Goal of ‘The Oneness Doctrine’: Kill Everything Oneness Cares About

Individuality in league with Oneness (not Oneness alone) will win the day and restore human freedom. The gospel of Oneness, all by itself, supports the New World Order. Proponents say it doesn’t matter if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, because after all, this world is an illusion and only Oneness Consciousness is real. If we know that, they argue, it doesn’t matter what happens, because there’s really no happiness or suffering, right or wrong, life or death, good or no bad — only the Oneness. So who cares?

I understand how people caught in the web of Eastern religion and New Age mumbo jumbo come to those conclusions. Their teachers’ purpose is to make them passive, “surrendered to the One,” their ego (personal selfhood) made into the enemy that must be killed. The teachers state it outright: “ego death” is the goal.

But that conspiracy-conscious people can fall into the same plight, instead of raising a cry for freedom and life in this world, came as a shock to me. I realize now it’s because Truth Movement leaders themselves sometimes combine the Oneness Doctrine with their research and information on the conspiracy. These people may have mystical experiences of their own that they trust in the way the religious trust their gurus, never questioning where they came from or why they were given to them.

The assumption seems to be that if it happened in my head and was accompanied by euphoria and fireworks, it must be true, and proof of the nature of the universe. But if the Illuminati extend to realms between visual perception (and evidence indicates they do – see my article series, Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment), the Illuminati could be the source of much of mankind’s mystical experience. It’s easy for beings in the Unseen, adept at thought transference, to implant ideas in the minds of willing seekers, generating chemical changes in their brains and bodies and making them feel like they’ve been kissed by God. This would be particularly easy if the seekers have imbibed hallucinogenic substances.

I believe that well-intentioned, semi-depressed people are being implanted with messages that God has sent them to save the world. The urgency this produces gives their lives a particular sense of meaning. The message they receive is either that there is a war on among the Powers of Light and Darkness, which they must help fight, or that seeing through the illusion called reality and uniting with Infinite Oneness is the end-all and be-all of human existence. Both messages hold enough truth that they appeal to those who receive them as genuine. Both are so flawed as to point the receiver in the wrong direction, toward beliefs that favor humanity handing the universe into the Illuminati’s conniving hands.

The Light and Dark War of Principalities is nothing more than the Good Cop – Bad Cop Game taken to celestial levels. Like the eternal war between the Democrats and Republicans, it is unreal – a smokescreen designed to hide where the real action happens. Lucifer and Jehovah are on the same side: control of humanity. The “gods” and “demons” of Indianism are on the same side. As long as mankind provides the loosh (life energy) to the nether worlds through worship or suffering, all in the Fourth Dimension are happy.

It doesn’t matter if you call for help from Satan or Jesus, Krishna or Kali, you’re aligning your soul with the gang of brigands who have hijacked our lives by controlling us at our most intimate level. This control is not a takeover, but rather, freely given. Worshipers of their own accord give their lives to management by these beings, whom they regard as divine. They think in so doing they fight on the right side in the battle of good against evil. But all they do in fact is supply the life force, the loosh, needed for humanity’s hijackers to continue feeding off our hearts and souls.

Those who surrender their flawed human egos to the Oneness are no different. They, too, give their souls to management by the Fourth Dimension’s united company of tricksters. This is the point so many in the Truth Movement miss. We think that by making Oneness consciousness our supreme goal we are becoming pure. We think by embracing The Doctrine of Oneness we acquire supreme wisdom.

But the doctrine as it is taught today, even as the greatest Indian masters once taught it, is corrupt. The truth has been contaminated by the Fourth Dimension. Because the doctrine teaches that individual ego is a perversion of the Infinite, something that must be dissolved back into the universal consciousness for us to become wholesome and free. As such, that doctrine erodes the integrity of humanity.

It does so because it puts our world’s future up for grabs when it tells us to abdicate personal desire and intention as constructs of the ego. If we regard our individual nature as a corruption of Oneness, we conclude we must negate our ego to know Truth. We abdicate everything about us that makes us aware, decisive, will-exerting doers in this world – in favor of melting into the One, whose cosmic workings are thought to be automatic and perfect once humans remove their will and personality from the equation.

Whether or not the Doctrine of Oneness entails mantras and worship of gods, it is destructive. Because the doctrine is taught at the expense of the personality, the part of us that makes choices, that makes a difference in the world. When ego is taught as something essentially corrupt, or essentially unreal, it ceases to have value for us, and we naturally want to abandon it. This is exactly what the Illuminati desire from us, more than anything else we can give.

When we turn our backs on our ego, on the individual will and personality that is the very spark of the Infinite within us, we set our souls on the freebie shelf of the universe, to be absorbed or manipulated by Fourth Dimension entities. Our acts no longer appear to be our own – they feel like the work of forces moving through us. That perception is correct. But those forces are not the winds of Infinity, as the possessed assume: those forces are the egos of the possessors, who cherish this surrender of human selfhood.

By making the choice to regard all except the Oneness as flawed, unreal or insignificant, we turn over control of this universe to anyone who hasn’t abdicated their authority as a doer. Those are the only players still left on the field. This non-surrendered-ego group includes the Fourth Dimension band of brigands as well as those humans who accept neither the Oneness Doctrine nor the Doctrine of the War of Principalities – in other words, those who respect and retain their personhood and all its attendant faculties of will and desire.

I am not saying that Oneness, the Infinite Oneness that is the source from which we came, that place deep within us where we are all united, does not exist or is not important. It’s of supreme importance. The Infinite is the font of all life, all joy, all inspiration, all creativity. It is that which inspires us. It is pure genius. That Infinite, and our conscious connection with It, holds all the hope for our breaking out of the slavery we have let be visited on us materially and spiritually.

But to say It is the only reality, that everything except for It is a corruption of the Oneness – which is how the Doctrine of Oneness is perpetually preached – that is a perversion of the truth, designed to control us. If the Illuminati, functioning in the field of spiritual teachings, can get us to believe that we as individuals are illusory, that all we really are is the One, we will give up treasuring our will and desires as gifts of the divine, expressions of the Infinite, and throw them onto the waste pile as impure.

From that waste pile, they will be collected by the brigands who are able to use our abandoned will and desiring mechanism to achieve their own desires. When you abandon responsibility for your ego, which never can be destroyed since it is the stuff of consciousness, it is not the Oneness that takes over your personhood and absorbs it, it is other egos. The vulture-like, thieving egos who want to control all beings and bring them into alignment with their will.

When you surrender your ego, it does not dissolve as you have been promised, because the spark that you are can never dissolve. Your ego is either absorbed by the “god” you worship, increasing that entity’s personal power, or, if you do not worship a god, it is absorbed by any passing brigand who happens to notice that it has been abandoned. Ego = personhood = individual soul. This is soul-stealing, by permission.

Why can’t we all just dissolve into the Oneness? Because the Oneness didn’t make us individuals by accident, as some big cosmic mistake. We were created on purpose, as expressions of the joy of the Infinite. Just as a serene artist takes the joy in her heart and turns it into a fountain of expressions, each art piece revealing a unique aspect of her thoughts and nature, so the Infinite made us all unique expressions of aspects of its limitless self. It WANTS to see its oneness made into myriad shapes. It created the universe to be a delight, a mirror story of its own joy and greatness. Instead creation has slid into a nightmare, delight overshadowed by the misery and cruelty that comes of forgetting the nature of our inner being.

The flaws in creation are not because the Infinite individuated, but because its unique expressions – you and me – forgot our deeper nature, forgot the infinite power, bliss, and goodness that only can be located and tapped deep within ourselves in the place where we’re one with the Infinite.

The solution to our suffering is not to surrender our egos to the cosmic freebie shelf/ dump heap under the guise of awakening to Oneness. Rather, it is to bathe our personhood in the purity of the Infinite, to drink deeply of its waters, to melt our cares in its bliss and consciously become again what we are at core: pure molecules within that infinite ocean. From the bath, we return to the world and make it better, more joyful, more free, more inspired. We spontaneously grasp solutions to problems that eluded us before.

After enough bathing in the Infinite, it’s possible to move through this world and act here without ever leaving the consciousness that holds us in that embrace. The world becomes God’s ocean where we splash and cavort. That is God’s dream for the world – not amorphous, static Oneness. The amorphous is where God started from, and God found it boring. That’s why It created diversity, to play in. Because sitting being amorphous – simple Oneness – got dull.

Why would we make being “amorphous” our end-all and be-all, when it was the Infinite’s starting point, the very place it was endeavoring to emerge from in hopes of creating something interesting? Oneness isn’t interesting, it’s blissful. Just being blissful by itself gets old. Bliss needs to express in myriad creations to be fun and dynamic. It needs to desire, intend, make, choose, and act – all functions of ego. To say getting back to the Oneness is the whole point of life is like saying getting back to the first scene of the play is the whole point of the play, or getting back to the starting line is the whole point of the race.

The point is to run the race, play the play, dance the dance – and to do it in a way that retains contact with the consciousness that inspired the endeavor: the Infinite joy and oneness. When we learn to connect with the Oneness without abdicating the beauty and importance of multiplicity (variety), then will the purpose of creation be accomplished.

Then we will know how to dissolve the malignity that afflicts us. We will see that those who wish to control the rest are confused parts of our Greater Self. W won’t wish to destroy them but to help them. Our love, our inmost nature, will forgive and heal them. Then all God’s children will sport on the cosmic playground in laughter together – no more bullies and victims. No more battles and taking sides. No more stopping playing and being amorphous/ withdrawn in some corner. Life will be joy as we have not known it, for from the perspective of Infinity we will learn to dissolve everything that causes suffering here.

That is the divine vision, not destruction of one team on the battlefield, and certainly not the destruction of creation through abdication of personhood. But unless we awaken to the lies in the Doctrine of Oneness, the end of creation is what we promote. When the brand of brigands has consumed every ego in the universe through clever spiritual lies, it will be the proverbial snake that has swallowed its own tail. Creation will implode if that is allowed to happen.

We contribute to cosmic implosion when we accept the Doctrine of Oneness, striving for dissolution of ego into Oneness as our highest goal. The truly highest goal is Oneness expressing in joy in the forms of its myriad children, who make up the infinite garden of the world.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may copy or republish this article on another site as long as they include the copyright and a back link to the “Splinter in the Mind” website at https://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/


  1. Doven said,

    November 13, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    I think the way oneness is being flown is to take away any voice we may have in this dimensional experience. To me oneness just means the interconnectedness of all things. I think elites try and distort its meaning in a way that siphons our power back onto their “one” purpose of controlling us through a spiritual veil of connecting to their agenda. They do this by leveraging an idea of what oneness is. It is an important study to uncover how agendas are propped up (prop..aganda). Spin doctoring and manipulation of consciousness circuits can leverage specific results.

    A more functional variation of oneness, that preserves a reality circuit where the sum of the parts are greater than the whole, is simply oneness as it relates to compassion. We don’t see much of that in action being exercised by the ones trying to sell us their distorted variation of the script.

    Discernment lies deeper than mere words attempted to convey new meanings.

  2. November 13, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Thank you, thank you for this! I just finished reading a book that was all about this Oneness thing, and I was distressed that it actually said to basically discard one’s lower chakras and stop grounding oneself into the earth. Zuh???

    While the book is not a total loss and made some good points about trusting one’s heart, I was disturbed at its judgment of somatic experience. It was trying to say “everyone is on their path,” but privileging the path of “ascension” as he understood it through the archangelic presences who were communicating to him.

    I myself feel that Willow trees have so much to teach me. And perhaps Ash trees and Oaks as well, since both were sacred to the druids and the Norse. (I have so much reverence for them, I initial-cap them!) Reverence for natural spirit communications which tend to guide me toward “earthed” and present relations with others gives me much more peace of mind.

    As a tangent, but maybe not really, I am a meat-eater, and there is also a judgment against that in this channeler’s vision of how things should be. I don’t think it would be good for me personally to be a vegan, though according to the blood type book, my ancestors were able to become so without feeling any deleterious effects. (Good to know, but let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to that.) When I started to get abstinent with sugar and flour, I tried to eat more tofu/tempeh and found that I had this feeling of not being on the planet that really bothered me. Turned out I was highly allergic to soy. Part of me wonders if there isn’t something like that going on with these folks…. We are what we eat, after all.

    (cluck cluck. Moo moo. oink oink :))

  3. bonda6974 said,

    November 14, 2008 at 1:10 am

    Dear Bronte. This article is of EXTREME importance and should be spread as wide as possible. The popularity of the Doctrine of Oneness is growing fast these days, and the word “ego” is more and more often understood as a synonym for “selfishness”. And yes, to my deepest regret, too many Truthers fall into this plight.

    I have posted this article on my website, and already got a very promising reaction from one them, saying: “WHEW! I thought I was gonna be disagreeing with this article, but the first sentence wiped my frown away. :) Individuality is the key, Oneness is the origin. We are each expressions OF ‘God’, not FOR ‘God’ (or ‘Source’ or whatever you like to call the Oneness in your particular worldview).”

    It WORKS, dear Bronte! Thank you so much!

    Paul Bondarovski

  4. ron fidler said,

    November 14, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    well said,Old Mate.

  5. Brownhawk said,

    November 14, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    It’s amazing to see the mass hypnonis of the Oneness doctrine is casting its spell over the land. I hear my father and friend talk about how at this point in history maybe a world government wouldn’t be such a bad idea. About how the biggest problem is over-population,etc. I hear my elderly mother say that her life is essentially meaningless and that life is all about the continuum of succeeding generations and when she dies it’s off to the oblivion land called ‘Whatever’. (my words) All one great big ‘Gotcha!’ by the spellcasters. I try to shake people awake but the hypnotist has certainly honed his deceitful craft well. But what’s equally amazing is the awakening energy running concurrent with the all-out manipulations of the NWO. As mankind appears to be allowing themselves to be herded into the ‘oneness corral’, my sense is that the pathos of man is incontrovertibly going back to remembering the powerful integrity of its personhood. It’s right there getting closer to the surface! It’s just that in the meantime the outward appearance is making it look so dire. I liken it to a horserace where you have the stand-out, heavy favorite class of the field named ‘mankind’ and then there’s the rest of the field who are all from the NWO stable. The race has entered the stretch run and mankind has been dawdling somewhere towards the back of the pack. The finish line is getting perilously close. The lightbulb is about to turn on in the mind of this superior thoroughbred reminding it that, ‘hey, I am mankind, these horses don’t belong on the same track as me!’ as he commences to blow by them and get to the wire first. Don’t tear up your winning tickets. Mankind had em’ all the way.

  6. Snips said,

    November 15, 2008 at 12:02 am

    If God, or Oneness, created all this because it was bored, then it also created the Illuminati for a very good reason, so who are we to be pissed about that? You can’t have it both ways, first saying Oneness did this on purpose (so it knows what it’s doing and why it is doing it) and then be pissed about the Illuminati and people who believe it’s all an illusion. It’s perfect or it’s not, pick your choice. If it’s perfect then we just didn’t forget we are infinite, we were made to forget we are infinite. So either way it’s okay, that is, if Oneness knows what it’s doing.

    You make no sense, cause you want to believe in the truth of Oneness (although you say you don’t) but are stuck in the story of reality, the story of people walking round and actulay choosing to do things. It’s A or B or nothing at all, which is fine by me.


    You mistake my words. I never said it’s all perfect. Those who subscribe to The Oneness Doctrine say that. That allows them to excuse and justify all manner of evil and suffering in this world. The world is not perfect. God’s original dream for it was. Since the dream and the present, creation got hijacked, by “the matrix,” the ignorance and fear that developed in manifested consciousness when it mistakenly thought it was separate from its Source.

    So you think no one “stuck in reality” chooses to do things, that all is predetermined? The gurus of Oneness also teach that. Ramana Maharishi said everything we do and that happens to us is predetermined at the moment we are born. Every little thing, right down to your scratching your elbow next Tuesday at 9:14 a.m.

    Could any picture be more hopeless? No free will? But that’s what those who want to own the world wish us to believe, because if we buy that, we surrender the one thing that can prevent their rule: our permission.

  7. derek said,

    November 15, 2008 at 4:15 am

    you say that well intentioned slightly depressed people think they are on a mission from god to save the world, which has been programmed into them by other sources,

    could you not therefore say that everybody who has woken to the fact that there is a agenda, is in the same boat?

    like Icke , or alex jones or david shayler or yourself

    I do believe we have an evil hand at work in this world, because we do have freewill, and we have been controlled pyramid style for eons by a network who also have freewill.
    Only through a realisation and shift in people consciousness can this happen and the system will fail.
    I am not to concerned with people caught in the new age matrix, if they keep searching they may work their way out of it, im more concerned with the agenda that is trying to own the world , the top half of the pyramid and that for me symbolicaly is a battle between good and evil


    Collectively, we’re all here to save the world. It’s something we do together, each by reaching certain understandings and making certain choices in our lives.

    I was referring in the article about people with messianic complexes, who believe they are the chosen one, that it’s all up to them – that they have all the answers to how it’s supposed to be, and everyone else should just listen to them and follow.

    Surely some among us have more vision than others at this point in history, and naturally the rest of us listen to them more. Those inspired individuals at the moment have more of value to say than those who are still scratching their heads over everything. But every one of us needs to become a channel for the Infinite, a mind that thinks outside the matrix box. There is not one who is chosen to be “the leader,” because if there were, that would only create another hierarchy again, when the answer to the world lies with the people.

    The problem with those “caught in the New Age matrix” as you put it, is that so many have stopped searching. They have accepted that “all is perfect just as is,” predetermination, and the other tenets of The Oneness Doctrine (called Advaitism in Eastern philosophy). This freezes their progress towards truth and puts them in a limbo of acceptance. That plays right into the hand of those who need our acceptance in order to be our master-lords.

  8. brontebaxter said,

    November 15, 2008 at 5:12 am


    Frostwolf, I don’t share your position on meat-eating. For my thoughts on that, see the following article, including the excellent discussion in the comment section at the bottom: https://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/tracking-the-crack-in-the-universe/

    I do, however, share your appreciation of trees. I recently had the thought that perhaps the reason everyone loves “getting out in Nature” is because of the energy and consciousness of the trees (and other living things in the wild) that are so pure and strong in their pristine innocence. They seem to remain in touch with the Oneness even as they manifest as individuals. We feel such a Oneness in their presence.

    I sometimes think the consciousness of trees is way beyond our own, that they’re here to give us strength and hope and comfort. Beings that still tap the invisible Source, just as their roots tap the earth. They are an inspiration, reaching down into the Unseen in one direction, then spreading themselves in unique shapes and colors into the outer world of multiplicity. It’s a model for living.

  9. derek said,

    November 15, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    thanks for the reply Bronte, I agree with what you are saying about people with more vision at certain times and their role to kinda teach and coax others to discover their own truth.

    As for the new age stuff, i see your point about people stopping searching I was watching a few clips by mooji yesterday , and he was saying to stop searching and to let go of the ego, he seems wise and calm and projects a good heart but by the sound of his devotees they were floating out thinking they were enlightened and that was that, just live in their own little bubble and let the world take care of itself.
    That is allmost the quandry I deal with everyday…is taking an activist role in exposing the horror of the nwo, somehow stifleing my spirituality, I guess I cant feel detached completely from this world and this by most gurus standards would be my ego at work.
    any how I do enjoy your blogs, they touch on a lot of ideas that are similar to my own

  10. kalu said,

    November 16, 2008 at 3:45 am

    Hey that was a really awesome read, thank you. When I read the first paragraph you said something and I got angry, hehe, so I decided to keep reading since it seemed to contradict some belief or conviction that I had inside me. I haven’t really read anything like this before, it is refreshing! For awhile now I have been thinking that most of the things that I did didn’t matter, or that there were some actions that I enjoyed that were “bad” because it wasn’t “oneness”. I suppose now, that the things I enjoy are the things I’m meant to do. I am wondering though, is there really a battle between light and dark, or are these opposites on the same spectrum and is “fought” inside us? In other words is transmutation a solid word for awakening and becoming like gods again?

  11. dennis said,

    November 16, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    That’s all well and good how you feel about this “oneness” thing but you have to take into account “the big picture” thing, which I think you totally keep forgetting.

    It’s because of your ego that you do what you do, and I think you are too busy in your waking life to “stir things up” and not allowing yourself to have others allow themselves to learn and grow on their own without you “spinning” things for your own purposes.

    I could get into this further but I don’t think that you are ready for such an expansion of Knowledge at this time.



    I got ya. “Kill the messenger.” Personally vilify someone whose ideas challenge your assumptions, and you don’t have to face the problems they uncovered in your worldview.

  12. Revolution Harry said,

    November 21, 2008 at 6:43 am

    I agree totally with your article. I read somewhere the ancient gnostics used a wheel to personify our position in the world. The hub, or centre, of the wheel is where you find God, the mystery, oneness or whatever you want to call it. Radiating from the hub are the spokes which represents humanity. The rim of the wheel is the world we live in. This expresses the seeming paradox of us being both oneness and individual, unique, consciousness. As enlightenment or greater understanding develops we can move along the spoke towards the centre. However the true gnostic is able to move along the spoke at will and is able to live in the real world (rim) in the full knowledge of his true state of being. Abandoning the rim in favour of closer proximity to the centre is not the ultimate goal. I’m not sure I’ve expressed it that well but I hope you get the picture. It’s my opinion that we need to pay attention to both the hub and the rim. Doing one without the other creates imbalance and ultimately lessens the effectiveness of any attempt to resist the New World Order/Illuminati.

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