Channeled Messages: Who’s Really Talking?

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I haven’t yet found one source of “channeled truth” that doesn’t deny subtly what I know of the world. Take Caroline Cory, for instance, the author of a book called “The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012.” Caroline Cory ‘s website contains a page called “Universal Messages,” channeled guidance she apparently received for the rest of us from unseen entities she trusts as wise and good. Some of what the messages say sounds lovely. Careful reading, however, reveals the same old attempts at human programming that the fourth-dimension has become famous for. Examples in a moment.

What am I saying, that I think there’s no one out there in all the frequency dimensions unperceived by the human eye who is decent, free, intelligent and inclined to help humanity? Not at all. I’m just saying they don’t exist in the frequency nearest to ours which apparently is the one doing the talking.

A bit about frequency fields. The naked eye perceives only the vibrations of the electromagnetic spectrum called “visible light.” The other frequencies (radio, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma) oscillate at a vibration too high or too low to be picked up visually, in the same way the human ear can’t hear sounds of too high a pitch, although a dog can hear them. It’s been suggested that most psychic communications take place in the wave length one notch down from visible light: infrared. Some call this frequency the abode of troubled spirits (ghosts and demons). I would add that it’s also apparently the abode of those who call themselves “the gods” and “ascended masters,” judging from the shit they sell us.

Take a look at the following messages communicated through Cory:

“Remember, we are an invisible “government” governing your planet. We are here to restore the harmonics of Heaven and our plan is infallible.”

“This global circuit is already in place and active. It is comprised of humans and nonhumans, visible and invisible beings who have volunteered to bring about this divine change. It is already done. You must not question your faith and trust in the divine order.”

“From our perspective, it is indeed a divine act to begin this endeavor and attempt to solidify all individuals’ values and and backgrounds in one set of rules.”

“You must not question”? “We are an invisible government governing your planet”? “Solidify all individuals’ values and background in one set of rules?” Does this sound like freedom to you?

Then there is this from the website’s page of recommended “Prayers”:

“We ask that our administration embraces people from all cultures and all religions as ONE human population intending to live in peace and harmony on this Earth.”

“We acknowledge that all experiences are in perfect Cosmic Order and in perfect alignment with the Creator-Source.”

“We ask and intend that we remain focused on peaceful and positive thoughts so we may only attract peaceful and positive circumstances and experiences.”

This surely sounds like the language of the New World Order. The added admonishment that we must always think positive and be peaceful is typical of Eastern and New Age religion. Sweet on the surface, but in fact we’re being told to limit our thoughts within a range that will offer no resistance to what’s happening around us.

This is further borne out in the statement: “We acknowledge that all experiences are in perfect Cosmic Order and in perfect alignment with the Creator-Source,” another popular dogma in Easternism and the New Age. If we can be persuaded that everything happens just as it’s supposed to, just as God intended, and that the world is perfect as it is, we won’t lift a hand, a voice or a thought to interfere with that perfect “Cosmic Order.”

To me, it’s an atrocity to suggest that a world as fraught with suffering as ours is “in perfect alignment with the Creator-Source,” yet Easternism and New Age tell us that all the time. Religions or messages that teach this reinforce our acceptance of what always should remain unacceptable. But that is the way it works with the global agenda. A new spirituality is needed to keep people locked into the old accepting programming. Hence the renovations being done on religion today.

We do have friends in the unseen, but they don’t send channeled and starship messages. They support our emancipation by sending thoughts and ideas that open our minds. They even assist our direct efforts to do things that might help humanity. I believe this, because I’ve experienced such support. But these beings act unobtrusively, like a good schoolteacher who watches over the children’s shoulders, quietly pointing here and there, while the students work the problems out for themselves. Our trans-dimensional friends aren’t out there pontificating New Age platitudes, announcing all is fine and that they’ll take care of the world’s problems if we see fit not to question them. They’re watching to see if we have the hutzbuh to set things right for ourselves.

Why am I sure of this? Because off-world beings who truly are mankind’s friends would never take over our fight. As a race, we’ve done little in our history but play follow-the-leader. That’s why we’re in this kind of shape. Always it’s someone outside ourselves we’ve expected to come up with the answers, to fix things. That attitude has invited global manipulation of gargantuan proportions. Manipulation I suggest we deserve if we’re still unwilling to stand on our own feet and take charge of our destiny.

Diseases don’t attack healthy people. A race of interdimensional beings doesn’t clandestinely take control of a planet of people who practice self-autonomy. If we are sick as a planet, it’s not because of greed and selfishness, as religious leaders and others would have believe. Accepting that guilt trip just further erodes self-trust, making us seek even more desperately for external guidance (a need our leaders happily accommodate).

We are sick as a planet because we don’t self-determine. Because we think we are limited. Because we believe we’re fundamentally unable to control what happens in our lives. In fact, nothing’s farther from the truth. We’re creating everything every minute with every thought by mentally accepting the world we have been given. This will change when we pull ourselves up by our suspenders and start ordaining what happens here. If enough of us do that, we’ll route the curmudgeons who laugh at their ability to make us accept our smallness and to send us down spiritual detours again and again.

The answers aren’t coming from off-world entities. They exist within us, in the creative workshop of our minds. Our minds aligned with intuition, the quiet knowledge whispering in our souls that still remembers the way things were originally intended, the kind of world we and the Infinite meant this one to be. When enough of us turn to that font of inspiration, and listen to the thoughts of those around us who also are looking within, we’ll continue to piece together the mysteries of this universe and how to establish our independence in it. Dialog and listening are critical. Not to gods and gurus, ascended masters or channeled messages, but to our own personal interior divinity.


I’d like to add a clarification and a practical tip here, for anyone interested. Just as it’s useful to listen to other people who have harmonious intentions for the planet and are in touch with their intuition or inner voice, there’s nothing wrong with asking for insight from the same quality of entities who don’t inhabit bodies on this plane. I find it can be helpful to ask for inspiration and insight, but it’s critical whom you ask. If you send up a prayer without an address, you give permission for anyone to step in and answer it, thereby influencing you however they please. Worse, if you ask for help from a particular guide, god, guru, ascended master or religious figure without being certain that entity does not have ulterior self-serving motives, you invite that questionable being to work its will in your life.

I believe it’s important to take special care about asking for help from “the Creator.” The physical creator of humanity appears to be different from the First Cause, First Consciousness, the creator of all life in all the dimensions. Those we call the gods say they are the creators of humanity. If that’s true, if they established physical life or human life on this planet, then when you pray to the Creator, those characters are the beings you connect with. Better to say something like “You in the Unseen who work to support the freedom and happiness of all beings” if you want to connect with beneficent spirits, or “First Consciousness, Source of All” if you want to connect with the Infinite within you.

It’s good to make clear that you no longer will accept the influence of questionable entities you used to pray or meditate to by stating this firmly so as to be rid of them. “I consciously disconnect myself from all energies, entities and programs that may be or are feeding upon me” are useful words for cutting off contact. It’s most effective if you say this out loud three or four times, until you feel some emotion behind it and subsequent release. It’s good to repeat these words (or something similar) anytime you may feel influenced by unwanted entities or energies.

Bronte Baxter



  1. Alan said,

    April 21, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    “…the same old attempts at human programming that the fourth-dimension has become famous for”

    The “fourth” dimension – er.. that’ll be Time, right?

  2. wanderer7 said,

    April 21, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    nwo disinfo is everywhere … especially around something like the Montauk Project. It happened; but what REALLY happened, is for YOU to find out. So much distorted/twisted info.

    Faithful sources are everything in this spiritual war.

  3. C. said,

    April 22, 2008 at 7:35 am

    First I find the words “spiritual war”….aggresively strong.
    Let’s call it spiritual awakening.
    I had been reading channelled info for many years, some of the “disguised programming” was easy enough to spot but in some other it IS very sublte.
    They still provide some good information… you got to put cheese on a mouse trap if you want to catch mice!
    I applaud what you wrote Bronte and it confirms a recent experience. Just lately I started getting suspicious about a certain site with tons of material, some chanelled and some not. I even had a good dialogue with the author going…but then, after several months something just perked my ear…something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it but surely, the tune was off. I kinda questionned the author about “perceived discrepencies”. The explanations and answers he came out with were so mangled and confusing that I knew I had hit a nerve!!
    I attempted to push the discussion in more “mature” territory but he only started to attack me!
    I even suspect that once he realized his grip was slipping, he visited me…it’s strange, but I was meditating and I noticed I was being talked to, like when one gets hypnotized, I started to listen to what was being said and I heard something like ” you have to seek outside…” and I snapped right out of it!
    I knew the word “outside” was not right.
    Now, upon second look at material previously read/studied, I can see clear as day where the “anomalies” are. Thank God ; ) that I was not in NEED of guidance (just company along the the way).
    So, the moral of the story- always listen to that little voice.
    Good work Bronte.

  4. C. said,

    April 22, 2008 at 7:48 am

    Post scriptum:
    When I say he started to attacked me I mean that he use “spiritual” logic with me to avoid answering the questions…if I saw a discrepency, I was projecting it. It was my discrepency being projected onto the integrity of his material.
    They are so good at turning it back on you!
    Just like we are the one responsables for the ecological disaster they created by encouraging deforestation, and then blaming the fact that we leave a carbon footprint- that just the fact we are alive pullutes and therefore, we should pay a carbon tax! Forget the tax, plant a tree!Oh! but that’s another story!

  5. brontebaxter said,

    April 22, 2008 at 7:53 am

    I want to go on record with an apology and a clarification. An earlier version of this blog entry mentioned that David Icke’s website sells Cory’s book, which I took to be an endorsement. David responded today that he was not even aware of the book, let alone endorsing it, but that he would look into the matter of why the bookstore was selling it. Apparently his bookstore does not consult with him for every item they select to feature, and the mention of the book in the newsletter was an act of the bookstore, not a recommendation by David Icke. My apologies to David and any readers who were misled by my remark.


  6. PenName said,

    April 23, 2008 at 1:12 am

    I seem to have a pretty good internal barometer….. I only read a few channeled things many years ago. But most of them gave me a headache — and most of them do now. I can’t even start reading a site or a channeled message without getting a physical nausea or foggy muddled mind. I avoid them ALL now.

    I think that is the fruit of becoming clear….. once you start disengaging from the fog of that dimension, you can see clearly or feel viscerally when that fog is coming at you.

    I actually “channeled” material for a book once — but it never went to print. The reason is I always had this doubt about it, and questioned the source somewhere deep inside. The experience was quite unsought. I just started to get these “downloads” of stuff with the strong impression to write it all down. I would be woken up out of a dead sleep with the next paragraph. It all seemed so astounding, so beautiful. Imagery and ideas that NEVER would have arisen from my own mind. I was naieve at the time, and felt this to be a very honoring experience. It felt spiritually ecstatic, and the experience fed my spiritual ego that finally I had arrived and was worthy to be the conduit of this great knowledge. Looking back on it now, I am so glad that internal voice said to shelve the thing. I think most people involved in these high-level spiritual dimensions get sucked in by a combination of ego and that sincere wish that they’ve finally reached their spiritual goal or acheivement. They never question that the level they’ve reached may not be the only dimension out there, or may be a deceptive dimension — it takes alot of self-honesty and humility to do do that.

    C. Said:

    “When I say he started to attacked me I mean that he use “spiritual” logic with me to avoid answering the questions…”

    Wow — -I know what you are talking about. It’s like all the powers who try to crack into your brain use this “logic” system to get you to go along with it when you start to question or assert yourself– it all sounds the same when they do it. When I hear somebody running a certain number on me — I high-tail it out of there.

    There seem to be two lines of offensive mind-cracking logic used: (1) The tactic
    I especially hear from people sucked into EST based cults like Landmark and some eastern stuff —- this crap makes the other person respond to every question with another question and you are never right. Everything is reduced to a frustrating circular conundrum pointing back at you and your alleged hang-ups. It’s a basic mind-control, mind-breaking routine. (2) The other tactic I hear all the time are from the “everything is good, everything is as it should be, any dissent is negativity that you must deprogram and reframe into the positive to create a new reality for yourself.” People can get so sunk into the positive mental framing cult that they become impervious to virtually everything and anything going on in the here and now.

  7. Hyacinth said,

    April 25, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    It’s great when people are being critical and look for what feels right. I really appreciate your insights. I can agree on most of what you write.
    But aren’t we all probing in the dark? Blind and ignorant yet believing what we “see” to be the truth? Our only navigation system, so it seems, is our gut feeling/ intuition…. And since we are so easily influenced, that is not flawless either.
    I believe that Caroline Cory is one of the few that is making a true difference in the awakening of the sleepy heads that most of us are. She teaches us to take responsibility of our own actions and by doing so, we are able to deliberately create the world we intend it to be. By giving attention to what we do not want, we create more of that. It has nothing to do with ignorance, it has to do with the power and law of deliberate creation. Wanting to change things that others have created for themselves is not respecting their free will or choice. The method that Caroline Cory uses, the clearing, helps us to get rid of all the programming we have been exposed to. The result is that we get to chose out of free choice instead of out of habits or imposed belief systems. By changing our attitude, we then make a difference in the world we live in. Just as pain, suffering and aggression can be “contagious”, so is happiness, real joy and harmony. We cannot impose that on another, but we can live to be an example.
    And living a life of free will and choice is really wonderful!

  8. brontebaxter said,

    April 26, 2008 at 5:02 am

    Hyacinth, thanks for sharing your perspective. What you describe sounds good, and I don’t claim to have yet read Cory’s book. My comments were based on her channeled messages on her website. The fact that she’s in league with unseen beings who prettily disguise the New World Order agenda by draping it in New Age glamor makes me, let’s say, more than suspicious of anything that comes from this woman.

    What’s so scary, Hyacinth, is that the transdimensional beings who want to control us are very skilled at taking the level of truth and insight we have attained and contaminating it with the same old lies that always lead back to dependence on them. THEY will guide us, THEY are handling everything. Everything that happens is really PERFECT and the DIVINE WILL. They will make a new and fair set of RULES. They are creating a DIVINE WORLD GOVERNMENT. If the sneaky devils stuff enough wisdom (our new, human, hard-earned wisdom) in between notions like these, we’re tempted to swallow everything they say. This is like lacing good wine with poison, and the trusting person drinking it because it tastes right.

    I believe that if Cory is channeling these guys, she can’t be trusted. Nothing she teaches can be trusted. Some of what she writes is surely good, and that’s why the off-world guys are using her. She makes good bait. Unless we want to keep going in circles spiritually, we need to learn to discern when we are being manipulated, and steer clear of the manipulators. Slightly twisting the truth is like slightly torquing the angle of a rocket, making it miss its target by thousands of miles. It’s time to dump the deceivers. Until we do, human empowerment will remain only a dream.

    Bronte Baxter

  9. Rob said,

    April 27, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Thanks for your comment, Bronte, on my misgivings about A Course in Miracles (posted in the Flower Children blog). Well, ACIM was also channeled and anyone who is familiar with that will also probably be familiar with Gary Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe, in which two “ascended” beings, Arten and Pursah, help him in his studies. Having neither experienced channelling nor seen or communicated with an interdimensional entity, I’m in no position to comment on either the author of either book. Same goes for Rah or any of the other channeled information.

    As an individual, though, I might contribute this: I think we have nothing to fear if we trust in our own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood and not put our faith in someone else to spoon-feed it to us. Anyone who tells me, “this is the way it is and if you don’t believe me you’re wrong” has almost got to have an agenda, whether conscious or subconscious. I may indeed be wrong (have been many times!) Will be again!) but eventually, if I keep my eyes open, I’ll see the light.

    David Icke presents a lot of information I found unpalatable when I first stumbled across his headlines pages back when I was trying to find out the truth about 9/11. I still don’t believe everything he says just because he says it, but I have a lot of respect for him. I asked myself why and the answer was simple: I don’t feel threatened by him. Can’t say exactly why, other than he had nothing to gain and everything to lose when he started and never backed down, even when he was considered a joke by virtually everybody.

    Anyway, just some thoughts.

  10. Katsu said,

    May 6, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    I saw Cory’s book sold at David Icke’s website and visited some of her related websites to see what kind of person she is. And finally I arrived here to see your comment which convinced me a lot.

    Above all, with my intuition, from the fisrt time I looked at Cory’s monochrome picture, I thought she is too sexy and beautiful to do that kind of job. Don’t you agree?

  11. Steve said,

    May 6, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Just to help clarify a point for Alan (top of the comments): when we speak of the “4th dimension” we’re not refering to time. The other 3 dimensions we “exist” in are what are called Cartesian coordinates, X (left and right, or width), Y (up and down, or height) and Z (in and out, or depth). Time has been refered to as the next dimension beyond the first three, but strictly speaking, time is an illusion. Time, or the recognition of change, exists only in our memories. There is only one “moment”, ever. There is only now.

    By this, of course, I don’t mean that everything remains the same; indeed everything from a subatomic level on up is in constant, apparently chaotic flux, even when we are at rest and our environment calm. It is a trick of the brain that creates “time”, our need to keep track of the changes that occur, particularly at a large enough level to gain our notice.

    The 4th dimension in this reference is regarded as a space within which entities (may) exist that are at frequency levels that our 5 senses are not “tuned” to. I say “may”, because it requires a bit of faith to accept their existence at all. But if we acknowledge that energy cannot be destroyed, and our individual consciousness, our “thinking part”, is energy, then there is no death, only transformation into another frequency level, perhaps escaping the 4th dimension altogether and returning to the source of energy that comprises the universe.

  12. Steve said,

    May 6, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    Bronte, I was struck by something you said in one of your eloquent articles; that Yaweh, the god of Abraham, is just one of the albeit rather successful entities within the 4th dimension vying for our attention and our spiritual energies, our soma. I never looked at it that way before, but that sounds quite plausible. Why else would he demand that his followers kill off the worshippers of competing gods and insist on blood sacrifices? This is not what the source of the universe’s infinite energy would need; surrender your entire being, else suffer unimaginable and perpetual agony.

    Thanks for the insight.

    • hippie99 said,

      November 11, 2013 at 9:59 am

      I have the same feelings about Yaweh, Allah and any entity that claims to be the Creator, the one and only Almighty. It may be an astral being with some powers like the rest. He is a jealous astral entity and want his followers to believe that he is the all powerful Creator of the universe.

  13. brontebaxter said,

    May 7, 2008 at 1:52 am

    Katsu, I’d like to think that beauty is no obstacle to freedom and self-empowerment. It isn’t Cory’s looks I have a problem with but her affiliation.

    Bronte Baxter

  14. Bill said,

    May 8, 2008 at 5:59 am

    Any thought that says the world isn’t perfect exactly as it is a manipulation, because it substitutes judgment for discernment. If you truly trusted your freedom to know what is right for you in that moment, you would not later feel the need to blame channeled communications, off-world manipulators, greedy gurus or the new age/world order for the decisions you made. You are in control of this illusion, and all is fruit for your expanding self-definition. If you want to join a cult, fine, the “spiritual ecstasy” you find in connecting serves a purpose of taking you away from the prison of the self, just as the inevitable betrayal of your blind faith helps you learn how unique and powerful you truly are. We humans tend to need lessons of the latter kind more, because, as Bronte says, we tend to look outside more.

    It’s not easy to look at a tormented soul being consumed, which is why the media edits out the works of spiritual charlatans as readily as they do executions, slaughterhouses and the ongoing US genocide in the Middle East. I’m not saying we should just ignore all this (a little knowledge of the consequences of our decisions, after all, is a wonderful thing), but the notion of “dumping the deceivers” takes the focus off the fact that we are the real deceivers, for thinking that there was a devil to sell our soul to in the first place. We created all of it out of our choice. There is nothing to honor or forgive but ourselves.

  15. justdoit8 said,

    July 26, 2011 at 4:22 am

    Absolutely! It was Peggy Kane who first helped me to realize that the so called lovely channeled entities weren’t what they claimed to be. My gosh was that a freeing experience. Also, saved me a lot of money since I was no longer buying their reams of books!

  16. stemple said,

    March 28, 2013 at 3:41 am

    I grew up in a very fundamentalist Christian religion. Trained to unquestioningly “worship” the god of the bible. But ever since I was a child there were such nagging doubts such as “why would such a loving god require blood sacrifice”, not to mention condoning slavery, and other horiffic rules as put forth in the Old Testament. The church elders always had a “have faith” answer or other “divinely inspired” convoluted ways of rationalizing how a loving creator would behave in such a grotesque and bloodthirsty way. The ultimate wedge, above all others (which were a few hundred at least by time I was in my early twenties), that broke my “faith” in the dogma I’d been fed my whole life was this: Why would God-all powerful, all knowing, all loving, want or need my WORSHIP? Worship is a strong action. What would All Mighty God need of worship? As a fallible, weak, imperfect human it would be unthinkable for me to even allow my daughter or even my dog to worship me. What hubris! And what a weak ego indeed would require someone to worship them. What would “god” get out of it I wondered? I wanted nothing to do with a “god” like that. Faith can’t explain away fucked up.

    Moral of the story…any “god” or entity that asks something of you that you wouldn’t ask of someone that you truly love, namely “worship” (but fear, pain, unquestioned obedience, loss of autonomy & money also work here), is one that you should run from as fast as you can. No guilt or harm or ego-death should be involved. The true Source needs and requests nothing at all from you and would desire only your happiness, well-being and freedom.

    • brontebaxter said,

      March 29, 2013 at 6:10 am

      Well reasoned and well said, Stemple.


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