Is George Carlin Dead Because He Spoke of the New World Order?

I don’t know about you, but I find it very curious that comedian George Carlin died of chest pains a few months after his new, scathing routine on the powers-that-be got excerpted in a you-tube video, and five days after it was announced to the press that “Carlin was being awarded the 11th annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which will be presented Nov. 10 in Washington and broadcast on PBS.” (quote from AP article appearing on yahoo! this morning)

Were the bad boys afraid of what would happen if honor-laden Carlin spoke his mind about the global conspiracy on national public television to millions of intelligent viewers? Stranger things have happened. I attended a lecture 12 years years ago by Bill Cooper, a retired naval intelligence officer who had written a book, “Behold a Pale Horse,” that spilled many secrets he had been privy to during his service.

Cooper said he had taken an oath, as a military officer, to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign. He believed it was his duty to that oath to expose the truth that was being kept from the American public, threatening American freedom. He had received warnings on his life and said if he wound up dead, it would prove everything he had been saying was true. Three years later I read that he had been shot to death on the front yard of his home.

Bill Cooper was not the first “truther” to be assassinated, but it’s a name that sometimes gets forgotten on the list, which is reason enough to mention it. Was George Carlin a victim of something similar? Hard to say. But when an outspoken, fearless man with a growing public image steps forward claiming the people who “own” the country have swallowed our freedoms and intend to swallow those few remaining, that tends to get noticed by the “owners” he is talking about. How could they let Carlin stay on the loose?

Assassinations show us that aware people must collectively shoulder the burden of speaking about the what’s really happening in the world, quietly and in our personal circles. We must also, when we feel our numbers are great enough, act en masse, in huge nonviolent demonstrations and broad, collective acts of civil disobedience, against rules that infringe on basic human rights.

The few who become public targets by revealing information that points to the guilty (heroes like David Kelly, the Kennedys, David Icke) find themselves murdered or their reputations murdered. We can prevent that happening when we are everywhere, acting in a grassroots, “thought-guerrilla” fashion. The little mice, in the fable, freed the lion. The big beasts couldn’t do it.

I discovered this you-tube announcement for a “Rally Against the New World Order” scheduled to take place in London and in Washington, D.C. on July 4. We can support our heroes by standing with them on this day. Don’t let David Icke, Alex Jones and other brave individuals try to stop the emerging fascist state alone. The time comes when each of us must do something.

Those who want to microchip humanity and establish a global government can sniper-shot our leaders. They can’t kill millions of people who choose to oppose their strategies.

It’s time for us to speak out together. I believe the time has come to demonstrate, to make our message and presence widely known to the world.

The press can’t ignore demonstrations that take place in massive proportions. Will these rallies be massive? Are we ready yet? Where will you be on July 4?

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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  1. Barbara said,

    June 24, 2008 at 8:55 am

    Thanks for sending this on Bronte. We didn’t get this news in the UK , either that or I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry to hear about George.

  2. David said,

    June 24, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    I had not known about this man. I have since watched some of his ‘stuff’ on youtube and I have been very impressed. He saw the truth and expressed it clearly. An outstanding human being.

  3. C. said,

    June 25, 2008 at 1:02 am

    I just finished watching George’s 2008 show “It’s bad for ya!” on youtube. Worth the watch!!He truly was a genius.
    Unfortunately, in light of what you are suggesting Bronte, (which wouldn’t surprise me in the least), I think George might have given “them” the “idea” in the last minutes of the 7th part show…or he knew it was coming. Either way, now it almost sounds like a dare.

  4. C. said,

    June 25, 2008 at 1:12 am

    PS. Funny things is…mind you not funny “hahaha”, but…in the side listing of related videos, if you tryn’ watch some more recent videos, like one commenting on why Hillary is the wrong choice, has been pulled. And last night, among other clips, I saw a bit about comments he made about the NWO and today they don’t seem to exist anymore.
    Seems to me that anything more recent than that HBO show has been pulled….you may be on to something Bronte…but it may just work against “them”, at least one would hope that more people than ususal will check out what George had been ranting on about all his life and will find that it is all more relevant than ever.

  5. Lipstick Mystic said,

    June 25, 2008 at 4:03 am

    Thank you for posting so many wonderful and thoughtful articles. Keep up the superb work! (And please, put up a donation button so people can support you – you deserve it.)

    A lot of us who have been in the public eye for years are slowly moving underground due to lack of support on all levels. This is because so many of us receive far more personal and psychic attack than help from those who supposedly resonate with our messages. We have to deal with the inevitable targeting from the “government” (or whatever you want to call the black lodge military industrial complex), and just general burn out from stimulating the psychic underbelly of humanity (which always rears its ugly head when you attempt to introduce themes of love, empowerment, and spiritual sovereignty into the equation.)

    I really don’t think those who sit on the sidelines and still have their privacy have a clue about what we go through. And then they criticize us for the smallest things – like the artwork we use on a website, or the fact that we chose to leave a discussion forum because of dark energy there that was poisoning the well. Instead of helping or supporting in some way while we’re out there trailblazing, risking our lives, and dealing with constant crappola.

    So anyway, for every George Carlin, there are thousands of us quasi-known folks (writers, publishers, radio personalities, and more) trying to get the word out and dealing with nothing but psychic sludge, often thrown at us from the very same folks who claim to be excited about shifts in consciousness, global awareness, etc.

    I just wanted to put that out there because I really don’t think the majority of people understand what is happening with anybody who goes public with this stuff.

    Our military coming back from Iraq gets a pension, whether wounded or not, plus the respect of the citizens they’ve chosen to serve. But those of us on the front lines of metaphysical publishing, teaching, and healing don’t get any respect. I charged $9 for an important book I released last year on reality creation and took nothing but crap because I dared to charge for it – even though I gave huge numbers of people the $9 discount because I didn’t want to hold the information “hostage.” I raised the rate later as I added more content to the package, but I made sure that people had a chance at the discount rate as it launched. I’ve still got the singe marks on my skin (witch burning analogy there) for having dared to charge for some of my work – this after publishing thousands of pages of free information for years on the Net and answering thousands of emails providing more information to people. But a lousy $9, I certainly don’t deserve that! :)

    Let’s see…..risking your life every day, dealing with constant personal, financial, and psychic attack…..and charging a few people $9 for a book. I guess I must be demon spawn, a liar, a government plant, a mind controlled slave, or whatever else people decide to libel me with that particular day. That’s the consciousness that prevails toward public metaphysical people – we’re burned at the stake on both sides, by our “followers” (not that we even want those) as well as our detractors. Lovely. What a wonderful life. :)

    In the best of cases we might receive a letter from someone who says they resonated with an article, which is always nice, but everyone still seems too sheeplike as far as not taking things any further than that. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t expect people to be pushing hard and risking their lives and reputation on a daily basis getting quality information out there without offering support. Otherwise, these forms of communication will simply fade from view as the writers, teachers, healers, and speakers have to withdraw their energies for the sake of their own health and family members, as I am doing.

    And to clarify – by support I don’t necessarily just mean financial (although don’t get me started about how f****d up the metaphysical community can be about money issues. You’ll spend $40 a month at Starbucks, but Gods forbid a teacher charges money for a book or a service.) I also mean personal support, as in putting your neck out there and helping people get information out there by sharing links to articles you feel are important, talking about the issues that are being raised, implementing these ideas in your own life and getting discussions going about what did and didn’t work for you – an entire larger dialogue that needs to happen.

    But since most people who study metaphysical ideas are doing so “in the closet,” and they might not even have ONE friend they can talk about this stuff to, dialogue dies out pretty quickly. Why are so many people afraid to speak up? Why are so many people willing to let just a few trailblazers do the talking for them, and then AT THE SAME TIME not shell out a few bucks for David Icke’s excellent newsletter or other important stuff that gives these authors a few pennies to work with as they continue to publish and work full-time FOR YOU.

    (By the way, if anybody had a clue about how expensive it is for David to self-publish and distribute his own books – and most of them 500 pages long at that! – you would be donating $100 a month to him. And no, I’m not associated with him, I just know what he’s going through and I know how clueless people are about real world financial issues surrounding print publishing and distribution. Somehow, people think just because you brought out a book, you’re rich. Most of David’s book earnings go right back into keeping them in distribution, folks. Get a freakin’ clue. :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think you’re right about George Carlin – for years he was acceptable as the lone gunman comedian type out there on the edge being “amusing,” but as he aged, he became a gritty statesman warrior, and he had nothing to lose by going even FURTHER about telling the truth. He knew it would get him in trouble and he didn’t give a flying *$&*. I think he made the ultimate sacrifice – bringing through as much as he could toward the end in the hopes that people would GET it.

    But it’s not enough to get it. You have to do something about it. And being an armchair philosopher, or a theorist, or a researcher doesn’t account for much. We need people focusing their consciousness in strong, empowered way to create real, significant change, in whatever way they can do this on a daily basis – or else all the sacrifices that people have made for centuries before them will have been for nothing. And unfortunately, many of your teachers are not going to be able to be around to help you because you didn’t recognize them for what they were while they were out there on the front lines, and even the most seasoned warrior at some point needs to quietly return to a normal, domestic life in order to heal.

    Lipstick Mystic – aka Jennifer Shepherd – fading into invisibility as we speak.

    • Bob Wilson said,

      January 31, 2013 at 1:19 pm

      Some good points Jennifer. But I think you’re just going through what every public figure goes through. I encourage you to simply write under a pen name than “fading into invisibility”. You can even video blog anonymously with a little creativity. At one point in my life I was going to see comedy twice a week in NYC. In almost every crowd… of even twenty people… there was almost always, without exception, one asshole. Just because people go to see comedy doesn’t mean they respect comedians; and just because people read metaphysical literature doesn’t mean they care about behaving consciously. In fact the ones that think they know something tend to be the worst, because they feel they are somehow ordained to go around telling everyone what’s up. The best argument against those that would criticize you for charging for your work is this: if a person is truly a teacher or author at heart, they need to the time to accomplish that. Working some cubicle job just delays their ability to teach or publish what they need to publish. So charging for it allows them to get their “work” or message out there that much faster. It’s about accomplishing the work faster. Not keeping certain people from accessing their message. I also encourage you to think about the possibility that these “hecklers” you’re encountering WANT you to feel guilty about pursuing your teaching full-time. So by giving into them you are just giving them what they want.

    • Scott Ryder said,

      December 21, 2013 at 6:09 am

      George Carlin as the Lone Gunman? Did you forget about Bill Hicks??

  6. Anthony said,

    June 25, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Hello Jennifer (Lipstick Mystic),

    Thank you for posting a very interesting piece here. I haven’t read your website for a while, but I’ve just pushed up my list of favorites. I find your site both interesting and refreshing. Not that I agree with everything you post, but that isn’t point. You mange to spark interest in a wide variety of issues and let people come to their own conclusions. Thanks for that.

    I absolutely agree with about the strange reluctance of people to part with very modest sums of money to recompense and support people who are making a bit effort to contribute to the increasing general awareness.

    As to the psychic sludge and mudslinging. That seems to be unavoidable. The question is how we as individuals come to terms with it? How do we protect ourselves? How do we grow to meet the challenges?

    At the end of the day we are only truly responsible for ourselves. We can’t do the work for others. We can only offer them encouragement and/or information that will them help them to find their own way. I think the best we can do is to lead by example. If we are positive and strong then even those who don’t agree with us will repsect us: And even if they don’t, we will stay healthy.

    None of us should unerestimate the difficulties faced by others on their individual paths. Do we know where they have been? What they have experienced? In this life and maybe in others?

    Tolerance is a key to our development. Tolerance of ourselves and tolerance of others. And we have to have a degree of toughness. Tough love you could say, when we recognize that somebody, probably unconciously is tapping our energy or poisoning our being. Let them go. Say no. Move on. There are people who don’t want to be helped. They want to be carried. Let them sit on their lazy backsides and move themselves. It is not our responsibility to save anybody. Nor is it productive.

    I’ve really enjoyed Bronte’s articles and the comments of the readers. Yesterday I talked with my subconcious regarding the releasing of some issue relating to my being accused by some people of being an agent. I know my innocence, but at some level within me it does hurt. But what are my alternatives? I can’t convince these people, and why should I bother? let them believe what they want. That is their concern. But if I spend my precious time thinking about this, I only hurt myself. Therefore releasing these issues and persons from my life is the best way forward. And I am moving forward!

    Thank you to Bronte for not only describing the reality that is imposed upon us, but also for providing very simple and effective means of breaking free form these invisible chains.

    My best wishes to Jennifer and her family! Take care of yourself!

  7. June 25, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Anthony, I don’t know what kind of agent you were accused of being, but I was once accused, in my hippy days, of being “a narc.” I was roaming the United States, looking for the ideal farm commune, and wound up in Crow Farm outside Eugene, Oregon. To my surprise, there was no dope, and all the people were very distant with me. After hanging around a week, I was told by one of the few people there who was nice to me that the reason I never saw any drugs and that people acted cold was that they thought I was a narcotics agent come there to bust them. I was so shocked! I had come there full of youthful idealism, wanting to work on “rebuilding society from the ground up” with like-minded visionaries. And here I had come across as a narc! It was pretty funny, but not at the time. All I could do was leave. It was in my return trip that I picked up a hitchhiking TM meditator, which started me in a different direction for the next 20 years.

    Anyway, I sympathize with your predicament. And Jennifer, with yours, too. I don’t know what to say in response to your experience. I looked at your website, and can see you’re working to do good things. Hang in there, lady. Take a break, but don’t give up the ship. As Anthony says, it’s hard to say where people are coming from. I got a note yesterday saying, “How dare I desecrate the memory of George Carlin by using him to promote your insane conspiracy theories!” I think people are really scared of looking at the truth. It takes great courage. If they can laugh us off, or outrage us away, they don’t have to look at the information we’re bearing. The ridicule and anger are defense mechanisms, but something had to have gotten through their denial for them to react so powerfully, right? There’s hope in that for me. (Jennifer: “There’s got to be a pony here somewhere!”)

    Bronte Baxter

    • Bob Wilson said,

      January 31, 2013 at 1:36 pm

      Hi Bronte,

      People don’t have any clue that these technologies exist. What you’re suggesting is that Carlin was murdered covertly..

      If people don’t even know that these weapons do exist, and have been around for a while now, they will just assume you’re nuts.

      Don’t give up on them simply because they don’t know what’s possible. Most of us heard about mobile phones in the 70’s and thought only the military had them. Then only wealthy corporations had them. Then they were $50 at the corner store.

      Soon it will be the same with these horrifying new covert weapons and people will understand what’s possible. Until then, they’ll just think you’re crazy. It’s okay.

      They aren’t afraid as much as they’re just too lazy do any research on their own. Until Nightline exposes these technologies they will continue to think you’re suggesting the impossible, and hence assume you’re off your rocker. Don’t take it personally. Unless you have the credibility of say a 60 Minutes or a Nightline, these reactions are to be expected.

  8. Anthony said,

    June 25, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    Hello Bronte,

    Thank you for your kind response (and apologies for my typos. There’s another little lesson for me. Slow down and check your spelling before you press Submit Comment).

    One thing I can say about my recent “negative” experiences is that:

    1: I learned a lot from them.

    2: I’d rather cope with a short blow to my ego than continue unaware that I was involved with people who didn’t trust me.

    Some people took the side of the accusers (and did so without attempting to look at both sides of the argument). Some people remained neutral and did listen to both sides. And some people stood by me (and actually seemed to feel more pain than I did).

    Very often it seems that so-called “failures” are actually very good learning opportunites: if we can rise above our emotional knee-jerk responses and judge the events calmly. Your recent tips, Bronte, for dealing with our subconcious are very helpful in these kinds of situations. I think we should all pay attention to knee-jerk reactions (triggers), both within ourselves and in others.

    For example, if I start to discuss a “controversial” topic, say 9/11, with somebody and I sense that their response is a knee-jerk, then the subject (or my way of discussing it) must have set off a trigger in the listener. If I just continue with facts, no matter how relevant or true, without allowing for the emotional gut reaction of my counterpart, then the conversation will go nowhere. I’ve experienced this many times, and I’m sure that many other readers have also.

    At the weekend I found myself in just such a situation. I think the subject was chemtrails, but that isn’t so important. My counterpart, a young woman, was clearly triggered by this topic into an emotional response, which was basically to declare that she was on an advanced spiritual level and didn’t need to concern herself with such mundane issues. I felt a wave of dislike for this person and her arrogant attitude, but I switched topics, sensing that this one was going nowhere and within a very short time I could feel the tension easing out of the situation. I listened to her and she was aware of this. She actually commented how unusual it is for her to talk to a “conspiracy theorist” who listens to her. We found some common ground: The special qualities of disabled people, for example, the natural joyful expression of people with downes syndrome.

    I didn’t “convince” her of anything, but I recognized how far I’ve progressed. In the past, I might have thought “arrogant ****” and excused myself, leaving both of us feeling bad. Instead, we enjoyed a pleasant encounter, which may yet have planted a seed within her.

    Planting seeds is all we can do. Every individual determines the fertility of the ground upon which the seed falls. It might not germinate immediately, but one day in the future, when the conditions are right, this seed may yet bear fruit. I know that I often need time for messages to really sink in. Happily, the healthier our minds the quicker the seeds bear fruit. This is happening to me and I think to many others right now.

    Seeds planted by Jennifer, Bronte and many others are now sprouting all over the globe.

    Best regards, Anthony

  9. Margaret B said,

    June 25, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    What a wonderful, uplifting website you have, Bronte.

    There are always negativities and challenges but just to look at this website must be very inspiring and uplifting to some very lost souls.
    I think the negativities have to be faced squarely and cleared out before any of us can truly progress and we all have to start somewhere even if it is just facing how horrible we can all be. We just can’t take other people’s issues on board, that’s all.

    Thank you for this wonderful site and the wonderful people who contribute to it.

    Best wishes, Margaret

  10. David said,

    June 26, 2008 at 1:29 am

    Well said Anthony. All we can do is plant the seeds. We have no right to expect or demand that others understand. If we do, we will only push them further into resistance; and ourselves into disheartenment.
    I hope Jennifer wont mind if I say that I hope you wont lose heart altogether. What is important is not that others agree or support you, but that you do it. Do it because it is right. Can you develop ways to detach from expectations as to how people respond, or don’t; and ways to shield yourself from negative responses. Maybe take some time-out to reflect and review. Perhaps you may find another way.
    Sometimes I think all we can do is ameliorate the trauma that is likely to accompany the changes that are inevitably coming. The human race may not be on the verge of awakening to some new planetary consciousness. The human race may not be ready for that just yet. But either way we will be moving to some form of global governance in the near future, and perhaps all we can expect, is to somehow off-set the worst of the trauma by being portals for the light in our own lives and local areas; so that the process unfolds as benignly as possible.
    Maintaining our own inner connection and peace of mind is the foundation. Without that we will only be part of the problem.
    I believe the Divine looks through the eyes of each one of us; and neither judges nor condemns any one of us. We are all part of this unfolding drama…including the worst among us. We must not judge or condemn. That does not mean we must stay silent, or not say it as we see it.
    Ghandi achieved more with passive resistance than he would have with armoured divisions.
    Love to you all.

  11. brontebaxter said,

    June 26, 2008 at 2:35 am

    David, I think you sentence beginning with “But either way we will be moving to some form of global governance” is harrowing. What a terrible thing to believe! And if you believe it, your thoughts are promoting it!

    There is no “offsetting the worst of the trauma by being local portals of light” if the population is microchipped. Then we are owned, lock stock and barrel. We CANNOT let world government happen! For heaven sake, how can you think it’s inevitable, when nothing can happen to us that we don’t allow, individually or collectively? All that’s necessary to be free of the New World Order is to collectively say no to it. Even a fraction of the population collectively saying no will stop it. But that means more than just saying no in our minds. It means making a commitment.

    It disturbs me that I write a couple of essays about “inner connection and peace of mind” as you call it, and it triggers comments like this. Inner peace is not enough to stop the march of the tyrants! In all the comments here, no one has said boo about the New World Order July 4th rallies. Why is that? Are we all just going to sit on our duffs and be safe? We, the only people who have the power to do anything? If not us, who is going to stop the New World Order? All those folks out there who don’t know there’s a global conspiracy?

    We should be spreading the news of this event from website to website, far and wide. People who can’t attend should be organizing sympathy marches, or community street parties with banners, in their own towns and cities. “All it takes for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.” That’s why popular spiritual teaches teach us to “just be,” and tell people to meet problems like this by focusing on “not judging or condemning” and “maintaining inner peace,” as David is echoing, when we should be speaking out firmly against tyranny. Accepting the New World Order as even POSSIBLY inevitable: THAT, David, is “being a part of the problem.”

    It is our fear and our love of comfort that keeps us from doing. It’s time to step outside our living rooms and do something. Right now an opportunity has been opened for us. If we don’t walk through this door, we, the people who know, we deserve the microchip that’s coming. Be leaders! Take action! If not you, who?

    I wrote to David Icke asking why this event has not appeared on his site. When he didn’t reply, I wrote again, and suggested he could show up at the London rally and make it part of his campaign. He wrote back that he’s been so busy he hadn’t been able to respond, and that the only reason he hasn’t announced the rallies is that the youtube was made in February and he was concerned the rallies may not still be happening. He asked if I could find links that verified if it’s still in the works.

    I did, and it is, and I expect an endorsement from David soon on his website. Writing to David was my personal way of “doing something.” Now I’m writing slogans for use on signs and in chants. This is how empassioned people, saying “What can I do?,” make things happen. We take little actions, little steps, whatever we can do in our own sphere of influence.

    The woman, Izzy Smart, who has generated the brilliant idea for these rallies is doing something. If we don’t support her, what does that say about us? Do we think it’s maybe too SOON to tell the world a New World Order is coming?

    I’m pretty heated up here, folks, and speaking perhaps somewhat harshly. But damn it, what does it take to get us motivated?

    Here is the website of Visionary Peace, Izzy Smart, the brave woman behind these rallies.

    What are you going to do about it?

    Bronte Baxter

  12. Pilgrim said,

    June 26, 2008 at 4:06 am

    Go get ’em, Bronte. Well said.

    I’ve written two threads and a post on a spiritual discussion site, one recommending people to this site, and a post relating to spirituallity/NWO/other species, so far no response. Every other post I’ve written regarding spiritual matters has had numerous replies, but on this topic..!!?. If they would even attack the article, at least I’d know they had at least thought about it. The people on the site I refer to say they are open-minded, but I think they fear coming out of their ‘comfort zones’ in case they get ridiculed. What sort of freedom is that? Unfortunately for them, they are going to get another post tonight just to rattle the cage a little. :)

  13. Barbara said,

    June 26, 2008 at 6:08 am

    As well as writing on the internet we should be talking to people in our own circles about this.
    If some people do stand up and say “we know abut the NWO and what you are planning” it should be something.
    Sometimes if you write to people they take a while to respond. I sent out some messages about George Carlin so that people could see him on u tube but I haven’t had a reply about that either.

  14. David said,

    June 26, 2008 at 8:24 am

    Sorry to disturb you so much Bronte.
    My meaning is this: we must come together as a race in order to form a unified response to the challenges we face globally. The question is really only what form will the global response take. Will it be a federation of free nations; or an Orwellian nightmare.
    If we all act as best we can from a clear centre then maybe we can help to bring about a rational and human global response, and avert the possibility of a global fascist state.
    The merchants know their system is dead; and without it they know they will lose their power. Therefore elements among them may be moving to pre-empt the situation and try to set-up a New World Order on their terms with them in charge.
    But they are only a miniscule minority of the human race.
    In fact they are not the true danger at this time…it seems to me that the true danger is the great mass of us who don’t think critically and don’t see what is happening right before our eyes. George Carlin was right. He was telling that audience the awful truth of what was happening…and they were laughing and cheering! What must he have been thinking on his way home after the show?
    The future is not windmills and flower-power. We will need all our combined technological resources, and global co-ordination to meet the challenges we face.
    The only people who can rein-in the merchants, are the politicians. The ordinary elected congressmen. They must be persuaded to change their allegiance from the merchants to their constituents…where it properly belongs…and they will only do that if enough of their constituents tell them to.
    Maybe we need to organise grass-roots groups that can assemble briefings for local representatives. Try to put the facts before them in a clear way.
    But if we go to them with tales of reptiles, alien geneticists and physical immortality…we can forget it! We have to jettison all that stuff if we want them to listen.
    I will leave it at that. If you would prefer that I don’t participate any further let me know.

  15. June 26, 2008 at 9:12 am

    David, I appreciate your independent thoughts and find value in most of your comments. Certainly I wasn’t implying I thought you should stop participating. One of the purposes of this website is for people to air their different views and for all of us to hammer ideas out together. This isn’t a Bronte Gestapo where you have to agree or leave. God forbid. But just as you’re free to disagree, I may disagree, too, at times, sometimes passionately, and when I do, you can expect me to say so.

    Now about your last post. I do not think we should jettison part of the truth in order to make our point, but I do agree it’s counterproductive to hit people with everything we think all at once. And there’s a wide range of beliefs among Truthers on subjects like aliens, religion, immortality. Among ourselves, it’s good to discuss these differences, but when we approach the public with the Big Brother information, I, for one, won’t talk in the first meeting about those kind of details. I probably will, though, in the second meeting, making clear that we need not agree on those points in order to find common ground and fight a common enemy.

    It’s important for all the different factions of the Truth Movement to work together to achieve the fundamental goal, which we agree on: freedom of humanity from global government and the people trying to implement it. We can still argue our separate agendas and beliefs, but when we come together in activist projects, as in the July 4 rallies, we must put those differences aside and focus on our common purpose.


  16. Brian said,

    June 26, 2008 at 11:08 am

    The best chance for exposing the treachery that is the NWO has always been about revealing the truth of 9/11. Carlin was right when he said that any new investigation would be on the elitists’ terms. All that would probably come out of it for the sleeping masses to hear on their ‘mainstream media’ newscasts would be ‘mea culpas’ that would show the ‘responsible authorities’ admitting to exhibiting a ‘staggering degree of incompetence’ that day. If they had to they might even ‘concede’ that ‘terrorists’, with extraordinarily cunning stealth actually managed to plant explosives in the twin towers, thus explaining away any ‘implosion controversy’. And you know what? The naive American people will buy it because they heard it on the news! So yeah, a march on Washington on the fourth could pressure them into opening a new investigation. Big freakin’ deal. Forget a march. I wanna see an all-out assault on the city so overwhelming that everything grinds to a halt. Can you imagine a sea of humanity swarming into the halls of Congress with people ‘buttonholing’ senators and represenatives and givin’ them earfuls of truth? I’m talkin’ numbers so huge that the goons’ tear-gas launchers would end up lookin’ like bringin’ pea-shooters to a gunfight. I think that the media whores would have to do more than pay a little lip service to something that awesome. Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

  17. Rob said,

    June 26, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Lipstick Mystic’s (great name, by the way!) post really struck a nerve with me because I have been one of the “supporters” she talks about! Fortunately that phase has passed, but I used to have this bizarre idea in my head that anyone who has anything ‘countercultural’ or ‘spiritual’ to contribute should do it for free or they’ve proven themselves to only be in it for the money. To be fair to me and others like me, the thought usually springs from having been burned in the past (like the absurd money paid for a TM mantra, for instance), but a small payment in exchange for immeasurable gain is a bargain!

    The other thing I’ve had in common with the ‘supporters’ she talks about is “keeping the knowledge in the closet.” I had a lot of excuses for that one, but when I did finally come out of the metaphysical closet, it was a wonderfully cleansing experience. For one thing, I learned who my real friends were. For another, by speaking my truth I ‘actualized’ it in myself and by sharing it I was able to learn from others and begin to correct my own errors of thought.

    The weirdest reactions I get from people when I talk about 9/11 is when I present them with an inescapable fact that just doesn’t fit their implanted fiction: they either react violently or even weirder – and I’ve seen this several times – they get a blank look on their face and change the subject as if I hadn’t said anything at all.

    Always a pleasure visiting your blog, Bronte

  18. ak said,

    June 26, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    It’s very interesting that David Icke chose not to advertise the 4th July march. This is very much in line with the way he works of simply scaring the hell out of people with all his talk of reptilians but never ever offering any viable solutions, actions or strategies to resist the NWO. I’ve read more practical information on actions to take on your website than I’ve ever come across in any of his books, websites etc. Why is this? Why do all these famous conspiracy researchers simply peddle fear without offering any escape routes. How sheeplike are all the Icke fans that choose to sit in front of their pc’s terrified out of their wits that the illuminati are coming to get them, but can’t for the life of them think of a single action to take that might contribute towards saving the day. I find this very worrying and also rather suspicious. I mean, has Icke been warned off? It could be that he’s been told he can tout his conspiracy theories laced as they are with hard to swallow (for the mainstream) fringe metaphysical theories, as long as he does nothing that really challenges the status quo or disturbs public order like organising marches etc.

  19. June 26, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    AK, I think your suspicions are unfounded. As far as the march goes, I also wrote to Alex Jones encouraging him to endorse it and announce it on his website. No response so far to two emails. At least Icke responded when I wrote. And he asked for more information to confirm if the march was still planned. I expect he will announce it and possibly even attend it.

    He’s actually running for office right now in England, so it hardly seems fair to say he doesn’t support positive action. In fact, at this moment on his website there’s a piece you can read where he talks about the importance of doing something, rather than sitting on our duffs and moaning about “the coming NWO.” Icke has also published five of my articles on his website in the three months I’ve been writing this blog, including “The Importance of Being Little: Why We Can Defeat the New World Order.” That’s a piece that very much advocates personal action. He would hardly endorse that article and others if he had been “bought off.”

    If you suggest David Icke has been bought off because he hasn’t said anything about the march yet, then by the same reasoning, Alex Jones has been bought off, too. And these are the two men who, more than anyone else I know, have exposed the conspiracy. Alex Jones risked his life sneaking into Bohemian Grove with a camcorder, and one of his cameramen, an employee of the grove sympathetic to Jones, was prosecuted and sentenced to three years in prison because of his involvement. So is Jones a coward, too, or bought off, like you suggest Icke has been?

    Alex and David have a gift for researching and explaining things, and they have great courage. With those qualities, they have contributed great things to humanity by waking the public awareness from its sleep. It is not their job to become our kings, our daddies, or to otherwise assume all responsibility for righting what’s wrong. It is up to each of us to contribute what we can towards accomplishing that.

    If our best conspiracy researchers don’t have all the answers about what we actions we need to take, perhaps it’s because the answers aren’t meant to come from them, but from other people in the Truth Movement. People, perhaps, like brave Izzy Smart, who started the idea for the marches. Unless we want to see the world continue in hierarchies, with the few dictating to the many what needs to be done, and the many following direction like mindless lemmings, we’d better shift our thinking away from expecting “leaders” to save us and tell us what to do. We’d better start thinking for ourselves, listening to our own intuitions or gut feelings, and to one another. The answers about what to do to defeat the NWO will come to us collectively, not necessarily from our respected researchers. Ideas for what to do may come from a whole new direction. I think Izzy is part of that. And it disturbs me that she is not getting more support from people like us. David Icke and Alex Jones are no more remiss in announcing her event than we are if we don’t take it seriously and do something about it.

    I also want to say, AK, that people who tell us bad news may generate fear, but that doesn’t mean fear was their intention. Fear may be just the way cowards react to bad news. I find these two men very courageous, not purveyors of fear. Both are risking their lives to contribute their talents to exposing the conspiracy.

    While we certainly need to question everything in this world, I find every reason to support and respect David Icke and Alex Jones. The healthy application of skepticism and criticism should include the ability to see the good in what we evaluate, not judge all as suspicious or bad. The ability to fairly discriminate is essential or we won’t distinguish our enemies from our friends.

    Bronte Baxter

  20. June 26, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    Brian, you came up with a wonderful image, of thousands of people descending on Washington, streaming into the halls of Congress and buttonholing their representatives demanding an end to Big Brother government. How creative and wonderful an idea that is. But you shoot it in the foot when you end the remark with, “Oh well, it’s nice to dream, isn’t it.”

    That is the self-defeating attitude, the “we gotta be realistic” attitude, that destroys so many great ideas. We’re afraid to be wrong or to fail, so we kill our own inspiration by appending it with, “It couldn’t possibly happen.” That insulates our comfort zone, because such remarks ensure we’ll never feel like a failure because we’ll never believe in and therefore never attempt anything great.

    Your idea was beautiful, and something to imaginate on, something to create in thought and then perhaps find a way to make it happen in outer reality. If you suicide your brilliant ideas, they’ll never materialize and help us out of this mess. We need to believe in ourselves, and in brave new solutions. They are the only thing that is going to save us.


  21. ak said,

    June 26, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    I see your view point Bronte, and I respect it. Maybe I’m simply more cynical than you are but I certainly believe that critical thinking in this area is imperative.
    For the record, I suggested that Icke had been ‘warned off’ not bought off. It’s clear to me that he is genuine in his beliefs, but I question the actual effect of his work as it seems to have engendered a kind of rigidifying fear in many of his followers. When people feel that their oppressors not only have immense wealth and mundane power but are also somehow demonic in nature, what hope does that give the average person of ever escaping their thrall. And maybe just maybe this kind of fear strengthens their hand in some way. When you turn a better equipped and organized but still human enemy into a terrifying monster, who benefits from that exercise?

  22. David said,

    June 27, 2008 at 12:32 am

    On the matter of the 4th July march: I have come across several videos on youtube for marches on different days in July. Here are some about a Ron Paul Revolution March on Washington on July 12th.

    David Icke and Alex jones:
    I think AK makes a good point. When does courageous researching to awaken the masses segue into fear-mongering to harness frightened minds into imaginating the very outcomes the Elite want. Then throwing in tales of aliens and reptiles and the like, to virtually guarantee that most ordinary people will completely dismiss ‘conspiracy’ theories.

    Personally I would not put David Icke and Alex Jones in the same category. Icke goes way out there and into what most people would regard as absurdity and fantasy. Jones on the other hand seems to keep his feet on the ground. I have heard Alex Jones himself make this point about David Icke.

    I do not mean to accuse David Icke of bad faith; but when I think it through, I find that AK makes a point that merits consideration.

    It seems to me that the primary task facing the human race in this coming century is the transition to some form of global governance; or global community if you prefer. This is not an optional transition. It is necessary; and it is going to happen. The only real question is what form will it take.

    The sensible response to the inevitable changes and challenges ahead is to endeavour to guide the transition into a rational and humane form of global community. We have to completely rewire the way we live as a species within the living body of the earth.

    We have to think this matter through in a clear way and envision the systems that will make a humane and sustainable global community possible. This is the single greatest challenge the human species has ever faced. If we make it through we will enter into a new age; and it can be a golden age.

    Absolutely, the criminals running the world today, and their nefarious plans for their version of the future, must be exposed and opposed. But we must not allow our opposition to these criminals to blind us to the real need of the hour; a way forward into a humane world community.

  23. brontebaxter said,

    June 27, 2008 at 1:15 am

    Alex Jones has his feet on the ground more than Icke? I put more stock in tales of aliens and fourth-dimensional beings manipulating this world than in stories of a righteous God judging it, and people being damned for not believing Jesus died to save them.

    Jones accepts the Christian mythology. Icke supports a different one. Which is more likely? I opt for the one with its roots in archeology and in the ancient stories from the world’s scriptures. That is, Icke’s version. Icke was not the first to talk about intelligent reptilian lifeforms interacting with the human race. He’s just the most well-known conspiracy researcher doing it.


  24. Barbara said,

    June 27, 2008 at 4:35 am

    “Transition into global governance” is not a task facing the human race. It is one of the steps towards the New World Order.

    It wouldn’t be rational and humane though, it would be a government of master elites and the rest of us working for them. This is something from David Icke’s newsletters.

    Even if I hadn’t read that in an article by David Icke I still wouldn’t think global governance would be a good thing. Who would do the governing? Better to have small communities.

    Bronte, who talked about the reptilians before David icke did?

  25. brontebaxter said,

    June 27, 2008 at 6:46 am

    Thanks, Barbara, how did I miss that. David’s reference to “transition into global governance” slipped right by me. I read quickly, saw “global community,” and missed the implications of what he was saying. It’s scary to know that happened, because this is how global elitists can twist fascist concepts to sound pretty. I think of David as a sincere, intelligent member of this forum, and my mind slid right over what he actually said, because I’m used to perceiving his ideas as benign.

    David, I’m not accusing you of being a fascist or disinformer yet, but I think you need to seriously explain yourself. What kind of global governance are you proposing? How could anything centrally located on that massive a scale be anything but dangerous?

    Power needs to be handled locally, so it can be handled with responsibility. Power that’s centralized cannot empower its representatives at a local level to exercise personal judgment in handling things. All must happen according to “policy,” and policy is blind to unique circumstances and individual considerations.

    The concept of the small-town “Mayberry” sheriff is as close to policing as I’d feel comfortable with letting “authority” go. In that TV series, the sheriff character was an equal member of the social community and accountable to the townspeople, not a power unto himself. How different than today, where the police can come in and start billy-clubbing, pepper-macing and arresting people just as they please, for things like an unruly demonstration.

    Centralized power also invites corruption at the top. It is impossible for the majority to adequately monitor a big central government, even on a national level let alone on the global level. That inability to monitor and control the government is why the conspiracy got such a foothold on the national level.

    I would also like you to explain yourself in contending that we need to maintain all the bells and whistles of our current high-tech society. Are you advocating that things like cell phones and HAARP towers continue? Shall we keep all our toys and keep on blanketing the earth in ELFs, throwing off our body chemistry and ability to clearly think? Maybe you’re for cancer, too, which is probably spawned by the ELFs? How about genetically engineered foods, are you for that? Do you like the idea of a global “peace-keeping” unit? Exactly what are you NOT for, David, that the elitists also are seeking?

    And you’ve been hinting for weeks that the idea of an intelligent reptilian race operating at the heart of the conspiracy is ridiculous. At first you wrote that Icke was wrong for being so blatant about it, hitting the “newbies” with it too early on and scaring them away. But now you’ve gradually slid into subtly implying that the whole concept is nonsense. Yesterday you said it must be “jettisoned.” Yet ample evidence exists to support a very strong theory in this regard, and I summed up some of the evidence in response to one of your earlier comments on a different article. It is certainly in the interests of the conspiracy to poo-poo the idea of an alien influence.

    We know the controllers operate at every level. They seek to subvert awakening minds through new spiritual teachings that continue to disempower people every bit as much as the old religions they supposedly improve on and replace. I’m sure they have their representatives scouting and joining web forums and leaving comments on blogs, to confuse the minds of the intelligent with ideas that lead right back to their original intentions for us.

    David, I’m concerned you are one of these. Unless you can explain convincingly and specifically (no fine words and eliptical reasoning but a detailed explanation of your position), how your position does NOT promote the New World Order, I will have to assume you are in league with it and ban you from commenting on this blog site.


  26. Brian said,

    June 27, 2008 at 7:56 am

    Bronte, thanks for the heads up. It’s so damn easy to fall back into that mode of resignation. And can we please stop nitpicking about Icke and Alex Jones! You’ve got to simply appreciate how difficult it is to wake people out of their slumber. I’ll never forget my first attempt when I told a co-worker a few months after 9/11 that it was an inside job. She ’bout near took my head off with her incredulous indignation. And this coming from a former neo-con supporter( Me! I can’t believe where my head was back in those days-I definitely suffered a couple of re-lapses) Virtually everyone reading these posts has stories like this and are awake enough to come to the conclusion that for us it’s a matter of ‘first things first’. That the task at hand is to accept the challenge of finding creative ways to get through to our sleeping brethren. The hard part in trying to bring people out of their comfortable numbness is to understand that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom and that when that slogan came into the public consciousness at the time of the American Revolution it was understood by the patriots among them that when that price isn’t paid it is the EXISTING government ( in the form of a central authority) that takes those freedoms away. Not other nations, let alone some nebulous notion of ‘terrorists’. This crucially vital lesson in history is lost on so many Americans who take their freedom for granted and seem to need a 2×4 to be slammed up side their heads in order to see things differently. My advise would be to not worry about talk of Reptillians or planned F.E.M.A. run concentration camps weakening credibility and instead concentrate on two basic things in order to get people to be more receptive towards understanding that the true nature of any central government is to aim at controlling them. The first thing is to emphasize that simple lesson in American history and to somehow finish the equation of 1+1=2 by combining it with everything that’s happening in the world that anybody who isn’t living in a cave can see. As an American citizen I know I speak for the vast majority when I say I love my freedom and would do whatever it takes to help preserve it, even if the prudent way to go is knowing that my fellow citizens need to rub the sleep from their eyes before they can open them wide.

  27. June 27, 2008 at 10:13 am

    Points well-taken, Brian.

    Barbara, about your question, “Who was talking about reptilian humanoids before Icke?” The idea is not new. It actually dates back as far as the scriptures of India with their stories of the Nagas, the serpent race that their history says interbred with humans and produced the line of India’s rajas, or kings. This story appears in the Puranas of India.

    We encounter reptilian humanoids interbreeding with humans and producing a line of kings in the Zulu shaman tradition, according to the current head of the Zulu tribe, Credo Muttwa. It is either Japan or China, I forget which, that claims dragons were the progenitors of their kings.

    Same story, different cultures, some of which had no contact with each other in the ancient world, yet they shared the same belief about their origins. I’m sure it appears in other cultures in ancient myths as well, but these are the ones I’m aware of.

    In the early 90s an Apache/Hopi Indian, Robert Morning Sky, wrote and lectured widely about reptilian humanoids controlling the human race from the shadows, long before David Icke wrote on the subject. Morning Sky’s source of information was “the Star Elder,” a little man his grandfather and a bunch of other Indian braves rescued from a crashed space ship on their Indian Reservation near Roswell, Arizona in the late 1940s. The Star Elder, Bekti, who claimed to hail from the Pleiades and who later allegedly returned there, told the braves the history of the universe by imaging to them through a little black box he carried on his person.

    According to Bekti, the reptilians are the primary but not the only race aspiring to total control of the planet, and Morning Sky says there are two divisions of reptilians in conflict with each other: those who headquarter beneath the earth in the warm place near its core, and those from the Orion constellation, the home planet. The third big player, he says, are wolf-like humanoids from the planet Sirius.

    In the book “Alien Agenda,” by Jim Marrs, which is a virtual encyclopedia of alleged alien contacts, one of the chapters reports that a group of government remote viewers, independently in their off-time, decided to remote-view the past and future of Earth and compare notes on what they found. A number of them saw reptilian humanoids active on this planet, and much of what they remote-viewed corroborates Icke’s conclusions from his research. There appears to also be a fair amount of disinformation in it, presumably because some of these entities were in communication with the remote viewers psychically and told their own version of history, which didn’t include an agenda for human enslavement.

    For people to automatically throw up mind fences at the suggestion that aliens, of whatever shape, may have been involved with Earth for a very long time is, in my opinion, immature. Is an idea preposterous just because we never considered it before? Do we really think that if aliens were discreetly manipulating humanity the idea would be in the public mindset, like McDonald’s?

    WHY is this such an outrageous idea, when all the sources I list above claim its truth? When the symbols, scriptures and religious rites of many additional cultures bear similar images and ideas? Reptilians in ancient Egyptian art, on modern public statues and on European cathedrals. The notion of divine-rite kings in Egyptian and European cultures, born of the claim that their kings are “Sons of God” (and the close parallel of that with the cultures that claimed the same thing and that further stated the gods their kings were sons of were reptilian humanoids).

    It is simply anthropmophic naivette to scoff at an idea as silly that has its roots in ancient texts and archeology, and that finds validation in many modern sources as well. The idea of reptilian manipulation of humanity is not David Icke’s. He simply discovered it and made it well known in the world.


  28. David said,

    June 27, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Bronte, I think “federation of free nations” also slipped by you; as well as “unified response to the challenges we face globally”. I must say I am surprised you are considering banning me as an agent of the Elite. I guess that means I was not doing a very good job of infiltrating the blog! But it is completely fair that you ask me to be clear about what I am saying, seeing as how what I say seems to upset you so much.

    I am not a supporter, at this time, of the reptilian theory. I do not think telling people that the queen of England is a seven foot lizard that eats children, is helpful to the cause of alerting the general population to the dangers we face at this time. I think such material gives a bad name to those who want to expose the real conspiracy.

    The real conspiracy as I see it is this:
    1. The merchants (elite banking/ruling group) know that their system is dead.
    I think it is clear that the world’s economy is in terminal meltdown. It is an unsustainable system; both economically and ecolgically.
    It functions not on real value or real money, but on debt (credit); and at this time the bankers have the entire world completely in hock. They effectively own the Amazon basin taken as collateral on the Brazilian nationnal debt. America as a nation is currently bankrupt. If the owners of the Fed foreclosed on the national debt there would not be an American citizen with a home or a dime to their name. I think it was Jefferson said this would happen if the bankers were allowed to control the economy.
    As to ecological unsustainability: the oceans are awash with microscopic plastic trash.

    2. The merchants know we must move to a new way of living on the earth. That new way cannot opperate on their economic system of debt. Without their debt system their power will vanish. Therefore they are planning to pre-empt the situation and bring about their NWO system which they will control.

    So what are we to do?
    As a global community we have to change the way we live on the earth. We have to create a completely new system that will take us forward into the next stage in our development as a species. It has to be a co-ordinated global response. To do that we need some form of centralised global forum that can handle the global issues.

    Bronte, your ideas about local communities and local power are appropriate to local matters. I am all for devolution of much of the power currently invested in central government to local representation. But the level I am talking about is the global level, and we cannot leave that to chance. We cannot all just drop out and hang out in local communities with sherrif Mayberry. Realistically all that would happen is what a previous poster Teflon said; that is, gangs of thugs, robber barons and the like; the rule of might. Like what happened after the Roman Empire fell in Europe.
    I do not think the human race is yet capable of living in the idylic manner you seem to want. There are too many among us who would see that as an opportunity to do as they pleased and take what they wanted.

    I think we should retain the nation states, and also create a new level of effective global representation and governance, founded on a proper constitutional basis.
    I think nation states should take back control of their currencies and shut down the financial markets, stock exchanges and the like. There should be globally agreed fixed exchange rates, trade agreements and so on.

    I am not a liberal, by which I mean the philosopy of let the market (opportunity and greed) handle world affairs. I regard that system as the root of our current woes. It is inherently irresponsible and irrational, and gives free licence to the worst among us. The purpose of government should be the welfare of all the people…not the advantage of an elite (such as the merchants), as it is today.

    In my view we have big problems ahead, and we will need big solutions.

  29. astralkid said,

    June 27, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Hi all,
    One thing people have to open up to is their own responsibility for their mind,body AND spirit, ’cause it’s nobodies elses bussiness but yours.
    If everyone would realize that ,there would be no need for a government, secret service or any other overseer to dictate to people how to think and what to do.
    Another thing people have to recognize is that there is a history before humanity as it is today, life has always been a part of this universe and obviously earth too, people doing research are bound to run into things which can’t be explained right away with our recent history of today.
    The universe is a vast ocean of life on all levels imaginable , so people don’t need to be surprised there excist other life forms other than on our blue planet , even on earth there are living beings most people aren’t even aware of, new discoveries are made every single day , not everything shared though unfortunately.
    In a true free society everything about these matters as an example would be shared and be open for discussion. Seeing how things are nowadays we can see that it is an indication ,people are played with, conned into believing people have no power , mind nor will of their own.
    The opposite is true ,just consider the question ,’where do we really come from’ as a to de core question in your deep inner self , look at the stage you’re being born into and why it can be so different in just another part of the world ,while being on this very same planet.
    Most people live by beliefs and programming and defending their view hand and teeth without hardly considering ‘where does this other point of view come from’ .
    What you are being updated about in the news is how things are going with britney spears , how whealthy gates is , whom is gonna be your next ( puppet ) president, where you can by the latest hype gadget, where in the mainstream news will you find there are people exploring out of body experiences or the latest discoveries in archeology which will turn the histroy books upside down, a miracle herb is found in some part in the world that cures tooth decay and god forbid the latest UFO sighting with all the details who met the crew of this ship.
    A handfull of people use their cunning for decepting ,diverting people from real things of worth in our lives .
    Just consider one thing ‘is this what i truelly need at this point for my spirit’ keeping in mind that you don’t need anyone for you being alive at this very moment………………………………….

  30. Brian said,

    June 28, 2008 at 6:30 am

    David, You seem to be hung up on seeing the need for some global governing body, presuming that such a scenario could be envisioned as being a benevolent one. All you have to do is give a cursory look at history to see that virtually every form of centralized authority over anything invariably leads to corruption, indifference to individual concerns, and just plain hubris all around. Just by its very nature no good can come of it. Their very existence implies leaving too much to chance. If we as a race are to move towards living our lives in an idylic manner it is gonna come from the only way any of us live those lives, and that’s locally. From our own personal locale. With every individual acting as their own authority. Everything else, i.e.; concerns in the ‘external’ world will take care of themselves. With enough individuals empowered like that any potential, in your words, ‘gangs of thugs,robber barons, and the like’ wouldn’t stand a chance in such a setting as that they’d be ostrasized by the group so fast. The thugs are the ones who exist in all the centralized scenarios. You’ve got it backwards.

  31. Barbara said,

    June 28, 2008 at 8:19 am

    Thanks Bronte I can see what you are getting at, that the reptilian species have always been around, you only have to look at old churches here to see serpentine symbols carved in stone. It is just a matter of looking for them.

    David don’t you think we have enough global governance already with the G8?

  32. David said,

    June 28, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    I am not a UN fan, but if there was a credible global forum with real clout, the Iraqi debacle would not have happened. Bush invaded in direct opposition to the views of the majority of the global community…that should not be possible in a rational humane world.

    America is the real rogue state at this point. I don’t for one moment believe that any of this is the will of the ordinary American folk, but it is being done in their name; by their supposed democratic fiat.

    The American government and military has long been the tool of corporate interests. They target weak countries that do not surrender their currency to private banking and their resources to US corporations. This is why they are after Iran and Chavez.

    What has gone wrong is that government has been hijacked by elite business interests, and is not serving the interests of the people. I think it was Wilson who handed over control of the US economy and currency to the bankers. In doing so he acted unconstitutionally and against the interests of the American people, and all the peoples of the world. The result is that corporate interests have completely hijacked the American government, and it is no longer responsive to or representative of, the American people.

    The answer is not to have no government. We need government; and it needs to have a strong central executive. There are real issues at the national and global level that need unified and dedicated attention. We cannot leave those matters to chance, or worst still, to the strong. The alternative to government is not some idyllic pastoral scene from the sheriff Mayberry TV show; it would be something more like Mad Max.

    We cannot give up on government itself. That is simply not an option. Think it through folks. Corrupt power loves a vacuum. What is wrong is that people have left government to those who care to do it; and many of those have turned out to be corrupt. People need to be interested and active in governance; and they need to be vigilant with respect to their representatives. We have all been mesmerised by the Disneyland fantasies of consumerism. We have not been paying attention.

    The American dream is the Disney version of the liberal philosophy. What it really means is the wealthy get to do whatever the hell they like (no regulation) and the rest of you get to work two or three jobs – it’s your human right. George Carlin knew the truth of the American dream…”you have to be asleep to believe it”!

    It seems to me that the only group of people who can get us out of this mess are the politicians. Only they have access to greater power than the elite…the constitution and the law…they still count for something…I hope. But individual politicians of good will and spirit cannot act alone. They need grassroots support from ordinary people. Alone they are prey to the sharks on Capitol hill; and they do not stand a chance. The only thing that can save the day is for ordinary people to wake up and tell their representatives to take action now.

    Ultimately a politicians power rests in his constituency. While his constituents sleep he is essentially powerless. If America does not wake up soon there will be hell to pay.

  33. David said,

    June 28, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    Bronte, you asked me to explain my views about science and technology.

    Just as we ought not to give up on government itself just because it has gone so badly wrong in so many cases in the past and today; just so we should not abandon science or technology just because it has been so misused by greed and corruption. We don’t ban shovels just because they can be used to hit and hurt people; or kitchen knives because they can be dangerous. The problem is not science; the problem is corrupt humans misusing science.

    In my opinion we should choose the road of growing up and taking responsibility for the great power that science gives us. Science is one of the great cultural flowers of the human race. It represents the emergence of a new level of conscious intelligence in human beings, and through us, on the earth. But as always power brings responsibility; it is a two-edged sword. We can use it creatively and benignly to go beyond our wildest dreams; or we can use it to turn the world into a wasteland.

    Science today is basically the handmaiden of the merchants. They employ practically all the scientists in the world; and practically all of present-day scientific ingenuity is being directed into projects driven by fear (war) and greed (consumerism). The figures as to how much is going into military technology and the like is a damnation of the merchant elite. It speaks plainly their priorities and intentions. War is business.

    The limited view we currently have of science is due to the dogmas of reductionism and materialism. But really science is just a way of knowing that actually works. That way or method can be applied to almost any aspect of life on earth. Scientific fundamentalists, like Dawkins for instance, are not really scientific. He is more like a sort of evangelical priest of scientism. He is every bit as wrong as the religious zealots he argues against. They are really just different forms of the same ignorance. Science is about knowing, not about believing. True science closes its eyes to nothing; and in my mind that includes spiritual matters.

  34. brontebaxter said,

    June 28, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    David, I watched a DVD interview with the guy who wrote the book, “Superclass,” which David Icke talks about in a recent newsletter as being written by a disinformer. I haven’t read the book yet, but the way you talk sounds to me like that author. He acknowledges the existence of a global cartel, minimizes the extent of its power, and suggests a wimpy superficial solution that, if applied, will allow them to keep on doing exactly as they please.

    What exactly are you advocating for the few problems in the world you seem to admit to? People just being better citizens? Paying closer attention to their government? Or are you a communist, David? You are beating the drum loudly now for your superficial view of what’s wrong, but what is the precise solution? Why don’t you tell us?

    If you are a Marxist, Communism is another form of enslavement, David. The people have no more control over that form of government than they do over democracies as they are run today.

    Are you a Capitalist who thinks we just need to speak more loudly to our representatives? How would that substantively help, when most of them are members of the very secret societies that have railroaded us? Do you really think our leaders behave in ways that don’t serve the people’s interest because they just didn’t understand what we want?

    What then is the solution, more letters to our Congressmen and stumping for the likes of Obama, McCain or Hillary? We do not choose our highest leaders, the ones with the power over us: we are given a choice between A and B, and both of them are agents of the system. Do you really think they care what the people want or think?

    I send letters and messages to my Congressmen because when enough people complain to them on an issue, it occasionally has some effect. But saying this should be our main strategy for change is like saying scooping water out in teacups would have saved The Titanic. If this works, why hasn’t it worked before?

    Just because the people are lazy, and don’t write enough letters? I think there’s a reason they’ve stopped writing letters: they’ve lost hope that anyone’s listening or cares what they think. As long as we tell people all they need to do is write more letters to their leaders, the leaders will laugh in our faces and keep right on closing the snare around us, with no one to stop them. Do you really think George Bush cares what you write in a letter?

    Bronte Baxter

  35. Brian said,

    June 28, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    David, You could go back even farther to find when the seeds were planted resulting in the hijacking of the ‘American Economy’. In fact, there never has been a true sovereign American economy. At the time of the founding of the republic the great debate on this crucial matter was between Jefferson and Hamilton. Jefferson was in favor of an egalitarian system that reflected in a more practical manner of how people actually lived their lives. Hamilton, who was illuminati backed to the hilt, wanted a central banking system that would put the new ‘fledgling’ country right into the thick of the world family of nations.( he was the first American ‘globalist’) This was the plan all along. To be plugged right into that British Royalty/Rothschild bastion of monetary power, the ‘city of London’.(see Icke) What we are seeing today represents a nearly complete culmination of what was started in the 1780’s. What you’re advocating is in effect, to start all over as a ‘Hamiltonian’, and THIS time we’re gonna do it right. I just don’t see the feasibility in this outlook. Too much water has poured over the dam. And for the record, I never suggested that there be no government, or no politicians. Even though Jefferson himself considered the tag to be an anathema. He was a first-class patriot who despised politics and who understood that the farther away you put the material wealth from the ones who create it, the more likelihood there is for those creators to lose control of their creation. I say to hell with ANY form of centralized government, and that includes a strong executive. Make that ESPECIALLY not a strong executive. That in my opinion was a major flaw ( in hindsight of course) in the formulation of the American constitution. That was another great debate amongst the founding fathers.Its implementation was largely a result of ‘honoring the glory’ of George Washington. And even given that, an almost consensual intention was for that office to be essentially a symbolic one.

  36. Tommy said,

    June 29, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Global governance is a David Rockefeller/NWO propaganda term.

    The NWO is pushing toward centralization everywhere.
    THe NAU, the EU, African Union, the Asia Pacific Union and lately the call for a South American Union.
    Centralization is the plan of the globalists.
    This is how they plan for the .001% to rule the 99.999%.

    in the United States :

    I agree that we all need to run for local and state and federal offices. Get elected there. Run for Sheriff, the most powerful position in the county. The Sheriff can use Amendment 10 to force and stop the US federal government from overreaching its bounds. THe Sheriff has the constitutional power to do this. It was done in Wyoming last year.

    The US federal government is like a pitbull on a thousand steroids and was once just an agent for the 50 individual states, which are actually 50 individual countries. The 50 states gave the federal government only a few rights but the past 225 years the powers that be have extended the federal governmnet powers non-constitutionally to nearly override all state’s and personal rights.

    Its plainly the deliberate work of the NWO to have only one power in the US and that is federal power. The NWO works best when there is only one power. It doesnt like the states or the local municipalities to have any rights or power. It gets in their way.

    Look at the Oklahoma legislature. THey just passed a resolution in the house to tell the feds to back off , declaring the 10th amendment of the US Constitution gives Oklahoma state most rights in Oklahoma and the federal govt has nearly none. Other politicians in other State legislatures have started to put together the same thing.

    Charles Key was on the Alex Jones show on Friday in the 4th hour-starting at 8 minutes 10 seconds. CHarles Key is the one leading the states rights truth charge in Oklahoma. He also talked about the cover up by the FBI of the Oklahoma City bombings. Key also was the major player in the investigation of the OKC bombing. A real hero.

    [audio src="" /]

    Now to talk about Europe:

    Apparently the EU Constitution author is now telling us all that they are going to ignore referendums and we better get use to it. I read one place that this Lisbon Treaty will centralize the nuclear weapons. SO, this is a power grab by the unelected bureaucrats of the EU and their masters. Can you imagine these unelected EU bureaucrats appointed (by the multi-national corporations and the major share holders of these corps.) with their fingers on the nuclear button ?

    The bogus/failed Lisbon Treaty if it comes back from the dead thru bogus powers of the EU bureaucrats is trying to take away the powers from the 27 nation states. It will enforce an unelected EU bureaucracy’s right to make all the laws. Of course these laws will serve the multi-national corporations and shaft the people.

    HEre is a great video on the Lisbon Treaty- what some Irish freedom lovers investigated and found out. ANd they didnt find democracy, that is for sure.

    End Of Nations – EU Takeover and the Lisbon Treaty

    Former Soviet Dissident Warns of EU Dictatorship (interview) *

    All the above are about consolidation and centralization. This is the aim of the NWO. So, the commenter David, is definitely a pro NWO person who snuck on to your website and deposited that poison about global governance. What a joke. Lets call it what it really is, global tyranny and tyranny like never before.

    Global governance is exactly what the psychopath NWO wants. ANd their kind of global governance- which is a total dictatorship is as follows:

    The NWO at the top secretly manipulating the globe.
    Then the United Nations with their control of the EU, NAU,AU,APU,SAU,NATO,the World Court, the one Central Bank.
    Then an extremely weakened nation state for show only.
    And finally 99.5% of the world population will be at the very bottom with no powers at all.

    Bottom line, I am for massive decentralization in all its forms.

  37. brontebaxter said,

    June 29, 2008 at 12:59 am

    Great comments, Tommy and Brian. I’m going to give David one more chance to explain himself, and if it’s more of the crap I expect, I’ll ban him. The fact that he wrote earlier posts, weeks back, that seemed sincere on many points leads me to think he’s more likely one of the misinformed than a disinformer. But I agree, his arguments (even his term “global governance”) match the latest round of programming given us by the dark lords, as laid out by the disinformer who wrote “Superclass.”

    I do have one question for both of you. I’ve been mulling this over. In the world we want to create, if there is absolutely no centralized power, only a planet of communities, will there be any global issues we need to come together and decide collectively? If so, is there a way to do that without having any centralized governments?

    Would you guys advocate dissolving the national government of the United States and having the states self-rule as sovereign nation states? If so, are there any issues the states would need to resolve collectively, and how would they do that with no centralized united government? Maybe the united states should not ever have united. Maybe we’d be better off like Europe’s states, each one a sovereign country. Government is so much easier to manage on a state level.

    But guys, what if one nation state, or a set of nation states, decided to attack another? How would we handle that in a decentralized world? If there’s no centralized power, would that make it easier or harder for one national group to bully another one? I’m just trying to think this through.


  38. David said,

    June 29, 2008 at 2:21 am

    Bronte wrote:

    “I do have one question for both of you. I’ve been mulling this over. In the world we want to create, if there is absolutely no centralized power, only a planet of communities, will there be any global issues we need to come together and decide collectively? If so, is there a way to do that without having any centralized governments?

    Would you guys advocate dissolving the national government of the United States and having the states self-rule as sovereign nation states? If so, are there any issues the states would need to resolve collectively, and how would they do that with no centralized united government? Maybe the united states should not ever have united. Maybe we’d be better off like Europe’s states, each one a sovereign country. Government is so much easier to manage on a state level.

    But guys, what if one nation state, or a set of nation states, decided to attack another? How would we handle that in a decentralized world? If there’s no centralized power, would that make it easier or harder for one national group to bully another one? I’m just trying to think this through.”

    There is nothing sinister in what I have been trying to say. In fact if you simply begin from what Bronte is saying in the above quotation you will happen upon the very real global issues I have been talking about. I have only been trying to point out that there are real global issues that any mature and responsible people must take account of and deal with.

    I am saddened by the insulting and accusatory tone and statements in the latest posts. I can see that paranoia has gotten the upperhand here and there is no point in my continuing to contribute.

    I wish you all well,


  39. June 29, 2008 at 3:23 am

    Paranoia, David, only exists in the absence of a real threat. Disinformers are real.

    It isn’t true that you’ve been merely “pointing out global issues” on this forum. You’ve been talking like an elitist, even using their latest propaganda terms. The way you would have us view the world, there are just a few bad apples in the system, but the system is sound in itself. It needs a little cleaning, not a fundamental reworking. That is what the controllers want us to believe.

    It’s curious how you used me, in your latest post, to try to support your position. That and other things you do are very like the strategies used by disinformers. But it’s not my job to judge whether you are one or not. I’m happy to accept your decision to no longer post on this forum. The NWO agenda and those who promote it are not welcome here.

    Bronte Baxter

  40. vickie c said,

    June 29, 2008 at 4:53 am

    I personally wonder if the same didn’t happen to Tim Russert. He died of a heart attack and I heard that he was on a call with the National Press Conference. I wish somebody would check into this. You see Larry Sinclair was speaking on the 18Th and the media was contacted that day with the changes.

    MSNBC was not reporting any news about Barack Obama,
    and on June 18th, Larry Sinclair was there discussing Baracks being closet gay and usage of crack cocaine. Also the involvement of murder. you can locate his web page by searching his name and putting 0926 after his name. I’m trying to be carefull as I am being tracked.

    I would love you to check his web site as there is so much more that went on but its way too much for a posting

  41. Alan Park said,

    June 29, 2008 at 7:50 am

    Getting back on topic, George Carlin’s death could well have been natural. His, ‘Real Owners of America’ piece from ‘Life Is Worth Losing’, was released on CD/DVD 3 years ago, and if they wanted him dead for that, action would’ve occurred sooner than last week. Also, he had two heart attacks and was widely believed to be taking heart medication. On the other other hand, I wouldn’t put his assassination past the Dark Forces. Either way, we lose. He was right on the money.

  42. Brian said,

    June 29, 2008 at 9:44 am

    Bronte, I would need to do a little more research on this idea of how a de-centralized system might work, but the gist of what I’m thinking about has to do with the Iroquois Nation as it existed at the time of the American Revolution. In fact, many of the founders patterned many of their ideas after the Iroquois model. There were all the various tribes which could be seen as the equivalent of the united states. There was no defacto head of state for the whole nation. Represenatives from the tribes would meet periodically at what they called ‘long houses’ at the different tribe locales I believe on a rotating basis. These meetings served as the forerunners to our present system of checks and balances. If there was not a 100% consensus on whatever issue was being discussed, then no action was taken. Back in the 90’s I remember a book titled, ‘In the Absence of the Sacred’ which delved into the many aspects of native-american life which sequenced into the aspects of what became ‘american society’. From medicine to governments to highway systems( e.g.; virtually every modern American highway and byway run the exact same routes as former Indian pathways) etc. Worth checkin’ out. And when I see what Russell Means and company are trying to do in Lakota Nation, I start to get pretty excited about the whole thing.

  43. brontebaxter said,

    June 29, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    Vickie, I’m not particularly familiar with the matters you talk about, but perhaps one of our readers has some knowledge.

    Brian, yes that IS pretty exciting. I’ll check out that book. I really like that model you describe. No central government, just meetings of “the tribes” when necessary. No action without complete consensus. Sounds brilliant, and very free.

    It occurs to me that perhaps one reason the dark lords are so bent on bringing down Iraq and the Middle East is the tribal nature of society there. Such people are harder to control, because there is no central governing power to infiltrate. I remember how hard it was for them to establish a “democratic” (har-har) government in Iraq, because the tribes were so independent and not accustomed to bowing to one central leader.

    This observation supports what you are suggesting, and what I intuitively agree with you and Thomas on. We’re hammering out the details of our solutions here, and that is one of the purposes of this forum: to think and share long thoughts about serious subjects in order to create a better world.

    Bronte Baxter

  44. darla said,

    July 24, 2008 at 2:05 am

    Your site is very interesting. I wondered also, if George Carlin knew too much and pissed off those people in (dark) power. Similar to so many other convenient deaths of influential people, Carlin died in what seemed to be credible causes. He was sick, and just got sicker. The end. You can believe this, or think that possible his eye opening monologues were enough to red flag him for extermination. I have no doubts that this is currently possible with the demonic regime in power in the white house, although at one time, I would not have entertained the thought. I am not sure exactly how much freedom we have left and there are a growing number who are aware that they are being manipulated and ensnared into something out of their control.

    The one thing that I disagree with in terms of George’s point of view, is his atheist beliefs and anti-God rants. The battle we are all fighting right now, is a spiritual war and like the Good Book says, there are demons who possess people (Bush, Cheney, Rice etc. plus many other world leaders) and look for ways to oppress mankind. We are in very dangerous territory right now. Because the dealings with elements, who are essentially demonic beings, and the knowledge they are imparting to some portion of the population (the black military), technology has never been more advanced. This knowledge is not being shared but is being used against the population of earth. There is an agenda, and it is being played out in a covert manner, right before our eyes. I wouldn’t have believed this sort of stuff a few years ago, but also feel that I am being attacked for my beliefs.

    I am not that familiar with your beliefs, but my background tends to be more of a spiritual nature and I find that prayer will be beneficial in this final battle. We have been led astray by darkness, and must repent. The media is deliberately used to attack our moral values, and the internet is a virtual devil’s playground in terms of luring people into temptation. I keep George Carlin and the rest of the world in my prayers daily and hope that we can find our way out of the darkness.

    A quick comment on 911 and how it opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the scam that has been going on for such a long time. If you have the time to look at the evidence and sheer audacity of the act itself, you will know that you are not in Kansas anymore. Complicity on so many levels that it makes your head spin. The whole thing was reminiscent of the neat and tidy way these sorts of pivotal events have always been handled. The assassination of JFK for example. Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin is conveniently found right away, the assassin is then himself assassinated by Jack Ruby and with lightning speed, the assassin who shot the assassin is eliminated by a convenient heart attack. Neat and tidy and the world is left to grieve while those in real power chortle and cackle with glee.

    911 was essentially like that if you look at the perplexing questions that it brings up, and the media manipulations that have become very obvious to some. Others, don’t want to see, as it is too painful to wake up. Please wake up. People wake up and walk in the light.


  45. September 22, 2008 at 12:30 am

    […] The problem is shown with that phrase… “Too Big To Fail.”  The problem is our current course propagates The Biggness that Cannot Be Allowed to Fail, including the relief we are all supposed to have when one bank swallows up another struggling bank and thus ensuring that solvency.  The problem is it serves as a permanent Insurance for “The Biggness”, and from what I am gleaning — from my admittedly ignorant position – our new bailout shows that steady erosion from any balance of reformation and insurance for the tax-payers footing the bill as opposed to the deal that came out of the Savings and Loan Debacle, which shows the old George Carlin line, “The Rich Write all the Laws, and” – (Regretably I can’t find the whole part of that particular monolouge, but I immediately do end up with a conspiracy theory charging that George Carlin was Assassinated.)  […]

  46. Todd said,

    July 20, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    I found it very suspicious: after watching the video of him complaining about the ‘secret society,’ I immediately googled whether George Carlin was dead or not. To my suprise, it said he was dead – just like Bob Marley, Tupac, Martin Luther King and many more famous idols are dead who were on the edge of speaking badly of this ‘secret society’ when they know their fans will listen and believe them.

  47. DM said,

    August 26, 2012 at 5:54 pm

  48. D volts said,

    November 9, 2012 at 5:16 am

    I know I’m late and this probably won’t be read seeing the article is four years old, but I thought the same thing also notice the date June 22. 22 being a NWO number. They are very much into numerology. Look up many hollywood deaths and the dates have a lot in common. Many fall on the 25. Sometimes in threes they will sacrifice a big celebrity to over shadow the deaths of two of lesser status. But a lot of celebrities leave hints before they die because they know what will happen.
    Also the media is owned by them so they will make a demonstration look how ever they want. Interview only the whackos or show only the clips they want you to see they will put a spin on it how ever they must. And people will buy it.
    And yes they can kill that many people. Well maybe not yet but they will. Using the patriot act, marshal law, prison camps. They have a brilliant plan in line and its in full effect. The NWO is already here. And are a force almost to powerful to stop, they already have people under mind control and facts won’t wake them up. Just do what your heart tells you and keep your head up they can’t own your soul unless you let them.

  49. sdw said,

    March 12, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    definitely taken down

  50. Mr. Freeman said,

    July 19, 2013 at 10:29 am

    Bronte, for answers you must ask the questions.

  51. Grant Hasselhoff/Danny Hatfield said,

    October 22, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Shouldn’t we all ask the questions?

  52. afy said,

    January 6, 2014 at 10:00 am

    great article… if only i read it 6 years earlier

  53. April 16, 2015 at 10:07 am

    Best thing I have seen in a while.

  54. John Demus said,

    April 30, 2016 at 4:46 am

    Just because “The Man” is gone, doesn’t mean his words can’t still lead us.
    Long live George Carlin..

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