This Today from Jeff Nyquist

This today from political analyst/historian Jeff Nyquist at

“The problem with these witnesses and their narratives, I fear, is their vague terminology and confused notions of what is behind the present treason. What on Earth do they think the Deep State is? A political UFO? Is it possible they are so dense that they have failed to identify their enemy? This will never do. No political struggle was ever carried out successfully that could not identity its enemy, or clearly mark out the warring camps. Corruption in itself does not signify a warring camp. A bureaucracy is not a warring camp. We are dealing with a communist attempt to overthrow the Constitution, where the communists have infiltrated the government, where corruption is used to neutralize resistance. Either it is cowardice that leads these prolific chatterers to omit the word “communist” from their incessant chatter, or ignorance. In either case they inevitably become part of the problem because they are inadvertently maintaining the enemy’s camouflage as they hold up a political UFO as enemy. One cannot make war on Bigfoot, or political UFOs. We cannot make war without accessing the big picture, which is only possible if the players in the various little pictures are clearly identified. These chatterers never see the big picture, but only have a vague notion of battling “corrupt” actors. We are not dealing here with a small political mafia of unknown type. We are dealing with Marxists — with Russia and China’s special services and strategies; with Russia and China’s rockets; with their infiltration of our economy; with their hold on Wall Street; with their systemic blackmail of our banks which have laundered the money of the drug cartels; with George Soros’s use of the laundered money to support his many pro-left political front groups. If the Party of Biden were merely vying for power and money and nothing more, a civil war would not be necessary as both parties may be so described. Biden’s party, however, aims at stripping away our military defenses, leaving us vulnerable to nuclear attack and invasion. This is treason and those implicated are domestic enemies in an absolute sense. What we used to call the communist bloc uses corruption to neutralize our intelligence agencies, prevent honest discussion of the emerging threat, and disorient the country as a whole as war is prepared against it. The next time I hear the term “Deep State” it better be followed by the word “communist.” If not, I’m not listening to another word. People who cannot name their enemy are dangerous bunglers and God only knows what fatal errors they are preparing to commit. Putin and Xi are not mafia bosses acting to enrich themselves with more palaces and better-dressed flunkies. They are Marxist-Leninists preparing the final phase of the communist bloc’s long range strategy which was agreed upon at a meeting in Moscow in November of 1960. That strategy has been followed — from the fake Sino-Soviet split to the fake “liberalization” of the USSR and the fake defeat of Leninism. Communists are a tiny minority even in communist countries, even within the CCP where most members join to advance their careers. The real communists, who sit atop the vast pyramidal structures of communist power are deliberate, conscious, revolutionary strategists. Look at their strategy unfolding. It is not some fluke. They are following from a very old playbook. Nobody kicked them out of the Kremlin. They hauled the red flag down from the Kremlin themselves, 29 years ago. And they just now practiced nuking us, again. So I am pretty well worn out by all these people who cannot see the communist forest for the Deep State trees.”

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