Economic Jitters? How to Survive and Thrive in the Shadow of the New World Order

The phenomenally rising gas prices, the food shortage, the housing crisis, the sharply dropping stock market – it doesn’t take a financial analyst to see that the economy is doing very strange things, some of them unmatched in history. For anyone who’s informed about the New World Order agenda, what’s happening looks like the contrived approach to collapse of the economy that conspiracy researchers have predicted for decades.

How do we respond to these disturbing signals? We can do a number of things. We can and should focus our thoughts on stabilizing the economy. But we also need to work to create personal and family economic sovereignty along with community sovereignty. The less we depend on centralized systems over which we have no control (water works, power plants, chain food stores), the better we can take care of ourselves in the event of an economic crash that could cause life essentials to be rationed contingent on acceptance of the national ID.

Of course, it’s only a hop and a skip from the national ID to the microchip, turning humans into “cyber-people” whose emotions and responses are controlled and programmed by the friendly, local microwave tower. The ruling elite hope that an economic crash will further the New World Order agenda by making people so desperate they will take the chip to guarantee survival, thereby surrendering our last shreds of freedom. One-world fascist government is the shining motivation behind the engineered changes we’re seeing in our economy.

The most important part of making it through any crisis is attitude. If we can manage attitude, the situation our thoughts create will favor our personal welfare, in spite of what may be happening in the environment. If we sink into fear, our thoughts will create chaos and hardship. So the main thing, when things get tough, is to hold onto ourselves.

An economic crash will be averted if enough people set their minds against it. We should envision the economy strong and the New World Order agenda imploding. At the same time, we should make ourselves personally as economically stable as we can, so if a crash occurs we can care for ourselves and those we love without excessive hardship. We want to avoid a scenario of cold, hungry and desperate. Not only would that be miserable to experience, it could tempt us to take the microchip as a quick-fix for our pain.

Here are some preparedness suggestions for insulating ourselves from the severe repercussions of an economic crash, should the ruling elite succeed in creating one.

Empowerment Tip # 1

Take charge of your attitude: don’t let events move you into fear

Attitude is everything. Fear opens the door to what we fear. We can control our attitudes, and attitude controls what we allow into our lives.

It doesn’t matter if someone wants to plunge you into poverty and make you so scared you’ll beg for a microchip with its promise of food and shelter. What matters is if you give them the right to make you that scared, desperate and miserable. The world could be sunk in another Great Depression, but if you hold onto what you want in your mind, knowing you can have it, the limitless Source will find a way to deliver it to you.

Many people lived through the Great Depression without intense hardship. If we must, we also can live through economic upheaval while supporting and protecting our families. It’s a matter of knowing we have that ability. We need to know we always will land on our feet.

Why can we know that? Because if we ordain it, as conscious individuals in touch with our essential infinite nature, things have to happen that way. People in the environment can be creating whatever reality they desire or fear, but even their monster creations can’t pull us away from what we decide for our lives unless we allow that.

We share the collective reality of the economy, and our combined thoughts create the outer reality called “the world.” But you alone get to determine how you move and act and create within any economic situation, or any collectively created reality for that matter. There are always options, always creative ways out of dark alleys.

We can find them when our awareness is attuned to our Source. Then ideas and opportunities just come to us. We can’t find them if our awareness is pulled outward into panic. In fear state, we are like a drowning person, grabbing wildly onto the friend who is trying to save us, pulling both of us down.

The belief that we are helpless victims awash in circumstance is the thought that creates desperation and blind thinking. When fearful attitudes creep in, we need to pull back onto ourselves and remember the creative, infinite spirit we each are. As we position ourselves in that understanding, intuitions, ideas and opportunities will spontaneously arise that allow us to skate over challenging situations like figure skaters gliding over ice. In fact, such challenges, if engaged in consciously (rather than in panic) develop our ability to ground our awareness in our deeper nature and to mold the field of matter to match our conscious intention. Crisis, if handled right mentally, can be a spiritually empowering experience.

Empowerment Tip # 2

Pay off your mortgage and debt

If you own your own home in name but are paying a monthly mortgage, if you have creditors of any kind, you can lose your home if the economy crashes and money becomes worthless. Within a few months of not paying a mortgage, the home goes back to the bank. You may think you’re safe if your home is paid for and you carry only a small amount of debt. But if money loses its value, you won’t be able to pay that debt. Such failure could slap a lien on your house that would negate your legal right to live there.

Do whatever you need to do to free yourself of your creditors and own your home outright. If you have investments, cash out as many as necessary to pay down your debts and mortgage to zero.

If you live in a house with little equity, it’s self-deluding to see yourself as the owner. You’re living in someone else’s property: the mortgage company’s. Better to sell a beautiful house and buy a more modest property that truly belongs to you. Keeping up with the Joneses can have tragic outcomes in failing economies.

If you don’t own your own home but see no means for rectifying that, keep your mind open to all possibilities. Ask the Infinite for guidance. Is there someone who loves you that you could ask for help? Would they be willing to help you buy your home if you told them your concerns about the economy and how vulnerable it makes you feel?

Empowerment Tip # 3

Provide for your family’s basic needs free of assistance from ‘the system’

If you have a “good job,” you may think you’re doing that already. After all, you’re not on Welfare.

But do you provide for your family directly or do you provide by serving the ruling elite’s socio-economic system which in turn provides for your family? If a crash occurred tomorrow, would you be able to provide food next week and keep the house warm? Could you keep the water running? What if the system decided to ration water and electricity, or ration it pending your taking a microchip? Could you turn your back on that offer and take care of your family without the system’s help?

If your energy, water and food depend on sources over which you have no control (like an employer, a power company, the city water works, and chain food stores), you are dependent, not free. If your material survival is predicated on regular paychecks from your boss, or on business from your customers or clients, you’re in a vulnerable position.

Self-sufficiency means developing the skills and resources that rectify such dependence. It means creating an availability of the basic elements needed for life, independent of jobs or the system. Here are a few ideas for how you might accomplish that.

* Grow your own garden. Buy organic “heirloom” vegetable varieties. Unlike hybrid plants typically sold in stores, which are good for only one season, heirlooms produce “live” seeds that can be harvested and used to grow new plants the next year. If there’s a crash and you planted hybrids, you may not be able to buy seeds when planting season comes around again. But if you planted heirlooms, you’d have harvested seeds. It’s also smart to buy extra seeds (they usually stay live in an envelope at least 24 months) in case your seed-saving skills aren’t entirely successful the first year.

* Purchase in-bulk grains, dry legumes, oils and other food items that are hard to derive from gardens. Store them in a cool, dry place in plastic five-gallon buckets, enough to last your family at least two years.

* Do you work at a job that supports and depends on the global elite’s all-pervasive grid? If the economy crashed, what would happen to your position? Consider migrating from your current job to one that is sustainable. Learn a skill or develop a business that supports independence from the system owned by the ruling elite. Ideally, a skill or business that will provide you a living now and that also will be in demand in a simpler, freer society.

Whether or not there’s an economic crash, the dehumanizing economic system established by the global elite, under which the world currently labors, must implode eventually. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, builders, weavers, welders, shoemakers, farmers, millers and other practical trades-people will all have a major role in the sustainable communities of the future.

That’s probably why we’re taught to look down on skilled labor and why we’re socially pressured to go to college and work at “careers.” We learn to keep our hands clean and to pride ourselves on being better than the hard-working “blue-collar stiffs.” The middle class has been turned into a skill-stupid, image-conscious populace that relies on the system to maintain things and take care of us. That makes us sitting ducks for the dictates of the New World Order. We’re like domesticated animals who no longer remember how to survive independently in the wild. It’s time to rectify that, and to get back to basics.

* Develop an alternative energy source. Look into solar power, wind power and woodstoves. (Rethink pellet stoves or gas: where would you get pellets or gas in a crash?)

* Think about water. If it’s possible where you live, dig a well. Modern wells run on electricity. Make sure yours runs on your own renewable power supply, and/or add an old-fashioned, iron hand-pump that you can use in emergencies. Don’t count on the help of a power generator for long-term assistance. In an economic collapse, where would you get the gasoline to run it? Purchase natural water-purification tools, like Katadyn filters, in case access to pure water ever becomes impaired.

* Support your sustainable local farmers and merchants. Develop barter arrangements where possible. Stop supporting the big-box stores. They take business away from “the little guy.”

* Consider moving to the country if you’re a city dweller. When crashes occur, people in large cities are most vulnerable. In the Great Depression, rural people fared far better than most others. The country is an ideal place to establish personal and group sovereignty. You’ll also be safer, breathe more freely, think more clearly and feel more whole in consciousness there. Fewer ELFs pervade the countryside. The electronic frequencies blanketing Earth are less dense the farther you go from the city.

* If you can’t leave town or feel such a move is not right for you, give serious thought to how you will sustain yourself and yours if the system falls apart at the seams. In a crash, aware urban people will have to be the impetus for community solidarity against the microchip, inspiring and organizing friends and neighbors.

In the aftermath of a crash, city dwellers must stand together in refusing to move out of their mortgage-defaulted homes. They must storm grocery stores, food lines, power facilities and water works if the flow of essential resources is denied to those who are won’t take the microchip. Massive resistance will defeat the plans of the ruling elite to force cyber-slavery on the world. Resistance must come in a grassroots fashion, with large numbers of every community refusing to cooperate. The powers-that-be can force their will on a docile public, but not on a public where even a large minority say “no.” If the chip is imposed on society, the battle against it will be fought primarily in the cities, where the means of independent survival are so much more difficult.

Urban areas would be precarious places in the weeks and months after a crash. If you elect to stay urban, commit to being a leader and a hero if the New World Order unfolds. Freedom will need to be more important to you than your physical life, even more important than your family’s. If it isn’t that important, you won’t have the courage to stand up to the enslavers. This requirement, of caring more for freedom than for staying alive, is essential for everyone dedicated to taking back this planet. But aware people in large cities, in the event of a crash, would be more pressed to risk their lives than people living independent of the range of the tyrants.

Think long and hard about where you want to be if and when the New World Order comes down. If you choose to be an urban hero, not only will your organized resistance throw a wrench into the one-world agenda; active collective rebellion may be one of the few ways for freedom-loving city folk to survive.

Empowerment Tip # 4

If you have assets, convert some into bullion

In an economic crash, gold and silver skyrocket in value. Gold is useful for purchasing costly items, while silver is good for smaller exchanges in the first weeks after a crash. When you buy precious metals, get them from smaller coin shops where you aren’t required to give your name (or else, make up a name). If it becomes illegal to own gold (as can be expected if the microchip becomes the forced means of exchange), you don’t want your name on a list, or you could be ordered to surrender your bullion.

When you buy gold, buy the purest available. That has more value. Gold bars and the Canadian maple leaf are purer than the South African krugerrand.

Immediately after a crash – when gold’s value has spiked and before it becomes illegal to own – is the time to use your gold to purchase whatever you need that you don’t yet have to make it through the next few years without money.

Right now, reflecting the shaky economy, gold prices have soared to the highest they’ve been since the 1930s, selling for a record $900-plus an ounce. For many years, gold hovered around the $350-an-ounce level. If the current economic crisis is temporary, and not the last outpost before a crash, then the price of gold will slide back down as the crisis eases. When gold is in a more reasonable range, you’ll get more bullion for your money by buying at that time. But if a crash is imminent, you may not be able to buy gold again for anything under its current value.

Obviously, the choice is a gamble: buy bullion now or wait? It may be wise to first purchase tangible things that promote your self-sufficiency, like the title to your home, a well with a hand-pump, a renewable power source, seeds, tools, sheds, stored grains/beans/oils, and so forth. By the time such essentials have been purchased, the price of gold will perhaps have moved down into a more buyer-friendly range. If not, it’s probably a good idea to buy it at that point anyway.

Don’t tell anyone you’re purchasing gold and storing food whom you would not trust with your life. In a crash, lots of people go temporarily crazy. Your life could be threatened by friends who, desperate and terrified, remember that you told them you were storing food and gold.

Never put precious metals, the title to your house, or anything else of value in a bank vault. In a crash, safe deposit boxes can be raided by panicking bank employees. Put important papers in fireproof boxes and store them in your home. Keep bullion at home and out of sight.

Empowerment Tip # 5

Honor the difference between real wealth and money

Money, as we use the term today, is the flimsiest of illusions. It is numbers generated by a typist at the bank. Bankers don’t give you money when they provide a loan, they give you figures on a piece of paper, figures other people then accept as money. As David Icke put it, such money is nothing but fresh air. There is no gold backing it up. It’s nothing but an idea. The banks don’t have the money they claim to possess: they own the numbers they’ve sold us, draw interest on, and have hypnotized us to believe is real money. Very little money today is actually backed by gold.

Real wealth is not the figures on a loan check, or numbers in a check book/ credit card statement, or paper bills. Real wealth is things of value to life, durable things that support independence from the grid. Things like a house, a garden, a woodstove, a bicycle, a wheel barrel. A well of your own with clean water whenever you want it. A windmill that guarantees you a power supply.

Those who value freedom shouldn’t worry if the illusion of money, which was only fresh air to begin with, suffers a demise. We should find our security in consciousness first, and in good material things that support life second. A far third down the list should be air-money.

Empowerment Tip # 6

Use the power inherent in your consciousness to weave the realities you want to experience

For many of us, it’s daunting to ask ourselves, “How can I get the cash I need to pay for total ownership of my home?” A much more manageable thought is, “All I need is one little title in my hands.” Picture holding the title to your home. Know that consciousness can bring it to you in ways you haven’t imagined.

Focus on the goal, on what you want. Keep holding that expectantly in mind, then wait and see what ideas and opportunities unfold for you. Your mind is a part of the Infinite, an unlimited creator. When you ordain that something will be, and maintain an attitude of optimistic expectation, your subconscious mind works in concert with the universe to bring your desire to you.

Outside forces cannot obstruct the choices you ordain as a free consciousness for your own life. Negative psychic forces can only control you if you allow that, through fear, surrender, or submissiveness to their agenda. Hold your head high and act like the master of your life, because that is what you are. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are creating and/or allowing everything that personally touches you.

Be the skater gliding over the rink of life. If you fall down, or get pushed, stand back up and skate better from the experience. Even an economic crash can’t push or keep you down unless you let it. It’s all about what you allow into your personal reality.

As much as possible in the face of disturbing signals from the environment, keep your focus on a smooth transition for humanity, from hypnotized slavery to freedom. It is not necessary for the New World Order to materialize more than it has already. It can be stopped and turned around in its tracks anytime enough people wake up to the manipulation. A crash need not take place for this awakening to occur.

Think of your steps toward economic self-sovereignty as getting off the grid and growing independent of the forces that have controlled you. Be optimistic and joyful while you do it. Don’t get into panic mode, emotionally focusing on a possible crash. Plan and execute your independence/preparedness strategy, but focus on a beautiful, prosperous world, where the forces that want to own us have a genuine change of heart.

Love is a stronger force than fear. The manipulators act from fear. If we can act from the highest love, we can neutralize and heal the force that drives them. Biting dogs are tamed with love, and violent people dissolve in tears at the touch of a compassionate voice. We need to envision the healing of those who have made themselves our enemies. Thought is the creator, and what we think, we get. Together we can think the transformation of the universe, from physical prison to paradise.

Empowerment Tip # 7

Commit to helping others develop self-sufficiency

Think of ways you can assist worthy people to develop self-sufficiency, or to develop self-sufficiency with you. If you’re wealthy, share your money, not as usury (an Illuminati invention) but as gifts.

In the event of a crash, be willing to let people you trust move onto your land. Let them set up trailers or yurts. A lot of good people, who deserve to survive and will do anything not to take the chip, will be struggling if a crash occurs. Those who can create self-sufficiency now, with something left over to spare, will make a big contribution to the world’s future by helping such individuals. You’ll add to the ranks of those who won’t buy into the New World Order, by supporting courageous people who value freedom above everything.

Open up your land and your heart, and create a community together. You will personally benefit from such an arrangement. Perhaps you can supply funding for self-sufficiency, while others can supply skills, crafts, knowledge, muscle, or emotional support. In a world without money, legal tender is an empty concept. What counts are the skills and materials that make life sustainable. See your wealth as just one contribution to the preservation of humanity, and you’ll be less likely to place an Illuminati price-tag on the talents and tangibles others can contribute.

In Germany right before Hitler, people papered the walls of their homes with the worthless paper bills that once had meaning. Don’t let your wealth be for nothing and watch it become worthless wallpaper. Use it now while it’s worth something to help yourself and others become economically free.

Empowerment Tip # 8

Work with like-minded people to create a sovereign community

Get to know the people living near you who share your values and want to create independence. Barter your products and services among yourselves. Personally work to develop a skill that would be useful in a simpler, elite-free society.

If you can’t afford a home of your own, consider buying land with family members or a trusted friend. Or buy parcels next to each other, and share a well and windmill. Living close to caring people with like values can help immensely in hard times, and multiply the happiness in good times. The group can pool resources, skills, and emotional support.

Our Most Important Resource

Is an economic crash really in the works? All the evidence points to “the invisible hand” of the global elite working to make it so. Can we prevent it? That depends how many people consciously envision, and thereby promote, a better scenario. Can we live through another Great Depression, if the thugs get their wish? Not only can we live through one, we can grow and find joy in the midst of it, accessing a deeper level of ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what material resources we have in this moment, whether there’s money to pay off the house or move to the country. What matters is accessing our spiritual power-base. If we call on our Infinite Source to guide and support us, the help we need will always be supplied. If we image and ordain what we want to experience, those things will come to pass for us personally, and we’ll weather any storm created by our fellows.

We are far greater than we have imagined. We are Infinite Consciousness, at play in the field of matter. Sometimes the field gets challenging. That’s when Consciousness gets serious, and finds out it can do some fabulous stuff. The wonder and empowerment of that discovery is worth the phantom perils of any adventure in which we ever may find ourselves.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.


  1. Brian said,

    June 13, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Bronte, You just blow me away. This article could serve as a manifesto. After I finished reading, it struck me that even someone who is still asleep for the most part, and are in denial about conspiracies whose ultimate aim is enforcing the chip, can’t help but ‘raise their eyebrows’ over the ideas of how they might create a different life for themselves by becoming more independent from the grids. Even the sleeping ‘PJ’ people among us are at the very least sensing that there’s something not quite right about the world around them. Most people aren’t totally oblivious. Just speaking for myself I probably can’t emphasize enough my sense that getting out of the cities and developing your self-sufficiency abilities in ways that honor the natural world will go a long way towards generating tremendous healing energies that will bring us closer to the right end of what I call a ‘spectrum’. Think of how this whole NWO nightmare will end in terms of a ‘plane landing metaphor’ spectrum. At the wrong end of this spectrum is a crash and burn scenario. Alot of death and destruction before coming to the ‘other side. The right end is one of a ‘soft landing’ with minimal damage that sees us making a smoother transition to a place where we used to be before we were so ‘rudely interrupted’. However it all shakes out, we will have rendered the new world order irrelevant and will find ourselves in a place where we need to be. This is when we can really get down with, as Bronte so eloquently pu it,’ Accessing a deeper level for ourselves’ and ‘developing our ability to ground our awareness in our deeper nature and to mold the field of matter to match our conscious intention’. Sorry if I’m jumping so far ahead so early in the discussion.It’s just that the thought of the possibilities behind where we can go and what we can do when we realize(verb) the power of those intentions is well worth whatever we have to go through to get there.

  2. C. said,

    June 14, 2008 at 2:10 am

    Great post Bronte!
    This is what building the good instead of fighting the bad is all about!!!
    And by doing so we DO defeat the “bad”.

    Thank you so much for all the thought you put into this!
    Very torought!

  3. David said,

    June 14, 2008 at 2:15 am

    Your essay makes sad and depressing reading Bronte. It is heartbreaking to think it may come to such desperate straits, at a time when it is within our power as a race to make the earth a paradise for humans.

    We have to own it I guess, in some sense, and not reactively demonise it. Somehow I sense that to go to war with the NWO it on its terms will not work. It seems to me the NWO is a manifestation of a sickness in the deep psyche of the race. Unless it really is a gang of fourth dimensional reptiles! I don’t know…maybe it is.

    Have you written at greater length about the use of conscious visioning power? And if so where can I find it. You seem to have a deep understanding of the mechanics of that process, and I would find it very helpful to know more about it.

  4. teflon said,

    June 14, 2008 at 3:47 am


  5. teflon said,

    June 14, 2008 at 3:49 am


  6. brontebaxter said,

    June 14, 2008 at 4:01 am

    David, I’m so sorry this essay made you feel depressed. I was concerned some readers might react that way and for that reason was ambivalent about writing it, then about posting it. These kind of ideas can be upsetting in the way buying life insurance can be upsetting (only magnified).Thinking about preparedness isn’t easy, and I guess it’s why so many people never take precautions against earthquakes, fires in the home, etc. The subject just seems scary.

    Talk about such subjects can indeed bring us down if we let our thoughts run away with us and get us into fear. But taking precautions against realistic threats doesn’t mean the threat has won, quite the opposite. The steps we’ve taken to be prepared make us feel and be safer in the long run. If you don a life vest when you board a boat to go play on a lake, is that depressing? It could be if you got morbid about it, and starting fantasizing all the things that could happen that might make you need the life vest. But a life vest can also be something you simply see the need for and put on.

    I’ve “fantasized” about a few scenarios for one reason: to draw attention to things we must be aware of in order to perceive the need for that life vest. While most people will put on a life vest without persuasion, they won’t seriously consider doing most of the things I talk about in this article, because they will laugh off the need for them. That’s why I had to point out some of the possibilities we would logically be facing in the event of an economic collapse.

    I don’t believe a collapse has to happen. Can it? It can, because we good guys are not the only folks who get to be creators of reality. Every consciousness gets to contribute to the collective creation called “the world.” We all play in the same big sandbox, the nice kids and the bullies. As long as we’ve got bullies around, it’s empowering to have strategies to keep from getting drawn into their games.

    Ostriches, of course, deal with sand and enemies in another way. I know people who refuse to even consider there’s a conspiracy because it infringes on their comfort zone. It was the Jews who said “it can’t possibly get any worse than this” who refused to leave Germany and wound up in the camps. Those who had their nose to the wind knew the safe thing to do was to depart.

    I really hope people will take this article in the spirit it was written in and honestly look at how they are situated and if it’s where they really want to be. To not do that is to pretend everything is fine when it isn’t. My suggestions for how to adapt to the position the human race is in are my suggestions only. Other people may certainly have better ones, even opposing ones. (I hope readers will contribute whatever ideas they have on this subject in this comment section.) I am only advocating that we open our eyes to our situation and not take it lightly. That doesn’t mean we should accept the threat the bullies have created as something we must experience. We should sing all the way to the garden store, or the real estate office, because we’re doing what we can in this moment to disconnect from the grid, and that is empowering.


  7. brontebaxter said,

    June 14, 2008 at 4:18 am

    No, Teflon, I did NOT forget the assault rifles. I left them out intentionally. Your attitude exemplifies precisely the kind of thinking that exacerbates the problem rather than solving it. What are you going to do, just get in there and shoot it out? Why? Because that image gives you a high, a big adrenaline rush? Do you think the solution to the New World Order agenda is to jump into a blood bath and spray bullets?

    If we get into your violent, almost gleefully violent, kind of thinking, we become no more worthy than the thugs who want to dominate us. The solution to bullies is not to become one yourself but to develop a consciousness greater than the bullies – to neutralize them. You just want to destroy them, and destroy yourself in the process.

    “Give me liberty or give me death” were words of Patrick Henry in the American Revolution. We must be willing to die for freedom if we aren’t clever enough to avert death while doing what is necessary to be free. But what about a more joyful slogan, “Give me liberty and give me life”? The thinking is everything.

    Teflon, if you gloat in images of blood and disaster and hurling yourself in hatred at the enemy, guess what you’re creating, through your highly charged thoughts, to be your future experience? We get to experience whatever we image passionately, so give it up, buddy, unless you want to be splattered on the city streets in about ten different places. Is the adrenaline rush worth it?


  8. brontebaxter said,

    June 14, 2008 at 4:33 am

    David, I forgot to answer your question.

    The writing I’ve done so far about “the use of conscious visioning power” as you call it is all contained in a ten-lesson course I wrote for Health and Harmony Colleges in Australia, called “Imaginating Your Way to a Better Life.” The school has rights to the course, so I can’t post the lessons here, but it’s practical information on how to consciously create your personal reality and at the same time co-create a better world. You can get information about the course by writing to Gwen at

    There are two books on this subject that inspired me greatly when I read them. I recommend “The Law and the Promise,” by Neville and “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” by Joseph Murphy. Both books explain slightly different ways of consciously creating reality.


  9. David said,

    June 14, 2008 at 7:27 am

    Dear Bronte,
    I hope you know I meant no criticism of your essay; I’m sure you do.

    I have believed that economic melt-down was the real Armageddon danger for our civilisation for years; even in the 80’s when everyone else was talking about nuclear wars with Russia. I could see that our economic system was founded on a corrupt practice and philosophy and was ultimately unsustainable.

    Some time ago I was talking to a friend about the possibility of imminent economic melt-down; I suddenly heard myself recounting evidence for it, almost as though I wanted it to happen – then I would be right!! I was literally willing into existence a scenario that would involve unimaginable suffering for billions of humans; including myself…

    But I don’t want to be right; I don’t want it to happen.

    So now I want to envision another outcome. That’s why I asked about your writings as to the use of our conscious power to mould reality; thanks for the recommendations.

    You are right of course – it is sensible to wear a life vest when you are in a boat; especially when it looks like there’s a storm coming.

    I recall a book about a French doctor (Emile Coue) who taught mind control. He was on a ship once which was caught in a storm, and he got as many of the passengers as he could persuade to gather around him and join in repeating something like ‘the sea is perfectly calm’ – something like that. Whether their affirmation affected the weather I don’t know, but the memory came to me just now, and as far as I know they all lived to tell the tale.

    I guess we can wear a life vest and envision a positive outcome.


  10. brontebaxter said,

    June 14, 2008 at 8:02 am

    I agree with you totally, David. We need to do both. And it’s kind of walking a tightrope, isn’t it? We can, on the one hand, be complacent and pretend that everything is fine, thereby becoming careless about our future. On the other hand, we can panic, and let our minds roil around in doomsday scenarios, thereby helping create them. Wear the life vest, then have a great time out on the boat: that seems to be the balanced solution.

    I actually know some people, “survivalists,” who have taken all sorts of preparations to make it through a whole string of scenarios they fear is ahead: Planet X, an asteroid, alien wars, the bird flu, starvation, plagues, an economic crash, an ice age, and the list goes on ad nauseum. They’ve even built underground houses that they plan to live in for years. Their focus is so on insulating themselves that they don’t remember how to be happy anymore. They can’t enjoy today. Some of this people actually feel cheated that all the doomsday predictions they’ve bought into for 20-some years haven’t come true. I guess they’d be pleased if millions of people died so long as they could show something for their investment.


  11. Rob said,

    June 14, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Excellent article!~ sometimes we get lost in theory and fail to address the practicalities! Many readers will be urban dwellers totally dependent on their jobs, snowed under by debt etc. I think those of you who fit that profile will be feeling the fear the most. But the goals aren’t un-doable!

    I used to live in a beautiful part of Australia a couple of hours drive north of Sydney. A lot of old-timers who remembered the depression lived there. Not one, but several of them told me that the depression years were the BEST YEARS OF THEIR LIVES! Some of them raised chickens. They’d trade eggs for meat or something else. Everyone grew something edible and they bartered amongst themselves. If someone needed a carpenter, a carpenter would come and work in exchange for whatever the customer had to offer, if only a roof over their head or ‘a yarn’ to pass the time.

    My mother told me a similar story. She lived in a rural community outside Edmundton, Canada. She was only a girl, but lacked for nothing and loved her early years.

    Community cooperation was the key to their survival.

    The Depression ended and competition became the name of the game again.
    Land prices go up, rural incomes go down. Those who don’t have “stuff” look with envy upon those who have bundles of it and jump on the treadmill. Once on it, their eyes stay fixed on the unending path ahead of them. They run faster and faster until they die of exhaustion.

    All it takes to get off the treadmill is to take a look around, instead of just straight ahead! OK, easier said than done – but it’s been done before and can be done again!

  12. astralkid said,

    June 14, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Another great article bronte , outstanding info and it’s just a practical information if the nwo scenario become true. It’s just that a lot of people don’t know what to do when the system collapses, the more aware people can show them what possibilities are there other then loothing,rioting and try to hide in a cave.
    Nowadays there is so much stuff in the world , people have to know they can do everything themselves or with a community to live with what we already have ,instead of everything running by big corporations and goverments.
    It is us who makes the social world go round not a handfull of ” elite ” people.
    Thank you for letting this info out and that radio talk ;could you make it in an mp3 when it’s done ? I guess a lot of people (including me:-) ) won’t be able to listen on this station, as I’m way over here in europe.

    Keep them coming bronte , wake up more whispering tigers !

  13. June 14, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Rob, those are really comforting words for all of us. Thanks.

    Thanks, Astral Kid, too. As far as the radio show goes, you should be able listen to it live anywhere on the planet (if I understand correctly), because it’s being broadcast over the Internet. You can just log on and tune in, I think. Go to the website and see if that’s how it looks to you.

    The show starts at 5 pm Central Daylight Time, which I believe is midnight in England. It might be harder to phone in questions, as you’d have to use a telephone for that (overseas long distance). I don’t think a recording is being made of it, and I don’t know how to make an MP3. Technology is not my forte, unfortunately.


  14. Brian said,

    June 14, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    That’s so true, astral kid. There’s just so much stuff in the world. If you’re in the mood for a laugh riot check out George Carlin’s little skit on ‘stuff’. You can find it on you-tube.I’m laughing just at the thought of him-a true indicator of comic genius. But I digress. When you combine Astral Kid’s take with Rob’s story you get a scenario with a line straight out of the movie, ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’-‘NWO? NWO? we don’t need no stinkin’ NWO!’ When you stare back at that ‘all-seeing eye’ in the capstone of the great pyramid on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, just think of the plan that all along has been for the ‘builder’-bergers (4D governed) to finish building that pyramid by manipulating the ‘masons'(3D minions and its participants-us) to cement that capstone in place, thus finishing the job. That would signal the advent of the north american union and the amero as the new ‘coin of the realm'(which prompts the oxymoron of it being a reality we don’t want to buy into at all costs) The Fed will have done its nefarious job and be discarded into the dustbin of history. This economy is like a relationship between a drug pusher and a junkie. In 1913 the drug was introduced(inception of the federal reserve system) Early on there was a little sampling.’mmmm, this feels good, I’d like a little more of this’.(Wall st. speculators) In the ‘roaring twenties’ things were hummin’ until the end of the decade when a crash was engineered. The junkie lost his fix, but only temporarily. That is, until the gold standard was virtually done away with(completely in 1971) and then it was the paper ‘money’ printing presses doin’ all the hummin’. A junkies dream come true. So many drugs-where to begin? But first there was a ‘war to win’.(as we continued playing right into their hands) and when that was ‘won’ it was ‘let the smorgasbord begin!’ The pushers(banks) were more than happy to oblige. The junkies(us) dove and jumped with both hands and feet. They were gettin’ a real good buzz on. This is good. I don’t EVER want it to end. And how could it? There was an endless supply. But it wasn’t always available.(engineered recessions) At those times the junkies were getting dope sick( feelin’ the pinch) ‘ I gotta find a way to get that high back, and eventually they did(more bad loans, more credit card spending) but it was gonna take even more drugs to get it(inflation) to the point we’re at today where we need the stuff just to get ‘straight(stay out of foreclosure, keep food on the table, etc.) let alone ‘high’. With a whole lot of economic devastation and its ramifications all over the world to show for it. The days of let the good times roll are long gone. We’re addicts now and sooner or later we’ll need so much dope just to keep from suffering severe withdrawal pains that the body just can’t take it anymore and dies(economic crash) The only way to stabalize ‘the economy’ is to quit this one cold turkey(methadone ain’t the answer-you’ll only end up having to withdraw from that,too-just ask the person for whom the stuff was invented,Herrman Goering, oh that’s right, he’s dead-my bad) and go through whatever de-tox you have to before we end the dependency and reclaim it as our own. Let them have their mountain of cocaine and go down in a hail of bullets like Tony Montana in ‘Scarface”. I think we’ve all snorted the stuff up our noses long enough.

  15. Brian said,

    June 15, 2008 at 1:55 am

    I also wanted to mention how oil is the virtual money these days. It’s the enabler for the manipulators to power their new world order. There’s this ‘crazy’ guy I see every once and a while who drives this old van around and he has a sign on it saying that it’s powered by cooking oil. I don’t think too many people think he’s crazy these days. Combine that with all the other alternative energy souces that can be adapted to existing vehicles ‘on the cheap’ and see how fast the new world odor fizzles out like a defective firecracker on the fourth of July.

  16. Brian said,

    June 15, 2008 at 3:49 am

    …..Besides, just what is oil and where does it come from? That it is a fossil fuel has been exposed as a fraud for a while now. My indigenous friends tell me that it is the ‘blood of Gaia’, the actual life force of the physical planet, and that trolls, living deep underground are responsible for its extraction. This tells me that the oil riggers probably bring it up from pooled reservoirs. It’s no wonder she’s looking a little anemic lately. These alien interlopers use entities like trolls to do the dirty work of bleeding the planet dry for their insidious agendas that WE are unwitting participants in. Is it any wonder that we hear stories where a planet like Mars was once similar to this one until the cretins ruined it and just went hoppin over to the next one-Earth? Keep awakening everybody and we’ll pull back from the precipice in time.

  17. Barbara said,

    June 15, 2008 at 4:00 am

    Brian that is really interesting. Do you think it is just a story or true? Is there any more about it? My daughter used to have lots of stories in play group about gnomes mining for crystals and Snow White’s dwarfs mined too (before Disney made the film). These stories must have came from somewhere.

  18. Brian said,

    June 15, 2008 at 5:42 am

    Barbara, It’s so hard for many of us to acertain the truth of a subject like this. When you talk to native-americans and other indigenous people who have a sense about this you’re certainly left with the feeling that THEY believe it’s true. When you consider especially their ancient ancestors and the intimacy they had with the natural world and the oral tradition of passing down stories through the ages it sure makes you wonder. It’s hard to say what specific books delving into something like this might be out there. I guess that’s the beauty of google

  19. Brian said,

    June 15, 2008 at 7:08 am

    Barbara, Are you familiar with Red Elk? He’s got some pretty interesting stories about what might be goin’ on inside the Earth, including legends referring to ancient miners. I won’t go into it here, but his stories could definitely help explain what’s going on with this planet in general and why. If you’re interested go to At the top of the home-page you’ll find his name amongst a bunch of others

  20. Andrew said,

    June 15, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    I remember watching a video almost 20 years ago where the speaker talked about the very things that you have written about. Since then, with all the ups and downs, I seemed to have forgotten about the microchip and the New World Order. Now at 42, it doesn’t scare me quite as much for myself, but for my children who are only 10 and 8. It scares me that what we are going through could very well be a long tribulation that my children will have to face without me.

  21. Brian said,

    June 15, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    Forgive me if I seem to be ‘stealing someone else’s thunder’ with all these what amounts to essays. But what the heck, here’s another one. When it comes to ‘energy sources from physical nature’ why do we wallow in the mud with pigs(not to denigrate pigs necessarily) when we could be soaring through the sky with eagles? What makes us complicit in perpetuating the mundane when our relationship with the Earth should be sublime? If we are to, quoting from Bronte’s eloquence,’access a deeper level of ourselves’, then it can only come from a setting that sees our being in harmony with the ‘natural world’ as that which finds us ‘contoured’ to the elements as they present themselves. That means we become,among other things, catchers. We make mills to catch the wind, build receptors to ‘catch some rays’, use barrels to catch the rain, eat and grow only food that constantly replenishes itself with its seeds. These are NATURES’ intentions for us to reciprocate. When we are doing all this, if I may lean on Bronte’s words again, we are ‘developing our ability to ground our awareness in our deeper nature’. And this is the ‘ground’ from which we will learn of this relationship’s reciprocity. That of ‘molding the field of matter to match OUR conscious intention.

  22. Barbara said,

    June 16, 2008 at 6:56 am

    Brian thanks for that. I shall get looking for Red Elk.
    Also Latinamerican view I missed you reply in another article as there was such a lot of reading in the comments but I have it now. Thank you.

  23. danielson said,

    June 16, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    A great documentary film about how to live sustainably for anyone interested is called ‘the garbage warrior’ which is about some people who make houses that they call earth ships. These ‘earth ships’ are made from recycled tires and pop bottles and cans and sand and don’t require heating in the winter/ air conditioning in summer and are pretty self sufficient… for anyone interested I highly recommend watching the dvd or finding out more about it by googling ‘the garbage hunter’ over the internet….I have friends here in canada who are in the initial (spirit guided) stages of developing a community on some land a friend of mine owns and all of us have watched this film and are planning on building using methods similar to those of the documentary

  24. Stefan Fobes said,

    June 16, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Wow, it’s like the same 15 people commenting every time. I know there are probably at least a couple thousand reads here. Doesn’t anyone else have anything constructive to add to this here? :(

    I think that while it is good to know that you can create your own reality with your thoughts, this is often worse than not knowing that you can without also first taking out that automatic negative chatter that rings like mad in the head which ends up preventing people from doing so. This is why affirmations are actually trash, just done alone, unless you have a high sense of self-worth already, which most people do not. Just what is it that builds attractive ability and what blocks it? This article I came across has some of the key answers.

  25. David said,

    June 17, 2008 at 6:51 am

    Thanks for the link Stefan; interesting insights into mind; I learned from it.

    Here’s a link to an earlier post by Bronte that also taught me a lot.


  26. David said,

    June 17, 2008 at 6:54 am

    I should have said: you want to read comment 39; enjoy.

  27. DancesWith Bunnies said,

    June 17, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Actually the economic crash is not going to happen right now..too many people are watching for it.

    This is a futures market bubble.
    All the hedge funds have been creating bubbles since the “Deregulation” in the reign of Raygun (actually a one sided deregulation) then again during Bush’s reign.

    Remember Enron? Well that is what is happening on the commodities futures market…there IS going to be a depression for these hedge funds all right, the Fed can’t bail them all out…and the prices of goods is actually going to plummet…that includes gas. The oil prices are being driven up by speculators in futures to a ridiculous watch when these hedge funds crash, everyone will breath a sigh of relief except for the pensioners that have funds tied up in this kind of gambling by state programs…as a mathematicians (and a brother working for trading), husband and i have been watching this closely.

    Sincerely, Erika

  28. rob said,

    June 18, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    A couple of quick comments: When I was in high school and college, “oil is a fossil fuel” was a “fact” that was accepted unquestioningly. Shows how important it is to question EVERYTHING. Needn’t be cynical about it, Just put a question mark after every assumption.

    Another “fact” I learned – diamonds are a rare gem, hence the high price. No, there are tons of them and really, do you need to spend $5000 give or take to prove you love someone? That’s a little thing and many of us don’t fall for it anymore, but it’s another example of how duped we’ve been. Create scarcity and increase value – a simple but sinister concept.

    I mentioned before that some people remember the depression as a HAPPY time of their lives. But when I learned about it in high school, the message was, “thank God our benevolent government saved us from the misery of the Depression.”

    I now live in a very poor country – Cambodia. I’m not pretending that everything’s perfect here – far from it. But I’ve learned a lot about the difference between wealth and abundance. Petrol (gasoline) prices have skyrocketed here, too. My solution has been to ride my motorbike instead of drive my car. Problem solved for me, though the fact that I can even afford a car puts me in the upper echelons of Cambodian society.

    A taxi driver, motodop (motorbike transport) and a tuk tuk driver (motorbike taxi) live near me. All of them are feeling the pinch and they justifiably resent that the backpackers and other Western tourists refuse to pay them more for their services than their outdated guidebooks tell them they should pay. I can’t tell you how ashamed that makes me feel for being a ‘barang’ (foreigner). We are still filthy rich, comparatively speaking. Don’t know exactly whether that’s on or off topic, but I had to get it off my chest!

  29. Rob said,

    June 18, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Been stewing all day about my comment above that diamonds were a “little thing!” They’re a perfect example of how much suffering an intrinsically worthless commodity can inflict on the world. Diamond mining in S. Africa is as exploitative a business as there can be. And for what? It’s not just a matter of creating scarcity by withholding supply. It’s also about creating an absolutely meaningless “need” in consumers: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – “A diamond lasts forever and so will our love.” Meanwhile a few people at de Beers are getting rich while thousands of workers are virtual slaves. Phew! Got a lot to get off my chest today!

    Make a list of all the things you “need” and then think about why you need them. You might be surprised at how many you can scratch off the list. Then again, maybe not. Readers here are pretty clued in.

  30. David said,

    June 19, 2008 at 1:00 am

    Can someone point me towards sources as to the issue of oil not being a fossil fuel.
    If it is not a fossil fuel…what is it?

  31. Brian said,

    June 19, 2008 at 7:40 am

    David, If you go to at the top of the home page you’ll find a bunch of names, etc. Among them is ‘peak oil’. There’s alot of information that explains the scam of oil being a finite resource. There are references to it being an inorganic substance. As to what the ‘bubblin’ crude’ really is and where exactly it comes from? Speculations run rampant on that score.

  32. Rob said,

    June 19, 2008 at 11:19 am

    David, I googled “oil, fossil fuel, not fossil fuel” and came up with this:

  33. Em said,

    June 19, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    Each of us is able to steer an economic crash into something much better i.e. a much better and more egalitarian economic system. Most likely the reason there isn’t a crash now is due to the fact that there are many economies (not the underworld economies) out there.

    It’s true that rural people do fair better during a depression. However, how realistic is it that a substantial portion of the society will move to the country?

    Perhaps in some countries it’s easy to pay off debt and mortgages. Here in the U.S. in many areas it’s not. So many Americans have staggering debt. In some areas the mortgage for a home meaning the average price can run into $300.00- $600,000+ U.S. dollars. For some moving isn’t much of an option for a variety of reasons.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the proliferation of technology in our everyday lives. So many people rely on this technological infrastructure (which is an NWO thing) including this blog. During the last depression, people didn’t have televisions; some had radios. What about all of the global cell phone users? There are large numbers of people who don’t live in communities any more. What do you recommend for dwellers of cities and suburbia? Last time I checked many rural areas didn’t have internet access for example. Perhaps that will change once tv goes digital in 2009. Last time I checked hardly any areas had free wifi.

    The bottom line here is that the society is so much different than it was in the 1930s. What would a “Great Depression” look like in the technological age? Will this entire infrastructure come crashing down? How will people communicate and access information? If it remains intact will only the select few have access to it? There’s an entire generation born around 1980 who are just about completely reliant on this technology and always have been. I wonder what will happen to the usage of all of the cell phones, the internet, television, the communications systems (like for police, firefighters, hospitals, medical records, personal information and so on) in the event of a crash?

    I realize how creative people are in coming up with solutions. Any suggestions?

  34. brontebaxter said,

    June 20, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Em, here’s my response. If enough people wake up soon enough, we can stop the New World Order before it pulls off a crash. That’s one reason it’s important for people to be talking, sharing information, and shaking sleeping friends out of their stupor. If a crash occurs, the people who live completely on the grid will have it worst, so we should do everything to become sustainable. Then we help not only ourselves, but we’re in a position to help others get off the grid as well.

    Who knows how much time we have? It may be plenty. I heard stories that the crash was imminent as far back as 1987, and here we are 20 years later, without one. The thing is to do what we can in this moment, not think it’s “unrealistic” to be able to take care of ourselves.

    And if it’s not unrealistic for one to take action, why is it unrealistic for the many? More awakened human awareness could prompt large numbers of people to move to the country, and communities would develop there. Or people could move to small rural towns, where they might have a well, a wood stove, a hand pump, a garden – pretty much the same things as if they live completely rurally. A small town has a community already in place, and a person could work to help it become more sustainable.

    Thinking “it’s unrealistic” is throwing a wrench in the substructure of the universe, which is a field of infinite possibility. (See my blog article, “Creating Reality through Thought,” for more on this.) That negative judgment tells your subconscious mind a thing is undoable. So of course it then becomes that.

    People determined to stay on in large cities need to contemplate what they can do to mitigate the effects an economic crash would bring, and prepare however they determine for that possibility. I personally got out of the city. I am not fully self-reliant, but I’m much more sustainable now than I used to be. You do what you can with what you have, and trust in yourself and your Source to keep on manifesting. You certainly can’t manifest something you have judged as impossible or unrealistic.

    As far as technology goes, I’m sure communications systems (like police, firefighters, medical records, etc.) will be controlled by the controllers. The rest of us need our own communication systems, which are easy to establish in smaller communities.

    What about communicating with the larger world? In the Depression they used radio and telegraph. Those things still exist today. In Nazi Europe, radio was used by the allied troops to send messages to other troops about intended maneuvers. Plans were shielded in code words, and the broadcasts were made from different locations each time so they could not be traced.

    We have the Internet, the major network of communication for people aware of the conspiracy. We need to keep it free. We must not let it become privatized. The effort to protect the Internet should be a major rallying point for everyone opposed to the global agenda.

    Yes, people really far out in rural areas can have trouble getting the Internet, but people a little closer in and still rural have no problem. If you move to the really far boonies, there is usually a town nearby with a library that offers free Internet or a coffee shop with an Internet cafe where you can plug in your laptop, or a printing shop with paying access to computers.

    Also, as more people move to outlying areas, the Internet lines will reach out to include them. Enough people have to move there first, then the services come to the area. Again, it’s a matter of seeing possibility, not tying ourselves up in thoughts of impossibility.

    I never say anymore about anything, “That’s unrealistic.” Instead I say, “How can it be done?”

    If all material communications failed, there would still be the ever-existent, universally accessible, communication field of consciousness. It IS possible to communicate telepathically via the energy grid of mind itself. In dire emergencies, when people have no access to the systems they used to rely on, they are forced to rise to new levels of accomplishment to survive. If free people lost the Internet as a communication source, and radio and telegraph were somehow not available, we’d be forced to become psychic, and fast.

    It’s doable, but I’d rather not have to respond to that kind of pressure. Better to fight to protect the Internet now while we can. There is a link in one of the posts above to a video talking about ways we should be doing this. The Alex Jones and David Icke websites also have articles on what we must do to save the Internet.


  35. David said,

    June 20, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks Brian and Rob for the links. Interesting stuff…I don’t see why not an abiotic source of oil. There would still be some sort of ceiling or ‘peak’ level, even if only in terms of usage; but the advantage of a myth of shortage to the oil barons is obvious. Here in Ireland there has been a large decline in the number of petrol stations in the last number of years. The popular myth here is that the sites are more valuable for development; I myself believe that the oil companies are pruning back their retail networks in anticipation of what is coming down the line. They know petrol is on the way out. I have looked into the situation in Britain, and the same has been happened there. How about the US…I bet there is a similar trend going on. Can anyone confirm or not my suspicions?

  36. June 21, 2008 at 2:51 am

    We have gasoline in the US. Is that the same as petrol with a different name, or two different by-products of oil? I haven’t noticed a decline in gas stations here. They seem to be everywhere.

    There seem to be two different ideas about oil other than the mainstream dogma. One is that it is a renewable resource, created by certain kinds of rocks, heat and water interacting deep within the earth. The other is that oil is the blood of the earth, and using it depletes her of life force. I believe someone wrote here that the latter is the Native American view.

    Which is right? Maybe both, or all. Maybe oil’s a renewable resource, but I suspect it renews so slowly that we should seriously rethink using it as our source of energy. Blood renews, too, but you couldn’t just siphon it off continually, or you’d destroy the body.

    If oil IS the blood of the earth, I wonder how it functions? Blood functions as a conductor of essential nutrients to the cells. Does oil do something like that for the planet? Any theories?

    I like Brian’s post (above) with his unique idea about being “catchers.” We can catch the wind and solar rays for energy, catch fruits and nuts for food, and so forth. Why don’t we see any windmills anymore in the U.S.? Are they illegal now, or just considered old-fashioned? I remember seeing lots of them as a kid.

    There’s also a source of “catchable” energy in a moving river. Logging mills ran on the natural power of the force of the river, and maybe other kinds of mills did, too. I believe it was windmills that mostly powered flour mills in prairie areas, turning local grains into flour.

    We could all be so sustainable if we decentralized, broke away from dependence on the grid, and created what we need by harmoniously utilizing the natural energy around us. No one could turn off our power supply who couldn’t turn off the sun, or the wind, or the river. And when you’re sustainable, you’re not controllable.


  37. David said,

    June 21, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Yes petrol is our word for gasoline.

    Checkout this vid on the oil reserves of Alaska, and the manipulation of the price of oil by the elite.

    I believe we already have all the tech we need to live sustainably on the earth at an even higher level of tecnological sophistication than we do today. We have the capability already to make the earth a paradise for humans. There is no need to revert to windmills and the like, unless we care to.

    The problem is that the world is being run not for humans, but for profits and power and control. For instance Tesla developed a system that would provide virtually free energy to the entire planet. When Morgan heard about it he withdrew all his funding, had his laboratory burnt to the ground and blackballed him. Morgan wanted a system that would be expensive to install and run since he and his accomplices controlled the industries that would produce the hardware for it. There is no profit in free energy, or in humanitarian economics.

    It is sad to say, but true: the most evil among us are the most able. Those of us who have empathy and decency are no competition for these creatures. We cannot beat them in a fight.

  38. brontebaxter said,

    July 15, 2008 at 10:23 am

    I’ve come across two very uplifting pieces, one an article and one a movie. The first is a film I never expected to be so good or to be a film I’d recommend, but it is extremely well done and shows the Great Depression from the perspective of a child, and how people helped each other through it. Check out “Kris Kitteridge,” a new movie made for kids, but one that fortifies the child in all of us.

    The other piece is a news article that a reader sent in about community garden-growing in the city. You’ll find it at:


  39. Kevin Hellman said,

    November 24, 2008 at 8:22 am

    Something has got to give eventually, as the whole system itself is suspect because the whole monetary system is controlled by private money (via the central banking system). I personally wish that more and more progressives would push for the monetary system to be brought into the public realm.

    Can we ever fix the erosion and decay in our public institutions caused by the neoliberal corporatist agenda without addressing the inherent flaws of the private monetary system, upon which everything is ultimately dependent?

    Plus, the cost of everything has been more and more overvalued for decades now, while wages are stagnant. The average worker has only been able to make ends meet by supplementing their wages with their credit cards. It will be a challenge for the average person who has become overdependent on the cycle of overconsumption as their ability to survive an economic crash depends on some big lifestyle changes.

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