Kundalini – My Revised Opinion

Several years ago I posted an article here about kundalini that I recently took down because I now feel it’s inaccurate. The article questioned whether kundalini was a good experience and suggested it may be a manipulation by energy vampires.

In the years since, even though my life has been purged of mantras, fears, and everything else that gives power to energy predators, I find myself experiencing gentle kundalini during meditation and when I’m in bed at night. It’s therefore clear to me that this kundalini is a natural thing, the result of spiritual progress.

I’m not so sure about the goodness of kundalini when a person practices the kind of meditation that opens the door to energy manipulation by psychic predators (that is, mantra meditation). See my article that explains the trouble with mantra meditation: The Hidden Agenda of Mantra Meditation.

When we invite psychic entities into our lives through a mantra that offers them worship (which is what mantras do), we give away our power to them. It’s then to be expected that they will use that power to manipulate us and feed on our energy, because we’ve given them permission for that by inviting them into psyche.

In such situations, it seems to me kundalini could be manipulated for the sake of provoking suffering, since suffering is a form of “edible energy” for those a rung higher than humans on the food chain. We’ve all heard stories of people who are tormented by the fiery experience of severe kundalini. Perhaps this is why they experience that.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on this subject, but I now am convinced, from my personal experience, that kundalini — so long as we don’t have energy predators involved — is a normal part of a rise in consciousness. It opens the chakras to a greater energy flow throughout the body and promotes the emergence of higher levels of awareness and spiritual power.

Bronte Baxter

© Copyright by Bronte Baxter 2011


  1. Stuart Farley said,

    May 23, 2019 at 8:06 am

    I find your work great and have referred many people to it. Good that you are rethinking Kundalini, but also review Mantras. They are both tools that can be used for us or against us, as any tool. Avoiding a hammer because it can be used to attack us means we don’t have it to create with. I have used a sanskrit mantra for decades that has no connection to deity, which has been useful connecting to the void.

    • brontebaxter said,

      May 26, 2019 at 9:27 am

      Hi Stuart. Nope, I hold firm on my opinion about mantras. I have not yet encountered one that did not involve worship of a god. You may think your mantra does not contain a god’s name, but keep in mind that each god has a mountain of different names. Vishnu, for example, has a thousand different names! And the mantras typically also include the Sanskrit word “namah,” which translates to “I bow down to.” So putting the two together, Sanskrit mantras translate to: “I bow down to the god So-and-So.”
      I agree that mantras can be useful in connecting to the Void, but they are totally unnecessary. It is not the mantra that gets you to the Void, but the focused inward attention. The mantra is the toll you pay to the troll guarding the bridge to the transcendent. It feeds the entity whose name you are repeating. Why give away part of your energy to these energy bandits? Ditch the mantra, and find a better way of going within.
      Soon I’ll be posting an article on this site with a link to another website where you can go to learn mantra-less meditation. I endorse this method. Mindfulness meditation is also mantra-less meditation, but it’s difficult to practice and takes a long time producing results. The method I ascribe to, by contrast, simply focuses the attention on the attention. It’s ridiculously easy, and results are immediate. Stay tuned!

  2. Barbara said,

    May 24, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Great to hear from you after all this time Bronte.
    Wish I could say the same to Mathew Deloose, who seems to have disappeared altogether.
    Hope you are well and continuing with your research.
    All the best

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