Patriots, Sign Here

Chuck Callesto on Twitter appears to be quite the patriot. He’s paying people’s lodging and airfare to fly to Georgia to stump the streets.

He’s also gathering a list of signatures — his goal: one million names — telling Republican Congressmen they’ll face a Republican challenger in their next primary if they wimp out and certify the fraudulent election.

Below this article you’ll find a link where you can sign the message to the Congressmen. Once you’ve done so, a link will appear to a page where, if you wish, you can sign up to fly to Georgia at no cost, or where you can donate to the cause of flying people there.

Yes, dear patriots, the fight is still on, as it must be on, if we wish to save the Republic. I’m reminded of the movie Independence Day, where, when all seems lost, the leader proposes what sounds like a hopeless, Hail Mary plan, and cries out, “We will NOT go down into the dark, without a fight!”

That kind of passion, that determination in the face of hopeless odds, is always the magic ingredient that pulls victory from the jaws of defeat. (For two true stories of how two different people managed to make the impossible happen, watch the film Brian Banks and the film Breakthrough. They will add metal to your spirit.)

There’s a story about LaFayette approaching George Washington’s tent during the relentless winter that almost destroyed the American troops during the Revolution. LaFayette found the soldier who was guarding Washington’s tent, standing there barefoot, on his hat, in the snow.

When LaFayette told a friend about this, the friend advised that he remove his support for the Americans, who clearly were going to lose to the British, since they couldn’t even manage to get shoes for their miserable soldiers.

But LaFayette had quite a different reaction to what he had observed. It convinced him the Americans were going to route the enemy from their shores, in spite of the hopeless odds. With that kind of determination, he said, where you would stand barefoot in the snow in support of your cause — it would be impossible to lose.

“Fortune belongs to the bold,” goes the famous saying. This is our time to be bold. To stand on our hats in the snow. To lay it all on the line. Our lives and our freedom are in the balance.



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