Blowing the Whistle/ Chpt. 11: Goal of ‘The Oneness Doctrine’: Kill Everything Oneness Cares About

This is Chapter 11 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,’ by Bronte Baxter.

Individuality in league with Oneness (not Oneness alone) will win the day and restore human freedom. The gospel of Oneness, all by itself, supports the New World Order. Proponents say it doesn’t matter if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, because after all, this world is an illusion and only Oneness Consciousness is real. If we know that, they argue, it doesn’t matter what happens, because there’s really no happiness or suffering, right or wrong, life or death, good or no bad — only the Oneness. So who cares?

I understand how people caught in the web of Eastern religion and New Age mumbo jumbo come to those conclusions. Their teachers’ purpose is to make them passive, “surrendered to the One,” their ego (personal selfhood) made into the enemy that must be killed. The teachers state it outright: “ego death” is the goal.

But that conspiracy-conscious people can fall into the same plight, instead of raising a cry for freedom and life in this world, came as a shock to me. I realize now it’s because Truth Movement leaders themselves sometimes combine the Oneness Doctrine with their research and information on the conspiracy. These people may have mystical experiences of their own that they trust in the way the religious trust their gurus, never questioning where they came from or why they were given to them.

The assumption seems to be that if it happened in my head and was accompanied by euphoria and fireworks, it must be true, and proof of the nature of the universe. But if the Illuminati extend to realms between visual perception (and evidence indicates they do – see my article series, Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment), the Illuminati could be the source of much of mankind’s mystical experience. It’s easy for beings in the Unseen, adept at thought transference, to implant ideas in the minds of willing seekers, generating chemical changes in their brains and bodies and making them feel like they’ve been kissed by God. This would be particularly easy if the seekers have imbibed hallucinogenic substances.

I believe that well-intentioned, semi-depressed people are being implanted with messages that God has sent them to save the world. The urgency this produces gives their lives a particular sense of meaning. The message they receive is either that there is a war on among the Powers of Light and Darkness, which they must help fight, or that seeing through the illusion called reality and uniting with Infinite Oneness is the end-all and be-all of human existence. Both messages hold enough truth that they appeal to those who receive them as genuine. Both are so flawed as to point the receiver in the wrong direction, toward beliefs that favor humanity handing the universe into the Illuminati’s conniving hands.

The Light and Dark War of Principalities is nothing more than the Good Cop – Bad Cop Game taken to celestial levels. Like the eternal war between the Democrats and Republicans, it is unreal – a smokescreen designed to hide where the real action happens. Lucifer and Jehovah are on the same side: control of humanity. The “gods” and “demons” of Indianism are on the same side. As long as mankind provides the loosh (life energy) to the nether worlds through worship or suffering, all in the Fourth Dimension are happy.

It doesn’t matter if you call for help from Satan or Jesus, Krishna or Kali, you’re aligning your soul with the gang of brigands who have hijacked our lives by controlling us at our most intimate level. This control is not a takeover, but rather, freely given. Worshipers of their own accord give their lives to management by these beings, whom they regard as divine. They think in so doing they fight on the right side in the battle of good against evil. But all they do in fact is supply the life force, the loosh, needed for humanity’s hijackers to continue feeding off our hearts and souls.

Those who surrender their flawed human egos to the Oneness are no different. They, too, give their souls to management by the Fourth Dimension’s united company of tricksters. This is the point so many in the Truth Movement miss. We think that by making Oneness consciousness our supreme goal we are becoming pure. We think by embracing The Doctrine of Oneness we acquire supreme wisdom.

But the doctrine as it is taught today, even as the greatest Indian masters once taught it, is corrupt. The truth has been contaminated by the Fourth Dimension. Because the doctrine teaches that individual ego is a perversion of the Infinite, something that must be dissolved back into the universal consciousness for us to become wholesome and free. As such, that doctrine erodes the integrity of humanity.

It does so because it puts our world’s future up for grabs when it tells us to abdicate personal desire and intention as constructs of the ego. If we regard our individual nature as a corruption of Oneness, we conclude we must negate our ego to know Truth. We abdicate everything about us that makes us aware, decisive, will-exerting doers in this world – in favor of melting into the One, whose cosmic workings are thought to be automatic and perfect once humans remove their will and personality from the equation.

Whether or not the Doctrine of Oneness entails mantras and worship of gods, it is destructive. Because the doctrine is taught at the expense of the personality, the part of us that makes choices, that makes a difference in the world. When ego is taught as something essentially corrupt, or essentially unreal, it ceases to have value for us, and we naturally want to abandon it. This is exactly what the Illuminati desire from us, more than anything else we can give.

When we turn our backs on our ego, on the individual will and personality that is the very spark of the Infinite within us, we set our souls on the freebie shelf of the universe, to be absorbed or manipulated by Fourth Dimension entities. Our acts no longer appear to be our own – they feel like the work of forces moving through us. That perception is correct. But those forces are not the winds of Infinity, as the possessed assume: those forces are the egos of the possessors, who cherish this surrender of human selfhood.

By making the choice to regard all except the Oneness as flawed, unreal or insignificant, we turn over control of this universe to anyone who hasn’t abdicated their authority as a doer. Those are the only players still left on the field. This non-surrendered-ego group includes the Fourth Dimension band of brigands as well as those humans who accept neither the Oneness Doctrine nor the Doctrine of the War of Principalities – in other words, those who respect and retain their personhood and all its attendant faculties of will and desire.

I am not saying that Oneness, the Infinite Oneness that is the source from which we came, that place deep within us where we are all united, does not exist or is not important. It’s of supreme importance. The Infinite is the font of all life, all joy, all inspiration, all creativity. It is that which inspires us. It is pure genius. That Infinite, and our conscious connection with It, holds all the hope for our breaking out of the slavery we have let be visited on us materially and spiritually.

But to say It is the only reality, that everything except for It is a corruption of the Oneness – which is how the Doctrine of Oneness is perpetually preached – that is a perversion of the truth, designed to control us. If the Illuminati, functioning in the field of spiritual teachings, can get us to believe that we as individuals are illusory, that all we really are is the One, we will give up treasuring our will and desires as gifts of the divine, expressions of the Infinite, and throw them onto the waste pile as impure.

From that waste pile, they will be collected by the brigands who are able to use our abandoned will and desiring mechanism to achieve their own desires. When you abandon responsibility for your ego, which never can be destroyed since it is the stuff of consciousness, it is not the Oneness that takes over your personhood and absorbs it, it is other egos. The vulture-like, thieving egos who want to control all beings and bring them into alignment with their will.

When you surrender your ego, it does not dissolve as you have been promised, because the spark that you are can never dissolve. Your ego is either absorbed by the “god” you worship, increasing that entity’s personal power, or, if you do not worship a god, it is absorbed by any passing brigand who happens to notice that it has been abandoned. Ego = personhood = individual soul. This is soul-stealing, by permission.

Why can’t we all just dissolve into the Oneness? Because the Oneness didn’t make us individuals by accident, as some big cosmic mistake. We were created on purpose, as expressions of the joy of the Infinite. Just as a serene artist takes the joy in her heart and turns it into a fountain of expressions, each art piece revealing a unique aspect of her thoughts and nature, so the Infinite made us all unique expressions of aspects of its limitless self. It WANTS to see its oneness made into myriad shapes. It created the universe to be a delight, a mirror story of its own joy and greatness. Instead creation has slid into a nightmare, delight overshadowed by the misery and cruelty that comes of forgetting the nature of our inner being.

The flaws in creation are not because the Infinite individuated, but because its unique expressions – you and me – forgot our deeper nature, forgot the infinite power, bliss, and goodness that only can be located and tapped deep within ourselves in the place where we’re one with the Infinite.

The solution to our suffering is not to surrender our egos to the cosmic freebie shelf/ dump heap under the guise of awakening to Oneness. Rather, it is to bathe our personhood in the purity of the Infinite, to drink deeply of its waters, to melt our cares in its bliss and consciously become again what we are at core: pure molecules within that infinite ocean. From the bath, we return to the world and make it better, more joyful, more free, more inspired. We spontaneously grasp solutions to problems that eluded us before.

After enough bathing in the Infinite, it’s possible to move through this world and act here without ever leaving the consciousness that holds us in that embrace. The world becomes God’s ocean where we splash and cavort. That is God’s dream for the world – not amorphous, static Oneness. The amorphous is where God started from, and God found it boring. That’s why It created diversity, to play in. Because sitting being amorphous – simple Oneness – got dull.

Why would we make being “amorphous” our end-all and be-all, when it was the Infinite’s starting point, the very place it was endeavoring to emerge from in hopes of creating something interesting? Oneness isn’t interesting, it’s blissful. Just being blissful by itself gets old. Bliss needs to express in myriad creations to be fun and dynamic. It needs to desire, intend, make, choose, and act – all functions of ego. To say getting back to the Oneness is the whole point of life is like saying getting back to the first scene of the play is the whole point of the play, or getting back to the starting line is the whole point of the race.

The point is to run the race, play the play, dance the dance – and to do it in a way that retains contact with the consciousness that inspired the endeavor: the Infinite joy and oneness. When we learn to connect with the Oneness without abdicating the beauty and importance of multiplicity (variety), then will the purpose of creation be accomplished.

Then we will know how to dissolve the malignity that afflicts us. We will see that those who wish to control the rest are confused parts of our Greater Self. We won’t wish to destroy them but to help them. Our love, our inmost nature, will forgive and heal them. Then all God’s children will sport on the cosmic playground in laughter together – no more bullies and victims. No more battles and taking sides. No more stopping playing and being amorphous/ withdrawn in some corner. Life will be joy as we have not known it, for from the perspective of Infinity we will learn to dissolve everything that causes suffering here.

That is the divine vision, not destruction of one team on the battlefield, and certainly not the destruction of creation through abdication of personhood. But unless we awaken to the lies in the Doctrine of Oneness, the end of creation is what we promote. When the brand of brigands has consumed every ego in the universe through clever spiritual lies, it will be the proverbial snake that has swallowed its own tail. Creation will implode if that is allowed to happen.

We contribute to cosmic implosion when we accept the Doctrine of Oneness, striving for dissolution of ego into Oneness as our highest goal. The truly highest goal is Oneness expressing in joy in the forms of its myriad children, who make up the infinite garden of the world.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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  1. h. said,

    January 13, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    I can’t shake the feeling that ‘this’, everything – what we see, this universe of endings and death and scarcity and fear, all experiences, thoughts, forms, formless states of being, as well as the unseen gods, the heavens and hells, the demons and parasites, the world of humans – that this /everything/ is some sort of amazing kindergarten, that we’re here to learn something, to prepare us for something else, something incomprehensible, on an unimaginably larger scale. something as far beyond these silly things – the gods, the doctrines, the wars in heaven, the conflict, all aspects of existence, the death and the fear – as the world of international politics would be beyond a two-year old, shaking its rattle in a pen… and that the gods sit there on our level, bullying siblings a year or two older maybe, oblivious still to a vast, incredible world beyond the walls.

    I think, maybe, that we are in training – to be something far, far more than gods. and the gods are in training with us, yet afraid of us: needlessly, I suspect, because I think that when we graduate, when we do come fully into our own, we will be benevolent. and everything may well be transformed.

  2. Curtis G. Norman said,

    February 19, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Hello Bronte;

    The idea of “Loosh” (that the energy produced from our experiences serves as a kind of “food” for higher beings of some sort) has been addressed in the past in a book by John G. Bennett (himself a student of G.I. Gurdjieff during the early part of the last century) which book is entitled “Making a Soul” and was published around 1954. On page 11 of that book he makes the following statement: “Man exists on the earth in order to produce energy of a certain intensity and quality, and this energy is liberated through his eperiences of joy and suffering and through his his response to the forces of death and birth”.He goes on to address this topic at length in his book. I thought this might interest you in that the topic and the idea of humanity’s existence serving the purpose of providing “food” for other “beings” is older than Monroe and his books on Astral travel.
    Bennett goes on in his book to describe the idea that it is possible to escape the fate of dying only to have lived for this purpose of producing such energy (as noted above) and that it is (according to Bennett and Gurdjieff’s teachings) possible to “awaken from the dream life that we live” and produce energy for the purpose of developing a kind of separate existence for ourselves as independent “souls” (hence the title) in the afterlife. Here I am only paraphrasing what he takes an entire book to say, but that is the gist of it. I feel that you and your readers may find his book of some interest. I know that when I first read it I was astonished at the idea of our being a kind of “astral farm product”, or “sheep”, if you will. But, it did seem to fit, to make a kind of morbid “sense” of you will, and the whole idea of “Loosh” and the negative nature of this world of suffering is the only answer to the question of existence that makes sense to me.

    • Curt said,

      January 22, 2013 at 11:26 pm

      Thank you very much for the info on the Making a Soul book – I bought it online as soon as I read your post. This is one of the most important issues in my life – decoding the Loosh rote and finding out about The Gathering.

      I appreciate the info very much!

      Blessings and Peace.

  3. Shane said,

    February 10, 2010 at 2:10 am

    I am very confused. I had read this chapter and most of the rest of your book already so far. (Chapters 1-8 and then 11.) You talk specifically in this chapter about how we should not be giving our minds away to Oneness as that is part of the new world order’s plan and that it will destroy this world and thwart Oneness’s purpose in creating this world and the multiverse. However, you also recommend in your great books section Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illision by David Icke. I love David Icke’s work and that is a great book that helped me wake up to Oneness and laid the foundation for me to understand your book and Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God.

    However, Chapter Ten of Infinite Love is titled, “Logging Off.” In this chapter David admits that it is sometimes difficult to put high level spiritual teachings into words. He then goes on to, as far as I can tell, go back on everything the rest of the book (the other nine chapters before this one) talks about. He talks about Oneness and the nature of reality and the multiverse (he calls it the matrix.) He points out the fraud of mainstream religion in one chapter and then points out the fraud of much of the, “new age,” in another chapter. Unfortunately, it seems to me at least, he then proceeds in the final chapter of the book to assert the same type of things that he calls out as fraud in the other chapters.

    He tells us to not give our minds away to the sun god jesus or to the, “new age,” ashtar, sananda, or to any new age guru. He bases the entire book, and all the rest of his work in other books and presentations I’ve read and seen in videos, on logic, thought, and fact. He then, in chapter ten, tells us not to think and to not identify with this world.

    In no uncertain terms David Icke describes this world as an illusion and a world of polarity. He then describes fighting the new world order as wrong as it contributes to the polarity and empowers the new world order. His answer, the name of the chapter, logging off. He also tells us we should log off from thought and emotion and that thought and emotion are part of the body computer. He tells us that thought and emotion are polarities of the body computer and thus illusions.

    I’m sorry if I’m stepping on toes, and I love the rest of Icke’s work as he really laid the foundation for my awakening, but isn’t Chapter 10 of Infinite Love everything you warn us to stay away from in Chapter 11? And, if so, why do you recommend this book?

    You tell us we should be active in this world. David is telling us to log off. You tell us we should not log off from emotion as that makes us heartless. David tells us to log off from emotion an that Oneness is above emotion and is love. (Sounds like what you warn about in Chapter 8 to me.) You tell us we should not log off from thought as that makes us easy to manipulate. Yet David tells us thought is polarity and we should log off from it and opt instead for some spiritual knowing concept which was archaic and hard for me to understand. Sounds to me like he’s telling me I shouldn’t think and should just do what Oneness says to. (Something you warn about extensively in your book.) You tell us of gurus who lead humanity in the wrong way by telling us to dissociate from this world, log off, and leave it up for grabs for the new world order. And you tell us how we should visit Oneness and bring its love back to save this world. Whereas David Icke clearly tells us to head toward Oneness. Which, if done as he seems to describe here, would collapse this world as we leave it to the new world order snake to eat itself.

    I hope I have misunderstood and am wrong about David Icke. He seems genuine and the rest of his work really helps to wake people up. (Myself included.) But in chapter ten he sounds like the new world order gurus who are advising people to give their minds away to Oneness, just like you warn about here in this chapter.

    Please, if I am wrong, (which I hope I am) explain to me what I am misunderstanding about chapter 10. Otherwise, if I am right, shouldn’t David Icke be put in the, “guru and god-scams,” section instead of the, “great books,” section. His chapter ten is written in very confusing language, unlike the rest of the book, and perhaps I just misunderstood him.

    Love your book so far and hope to have this cleared up because right now I am confused. Thank you.

    • brontebaxter said,

      February 10, 2010 at 12:41 pm

      Shane, those are very perceptive observations. I, too, have problems with some of Icke’s ideas, and for the same reasons. I see him as very strong on exposing the conspiracy, on his investigations into what’s going on in this world. But I find his spiritual ideas increasingly problematic.

      I still recommend his books because they’re some of the best things out there. But the more he gets into these spiritual subjects, the more he gets mixed up, I believe. Indeed, he is way too into the Oneness Doctrine for my comfort.

      I feel his intentions are sincere, but that he’s getting off-track. He claims to have had revelations, and to be guided by them. That concerns me. Who is giving them to him? Is he playing into the wrong hands?

      But perhaps we have to go through disenchantment even with a great figure like David Icke to find our spiritual adulthood. There can be no great leader in the kind of society I dream of, where all of us are masters of life. We each must get there individually, independent of people who want to lead the charge and show us the way. It is a quiet spiritual maturing that takes place in the heart, between the soul and God. There can be no teacher, no intermediary. Only a claiming of our birthright and who we are as a powerful son or daughter of the Infinite.

      I think you are getting to the stage where you are growing beyond David Icke. I think that’s a great sign, confusing though it may feel at the moment. Keep on thinking.

      Best regards,
      Bronte Baxter

    • Curt said,

      January 22, 2013 at 11:05 am

      Shane, confusion can be good because it may mean something new is showing up. I would like to share what works for me, I have been doing this enlightenment thing for decades now.

      First: I fell into the trap of reading too much and not experiencing enough – the mind gets confused with too much info and not enough time to discern the truth. Discernment is the ultimate test of a free mind and a powerful soul.

      One of the easiest ways to tell if you are dealing with a ‘neg’, power-tripper, or Lucifer-controlled person is to watch for this trick – they will tell you 95% of good things you want to hear to establish trust and rapport with your belief system and values. This causes you to let your guard down. Now that you are open and vulnerable, they stick the knife in your back with the remaining 5%. Can you see this pattern in Icke’s book?

      Icke is a negative reptilian controlled person, in my opinion. Why do you think the ruling class lets him ‘expose’ so much of their agenda? They killed Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia for trying to investigate 9/11 – why is Icke allowed to live? He gave it away when he said he saw reptilian entities in his ‘vision’ – they are physical incarnations of Lucifer entities.

      If you really want enlightenment without a guru, I think and have experienced that the only true way (watch out, I said that! Another discernment test coming!) is to get rid of our suppressed emotions.

      Once the blockage to the flow is removed, your natural knowing will kick in and you won’t need to read much anymore – Source will provide continuous revelation to you. This is actually our natural state, but the pre-entry mind blanking we take to incarnate here really jams it up – then the cultural ignorance get pounded into our heads. There are a few emotional release techniques, I use the Sedona Method and it saved my life back in 2004. I am not affiliated with them in any way, so I only mention it to be of service and use to my brothers and sisters.

      Nothing works for everyone, so just keep searching if needed – when the student is ready the teacher will appear – and the teacher is not always a person.

      I hope this was of some value to you.

      Peace and Beingness

  4. Shane said,

    February 11, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you very much. That makes a lot of sense. I love your book and am looking forward to more. I will keep on thinking. :-)

  5. Amar said,

    May 1, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Very interesting discussion. I have had doubts about all guru’s i have encountered

    including David Icke.

    I have had the feeling of being awakened in an ungrounded way by reading his work.

    Maybe that is necessary for a closed up Mind.

    2. getting stuck
    I think that each individual has his/her personal path wich might cross others for a

    while in whatever way.

    That might be beneficial or detrimental to one’s own Self/Ego/independant viewpoint.

    At the end it directs me back to self-responsibility in whatever energy i take in and

    integrate it into my viewpoint/awareness of Life and thus changing my future


    We have the choice, but we forget sometimes and start to run an automatic old


    I got stuck in a fear/panick reaction for a while because of my personality at that


    Now i got out of that , i try to be more careful in the future.

    I dont meditate anymore , but try to be observant of my inner thoughts, emotions and

    bodily sensations wich act as a feedback/intuition throughout the day in a way i feel

    my Ego growing instead of declining.


    I find there’s a big confusional problem with individual definitions of words.

    examples :

    Thinking- i think there are different ways of thinking. i have my way. I think David

    Icke is not telling to stop thinking, but stop thinking from a conflict based ‘i am

    better” mentality.

    Oneness- can be seen from different angles like the Facets of a diamond.

    I think that david is not asking to ‘log off” and disconnect in an escapist way.

    He might ask to experience the Oneness ”state” and take that as a

    ego/self-enhancing tool to step out of fear-based programming and thus feeling more

    autonomic instead of automatic.

    4. Beneficial entities

    I have the feeling that there might be ”intelligent beings” out there wich might

    have had the same experiences as us. Maybe they became ”gods” , demons, angels ,


    Some chose to become predatory for whatever reason.

    Some might have chosen to be independent from the parasitic tendencies and

    master-slave game.

    I dont know. I think that the possibilities are greater than we might imagine.

    5. Spiritual peak-moments

    I agree that predators might give a ”mental or body high” to make you a complying

    victim. Just like a toxin wich paralyzes.

    I think that these highs need cyclical reconnection in order to keep up the feelings.

    ( annual religious festivals, like Ramadan, Holi, Easter etc. The sabbath ? football

    games, drinking at the Bar)

    If the feeling from an experience stays with you without the need to recharge it all

    the time, it might be a non-parasitic high.

    6. Begging / asking mercy / Sinner mentality

    I have been brought up in an islamic way. The adults always were asking for mercy and

    repenting to god all the time. Also in thought out of Fear of Damnation and Hell.

    The Sufi way appealed to me for a long time, because it recognizes the divine spark

    in man.

    But the way the ”reconnection ” with god is envisioned puzzles me. Because it puts

    all the power outside oneSelf. It is like going into oblivion, consumed by fire.
    Surrendering is the central thought.

    I think that Oneness doesnt need Constant begging in any way, and feeding attention.
    It rather experiences itself through all individual viewpoints wich we all are.

    Only a lesser God , a confused fearful, insecure, hateful creature needs the constant


    7. Uniformity

    The lesser gods demand uniformity, arrested creative development, Control,

    repeating,cheering,tradition and a false ”copy and paste” creativity.

    I think that individuality and true creativity ( wich comes from oneself) strenghten

    the ego and make the gods less intruding in your energy field.

    It breaks their Hold over humanity. Because these gods are Static. In every mythology

    story , like the greek for example, the world wich is envisioned seems rather static

    and Dull, Zeus is forever praying on (sexual) energy of humans, his wife always is

    after his ass.

    like a cyclycal energy loop.

    Most of these mythologies have a purpose of confining the possibilies in your

    thinking not expanding.

    Thanks for your time reading my words.


  6. OhZone said,

    July 31, 2010 at 3:27 am

    This is the best concurrance with my own thought I have ever seen. I was beginning to think that I was alone.
    Thank You.

  7. Kushta said,

    September 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Any rational person can clearly see that evil exists, it has a face, and its villainous fingerprints have been left all over this malign creation.The person who has come to know themselves and thus know their eternally benevolent Parent(s) knows that the fingerprints are not those of God, but of some other, some bastard usurper, imposter. It is within the context of knowing our eternally benevolent nature that we come to know God’s because we are God’s children. No child of God could ever tolerate the suffering and injustice that plagues this world, and, is this not our plight? Are we not outraged by the many masks that evil wears? Of course we are, as we should be, because we are by nature benevolent beings, mirror images of God Most High. This means that the the very purpose of our lives on this planet is to oppose evil in all of its overt and subtle mainfestations. It is our soul’s indignant response to evil that serves as the womb by which heroes are born! And as Children of God we can be nothing less than this. Our spiritual empowerment and awakening is directly proportional to our participation in the primordial battle between the darkness and the light, because we literally ARE the battleground. No villain, no hero, no opponent, no victory…

    Bronte your efforts on this blog are no less than that of one such soul whose heart cannot bear the intermingling of darkness and light. Thank you for exposing the Lie.

    – Kushta

    • brontebaxter said,

      September 20, 2010 at 4:03 pm

      Kushta, I’m enjoying your comments on this blog, but I’m not sure we agree entirely about the nature of evil. I don’t see evil as an entity in itself, but as a lack of goodness (in the same way that darkness is not an entity in itself, but a lack of light). Beings who are evil are not intrinsically so. At heart we are all good. How could we not be, since we are all made of God, and God in infinite good? The problem seems to come in when individual beings, expressing as God in the world, lose their memory of their godness in the process of absorbing themselves in living. Then they disconnect from their Source, and bad attitudes (based on their sense of spiritual alienation) start to develop. They are no longer aligned with their pure inner God. They perform evil, not because evil is some tangible thing that must be destroyed, but because of a lack in their awareness. If we can help “evil” beings find their way back to experience of the Source, they will naturally rehabilitate, and not be evil anymore. That’s my take on it.


  8. Kushta said,

    September 22, 2010 at 2:21 am

    I think that we are on the same page regarding evil. I do not believe that evil is absolute as in the radical dualism of Manichaeanism where both are considered eternal principles. My current understanding of evil is derived from within the Gnostic Mythos that posits inferior Archonic beings who have become estranged from God and fallen into fear and ignorance as a result of that estrangement. Here is a small piece taken from my an article on my intrepretation of the aforementioned Gnostic Mythos that I think will better explain my position on evil:

    ” The Testimony of Truth asks the question, “What sort is he then, this God?” To the Gnostics it is apparent that this God is not the true benevolent primal Father & Mother of Life, but a bastard usurper who is responsible for the malevolent nature of the world rife with its abominating monstrosities.

    Sophia is the symbol for our soul, the nature of her fall the symbol for our own, and her redemption marks the blessed hope of our own eventual redemption. Yaldabaoth stands as the symbol of Sophia’s and thus our own estrangement. His ignorance, arrogance, and malevolence are but signs of the deep rooted fear that permeates his psyche, a psyche of limitation and death.

    Yaldabaoth is created through Sophia’s psychic torment thus he was created in an imbalanced way marked by Sophia bringing him into being without the assistance of her consort Christ. Thus rather than being an androgynous being as posited by many Gnostic exegetes, Yaldabaoth is a being brought about through chaos and imbalance reflected in his own imbalanced and chaotic nature. The connection between Yaldabaoth represented as a male being and his imbalanced and chaotic nature are thus unmistakable. He is a male being with no female counterpart that languishes in the agony of his deprivation. Yet even he can find redemption in the wings of his mother Sophia if he so chooses.”

    Evil then, is the result of a being that has become estranged from its divine source and fallen into a state of agnosis (ignorance) and fear, a temporary manifestation, not an eternal principle.

    – Kushta

  9. Robert said,

    March 18, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    I have been wondering about Icke for some time. I have this feeling that his spiritual ideas are a bit short of the mark.
    But hey maybe he’s learning, just like me.

  10. Dani said,

    October 6, 2014 at 3:34 am

    Hi Bronte. Thought you might like this article on the Ego and Individuality. It seems in recent years more ‘spiritual’ people are waking up to the fear based principle in many teachings that we must kill the ego.

    When I first stumbled upon your works those few years ago yours was one of a lonely voice. It’s nice to see others catching on.

  11. Luke said,

    May 26, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    “It’s easy for beings in the Unseen, adept at thought transference, to implant ideas in the minds of willing seekers, generating chemical changes in their brains and bodies and making them feel like they’ve been kissed by God.”

    When I was 18 years of age, I had an “enlightenment” experience in which I was lifted to what felt like a higher realm. A cryptic message came along with this, with the words “Oneness & Negation.” I interpreted these words to mean because All is One, nothing really matters. I found this extremely troubling.

    While I had read various works on philosophy and delved into what some might call occultism, I had no guru nor did I follow any practice. The experience did send me on a life-long quest to know what it might mean. Later, I discovered that it had many of the hallmarks of satori. Still, it did not sit right with me.

    I have never been comfortable with the notion of having a spiritual teacher or guru. Any sort of mediation between me and the universe feels perverse. Have I not been endowed with my own mind to discriminate good from evil, right from wrong? And if I make mistakes, are those not my mistakes, my responsibility?

    So, I come to your quotation above. It makes sense to me that the experience and the message provided to me just at that time when I was embarking upon the journey of this life as an adult, someone or something would try to divert me with an implanted idea.

    • brontebaxter said,

      May 27, 2016 at 12:53 pm

      Interesting story, Luke. I hear a lot of people talk about “visits” from Amma (or some other guru) in their dreams. They assume what the entity says in the dream is the voice of God, or of an enlightened being, benevolently guiding their path. That’s quite a naive interpretation. Sounds like you had your own taste of this, only without the identity of the interloper attached.


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