Recent Attacks on the Liberty Movement: Proof We’re Gaining Ground

I sent the following email today out to my friends and family:

Something needs to be said in response to the mainstream news that lately has become rabid on demonizing the liberty movement. Citizens showing up at Town Meetings and expressing their outrage at the socialist agenda of the administration are being called, by the administration, “unAmerican.” Citizens tacking posters to telephone poles that satirize Obama as (Heath Ledger’s) Joker for what they see as his tricky, deceptive promises and policies are being called racists by the media.

It is now considered racist to express political criticism of a black man, even when your criticism has nothing to do with his race. It is now unAmerican to tell your government officials that you’re fed up and demand they represent your best interests.

It is no accident that such slurs are flying. Nor it is accident that the mainstream media, owned totally and literally now by the big corporations and in bed with the big bankers and big politicians, are characterizing people who voted for Ron Paul or who want constitutional government as dangerous or evil. Once we grasp the principle that the media has an agenda, and is no longer the free, investigative branch of society it used to be, then it’s easy to perceive method, not madness, behind the misreporting and demonizing.

The people behind the corrupt power structure are scared now. They know Americans are angry, that Obama’s ratings are falling faster than Bush’s did in the corresponding period of his administration. They know the country is wising up. So it’s very important to divide people by generating nonexistent racial issues, or to make them fearful of critical thought because that might be considered subversive. This is how our false leaders hope to quell the tidal wave of public awakening and sentiment that’s sweeping across the country.

But only our collective awakening will save us from the national socialism being pressed to us at every turn, a socialism that is the doorway to something even more sinister. When we place all our power in the hands of a national government, we no longer retain the means to monitor and control that government, or the self-serving people who deviously find their way into seats of authority.

When we give up our freedom for security, we deserve neither, said Benjamin Franklin. The time has come when we must ask how much we value our freedom and if it’s worth the price of our popularity and political correctness. Because freedom is being stripped away, ever so quietly, and under the guise of oh-such-grand motivations.

Last week the White House website asked citizens to report the names of people they know who criticize Obama’s health care plans. When libertarians responded to this with an outcry against government spying and citizen snitches, both characteristic of early stages in Russian Communism and Hitler’s Germany, Obama replied in his over-the-fence, guy-you-just-have-to-trust sort of way, “Come on now, people. This isn’t about compiling an enemy list.” And because he says it with such charisma, of course we know he’s telling us the truth.

I strongly encourage all who haven’t already started, to read the ALTERNATIVE press as one of your news sources, sites like If you don’t, you’re only getting the programming propaganda the power elite want you to receive. Your thoughts and reactions will be determined by the facts they twist, uninformed by the major news events they fail to report. You will see the world as they want you to see it, and support the schemes they want to pass off on you “for your own good.”

For those interested in these charges of racism against people like me who oppose Obama and all he truly stands for, please take a look at the following two excellent articles from the infowars website:


Bronte Baxter