Racists Who Claim to Be Truthers Can’t Hide Their True Colors

Today I read an article I found on the Jeff Rense website called “What’s the Big Deal About the Holocaust?” I’ve seen so many references to this subject on various Truther websites that I decided to read the piece through, in an effort to get to the point that the holocaust deniers are trying to make. It’s only fair to give people a chance to make their argument, I thought, and I wanted to be open-minded.

This was the first article I actually ever closely read on this holocaust denial business, because generally it makes me mad to hear of it. In my gut, it always feels like it’s coming from simple racial hatred. I’m not Jewish, but my best friend is. She lost grandparents in the German camps, as did other friends I’ve had over the years. Why would anyone want to deny the truth of the suffering these people went through, unless it was because of racial hatred? But I thought it was important to at least give an ear to the arguments of the deniers, since my opinion was based on a knee-jerk reaction, after all, not on actual listening.

And so I read the article. The bottom line argument it tried to make, after all kinds of unsubstantiated and undocumented revisionist “history,” was that we’ve been told more Jews died in Germany than actually did, and that they died in horrible gas chambers that never actually existed. The reasoning goes that if people can be taught to believe that, they’ll feel empathy for the Zionist Jews and not allow themselves to see the bad things Israel is doing to the Palestianians, and how Israel plays into the plans of The New World Order.

But plausible as this argument may sound at first flush, and as much as the article says it doesn’t deny that Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis, the truth behind the intentions of the author became clear to me with the blatant hate message appearing just to the left of the article, spewing venom about blacks, gays and Jewish people, and calling to the White race (with a capital W, of course) to take back America.

The truth is, you can’t disguise racism when you’ve been bitten by it. It shows its colors every time. No matter how holocaust deniers try to hide their intentions behind supposed “logic” and “history,” the truth is that their attempts to minimize what the Nazis did come from one motive: racial hatred.

White supremacists have no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t share their skin tone. Their pompous attitude of racial superiority is an infection within the Truth Movement, which so many sincere and tolerant people are active in, in a righteous effort to take back America from the clutches of the encroaching New World Order.

These narrow-minded Jew-haters make all of us in the freedom movement look like a bunch of insane, racist fanatics, because they claim to speak the same language we do. They undercut the hope we have of returning freedom to the people and sovereignty to the states. Because decent, unprejudiced people who read their hate rants judge the whole Truth Movement by their stupid, insecure intolerance.

These morons remind me of male animals in the rutting season, having to fight with each other to prove what studs they are. Why can’t white people be wonderful, Jewish people be wonderful, and black people be wonderful, all of us? How stupid is it to define a human being by a skin tone? Why can’t these fanatics see that their “logic” comes from their need to put others down to feel adequate?

The Jewish people are no more to blame for the New World Order than gentiles are. The royalty of England and other European nations, who are integral to the power structure of the NWO, are NOT Jews – they are WHITE. So using the Jew-haters racist “logic,” we could say the white race is to blame for the New World Order and the world should rally against the whites, right?

These people need to grow up, get their heads out of their backsides, and recognize that the threats to freedom are not racial – they are elitist. It’s the power elite who attempt to enslave the planet with their microchipping, their world bank, and their world government – and the power elite have have members in every race and nation.

We need to give up petty racial bickering and stand together, as individuals and as states that insist on our right to self-determination, freedom from unwilling taxation, freedom from technological surveillance and freedom from every other usurpation of personal and regional authority. Until we can do that, the New World Order is only furthered by racist websites that encourage hatred of people for each other, blaming innocent common folk, just because they are Jewish or black, for the elite-induced problems we all bear.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the power elite themselves are behind websites like the one that featured this article, because NWO leaders know if they can turn the people against one another, the freedom movement will destroy itself from within. Instead of joining together against the real threat, we’ll turn on each other.

Look at your hatred, white supremacists, and admit it for what it is: silly, testosterone-driven, ego-insecurity. Quit hating your brothers because they weren’t drawn with what you think is the right color crayon. We don’t have time for such childishness anymore. We have a world to bring back from the brink.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2009

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