Don’t Miss the Great Debate!

There’s a fabulous debate going on, folks, in the comment section beneath the article Enlightenment: From Siphoning to Assimilation. It’s better than any article I could write. In fact, right now, instead of writing a new blog entry, I’m spending my time participating in the great discussion with the readers.

There are over 70 comments now under the “Enlightenment” article. If that seems overwhelming, keep in mind that some of them are on topic and some of them branch out into other interesting areas of thought. You can follow all the branches of the tree, and read everything, or stick to the main trunk/limb network and just follow the thread related to the article itself (the thread I’m responding to and writing on).

If you’re visiting here looking for new content, I strongly encourage you to visit the great debate. Many comments there are essays in themselves. It will give you a mental workout. The debate is rising in focus, depth and quality as it continues, so don’t skip the material at the bottom. I think that’s the best part of all.

Enjoy. See you in the comment section!

Bronte Baxter

1 Comment

  1. Pilgrim said,

    June 8, 2008 at 6:41 am

    I don’t know whether to thank you or say **** you! I thought I had ‘it’ almost sussed, I’ve just a few wee gaps and my spiritual path is assured. It was those gaps that kept me wondering.. hmm!..why can’t I get this thing they are all on about?
    I always felt there was something missing in the ‘feel good’ spiritual books and websites I have visited over the past 20 years, something just did not ring true!
    I thought, “it must be me “, I’m just not getting this thing. I’m a nice person, always have been, but I just can’t get into what they are advocating. This sense of surrender yourself,.I’ve tried and it’s just not ‘me’.
    So, I’ve God is love,..He/She/It will accept me being the best that I can whilst I make mistakes,…at least I tried.
    All the ‘Gurus’ I’ve read, all the ‘chanelled’ messages have all one one thing in common, in my opinion, there was something ‘intuitedly’ not right!!
    Since stumbling upon your site, It has, thankfully, opened another avenue of thought. I may not agree with it all, but by God, it can’t be ignored.

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