When We Have Failed Ourselves

It is the evening of July 4. A TV station carries a clip of George W. Bush speaking in Monticello, near Washington, D.C. He begins to talk and is interrupted by the thin, yelling voice of a woman. Her words are indistinct. Cameramen in front of Bush turn to film her and the protesters at her side, but the TV clip does not show them. The numbers of the group can be reckoned by the throng of passionate cries coming from their direction. It sounds like a hundred people have turned out and are making themselves heard. Bush responds by shrugging them off with a wisecrack about free speech.

In Boston today, a young man dressed up in costume like a colonist reads the Declaration of Independence out loud on a dock to another man who films him. Two other people show up for the protest. On the dock around them, people ignore the little group, although the performance is obvious. The “colonist” becomes playful in manner, reading in an almost hamming way. Perhaps he is embarrassed at being ignored by the passersby. But it’s easy to ignore a tiny group of five, as it’s easy to ignore their unpleasant message.

In London, another rally takes place this morning. About a dozen protesters show up. They carry handmade signs and a megaphone and call out messages to the crowd on the other side of the busy street. Their voices and manner are playful and laughing. They seem perhaps uncertain what they ought to say. Perhaps they, too, feel foolish standing there, in a country where thousands of Truthers had been made aware of the rally but somehow didn’t attend. Maybe they feel alone in their cause, the tiny few who care. Who can blame them if their shouts don’t ring with the force and passion of the larger D.C. group?

In the three days after David Icke posted the notice of the global rallies on his website, nearly 3,000 people read the article here about it, and Visionary Peace reports their you-tube video announcement received hundreds of extra views over those same three days. Where were those thousands of people today when it mattered? Why were 12 people in England left with the job of telling the world that the New World Order must be stopped? Does anybody take 12 people on a sidewalk seriously? Can 12 people stop the Orweillian state that is sucking at our ankles?

Yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, David Icke said that to stop what’s coming down, people will have to stand together and collectively refuse to comply with rulings that enslave us. How will we ever stand united in civil disobedience in the future if we cannot get it together today to simply show up for a rally? A rally that could have been the inciting incident for a change in the direction of human history, had everyone who knows the truth done something to support the demonstrations. But it seems fear or inertia won out over conviction for most Truthers.

I understand what it’s like to be afraid, and how easy it is to go back to sleep. I was reading about the conspiracy for 20 years before I quit sinking back into the collective hypnosis and living as if none of this was happening. It took 20 years before I finally cared more for freedom and our future than I did for my life. It takes exposure and re-exposure to the truth to wake up completely, to get beyond the lure of returning to sleep.

This information is so fundamentally disturbing, that no one wants it to be true. We believe it for a while, then doubt it when we see everyone around us living their lives as if a global agenda doesn’t exist. Their hypnosis plus our own desire that none of this is real combine to make us forget what we know and put off doing anything. Anything that might make us personally more sovereign and sustainable, anything that might help wake others and change the direction our world is headed. Add to that the fear of getting tagged as a dissenter and possibly getting incarcerated or eliminated, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for status quo behavior. We wait to take action until another day, and for someone else to do the courageous.

I know this pattern, because I lived it for so long. I sympathize with the feelings. But time is running out. We don’t have the luxury of nodding back into dreamland again and again. The house is on fire, and if we go back to sleep, we and all we love will burn within it. We MUST rouse ourselves from our lethargy, our fear, and our hope that someone else will do the work so we can be spared.

Not only is it immoral to place the risk and burden on someone else when we know the situation – if we don’t support the doers by joining them, they will fail. Twelve people on a street outside Parliament and David Icke standing in an election he knows he can’t win are not going to stop the New World Order. Its demise will only happen if the informed people who visit this blog, David Icke’s website, the Visionary Truth website, the Rense and Alex Jones websites, and all the other NWO information posts find it in themselves to do the right thing, whatever the risk or cost to their personal comfort.

Where were those other 3,000 readers today? Enjoying the holiday? Working as usual? Checking out the Visionary Truth website to see if anybody showed up at the rallies? My friends, unless we find it in ourselves to make a solid commitment, the New World Order is a done deal.

If we respond to the critical information we’ve been given by simply “thinking positive,” or grousing about the global deceivers and being fatalistic, or feeling smugly superior to the unaware “average joe,” then perhaps we deserve to be microchipped. That is precisely the fate that awaits us if we continue responding in these ways.

We only deserve better if we stop allowing the ruling elite to dictate our lives. We stop that not by moaning, thinking comforting thoughts, or feeling wise. We do it by making a commitment. We must commit our very lives. Freedom must mean more to us than preserving our bodies. If we do die in the cause of freedom, our spirits at least will be free and we’ll never again live as slaves of other people’s agenda.

It isn’t up to David Icke to fix this. It isn’t up to Izzy Smart. As if a few heroic people even could. They can’t do the job that needs to be done by thousands.

Each one of us, to be free, must take back the permissions we’ve given that allow the enslavers to silently run our lives. We take those back one at a time, becoming wiser and more empowered with each step toward freedom we take. And we must share the information we have with others, so our thousands turn to millions.

Today was the first step. A brave few took it. Hats off to those courageous individuals. For the rest of us, unless we change our attitudes fast, we personally have no future and humanity has none either. We are hand-delivering society, in full knowledge of the consequences, to the people who would destroy it.

If you can’t live with that on your conscience, it’s time to look seriously at why you weren’t at a rally today. To continue with easy choices is to personally hammer the last nails in the coffin of mankind. The global elite are laughing at us this July 4th, the idle taunts we made. Unless we can do better than this, we might as well quit.

Because a handful of people can’t change the world. They can only do it if the rest of us care enough to stand at their side.

Bronte Baxter

(Note: In the months since the posting of this article, the lead person behind the Visionary Peace website changed his focus from activism to rescuism. His website is now dedicated to his new ideas of solving the New World Order: salvation by Ashtar Command. This is most sad and unfortunate, as he was in a position to do so much good with what he had started. I can no longer endorse the Visionary Peace website.)


  1. Jim Porter said,

    July 5, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Hi Bronte.

    It strikes me that anyone who truly gets what’s going on, wants to share their message with those they think will listen. That’s how important the message is. But the world is crazy and only a few people are prepared to give the truth a chance at the moment, as any trained eye will notice from press reports about David Icke’s progress this week. The message will shine through when the time is right, and not necessarily by means of a street protest. Why do you talk of quitting and who are you referring to when you say ‘we might as well all quit’? I see and hear no sign of frustration from Icke. Indeed he says he sees people waking up all over the world at this time. Each one of those people will be spreading the message in the way they see fit. Just as you are.


  2. Margaret B said,

    July 5, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Bronte

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and updates. I felt guilty that I couldn’t do anything to help today but I simply do not know one single person I can really talk to about any of this, not even my own adult children.
    . I talk to lots of people but they just see me as a total eccentric and they have a right to their opinion. I also have to make a living.
    I know I live at the other end of the Earth but all my friends and acquaintances are intelligent, thinking people – not necessarily wise, but certainly caring, genuine people.

    There simply has to be another way. Like you I have done much meditation and followed many schools of thought from an early age but I have never joined any religion or cult.
    I have dabbled a lot and had my fingers burnt a bit so I am now wary but my mind remains open.

    I have enormous admiration for David Icke and his work, having read most of it – Stuart Wilde, whom I have followed for 20 years, has some very interesting answers and so does Matthew DeLooze. So do you – and then there is Heart of the Initiate which seems to be on the right track plus many others including Stuart and Janet Swerdlow.
    Somehow, to me, it seems that we all have to go within, clear out our own dark side and visualise, ask our higher self, oversoul and God-mind for guidance and support, all the while being aware of the possibility of infiltrating dark energies.
    No one else can do this for us, we have to do it alone, but if enough people really can do our own inner house cleaning it has to make an enormous difference to the energy of the world we live in. There is the hundredth monkey effect, isn’t there….? And there is certainly already an army of enlightened, wise and genuine travellers on this Earth. Somehow we have to unite – aggression and confrontation have never really worked although they do help to wake people up. I don’t know any more.

    What do others think and what other suggestions does anyone else have?
    I hope these comments have been constructive.

    Kind Regards

    Margaret B

  3. Mick said,

    July 5, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Hi Bronte

    I fully understand your heartfelt beratement, but I see no need for immediate despair. Yes, the ptb will laugh at what they consider a pitiful turnout. But people are beginning to see. People are accepting concepts that, just a year ago, they would never have considered. If it took you 20 years until you were fully committed, then please have a little patience with those who are struggling from their slumber. They don’t have the grace of 2 decades, granted, but eyes and minds will be forced open in a more brutal manner.
    For all the seeming futility, Icke’s campaign will have reverberations, which will help empower your message, Matthew Delooze’s, Ellis C Taylor’s, to name but a few. What about the quiet, steady work being done by Don Croft and the orgonite movement? Are they completely misguided or are they actually making progress, subtle though it may be?
    As for the sacrifice of lives, who is to say death is a guarantee of freedom.


  4. brontebaxter said,

    July 5, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    To Mick who says a sacrifice of lives is no guarantee of freedom, please: I am advocating neither bloodshed (far from it!) nor sacrificing our own lives. I am saying that our FEAR that we might die if we get more involved stops a lot of us from doing something. It stopped me for a long time, because I was so concerned I would “tagged.” I wanted to be safe, and for everything to somehow just blow away. That was cowardly, irresponsible, but understandable thinking – thinking I finally saw had to change if I didn’t want to end up with a microchip in my hand in a few more years.

    I say that death would be superior to life in the New World Order not because I advocate throwing away our lives in senseless acts of martyrdom. I am against anything so foolish. I only talk about looking at our fear of death because if we don’t it will control us and keep us from doing even simple acts that could make a difference. Acts like attending a rally for instance.

    I agree that talking to people, one on one, is a powerful thing to do, even if people are in denial at first of what we tell them. But at some point, in any revolution, a group moves beyond talking to action. Yes, we are in the talk stage now and it is critical. I have written articles about the power and importance of this phase. But when one of our members organizes a simple action, that we have a choice to either ignore or support, it speaks badly of our level of commitment if only a few show up.

    There will be other rallies, other efforts. We must do better next time, and that won’t happen if we don’t ask ourselves the hard questions about why we weren’t at this one. If we refuse to look at our fear or our lethargy or whatever it is that blocked us, we’ll continue with an attitude that will cause us to find an excuse to not show up next time, either. And if there are enough next times where nobody shows up, the New World Order closes around us.

    Izzy has a note on her website today that besides the 12 who appeared in the video of the London protest, “many others” were also there, spread out and talking to passersby. That is encouraging. It is still not the hundreds or thousands that might have been there.

    I meant this blog post as a kick in the pants for our movement, not as a statement of despair. I am certainly not quitting or despairing. But if more of us don’t get serious soon, we won’t turn the tide. I believe in our better nature that we will make the crucial transition.


  5. Brian said,

    July 5, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    I don’t think that this virtual ‘no-show’ should be a cause for too much disappointment. When I saw that two prominent U.S. truth websites, educate-yourself and Alex Jones didn’t post articles announcing the rallys, my first thought was that they sensed( as did I) that many Americans who need to awaken would be much less potentially receptive to the message on the fourth of July. Maybe alot of truthers sensed that too on some level. Besides, I think we’ll help to make up for it next weekend with the D.C. Ron Paul rally. Even though I believe he knows the truth behind 9/11 but won’t speak of it because the continuing deep denial of it by many would castigate him into political suicide if he did, he still represents the best hope for big numbers at a public demonstration. And to Mick at post #3, I’m glad you mentioned Don Croft and the orgonite movement. I strongly encourage readers to check out http://www.educate-yourself.org for an understanding of what that’s all about. To me, a clear barometer to how apace we are with an awakening( however subtle and inconsequential it may seem) is the number of sylphs there are in the sky transmuting all the chemtrails. I also want to recommend reading the interviews with Red Elk, especially with regards to his intriguing metaphor of this world being a giant mousetrap. The trap is set and we are the cheese. And the mice(rats?) are sniffin’ around, gettin’ closer to the bait and pretty soon it’ll be……………SPROINNNNGGGGG!!!!! We need to take heed of the indigenous wise ones. They know the score.

  6. Brian said,

    July 5, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    I forgot to mention the annual mass protest at the G-8 summit. This year it is in Sapporo, Japan. Thousands gathered at that one. They seem to get bigger with each succeeding year. You would think it’s bound to have a snowball effect on future protest venues.

  7. Barbara said,

    July 6, 2008 at 2:14 am

    Two things:
    When you die don’t assume that you will be free of the NWO, that you are not in the enslavement from death to life as well as from life to death. (I got this from Mathew Delooze.)

    Also like you Margaret I don’t have anyone to talk to about this, well maybe one person now who knows about the reptilian thing from David Icke but so far as my own friends go even 911 is mainly too much. Where are you based Margaret? Where is the other end of the earth?

  8. Mick said,

    July 6, 2008 at 2:14 am

    To both Bronte and Brian, thank you for your candid replies.

    Bronte, this blog you have set up is definitely needed. Not only your articles, but the replying posts also, are educational and inspirational. It is a sane place for true debate and the exchange of ideas. But yes, you are right, there must be a point where words transform into concrete, positive action. At present, I know, small groups of people are gradually making definite changes, if only in their personal lives. I have friends whose main focus is the practical realization of alternative energy production. Therefore they are open to the work of Reich and Tesla, for instance, which means they also consider more subtle concepts. But they cetainly baulk at the concept of interdimensional reptilians, though they can believe in the influence of Freemasons. Alot of the transforming is still within, which is not instant as years of conditioning have to be broken and disavowed. Anyway, you know this, the point I’m making is all, is not lost, not by a long chalk.

    Brian, everyone should be encouraged to have a chembuster in their garden and to look at the sky more often. In my town most people walk around looking at their feet.

    kind regards

  9. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 2:57 am

    Note from Bronte to readers:
    The following comment was left by “GRAHAM” at the end of a different article, and I think he meant to leave it here. So here you have it, cut-and-pasted:

    Hello Folks across the ether.

    At 11.00hrs 4th July 2008 we stood in Trafalgar Square London.

    There is a large empty stage there used by various free speechers and as of writing today 5th of July its a Gay Pride meeting .

    July the 4th a lonesome 20 ish young man in white t-shirt red circle with line through a pyramid was all we saw. Very poignant.

    About half a mile to the south -Big Ben /Houses of Parliament way in the sky was a hovering dark blue helicopter at 200 feet and moving slowly westwards.

    We walked that way to join the rampaging angry hordes tearing the House of P to pieces with their bare hands and gnashing teeth.

    Casting the sand coloured stones into the Thamesisis .To see the baring of the Ben ben……….errr no-one there!!

    Returning to Trafalgar Square and the batteries drained on the digicam
    Anyhow ………repect to the few -espescially the dude in the hand written shirt with all the website addresses like Icke , Jordan Maxwell etc .

    So please make that 14 people that turned up.14 folk that perhaps will talk to 14 folk ad infinitum.

    Storming the Bastille may be a fun blood sacrifice to the very beast but quiet spreading of word and slowly awakening just one other person a day,every day, to the injustice may be a more naturally lasting method. Running onto fixed bayonets is probably not a good idea.

    London is well worth a visit and its large ‘look at us’ stone slabs are only really mainly Victorian and a testament to only a few hundred years of global thievery.You have to look up at the ever present snake like tails everywhere. Symbols centre place on building facades [just that a facade] and flag poles that blend so perfectly with the rising wafts, on a hot summers day of……………….sewer.

    Ever hopeful

  10. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 3:09 am

    Yes of course, Barbara. Dying is no release from being controlled if you die in a state of consciousness where being controlled is your modus operendi. The afterlife is supervised by the same entities who run things here (for evidence, read Michael Newton’s second book, “Destiny of Souls,” with its hypnoregression reports of the afterlife and “the system” as it operates on the other side).

    I was not saying that to die is to be free. I was saying that to die in the effort of becoming free would mean you would depart this world without the entrenched habit of obedience. You would have freed yourself from it. That means that in the afterlife and in the next incarnation, you would be far less prone to putting up with enslavers. My point was that even in a worse-case scenario (i.e., death), standing up for what’s right always pays off.


  11. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 3:13 am

    Brian, I’ve had reservations and concerns for some time about the sylphs business. In response to your comment, I’m spending the day researching this subject, and you’ll get my opinion in the next posted article.

    By the way, I’m reading the book you recommended, “In the Absence of the Sacred,” and it is stupendous. That, and your lead info about the Iroqois’ system of government influencing our founding fathers, will be the topic of some other new articles in the future.


  12. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 3:59 am


    Red Elk’s Internet site has been all but taken down. Those articles you reference aren’t available anymore. Can you explain about the mousetrap analogy? In what sense are the humans cheese? Who baited the trap and for whom? Although I haven’t read Red Elk’s “channeled information from the Creator” with his “If you don’t like what I say, complain to Him,” I find myself wary of anyone who claims to receive channeled information or psychic messages from guides or God.

    I believe the channeling experience is real in most cases, but the information is typically disinformation, as it comes from beings in the unseen who want to keep control of our minds through such impressive devices. While they talk against the New World Order, they can actually be working to establish it. Just as we saw happening on a human level today in David Icke’s “latest headlines” ( See http://www.davidicke.org).

    The character David Davis, who is running for Parliament on an anti-Big Brother agenda, has been found to actually be deeply connected to the powerful people who are implementing the very Big Brother agenda he claims to oppose. Setting him up as the defender against Orwellian government is a ploy to win the trust and allegiance of awakening citizens who otherwise might wake up thoroughly and really do something to stop the emerging world government.

    This same stratagem is used in the spiritual domain: teachers claim to be leading toward freedom and enlightenment while in fact they’re leading right back to the enslaved mentality we’re seeking to rise from. Channeling or inspired divine messages are typical ways such teachers convey the dogmas and dictates of their off-world guides. For this reason, I regard Red Elk with great caution until I have very good reason to regard him otherwise.


  13. venusinpisces said,

    July 6, 2008 at 4:38 am

    Bronte, I am a huge fan of your blog and many posts have inspired me to do my own research as well as speak with others who are wary of all the power-tripping gurus so prevalent in the new age movement these days. This is why it pains me to see you stating, even hypothetically, that humanity deserves the totalitarian state that awaits us all if the global elites realize their agenda. No one deserves to be enslaved, psychically manipulated and coralled into concentration camps, even if they did give permission! If those of us who are in the know lose sight of this basic truth, then our efforts in organizing within our own communities will be compromised. I was just thinking today that the whole concept of “giving permission” is so overemphasized in the truthseeker/abduction community. To me, it seems like just another way of shifting blame onto the innocent. Sure, most of these people are human beings who make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a-ok to microchip them all like common cattle(no disrespect to cows). If people use the idea of giving permission as a way to improve lives, that’s one thing. But I think that to use the concept as a way to guilt trip others is a misinterpretation of what’s really going on. Of course there is nothing wrong with encouraging those around us to help stop the global agenda in whatever way we can–I just think that this is best accomplished by working with people who may be in an entirely different place than us in terms of awareness levels. with all due respect, Sierra

  14. Sonance said,

    July 6, 2008 at 6:26 am


    Forget about yesterday, it’s over, your message is very inspiring and needs more time to catch on. I live in the US and was hoping for just such a party but did not hear of the rally until July 5th. Perhaps the planning should be for more protests on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, if we’re not going away this would be a good way to show it. Our email is filtered and websites are censored so it’s no surprise some sites had no mention of your protest.

    People are waking up – things are quietly changing as the energy behind those with ill intent catches up to them. Thank you to all who stood against the machine last Friday! Please focus on your energy from God and you will heal the world from within as this is what they seek to take away from humanity but cannot without your consent or lack of opinion by default.

    Where is the site Visionary Peace? I cannot find it on the net. I am interested to hear what others around the globe are saying. Let go of the past and open your mind to what you want for the future. The astrology is right for a change, so let’s make it one that benefits all.



  15. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 7:54 am


    To say we deserve a thing we have consciously brought on ourselves is to me an empowering statement. It not as placing blame but rather, taking responsibility. I was speaking pointedly to make a strong point: that whether we win or lose this fight is entirely up to us. Is that a disempowering idea? I don’t think so.

    Of course I agree it is never right for one group of entities to trick or enslave another, even if the victims do allow it. And victims can allow bad things to happen to them by UNconsciously cooperating with tyrants, especially when they don’t recognize the tyrants for the kind of people they are. There’s no better way to enslave someone than by making them think they’re free, and that’s the trump card the ruling elite has been playing. We have been a planet of naive innocents, and have stumbled into our predicament like unsuspecting children following the Pied Piper into the mountain. Of course I have sympathy.

    If I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother to try to help. Instead I’d hole somewhere in the North Alaskan wilderness and ride out the rest of my life as far away from the problem as I could get. My heart goes out to people who have been tricked into giving permission that enslaves them. I have less sympathy for people who have seen through the trick and continue to cooperate with it, especially when they have an opportunity to do something to change the situation and they choose not to bother.

    Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is to call it like it is. It helps people who are in denial come to terms with their unconscious choice. I am not above speaking sharply when I think it is necessary. After yesterday’s turnout, it was clear to me that a lot of us who know what’s going on are still on the fence about commitment, and I felt it was time to address that. If the criticism doesn’t apply to you, ignore it. If the shoe fits, wear it.

    Do people who are aware of the world we’re walking into unless we do something to prevent it, people who choose – with full knowledge of the consequences – to do nothing to change direction: do such people deserve to live with the microchip? In a sense, they do. They deserve it because they consciously choose it, and we all deserve to experience what we consciously choose.

    Such experience is not “our just dessert” so much as our right. How else can we learn the consequences of our choices if we are not allowed to experience them? We can be warned against a bad choice, but if, in spite of our knowledge, we consciously elect to have an experience, no power in heaven or earth can keep us away from it. That is the sanctity and power of human free will, and we are that powerful because we are a conscious part of God. What God ordains happens, and what we ordain happens: whether we ordain for happiness or misery.

    I’m hoping the world does not have to experience global fascism before it makes a better choice. But that is where our planet is headed unless we turn ourselves around. The dark lords are the instigators, but it is only we ourselves who can pull the lid down on our own coffin, not them. Or, we can jump out of the coffin and live.

    I’ve written other articles here about the power of human choice. See “Free the Moment You Decide to Be” (April Archives, I think) for one of them. As long as we don’t take responsibility for the bad stuff we allow, we can’t embrace our power for the good stuff we can create. It’s a two-edged sword: either you accept your power and start to use it consciously and responsibly, or you tell yourself life “happens” to you, and you live on as a victim.

    It does us no good to coddle and baby each other. To only speak the pleasant, comforting words. When situations call for it, we must be willing to speak the unpleasant truth. That is respecting other people’s power, while the alternative is pitying humanity as helpless.

    It’s time for mankind to grow up. We have no alternative but to do it fast. There is no Santa Claus, and no one is going to arrive on the clouds and take this all away. As the Hopis put it, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”


  16. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 7:57 am

    Visionary Peace’s website again, for those who can’t find it:


  17. Barbara said,

    July 6, 2008 at 8:19 am

    Reading the Splinter in the mind and the various comments has been a life changing experience for me. Not only that but it has led to further reading and a greater understanding of what is going on.
    I am of the belief that knowledge is a step to freedom as you can’t get free if you don’t know you are in a trap.
    I am starting to questions peoples’ assumptions about why they watch rubbish television like Big Brother and drink rubbish drinks, especially the diet ones. I know its not much but it’s a step.
    As we become more free and move away from the attitudes and beliefs that entrapped us I think there is a good chance of becoming free. There does seem to be an awareness and a change happening and by questioning old beliefs and making changes in our lives we can expect a future to look forward to.
    What do you mean Sierra about working with people who may be in an entirely different place than us in terms of awareness levels Sierra?

  18. Mick said,

    July 6, 2008 at 10:47 am

    Just as a point of interest, July 4th is the 2nd of the dog days of Sirius. This is an important date to occultists, masons and the illuminati in general. Sirius is sacred to Isis and all connected to her. I, personally, would not want to be raising energy on that day.

  19. Brian said,

    July 6, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Bronte, You can get to Red Elk’s stuff through http://www.educate-yourself.org You’ll find his name at the top of the home page, fourth line down. Before you read it I just wanted to give you my take. We are the cheese because our sleeping state has put us in the matrix, the ‘virtual reality’- the state of controlled containment. Contained because we’ve been conditioned to believe in the denseness of matter. Controlled because of our inability to realize the power to direct our being ‘around and through’ the illusions of matter. The 4D malevolence feeding off human energy is desperately moving as fast as possible to engineer their NWO into place PRECISELY because it knows the awakening is moving just as fast. Hence the trap. Just when it thinks the cheese is theirs, gotcha! Maybe you could say it is by mutual consent with the Divine that we came up with the plan to devise a trap using ourselves as bait in order to correct this ‘celestial error’ once and for all. This is not to say that all we gotta do is sit back and wait for some spiritual rescue party to save us. More of us than ever before are learning to act on our own volition. That hundredth monkey is right around the corner. And while I certainly share your concern about channeled information, you gotta figure that not all of it is coming from treacherous intent. The trick of course is in determining whether or not you’re successfully navigating your way through all the bullshit. In anticipation of new articles from you, I can envision a new world with a truly enlightened mode of self-government patterned after the Iroquois model that would serve as a grounded setting from which we will realize our true spiritual power. Also, I am very curious to read about your misgivings regarding the sylphs.

  20. July 6, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Basing decisions on astrology is playing into their hand. The gods (through the astrological signs) only control what happens to us if we add the essential element of permission. We do that by accepting astrology as the way of things and living in accord with it. This also supports their system of power over us.

    The gods do not control this dimension, through astrology or any other way, unless we allow it. WE can control our own destiny by putting our attention on the highest level of consciousness, the Infinite within us, and acting from there. That overrides the lower-astral dimension of influence where astrology reigns and in which astrology was born.


  21. July 6, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Brian, what I was trying to tell you is, the Red Elk’s site is essentially shut down. All his articles are gone. I DID go to educate-yourself.com and clicked on his name, and was brought to an article with links to his articles – links that were dead. He is no longer making his material available, unless you buy one particular DVD. That’s why I asked if you had access to anything written you could share.

    I don’t agree that SOME channeled information is coming from helpful sources. I have yet to see that. Not that it’s impossible, I just haven’t seen it yet. Why am I not seeing it? I’m guessing because the entities in the unseen who support what we are doing are not into giving big long lectures about the nature of reality and what’s going on the world. They’re looking to see if we have the hutzbah to figure that out for ourselves. We don’t need off-world entities to help us do it. All the facts are there.

    The only channeled entities I’m aware of use the pretext of sharing spiritual information to make people dependent on them or compliant with the agenda they promote. It’s barking up the wrong tree to explore channeled messages, in my opinion. We need to do our own work. After we’ve done it, the dimensional gates will open and we’ll share in a spiritual brotherhood with free beings who stay invisible as long as humanity works from the “Help us! We’re lost!” mentality. I don’t think these beings influence in any way other than through inspiration and thoughts to us at this point. If they did more, we would look to them for salvation instead of to God within ourselves.


  22. Margaret B said,

    July 6, 2008 at 1:47 pm


    I love your blog and the most enlightening discussion it evokes but I disagree with you about deserving all we get. Perhaps some of us do – as you say we all must take responsibility for what we do and say but what about those who have evolved through different races and cultures with thousands of years of oppression to work through? What about those who have grown up in totally disfunctional families and have to find their way alone in a more and more controlled society?
    Quantum Leaps in Consciousnous cannot happen overnight and, certainly initially, empowerment begins slowly and wise guides are important along the way. I didn’t say rescuers and I have no wish to be patronising but we are all in this together whether we like it or not.
    It is one thing to be enlightened coming from a comfortable middle class, educated background and quite another to come from a suppressed, illiterate and racially discriminated against society.

    Everyone has the right to learn their own lessons in their own way but each of us also has the right to compassion and understanding as we take those first faltering steps. If only this was the case more often what a different world it would be!

    Your talk of ‘deserving to be microchipped’ reminds me of the old religious reward and punishment system, so predominant in our society and which has produced the fertile ground in which the New World Order has flourished and grown so covertly.
    I am not trying to ‘press your buttons’ Bronte but we are all walking a razor’s edge now and total honesty with ourselves is the only way we are all going to make it – and make it we will, somehow.

    Thank you for your calls to our consciences, we all need wake-up calls!

    Barbara, I live in Hobart, Tasmania and would love to hear from you if you live within a reasonable distance.


  23. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 5:23 pm


    You’re starting to twist my words, and certainly my meaning. I never wrote “we deserve all we get.” I am saying we either create or allow all we get. This is true whatever our background. If indeed we plan our next life from the between-life place, we even select our conditions of birth, and can set them up to be quite horrific in the mistaken belief that this will somehow “purge” our karma or make us wise.

    Do not put me in the category of religions, believing in reward and punishment. Religions use the word “deserve” in a very different sense from how I meant it. I believe karma exists only in the mind and dissolves when we change our attitudes. There is no reward-and-punishment system in the universe outside of what we believe in and allow.

    What I did write is that “we all deserve to experience what we consciously choose.” To me, this is a right, not a reward or punishment. Who would have it that we should NOT able to experience whatever we consciously choose for ourselves?

    I used the word “deserve” in the original article to sharply make a point. Please do not warp what I said into something I had no intention of saying.


  24. Mick said,

    July 6, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    You may be right about our capability of transcending the control of astrology. But to be ignorant of it and how it is used to control and extract energy is just plain foolish. It is no mistake that matrix systems such as astroligy are debunked as superstition to the masses yet have been continually used by the illuminati since they were imposed. In conjunction of course with the specific placement and alignment of symbolic monuments, of which Washington DC is replete. Any great mass of people will create a storehouse of energy, which can then be syphoned by those who know how, especially when in an area containing specific symbolic monuments and street plans, and on a ritually charged symbolic date. Permission doesn’t have to be conscious to be given. Unless we have knowledge of what they use to steal our soul force then we act in ignorance, for which there is no excuse.

  25. brontebaxter said,

    July 6, 2008 at 6:56 pm


    I agree with everything you wrote in that last post, but not in the one before it. Yes, astrology and symbols are both used by occultists to empower their plans and desires. Matthew Delooze in his books and articles has done a great job of suggesting precisely how that works. (See http://matthewdelooze.co.uk/articles.php?cat_id=1 and his book “The Stars Are Falling.”)

    I agree we should become informed of how astrology and symbols are manipulated to manipulate us, so we can stop supplying those things with power (and through them the dark lords who use them). But to have an anti-New World Order rally on July 4 was in no way supplying them with power, as you seemed to suggest in your first comment above on astrology. All the energy around that effort was toward taking back our power. As I understand it, we only supply power to the dark lords by using their symbols and focusing energy on them. None of that was happening in the rallies. If anything, by having a rally on that day, the “energy of the hour” was being harnessed by us for our own purposes.

    I got an email from a reader saying July 4 was a great time for a rally on account of astrology. You write and say it was a bad time on account of astrology. I say we shouldn’t let astrology dictate what we do, but work from an energy that is beyond it.


  26. Brian said,

    July 6, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    I think that many of us whose level of spiritual understanding has been influenced by some of the thoughts and writings of others are essentially receiving much of that information as divine messages of in-spiration. Sometimes what we might get from those others seem to smack as being ‘channeled’ which makes us question the credibility of the entire content of that information. To me, the bottom line is that the 4D interlopers are having an exceedingly difficult time in intercepting and then distorting those messages from divinity which should put us in the position of feeling encouraged in the challenges of distilling them.

  27. mick said,

    July 6, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Yes, to be in fear because of certain dates and times is foolish also. I sincerely believe that to have an awareness of the insidious use of, imo, primarily hijacked, symbols is useful for understanding. But, being the minefield it is, it can be easy to fall into obsession. You are right, we are more than that and can reach way beyond the constructs and traps. As always, the struggle for inner balance goes hand in hand with the need for balanced action. I have much to ponder from these posts. Thank you and blessings to all.

  28. Sonance said,

    July 7, 2008 at 5:59 am


    I didn’t mean to set off a firestorm about astrology, I was referring more to the planetary alignment and not so much the symbology of the horror-scopes. I agree most of this is created and delivered on the lower astral dimension although I do believe there is something with the planetary positions -that does seem to have some sort of energy shifts just as things grow in sunny warm seasons sometimes things are more favorable than others. On that note, we are all gods and you’re absolutely correct about our creating or allowing what happens by using or giving our energy away.

    I think I understand your frustration concerning the 4th of July. We here in the US are all wondering why the 35 articles of impeachment toward both Bush and Cheney are brushed aside as too much to bother with and too little time left in the term. Yeah, right? I honestly don’t know how they’re holding everything back so successfully. People on the street seem well aware and in discord with most all of the activities of the bush administration, yet the path to recourse -as you’ve discovered – seems lethargic at best, even though it seems enough have awakened to the reality. The attention does not reach the critical mass needed, which defies reason. Something to ponder, indeed. We are apparently still giving our power away, or it’s so huge from the centuries of control the backlash will be like a burst dam completely washing away the old and things will change forever.


  29. Rob said,

    July 7, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Sorry to hear about the disappointing turn-outs. As American and its “coalition of the willing” were gearing up for the invasion of Iraq, I joined a local peace group. There were only a dozen or so of us. We held a rally and a couple of hundred showed up. Of course we also attended the huge rally in Sydney, but in our little corner of Australia, the rally kind of fizzled. Well, the huge rallys in Sydney and the rest of the world also were of no avail.

    But maybe not. If they planted a seed in people’s minds (“we’re being duped”), that was a start. We got some flack at our rally, but a few people who were “sitting on the fence” began to think. In my workplace, in many cases the mindless hatred towards Muslims was replaced with a question mark. A question mark is better than swallowing the party line!

    Maybe those of you in the US who participated this year should start planning NOW for next year. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to share information and work towards a common goal.

  30. Carissa C. said,

    July 8, 2008 at 1:52 am

    I live in Charlottesville, VA where Bush was speaking at Monticello. Here at work on Thursday, several of my coworkers were all excited about the idea of Bush coming here to speak, and were asking each other if they’d gotten tickets yet, etc.etc. (Good thing I was tucked away in my cube so nobody could ask me…..I would have responded with, “Yeah, I want to see Bush speak about as much as I want to sit down with Hitler for some beer and schnitzel.” Which I imagine would have gone over like a lead weight. ;D ) One woman said that she may not agree with his politics, but….it’s the PRESIDENT!!!” Then she reiterated it in her giddiness, “The PRESIDENT!!!!!”

    At the drop of a dime, people will ignore everything bad about Bush and his cabinet and just be in awe that here before them stands a “FAMOUS PERSON” or “THE PRESIDENT!” Such is the nature of brainwashing in America today. Never mind that the election was rigged, or that Bush is just a figurehead, and isn’t even the one running the show. Or that he has a hard time stringing two sentences together without bungling it all up into yet another “Bushism,” yet alone locating other countries on a world map. I mean, he’s “THE PRESIDENT!” He’s famous. ;)

    However, I do disagree that attending a rally is going to change anything, only because rallies have done zilch to fix or change anything since March of 2003 and the inception of the “Iraq War II.” People have to do what feels right for them, so by all means, if attending rallies makes one feel that they’re at least standing up and doing *something,* then yeah, I understand that. And I did my own things with regards to protesting the Iraq war back in March ’03 for exactly that reason, even though I knew it would do diddly squat. It was about declaring on a soul level where I’m aligned. BUT…..being realistic, I’m thinking back on the countless anti-Iraq war rallies over the past five years, the “Not in My Name” movement…..the websites, books, articles, speeches, radio interviews, sit ins, celeb spokespeople, the Cindy Sheehans and everybody else, and where has it gotten us?

    Nowhere. **Absolutely nowhere.**

    Does it mean don’t try? No. But I do get the impression that you sincerely believe that attending a rally really will change everything. I’m really digging 98% of your material, and even have it printed out and highlighted up….but this ongoing “Ra Ra!’ about rallying and campaigning against the NWO just leaves me scratching my head, like, “Huh??” I mean, most here probably know about all the rallies in D.C., San Francisco, Portland, and countless other U.S. cities (most of which received a media blackout….) over the past five years. It’s not like people haven’t tried rallying. It’s just that it gets blacked out in the media and life goes on.

    So if anything, these recent postings have inspired me to maybe write my own article countering the viewpoint with my own take on the reasons why more people AREN’T standing up and doing something. There’s a lot more going on here than what’s being covered in these blog postings (in my opinion), and yeah, it’s stuff of totally woo woo, epic proportions. ;) It goes beyond the idea of mere apathy. What caused this apathy? What’s helping to perpetuate it and keep people’s heads below water? (and no, the answer doesn’t solely lie in the physical realms. hint hint.)

    All I can say is that at this point, I don’t think you can win by going up against the Beast head to head in the ring. In my own head I’ve imagined various scenarios for protest, including getting a MASSIVE effort together nationwide to the point where *entire cities are shut down* due to protesting…and could only see the physical – and very nasty – retaliation that would happen, and how if anything, that would only further play into “Their” efforts to get martial law and the so-called NWO put into effect. You know, that whole phrase “When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.” Etc.

    So considering the sheer size of the beast in question, I’m wondering if by this point **the only winning move is not to play.** Sneak out the back exit and go make our own way. Don’t play into what they want. Don’t waste energy on yet more rallies and protests that go nowhere and get blacked out. Just walk away. Go make our own way, outside of the system. Leave it to its own devises to collapse in on itself and go down in flames. That’s not an idea many like to accept. “What?! NOT fight?? NOT stand up and do something??!” Yeah. Exactly that. What would happen if a huge group of people – and ideally it should be millions – simply stopped playing their game. Of which involves money, taxes, military enrollment, and all mainstream matrix world trappings. No fighting. Just…..walk away. Of course to do that would mean first having to eliminate the infamous FEAR PROGRAMMING most have about turning their back on the government. I mean, damn, I was nervous when I first decided to switch to all natural toothpaste without fluoride several years ago, such was the indoctrination I’ve had pummeled it into my head since childhood that to not brush with fluoride means all my teeth will fall out. !! So you can imagine the programming people have around money, taxes, the government’s power, the military, etc. It takes a group of people who see through all of that, to then convince others to start seeing through it too (and you’ve covered that before in previous blog postings)…..and then be brave enough to walk away.

    (And on a side note, I’m not even so sure by this point that the whole martial law/NWO craziness will end up happening. Multiple probable time lines, too many variables at play, and all that jazz.)

    Anyway, post has gone on longer than I expected, considering I told another commenter (who originally referred me to this blog) that I don’t do the posting thing anymore. Oh well. :)

  31. Anthony said,

    July 8, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Hello Bronte,

    Please don’t overplay the importance of the July 4th protests. Firstly, July 4th is not a holdiay for most of the world. Indeed, for most of the world July 4th is simply a day like any other.

    And what do people do on a day like any other? They live their lives. They live that day and make the most of it in their own particular way.

    My July 4th was spent very productively, both for me personally and for my immediate environment. One highlight of the day was talking with 2 older ladies, maybe 50 and 70, about the abuses of the elites both now and throughout history. We enjoyed a very positive conversation, which covered topics such as the pushing of occult themes in the media and fashion industry, the eternal struggle between good and evil, the phony wars forced upon us by the elite. I am English. The women were German. We agreed that what unites us as people is found at heart level.

    Here is a link to a man who lives every day as if it were the 4th of July. He was one of the first to link to this blog and many of the topics covered are similar. http://uwantsun.myblogsite.com/

    My own personal impression right now is that there is a war going on in the invisible realms that most of us can’t see. If you watch the skies, then you just might get a feel for what is going on.

    My own conviction is that regardless of what happens, it is essential that each one of us retains our humanity and lives as positively as we can, while not being too harsh on ourselves when we fall short of our expectations. Every day I enjoy countless encounters with people, some I know and some I don’t. I smile a lot.

    Each one of us can be a pinprick of light shining into a dark room. Consider the incredible resources invested in trying to push us into selfish, materialistic existences. What better response to that than shining forth as a light of humanity and inspiring our fellows or at least raising their spirits. And I don’t just mean grinning inanely and saying that everything will be alright.

    Every day we should be learning. Every day we should be growing. Every day we should be creating. We should be enjoying every day. Lightness of being is infectious. Once you’ve recognized the evil agenda of the few, then you can start to live every day with the goal of creating a different, better reality for us and our children.

    There are countless subjects of interest and importance. And that’s where our diversity is so special. There are some who know more or less about different subjects: economics, vaccinations, depleted uranium, spirituality, and so on. Here is an absolutely wonderful resource: http://www.whale.to/

    My message to every one of the readers here is to follow your own individual path and seek every day to bring light, wisdom, knowledge and love into your life and into the lives of the people and places you come into contact with. And find time for fun! Find time for pleasure and laughter. Enjoy this life and give thanks for it.

    My best wishes to you, Bronte and to all of your readers.

  32. brontebaxter said,

    July 8, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Good points, Anthony. I am an emotional person and found myself incredibly discouraged by the response to the rallies, but it’s time to “rally” round now and move forward. Many people here have made encouraging points. I just had such high hopes for those events. Premature apparently. But we will all keep sharing notes, sharing ideas, and our movement will keep growing and learning. I’m still not completely over what happened. I actually shed tears over it. But I’ll be back in commission pretty soon.


  33. Anthony said,

    July 8, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Hello Bronte,

    Thank you for your very honest reply!

    I know from personal experience that I can learn more from apparent “failure” than I can from success, so long as I am big enough and open enough to do so. The lessons are there for us every day!

    Your reply to my comment reflects very, very well upon you! You are not some know-all guru handing out pearls of wisdom to eager followers, but you are very much a real person with real emotions who has some excellent observations to share with whoever has an open heart and a free mind. Your humanity sets you apart from some people who often say the right things but somehow don’t feel convincing!

    I just can’t digest pearls of wisdom until the time is right for me and I’ve prepared myself for them: and I often have no idea that I’m ready for them until click, I notice that the lesson has been learned!

    And the more actively I pursue the path of learning and growing as a human being the faster I learn… Which is nice!

    Take care!

  34. mick said,

    July 8, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Just from the evidence of the posts from the whole of this site, and the many other blogs that exist, shows that there is hope. People are now digesting topics, and discussing them, in numbers that a few years ago would be unthinkable. Imo, there is a spiritual battle within all of us (this,of course, has been said for centuries) and this is where we will win or fail. In this arena people are engaging fearlessly with the dark powers, often 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But progress is being made and individual lights are shining. Those who stand up fearlessly in public are an inspiration and a confirmation, yet there are millions who are quietly chipping away at dark inspired attitudes and allowing the true light of humanity to shine ever brighter. Our strength is our spiritual nature and our capacity love in an unconditional way and, like Anthony says, to exude humour and the golden glow of joy. However dark things may seem, inspiration is coming from all quarters. I am proud to be a member of humanity, our true nature cannot be imprisoned forever.

    blessings and thanks to all

  35. astralkid said,

    July 9, 2008 at 2:40 am

    Excelent post carissa, :-)
    And it’s true , we just have to stop playing their games, we just choose our own way. See it for what it is , get informed ,know how dark the pitts of humanity can be, also see the light shining through the cracks of the dungeons , thats where you try to cut through, make our way out.
    Sure you can moan in that cellar for eternity about all the darkness right in front of your nose and make the best of it ’cause it is familiar and you have your routines and certainties, your food at regular intervals, but ….. it’s not where you came from.
    We all forgot after this long time where we came from, before we were thrown in the slammer, just like most people who’ve been for a long time in jail end up there again because they are brainwashed there is nothing out there for them.
    We think we are free in this game of the system, ……the system made a jail for us , not just physically but in our minds.
    They have done a thorough job of it too, except there is still this one thing they can’t control ………. our inner spirit, the core you that makes this world happen , that makes that system work and gives it the energy to do their thing.
    Their new invention is already here to cut us of from that inner core so they can maintain this place……… the microchip/rfid tag , and the tagging has already begun.
    We just clear our minds from the program, the imaginary prison and walk our own way, even if it has to be step by step ,thought by thought, scratch by scratch……… all the way to the unknown which is actually the place where we came from, the unknown of uncertainty ,of freedom, true freedom and potential where we have to take resposibility for our own choices, that’s where our true home is.
    Luckily more and more people start to wake up, it isn’t shown in the mainstream media of what’s going on with global consciousness,but it doesn’t matter ,the media is part of the system to keep it in place .
    Just look around , talk to people about the things we are talking about here and you’ll see that more people know about the conspiracies ,the lies and the system they want to get out of.
    The program makes it hard for them just to blurt it out in the open as to what they think of this so called society, we all know what happened in the dark ages to people who were a bit to smart for their own good, and they made sure those parts stayed in the history books, all a part of the programming.
    The system is loosing it’s control because a critical mass of waking people is reaching, the powers of this system are trying franticly to stop this from happening by any means possible .
    We have to keep going, it doesn’t matter if just a few people were there for the rallies, the beginning of the avalange starts with it , it takes just a few snow flakes more …………….. :-)

  36. brontebaxter said,

    July 9, 2008 at 2:52 am

    Astral Kid

    Your post is beautiful, inspiring and so insightful. Thanks.


  37. mesa said,

    July 9, 2008 at 4:53 am

    I do believe we all agree that we are eating ourselves. There is one very simple solution to stopping the madness that has enveloped humanity. We stop being a part of the cystem. we create sustainable communities from a few folks to clusters of these communities in the biggest cities. The creativeness of humanity hasn’t even shown it true face as of yet. growing food for your family, friends and neighbors is just one revolutionary act that will bring down the cystem. Barter, exchange, gifting are just a few ways to suck the cystem dry. Dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue with all the folks you know and don’t know. These are very basic ideas that can be stretched and molded into making real change

  38. Barbara said,

    July 9, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Margaret I live in Scotland in the United Kingdom. You really are at the other end of the earth! Just as well we have the email for us all to keep in touch.

    As someone who has not only been on numerous marches, some so big we could hardly get started, standing for hours until some space appeared in front of us to walk into, but also non violent direct action at weapons establishments and military bases I get the feeling that the people who deal in weapons and war machinery will carry on regardless of public opinion.

    I am not giving up however. I would be very disappointed in myself if I did. In this country for the first time for many years we may have some hope.

    What I would like to see is people who get involved in a single issue like nuclear weapons or racism being able to see the bigger picture of how it all connects and work together.


  39. brontebaxter said,

    July 9, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    The idea of a rally is not to convince the global elite that they are doing the wrong thing and make them have a change of heart. They already know what they’re doing, and no amount of protesting will make them feel differently.

    The point of any rally is to spread public awareness about an issue and to get the PUBLIC thinking. The Viet Nam War protests had that effect on America. People who had accepted the war as necessary, started reading and trying to figure out what the young protesters were so angry about. This started them seeing the lies behind the war, and soon the whole nation was up in arms against it, at which point, the political leaders were forced to bring it to an end.

    You can say, “Well, today we have media blackouts.” Well, not totally. Carissa, one of the commenters here who writes that protests are useless, added that she lives in Charlottesville, where Bush visited on July 4. The Charlottesville protest turned out being aired on TV, a snippet. What if, instead of dissing the value of protesting, Carissa had chosen to join in with the protesters in her town that day? What if she had joined in with the chant one man tried to start, and been the catalyst in getting the whole crowd of protesters to chant it? What would the media coverage have looked like then? How would the public have been affected? You never know how one person or one protest can be the inciting element that makes a huge difference.

    And what if a protest doesn’t get media coverage? Ever hear of camcorders? You make a you-tube video, you put it on the Web. What if the Web had been saturated with videos of dozens of July 4th protests around the world, showing hundreds or thousands of protesters? Do the folks who say the value of protests is dead really think that this would not have influenced public opinion, making thousands of people who hadn’t heard of the New World Order before, go to their computer and google it?

    My belief is that we need to use many tools to bring down the plans for our enslavement. Protesting isn’t particularly special. It’s just one tool in the kit. But to dismiss protests as a solid device for social change is, in my opinion, a mistake. Protest rallies inform the public, demonstrate the determination of the opposition, fortify the movement emotionally and help people network and organize. It’s a valuable strategy, and dismissing it as a strategy because people didn’t show up for the first NWO protest in history is a way of shooting ourselves in the foot. Perhaps the rally was premature, but the idea of a rally is a sound one.

    I hope we will see a worldwide rally one day that is supported by our people. Then we’ll “kick some ass.” But for that to happen, we have to collectively dismiss the hopeless attitude so many of us apparently hold about protests. Thinking that way plays into the plans of the dark lords. They WANT us to think it’s useless work to rally. Then we’ll all stay home.

    You who’ve written about how the Iraq War protests were so futile: are you guys so sure? Look at the how public opinion turned against the war. Are you so sure your efforts in those protests didn’t help raise the consciousness and cause that?


  40. brontebaxter said,

    July 9, 2008 at 12:27 pm


    Great post! I like your spelling: “cyst-em.” It’s a cystem all right. Yes to sustainable communities. Yes to barter and all the rest you mention. This is another tool in our bag, and one far more powerful than protests. Becoming sustainable will FREE us from dependence on the cystem. We need to cultivate both community and personal economic sovereignty.


  41. frankanne said,

    July 10, 2008 at 4:40 am

    brilliant debate. I was at the protest in London on 4th July. Yes, I too was surprised at the poor turnout, although I felt there must have been over one hundred people turned up throughout the day.

    did it make a difference? who knows? I did enjoy meeting up with others from the david icke forum and actually having a conversation with people who knew about the things I did. so i suppose it was a selfish act in a way, but quite empowering for me.

    We spoke about the possibility of an ‘internet blackout’ some time in the future and the need for a network database that did not rely on the internet for communication.

    Just imagine if the internet were to be shut down tomorrow, only to be reopened as internet 2, totally controlled, as the rest of the media. Do any of you posters here have connections with others – other than through the internet?

    something to think about.

  42. Barbara said,

    July 10, 2008 at 7:26 am

    This is something to think about Frankanne. I do have some networks but not about this. usually it works like: Go to a meeting and give your email address and since it’s local you probably know half of the people there anyway. Continue meeting people and getting emails,
    This is quite different but it would be nice to meet others.

  43. bev b said,

    July 10, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Interesting website Bronte. I have spent some time on it. Your latest article and this debate has left me with a few questions. Why is there only two modes of behaviour? Protest or not protest, and if one does not protest they are accepting the NWO’s agenda and consumed with the illusion. For some marching in protest is not for them, and they have invented different modes of delivering information and increasing awareness. Perhaps it is these methods that allow people to increase the vibration of those around them. I am also concerned when I read this post that you are forgetting to apply the Universal Laws (not just the law of attraction) to this situation. As David Icke said it is about love. When we protest from a state of mind filled with us against them/fear/kicking ass mentality, are we not starting from the negative? When the seed is negative the result is the seed is dead. To start from the positive would mean each one of us must feel that we free and rooted in love. Then there will be no need for a revolution because we will have created a transformation, and the problem with history is all our revolutions have just given us the same scenario just different name. To obtain this transormation, as many of your readers have suggested one must go within. As the Law of Projection and the Law of Reflection suggest the outer world is just a reflection of our inner world.
    The signs within the Universe all all pointing to a major shift in our world. Mother Earth is cleaning out. (part natural; part manmade) At the present moment, one needs to focus on cleaning up the debris and the fear within our own lives. We need to dig deep and rid ourselves of all conditionning, suppressions, represssions and programming on all levels. This is not to say that one should not be aware of the various ways we are being duped. Just do not get yourself so worked up about these situations that you move to the opposite end of the spectrum (law of duality) and move into fear. Under the law of attraction that which you fear you attract. As more of us change our inner and get the word out things will change.
    This is just my little opinion on the subject. Wishing you days filled with the most pleasant of surprises.

  44. Jay said,

    July 11, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Hi Bronte

    I found your blog a few weeks ago via the David Icke website, and have read many of your articles with great interest. I find your insight, your caring so deeply, and your eloquence very inspiring.

    On 4th July my partner and I were helping David Icke up in the Hull area, and as we have not yet figured out how to be in two places at once we were unable to attend the demo in London…I was shocked to hear how small the turn-out had been, but I’m still glad we chose to travel to Hull – it felt like we did important things there.

    All the best,


  45. brontebaxter said,

    July 11, 2008 at 2:37 am

    Jay, I’m sure you did some great stuff! I like what I’m seeing on the David Icke website this week, lots of wonderful accomplishments! Thank you for your commitment and your hard work.

    Bev, what can I say? Your remark is an example, to me, of the way the wonderful truth of “the power of thought” gets twisted and earns the bad PR it often gets. To suggest we merely need to think a certain way, and all will right itself, is a sham. We are physical beings in a physical universe, and while mind controls and inspires that universe, it also takes action within it. It is through inspired action that mind does its work, and brings about change in the world.

    Of course we need to go within. That’s what my article on creating reality through thought was all about. But after we go within, we need to return to the world, and act in the creative way that inspiration suggests. The rallies were the creative inspiration of a few people, that deserved more support than they got. Because I said that does not indicate I’m “coming from fear,” nor is it “negative” or contrary to universal love to playfully use the term “kicking ass” in the context I used it.

    Loving all beings does not mean walking around with a bliss-ninny grin all the time and waiting for the world to right itself. It requires being an inspired doer. In the case of the NWO, love requires making a commitment and taking back the permissions that allowed our prison to be built in the first place. We do this in harmony, with a desire for the happiness of all beings, even those who are the enslavers. That does not mean we don’t stand up against the enslavement.


  46. Anthony said,

    July 11, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    I found this story very uplifting! “From Motown to Growtown”


  47. gregorylent said,

    July 18, 2008 at 12:43 am

    lot of belief here about a reality external to one’self, so adding that it is all metaphor for one’s own egoic consciousness will not be heard. but i tried

  48. Alexander said,

    August 28, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Hi Bronte,

    This was a very powerful message and straight to the point. The shit is going to hit the fan and its going to hit the fan big time. But what am I supposed to do??? Do I go around screaming to people to wake up? They do have their right to be who they are even if I don’t like it.

    I am in a similar situation like Margaret and Barbara. Everyone I know including my own family is programmed. Its not a judgement its just how I see it. Although I get really frustrated. You can’t really share this information with them – they beleive everything that the media tells them. And living in a false paradigm.

    I feel so alone and thinking what is my point in being here. It would be good to have like minded people to connect with and network. There are two people in my life: 1. The inner me that wishes to break free and 2. The outer person who is trying to interact with this system – going to work and pay the bills etc. So there are two lives I am living. The secret one and the false one.

    I have no problem with what David Icke, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow communicate and so many other wonderful researchers out there. How is it I can relate to multi dimensional concepts, NWO, mind manipulation, etc, yet others around me are completely left brained and programmed? And even the suggestion that 911, london bombing, etc was created to change the nature of society to them seem crazy and we haven’t got into religion and the off world information such as Reptilian and hidden galactic history, etc.

    BTW, Barbara I live in Scotland, United Kingdom to. :) Can I post my email address here? Margaret, Barbara and anyone else who would like to make contact with me?

    I really liked and was so delighted with your article about ‘Channelling: Who’s Talking?’ I am so pleased that finally some people are waking up to this. The Inverness and Findhorn area of Scotland – a lot of programming is going on I’m sure.



  49. brontebaxter said,

    August 28, 2008 at 8:46 am

    Alex, your post went straight to my heart. I think we all feel quite alone right now. Most of us who know these things are isolated in our knowledge, without a support group around us. That’s why forums for these topics are so popular and helpful. I am going to send your email address to Barbara, and to Margaret if I can find hers, along with your post. You can also surely post your email address here. You left your comment here a couple of months after the discussion mostly ended, so I don’t think many readers are likely to see it here, though. I suggest you join the “Splinter” discussion forum, which hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet as it’s new. As of about 2 weeks ago, all long posts like yours are relegated there, with the blog being reserved for short comments.

    You say, “I wonder why I’m here.” I think we’re here to make a difference at this crucial time for the world. What a gift it is for humanity, every human being like yourself who becomes aware of the truth. Yes, it’s like talking to walls much of the time getting through to our friends and family. But in every community, there are others like yourself who “have the splinter,” who sense there’s something wrong with the world and are open to learn why.

    We need to connect with them, because they will be receptive. We need to arrange for talks, each of us in our own community, at our local colleges, etc. to share the information and from those meetings, form local groups of citizens against Big Brother government. Then we need to give more talks and increase our numbers. These groups need to go to their legislators and give them information, demanding them to be accountable. The newly formed group Whole Truth Coalition in England is working to be an information unit to support local groups like this. You can read about them in the recent David Icke newsletters.

    What if you’re not good at public speaking, or don’t know how to organize all the conspiracy information into a succinct one-hour (or ten-minute in the case of legislators) presentation? David Icke has some DVDs he just made, for sale in his online bookstore, that feature him telling the conspiracy basics to a group of skeptical students from Cambridge (or Oxford, I forget which). It’s two disks. You could play one at one public meeting, and one at a later follow-up public meeting. To get people to the meeting, you can make up a poster and plaster it all over town.

    One of the things I am wanting to work on as soon as I find a block of time is making a conspiracy primer book, appropriate for giving a parent or friend unfamiliar with the conspiracy and likely to be very skeptical about it. Also a CD one could play, and a list of essential points one could use as an outline to give a talk from. Meanwhile, we have to work with the resources we have. Connect with Whole Truth Coalition, and think about ways to find other aware people in your area and tell them what you know. Maybe you’ll even find other people where you live who already know this stuff and are feeling as isolated as you.

    Work together to get the truth out to as many people as possible, however you choose to do it. Share your ideas with David Icke and Whole Truth Coalition, and with the Splinter discussion forum. This is NOT a closed case for the conspiracy. So MANY of us are aware and ready to do something. Right now the main thing to do is spread knowledge. When the time comes, we’ll know the next step, then the next step, then the next. Right now, let’s build our base. Don’t you give up! A different world is around the corner! We live in exciting times. Be proud to part of it.


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