Jury Ruling Is a Sham on Princess Diana Death

Today’s headlines announce that the coroner’s jury that spent six months listening to evidence on Princess Diana’s death made a determination (with 2 jurors dissenting) that nothing shady was involved, just drink and reckless driving. Come now, do the British ruling elite really think that the people who orchestrate murder are qualified to try and prosecute themselves?

Al Fayed, father of Diana’s fiance who also died in the crash, accuses Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, of planning the deaths and implementing them through the aid of the British Secret Service. “I’m not the only person who says they were murdered. Diana predicted that she would be murdered and how it would happen,” Fayed said in a statement read by his spokeswoman.

The coroner had instructed the jury that manslaughter was the strongest charge they could make, that murder was not to be considered. Well, that sounds really fair and open-minded. But what can you expect when the gang that is guilty is running the inquest?

Lord John Stevens, Britain’s former top policeman who headed the investigation, said, “I do hope everybody will take this verdict as being closure … and the people who have died will be allowed to rest in peace.” His feelings are not hard to understand. Murder, after all, is supposed to shut people up. It’s messy if people know an accident was staged and won’t stop talking about it. How inconvenient for him that he can’t put us all six feet under.

Princess Diana was aware of the hypocrisies in the royal family and the Secret Intelligence Service. She may have had insider knowledge about the global conspiracy. Her friend Simone Simmons said shortly before Diana was killed that Diana told Simmons she was going to name names and publish a dossier called “Profiting Out of Misery.”

“The most important thing is, it is murder,” stated Fayed, as he left the halls ironically named “the Royal Courts of Justice.” Unless he keeps fighting and digs still deeper, Fayed will get the same kind of justice that the Kennedy and 9/11 investigations meted out in America: more lies to protect all the lies. Good luck to him, and may he continue with courage.

Bronte Baxter