What We Need to Do Now

The following is an excerpt from a commenter on the J.R. Nyquist blog, regarding things we can do right now to save the Republic:

1) Write, tweet, or phone President Trump and ask him to “appoint a Special Counsel now and order the impoundment of all Dominion voting machines.” You can also tell him you will support his invoking the Insurrection Act to institute whatever degree of martial law is necessary. General Flynn, in an interview on Newsmax.com today, said martial law sounds scary to us, but it’s actually been invoked throughout history 64 times. You can write to Trump by googling “Contact the President” and leaving a message on the page that leads you to.

2) Write, tweet, or phone your state legislators and tell them to demand a forensic audit. Contact the Georgia turkeys and demand a fair runoff election, without voting machines, with signature verifications, and with poll watchers allowed (and up close) while every ballot is opened. Demand a forensic audit of the Nov. 3rd election in Georgia. You can locate contact info for your state legislators by googling “Contact [and their name].

3) Get familiar with how Twitter works, start “following” people on there like Sidney and Flynn, and use it to re-tweet important information and ideas you read there to others. Twitter has a section that explains how to use it: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter#tweets. You can also make tweets of your own and address them to other members (such as Donald Trump, for instance), and attach videos, and other people’s tweets, etc. We know Trump reads Twitter. He needs to know what his people think.

4) It’s important to keep up your own fighting spirit. Watch the movie “Brian Banks,” a true story that hits home with this powerful message: if you make up your mind to find a way, even in the midst of impossibility and defeat, you will find a hole somewhere in the impossibility grid that lets you slip through, and you will achieve your goal. Brian Banks was unjustly imprisoned for six years and denied any legal recourse. He read the book “As a Man Thinketh,” and it changed his life. He refused to give up. His perseverance opened doors where none existed. It’s an immensely inspiring story that gave me a lot of hope and ideas for this predicament we’re in. There’s great power in refusing to give up, in constantly focusing on the results you’re determined to have. Brian Banks story shows what happens when you do this, how events change and unfold in your favor when you DEMAND justice.

5) Remember that it has always been a minority that has brought about change. In the American Revolution, 1/3 of the colonists wanted to stay subjects of England, 1/3 wanted to declare independence, and another third wouldn’t commit either way. We have well over 1/3 of Americans who are awake and aware and angry. There is power in this. Ask God for direction on what we should do with this anger and awareness. Our friends who voted for Biden can’t hear us. They think we’re crazy racists and Nazis. So much for the second one-third. We must ask God to show us what to do, and listen for his guidance as it comes. And we must be willing to fight — right now that means in the sorts of ways I’ve been describing.

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