David Icke, the World, and What We Need Now

For a long time I’ve hesitated to write anything critical of David Icke. He’s doing some tremendous work in exposing the global conspiracy. His mind and verbal skills are brilliant: he can assimilate a large amount of information and explain it in a way that clarifies the obscure, piercing through to the heart of a matter. He is better at detecting bullshit from the corporate media, politicians, and other purveyors of lies than probably anyone. He pieces together the facts and predicts where things are going in the world. No wonder Alex Jones, that other valiant crusader for freedom, has great respect for him and interviews him monthly on his radio show, despite their differences. David Icke has published articles from this blog on his website, and helped create my reading audience. I have no war with him. But there are things in his message, particularly in recent years, that deeply concern me. Not to express these concerns is wrong.

Where I part ways with David Icke is on the spiritual level. While his analysis of world events is brilliant and right on target, his understanding of spirituality leaves much to be desired. Yet he comes forth on spiritual subjects with a passionate message – a direction he encourages humanity to take – and this is where his work becomes dangerous.

Let’s go back to the beginning of David Icke’s spiritual journey, which began, according to his books, several decades ago with some meetings he had with a psychic. David was deeply in awe of all she told him. She made some predictions for his life that came true. David then decided to explore ancient ruins in South America and a certain South American hallucinogenic drug, in an effort to develop his awareness. During his powerful drug trips, he was talked to by “The Voice,” which he says explained the nature of reality to him. These drug experiences included many images of reptilians appearing in his consciousness, yet David unquestioningly accepted everything the voice said as gospel truth. After all, it gave him “an experience” along with all those words, and David seems to believe that if he experienced it during a drug trip, it must therefore be true. He came away believing he had been handed the keys to the inner workings of the universe, and ever since has been preaching the spiritual message he received during his drug trips.

That message is that all is One, that we are not individual people in our essential nature, but rather Consciousness having an experience as so-and-so. So-and-so (our personal identity) does not really exist. What we really are is the collective consciousness, that only creates the illusion of individuals. The One is upset with the way things are going in the world and has decided to intervene (I’m still paraphrasing Icke’s “Voice” here). It will soon “gather in every one” of us, and “none will be left standing” alone (as in gathering in the sheep). This is language for saying individuality will be subsumed by the One, the presumed almighty divine consciousness, which is supposedly our true nature, all else being illusion. Are the bells beginning to go off in your head yet? Individuality will be subsumed? We all will be gathered in and none will be left standing? Individuality is an illusion and freedom comes when we realize this? The One is the be-all and end-all and the only thing that really matters? Nothing that happens here – including death – is important enough to get upset over, because all this is “bullocks” (David’s term for illusion) anyway?

Icke writes a lot about religion that rings true. He cuts down most religion, saying it puts God up there and man down here, inferior. This is a valid criticism of deist religions. But then he continues with New Age propaganda, stating that God (that is, Consciousness) is not only inside us but is all that is real. As individuals, we don’t have much value as we don’t even really exist. We should think nothing of risking our lives rebelling against the global conspiracy, because human life is not real anyway. If we die, we’ll just go back to our wonderful primordial state as universal Consciousness, beyond all the travails of this poor illusory world. So don’t be in fear, his message states, get out there and rebel, because all you’ve got to lose is your life, the illusion of being a human individual.

Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Are we really to believe that a Voice, induced in a level of vibratory consciousness where Icke was subject to visitation by reptilian etheric beings – which he himself identifies as the “fourth-dimensional” architects of the New World Order – are we really to believe that such a Voice should be considered an authority from whom we should take advice and instruction? Who benefits really if the humans who are aware of the global conspiracy can be persuaded that their lives and this world are nothing but illusion, that they can be thrown away rather heedlessly because being a living individual is not really that important? Am I the only one who answers that question with, “The tyrants who run the show”?

While David Icke was supportive of my blog in the beginning, as he came to see the direction of my thinking, he became less friendly. I used to send him emails with bits of researched information on spiritual subjects. This soon came to irritate him. A couple of years ago, when he went through a phase of being enamored of a certain Indian guru, I sent him excerpts from the guy’s published teachings that state that all that happens is predetermined, that true freedom consists of having no desires and just letting life happen to you, in you, and around you, according to God’s predetermined plan. The teachings of the guru he traveled to India to study taught that the “illusion” of having an individual will is an obstacle to enlightenment. I pointed this out to David and received an angry note back in reply, telling me to stop “nannying” him, that he has a message to get out, and that he has no time to listen to my objections to his teachings.

David’s fascination with Indianism seemed to end shortly after this interchange, but he continued and continues to preach the message he learned from the Voice: that all is One, that love is all that matters, that none of “this” is real or worth taking too seriously. As the years pass, David’s zeal for preaching this message increases, and his political message seems to recede more and more into the background. In fact, his political message is becoming pretty much subsumed by his spiritual message: according to him, we just need to rebel against the powers that be – apparently with reckless abandon – and if enough of us do this, the world will be saved. In fact, if enough of us do this, the people who are wise to the conspiracy will be wiped off the face of the planet. Then the One that wants to control everything on the planet will meet no resistance.

The One, as David and other New Agers describe it (and David is a New Ager when he speaks in these terms) is the same as the One that the world is supposed to become under the New World Order. In the name of One, individuality is being destroyed, along with all the rights and freedoms attendant on being individuals. Politically, this expresses as the global conspiracy. Spiritually, it expresses as surrender of the ego (individual consciousness) to the collective One (Consciousness with a capital “C”) that is supposedly God. “I am not David Icke. I am Consciousness having an experience as David Icke,” David constantly tells us. In other words, he (and we) are not real. Our personhood is not real. Who we are is the amorphous being who claims to be the inner self of all of us: the One. Or so David states.

But in this blog I have exposed who this amorphous being really is: a limited, devouring consciousness that relies on consuming life in order to continue to live. The One that wishes us all to surrender is none other than the Brahman of Indian philosophy – the Brahman Consciousness – which is the collective mind that runs the universe. Like The Borg, it wishes to assimilate everything. Assimilation is its sustenance. It creates only in order to devour, as a gardener plants only to consume, as a farmer raises a pig only to destroy it. Brahman, the One, is a tail-chasing dog, a snake that swallows its tail, caught in a mad, endless dance of trying to survive by nurturing then devouring its own physical manifestations. You and I are spirits that agreed to be part of Brahman’s charade, assuming physical form only to be harvested. The consciousness controlling the universe is mad, is self-devouring. It’s mad as a cutter or a suicide. Mad as a homicidal killer. And it is all those things. Not because Brahman is intrinsically evil, but because it’s lost connection with its innermost self: the infinite, unlimited field of all possibilities and pure energy that is the nurturer, sustainer, and source of all life.

Eastern religions would have us believe that Brahman is everything – the end-all and be-all of existence. They would have us believe there is nothing outside of this universe but the Brahman Consciousness that created it. In reality, there is so much more: the blissful, non-devouring, ever-supporting Infinite from which Brahman Consciousness (and the resulting universe) were born. Surely the Infinite gave birth to many more children, not all of them insane as Brahman clearly is. Surely there are worlds out there – dimensions – where life exists in eternal joy and laughter, knowing no death or suffering, no predation, only fun, empowerment, and bliss. Surely this mad trap is not all there is. The Oneness we’re told to surrender to is not all there is. And if we give over our lives and minds to such an entity, we are lost in the maw of the great devourer.

This is why Oneness sent its message to Icke in his drug-induced state of reptilian awareness. This is why he is allowed to preach his message to the world without any great resistance, because encased within his exposure of the global conspiracy is his questionable solution to it: stand up with abandon to the tyrants and give no thought to the consequences. Of course, they can then pick us off, as we boldly identify ourselves, and no one is left alive in the world but the obedient sheep.

I’m reminded of the wolf’s words when Little Red Riding Hood is on the verge of seeing through the “grandmother” disguise, as she exclaims, “But Grandmother, what big TEETH you have!” To which the wolf replies, “All the better to eat you with, my dear!” We can’t afford to get eaten, to confront the wolf as naively and vulnerably as Little Red Riding Hood. We have to be more savvy than that. Last week on the Alex Jones Show, Icke asked if we’re going to be mice, running from the tyrants, or if we will stand up to them. But mice in the myth of the captured lion were the ones who saved the day. They silently, in the night, gnawed on the lion’s ropes until he was free. No one else could save the great beast, caught in the trap of the hunter. Only the little mice, surreptitiously doing their thing.

We who are awake in the world need to be savvy as mice, not foolish like the lion, boldly walking into the hunter’s trap. Collectively we have power, but collectively we also can get killed or jailed if we are not cautious, planning, and savvy. Successful revolutions are managed by underground movements. Wild unthinking rebellion (rioting for instance) does nothing but spill the blood of the people who could have made a revolution happen.

So what should we be doing, if not walking out in front of riot police? Sure, there’s a time and place for heedlessly risking one’s life, but it should not be standard operating procedure. Right now we should be spreading the world about what’s really happening in the world to everyone we know who will listen. Sending around emails every couple of weeks with links to important articles is a quiet but powerful way to make a difference. More important still is working within consciousness to create the world we want to see: envisioning it willfully in a state of meditation or focused visualization, and holding onto that vision as an expectation – all day, every day, never giving into fear or black predictions for the world’s future. Every time we get hopeless and negative and fearful about the future, we help make a bad future happen, because what we think, we create. To save the world from the fate the tyrants have planned for us (which they have very carefully envisioned and astutely focus on), we need to envision the way we want the future to be, and focus on that astutely.

And that brings me to the last point in this article. It seems when I write on the subject of creating reality through thought, my readers grow silent. Few comments have been left on those articles. From this I ascertain that most of my blog readers do not relate to the subject of creating reality through visualization and will. They get excited about my exposures of religion, but if their interest ends there, a problem has been identified, but the solution has not been found. It isn’t enough to see through the conspiracy. It isn’t enough to see through the physical manifestation of the conspiracy into its manifestation on the spiritual level. We have to see past the plans of the tyrants to a solution that will cause their plans to evaporate. That’s why how to create reality through thought is the most important of all the topics I write about here.

What the tyrants are afraid of is human beings putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. So long as some of us know about the power of visualization and will but don’t believe in the conspiracy, and others know about the conspiracy but don’t believe in the power of visualization and will, the tyrants can do as they please. So long as some people know about the conspiracy on the physical level but think Jesus or Oneness is the solution, then the spiritual level of the conspiracy goes unchallenged and the tyrants can do as they please. So long as Tea Partiers are mad about health care and bank bailouts but think the Republicans are the answer, the tyrants can do as they please. The big threat to the conspiracy is when enough people wake up to the total picture, because that is when empowerment happens. So it’s really important not to stop, in the waking-up process, with becoming aware of the problem: we have to keep feeling our way forward into a workable solution.

This is where the power of the mind comes in, and except for this blog, I’m unaware of any conspiracy writers discussing this subject. And that means a key piece of the puzzle is missing among the resistance. It’s essential that we discover and master this piece of the picture, because this is the one that can generate the most powerful change.

The people in the world who hold this piece of the puzzle most firmly in their grasp are the purveyors of magic – people like kahunas, witches, and magicians. While such individuals generally draw their power from ethereal entities, and while the ethereal entities who help them are typically self-serving and leaders of the conspiracy on the spiritual level (entities like the “mother goddess” Kali, for instance), that does not negate the fact that magic-savvy humans (I’ll refer to them as that though most don’t call themselves that) have learned certain tools for changing what is real into what they want reality to be. If such people were to extricate themselves from their association with the dark ones and simply practice the tools they’ve learned without aligning themselves with ethereal entities, their personal power would grow phenomenally and they would no longer be under the thumb of the beings they invoke, who use them.

I am personally acquainted with a couple who falls into this category. Totally laughing off conspiracy topics, and missing that whole puzzle piece, they nonetheless have incredible power as magicians. The woman is a “white witch” by her own description and calls on “Mother Kali” as one of her power sources (naively thinking Kali is good). Her husband, raised in a circus family, is a fire breather and sword swallower who learned his skills from his grandfather. This man does not do illusions or tricks with fire and sword – he is the real thing. He modifies reality through the power of his mind, making sharp steel malleable enough to swallow, and fire cool enough to hold in his hand and breathe into his lungs.

These are not the first magicians I have known, and I know firsthand the power of creating through thought and will because I’ve studied it and practice it. If the people in the world aware of the conspiracy could grab onto this concept of creating the reality they desire through personal will and empowerment, magic would start to happen in the world at large. Circumstances would develop that weaken the plans of the global elite. Many more people would start to wake up to the truth. All that can happen through the power we each have within us, which would be multiplied if we worked together on such manifestations.

I’m not saying there’s not a time and a place to take physical action, because that also is extremely important. Nonviolent resistance to the stealing of our freedoms is another big piece of the solution. We need to place people in government who represent the people, not the corporate globalists. We need to stand up to tyranny where we find it, and make a fuss so others see what’s happening. We do this with some threat to our lives, but this can be minimized by developing psychic armor, again through the power of willful visualization. It’s a study we must undertake because it’s not learned in a day.

But getting back to David Icke . . . the man has the best of intentions, of that I’m sure. If he’s been sidetracked by the Oneness Doctrine, he may see his way through that in time, because he genuinely is on the side of freedom. He’s so smart, so aware, and that’s why he’s so dangerous to the conspiracy. It’s only natural they would attack him where he’s vulnerable, and play on him as “The Voice” to get him to spread their “saving” spiritual message. It would not surprise me if David sees through this in time, because the man is brilliant. But to do that, he’ll need to get past his ego and the status he feels from having been designated – in effect – global savior by The Voice. Let’s send him good thoughts, positive visualizations of him seeing through the scam the tricksters have played on him personally. If he does, he’ll cleanse his teachings of their spiritual foolishness and kick out the powers that influence him subconsciously, twisting his original most excellent message.

David Icke’s information is enough to take down the physical level of the conspiracy. But if it is to bring down the monster, it needs to aim for the head, not the limbs. This means he needs to assess and address the spiritual level of the conspiracy much more thoroughly and realistically than he is doing at present. If he does, the conspiracy had better look out.

David, address your ego and your need to be the great leader. If you do, your freedom campaign will be unstoppable.

© Bronte Baxter 2010

Anyone may republish this article so long as they include the copyright and a link back to this website.



  1. Stewart said,

    October 14, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Hi Bronte,

    Well said. Nice to see you firing on all cylinders.

    I first came across David Icke when I was invited to speak at a seminar with him back in the nineties. The seminar was cancelled but I was introduced to his conspiracy beliefs and they made sense.

    Like yourself I have seen this Oneness disease slowly manifest everywhere. A sort of creeping consciousness that devours all a drip at a time. When Icke started talking about unconditional love and consciousness, alarm bells started going off, because I heard his words but did not feel his love.

    Back in 1965 as a young teenager I hitch hiked to India and was introduced to Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Ganges, Kali, Durga, Buddha, Caitanya, Rama, Hanuman, Ganesh, Radha, Shakti, Meher Baba and many many more.

    There were two distinct cultures in India, the Impersonal Brahman and the Supreme Personal Divinity. This roughly translates to God as an Energy, Source, Universal Energy where we are all God and One and God as a Supreme Personality and we are all his personal friends but yet he is unaware of who he is.

    To this day these two sides to Indian teachings continue their battle and have now been reborn in many new age teachings.

    In the sixties, The Life and Teachings of The Masters of The Far East was the book of all books to open up magic men and what they could do. Yet the majority of gurus coming out of India are really in the guru business, and their followers study so as to one day also teach and get on board the gravy train of easy pickings from sincere one born every minute seekers.

    The God is a Person teaching is described as look around you at any bit of stuff in your room and if you follow the trial of that object you will eventually reach a real live person who designed it. Everytime. The conclusion is the same. The Source of everything is always a Supreme Magical Person.

    I have found these two teachings are basically behind every type of consciousness teaching out there. When I meet folk who have joined a group of loving beings to study some philosophy I always say, “You will know what you have learned, after you leave the group.”

    I recently viewed a clip where a woman was describing her abduction by some alien beings. Her realization was that we humans are truly amazing beings much admired by other galactic races, but we are asleep to this.

    This she realized after she was returned from the galactic group.

    The same goes for the Icke followers, as he gathers more and more and the gravy train gathers momentum and he attains guru status and yet more followers he becomes lost in the ultimate all powerful trap of the Oneness illusion. His band of supporters will ensure that. The answer is leave and think for yourself. Find your own inner being and create your own vision.

    The gurus and Icke and scriptures and books and religions all need to be left behind. Visualizing a new way is for me a personal inner journey. Shared with like minded but still an individual journey. This is why few take to it. Most prefer to find salvation joining a group. Aloneness versus lonliness.

    You write, ” This is where the power of the mind comes in, and except for this blog, I’m unaware of any conspiracy writers discussing this subject. And that means a key piece of the puzzle is missing among the resistance. It’s essential that we discover and master this piece of the picture, because this is the one that can generate the most powerful change.”

    When I watch a child get up and take those first few steps, that is what I remind myself is going on within me right now. It is achieved by the taking of risks. Taking risks generates the powerful change you speak of. In my life so far all my successes have come from my risk taking.

    This is a great subject to explore, let’s hope you get some dialogue happening and we can share our individual experiences and reveal the magnificent beings we really are.

    Thanks Bronte…


  2. October 14, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Hi Bronte,

    Thank you for this extremely important article – useful for everybody, AND very friendly to David Icke.

    Nobody had contributed to my awakening more than David Icke, with his books. In a sense, his role for me is that of Morpheus from the Matrix movie – to wake up Neo that sleeps in everyone of us. Presenting himself as “one and only” Neo is his big mistake. Though, this mistake fits perfectly with his new (New Age) idea – if there is no “everyone”, then there are no Neo’s to wake up.

    One of the things in David Icke books that I liked the most from the very beginning was that he rejected the idea of dividing people into “guides” and “followers”. True awakening means becoming one’s own guide. Otherwise “awakening” will inevitably fall back into the same old shepherd-and-sheep scheme. And in this scheme, it’s not a shepherd that is evil – it is sheep, with its sheep mentality! This mentality is based on rejecting one’s own individuality, submitting it to the will of some abstract construct, like “the One”. But just as a mob has no other consciousness than the consciousness of its leader, so that mysterious Oneness, that “infinite conscousness”, is nothing but spiritual dictatorship of a single person if it’s not defined by all individuals without exception.

    It seems like David Icke is missing one very important thing: it always takes two for a book or a speech to come into being – the author or speaker AND the reader or listener. By dismissing his readers and listeners as individuals, David Icke, in fact, addresses to … nobody. Does he realize it?

  3. renegadepoet said,

    October 14, 2010 at 10:34 pm


    Eloquently put and beautifully balanced, as always. I too am an admirer of David Icke and his courage and conviction cannot be faulted. He has woken many people up by exposing the hidden hand of the ruling elite groups and must be commended for that.

    However, I am shocked to read how rude and dismissive he was to you. Just a short time ago his website was revamped and two images of David’s were subsequently dropped. One depicted him sat in a chair with his arms positioned the same way as everybodys favourite goat-faced deity, Baphomet. The other showed him speaking in an elevated position, which reminded me of a pulpit.

    Come on, David! With all your experience and extensive specialized knowledge, I am afraid you should have known better.

    I am under no illusions about all the truth-seeker websites. They will all be routinely monitored by the security agencies and used as a dragnet to tag, profile and identify every disgruntled peace protestor, malcontent and angry dissident society has to offer. Undoubtedly, all decent, hard working, law abiding citizens, who pay their taxes and want the best for their children; but will always be the first to recognize an injustice, and to resist a bully for the sake of the common good. And that is what makes them dangerous to the control system.

    And while we are still on the subject of charismatic New Age gurus – why do they always seem to have a pseudo mystical element to their background history? If the information they are trying to get out has any kind of integrity, then that should be the only endorsement it will ever need.

    We need to be able to view what lies at the core and not try to get distracted by so called life changing experiences, disincarnate jabberwockery, channelled information, UFO abductions and good old fashioned messianic complexes.


  4. Sierra Peterson said,

    October 14, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    Hi Bronte,
    It’s nice to see you back to writing again. I thought you had disappeared! I share many of your concerns about Icke as he seems to be one of the most aware conspiracy writers in existence, yet with some glaring flaws that have to be mentioned. Unfortunately, many in this genre have fallen into traps of pseudo-fascism, always rooting out invisible enemies who are usually scapegoats likely put there as a diversion from the seeing the greater picture. I am so bored of hearing about how it’s the jews or the immigrants or the socialists or the gays or whoever else. The control system is so much deeper than that and Icke sees through it, for the most part, realizing that all these groups are being used in various ways and intentionally provoked into conflict.
    I had an unfortunate incident on his message board earlier this year after a victim of trauma-based brainwashing had devoted a massive thread to her experiences. There were a few people who contributed with positive, constructive comments but for the most part it was just trolls spreading hate and abuse. So I contacted the moderators–again and again–saying that when a person is brave
    enough to come forward with ground-breaking intel involving very serious subject matter such as organized child abuse, perhaps it’s better to delete sexually derogatory comments about that person in order to cultivate an atmosphere of respect. She also was threatened by family members and wanted to have personal names removed from the thread, which the mods would not do. After being ignored I started a thread about the subject, with the support of the original poster, and was promptly banned by someone named “I am”. *rolls eyes* Yet the most heinous abuse is routinely tolerated. And predictably, this person left feeling totally bitter and hopeless about the people there. Clearly, David has got his head in the clouds. Still, he has done some great work around exposing Scottish pedophile rings so I have to acknowledge that.

    On another note, I’ve been meaning to share with you my article series about reality creation that was very influenced by your enlightenment series.
    http://venusinpieces.blogspot.com/2009/09/quantum-manipulations-6.html It gets into the idea that “otherworld programming” aka the degenerate form of ascension, is actually a technological brainwashing tool created by the military. They use the physical components in conjunction with psychological conditioning and this is increasingly being employed on mass numbers of people. This is fairly disturbing subject matter but I attempted to provide some spiritual solutions as well. Let me know what you think if this interests you.
    Hope to see more posts soon!

  5. Mick said,

    October 16, 2010 at 2:38 am

    Bronte, why did we agree to be here and play this game? I always thought we were seduced and captured.


    • brontebaxter said,

      October 16, 2010 at 5:47 am

      I think we did agree to it, because I’m convinced nothing can happen to us that we do not allow (fear is one way of allowing, as it is a kind of permission for the thing we are afraid of to have its way with us – thinking someone else can harm us is a way of giving them power over us, because that kind of thinking makes us weak and vulnerable). Beyond that, I don’t know. Were we seduced? Did we come here on purpose? Surely we are not captured because we have inherent within us the ability to escape the game. I’m talking now about life as a victim on the earth plane, which is what I presume you’re talking about. If you mean life in general – the state of being an individual expressing in creation – that’s another story. Living is a wonderful thing in principle, it seems to me – it only gets miserable when we involve in a victim/tyrant dance, which is the main dance going on in this particular dimension, until we succeed in changing the music.


      • Boyd said,

        October 25, 2010 at 6:58 am

        (Did we come here on purpose?)

        Hello Bronte.
        I like your site. But it is kind of anti-climactic. Now I can only say, “yeah, What Bronte says”. just kidding…sort of. You seem to beautifully cover most of what I have been through.
        I remember a passage from Plato’s Republic that sort of says we choose to come to this existence. it is our chosen life.
        I have memories and dreams from childhood that lead me to believe otherwise. like I was abandoned here for a reason and I was not happy about it.
        Also this “place” we are in seems oppressive, from something definitely external to my being. like cattle/livestock in a corral being milked for loosh

  6. pso said,

    October 16, 2010 at 8:13 am

    You have stated-
    “You and I are spirits that agreed to be part of Brahman’s charade, assuming physical form only to be harvested.”

    Can you elaborate on this please?
    Also, Imagining creates reality; is this same as thoughts creating reality?
    One more, have you studied Jung at all and do you consider yourself a student [or teacher] of New Thought?

    • brontebaxter said,

      October 16, 2010 at 10:39 am

      I refer you to the “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment” series of articles on the left side of every blog page. Taken together, these explain the answer to your first question. This is a subject I go into deeply and can’t give fair service to trying to summarize it here.

      I used to simply agree with the New Thought philosophers that thoughts create reality, particularly thoughts in the nature of focused imagination. I still believe that is an important factor in the creation process. But now I also believe that will is a major element in any manifestation, and I don’t see the New Thought philosophers developing this area as much as I would like. Of the New Thought writers, my favorites are Neville and Dr. Joseph Murphy.

  7. Brownhawk said,

    October 16, 2010 at 9:57 am

    I think you’re misinterpreting Icke to a certain extent. Although his choice of words used to express his spiritual understanding does lend itself to that. When he speaks of each one of us being Infinite Consciousness he would be better served by reversing his term to “one is all”. I chalk that up to a wordsmith being careless with imprecise language.

    I don’t think the thinking behind his intent has been ‘commandeered’ by the imposing gods, although not getting specific when referring to ‘illusion’ is a problem. When he speaks of Ethel Smith as Infinite Consciousness having an experience as ‘Ethel Smith’ I don’t read that as denigrating her personhood. If that were the case then why would he speak of every ONE of us being infinite possibility?

    But I agree with you Bronte, that he stops short when it comes to pondering the reality of death. But how many among us don’t? Like so many, he seems to have fallen into the ‘Buddha trap’, which essentially considers death to be simply a part of Life. Or like John Lennon said, “merely getting out of one car and into another”. But there’s nothing ‘simple’ or ‘mere’ about it. As it concerns the power of intent, I would say that perhaps the most important reason for truly aware individuals to enter this realm in it’s perishable state is to awaken those who AREN’T aware to see through the bogusness of mortality

    E,g.; to hindus who don’t realize that reincarnation is an interminable end-game that gets played over and over and over, ad infinitum, whose ‘game-board’ is controlled by dark overlords- what I call the ‘Aegis of control’.

    As I see it, exercising the power of intent is a fool’s errand unless one is ever-mindful of our imperishable truth. This is what’s being awakened to. The big question asks how are we to effect this understanding so as to make it an experienced reality. And how might a transition to this reality be mitigated as it may concern a transmutation of the physical World.

  8. Nicky said,

    October 17, 2010 at 3:23 am

    Thanks, Brownhawk, you took the words from my mouth regarding David Icke and expressed them far more eloquently than I would have done. I don’t think he gets it all right by any means, but then he is still feeling his way through the spiritual maze just as the rest of us are – albeit far more publicly.

    Bronte, your articles about creating reality were what attracted me to your blog originally and I really appreciate your thinking on this subject. I hope this post generates some stimulating debate – as a spiritual debutante struggling to follow my inner guidance I need plenty of fuel for thought

  9. David Blackburn said,

    October 18, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Thank you for your return to your blog; you put into words quite elegantly a certain disquiet i had been feeling, something else that i have noticed recently is this underlying feeling to a lot of this stuff is that we are going to be “rescued “in some way: “Truth vibrations”, “a phase change in vibrational states” , “the coming Christ consciousness” and many others: all are new age versions of a religious messiah or to those without a religious/spiritual bent,: Aliens or some High-tech fix – so that essential we don’t have to take responsibility for our actions. I think it’s a sign of our collective psychological (and spiritual) immaturity – the childhood belief that mummy or daddy will always come and rescue us. This is something we collectively and individually need to deal with: adolescence can be a turbulent time as I recall.

  10. Genlando said,

    October 20, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Bronte, you said:

    “Most of my blog readers do not relate to the subject of creating reality through visualization and will … It isn’t enough to see through the conspiracy. It isn’t enough to see through the physical manifestation of the conspiracy into its manifestation on the spiritual level. We have to see past the plans of the tyrants to a solution that will cause their plans to evaporate. That’s why how to create reality through thought is the most important of all the topics I write about here.”

    I can readily see how reality creation could serve as a powerful weapon against
    those who want to oppress us. I’ve been studying about it for about 5 years now. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that I’ve had any success at conscious reality creation. Sometimes, it seems as though the more I try to consciously change my reality, the more screwed up my life gets. Sometimes, I’m actually afraid to try any creation techniques, because I don’t want to make things worse.

    I would really appreciate if you would devote some more time to the topic of “Reality Creation 101.” There’s something that I’m missing.

    • brontebaxter said,

      October 20, 2010 at 1:50 pm

      Genlando, I’m still working on become a master of that art myself, so it’s not like I have it down and have all the answers. But if you’d like to describe what you experience in more detail, I could give you my thoughts on it. How do you go about trying to change your reality – specifically, what are the steps you go through? What’s going on your head while you’re doing it? There are a lot of ways to do it wrong, and it’s an art to do it right, so it’s hard to tell what’s going wrong for you without knowing the whole story.


  11. middle child said,

    October 25, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    In order to create a new reality, you must have the energy. A student must first to learn to conserve his/her energy before exploring other planes of consciousness.

  12. psitalent said,

    October 25, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    This was an important information for me. I noticed something wrong with David lately but I didn’t know the story. I wrote some articles that fit very well with this topic http://www.psitalent.de/Englisch/Coll1.htm and http://www.psitalent.de/Englisch/Solar.htm and others.
    I’m sorry that my website is mainly in German and i didn’t translate all my articles.


  13. Nicky said,

    October 29, 2010 at 3:54 am

    From what I understand about creating our own reality, it is quite ‘normal’ for situations to get worse sometimes before they get better. For example, if you were trying to create more financial stability in your life, it is quite likely that you may lose your wallet, or some such, but you have to take this as a sign that things are starting to change. Maybe you needed to lose your wallet in order for something positive to happen.
    I may have interpreted this wrongly, but that is my understanding of it works. The important thing is not to panic or to give up, but to work through what appears to be a worsening state of affairs.

  14. Philip Dawes said,

    November 1, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    You are spot on Bronte; an excellent analysis about which I wholeheartedly agree. Although it was news to me that Icke used psychedelics to achieve his Peruvian spiritual(?) experiences. Had I known that when listening to the story in his videos then I would have dismissed them out of hand. Magic I believe in, but through the developed focused mind as you indicate, not through drugs. And David’s close association with the Zulu shaman is another ‘trip,’ which if it continues for long will bring about his undoing. With all due respect to the Zulu!

    With regard to visualisation, the power of the mind, as you advocate, is all important; there is nothing greater in the whole Universe. Mental power should be taught, cultivated, nurtured and nourished like a new all-consuming lover – all day and every day.

    In this regard, Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist of the 20th century, was the best example of a person who cultivated mental creative abilities. In his own words, he used his mind to design, test and troubleshoot complex motors and other systems, to the point that he made the measurements, the size and types of nuts, type and thickness of wires and all components in his mind until he was satisfied of the machine’s running perfection. Upon completion, and without writing anything down, he went to the manufacturer and orally conveyed the instructions. It was the manufacturer who needed to transmit the verbal information to paper and create the draughtsman’s blueprints.

    Thus Tesla perfected visualisation techniques and the power of his mind for specific three dimensional objects.

    Our objective and function is to work in the area of quantum physics, of the dynamics of positive mind to change negative mind and negative process into positive. It can be done!

    It has long been my vision, my objective, that 100 million people around the world come together in positive focused dynamic thought, using guided imagery, to diminish, transmute and destroy the powers of the psychopathic controllers, from governments to the multinational corporations, and indeed, the dominant religions, and thereby ushering in a new world order, (that negative phrase, but in this regard its original positive), of peace, harmony, goodwill, and with it a new dynamic of technological advancement for the whole of humanity. Such technological advancement using quantum physics to create energy systems that produce zero pollution, and where everything that is manufactured can be returned to its original atomic structure and blueprint.

    It is mentally and physically possible, for instance, to reduce a solid 100 ton rock to dust and transport that dust to another location and reform it into its original solid form. Or to transport that same rock, or whatever three dimensional solid, to another geographic location without physically lifting it. Or even to reform that rock, like clay, into any three dimensional shape, retaining its solid structure.

    When focussed, using the power of the will, there is nothing more powerful than the mind in the whole Universe, and with that we can and will change this corrupt world into a nascent society of harmony and peace for all. Even predatory wild beasts will have no need to kill and eat other animals for sustenance. The sustenance is in the air we breathe and the water we drink, air and water unpolluted that is.

  15. Kushta said,

    November 1, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    @ Phillip

    The mind is only as powerful as the purty of the heart that controls it. Utopic transformation always looks good in theory but the reality is that all species on this planet are plagued by the Law of Predation. Until we address the pathology of predation, and more importanly its cure, the lion will continue to eat the antelope, plutocrats will exploit the masses, and nature will remain red in tooth and claw.

    – Kushta

  16. Ludico said,

    November 5, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Right on target Kushta!
    Verily the Heart is the core of this matter with many missing the Entrance.
    As for the “Law of Predation”, it is easier to understand it as “The Law of Universal Metabolism” for which His Oneness, the Serpent Ouroboros is to blame.

  17. Philip Dawes said,

    November 5, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Indeed, Kushta, the law of predation is in slow process of mitigation by those who choose not to eat the flesh of animals; a long course, but a small start. As numbers increase world-wide the morphogenesis process, the flip, will help usher in the new era of love when all species, including predators – man and beast, will slowly genetically change in their eating and behavioural ‘desires.’ How many of us at this time are pure of heart?

    Ludico, yes, the Serpent God, the Grand Puppetmaster and ‘present’ Controller of our planet, soon to be displaced, the God of a certain small faction of followers who were given instructions and power, and became the originators of much of the evil and trauma afflicting our world throughout all of known history, is the sole cause of the predatory instinct and suffering in all life forms. It is not a natural process that animal eats animal.

    To illustrate, video footage a few years ago showed lions attacking a wildebeest, the victim standing rigid with sheer terror oozing from its protruding eyeballs. It was a shocking site of the imbalance of nature.

    Yet in contrast, only recently a new video showed a wildebeest calf that was attacked by a lion near a stream, and the little wildebeest retaliated, even though it had been bloodied, with such fury that the lion ran away. Coward!

    So the change is happening – slowly, in our own lifetimes; predatory animals becoming friends with their traditional prey and humans. Enlightened humans are assisting in that process, helped along by the Galactic energy waves bathing our Earth.

    However, purity of heart is one small aspect of the equation of change to a more harmonious world. Something else is involved, having nothing to do with purity as we understand the meaning of the word. Purity, in essence, is the inability to conceive of harm, like a little child nurtured upon motherly love. If the child is raised in an environment of such purity, not seeing or hearing the opposite of love, which also means not killing or eating animals for food, but harmonising with nature and all living beings, the child is more likely to develop with a pure heart.

    In this environment, if the child was trained to focus and use the real power of the mind to its full potential, he/she has a greater potential to develop the ability to create worlds…

    But in our universe there is duality, the opposites: light and dark; hot and cold; electricity and its polarity of positive and negative; magnetism its polarities; etc., all of which generates the tension for the sustenance and actual Creation of life in the Universe.

    Heaven forbid! Therefore, and this is another aspect of reality, if purity of heart = love, is defined as the purity of focus, which in essence involves the mind, then the meaning of the word ‘purity’ also has its duality and is entirely or partially related to the mind. That is, if one considers that Mind as not being centred in the physical brain or body.

    Upon that basis, our existence – life, the cosmos and all creation was brought forth by a God of duality. Or, in a different frame of understanding, by the combined efforts of two Gods – the God of Love, of Harmony, and the God of Tension, of Disharmony.

    Life, the whole universe cannot survive without dualities. Dualities are necessary for the creation of the needed tension to bring forth, nurture and sustain life. But the tension of disharmony and ‘imbalance’ of duality in our world has tipped the scales for millennia, causing the problems that we meet in the human and animal kingdoms.
    Therefore if one-pointed focus is achieved through the mind within the frame of detachment, and the engine of the will coupled with the higher aspect of the emotions is ignited and fused in the process, it will achieve the objective of positive global change. Purity of heart = love therefore does not come into the equation. Yet contradictorily, purity of heart = love may be used as the fusion and engine of power and creation.

    The Laws of the Universe are diverse and malleable according to focus and impetus.

    • Ludico said,

      November 6, 2010 at 9:26 am

      @ Philip D.

      Too doctrinaire, too idealistic and, too impractical.
      Biology metabolizes by design and no good will or compassion will make it disappear. Its function in the physical Universe is to minimise entropy and is not limited to human-animal relations.
      In every single cubic millimetre of this plane a drama is taking place every second.

  18. brontebaxter said,

    November 9, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Just wanted to add a thought or two here to the discussion:

    * I think “the Law of Predation” is an excellent term for the fundamental law of this planet which ordains that to live we must take life. It is a law we need to change.

    * I don’t agree at all that successful manifestation depends on purity of heart, or right emotion. If that were true, there would be no such thing as black magic, or a global conspiracy. Black magic, like white magic, operates on the principle of will. If a person applies focused and confident will to a desire, they give it the thrust it needs to succeed – whether or not they are pure of heart.

    For this reason, purity of heart, a sense of brotherhood with all beings, etc. must be cultivated along with will, if a person wishes to become an impeccable human being. We can turn ourselves into monsters if ALL we care about is developing will. But it isn’t true to say that good character is a prerequisite of successful manifestation, because it’s just not. Just look at how successfully the powers that be manifest their desires in this world, and how uncompassionate they are. I think we need to stay clear on the mechanics of manifestation, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of goodness and virtue.


  19. Thor said,

    November 10, 2010 at 11:55 am

    @ Bronte

    1/ This law applies to the entire Physical Universe, not just to planet Earth.
    It operates from primitive chemical reactions (inorganic & organic) to the daily activities of the banksters and the suspected feeding on us by inter-dimensional beings.

    To change this law the astronomic Universe has to be redesigned.
    I call this “wishful-willing”.

    2/ “Purity of mind” simply means Focus. “Purity of heart” also means the same. No morals implied. It is the heart that sustains the will, whether in Fear or in Love. And do not confuse the Heart with the ‘heart chakra’.

    3/ On will power: I recommend reading “Die Welt als Vorstellung und Wille” (The World as Imagination and Will) by the German philosopher A. Schopenhauer.


  20. Stewart said,

    November 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm


    Thank you for stirring my consciousness. You are such a wonderful inspiration. I only know your energy through your words and yet I love you.

    After a lifetime of manifesting “things” and “stuff” and “people” I was forced to accept the “temporary” nature of manifesting anything upon this earth.

    My first real book on this subject was “Consciously Creating Circumstances” by George Plummer. A small powerful book on the subject. I used the techniques in this book to manifest a career, houses, bonuses, cars, kids, lifestyle. In the end I had a lot of “stuff”.

    So I let it all go. Everything. A clean plate. A Blank canvass. What did I really want to manifest? Life is free and has no rules. Watch a bird.

    Society, religion and football have rules and are all therefore games.

    So to start with life took from me my beloved. I then unloaded everything else. I tried NOT to manifest more stuff. I wanted an eternal body! I wanted to find my beloved again. There was no thing on this earth that could compare with my beloved. I wanted her back. Manifest her? Ha…now I was stuck.

    Slowly she manifested in all Life. The sunset, the waters, birds, rainbows, bunny rabbits, people. It was amazing.

    So for myself, first I wanted to manifest a life of no rules and complete freedom. But what is that? Well, let’s be practical. To start with I wanted:

    Freedom from debt. I will never ever borrow another dollar.
    Freedom from control. I will never be told by anyone what to do with my life.
    Freedom from belief systems. I will never be told what to believe.
    Freedom from fear. I will fear no situation.

    That’s a start. So from one who has spent years and decades manifesting things I find it ironic that here I am wanting to manifest … nothing but yet within that is everything!

    And what is this nothing? Love of course. A beautiful deep loving consciousness that exists within me. I want to manifest that love. Only that love. To me that will be my freedom. My eternal beloved will have returned.


  21. X Mitchell said,

    May 2, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Hello Bronte, your writing is really interesting. Thank you.
    Here are some thoughts that might correlate on some levels.

    On the surface, It looks as if the New age universal pagan narration has trouble with the Christian narration of Jesus Christ and a forciori orthodoxy.
    Of course.
    Two millenia of misunderstanding, war and social control only calls for emancipaction and for means to restore a certain sense of personnel sovereignty that we feel being a birht right versus a persistant dominant orthodoxy.
    But let’s pause right here.
    From the word orthodoxy we can delicately pull out it’s homologous partner, orthogonality.

    Orthogonality is one of the most important properties that can help make even complex designs compact.
    Compactness is the property that a design can fit inside a human being’s head. A good practical test for compactness is this: Does an experienced user normally need a manual? If not, then the design (or at least the subset of it that covers normal use) is compact. One subtle but powerful way to promote compactness in a design is to organize it around a strong core algorithm addressing a clear formal definition of the problem, avoiding heuristics and fudging.

    We find orthogonality in the 4 cardinal spacial orientation, in the Zenith and the equator, the cosmic tree, the tree of life, the axis mundi, the wooden cross ect…
    Here’s the catch. Just a few angstums « beneath » the spacial 3 dimensions of a profane wooden cross is the « breach of levels » as Mircea Eliade calls it. A very « thin » angular moment that can access dimensional breakdown.
    I mean a gate to otherness or extra dimensions.
    Orthogononality encodes that secret, every mystical traditions know that.
    Sacred geometry is in fact both a simulacrum and an ontological media that form a membrane for dimensional travel or access.
    Note that if x and y are real and orthogonal, the cosine of the angle between them is zero. That looks like a dimensional tipping point.

    In other words, our spacial, empirical, topological orientations are but metaphores or allegories for the inner orientation. The one of the soul, the holly ghost, the Purusha, le pure esprit, the astral body ect… you name it. An inner orientation that rifts the 3d hologram condition.

    Here’s the next catch.
    It is as if we are telescoped with a soul partner already operating in another dimension, our « witness in heaven » or guardian angel as it has been descibed for christians. As if we were a bi-unity with a broken connection that has remained opaque and separate for a long time. At least from the time our known civilisation began.

    The legacy of a Christ through the alchemical allegory of resurrection or transmutation would reside in the historical narration of the two way ticket through death and back, 3D to extra dimension and back.
    The transhuman ship of our bi-unity in action.
    Jewish caballa mystics, pre-Islamic Sufis and pre-christians gnostics knew that. The inner orientation, the Kristos state. But mystics can’t educate nations. So the clergy and the scribes do and become biased for social control.
    New age and Christian narrations have this in common; the restoration of personal sovereignty ; The promethean myth, returning the light to man.
    Restoring a broken connection.
    That’s why homo sapiens is angry !
    The problem with the written law, as Jacques Derrida says, it is the only condition of it’s transmission always already pairing with it’s contamination. So are all religious inclinations.

    Here’s for your metaphysical bet, in the form of a question.
    If there are indeed trans/ inter/ extra dimensional entities, call them extra/ intra/ ultraterrestrial beings, intra-psychic, ghosts, trolls, djinns, demons, blood thirsty vampires, that feed on our ignorance (the suffering of our lost connection of our bi-unity) for their own life support, who do they go for ? what are their favourite output ? where are their best thriving centers ?

    I would bet that orthogonality has a higher immune system.
    If anything Christianity had to offert man, it would be presicely this.
    Its soteriological content. What has to be « saved » is the secure example of the orientation, the passage of the bi-unity. What people also call ascention.
    Something to remember when the new world order goes around banning Christ or any soteriolgy still alive.

    The New age universal pagan is somewhat correct in wanting to find a direct axis with the divine (a form of entheogenesis) with out suffering the social, political and historical weight of doctrine. After all, we’re all cosmic fabric and the default intuition is that we have that power somewhere already within us. So we risk by-passing the orthodoxa to get that direct contact.
    But this is where, in my view, the « meta-immune » system can become porous in contemplating all homologous forms of might indiscriminate, thereby becoming meta food for those hypothetical entities with agendas unbeknownst.
    The luciferian narration is still under examination as far as it is still the vent of paranoia, conspiracy, duality and embargo from which the New age calls for emancipation by carelessness surrender. So what’s the price ?
    Is the devil real in that he pretends to not exist or is the devil real in that he only pretends to exist ?
    The answer is still above top secret ;)

    I guess it’s a thought that needs to be challenged for clarification.
    Anyone ?

    Anything goes, place your bets !

    • brontebaxter said,

      May 3, 2011 at 6:20 am

      I don’t imagine you’re going to get many responses to your question. It would take 20 minutes just to look up definitions of all your million-dollar words to try to figure out what you are even trying to say. You might try being a bit more … orthogonal? If you write in simple terms people can grasp quickly, they’ll be much more likely to consider engaging in dialog with you. Truth is simple … plain and accessible to all. It isn’t the exclusive property of wordmongers.


  22. Jack said,

    June 29, 2011 at 11:53 am

    X Mitchell why do you have to talk like that? X means unknown the message you gave is very confusing and are you trying to Impress someone with your words. Its time now for Plain Language and Keeping it Simply Spiritual. You push people away from you when you talk like that yes its good to be Intelligent but not Pompous.

  23. justdoit8 said,

    July 26, 2011 at 1:28 am

    Bronte, i’ve loved David Icke’s work for a few years now. But I think you’re absolutely right about ‘The Voice.’ That when his spiritual stuff started sounding very ‘New Age.’ He took the Ayahuasca and believed every word that the voice said without questioning where it was coming from: which I find rather odd for David Icke.
    I believe this drug and other like drugs open the portals to the 4th dimension where the so called self appointed ‘gods’ can easily mess with your mind. I believe this is what happened to Mr Icke. He was getting too good and he paid the price when he made that trip into the jungle.
    An interesting thing I always remember concerning Ayahuasca is the show called ‘Amazon’ with Bruce Parry. He took this drug and later said he had a conversation with no other than a SNAKE when in his drug induced state.
    Reverse Speech by Peggy Kane also revealed that the Ayahuasca messed with his mind also.
    So thanks for this article Bronte. You’ve raised a lot of points that I have been dwelling on but you’ve put them in such a better way than I could.

  24. James Barton said,

    November 20, 2011 at 8:26 am

    I think that there should be some caution regarding any kind of visualization. Visualizations are us giving out energy to be consumed and they support the false beliefs of the global mind. False beliefs/illusions dissolve away with the power of simple awareness whilst the truth remains. So simple awareness is better than visualizations. Unless we are actually omniscient: our visualizations, no matter how beneficial and true they seem to be, are actually infected with ignorance/false belief.

    • brontebaxter said,

      November 20, 2011 at 7:51 pm

      I strongly disagree. That kind of thinking is just the attitude the predators would like us to assume, that as individuals we are too impure/flawed/imperfect to trust ourselves and do anything creative that is of value. It is nonsense that simple visualization “supports the false beliefs of the global mind.” Our power to visualize is our power to create, and that is a God-instilled right and responsibility. It is through us that God is able to manifest in the world. I remember something I heard in church once as a child: “I have no hands but yours … I have no feet but yours … I have no voice but yours …” One of the more true concepts I ever heard taught by religion. “Simple awareness” is the ground state of creation, but that’s all it is: an abstract ground state, a drawing board, a blank screen on which reality can be created and projected. To say that the blank slate is “better” than that which we create on it shows a bias against the value of life and creation. We need to reverse this nihilistic, advaitic attitude so common today that all that has value is the Isness, that our individuality and the fuits of our individuality (the things we create) are impure and to be spurned. If we abdicate our role as stewards of creation, the predators assume free reign to design, direct, and control creation any way they choose. It’s time to regain respect for our individuality, to cherish and nurture it, and to use it as an expression of God and life to brighten and improve the world.


      • James Barton said,

        November 22, 2011 at 7:36 am

        Hi Bronte,

        I agree that a certain strain of Advaita is nihilistic and I have debated with those who hold that distorted view. Many have been misled by the partial truth of non-existence and it has become an excuse by their ego to give up spiritual work/care for the world etc.

        A similar kind of spiritual laziness can also be found among some Christians who dismiss the value of spiritual work as they believe that they will simply be saved and go to heaven.

        On the other hand there are those who get lost in endless spiritual paths and personal improvements etc-another trick of the ego to delay true self realization.

        I am not against creativity nor visualization, please note that I recommended caution in it’s use. I was talking about the kind of forced prolonged visualization designed to bring about the fulfilment of desires etc. As an example someone may try and visualize their chakras ‘awakening’ for example but the visualization used may map out the chakras completely wrongly. In such a case strong visualizations contrary to the actual reality may disrupt/damage the energy system. Another example is if someone is praying for someone/blessing them but due to ignorance they are actually casting a limiting thoughtform on them ie unwittingly cursing them. They may pray/visulaize: “may they follow a particular holy book and give up other spiritual paths”. However their particular book may actually be the work of deceptive entities. So the wording/images used may have a negative effect if not chosen carefully despite good intentions. Being mindful of this the virtue of caution is highlighted in relation to such practices.

        If we are giving out energy into the material realms via visualization then we may be feeding entities. This possibility is something we should consider at least.

        Another red flag is that so much channeled material encourages us to visualize and co-create etc. Although said to be from higher positive beings these channeled messages are often from deceptive entities. They wish that we should be lost forever in the material realms? Visualizations may be like an inner form of idol worship where as the true God is formless and beyond the level of imagination.

        Awareness is not simply the ground of being but a wonderous holy power that can dissolve away false beliefs and bring about beneficial results automatically.

        Personally I believe that our true nature was never created, it is beyond creation and destruction. Regarding individuality are you referring to particular character traits? I understand our true nature to be perfect virtue so really a person’s ‘particular’ character is only a temporary pattern of repression/lack of love for particular divine qualities. Believing that we are our particular character can be used as an excuse to merely carry on character flaws. When all inner qualities are loved and accepted fully and equally where can there be a difference in character?



      • brontebaxter said,

        November 22, 2011 at 2:29 pm


        Visualization is focused use of energy, directed at a specific outcome and purpose. It is not randomly being put out into the environment and “feeding entities.”

        If deceptive entities are encouraging visualization, I would question what they’re wanting people to visualize rather than visualization as a tool.

        Your last paragraph is a classic example of the self-destructive thinking that the predator spiritual leaders are teaching people these days … our character, our individuality, is made up of nothing but our flaws, therefore, eliminate our individuality and the flaws will disappear as well. This is madness.


  25. justdoit8 said,

    November 22, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    I agree that individuality is of utmost importance. It’s what makes each and every one of us unique. What is the point of just being the same as everyone else. And I dare say should you ever give up your individuality because some cult or movement told you to do so all you are really doing is giving your individuality up to the group – like the Borg from Star Trek. The Borg Queen’s strength is dependent on how many individuals she can assimilate. And what she assimilates becomes her strength. It’s no different from any religion or movement that tells you to give up your divine spark.

    Whoever created us intended that we each become something, something different. Whilst we are all made from the same stuff the amazing thing is we can each paint our canvases in unique ways, and it becomes part of us.

    I should also point out that many New Agers get the shamanic concept of the ‘ego death’ totally wrong – intentionally or unintentionally. The concept of ‘ego death’ in shamanism is the death of the false ego, not your true ego. Without ego you may as well be a robot. We recognise people from their energy signature. The people you love, your friends, ask yourself why it is you enjoy being around certain people. It is because they have no ‘ego’? No personality? No passion?? What’s in their heart that attracts us to them??

    Who the heck wants to be a blank person who doesn’t care any which way about anything? I see no point. You may as well go back to the source you came from in that case and just stay there and ask the creator to make you not exist anymore. If that’s even possible. There is no creativity in that. Nothing. How blank and boring. We are creators. Not blank canvases giving up our will to deceitful entities.

  26. James Barton said,

    November 23, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Hi Bronte,

    As I read some of your other writings you are seeing worship as feeding entities. To me this implies that positive emotion not just negative can be harvested. When a powerful visualization is made it is usually accompanied by emotional energy/loosh whether positive or negative. I am unsure why you seem sure that when we direct such energy none of it can be harvested. It is actually directed ‘outside’ ourselves in most cases is it not? I cannot see those energies and if you cannot either then how do you know that the energy is not feeding entities?

    Entities via channelling etc are encouraging visualization and you rightly question what they want us to visualize. As you may expect though most of what they want us to visualize seems to be various positive and creative things to make the world a better place etc-so why? Perhaps it is the actual act of such visualization that they want? Is that not a valid question? In any case, it is right to be cautious as initially stated.

    Regarding character many of my ideas are derived from personal ‘paper and pen’ study and investigation. I feel that you may have misinterpreted my earlier reply, lumping my ideas with other doctrines which actually, like you, I disagree with. In studying the virtues I noticed that each one has an ‘opposite’ partner virtue. A vice is actually a temporary lack of a virtue caused by it being covered up/repressed from within.

    For example bravery and caution are partner virtues. They are a simultaneous state of harmony, 2 natural powers of an individual soul. Now if for example bravery is repressed then the person will have an irrational tendency towards cowardice. On the other hand if caution is repressed then the person will have an irrational tendency towards recklessness. By loving/praising/reintegrating a neglected virtue it comes back into balance with it’s partner virtue-then we are free from the lopsided irrational tendencies that favour one quality over another.

    Another point is that each virtue supports and is supported by every other virtue. For example ideal bravery should also be compassionate and humble etc etc. Ideal kindness should be brave and determined etc etc. I am talking of mathematical permutations here.

    This means that to perfect one virtue is to perfect all virtues as each virtue contains all the others in harmony and in turn is contained in all the others. So by strengthening one virtue we are helping to strengthen all the others at the same time.

    From my perspective if you say that individuality relies on character differences then you are really denying that virtue can be perfected. Please give me an example of a character difference between 2 people and I believe that I can show you that it is merely based on a temporary bias of one virtue over another.

    Best Wishes,


  27. James Barton said,

    November 27, 2011 at 4:02 am

    Hi Justdoit8,

    Have you considered that your true nature was never created but is actually a timeless unlimited being? I believe that you are much more majestic that the created being that you are believing yourself to be. There is a very interesting school of thought that sees the physical universe as a kind of spiritual trap. In that scenario what the entities want is to keep us in this dream, giving out emotional energy as various dramas endlessly unfold entrancing all but those who realize their true nature. It could be that like a role playing computer game, the various upgrades, character history etc are all designed to keep one engaged with the game.

    Regarding individuality I like the philosophy of Jainism that says we are individual eternal beings and when we become completely free of the karmic matter we are unlimited beings, this being unlimited means eternal, all pervading, omniscient, being all powerful and all blissful. What other religions may refer to the one true God is actually an infinite number of unlimited beings all in harmony. Yet there can be creativity for example one could create a universe!

    Saying that individuality is based on character differences and preferences is really only saying that perfect unlimited beings have been limited/defiled in all different ways. For example consider 2 people, one who is very extrovert whilst another is very introvert.

    The 2 qualities ie being introverted and being extroverted are both natural powers within each individual. If they are both fully loved and accepted in an individual then the person is free to act in the most appropriate way in harmony with the circumstances, sometimes the person may seem introverted and at other times they may seem extroverted yet in reality they are beyond both/they are both in a simultaneous harmony.

    However if someone has had some bad experiences perhaps when they were extrovert then they may tend to repress that quality. The effect being that the person will appear as introverted.

    To then enshrine and defend that lobsidedness as having value is basically an error which is unknowingly disrespecting the individual and also further aliening them from the repressed aspect of their being.

    It is like someone who has stepped on a nail and then putting more weight on the other leg even after the wound has healed just out of habit. So they are hobbling around underusing one leg. One doctor tells them that their hobbling walk is their individuality and they must defend it at all costs.

    The other doctor gives physiotherapy, explains the equality of the left and right leg and gets them walking in harmony again.

    Which doctor gives the best advice?

    Best Wishes,


    • brontebaxter said,

      November 27, 2011 at 7:07 am


      I wrote a long reply to your previous email, and it got lost somehow. So here’s a brief recap of that response, which also serves as a response to what you wrote here.

      1) You are confusing character traits (as in virtues) with personality traits. Agreed that all perfected beings would share all virtues and be able to express any of them as required by circumstances at any time. But even in a world of perfected individuals, unique personalities – unique ways of expressing – would exist. One person may have a fantastic sense of humor (and aren’t all senses of humor unique? I’ve never seen two people who are funny in exactly the same way). Another person may be a natural artist (again, no two artists are the same in their expression – they each have a unique style) or a natural musical composer. I’ve read that there is a unique energy signature to every composer’s music, something that can be graphically represented, as I recall. By determining this signature, it’s possible to determine who the composer was, as no other composer combines sounds in precisely the same kind of way as that person. These are just some examples that demonstrate there’s a lot more to individuality than having or lacking virtues.

      You insist on regarding anything individual as just a corruption of the infinite oneness. That’s such an insult to the infinite itself, which created the universe out of joy and the desire for joyous expression. Applying your philosophy, all the creator created is excrement – just flaws, fractures, of its infinite perfect unmanifested self. God created to express more joy, but you (and those who think like you) feel they know better than God, spitting on his original creative joyous intention. In Eastern religions, it’s openly and blatantly claimed that the world sprang from “ignorance,” of all things – as if God was one big ignorant fool for wanting to make all of us. It really is a highly arrogant and divinely insulting stance for a person to take.

      2) Regarding the visualization question … whether your energy gets harvested depends on where you’re aiming it (and if you’re aiming it). In the act of worship, you’re aiming it directly at the gods (or at a guru) – inviting them to take the energy from you. So of course it gets taken. In the act of conscious creative visualization, your energy is directed into the vision or thing/event you wish to manifest. Saying that because the one kind of energy gets harvested means the other therefore probably gets harvested as well is like saying if you ship a package addressed to Mary Jones and it arrives at Mary Jones’s house, then that must mean every package anyone in the world ever ships to anyone is likewise going to arrive at Mary Jone’s house, whether the parcel was addressed to her or not.


  28. Stewart said,

    December 2, 2011 at 2:09 am

    Bronte/James/all lovers of life,

    If we just forget the books of David Icke, his seminars, videos. Toss out all eastern religions, gurus, new age, all religious institutions, all spiritual groups, feel good movements. Just go live in a cave world and only meditate on Love.

    Visualize Love. Write about Love, talk about Love.

    Walk about Loving everything and everyone. What would happen? I’ll tell you what happened to me when I did just that. I took a small spare bedroom and installed my computer and note pads. I researched everything on Love. I only wrote about love.

    After my sweetheart of 38 years departed this world in 2005, I took a pencil and wrote 300 pages on Love, all my feeling of love and loss came pouring out. I soon realised one important thing. The Love was not lost. It was still with me, more powerful than ever.

    Two years after her departure I attended a New Years Eve Ball. The Old Irish Showbands were playing. 40 year Reunion! The dance floor was covered in dancing couples. I sat alone and watched. I realised it is almost impossible for a single man to dance alone and feel good about it. So I chatted to my ‘sweetheart’ and said, “I’d love to meet someone who likes to dance.”

    Six days later, on 6th January my brother had a birthday party, I nearly didn’t go, but a force got me there. I’m standing chatting to someone when a beautiful woman walks across the room and simply introduces herself to me, “I’d like to meet you.”

    I simply asked her a question, “Do you like to dance?”

    “I love dancing”, she replied. We chatted a bit about work etc, then she asked, “What else do you do?” I said, “I’m writing a book… on Love.”

    Almost 5 years later that beautiful woman has become my sweetest friend. Next year we will marry. I was not looking for, or visualising a new woman in my life. I was only visualising Love.

    Sometime later I needed to expand my business, I was still fixed on Love, my meditations were all on Love. I did not want anyone or anything. I would just LOVE to expand my business. The word want was gone and the word Love was now used.

    I was invited to meet a businessman. In 5 days I was offered several million dollars of capital if I needed it. We have been happy partners now for 3 years.

    Today I still meditate on Love. Everything else is to take us away from our internal loving nature. Fixing on stuff and people and things to visualise is for me not the way. I want the Sweetness of Love in my life.

    The beautiful being that I really am knows exactly what I’d love and has brought this to me. Today I have this thing about Loving the Earth. How can I love the Earth more?

    I picked up my sweethearts hand and kissed it, then rubbed the love into it and realised I’d just loved the elements of the earth contained within her body. So simple an act. Kiss her hand and Love the Earth at the same time.

    So, what if our Earth is about to go into a brand new state of being. What if 7 billion of us just picked up someone’s hand and kissed it and rubbed the love into it. Our Earth would Love it.So would you and so would the person receiving the kiss!

    Try it! Visualize Love! Love One Another!

    xxxx Love xxxx


  29. hippie99 said,

    November 11, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    By insisting that our very lives are not real, and that we are all ONE. By encouraging others to give up their individual lives for the “greater good” because our lives are an illusion. David Icke is promoting his own brand of Jihad. He is full of baloney as far as I am concerned.

  30. AK said,

    March 29, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Hallucinations of reptilian images hardly unique.

    Here is an intriguing article on common images that appear during
    psychedelic or autohypnosis.


    So…reptilian imagry is not that special at all

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