Re-Finding the Core Joy

I want to thank Anthony, one of the readers, for his comments about joy at the bottom of the last blog entry. If you haven’t seen what he wrote, check it out. Anthony may, as he says, get up on his soap box occasionally, but I have to admit I like that guy’s soap.

Keeping hopeful and happy can be a challenge when we’re seeing so many bad things happening around us. But it’s important to find that inner place of core joy and live our days from there.

We can find it, because that place is real, it is our nature. When we lose the bliss, or if we haven’t found it yet, we need to go within ourselves and remember.

Sometimes I get shadowed by the world and lose that core happiness. Some outer incident throws me off, like a drive over a bad bump that puts your car out of kilter. Then I drive around with my wheels misaligned for a while until I remember to go inward for a tune-up.

The Infinite created diversity for happiness. For fun, for joy. That’s why our souls were birthed from the One in the first place. Life was supposed to be a dance, a garden, a tapestry, not the hierarchical prison it’s become. To turn creation into a dance, we have to start dancing. And to feel like dancing, we have to come back to the core joy and security in our God self.

When I lose that place, I find it again by remembering how hard the controllers work at their deceptions just to get us to give our permission, and that reminds me of the importance and power of my permission, my will. I remember that nothing can happen in my future that I don’t allow, that no one can take from me something I don’t give. That gives me security, the security of my divine and powerful self.

I also find that place again by closing my eyes and bringing my attention to the quietness inside, where I always find a pool of peace and blissful refreshment. The outer world is only a phenomenon, dominated at the moment by really goofed up entities who have forgotten the path to their own pool, their own interior power. They think they have to control everybody else to be secure and happy, and a great majority of the world is still deceived by their lies about how the world has to be (a way that supports their tenuous pyramid).

But what we are going through is what the universe has to go through, apparently, for all God’s children to learn to play nicely on the playground of life together. We’re in the “bullies have the ball” stage right now, but though it’s gone on for eons, that’s a flash of a picture frame in the eternal movie of time. We’re headed somewhere so wonderful. So beyond the limitations we’ve been conditioned to think must constitute reality.

A very sick person sometimes does not recover without the fever getting worse. It grows to a breaking point, and then the illness dissolves. When we see things “getting worse” around us, it helps to remember that analogy.

The world will not be sick forever. A new way of thinking is being born, and a whole new way of living is on the horizon. Something good is coming. We can choose to be happy in that knowledge.

Bronte Baxter

If You Want to Help This Blog Continue

Dear Readers,

I am a writer by trade, and for the past 4 months I spent most of my time researching and writing articles for this blog. I lived off of savings, which now have run out to the point that I have to return to my former activities of writing for clients for pay. I’m sorry to do that, because it seems foolish writing promotional materials to help rich people get richer when our world is in the precarious position it’s in.

My dream is to write full-time, without gaps, about the conspiracy. I want to complete a book about how the conspiracy is gaining strength through the world’s religions. I want to write a “conspiracy primer” that people can give to friends and acquaintances who know nothing about the global agenda and that succinctly presents the evidence for the case, providing a lot of hope and pointing towards what we need to do to defeat Big Brother.

I want to make two CDs, one hour each, that can be played in living room gatherings, presenting the same kind of material as the primer. And I have ideas for mind-opening screenplays, having been already trained in the methods of script writing and how to hook up with independent movie producers. These are just a few of the things I would work on full-time if I had patrons or other sources of income that would support the work.

One night four months ago, after reading still more disturbing news about the onward march of the surveillance society, I sat at my computer and made a prayer. I told the Infinite I wasn’t afraid anymore: I would do whatever I could, using whatever talents I had, to help the world find its way out of the snare. I asked God to make me useful, for a door to open, for a way to develop whereby I could help. It was a charged, emotional moment, where doing something had become more important than anything else.

A few nights later, I got this feeling that David Icke was trying to contact me and couldn’t. That was very weird, and made no sense at all. I had been sending little notes to David Icke every two or three months for a couple of years, little news pieces I had found or thoughts I’d had connecting some of the dots. He sent a two-sentence thank-you note once, and that was all I’d ever heard back. There was no logical reason to think the man would want to contact me, or that he’d have trouble doing so if he wanted to. Still, that was the feeling as I got into bed that night, and I’ve learned to listen to my feelings.

Get up now! was the impetus I got, so I went to the computer, looked, and of course there were no messages from David Icke. But the feeling stayed strong. “Well,” I thought, “if he were trying to contact me and couldn’t, the only reason could possibly be that I accidentally blocked his email address,” so again trusting the feeling, I looked in my spam folder.

There it was! I had blocked David Icke! I de-spammed his email address, and went back to bed. The next morning I got up, and there in my mailbox was a letter from David, saying that the most recent material I had sent him had inspired him to write a two-part newsletter on religion and the conspiracy, and asking for permission to quote from a letter I had recently sent him (written the night after I made the prayer).

I was amazed! If I had not followed my feeling the night before, David’s letter would have been permanently lost.

I wrote back that David could quote my letter but would he please also include a link to my blog. The trouble was, I didn’t have a blog! I had only got the idea for one when I read the letter he wrote to me.

I had just taken a class teaching how to start a blog (knowledge I intended to use for my clients). I quickly set up a WordPress blog, named it “Splinter in the Mind,” and wrote a few fast articles so it would look, when people visited it, like the blog was alive and kicking. Two Sundays later, David wrote about me, with a link to the blog in his newsletter, and published a parable I had written. Suddenly, in one day, 1,400 readers stopped in!

David proceeded, over the ensuring weeks, to publish five more Bronte Baxter articles, and the blog became an established entity in its own right, leading to a radio interview and re-publication of the some of the pieces on other websites and in one printed magazine.

My dream is to spend time submitting specially tailored articles to websites that are not conspiracy websites – sites where “mainstreamers” visit, writing articles that push the envelope of what they believe and lead closer to the truth behind the illusion that hypnotizes. But that is just one of the things there isn’t time to do when the work is free and you have to make a living.

I believe the ideas so many readers love in these blog came from a place beyond “Bronte Baxter.” I feel they were given to me. I think a link was created, with those in the unseen who want to encourage us, the night I dedicated myself to becoming useful in this cause. It all happened without effort, and Splinter has been in WordPress’ top 40 to top 20 rising blogs and top most popular posts consistently since it started (out of 3 1/2 million blogs on WordPress). There’s no way Bronte Baxter knows how to make that happen. Something or someone else is getting the ideas and connections out there, and this website provided a vehicle.

That is very encouraging, to think we are so helped. It brightens my heart at moments like this one where I don’t know how I can keep on writing things that count when there’s no more savings to go on. I have to start writing things that pay, for merchant clients, now. But I feel to share the situation on the website, in case there are readers out there who want to support this effort with contributions of their own.

If you’d like to become a patron of these writings and the goals I have for my work, please write to me at I will send you a letter telling you the system I’ve set up whereby people can contribute.

Meanwhile, I’ll write whenever I can, but please understand the situation, friends. I have a mortgage to pay and essentials to provide and can’t continue posting here as regularly as I did. If the Infinite intends it, there will be a way to get back to work on all this. I hold it in my mind as my intention. Please hold it with me, and let’s see what develops from the side of the universe. This is a magical world we live in.

Best regards to all,

Bronte Baxter

Agnihotra, Sylphs and Orgonite: Chem Trail Solutions or God-Scam?

If you know about chem trails, the toxic unexplained streaks across our skies, chances are you’ve heard of sylphs, orgonite and agnihotra as proposed remedies. Sylphs are elementals or nature spirits. The story goes that giant sylphs who live near the sun and on outer planets of our solar system are hovering around earth these days mopping up the chem trails in response to manmade objects known as orgonite and a ritual known as agnihotra.

Wikipedia gives us a quick glimpse into what agnihotra actually is:

“‘Agnihotra’ is a sacred tradition started by the ‘Rishis’ of ancient India. It is now considered by some as the worship of the Lord Yagna Naarayan. ‘Agnihotra’ then means worshipping the Lord Vishnu – Aadi Naarayan – riding on the divine serpent and controlling the infinite cosmos.”

Hello, what was that? The divine serpent? The worship of Lord Yagna Naarayan?

Agnihotra is an ancient Hindu ceremony that gives worship to the Vedic deity Agni (god of fire and sacrifice), and to Naaravan (Lord Narayana or Vishnu, the second god of the Hindu trinity), and also to the sun god, Lord Surya (sometimes spelled/pronounced Soorvava). The worship is performed by chanting mantras and making offerings into the fire, for the gods to consume as symbols of human obeisance. These acts represent giving the god to whom the sacrifice is directed one’s energy, one’s spiritual allegiance and support.

Based on my knowledge of Sanskrit, here is the mantra translation for part of the agnihotra ritual that so many well-meaning would-be-chem-trail-zappers are performing:

Soorvava Svaha

To the Sun God, I offer myself completely

Sooryaya Idam Na Mama

To the Sun God, I prostrate myself

Agnaye Sváhá

To the God of the sacrifice, I bow down

Agnaye Idam Na Mama

To the God of the sacrifice, I prostrate myself

On the educate-yourself website, one of the primary sources of the sylphs-zap-chem-trails theory, you can read an article telling how the fire sylphs, the beings you appease when you perform agnihotra, are the elementals who rule over gunfire. These beings “give you a hug when you shoot a gun,” according to the article.

The implication of the modern New Age use of agnihotra is that if we offer this worship to the gods and their fire-sylph minions, they will reward us by devouring our chem trails. Even if this were true, do we want to do rituals that empower entities who give people hugs for shooting guns? Do we really want to make offerings to Vedic deities who are the Aryan gods, the gods of Babylon transferred to Indian culture?

The Babylonian gods have been identified in the David Icke research as identical with the entities who interbred with mankind to produce the world’s royal bloodlines, the global elite, which are behind the plan for an Orwelllian New World Order. Truthers believe the chem trails are the handiwork of the global elite. How consistent is it to also believe that the force that generates chem trails is working on mankind’s behalf to destroy chem trails?

Agnihotra links its practitioner to the gods, the dark lords that work in unseen dimensions to twist our earthly reality into a prison, for the sake of their ultimate power and control. I’ve written about the god-worship/ soul-siphoning connection in previous articles (see the “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment” series in the column to the left). To practice agnihotra in the belief that it is an innocent ritual that will magically clear the sky of chem trails is a mistake, as powerful an error as mantra meditation, guru worship, and any other practice that calls for surrender of the individual ego to limited entities outside oneself.

If that’s what agnihotra is about, what is the real story behind orgonite? I don’t claim to be an expert on that subject. From what I’ve read, however, I have a major concern about the hexagram built into the coils, because it’s an occult symbol with links to some very questionable things.

Again, let’s consult that friend of the common man, Wikipedia (its entry under “hexagram”):

“The six-pointed star is commonly used both as a talisman and for conjuring spirits in the practice of witchcraft. In the book, ‘The History and Practice of Magic, Vol. 2,’ the six-pointed star is called the talisman of Saturn and it is also referred to as the Seal of Solomon …

“Bradley, author of ‘Secrets of the Freemasons,’ claims: ‘the hexagram is widely associated with the occult, and is considered the most powerful of Satan’s symbols, containing ‘666.’ Occultists also call it the ‘trud’ and use it in necromantic ceremonies to summon evil spirits.’ (Bradley, ‘Secrets of the Freemasons,’ page 45)”

Is it possible then that the hexagram in the orgonite channels energy to the very beings who are ultimately responsible for the chem trails (i.e., the transdimensional beings whom the Illuminati serve)? The conspiracy is famous for creating feedback loops like this – detours – that seem to lead somewhere out of the clutches of enslavement and actually circle right around back into it. We find this in politics and religion, so why would we not find it in the neutralize-the-chem-trails movement? (For a fascinating examination of how symbols are used by the powers-that-be to trap and siphon human energy, visit Matthew Delooze’s website and books, particularly “The Stars Are Falling” and “Is It Me for a Moment?”)

If orgonite seems to work positively for some people, perhaps the reason is not sylphs but the people themselves. Thought is immensely powerful, and if a person places orgonite in strategic places thinking it will clear the atmosphere of negative influences, perhaps it will, on account of the intention and assumption of the human placing it. This would be the Dumbo Effect: when the baby elephant held a “magic” feather thinking the feather would enable him to fly, the elephant flew all right, but on account of his powerful belief, not on account of the feather.

I have trouble with the story that sylphs eat the chem trails for us when the story also goes that the sylphs had to leave their own planet when it was poisoned with a payload of plutonium. If they drown in the poison of plutonium, how can they safely consume the poison of our chem trails? It doesn’t really make sense.

While I’m convinced there are unseen entities helping mankind, I don’t believe they’re doing it as chem-trail eaters, channeled teachers, authors of divine transmissions, or any of the other flashy images the New Age is fond of waving in front of us. They help us by inspiring, by giving resources of courage and hope, by introducing profound insights, ideas and possibilities into our minds that aid in our finding the way out of the prison we’ve let be built up around us. They can’t and won’t do the work for us, and any unseen entity claiming he can and will is probably a dark lord posing as a friend, the creator of yet another enslaving circular detour.

If we want help from the realms of brilliant and magnanimous entities who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings, we need to address them in that way and ask for their subtle assistance. They will always respond. If instead of that we ask for help from Surya, Agni, Narayana, fire sylphs, sun sylphs, air sylphs or any other named entity famous for “helping” people, the odds are very high that we’re aligning ourselves with our deceivers and enslavers, dressed up in their latest disguise.

If in fact there are sylphs who work to help mankind, then addressing “you in the unseen who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings” will naturally enlist the aid of sylphs, among other generous entities. On the other hand, if sylphs are a name for a branch of the deceivers, addressing “you in the unseen who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings” will not invite the sylphs’ influence into your energy field.

It is better to be safe than foolishly trusting. Better to address requests for assistance in a way that protects one’s soul and energy than in a wide-open, trusting way that allows in any fad New Age influence that people happen to be talking about.

The transdimensional deceivers have great PR. They never come out and say, “We’re here to take your soul energy and spiritually assimilate you.” Look at how sweetly their ritual is described in the words of an agnihotra website that is popular now:

“Homa is a Sanskrit word used here synonymously with Yajnya. [Bronte’s note: “yajnya” actually translates as “sacrifice to the gods.”] …

“Homa Therapy is totally a revealed science. It is as old as creation. In the course of time this knowledge was lost, but it is now being resuscitated to give people guidance about how to correct the polluted conditions we find ourselves in on the planet today.

“Homa Therapy comes from VEDAS, the ancientmost body of knowledge known to man. The most basic Homa (Yajnya) is called AGNIHOTRA and is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. Performance of Agnihotra on a regular daily basis establishes the healing energies necessary for a healthy environment.”

Now what poor fool wouldn’t want to sign up for that?

(NOTE TO READERS: This article is expanded in the comment section below, where prompted by the thoughtful remarks of a reader, I write more deeply about this subjects. If you enjoy this blog, don’t skip reading the comments underneath the articles. They are sometimes the very best part.)

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.

When We Have Failed Ourselves

It is the evening of July 4. A TV station carries a clip of George W. Bush speaking in Monticello, near Washington, D.C. He begins to talk and is interrupted by the thin, yelling voice of a woman. Her words are indistinct. Cameramen in front of Bush turn to film her and the protesters at her side, but the TV clip does not show them. The numbers of the group can be reckoned by the throng of passionate cries coming from their direction. It sounds like a hundred people have turned out and are making themselves heard. Bush responds by shrugging them off with a wisecrack about free speech.

In Boston today, a young man dressed up in costume like a colonist reads the Declaration of Independence out loud on a dock to another man who films him. Two other people show up for the protest. On the dock around them, people ignore the little group, although the performance is obvious. The “colonist” becomes playful in manner, reading in an almost hamming way. Perhaps he is embarrassed at being ignored by the passersby. But it’s easy to ignore a tiny group of five, as it’s easy to ignore their unpleasant message.

In London, another rally takes place this morning. About a dozen protesters show up. They carry handmade signs and a megaphone and call out messages to the crowd on the other side of the busy street. Their voices and manner are playful and laughing. They seem perhaps uncertain what they ought to say. Perhaps they, too, feel foolish standing there, in a country where thousands of Truthers had been made aware of the rally but somehow didn’t attend. Maybe they feel alone in their cause, the tiny few who care. Who can blame them if their shouts don’t ring with the force and passion of the larger D.C. group?

In the three days after David Icke posted the notice of the global rallies on his website, nearly 3,000 people read the article here about it, and Visionary Peace reports their you-tube video announcement received hundreds of extra views over those same three days. Where were those thousands of people today when it mattered? Why were 12 people in England left with the job of telling the world that the New World Order must be stopped? Does anybody take 12 people on a sidewalk seriously? Can 12 people stop the Orweillian state that is sucking at our ankles?

Yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, David Icke said that to stop what’s coming down, people will have to stand together and collectively refuse to comply with rulings that enslave us. How will we ever stand united in civil disobedience in the future if we cannot get it together today to simply show up for a rally? A rally that could have been the inciting incident for a change in the direction of human history, had everyone who knows the truth done something to support the demonstrations. But it seems fear or inertia won out over conviction for most Truthers.

I understand what it’s like to be afraid, and how easy it is to go back to sleep. I was reading about the conspiracy for 20 years before I quit sinking back into the collective hypnosis and living as if none of this was happening. It took 20 years before I finally cared more for freedom and our future than I did for my life. It takes exposure and re-exposure to the truth to wake up completely, to get beyond the lure of returning to sleep.

This information is so fundamentally disturbing, that no one wants it to be true. We believe it for a while, then doubt it when we see everyone around us living their lives as if a global agenda doesn’t exist. Their hypnosis plus our own desire that none of this is real combine to make us forget what we know and put off doing anything. Anything that might make us personally more sovereign and sustainable, anything that might help wake others and change the direction our world is headed. Add to that the fear of getting tagged as a dissenter and possibly getting incarcerated or eliminated, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for status quo behavior. We wait to take action until another day, and for someone else to do the courageous.

I know this pattern, because I lived it for so long. I sympathize with the feelings. But time is running out. We don’t have the luxury of nodding back into dreamland again and again. The house is on fire, and if we go back to sleep, we and all we love will burn within it. We MUST rouse ourselves from our lethargy, our fear, and our hope that someone else will do the work so we can be spared.

Not only is it immoral to place the risk and burden on someone else when we know the situation – if we don’t support the doers by joining them, they will fail. Twelve people on a street outside Parliament and David Icke standing in an election he knows he can’t win are not going to stop the New World Order. Its demise will only happen if the informed people who visit this blog, David Icke’s website, the Visionary Truth website, the Rense and Alex Jones websites, and all the other NWO information posts find it in themselves to do the right thing, whatever the risk or cost to their personal comfort.

Where were those other 3,000 readers today? Enjoying the holiday? Working as usual? Checking out the Visionary Truth website to see if anybody showed up at the rallies? My friends, unless we find it in ourselves to make a solid commitment, the New World Order is a done deal.

If we respond to the critical information we’ve been given by simply “thinking positive,” or grousing about the global deceivers and being fatalistic, or feeling smugly superior to the unaware “average joe,” then perhaps we deserve to be microchipped. That is precisely the fate that awaits us if we continue responding in these ways.

We only deserve better if we stop allowing the ruling elite to dictate our lives. We stop that not by moaning, thinking comforting thoughts, or feeling wise. We do it by making a commitment. We must commit our very lives. Freedom must mean more to us than preserving our bodies. If we do die in the cause of freedom, our spirits at least will be free and we’ll never again live as slaves of other people’s agenda.

It isn’t up to David Icke to fix this. It isn’t up to Izzy Smart. As if a few heroic people even could. They can’t do the job that needs to be done by thousands.

Each one of us, to be free, must take back the permissions we’ve given that allow the enslavers to silently run our lives. We take those back one at a time, becoming wiser and more empowered with each step toward freedom we take. And we must share the information we have with others, so our thousands turn to millions.

Today was the first step. A brave few took it. Hats off to those courageous individuals. For the rest of us, unless we change our attitudes fast, we personally have no future and humanity has none either. We are hand-delivering society, in full knowledge of the consequences, to the people who would destroy it.

If you can’t live with that on your conscience, it’s time to look seriously at why you weren’t at a rally today. To continue with easy choices is to personally hammer the last nails in the coffin of mankind. The global elite are laughing at us this July 4th, the idle taunts we made. Unless we can do better than this, we might as well quit.

Because a handful of people can’t change the world. They can only do it if the rest of us care enough to stand at their side.

Bronte Baxter

(Note: In the months since the posting of this article, the lead person behind the Visionary Peace website changed his focus from activism to rescuism. His website is now dedicated to his new ideas of solving the New World Order: salvation by Ashtar Command. This is most sad and unfortunate, as he was in a position to do so much good with what he had started. I can no longer endorse the Visionary Peace website.)