Patriots, Sign Here

Chuck Callesto on Twitter appears to be quite the patriot. He’s paying people’s lodging and airfare to fly to Georgia to stump the streets.

He’s also gathering a list of signatures — his goal: one million names — telling Republican Congressmen they’ll face a Republican challenger in their next primary if they wimp out and certify the fraudulent election.

Below this article you’ll find a link where you can sign the message to the Congressmen. Once you’ve done so, a link will appear to a page where, if you wish, you can sign up to fly to Georgia at no cost, or where you can donate to the cause of flying people there.

Yes, dear patriots, the fight is still on, as it must be on, if we wish to save the Republic. I’m reminded of the movie Independence Day, where, when all seems lost, the leader proposes what sounds like a hopeless, Hail Mary plan, and cries out, “We will NOT go down into the dark, without a fight!”

That kind of passion, that determination in the face of hopeless odds, is always the magic ingredient that pulls victory from the jaws of defeat. (For two true stories of how two different people managed to make the impossible happen, watch the film Brian Banks and the film Breakthrough. They will add metal to your spirit.)

There’s a story about LaFayette approaching George Washington’s tent during the relentless winter that almost destroyed the American troops during the Revolution. LaFayette found the soldier who was guarding Washington’s tent, standing there barefoot, on his hat, in the snow.

When LaFayette told a friend about this, the friend advised that he remove his support for the Americans, who clearly were going to lose to the British, since they couldn’t even manage to get shoes for their miserable soldiers.

But LaFayette had quite a different reaction to what he had observed. It convinced him the Americans were going to route the enemy from their shores, in spite of the hopeless odds. With that kind of determination, he said, where you would stand barefoot in the snow in support of your cause — it would be impossible to lose.

“Fortune belongs to the bold,” goes the famous saying. This is our time to be bold. To stand on our hats in the snow. To lay it all on the line. Our lives and our freedom are in the balance.


This Today from Jeff Nyquist

This today from political analyst/historian Jeff Nyquist at

“The problem with these witnesses and their narratives, I fear, is their vague terminology and confused notions of what is behind the present treason. What on Earth do they think the Deep State is? A political UFO? Is it possible they are so dense that they have failed to identify their enemy? This will never do. No political struggle was ever carried out successfully that could not identity its enemy, or clearly mark out the warring camps. Corruption in itself does not signify a warring camp. A bureaucracy is not a warring camp. We are dealing with a communist attempt to overthrow the Constitution, where the communists have infiltrated the government, where corruption is used to neutralize resistance. Either it is cowardice that leads these prolific chatterers to omit the word “communist” from their incessant chatter, or ignorance. In either case they inevitably become part of the problem because they are inadvertently maintaining the enemy’s camouflage as they hold up a political UFO as enemy. One cannot make war on Bigfoot, or political UFOs. We cannot make war without accessing the big picture, which is only possible if the players in the various little pictures are clearly identified. These chatterers never see the big picture, but only have a vague notion of battling “corrupt” actors. We are not dealing here with a small political mafia of unknown type. We are dealing with Marxists — with Russia and China’s special services and strategies; with Russia and China’s rockets; with their infiltration of our economy; with their hold on Wall Street; with their systemic blackmail of our banks which have laundered the money of the drug cartels; with George Soros’s use of the laundered money to support his many pro-left political front groups. If the Party of Biden were merely vying for power and money and nothing more, a civil war would not be necessary as both parties may be so described. Biden’s party, however, aims at stripping away our military defenses, leaving us vulnerable to nuclear attack and invasion. This is treason and those implicated are domestic enemies in an absolute sense. What we used to call the communist bloc uses corruption to neutralize our intelligence agencies, prevent honest discussion of the emerging threat, and disorient the country as a whole as war is prepared against it. The next time I hear the term “Deep State” it better be followed by the word “communist.” If not, I’m not listening to another word. People who cannot name their enemy are dangerous bunglers and God only knows what fatal errors they are preparing to commit. Putin and Xi are not mafia bosses acting to enrich themselves with more palaces and better-dressed flunkies. They are Marxist-Leninists preparing the final phase of the communist bloc’s long range strategy which was agreed upon at a meeting in Moscow in November of 1960. That strategy has been followed — from the fake Sino-Soviet split to the fake “liberalization” of the USSR and the fake defeat of Leninism. Communists are a tiny minority even in communist countries, even within the CCP where most members join to advance their careers. The real communists, who sit atop the vast pyramidal structures of communist power are deliberate, conscious, revolutionary strategists. Look at their strategy unfolding. It is not some fluke. They are following from a very old playbook. Nobody kicked them out of the Kremlin. They hauled the red flag down from the Kremlin themselves, 29 years ago. And they just now practiced nuking us, again. So I am pretty well worn out by all these people who cannot see the communist forest for the Deep State trees.”

Gorka Explains Jan. 6 Strategy and Your Part in It!

Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to the president, speaks to thousands of young people at a Turning Point USA event this week, explaining how the strategy works that is planned for January 6th, when the electoral votes are counted and read in Congress. This is the time to fight for our Republic like never before. If we do NOT, we will LOSE it. Gorka explains what we all need to do.

I don’t know about you … I don’t want to take the time to do what is required … but I’ve told God I would give my life for my country. If those words are true, and if I can’t give a few hours of my time to do what it takes to save the Republic right now, then I’m really no soldier at all. I’m a hypocrite. I’m just a turncoat, who only professes to care about America.

Soldiers in the trenches don’t respond to their leaders only when they feel like it. They trudge through mud and rain and go for days without food when the situation requires it. If I can’t spend a few hours phoning up all Republican senators and leaving messages saying that if they certify a fraudulent election on January 6 their political career is over — if I can’t make that sacrifice of energy and time — I am a hypocrite.

Watch this video, patriots. Gorka explains how this strategy works in a way that was only shadowy to me before. It sounds like a solid plan. All we need is 32 members of Congress (if you multiply the eight days in question by four, figuring four objections a day to the vote will fill the agenda for one day) to say they object to the slate of electors, and that will stall the decision of who is declared the genuine president-elect until the 18th. At that point, if we can stall Congress certification that long, the decision will be transferred to the House of Representatives. But fear not: the House does not get one vote for each representative — it gets only one vote for each state. And Republicans control the House in the case where each state is allowed just one vote. The House would then vote on who is to be President, and the likelihood is high that we then would win. (This paragraph will make better sense once you’ve listened to Gorka explain the strategy.)

The strategy will only succeed if we put the fear of God into all Republican legislators. Or rather, if we put the fear into them of being dumped by their constituents next time they’re up for election. This is the number to call to leave your message for any D.C. legislator: 202/224-3121.

You can also send an email, but if you do that, you’ll be required to give your city and zip code, and your message will be pretty much ignored if they see you are not from their district. That’s why phone calls are better. I’ve been able to leave messages without anyone demanding to know my location. Congressmen will assume we are someone calling from within their district, if we don’t tell them otherwise, so this is the best tactic for getting your message to these people on whom the hope for our continued freedom depends.

Most of these Congressmen are swamp dwellers. Most of the Republicans in Congress are not better than the Democrats. They care only about keeping their cushy, high-paying jobs and getting their perks from all the special interest groups they serve. The way to get them to bend to the will of the people is not to appeal to their higher nature — they lost touch with that long ago. Appeal to their desire to keep their damn jobs. Tell them they’re done for if they certify this fraudulent election.

This is the time to fight. If we don’t, we will be living in the United States of China under total control of the Communists masquerading as Democrats, within a matter of weeks. It’s now or never. Make your will known. Make known the will of the people. It’s that or perish.

I’ve posted two links here: one to Gorka speaking to the students, and beneath it, one of Gorka interviewing Charlie Kirk, the brilliant, brave, young founder of Turning Point USA. These guys will give you the information and motivation you need to take action now, my friends. Re-post this blog article everywhere, get on the phones, and let’s do it!

With love, Bronte Baxter

President Trump Speaks to the Nation

President Trump speaks to the nation this evening about the hijacked election.

P.S.: It just came out on Twitter that the so-called “Covid Relief Bill” contains a deeply buried clause that prevents the president from invoking the Insurrection Act. Here is the tweet, with the section of the bill highlighted:

Tracy Beanz Interviews Patrick Byrne

Investigative journalist Tracy Beanz interviews Patrick Byrne, founder of, who attended the four-and-a-half-hour White House meeting the other day with Trump, Sidney Powelll, General Flynn, Guiliani, and a bunch of traitor staffers.

Interview with Jeff Nyquist

Interview with the brilliant political analyst/ historian Jeff Nyquist. How Brazil managed to oust its Communists, vaccine issues, the “Great Reset” (another word for Socialism taking over the free world), and more. The video gets especially good about halfway through.

What We Need to Do Now

The following is an excerpt from a commenter on the J.R. Nyquist blog, regarding things we can do right now to save the Republic:

1) Write, tweet, or phone President Trump and ask him to “appoint a Special Counsel now and order the impoundment of all Dominion voting machines.” You can also tell him you will support his invoking the Insurrection Act to institute whatever degree of martial law is necessary. General Flynn, in an interview on today, said martial law sounds scary to us, but it’s actually been invoked throughout history 64 times. You can write to Trump by googling “Contact the President” and leaving a message on the page that leads you to.

2) Write, tweet, or phone your state legislators and tell them to demand a forensic audit. Contact the Georgia turkeys and demand a fair runoff election, without voting machines, with signature verifications, and with poll watchers allowed (and up close) while every ballot is opened. Demand a forensic audit of the Nov. 3rd election in Georgia. You can locate contact info for your state legislators by googling “Contact [and their name].

3) Get familiar with how Twitter works, start “following” people on there like Sidney and Flynn, and use it to re-tweet important information and ideas you read there to others. Twitter has a section that explains how to use it: You can also make tweets of your own and address them to other members (such as Donald Trump, for instance), and attach videos, and other people’s tweets, etc. We know Trump reads Twitter. He needs to know what his people think.

4) It’s important to keep up your own fighting spirit. Watch the movie “Brian Banks,” a true story that hits home with this powerful message: if you make up your mind to find a way, even in the midst of impossibility and defeat, you will find a hole somewhere in the impossibility grid that lets you slip through, and you will achieve your goal. Brian Banks was unjustly imprisoned for six years and denied any legal recourse. He read the book “As a Man Thinketh,” and it changed his life. He refused to give up. His perseverance opened doors where none existed. It’s an immensely inspiring story that gave me a lot of hope and ideas for this predicament we’re in. There’s great power in refusing to give up, in constantly focusing on the results you’re determined to have. Brian Banks story shows what happens when you do this, how events change and unfold in your favor when you DEMAND justice.

5) Remember that it has always been a minority that has brought about change. In the American Revolution, 1/3 of the colonists wanted to stay subjects of England, 1/3 wanted to declare independence, and another third wouldn’t commit either way. We have well over 1/3 of Americans who are awake and aware and angry. There is power in this. Ask God for direction on what we should do with this anger and awareness. Our friends who voted for Biden can’t hear us. They think we’re crazy racists and Nazis. So much for the second one-third. We must ask God to show us what to do, and listen for his guidance as it comes. And we must be willing to fight — right now that means in the sorts of ways I’ve been describing.

The Reason Revealed: Why SCOTUS Refused to Hear the Texas Case

Want to really get mad? Listen to this video revealing Justice Roberts’s reason why they didn’t take the Texas case:

Want to read some sanity? Check out this blog by J.R.Nyquist, starting with this, his most recent article on middle-of-the-roaders:

Both Funny and Apt

The following item is making the rounds of social media. I didn’t write it. Wish I did. It’s brilliant.



Where Do We Go from Here?

A thought-provoking interview worth your time:



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