to keep us from seeing their fundamental flaws.

Modern Indian gurus, for instance, are starting to denounce the caste system, even though it was supported by gurus for centuries and in spite of the fact that Lord Krishna himself, in the Bhagavad-Gita, spoke in defense of it. But gurus are losing customers over this teaching. So now they switch their tune, claiming it was human, ignorant misinterpretation of divine teachings that created the castes. In scripture, the castes were only meant to be symbolic, they tell us. “It’s only symbolic” and “human misinterpretation” are the excuse-all explanations that every religion uses to justify its worst historical and scriptural atrocities.

Human awareness has risen to where it will no longer passively tolerate injustices like caste. The questioning of doctrine this leads to could take down Eastern religion, so one dogma is thrown out in order to retain the worshippers. This is not unlike the practice on old ships of tossing the heavy stores overboard, regardless of the value of their contents, if the ship itself threatens to sink.

A recent news article talks about Timothy Ellis, the bishop who is organizing the “U2-charist,” where lyrics by rock-star Bono (along with a pulsating light-show) replace traditional hymns at church services. In explaining the importance to religion of renovating its own façade, Bishop Ellis said, “We need to try new expressions. If we don’t try to update and refresh our thinking, we will die.”

Can we look between the lines (at the cracks) and translate that? Is Ellis really saying that without maintaining dogmas and rituals that appeal, dogmas and rituals that inspire people to surrender their “soma or “loosh,” those who created religion and feed off its energy fear they might die?

Truth shines through the cracks, in politics, media and religion. It’s useful to question the lying politician and the spiffed-up spiritual teaching because examination reveals much behind the renovations and the tell-tale discrepancies. Eventually you piece together the picture, which the lies can never fully conceal if you look with attention.

When I was a girl, my father was a repetitive joke teller: one of those males from the World War II generation who liked canned jokes and was always button-holing people to listen. I routinely tuned him out when he did this, but two of his anecdotes have stuck with me through my life. I think it’s because of their wisdom.

The first is a joke every reader born before 1970 will groan at in recognition:

“What did the little optimist say when he woke up on his birthday to find a cartload of manure dumped in front of his porch steps?

“There’s got to be a pony here somewhere!’”

Submerged in the corniness, there’s something about that child, confidently looking for his pony, that makes us smile. He reminds us of the part of ourselves that’s determined to find the good underneath all the garbage in this world, the part that believes that goodness, not indifference, has to be the ultimate reality. The joke also reminds us of our confidence that we can and will find the truth. We routinely piece and pick through the horse-shit, the propaganda of our leaders, in an effort to find the pony. We know we’ll get to it if we look long enough.

The second joke, which I’ll end with, demonstrates the zeal for knowledge that refuses to accept defeat, that attempts to learn and solve things even in the face of utter failure. Maybe the two characters in this second anecdote never meet the fate that seems in store for them. Maybe they’ll remain forever suspended, making us smile and inspiring us:

A pilot in a small plane suddenly loses engine power. The plane starts to dive, and the pilot parachutes out. After falling away from the plane some distance, he tugs on his rip cord. Nothing happens. He tugs again. Nothing. The ground looms closer and closer.

Suddenly someone passes him, going the other way. “You know anything about parachutes?” yells the pilot.

The other guy yells, “No! You know anything about gas ovens?”

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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