Blowing the Whistle, Chpt. 7: Enlightenment: From Siphoning to Assimilation

This is Chapter 7 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,’ by Bronte Baxter.

The world’s religions have changed from their ancient demands for blood sacrifice to their modern insistence on a more personal commitment to the divine. Blood provided life-force renewal to the interdimensional predators who call themselves the gods. But blood-on-demand is nothing in “loosh quality” compared to willing, devoted worship. Robert Monroe was told as much in his encounter with the light being (see my two last articles).

Yet there is another, more insidious reason why the ancient religions, which taught fear of God, have morphed into modern religions and spiritual practices that teach surrender or love of God. The reason concerns free will. If that deeply human element can be won over, if the heart and ability to choose can be wholly offered to “the divine,” those on the receiving end no longer have to siphon humans for their energy, they can simply assimilate us. We become one with their system, with their collective consciousness. Our personal energy signature – the soul or ego, individual self– that which makes us creative, original, reasoned, deliberate beings of action – that is taken from us. Or more precisely, we give it away.

We give ourselves to “the divine,” and in so doing, align our personal frequency with those who have fed on humans since the dawn of history. We become entrained with them, like a tuning fork that hums the pitch of the humming forks around it or a soldier that marches in step with his army. As in the military, the surrender of personal choice results in a strengthening of the collective. Soldiers fall out of step when they cross a bridge, because the power of marching in unison is great enough that it could break the structure. Assimilation strengthens the collective that is the gods.

If the “Star Trek” image of The Borg comes to mind, the parallel is not inappropriate. The Borg in the sci-fi TV series were a civilization of beings half biological and half cyber. Like a hive, they were ruled by a central queen, whose will ran the collective. They thrived by discovering new planets and assimilating their inhabitants. Assimilation was accomplished by mind-controlling a person and then inserting, in place of the individual’s mind, the mind of The Borg. The victim’s will became the will of The Borg, his actions entrained, like an ant’s, to work for the collective’s purpose.

Cosmic consciousness is not what we are told: a state where the individual mind merges with its own interior pure consciousness. Cosmic consciousness (“enlightenment” or “Brahman”) is a fusing of one’s personal self with the force that has hijacked the universe.

We can reason that the Infinite Source of all the egos in the universe must be an unlimited consciousness of love, life, joy, creativity and immortality. It knows no destruction or death, either for Itself or its children. Why would a self-fulfilled, joyous being want to make individuals that don’t share in and express Its own qualities?

Brahman is quite different than this original entity. Brahman is the consciousness that enfolds the physical universe, spitting out supernovas and destroying them with all their attendant life forms. We are told Brahman is the creator, the maintainer, and the destroyer. Brahman is that consciousness that feeds and depends on physical matter, creating and devouring it at will, as humans breed then slaughter animals on a farm for food. When meditators have cosmic visions of themselves as all the universe, this is the consciousness they identify with. By uniting with and surrendering to it as their Higher Self, they become possessed by the entities who have taken charge of (and perhaps created) the physical universe.

I remember a chilling moment in a videotape of the popular spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, where he describes the movement of the”Presence” in the world. He reaches out a long arm and makes a swooshing sound with his mouth, drawing the arm back in. Then he makes a swipe in the air with his other arm, then the first one again. That’s Consciousness, he tells us, creating then sucking back in life form after life form. That is what Tolle has aligned himself with, the Presence that creates and destroys individual life.

A loving and unlimited creator of individual awareness would not create life forms only to destroy them. That is the act of a farmer, not of an artist or innovator. Creative people don’t make things in order to feed off their creations. They make things to express what’s inside them: the joy or beauty or humor or wisdom. We know this from our own life experience.

Happy people create good things around them, and cherish and take care of those things. They don’t decide to blow them up or devour them. If we as humans naturally behave like that, how could the Infinite Being from whose cloth we were cut think and behave like a savage? How could It be unfeeling or uncaring, when we by nature are feeling and caring? How could the children be greater in character than their own Creator? It’s not a very reasonable premise.

It cannot be God, in the sense of a supreme consciousness, that requires sacrifice, worship, surrender of ego and ultimate physical death. That can only be the agenda of limited spiritual beings, who see the manifest universe as their playground. They are the playground bullies. They’ve convinced everyone that they by rights run the show and that they even created it.

I remember Tolle’s story of his “awakening.” After suffering for years from severe depression, he decided he would commit suicide, at which point he felt an energy vortex sucking him in and heard the words “Resist nothing.” He blacked out and when he awoke, the world was fresh and new. He was a man without depression, without desires, without thoughts. He was a clean machine, devoid of his former sense of personal self. From that day on, he has moved through physical reality without an ego. “Life” moves through him, he says, and he identities that “wholeness” as his Self.

But Tolle’s wholeness is a small particle in the vastness of the Infinite. It is not the Infinite, however much he believes it must be. Brahman is not Infinite, it is the collective consciousness of the material universe, which embraces good and evil, birth and death, as equal in value. The consciousness of the Infinite surely never intended suffering or death for its children.

Tolle, like the enlightened guru-followers, has accepted all that happens in this world, horrendousness included, as the wonderful will of the divine. He regards what happened to him the night of his transformation as an awakening to the highest truth. I suggest what he awoke to was assimilation of his will, his personhood, all that made him uniquely human. He became a vessel for the voice that told him, “Resist nothing” – words that eerily echo the voice of The Borg, telling its victims the moment before assimilation: “Resistance is futile.”

Brahman, what Tolle calls “Presence,” does bring euphoric peace to the experiencer. The grave is peaceful, too, but I wouldn’t want to spend time in one. There is peace when an individual surrenders their personal self. Gone is the responsibility of making choices, of finding motivation, of coming up with creative solutions. Gone is the need to think and the sting of emotional repercussions from former bad decisions. The enlightened need to do nothing, say nothing, become nothing. But to achieve that iced-over state of detachment, that cosmic disassociation, they must sacrifice the most precious thing they have ever been given: their personal divine spark. The enlightened willfully self-implode. And God’s very purpose for making them, as a unique, personal expression of Itself, gets subverted.

Surely we were meant to be more than automatons, possessed zombies, walking around the earth while something else moves through us. Surely God’s plan was not for Its creatures to become mindless robots, with glassy grins and empty hearts, who regard suffering and happiness, death and life, as all the same in value. Surely there is something beyond what the gurus’ teach as the ultimate, Something that celebrates, supports and cherishes each being It ever created, that desires them to live forever and in harmony and joy, as Itself.

The gods have not stopped living off human sacrifice. The rules of the game have only changed a little. Blood-on-demand is not as delicious as the willing offering of a human soul. Siphoning is evolving into assimilation. This is the tyranny of One, the reason the New Age teaches that awakened consciousness means seeing “small self” as illusion and “Cosmic Self” or “the One,” as the true reality. The intent is to fuse all egos into the will of the One, the will of the Overmind.

The gods are masquerading as Cosmic Self. We either open our minds and recognize our programming, and reason our way out of this snare, or we grin like foolish children and follow the Pied Piper right into the maw of the mountain. Will we choose to amalgamate or to shoulder the burden and joy of becoming conscious, empowered individuals? The fate of the universe rests on our decision.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.


  1. Paul said,

    July 27, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Hello Bronte,

    Oh my ! I have just got off the roller coaster ride of following a guru (which I wont name as I would rather move on with life)

    I see you were more in depth with the following of a guru than i was but your situation rang true with me on so many levels. I had to do my own thinking and my own awakening. At first it was rough but now I actually enjoy thinking for myself and coming up with my own creative solutions to life. Some work some dont but at least I am getting a hang on creating in joy for myself again. I too followed a mantra style group mediataion requiring 2. hours a day and my motivation for doing so was based on fear…..Oh no if I dont do it I will have top come back again and I wont get full enlightenment….Quick better get my arse back on the meditation cushion or else. This is the hypnotic garbarge that is spewed out in most groups. I wanted to thank you sincerely Bronte for placing your articles up because I felt happy that someone else had gone through what I did and came to similar conclusions. I think star treck 4 or 5 (not sure which movie) where Kirk finds a god and he demands a starship from them and he says “What would God need a Starship for?” I think that is the best line in a movie and sums up in one question what people should ask about their so called weak gods.

    Thank you so much for your writing Bronte , much appreciated.

    Paul in Japan

  2. Doven said,

    November 8, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    This mirrors my opinion almost exactly after my own experience and years of study. It’s easy to see through the incoherencies of what the mainstream spiritual psyop agents purport. Just begin thinking on your own and observe openly. Something is wrong in eden. We have parasites glomming on to our cosciousness.

  3. Jesse said,

    November 18, 2008 at 6:34 am


    You’ve gotten it right in a nutshell! This is exactly the conclusion I’ve reached, after all that I have seen, experienced and researched.

    I even remember some other so-called ‘enlightened master’ saying that he wanted to be “devoured by God”. There are quite a few who propound this poisonous doctrine, who believe that enlightenment means giving up your individual spark and being assimilated what I believe is the Luciferic hive mind. It’s like an implosive spiritual black hole. They appear as angels of light, however their intentions are actually to get well-intentioned people to willingly surrender their souls by misleading them into thinking that this is the highest spiritual act.

    Even the Buddhist term for enlightenment, “nibbana” or nirvana as we Westerners call it, means to “QUENCH” or extinguish – to blow out a flame. ‘Enlightenment’ in this way is actually a quenching or extinguishment of your individual spark!

    Eckhart Tolle is one of these offenders. J Krishnamurti appears to be another.

    Also, Osho, or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also reached enlightenment in the same way – through a deep period of depression. Osho says in one of his articles: “Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find. Enlightenment is to come to know that there is nowhere to go. Enlightenment is the understanding that this is all, that this is perfect, that this is it. Enlightenment is not an achievement, it is an understanding that there is nothing to achieve, nowhere to go…..Enlightenment is when all hope disappears. Enlightenment is disappearance of hope….Hope arises no more; desire is created no more. Future disappears. When there is no desire there is no need for the future. ”

    My theory on what’s actually happening when reaching ‘enlightenment’ through a depression, is that the individual spark stops hoping, stops desiring, stops wanting to exist or to be, and then basically relinquishes itself to the master devourer of consciousness or other entity, which then takes over the body and mind. This person then becomes another vessel, spouting off their doctrine, inviting others to be assimilated.

    A good example of this type of doctrine is ‘A Course in Miracles’, supposedly channeled by Jesus Christ! It’s another one of those ‘anti-ego’, kill the ego teachings. One would have to be stupid to think that Jesus Christ actually dictated the words in that book, yet thousands of people are misled by these poisonous teachings.

    They are spreading memes throughout the world of spirituality and those who seek higher consciousness can become trapped by these memes and unwittingly help to spread them around.

  4. Janos said,

    August 12, 2010 at 8:10 am

    These are perhaps the most important words on this web page:
    “The gods are masquerading as Cosmic Self. We either open our minds and recognize our programming, and reason our way out of this snare, or we grin like foolish children and follow the Pied Piper right into the maw of the mountain. Will we choose to amalgamate or to shoulder the burden and joy of becoming conscious, empowered individuals? The fate of the universe rests on our decision.”
    Keep it up – write your book! You are a brilliant and engaging writer.


  5. Carole said,

    September 1, 2010 at 1:50 am

    All I can say is Bravo! Great writing, great insight! During my first encounter with an “enlightened teacher” I didn’t really mean to surrender anything. I had had a profound “out of body” experience and was very dazed, at this point this “teacher” literally hypnotized me to the point of losing consciousness. When I came to it was as if I had been set on some auto-pilot. I quit my job which I was passionate about, gave notice and moved in with this person. It felt as if my will had been stolen. It took me four years to gather that will back and leave.

    • Curt said,

      January 22, 2013 at 4:58 am

      Carole, bravo for getting your life back – you encountered one of the malignant sociopaths known as ‘black magicians’ and survived – Dione Fortune had a similar experience and wrote a book about it, ‘Psychic Self Defense’. The CIA MKULTRA program does something similar to this also to make sex slaves and covert spies and assassins.

      I have also read reports of L. Ron Hubbard doing this to people – shooting them out of their body – we really have to careful and use razor-edge discernment when dealing with the occult and the ‘enlightenment’ scoundrels.

  6. Frederich said,

    December 18, 2010 at 6:54 am

    All I see here is a desperate attempt of the Ego to hold on to its illusionary powers. I suggest you read Schopenhauer’s Prize Essay on the Freedom of the Will. Free will is a myth. At any point in time we are the exact product of our genes and cumulative environmental influences. each and every decision we make is dictated by our genes and the sum total of our past experiences. Nothing in the universe is uncaused. Our thoughts and actions are caused too. There is no freedom, only the illusion of freedom.

    Also look into Nobel prize winner Benjamin Libet’s empirical experiments, which point to the conscious mind being a movie screen displaying unconscious decisions already made, as opposed to an actual decision making mechanism.

    Here is what Albert Einstein said: “I do not believe in free will. [The words] ‘Man can do what he wants, but he cannot will what he wills,’ accompany me in all situations throughout my life and reconcile me with the actions of others, even if they are rather painful to me. This awareness of the lack of free will keeps me from taking myself and my fellow men too seriously as acting and deciding individuals, and from losing my temper.”

    We are part of an enormous chain of cause and effect – a kind of matrix, if you wish. If you identify with the Ego, you identify with this chain of cause and effect, i.e. you are bound by it. You are so much more than your name, the color of your eyes and your likes and dislikes – all created by the chain of cause and effect, originally brought in motion by appetite (desire). By penetrating the ever-hungry illusionary Ego we arrive at the true, content Self. This is the message of all great spiritual teachers. It stands in direct contrast to protecting and feeding the Ego.

    • Kushta said,

      December 31, 2010 at 8:03 am

      @ Frederich

      You said: “All I see here is a desperate attempt of the Ego to hold on to its illusionary powers.”

      Or perhaps an even higher aspiration reflecting a Soul that has realized her identity in transcendence.

      You said: ‘I suggest you read Schopenhauer’s Prize Essay on the Freedom of the Will.”

      And I suggest that you stop pleasuring the intellectuals you adore and create some original thought of your own.

      You said: “There is no freedom, only the illusion of freedom.”

      How very fascist of you! ;-)

      You said: “If you identify with the Ego, you identify with this chain of cause and effect, i.e. you are bound by it. You are so much more than your name, the color of your eyes and your likes and dislikes – all created by the chain of cause and effect, originally brought in motion by appetite (desire).”

      You are clearly mistaking the ‘Ego’ i.e. ‘Self’ with the False-Ego born of the Self’s misidentification with matter.

      The eastern notion of removing desire is contradictory because one must have the desire to remove desire thus desire is as eternally present as the immortal Soul it inhabits. In fact, it is evidence of the positive affirmation of our emotional fulfillment in transcendence. Imagine that! ;-)

      You said: “By penetrating the ever-hungry illusionary Ego we arrive at the true, content Self.”

      Until you can differentiate between the False and Pure Ego on the inner dimension through direct experience your words will continue to remain without the substance of authenticity.

      You said: “This is the message of all great spiritual teachers. It stands in direct contrast to protecting and feeding the Ego.”

      And here we see the basis of your motives. No amount of goosestepping or monistic propaganda parroting will stop this ball from rolling. One day you will appreciate the courageous souls who refuse to drink the ‘Kool-Ade’ that has robbed you of your divine faculties.

      – Kushta

  7. Kushta said,

    December 31, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Any religious, social, ‘spiritual’, or philosophical notion that denies the sanctity and primacy of human relationships is, in fact, Self- denying, and consequently, Self-defeating. The greatest joy I will ever know will come from the relationships I have with people, and while the ignorance that plagues our human condition may leave me vulnerable to pain and disappointment it remains to be the highest aspiration of a creature such as me who pursues the paradox of Love in a darkened world. In the end I will remain victorious for I will have lived, and have loved to the fullest, thus I have cast my lot with humanity and the God whose image I reflect!

  8. justdoit8 said,

    July 22, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Flippin awesome stuff! Finally someone has seen through the bullshit and put it down so well in writing (or typing!).
    Thanks Bronte. Your words are what I’ve been feeling for a few years now. We need to let go of things that demand our worship and start seeing who the real ‘controllers’ of this reality are. In this way we can finally change it, evict the current tenants and bring back what was meant to be. Heaven for all.

  9. kenneth said,

    June 12, 2014 at 10:52 am

    what is the higher self

  10. Ayla Lily Infinite said,

    April 11, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    I too have fallen victim to the fake ‘enlightenment’ experience. I called it ‘the day I fell through a hole in myself’. Like Tolle, I woke up from my ordeal with an eerie feeling of emptiness yet somehow a fullness, as if my mind could not decide if it was empty or full but full of what? and what was lost? I had no answers for any of those questions. I was emotionally flat-lining and I knew deep down that I had lost something important and I was determined to get it back. My search did not end in the experience and I never tried to lead anyone there because I knew that ‘there’ was not somewhere anyone should be going. Shortly after my experience, I walked the labyrinth and made the connection that you too have made about the universe that is constantly devouring itself. I felt that I, as a spark of the Infinite along with everyone else were trapped here for some reason which I could not figure out until later when I learned about the energy harvesting gods and it all started to make sense. At the time, the fact that I was completely devoid of emotions made me think that the experience happened for a reason because I recon the powers that be had a feeding frenzy on me as I ‘felt and experienced’ life on a very profound level before. At least I was being left alone to figure things out without being fed on constantly. One time a few years before the experience I already started noticing the cracks in the Universe and tried to reach further or higher up by asking for help from the Creator God with disastrous consequences. After receiving that ‘help’ my life literally fell apart completely and I felt emotionally betrayed, shocked to the core of my being and totally and utterly confused and lost. I realised then already that the one who Created this universe is not the Ultimate Creator and that THAT being does not have our best interest at heart at all and it does not love us either but I had no proof nor reference and no confirmation coming forth and I was alone in my understanding which made me feel so isolated but I could not shake the knowledge – could not un-know it once I KNEW for sure. After I fell through the hole in myself and came out like a Zombie on the other side it took me six years to get my ‘self’ back. The things that kept me sane was my love for my children and the fact that I missed being creative. The experience did not completely fool me into thinking that I had reached the highest level like it did so many others because deep down I knew that I was a spark of the true Creator the true infinite energy and that was why I missed my own creativity – why else would I miss it? My fake ego never got any glory from anything I created, I did it purely because it is what I do and who I am not because it brought me recognition or wealth. I needed something to believe in so desperately but I didn’t trust anyone anymore. I realised that the only one I could trust was my own self. I started calling forth in meditation and prayer the following words: Spirit of my Spirit, Soul of my Soul, minister to me. Shortly after I started doing that I received a new name. Ayla Lily Infinit. I never truly understood what it meant even though I researched the meaning of the words and felt good about what I found. It is only recently that I started realising that the gift of the name was a self fulfilling prophesy or a promise if you like. Becoming sovereign in every way that is where I am heading right now and when I succeed I will make a way for others to follow.

    • brontebaxter said,

      April 12, 2015 at 2:15 pm

      Ayla, your words and insightful are inspiring. Thank you.


  11. DB said,

    June 21, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    We are all in various states of brainwashing/hypnosis/amnesia, even though we are taught we are conscious beings. To continually refer to these beings as *gods* shows how deeply ingrained the brainwashing/hypnosis/amnesia state really is.

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