President Trump Speaks to the Nation

President Trump speaks to the nation this evening about the hijacked election.

P.S.: It just came out on Twitter that the so-called “Covid Relief Bill” contains a deeply buried clause that prevents the president from invoking the Insurrection Act. Here is the tweet, with the section of the bill highlighted:

Tracy Beanz Interviews Patrick Byrne

Investigative journalist Tracy Beanz interviews Patrick Byrne, founder of, who attended the four-and-a-half-hour White House meeting the other day with Trump, Sidney Powelll, General Flynn, Guiliani, and a bunch of traitor staffers.

Interview with Jeff Nyquist

Interview with the brilliant political analyst/ historian Jeff Nyquist. How Brazil managed to oust its Communists, vaccine issues, the “Great Reset” (another word for Socialism taking over the free world), and more. The video gets especially good about halfway through.

What We Need to Do Now

The following is an excerpt from a commenter on the J.R. Nyquist blog, regarding things we can do right now to save the Republic:

1) Write, tweet, or phone President Trump and ask him to “appoint a Special Counsel now and order the impoundment of all Dominion voting machines.” You can also tell him you will support his invoking the Insurrection Act to institute whatever degree of martial law is necessary. General Flynn, in an interview on today, said martial law sounds scary to us, but it’s actually been invoked throughout history 64 times. You can write to Trump by googling “Contact the President” and leaving a message on the page that leads you to.

2) Write, tweet, or phone your state legislators and tell them to demand a forensic audit. Contact the Georgia turkeys and demand a fair runoff election, without voting machines, with signature verifications, and with poll watchers allowed (and up close) while every ballot is opened. Demand a forensic audit of the Nov. 3rd election in Georgia. You can locate contact info for your state legislators by googling “Contact [and their name].

3) Get familiar with how Twitter works, start “following” people on there like Sidney and Flynn, and use it to re-tweet important information and ideas you read there to others. Twitter has a section that explains how to use it: You can also make tweets of your own and address them to other members (such as Donald Trump, for instance), and attach videos, and other people’s tweets, etc. We know Trump reads Twitter. He needs to know what his people think.

4) It’s important to keep up your own fighting spirit. Watch the movie “Brian Banks,” a true story that hits home with this powerful message: if you make up your mind to find a way, even in the midst of impossibility and defeat, you will find a hole somewhere in the impossibility grid that lets you slip through, and you will achieve your goal. Brian Banks was unjustly imprisoned for six years and denied any legal recourse. He read the book “As a Man Thinketh,” and it changed his life. He refused to give up. His perseverance opened doors where none existed. It’s an immensely inspiring story that gave me a lot of hope and ideas for this predicament we’re in. There’s great power in refusing to give up, in constantly focusing on the results you’re determined to have. Brian Banks story shows what happens when you do this, how events change and unfold in your favor when you DEMAND justice.

5) Remember that it has always been a minority that has brought about change. In the American Revolution, 1/3 of the colonists wanted to stay subjects of England, 1/3 wanted to declare independence, and another third wouldn’t commit either way. We have well over 1/3 of Americans who are awake and aware and angry. There is power in this. Ask God for direction on what we should do with this anger and awareness. Our friends who voted for Biden can’t hear us. They think we’re crazy racists and Nazis. So much for the second one-third. We must ask God to show us what to do, and listen for his guidance as it comes. And we must be willing to fight — right now that means in the sorts of ways I’ve been describing.

The Reason Revealed: Why SCOTUS Refused to Hear the Texas Case

Want to really get mad? Listen to this video revealing Justice Roberts’s reason why they didn’t take the Texas case:

Want to read some sanity? Check out this blog by J.R.Nyquist, starting with this, his most recent article on middle-of-the-roaders:

Both Funny and Apt

The following item is making the rounds of social media. I didn’t write it. Wish I did. It’s brilliant.



Where Do We Go from Here?

A thought-provoking interview worth your time:



On SCOTUS Refusing to Hear Texas Lawsuit

This is a pivotal point in our country’s history. Watch this cogent three-minute analysis by the great patriot, author, and film producer, the brilliant Dinesh D-Souza:

Kundalini Revisited

Several years ago I posted an article here about kundalini that I recently took down because I now feel it’s inaccurate. The article questioned whether kundalini was a good experience and suggested it may be a manipulation by energy vampires.

In the years since, even though my life has been purged of mantras, fears, and everything else that gives power to energy predators, I find myself experiencing gentle kundalini during meditation and when I’m in bed at night. It’s therefore clear to me that this kundalini is a natural thing, the result of spiritual progress.

I’m not so sure about the goodness of kundalini when a person practices the kind of meditation that opens the door to energy manipulation by psychic predators (that is, mantra meditation). See my article that explains the trouble with mantra meditation: The Hidden Agenda of Mantra Meditation.

When we invite psychic entities into our lives through a mantra that offers them worship (which is what mantras do), we give away our power to them. It’s then to be expected that they will use that power to manipulate us and feed on our energy, because we’ve given them permission for that by inviting them into psyche.

In such situations, it seems to me kundalini could be manipulated for the sake of provoking suffering, since suffering is a form of “edible energy” for those a rung higher than humans on the food chain. We’ve all heard stories of people who are tormented by the fiery experience of severe kundalini. Perhaps this is why they experience that.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on this subject, but I now am convinced, from my personal experience, that kundalini — so long as we don’t have energy predators involved — is a normal part of a rise in consciousness. It opens the chakras to a greater energy flow throughout the body and promotes the emergence of higher levels of awareness and spiritual power.

Bronte Baxter

© Copyright by Bronte Baxter 2011

V for Victory Campaign – Take Action Now!

It was just 2 1/2 years ago that I wrote a despairing message on this website about the lame July 4th turnout to a call that had been made to protest the takeover of freedom by the world’s global elite and the New World Order.

Since that time, we have seen a tremendous public awakening. The birth of the grassroots Tea Party movement, though later infiltrated by the Republican Party, speaks volumes for the fact that the truth is getting out. Five years ago, if you brought up the subject of the New World Order, most people didn’t know what you were talking about, or would laugh at you. Today, you can find people leaving remarks about the global takeover in the comment section of almost any public forum (Yahoo News articles, for instance).

Several decades ago, I’m ashamed to say, I was a Transcendental Meditation teacher: one of the youthful, naive mouthpieces for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his campaign to popularize and infiltrate Eastern religious philosophy and mantra meditation into the Western world. At the time I started speaking on TM and publicizing it in my community, TM was laughed at and ridiculed every time it was mentioned.

Then came the day when the tide started turning. Teachers like me, working in every major Western city, had saturated their locales with information. At the behest of Maharishi, we had made personal visits to government officials, business icons, and educators. We had set up public lectures in every local neighborhood. We had posted fliers until our arms ached.  And after years of doing this, it started to pay off. TM became a mainstream word. Six million recruits joined us worldwide. Transcendental Meditation became so popular that other Indian gurus, in the wake of Maharishi’s success, began flooding the U.S., attracting devotees like bees draw honey.

Today meditation is a household word, and having a guru is as socially acceptable as having a drink with dinner. I was a witness to how this about-face occurred, and I am excited to report that I’m seeing the same kind of “percolating” going on now as preceded the explosion of Easternism in the public consciousness.

It’s like popcorn sitting in oil. At first, nothing seems to be happening, but you just keep applying the heat. Then you hear a pop. Again, all is silent. You think perhaps you imagined what you heard. And then there’s another pop. Slowly they begin, with long intervals in between. Next, the intervals grow shorter. Then at a certain point, critical mass is reached, and the pot all at once explodes in a riot of sound, with popping all you can hear.

Based on my experience with how gurus seized the public awareness, I think we are now in the stage of shortened intervals between the pops. None of this was happening just two years ago. Now it’s starting to happen everywhere. It’s time to apply more heat, as much as we can give it, to explode public awareness wide open to the well-crafted design behind the deceptively “bumbling” mistakes of our global leaders. It’s time to pull the canvas off the statue. It’s time pull Granny’s glasses and nightcap off of the Big Bad Wolf.

Wonderful Alex Jones of and is one of the greatest leaders of the charge to defend freedom. He has just announced a new campaign that will get the word out to people on a grand scale. Although he launched it with an impassioned call to action, to succeed the effort calls for grassroots doing. That means you and me.

The campaign harkens back to the Nazi occupation of France, when the French encouraged each other by leaving the “V” for victory symbol all over their cities. It was a silent message – one heart to another – to hang on, to resist, to stand together – and it countermanded the messages coming from the Nazis to turn each other in and to hopelessly submit to tyranny.

Alex Jones is asking us to download “V” posters from his website and to post them all over our towns and communities. Not only will they encourage other aware people to refuse to comply with the police-state control grid that is being structured around us: the posters will also stimulate curiosity among the uninformed. This is perhaps their most important function.

The posters include the URL of one of the Alex Jones websites and a bit of information about the danger we are in. Like the TM posters of the 1970s, which wallpapered the West, the V posters can have a powerful, local effect that will be felt globally.

Visit this link to get the information, and to download the posters. Print off  extra copies at your local copy shop. Post them everywhere you can think of where it is legal to post things. In a week, go back and post in those places again, because they will create controversy and probably get torn down. If the media picks up on it, so much the better. Just keep the V symbol out there, a magnet of information for the world to tune in and learn more.

It’s a small, simple action to take, but like the humble efforts 1970s kids made at spreading TM, it can have a stunning effect. Grassroots change is the most powerful kind of change there is, because it takes place in the hearts of the people. So let us sow that grass seed now, ensuring springtime won’t be far away.

Go there. Be bold. United we stand.

If we do nothing, we are personally responsible for the tyranny that is designed, slated, and proceeding on schedule to ensnare us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Here again is the link:


Bronte Baxter

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