6,000 Deaths Worldwide from Vaccine

Watch this 16-minute video by a cardiologist explaining the dangers of the vaccine.


An Encouraging Report

This is just a short note to my regular readers to share some good news. Although I felt for a long time like the ideas in this blog were like seeds falling on stones, some new evidence may be rising to the contrary.

First, all the statements to the contrary by readers when I expressed my discouragement. Second, I’m starting to see in other “blogs around town” some of these ideas reappearing, as if they have seeded the collective consciousness to some degree.

Third – and this one blows me away – WordPress sent out its yearly “health of your blog” report cards today – a report for how popular one’s blog was in 2010. Mind you, I had a total of five blog entries all year – I had virtually abandoned this website. One would think the interest would have disappeared with my efforts.

But guess what? The website received 33,000 hits in 2010! So either the people who read here are a small fanatic crowd, each of you visiting this website dozens of times every day, or there is a genuine public interest in the ideas and perspective offered here!

Anyway, I found it heartening, and thought you folks might, too. I wanted to share the good news.



Poetry Blogsite

A reader sent me this link today to his blog containing poetry he has written partly inspired by concepts in the Splinter in the Mind website. If you like poetry, you may like to pay him a visit:


Bronte Baxter

If You Want to Help This Blog Continue

Dear Readers,

I am a writer by trade, and for the past 4 months I spent most of my time researching and writing articles for this blog. I lived off of savings, which now have run out to the point that I have to return to my former activities of writing for clients for pay. I’m sorry to do that, because it seems foolish writing promotional materials to help rich people get richer when our world is in the precarious position it’s in.

My dream is to write full-time, without gaps, about the conspiracy. I want to complete a book about how the conspiracy is gaining strength through the world’s religions. I want to write a “conspiracy primer” that people can give to friends and acquaintances who know nothing about the global agenda and that succinctly presents the evidence for the case, providing a lot of hope and pointing towards what we need to do to defeat Big Brother.

I want to make two CDs, one hour each, that can be played in living room gatherings, presenting the same kind of material as the primer. And I have ideas for mind-opening screenplays, having been already trained in the methods of script writing and how to hook up with independent movie producers. These are just a few of the things I would work on full-time if I had patrons or other sources of income that would support the work.

One night four months ago, after reading still more disturbing news about the onward march of the surveillance society, I sat at my computer and made a prayer. I told the Infinite I wasn’t afraid anymore: I would do whatever I could, using whatever talents I had, to help the world find its way out of the snare. I asked God to make me useful, for a door to open, for a way to develop whereby I could help. It was a charged, emotional moment, where doing something had become more important than anything else.

A few nights later, I got this feeling that David Icke was trying to contact me and couldn’t. That was very weird, and made no sense at all. I had been sending little notes to David Icke every two or three months for a couple of years, little news pieces I had found or thoughts I’d had connecting some of the dots. He sent a two-sentence thank-you note once, and that was all I’d ever heard back. There was no logical reason to think the man would want to contact me, or that he’d have trouble doing so if he wanted to. Still, that was the feeling as I got into bed that night, and I’ve learned to listen to my feelings.

Get up now! was the impetus I got, so I went to the computer, looked, and of course there were no messages from David Icke. But the feeling stayed strong. “Well,” I thought, “if he were trying to contact me and couldn’t, the only reason could possibly be that I accidentally blocked his email address,” so again trusting the feeling, I looked in my spam folder.

There it was! I had blocked David Icke! I de-spammed his email address, and went back to bed. The next morning I got up, and there in my mailbox was a letter from David, saying that the most recent material I had sent him had inspired him to write a two-part newsletter on religion and the conspiracy, and asking for permission to quote from a letter I had recently sent him (written the night after I made the prayer).

I was amazed! If I had not followed my feeling the night before, David’s letter would have been permanently lost.

I wrote back that David could quote my letter but would he please also include a link to my blog. The trouble was, I didn’t have a blog! I had only got the idea for one when I read the letter he wrote to me.

I had just taken a class teaching how to start a blog (knowledge I intended to use for my clients). I quickly set up a WordPress blog, named it “Splinter in the Mind,” and wrote a few fast articles so it would look, when people visited it, like the blog was alive and kicking. Two Sundays later, David wrote about me, with a link to the blog in his newsletter, and published a parable I had written. Suddenly, in one day, 1,400 readers stopped in!

David proceeded, over the ensuring weeks, to publish five more Bronte Baxter articles, and the blog became an established entity in its own right, leading to a radio interview and re-publication of the some of the pieces on other websites and in one printed magazine.

My dream is to spend time submitting specially tailored articles to websites that are not conspiracy websites – sites where “mainstreamers” visit, writing articles that push the envelope of what they believe and lead closer to the truth behind the illusion that hypnotizes. But that is just one of the things there isn’t time to do when the work is free and you have to make a living.

I believe the ideas so many readers love in these blog came from a place beyond “Bronte Baxter.” I feel they were given to me. I think a link was created, with those in the unseen who want to encourage us, the night I dedicated myself to becoming useful in this cause. It all happened without effort, and Splinter has been in WordPress’ top 40 to top 20 rising blogs and top most popular posts consistently since it started (out of 3 1/2 million blogs on WordPress). There’s no way Bronte Baxter knows how to make that happen. Something or someone else is getting the ideas and connections out there, and this website provided a vehicle.

That is very encouraging, to think we are so helped. It brightens my heart at moments like this one where I don’t know how I can keep on writing things that count when there’s no more savings to go on. I have to start writing things that pay, for merchant clients, now. But I feel to share the situation on the website, in case there are readers out there who want to support this effort with contributions of their own.

If you’d like to become a patron of these writings and the goals I have for my work, please write to me at brontebaxter8@yahoo.com I will send you a letter telling you the system I’ve set up whereby people can contribute.

Meanwhile, I’ll write whenever I can, but please understand the situation, friends. I have a mortgage to pay and essentials to provide and can’t continue posting here as regularly as I did. If the Infinite intends it, there will be a way to get back to work on all this. I hold it in my mind as my intention. Please hold it with me, and let’s see what develops from the side of the universe. This is a magical world we live in.

Best regards to all,

Bronte Baxter

Don’t Miss the Great Debate!

There’s a fabulous debate going on, folks, in the comment section beneath the article Enlightenment: From Siphoning to Assimilation. It’s better than any article I could write. In fact, right now, instead of writing a new blog entry, I’m spending my time participating in the great discussion with the readers.

There are over 70 comments now under the “Enlightenment” article. If that seems overwhelming, keep in mind that some of them are on topic and some of them branch out into other interesting areas of thought. You can follow all the branches of the tree, and read everything, or stick to the main trunk/limb network and just follow the thread related to the article itself (the thread I’m responding to and writing on).

If you’re visiting here looking for new content, I strongly encourage you to visit the great debate. Many comments there are essays in themselves. It will give you a mental workout. The debate is rising in focus, depth and quality as it continues, so don’t skip the material at the bottom. I think that’s the best part of all.

Enjoy. See you in the comment section!

Bronte Baxter

Check Out the Great Discussion

For those blog visitors who haven’t noticed yet, there’s some great conversation going on in the comment sections. Whole essays there by some people, including me. Check it out — at the bottom of most blog posts and each web page. Feel free to add your own thoughts to the mix!

Bronte Baxter

Rebecca MacKinnon’s Cool Idea

Rebecca MacKinnon describes herself as a blogger, journalist and educator. I’d describe her as a lady with a cool idea.

Rebecca is a journalism teacher at University of Hong Kong, and today her blog observes a curious phenomenon: how the Chinese think Westerners are brainwashed by their media while Westerners are convinced of the same thing about the Chinese. Both sides on the Tibet issue are certain that the other side is wrong.

Rebecca suggests people of East and West listen and chat with each other over the Net in order to expand and harmonize their perspectives. She suggests joining Twitter, finding a group that writes in Chinese, and writing posts there in English. Since many Chinese speak English, she thinks there’d be a response.

I think this is brilliant, an expansion of the freedom-web (see blogs below on that subject). And joining Twitter may not even be necessary to do it. At the bottom of Rebecca’s blog, quite a discussion has already ensued between people from East and West. What better way to learn about something, if you can’t be there, than to talk to the people experiencing it?

I posted this comment:

For me, the bottom line comes out to be: every people should have the right to determine their own form of government. If the Tibetans want Communism, they should have it. If they want theocracy, they should have it. If they want democracy or even anarchy, let it be theirs.

Right now it looks to me like they want China out of there. Is this true, Tibetans? Or are most of you grateful that Communism freed you from the theocracy? All I’m seeing and hearing of Tibetans on the news and on the Net is Tibetans rising up for independence. If that’s what they want, it’s their right to have it, despite the fact that I personally think a return to serfdom and Communism would suck.

It’s not my choice, nor is it a choice for the Chinese to make or the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan people should organize a vote and unanimously decide. Then the rest of the world should respect their decision.

P.S. The people here who say Americans have no right to criticize the Chinese when we have invaded and tyrannized Iraq are absolutely right. Whether it’s Communists doing it or Capitalists, forcing yourself into another country is plain wrong. I believe the people of every culture are pretty much controlled by their governments. It sure was not the majority of Americans who wanted to invade Iraq, but did our government care what we thought? Governments run themselves, and they also run the people. It should be the other way around.

These days it looks to me like anarchy, or small groups of people governing themselves and developing a sustainable economy together, is the best form of government any people could have. The more libertarian we can become, the freer I think we’ll be, and we all should boycott our governments when they violate human rights. No one can be free when they’re being bossed around by big government, be it Communist, Capitalist or any other.

That’s my two cents. Visit’s Rebecca’s site, listen, and speak your mind.

Bronte Baxter

Welcome, David Icke Readers

To you folks visiting this site from the link in David Icke’s newsletter that came out today, welcome. You’ll find more information of the sort you’re looking for in my article in the left column on this page, “The Hidden Agenda of Mantra Meditation.” It appeared elsewhere on the web with a better title: “Mantra Meditation Reveals Hidden Agenda: Are the Gods Alive and Well and Working towards the New World Order?”

I’ve got much more to say on gurus, gods and the conspiracy in future blogs and articles, so stay tuned to this site. Please do leave comments, and let’s generate some discussion (comments on “Mantra Meditation” can be left at the end of that article).

Coming up in a future blog soon: how the gurus railroaded the hippie generation, using “problem/reaction/solution” to lull to sleep hundreds of thousands of kids who instinctively sensed the specter of the New World Order looming over the world.

Also of special interest to this group: the “Freedom-Web, “Free the Moment You Decide to Be” and “One Whisper at a Time” blogs below.

Best regards,

Bronte Baxter

Jury Ruling Is a Sham on Princess Diana Death

Today’s headlines announce that the coroner’s jury that spent six months listening to evidence on Princess Diana’s death made a determination (with 2 jurors dissenting) that nothing shady was involved, just drink and reckless driving. Come now, do the British ruling elite really think that the people who orchestrate murder are qualified to try and prosecute themselves?

Al Fayed, father of Diana’s fiance who also died in the crash, accuses Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, of planning the deaths and implementing them through the aid of the British Secret Service. “I’m not the only person who says they were murdered. Diana predicted that she would be murdered and how it would happen,” Fayed said in a statement read by his spokeswoman.

The coroner had instructed the jury that manslaughter was the strongest charge they could make, that murder was not to be considered. Well, that sounds really fair and open-minded. But what can you expect when the gang that is guilty is running the inquest?

Lord John Stevens, Britain’s former top policeman who headed the investigation, said, “I do hope everybody will take this verdict as being closure … and the people who have died will be allowed to rest in peace.” His feelings are not hard to understand. Murder, after all, is supposed to shut people up. It’s messy if people know an accident was staged and won’t stop talking about it. How inconvenient for him that he can’t put us all six feet under.

Princess Diana was aware of the hypocrisies in the royal family and the Secret Intelligence Service. She may have had insider knowledge about the global conspiracy. Her friend Simone Simmons said shortly before Diana was killed that Diana told Simmons she was going to name names and publish a dossier called “Profiting Out of Misery.”

“The most important thing is, it is murder,” stated Fayed, as he left the halls ironically named “the Royal Courts of Justice.” Unless he keeps fighting and digs still deeper, Fayed will get the same kind of justice that the Kennedy and 9/11 investigations meted out in America: more lies to protect all the lies. Good luck to him, and may he continue with courage.

Bronte Baxter