Racists Who Claim to Be Truthers Can’t Hide Their True Colors

Today I read an article I found on the Jeff Rense website called “What’s the Big Deal About the Holocaust?” I’ve seen so many references to this subject on various Truther websites that I decided to read the piece through, in an effort to get to the point that the holocaust deniers are trying to make. It’s only fair to give people a chance to make their argument, I thought, and I wanted to be open-minded.

This was the first article I actually ever closely read on this holocaust denial business, because generally it makes me mad to hear of it. In my gut, it always feels like it’s coming from simple racial hatred. I’m not Jewish, but my best friend is. She lost grandparents in the German camps, as did other friends I’ve had over the years. Why would anyone want to deny the truth of the suffering these people went through, unless it was because of racial hatred? But I thought it was important to at least give an ear to the arguments of the deniers, since my opinion was based on a knee-jerk reaction, after all, not on actual listening.

And so I read the article. The bottom line argument it tried to make, after all kinds of unsubstantiated and undocumented revisionist “history,” was that we’ve been told more Jews died in Germany than actually did, and that they died in horrible gas chambers that never actually existed. The reasoning goes that if people can be taught to believe that, they’ll feel empathy for the Zionist Jews and not allow themselves to see the bad things Israel is doing to the Palestianians, and how Israel plays into the plans of The New World Order.

But plausible as this argument may sound at first flush, and as much as the article says it doesn’t deny that Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis, the truth behind the intentions of the author became clear to me with the blatant hate message appearing just to the left of the article, spewing venom about blacks, gays and Jewish people, and calling to the White race (with a capital W, of course) to take back America.

The truth is, you can’t disguise racism when you’ve been bitten by it. It shows its colors every time. No matter how holocaust deniers try to hide their intentions behind supposed “logic” and “history,” the truth is that their attempts to minimize what the Nazis did come from one motive: racial hatred.

White supremacists have no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t share their skin tone. Their pompous attitude of racial superiority is an infection within the Truth Movement, which so many sincere and tolerant people are active in, in a righteous effort to take back America from the clutches of the encroaching New World Order.

These narrow-minded Jew-haters make all of us in the freedom movement look like a bunch of insane, racist fanatics, because they claim to speak the same language we do. They undercut the hope we have of returning freedom to the people and sovereignty to the states. Because decent, unprejudiced people who read their hate rants judge the whole Truth Movement by their stupid, insecure intolerance.

These morons remind me of male animals in the rutting season, having to fight with each other to prove what studs they are. Why can’t white people be wonderful, Jewish people be wonderful, and black people be wonderful, all of us? How stupid is it to define a human being by a skin tone? Why can’t these fanatics see that their “logic” comes from their need to put others down to feel adequate?

The Jewish people are no more to blame for the New World Order than gentiles are. The royalty of England and other European nations, who are integral to the power structure of the NWO, are NOT Jews – they are WHITE. So using the Jew-haters racist “logic,” we could say the white race is to blame for the New World Order and the world should rally against the whites, right?

These people need to grow up, get their heads out of their backsides, and recognize that the threats to freedom are not racial – they are elitist. It’s the power elite who attempt to enslave the planet with their microchipping, their world bank, and their world government – and the power elite have have members in every race and nation.

We need to give up petty racial bickering and stand together, as individuals and as states that insist on our right to self-determination, freedom from unwilling taxation, freedom from technological surveillance and freedom from every other usurpation of personal and regional authority. Until we can do that, the New World Order is only furthered by racist websites that encourage hatred of people for each other, blaming innocent common folk, just because they are Jewish or black, for the elite-induced problems we all bear.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the power elite themselves are behind websites like the one that featured this article, because NWO leaders know if they can turn the people against one another, the freedom movement will destroy itself from within. Instead of joining together against the real threat, we’ll turn on each other.

Look at your hatred, white supremacists, and admit it for what it is: silly, testosterone-driven, ego-insecurity. Quit hating your brothers because they weren’t drawn with what you think is the right color crayon. We don’t have time for such childishness anymore. We have a world to bring back from the brink.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2009

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  1. Barbara Maver said,

    February 27, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Hello Bronte
    I think you are right that there are people of the power elite using websites of truth seekers to further their own agenda. It’s hard to know who to trust sometimes.
    I have seen this film on you tube about the origins of Zionism.
    It was made by some young Israelis. It’s not about the holocaust but about the background to the situation in Palestine today.

    Hope you like it.

  2. Frank said,

    February 28, 2009 at 7:10 am

    Even though I agree with a lot of the conspiracy/truth websites , I have discerned that there is an underlying anti semitic ring to a lot of them dressed up as anti zionism which I am uncomfortable with . This time we cannot blame the NWO as racism is very much a personal matter . I just wish they were more open about their feelings so people knew where they stood with them . Its a shame as most of these websites are doing a great service , but I suppose we all have our blind spots .


  3. Revolution Harry said,

    March 4, 2009 at 5:33 am

    I haven’t read the article you refer to but I have read other articles regarding the Holocaust on rense.com and other sites. As I understand it those who are questioning aspects of the Holocaust are not being anti-semetic (if for no other reason than the vast majority, if not all, of the Jews in Europe at the time were not Semites but Ashkenazi Jews; as are majority of Jews in the political leadership of Israel). The proposition is that the majority of Jews are being used to further the aims of Zionists in Israel. Zionists are not exclusively Jewish and the goal of Zionism may appear to be a desire for a Jewish homeland but is actually quite different. The state of Israel is sponsored by the Rothschild family (see link below) and is arguably Masonic rather than Jewish. The goal is the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon;the dream of all the secret societies at the heart of the New World Order agenda.




  4. Curtis G. Norman said,

    March 4, 2009 at 11:28 am

    This is not actually a topic that I had wanted to comment on, but since this is where we are (January archives are missing from the menu and the topic that I wanted to comment on was not there), I will mention a point or two.
    Let me state from the start that I do not side with the “holocaust deniers” or the anti-Jewish websites, etc. Having said that, I DO see some merit in the criticism of Zionism. This being a philosophy that espouses (ironically, just the same as the Nazi’s did with their race) a Jewish state for Jews (only) NO MATTER what the consequences are for the Palestinians. It is a fact that the US had no enemies in that region of the world prior to the establishment of the state of Israel. And it is a fact that we have supported the state of Israel with weaponry and finances to the tune of 2 billion dollars a year for quite a long time. And many people believe (whether it is true or not) that we are presently engaged in a poorly disguised war (come on now, you don’t believe we are “making the world safe from terrorism”, do you?) to make the middle east safe for Israel. Granted, oil resources are definitely a consideration here as well.
    My point is NOT to disparage Jews, but to point out that all this is fodder for white supremacist websites. And in economic times like this, with a large percentage of the population unemployed (by virtue of NWO “free-trade” policies such as NAFTA) they will have an audience! Especially so since president Obama’s cabinet is made up largely of the same neocons (all of whom are Jewish, by the way) who caused the economic downturn in the US starting with the Clinton administration, and on through the Bush administration. Emmauel Rahm , for example, is a rabid Zionist and a “free-trader”. People look at these things and it is only human to give an ear to those who speak persuasively to “let your politics follow the dictates of your stomach”.
    You go on to state :”How stupid is it to define a human being by a skin tone?” Indeed, it is, but then that appellation of stupidity applies equally well to Zionist Jews who are derisive of Palestinians and the Arab populace in general, of whom (and I admit here that I could be wrong as to the exact source) I believe it was General Sharon who said; ” a thousand Palestinians are not worth one Jewish life”. The point being, the white supremacists do not have a corner on the race hatred market. Perhaps stupidity is simply innate for a majority of humanity then?
    Then there is this; ” The royalty of England and other European nations, who are integral to the power structure of the NWO, are NOT Jews – they are WHITE.” Well yes, they are white. Now I am not an authority on this subject, so I did a little research, to wit: The Rothschild family intermarried with British royalty some couple hundred years ago. The Rothschilds are, or claim to be Jewish. The power elites of every race and faction have intermarried throughout history to preserve power and money. One could certainly say that the power elite of the NWO includes, if it is not defined by, international banking houses. Warburg, Oppenheimer, Rothschild are all Jewish, and even J.P. Morgan (a minion of Rothschild and certainly beholden to them) had ties to these. I would like to bring your attention to your use of the phrase “are not Jews-they are white”and point out that you can be BOTH Jewish and white (although during the past 100 or so years there has been a cadre of Jews, some notable Rabbis among them who have claimed that the Jewish people are a separate race unto themselves). As a matter of fact, as a little Net research (of Jewish websites) will show you, most of todays Jewish folk are “Khazars”, as a matter of fact, some 90% are and these people are descended from a tribe of people in former southeast Russia who ADOPTED Judaism around the year 700 CE. These people are all white. They are not semites. Semites being modern day Arabs!! (and some African Jews and near-eastern Jews who are termed “Sephardic” Jews and are a minority in Israel today).
    You say : “I wouldn’t be surprised if the power elite themselves are behind websites like the one that featured this article, because NWO leaders know if they can turn the people against one another, the freedom movement will destroy itself from within”. And I , for one, believe you are entirely right about that, since playing one side against the other is what these people do best. After all, doesn’t the act of hiring low wage earners in third world countries to manufacture goods to undercut the price of domestic equivalents constitute pitting the populace of one country against another?
    Please understand that I am NOT taking a stance against the jewish people here. I am merely pointing out that there are equivalent factions of “hate groups” in every population-and their counterparts in opposing factions will make good use of the knowledge that they have of their “opponents”. There are also a group of Jewish people who , by the way, are opposed to Zionism and the very existence of modern Israel itself! (based on Torah and Talmud teachings). For more on that, if you are interested;
    I apologize for the inordinate length of this email commentary, if I knew how to keep it shorter, I would have. Thanks for your attention.


    • HermeticPoet said,

      June 9, 2009 at 6:17 pm

      Thank you, you’ve put it more poetically than I could have. I’m again, not looking to support the people who wrote the original article, as I have not read it, but lets be clear about things. I cannot agree with Bronte on this label of “Holocaust Deniers”. Yes, some people are, particularly those in supremacist groups, but what we’re talking about here as much as anything is, accurate reporting of History, NO ? Bronte, I’m a little disappointed by your use of the term “revisionists” also, you used it in a derogatory way, much as the main stream media uses the term “conpiracy theorist” !! People looking for some clarity and Truth in history are Truthers by their very definition. But, just to add some weight and clarity to my point here, and to attach it to the eloquent argument by Curtis :

      The accepted and so often reported, Holocaust took the lives of 6 million Jews, right ?
      Well, 55 million are said to have lost their lives in WW2 and most of them were Christians (I’m of NO religious belief by the way) so why has the deaths of ONE group gotten almost ALL of the press coverage ??
      20 million in Russian gulags and 50 million in Chinas’ communist revolution. Yet, we hear almost exclusively about ONE group, why ??

      Anyone who refutes those numbers is called a “Holocaust Denier” as Bronte has just alluded to and partaken of herself.
      Well the number is WRONG even by official count !!! Go check Wikipedia or anywhere else for that matter. Here’s an excerpt -“The camp commandant, R. Höß, also Hoess, testified at the Nuremberg Trials that up to 3 million people had died at Auschwitz. The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has revised this figure to 1.1 million,[2][3] about 90 percent of whom were Jews from almost every country in Europe.[4] Most victims were killed in Auschwitz II’s gas chambers using Zyklon B; other deaths were caused by systematic starvation, forced labor, lack of disease control, individual executions, and purported “medical experiments”.

      If the number has been revised from 3 million to 1.1(90% were Jews) that means that the 6 million is an exaggerated number, NO ???

      The Zionists, were financing the Nazi’s, this is a well known fact. This plays into the supremacists hands, but lumping everyone who questions the blatant BS thats peddled about what happened during WW2 into the same boat as racial supremacists, as you have done here Bronte. Plays into the Conspirators hands also. Have to say again, I’m a little disappointed by this articles lack of understanding and sweeping ascertions !!!

  5. Brownhawk said,

    March 5, 2009 at 8:36 am

    The Protocols from the Elders of Zion is the blueprint for the NWO. Those who are implementing its’ dictates are from ALL the races of mankind. The bottom line is that it is the mindset of Zionism which is corrupting and seeking to completely subjugate the world. Divide and conquer has always been their M.O.
    The protocols are the womb from which the Nazi fetus developed and was then born. That Rothschild protege, Adolph Hitler, ranted and raved against the Jews, citing the Protocols ad nauseum in the 20’s and 30’s; to the point where Zionism and the Jewish people became synonymous in human perception. That’s an Illuminati trick-if you tell a lie over and over enough it becomes embedded as the truth.
    The engineering of the holocaust(regardless of how many Jews were murdered, although the figure of six million certainly helped the Zionist cause) paved the way for the State of Israel, enabling Zionism to continue to ply their ugly trade with impunity; crying with the false indignation of anti-semitism with every criticism thrown its way.
    That it was Jews who became the victims of Zionism was incidental to them, insofar as their primary concern was to have SOME group to persecute, per the agenda formulated from the Protocols.
    Any website claiming to represent the Truth movement are fundamentally flawed if anything they postulate does not stem from an understanding of this basic premise. Period. Case closed. End of story.

  6. venusinpisces said,

    March 20, 2009 at 1:45 am

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the power elite themselves are behind websites like the one that featured this article”
    Yes, I would certainly agree with this. At the same time, I’m glad someone broached the subject of the Khazars. The idea that Judaism is a race, and not a religion, has fueled the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians for quite sometime now and there are no signs that this process is any closer to being over. There are many, many layers of disinformation any time you want to delve into any truthseeking endeavor. Personally, I avoid the Rense website because I see far too much hatred going on there to be able to stomach on a regular basis, whether that is directed at Jews, gays or immigrants. I do not believe that Jews are responsible for the NWO any more than any other ethnic group. However, you may wish to investigate some of the blatant censorship practiced by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has hired a lawyer named Richard Warman to try and prevent David Icke from selling books.
    The Illuminists have a centuries long history of supporting opposing sides of a conflict, and this issue is no exception to that. I think that immigration is a very good example of this dynamic in action. I have been dismayed to read some of the blatantly hateful diatribes against “illegal” immigration being passed around in conspiracy circles. I love the work that Alex Jones has done around exposing ritual abuse at Bohemian Grove, but some of his more recent activity with white separatists like the minutemen is absolutely noxious. Those guys are out shooting immigrants who attempt to cross into the US. Hate and racial prejudice will always play back into the hands of the conspirators, who wish to create a racial holy war that will destroy all of the varying cultures across our planet, white people included.
    At the same time, it does seem that the immigration debate is being used as a way to pave the way towards a North American Union. The powers that be use the rhetoric of anti-racism to establish a One World system that cares for no race or culture. I also believe that Illuminists are attempting to reduce the standard of living in the West by importing immigrants who are used to working harder for less. In California this is especially evident in the way that the white blue collar workers have outright disappeared, to have been replaced by immigrants who are willing to work for far less than minimum wage. The result of this is that those white people who won’t work for say, $4 an hour, are forced to work for minimum wage, where before they may have had a decent standard of living. The fact is that NO ONE should have to live in third world conditions, considering that the free energy technologies necessary to develop a thriving civilization have been developed decades ago, and suppressed by the Global Control Structure. Meanwhile, they like to fuel racist hate groups, right along with the antiracists, in order to create the racial holy wars that will eventually be replaced by a One World regime.
    So my point, Bronte, is that this whole situation is a lot more complicated than it appears at first glance, as I’m sure you are aware. Personally, I do not support a massive militarized wall to keep people out(or in), whether that be in Palestine or the United States. However, I think it is important that people of the West maintain their standard of living in order to prevent the mass genocide that the NWO has planned for us, by the way of food shortages and ecnomic collapse. I also think this should include extending our wealth to other countries, not by giving up our own, but by spreading information about beneficial technologies, whether that is suppressed free energy or permaculture. We do not have to live in conditions of povery and disease, and that is themost important thing to remember. If that wasn’t true, then the Illuminists would not beon a campaign to murder or buy out any inventor of geniunely useful technologies.

  7. DPirate said,

    May 15, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Whatever prcentage of human being is racist ought to be reflected about linearly in any organization or community. What does planes flying into buildings have to do with racism? Nothing at all, really, until everyone starts equating the two, which can only happen when everyone is talking about them simultaneously. So just ignore it.

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