When We Have Failed Ourselves

It is the evening of July 4. A TV station carries a clip of George W. Bush speaking in Monticello, near Washington, D.C. He begins to talk and is interrupted by the thin, yelling voice of a woman. Her words are indistinct. Cameramen in front of Bush turn to film her and the protesters at her side, but the TV clip does not show them. The numbers of the group can be reckoned by the throng of passionate cries coming from their direction. It sounds like a hundred people have turned out and are making themselves heard. Bush responds by shrugging them off with a wisecrack about free speech.

In Boston today, a young man dressed up in costume like a colonist reads the Declaration of Independence out loud on a dock to another man who films him. Two other people show up for the protest. On the dock around them, people ignore the little group, although the performance is obvious. The “colonist” becomes playful in manner, reading in an almost hamming way. Perhaps he is embarrassed at being ignored by the passersby. But it’s easy to ignore a tiny group of five, as it’s easy to ignore their unpleasant message.

In London, another rally takes place this morning. About a dozen protesters show up. They carry handmade signs and a megaphone and call out messages to the crowd on the other side of the busy street. Their voices and manner are playful and laughing. They seem perhaps uncertain what they ought to say. Perhaps they, too, feel foolish standing there, in a country where thousands of Truthers had been made aware of the rally but somehow didn’t attend. Maybe they feel alone in their cause, the tiny few who care. Who can blame them if their shouts don’t ring with the force and passion of the larger D.C. group?

In the three days after David Icke posted the notice of the global rallies on his website, nearly 3,000 people read the article here about it, and Visionary Peace reports their you-tube video announcement received hundreds of extra views over those same three days. Where were those thousands of people today when it mattered? Why were 12 people in England left with the job of telling the world that the New World Order must be stopped? Does anybody take 12 people on a sidewalk seriously? Can 12 people stop the Orweillian state that is sucking at our ankles?

Yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, David Icke said that to stop what’s coming down, people will have to stand together and collectively refuse to comply with rulings that enslave us. How will we ever stand united in civil disobedience in the future if we cannot get it together today to simply show up for a rally? A rally that could have been the inciting incident for a change in the direction of human history, had everyone who knows the truth done something to support the demonstrations. But it seems fear or inertia won out over conviction for most Truthers.

I understand what it’s like to be afraid, and how easy it is to go back to sleep. I was reading about the conspiracy for 20 years before I quit sinking back into the collective hypnosis and living as if none of this was happening. It took 20 years before I finally cared more for freedom and our future than I did for my life. It takes exposure and re-exposure to the truth to wake up completely, to get beyond the lure of returning to sleep.

This information is so fundamentally disturbing, that no one wants it to be true. We believe it for a while, then doubt it when we see everyone around us living their lives as if a global agenda doesn’t exist. Their hypnosis plus our own desire that none of this is real combine to make us forget what we know and put off doing anything. Anything that might make us personally more sovereign and sustainable, anything that might help wake others and change the direction our world is headed. Add to that the fear of getting tagged as a dissenter and possibly getting incarcerated or eliminated, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for status quo behavior. We wait to take action until another day, and for someone else to do the courageous.

I know this pattern, because I lived it for so long. I sympathize with the feelings. But time is running out. We don’t have the luxury of nodding back into dreamland again and again. The house is on fire, and if we go back to sleep, we and all we love will burn within it. We MUST rouse ourselves from our lethargy, our fear, and our hope that someone else will do the work so we can be spared.

Not only is it immoral to place the risk and burden on someone else when we know the situation – if we don’t support the doers by joining them, they will fail. Twelve people on a street outside Parliament and David Icke standing in an election he knows he can’t win are not going to stop the New World Order. Its demise will only happen if the informed people who visit this blog, David Icke’s website, the Visionary Truth website, the Rense and Alex Jones websites, and all the other NWO information posts find it in themselves to do the right thing, whatever the risk or cost to their personal comfort.

Where were those other 3,000 readers today? Enjoying the holiday? Working as usual? Checking out the Visionary Truth website to see if anybody showed up at the rallies? My friends, unless we find it in ourselves to make a solid commitment, the New World Order is a done deal.

If we respond to the critical information we’ve been given by simply “thinking positive,” or grousing about the global deceivers and being fatalistic, or feeling smugly superior to the unaware “average joe,” then perhaps we deserve to be microchipped. That is precisely the fate that awaits us if we continue responding in these ways.

We only deserve better if we stop allowing the ruling elite to dictate our lives. We stop that not by moaning, thinking comforting thoughts, or feeling wise. We do it by making a commitment. We must commit our very lives. Freedom must mean more to us than preserving our bodies. If we do die in the cause of freedom, our spirits at least will be free and we’ll never again live as slaves of other people’s agenda.

It isn’t up to David Icke to fix this. It isn’t up to Izzy Smart. As if a few heroic people even could. They can’t do the job that needs to be done by thousands.

Each one of us, to be free, must take back the permissions we’ve given that allow the enslavers to silently run our lives. We take those back one at a time, becoming wiser and more empowered with each step toward freedom we take. And we must share the information we have with others, so our thousands turn to millions.

Today was the first step. A brave few took it. Hats off to those courageous individuals. For the rest of us, unless we change our attitudes fast, we personally have no future and humanity has none either. We are hand-delivering society, in full knowledge of the consequences, to the people who would destroy it.

If you can’t live with that on your conscience, it’s time to look seriously at why you weren’t at a rally today. To continue with easy choices is to personally hammer the last nails in the coffin of mankind. The global elite are laughing at us this July 4th, the idle taunts we made. Unless we can do better than this, we might as well quit.

Because a handful of people can’t change the world. They can only do it if the rest of us care enough to stand at their side.

Bronte Baxter

(Note: In the months since the posting of this article, the lead person behind the Visionary Peace website changed his focus from activism to rescuism. His website is now dedicated to his new ideas of solving the New World Order: salvation by Ashtar Command. This is most sad and unfortunate, as he was in a position to do so much good with what he had started. I can no longer endorse the Visionary Peace website.)