Affirmations for Freedom and Empowerment

Here are some affirmations I wrote that I use to create reality around the issues we’re collectively facing today . After my last article on the Law of Attraction, I thought some readers might find them useful.

Bronte Baxter

I happily disconnect myself along with all I hold dear from the influence of any and all predatory, invasive and destructive entities, energies, programs, substances, particles, vibrations and thoughts.

I establish protection around myself and all I hold dear that shields us from any and all predatory, invasive and destructive entities, energies, programs, substances, particles, vibrations and thoughts.

All humanity awakens from its hypnosis and perceives the truth of the human predicament. All people awake to the truth, find courage, and take the actions necessary to retrieve their souls and their freedom. We reclaim the world from those who enslaved it and forgive all past atrocities. We take the harmonious action required to make Earth free from predation forever.

I courageously speak the truth about the global conspiracy, both its material and spiritual aspects, with clarity, evidence, hope, patience, and simplicity. My words are inspired by the Infinite and open the minds and eyes of the people I talk to. I am protected from all harm as I do this.

I disconnect myself from the program-grid created and controlled by mankind’s adversaries. I connect and fully align myself – body, mind, and personal soul – with Infinite First Consciousness thriving within me. I align myself fully with Its original, glorious, joyous, loving vision for creation and for my life. Disharmony totally falls away from my body, mind and spirit. My entire being resonates in the frequency of Infinite First Consciousness.

I possess and manifest all I require to take care of myself and those I hold dear and to thrive in these challenging times. I fulfill my purpose in coming here. I help restore the world to the original, joyous vision of Infinite First Consciousness. Through all my thoughts and activities, I remain hopeful, confident, happy and empowered. I open myself to direction from the Infinite. I ask for guidance and help from those beings in the unseen who genuinely work for the freedom, harmony and happiness of all beings.

Infinite First Consciousness extends its love and humanity’s into the hearts of all predators, changing their desires into freedom and brotherhood for all. Mankind takes back its conscious power of choice and self-determination.

Truth is emerging. Humanity is awakening. The controllers are retreating. The predators are rehabilitating. Hierarchy dissolves. Sustainability thrives. The nightmare ends. The dance of joy begins.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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