The Agenda of the American Communist Party

In this article I’ve linked to by Jeff Nyquist, posted today on his blog, the agenda of the American Communist Party is explained, as quoted from their own written program. It has amazing parallels to the agenda of the Democratic Party. Here is an excerpt from the program:

According to the Communist Program, “The solution to ultra-right domination lies in building the broadest, most inclusive unity among our multinational, male/female, multigenerational working class, starting with the labor movement, racially and nationally oppressed people, women, and youth. We must unite lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people; professionals and intellectuals; seniors; and the disabled; and the mass people’s movements including the peace, environmental, health care, education, housing, and other movements. This all-people’s front to defeat the ultra-right is in the process of developing … to protect special programs and services, to win health care for all, and to win control of all three branches of government from the right wing.” (P. 5)

Read Jeff’s full article here:


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