Kundalini and Hell Fire – Any Correlation?

Are kundalini and hell fire the same thing? Think about it a minute. Kundalini: the intense fire in the body that’s felt by people practicing advanced stages of yoga meditation. It’s explained by the gurus as an opening of the seven energy centers that are situated along the spine. The opening of each one supposedly correlates with greater spiritual power.

But what is the experience of people who actually have kundalini? Do they describe it as an opening to greater power? No, they typically describe it as “a feeling of being incinerated” or “eaten alive” or “I feel I’m being torn apart and there will be nothing left of me.” One person told me, “It feels like my ego is being completely destroyed, like God is murdering me.” These are not the descriptions of people opening to greater spiritual power – at least not power that is theirs to own or control.

Rather it seems that kundalini, as it is commonly experienced in its intense phases, is a kind of devouring. Who is doing the devouring? The gurus tell us kundalini is the life force, coiled like a snake at the bottom of the spine. They tell us to imagine the snake uncoiling and rising in our spine, and that this will trigger kundalini and resulting spiritual enlightenment.

Yet we know the snake is a symbol of the so-called gods who historically have sought to control the human race. We find it as a sacred symbol in the ancient Egyptian mysteries, in Hindu Shiva and Kali worship, and in other religious traditions. The gods and the snake have long been intertwined.

Is it possible that when a person imagines a snake uncoiling from the base of their spine, rising and undulating up their back, that they are actually inviting in another entity to possess them? Does “the snake” rise along their chakras (the spinal spiritual energy centers), devouring them and/or transforming them into the snake’s own energy system?

People experiencing intense kundalini describe it as fiercely painful, and they typically feel powerless to turn the fire off. The so-called Indian saint Amma (Ammachi), better known as “the hugging saint,” claims that her “enlightenment” was ushered in through kundalini so intense she had to submerse herself for hours in water for days at a time. When the transformation is complete, the seeker is said to have become a pure vessel of God, through whom the Infinite speaks and moves in the world. I propose that, in fact, the person is a vessel of something else – the snake-god they allowed to take them over.

My distrust of kundalini as something good is related to another thought that dawned on me recently: is the hell that supposedly exists for some people after death actually a seemingly perpetual experience of intense kundalini? Hell is said to be eternal fire, but how can a spirit burn in fire, when fire is physical and a spirit has no physical body? Surely the fire being spoken of is spiritual in nature, and what is kundalini except spiritual fire? It has its physical element, but is a physical body necessary for kundalini to burn? Surely it could burn an astral body (spirit) as easily as a physical one, under the right conditions.

Those conditions exist in the case of a person who dies and considers himself unworthy of salvation, a person so riddled with self-doubt and guilt that he never makes it to the heavenly worlds. Instead, he succumbs to the messages of dark spirits who visit him, feeding on his self-doubt and fear. They tell him he is damned, confirming his worst suspicions. They stage a “judgment day,” officially condemning the soul to the fires of hell. The soul accepts the scenario as truth, as the decision of God, totally believing he deserves to suffer for his sins.

And then the fire begins. The dark spirits start to feed on him. His chakras burn to the point where he desires oblivion, but there’s nothing he thinks he can do. He is getting what he deserves, he thinks, and is helpless to be saved. So he suffers, much like Prometheus in the Greek myth whose liver was devoured by an eagle each day, growing back at night, only to be devoured again the next day by the same eagle, on and on through eternity.

The scenario can be changed if the soul comes to realize that he himself is allowing the devouring to occur and that therefore he himself can stop it. No one can feed on him without his permission, a permission he granted when he judged himself unworthy of God and of happiness. If he changes his self-judgment, his fate will change as well. God’s love can only reach him when he opens the door.

If you have a loved a one who left this life afflicted with self-doubt and feelings of guilt, someone you’ve had dreams about being in a bad place on the other side, that person is very possibly in a very dark place right now and needs your help. Through the bond of love, your thoughts can reach this person wherever he is and talk to him. You need to reason with him about his self-judgment.

Ask if his belief that God has ordained his intense suffering makes sense. Ask him what he ever did that was bad enough to deserve eternal fire. Give him examples of other people who’ve done far worse things, and ask if he thinks a good and loving God would consign such a person to hell or if God would understand that person’s actions came from intense pain, and love and forgive him. Get the person to see that if he himself can feel compassion and understanding for such an individual, and would never consign such a one to hell, that surely God, whose love and understanding are greater than ours, would never damn such a person. And if God would not damn that hypothetical worse person, how could God damn your loved one, whose guilt is less?

Talk to your loved one as if he is there in the room with you, and reason with him until he can see this. Shout at him if you need to and tell him you will not allow him to sit here and rot like this. Tell him you are bonded forever, and that you need his help, from the other side, his influence in your life. Tell him the other people on earth whom you both love need him. Get mad at him, but get his attention. Tell him you aren’t going to stop coming around and bugging him until he gets good and fed up with his condition and decides to get over it.

Explain that if it clearly wasn’t God who put him here, then someone else clearly did. He has been had, deceived. Dark spirits who like to feed on self-doubting people took advantage of his doubt and convinced him he deserved to burn and suffer. Explain that once he grasps that, and realizes God doesn’t want him here, that he can walk away from the current arrangement. His mind is his prison, and the key is his own understanding. Like Alice in Wonderland, pursued by the Red Queen’s army, who sees the soldiers turn into playing cards and fall lifeless to the floor, so will your loved one find his nightmare dissolve when he discovers it all is caused by his own belief system. Help him see the illogic of what he believes about what he deserves, and he will become free. Even if he did some very bad things, explain that he has suffered enough now, that everything is forgivable when we are truly sorry. Explain that restitution for wrong-doing is not made by suffering but by returning to do good toward the people we have wronged.

When the one you love sees this, the chains will fall from his mind, and he will easily step out of the fires of hell or purgatory. I share this because of an experience I had with a loved one of my own. Reasoning out the truth of the human situation, and loving one another through the perils we find ourselves in, is the path to human freedom, whichever side of the veil we are on. No gods or channeled beings or gurus or saints are going to save us. All those entities have agendas of control and only pretend to be friends of humanity.

It’s up to us to stop looking to other-worldly beings for our answers, to assess our condition for ourselves, and to do something about it. When we stop allowing “spiritual entities” to determine the direction of our lives, we become spiritually mature – driving the vehicle of our own life, our own destiny. Then we can boldly say, with the poet William Henley, “I am master of my fate, and I am captain of my soul.”

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2010

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  1. August 29, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Not all kundalini awakenings are volatile and destructive, though a few thousand years of Hindu tradition has deliberately made it that way in order to keep the gurus in a job.

    I was told a year or two ago that mine would be awakening, so I basically looked up the gist of what it was, and then tossed out all “common sense” and chose to do it my way. I worked with mine and even dialogued with it like any other part of my anatomy, and while it involves more energy and a lot of fire that people aren’t used to processing and scrambled my brain for a bit, there’s no reason why it has to be such a major debilitating blow-out. I’ve raised mine deliberately several times, had it respond well to my intent, and mine actually thanked me for detaching it from all the thoughtforms and having such a grandiose view of itself.

    On the other hand, an interesting thing happened — concurrent with this, I actually had other things with a distinctly eastern flavor show up with the expressed intent of attacking my head area and destroying my ego and persona with the equivalent of astral crowbars, in order to “prove” their paradigm correct. Its become a running joke of sorts with my K — “oh n0es, they’re back to play Blame the Snake again.” :P

    Good to see you writing again!

  2. Catharina said,

    August 29, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Hi Bronte, thanks for the post – it is great to hear some of your thoughts again! I share your mistrust of surrendering control to an unknown outside force. May I suggest a little tweak though ?

    Re.: ‘Tell him you are bonded forever, and that you need his help, from the other side, his influence in your life.’ – But isn’t this also dangerously close to ‘actually inviting in another entity’ or ‘allowing “spiritual entities” to determine the direction of our lives’? By all means reason with the fellow if you feel directed by inner guidance to do so – but his immediate future destiny might not be returning to earth as a guiding spirit for others (especially if he has been so recently still so misguided, and then saved by your guidance)… So I would edit the call to end his suffering for others’ sake. He has to do it for his own sake, and then move on to wherever his inner guidance urges him; you can assure him that he has your love and support in whatever that would be. ?

    • brontebaxter said,

      August 30, 2010 at 12:43 am

      The experience I had with this was with a loved family member, and telling him he was needed again in my life was a way of motivating him to move out of the darkness. I wasn’t advising him to become a “guiding spirit” but to give me his two cents on stuff going on in my life. That’s certainly appropriate for family members. Who hasn’t felt instances of a loved one who’s left this world being present with them in a situation, giving their support or opinion? I don’t think that means the loved one is a “wandering spirit” – just someone still staying connected with us from the other side.

      In the case of my “lost” loved one, I never felt his presence in that way. There was just a coldness and blankness there where he should have been, whenever I thought of him or tried to speak to him in my mind. This went on for years, but it was too disturbing for me to look at the truth of what it meant for a long time. Not only I but other family members had had very disturbing dreams about this individual, yet I ignored them because the possibility that he might be in a bad place was horrible to face, and because if I did face it, I wouldn’t have known how to deal with it back then.

      I don’t share your concern that asking a passed-on loved one to share their thoughts and have an influence in our life is allowing a spiritual entity to “determine the direction of our lives.” First off, this is a person you have a relationship with from when they were living in this world, a person who genuinely loves you. You know they have no predatory intentions. Second, you’re not asking them to determine your direction, but to share their thoughts and give a hand now and then with a little positive influence. This is very different from the stuff that goes on in religions, where people surrender their lives to the guru and the gods.


      • May 2, 2013 at 12:43 pm

        Hear hear! I was glad to have read your comment Bronte! That is exactly right. I have seen and spoke to my mother many times since she passed and it is by no means negative or controlling in any way. It is a rare gift and I cherish it. I do think peoples preconceived ideas on religion affect their view of Kundalini too. It is not about entity possession or anything of the sort which anybody who has actually worked with kundalini knows. XX

  3. Brownhawk said,

    September 7, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    About thirty years ago I had my ‘kundalini awakening’ experience. In it’s immediate aftermath I remember feeling an intense joy which I like to think of as returning me to a state when I was that ‘little bundle’, so to speak.

    This is our true state, the inner child that I call the ‘throne of joy’. The thing is, entering into this World infers coming into a place which has been circumvented by imposing ‘gods’. I believe this means that kundalini ‘energy’ COULD be a hellfire depending on one’s point of reference (ie; whatever degree of vulnerability you’re operating from)

    For me, this experience has led to an understanding which says that Truth exists as a ceaseless presence of joy. But for it’s preservation it must carry a sword of discernment to have the edge it needs to slash away at the tendency of it’s blissfulness to be ignorant.

    • brontebaxter said,

      September 8, 2010 at 1:57 am

      I perhaps overstated my position in the article. I’m not convinced kundalini is, by nature, a bad thing. The experiences people have with it are often bad, and it may well be that this is when the phenomenon is being manipulated by the gods they have allowed to have control in their lives. Perhaps if a person is free of such manipulation, kundalini would occur as a very different experience. I myself occasionally experience (usually in meditation) a warm rush of energy up the neck and into the head that may be a mild and pleasant form of kundalini.


  4. Mick said,

    September 17, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    May I suggest an interesting and erudite criticism of tantrayana, as espoused by the dalai lama, called Shadow of the Dalai Lama. It can be found by googling. Some of the authors’ conclusions dovetail nicely with the insights propounded here. Another case of great minds think alike, and certainly an eye opener into the occult underbelly of tibetan buddhism, and its consumption of female energy in particular.

    High Regards


  5. Travis Murphy said,

    February 22, 2011 at 5:44 am

    I have come across your articles because I am in a terrible situation. I have been going through a kundalini awakening for the past 4 years. It was partially facilitated by an ayahuasca experience that I had while in hawaii. I basically lost my mind for a while, got everything back together and got on with my life in the process coming to understand that part of what had happened with me wass related to awakening kundalini. I found a teacher of kundalini whose writings I deeply trusted. Through the past 4 years I have felt that his influence in my life both helped and hendered me in ways related to giving away my personal power and taking on way too much energy than I have been able to handle at times. The constant battle of trying to stay balanced and sane within this process and viewing it through a lense of kundalini has caused me to rely on his supposed knowledge and authority on what I might be experiencing as a way of me getting through this. While I do feel that he has the best intentions and on many levels is a very selfless loving teacher, I also feel now that he is influenced as well in ways that are dark. Anyway about 3 months ago I was getting extremely ungrounded and having these terrible fear attacks that have been a common aspect of my experience over the years, but in this case the constant onslaught of negative inner emotions and thoughts and energy became more than I could handle in trying to keep my mind and awareness together. I also began feeling entities around me at this time. Finallly at some point it was like my mind fell apart and each day sense then I have felt all of the parts of myself draining away. All of my emotions, thoughts, any feeling of myself whatsoever. It is like my mind has been hijacked, my will broken, and my soul is being destroyed. I feel like I am going totally unconscious. What you said about being stuck in hell from this is what I fear is happening. I am unable to access any of my feelings or my inner source that was my means of exploring my inner self and doing my forgiveness work. How can I get out of this situation if all of my fear, guilt, anger, etc. has gone totally unconscious and I feel totally depersonalized and like I am dying each day. While I logically know that I have done nothing to deserve going to hell, I have lost the ability to access my fears and emotions in order to be able to forgive and balance them. Also, I keep wondering if something has totally hijacked my mind, who is writing this email. I just keep saying over and over again, this can’t be possible. What is your advice for me to reverse this. It is like I have lost control of my mind and there is just something constantly broadcasting terrible thoughts into it all the time. Do you know of anyone who has ever experienced this sort of thing to this extent. I am just becoming more hopeless each day and I cannot die like this.
    Travis Murphy

    • brontebaxter said,

      February 22, 2011 at 11:02 am

      Travis, nothing can gain or keep control of your mind or your being without your permission. That’s why negative entities go to so much trouble to obtain our permission, because they are helpless to interfere with us without it. If you have lost control, then it’s up to you to take control back again. It’s a relatively simple matter: you just have to remove your permission for being messed with, a permission you probably gave unconsciously when you allowed the influences of drugs, gods, and gurus to enter your life.

      I’ve written a lot about how to do this this elsewhere in this blog, particularly in the following two posts:

      Channeled Messages: Who’s Really Talking?

      Homegrown vs. Implanted Thoughts: How Susceptible Are You?

      Those articles talk about a simple technique I learned from a healer once, when I myself was going through a heavy depression. What he showed me to do turned the problem around in three days, and I have since shared the trick with other people, including three who were suicidal and quickly got over it.

      Truly, no one can talk into your mind if disallow it, and you do that by simply deciding you won’t let them do it anymore then simply telling them to leave. All this feeling you have about being unable to do anything about it – of course they want you to feel that way, because then they can continue siphoning off of you. They don’t want you to know your own power.

      But Travis, they would not be there if you had not invited them, and to get them to leave, you merely have to reverse your decision about allowing them in your life. You don’t have to get in touch with your feelings or any other complicated thing to end this nightmare. You just have to decide it’s over. Just like an abused wife can end the physical violence when she decides she’s had enough, so can you end the emotional/psychic abuse.

      Please read the blog posts I mentioned, and others in the “psychic predation” category of this blog may also be helpful. Many people before you have this kind of experience and walked out of into spiritual freedom again. You can, too.


  6. Erika said,

    April 12, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Know you wrote this awhile back..wanted to mention a few things, for your consideration.

    Last night was watching a movie called “Afterlife” where they are eager to promote the idea of afterlife..life review etc..how you CHOOSE this life.
    The material was the usual stuff, what surprised me is that this is going mainstream.

    THE main gist of Near death experiences is that we are here “to learn unconditional love”..which seems to me to be like sticking a child’s arm in a pot of boiling oil to teach it the meaning of “cold”.

    Interestingly i read an NDE of a “practicing satanist” not widely puiblicised (“satanist” basically denies the judaeo-christian god and worships his adversary) who came to his life review in an NDE and got quite belligerent with the “angels”..they apparently looked quite shocked before he came back into his body.

    About “angels”..if you want to read some highly disturbing material which will make you question whether you can characterize angels as “good” or whether they appear more demonic..john lerma’s books…very apparent that whatever these things are they are maximizing the amount of suffering . there is some relevant material on John Lerma’s website.

    • brontebaxter said,

      April 12, 2011 at 10:17 am

      My own feeling about angels is that there are definitely benevolent entities around us who help us. People are not all bad, and neither, I’m sure, are all beings bad who exist beyond this material dimension. I myself have definitely been helped at times by beings in the unseen, whom I have called angels. We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


  7. Jacqueline said,

    June 10, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Travis, I think it may help if you saw a medical doctor who could perhaps refer you for CBT at this difficult time. CBT is help with challenging your thoughts and thought processes of you feel that you are having difficulty with unwanted thoughts that are destructive. You do sound like you are suffering from a depression and anxiety – two sides of the same coin I feel. Have faith in your ability to heal yourself as well and Bronte’s references are an excellent source of support for you at this time.

  8. Jack said,

    June 29, 2011 at 11:43 am

    Good to see you writing again Bronte Missed you. To the being above that has been attacked by Lower Astral Entities they may have stolen a Soul Piece thats why you feel the way you do. Use Gold Light to Protect yourself.(create a Energy Ballon{force field} around yourself) by thinking about it Robert Monroe calls it a Resonant Energy Ballon. Rub yourself down in Sage and speak to your Soul Pieces (in a Meditative State) and ask them to come back. Gold Light is the Protective Aura. Hope this Helps Jack

  9. josey said,

    July 8, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Wow! I thought of this years ago. Some experience kundalini awakening as strong burning sensations, etc; others as bliss. There is your heaven and hell.

  10. raj said,

    October 18, 2011 at 11:40 am

    I have had the hell fire version of kundalini for 9 years and unfortunately, still going strong. The only thing that keeps it from completely getting out of hand is drugs. I have a gut feeling that i’ll be afflicted with this for the rest of my life. This started when I did a particularly dangerous kundalini exercise 9 years ago that involved moving energy from sexual organs up towards the head. I did not want to do this, but my Kundalini instructor insisted that nothing bad would happen. Within a few hours of this 2 hour session, all hell broke loose. I’m shaking like a leaf and could not even stand up. Later on, I would get constant hot flashes, depression, chest pain, heavy feeling in the chest, and racing thoughts. There were times when I would be imobilized for about 20 minutes. These symptoms have all lasted for 9 years. Dont’ know what to do. I have reverted back to Christianity. Having a somewhat supportive spouse helps. I’ve already tried your idea of ignoring kundalini and taking mental control of yourself but it has never worked. I’ll try it again anyway. Still don’t know what the purpose of this hell fire is. It does not feel “right”.

  11. h0bby1 said,

    November 13, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    nice article, just came across this blog, i have read the trail about flower children and how they got ‘hijacked’ and all those dirty spiritual practice :)

    i had kundalini awakening like 3 years ago, and i have lot of burning too, that can be quite painfull at time, i feel also regulary desire to immerse myself fully in water and i take lot of hot bath in order to relax, i even had a totally unexplained pneumonia with septiscemia , that i think is linked to this, also i take painkiller at time to sooth it out with i think rather good results =)

    but the fire burning is more about burning impurties, the place where i feel the fire burning are place where i had either injuries or surgeries, formerly my right leg is burning a lot, my whole right side is like burning painfully for past 3 years or so, funny that i remember i said this long liong time ago that i felt my right side was dieing during a party where i was drunk, now i feel that is true also energy wise

    for physical symptoms of burning , it is directly linked with toxins accumulation, due to damage to nervous system, part of cells become disconnected or something alike, and then they don’t do their job of functionning well and eliminating toxins, and blood circulation get diminished, when i did for example lugol detox cure, i saw it clearly that all the part where i felt intense burning/spasm and alike, also got all redish or even burning of toxins evacuation appeared in those exact same place with the iodine detox, but it did some great good to my overall organism :) i think the burning feeling is a sort of histaminic or pseudo inflamtion reaction when cell start to get connected again, that the nervous system heals, and imune system start to get more active and it give this feeling of burning/itching/spasm etc, all those are signs of a process of detoxification going on

    it is why i agree only partially with the fire feeling being a feeling of guilt or so,i don’t have particular belief in god or other, but biologically it make sense that some toxic life style, bad diets, stress, or damage to nervous system can impair biology functionning, and the kundalini burning have to do with correcting those or make them more apparent

    for the psychological side, there are two aspect to consider

    the first one being what is decribed greatly in the comment part 2 of gopi krishna book, about resolving of subconscious complex, that you can spot easily by doing simple concentration exercice, like just watching a lotus, and seing thoughts popping in, sort of mini stress, or subconscious activity that disturb the flow of consciousness, that is imparing concentration and render one unable to remain focused on simple tasks for long time, what is commonly called ‘hyperactivity’ or ‘compuslive disorder’ by modern psychology, with kundalini those subconscious complexes and activities are becoming more and more apparent, so become more and more part of the consciousness, like subconsious and unconscious slowly disintegrate and you need to integrate them into conscious self in order to resolve them and being one with also the lower ‘uncontrolled’ part of your psyche, which can be hard task, if it involve repressed traumas, the missing soul piece of shamanism also make lot of sense regarding this or things having to do with healing of the inner child or that kind of things =)

    the second aspect for psychological side, is what i want to call ‘positive sanity’ , the part is close to what you labelled ‘intentional decision taking’ in other articles, that has to do with the relation with knowledge, what you hold for true, the theories you can make on the world, that differientiate a sane individual from a psychotic or paranoiac persons, for this the whole lineage of humanist rationalist, that start from socrate to plato to philo of alexendria to jesus to liebniz rieman and marx with judaism underliing are quite the way to go, spirituality is not synonim of mysticism, god will is something very real that can be understood through creative intelectual ability, the scientific outlook of the enligthement century is quite wrong on his view on knowledge and aquisition of knowledge, they are not humanist thinkers, but there is a good lineage of ppl who lean around original thinking of rationalism, logos, and understanding of god will through the art of dialectic that can be a really great help to get out of the semi paranoiac haze that can surround kundalini awekening :) that can give this feeling of ‘ungroundness’ or being in semi psychotic state, all thing that has to do with mystery religion, mysticism things, and/or rigid/static belief system is to be avoided for this to go smoothly =) i can give some good article to read about this ‘positive sanitt thing’ , it undelry a lot of judaism thinking, and then been consolidated with greek philosophy to christianism, christianism is not a mystery religion originally, not more than platonicism and judaism =)

  12. Jorge said,

    December 12, 2011 at 1:08 am

    hobby1: I have been burning inside for two years. I also describe my experience through the sensations and feelings, thoughts/thought patterns. Here are the positive effects of this otherwise unpleasant trip:
    – my body is softening up, slowly recovering a childlike plasticity (I am 57)
    – before kundi took over I was stuck in a rut, a chronic stress induced burnout where I felt nothing and had started sensing less and less. Now kundi is guiding the deconstruction of my body-armor, my karma, my conditioned programming (genetically and epigenetically), sensations are returning. Feelings and emotions seem more elusive, but then as a man I have been programmed not to experience them since early childhood. (i.e.:I didn’t experience the grief for my mother’s death in 95) But I am slowly experiencing them. Studying Anodea Judith’s Eastern Mind Western Body has helped.
    – My lover is enjoying the intense energy, while I learn to experience the subtle energy exchange (hot and cool) in slow long intercourse. Diana Richardson work has been a guide here). Cool slow sex is better than drugs or cold/hot water. It’s not easy to find a willing partner though.
    – As a dominant individual, kundi has grounded my experience in such a way that I can monitor the impact of my presence, of my intense energy, being increasingly sensitive (it has a learning curve, yes) to people’s limits, reactions. Being in relationship not just with my mind and intuition, but wit a direct experience of the energy fields
    – Psychologically: I am developing an observer that watches the state transitions and learns to identify the constant shifts of correlating thought patterns, emotions (fear, rivalry, delight, etc), sensations
    I have also learned and keep on learning how I will project what is happening to me to other people (i will catch myself assuming that other people are angry, not I, other people are not loving not I; other people misplace things, not I). I could say I am “curing” a profound narcistic persona. How much I am involved with my persona, filled with it, my story, my ego?, even when I seem involved with other people, with giving.
    I am also curing what some people call “over-care”, caring more for other peoples’ stuff then they do, and also curing self-denial, in a nutshell, doing things so people will love me, will give me what I want, I am learning to love freely, not strings attached.
    – the experience has also become an anchor, a point of reference, for a cross cultural anthropological study of subjectivity and cultural conditioning: religious people will describe this experience in their terms (christians, jews, sufis, buddhists, hindus), both, the people that have had the experience (mystics) and the followers that create institutions around them; westerners will describe the experience in physical, sensorial, psychological and consciousness language. The language and metaphors used are all referring to the same experience in its individual incarnations. The people having the experience will reach out across cultures and across individuals to identify the commonalities. The people creating institutions around the experience will argue, fight and war about which description is the correct one, this happens inter- and intra-denominationally
    – Spiritually/Consciousness: I didn’t have much interest in spirituality and religion until kundi. I never trusted a spirituality that excluded the body (which in one way or another all world religions do). Kundi brought me in touch with the mystical base of each religion, as well as allowed me to connect it to western quantum physics, heart coherence, notions like holographic universe and field theory, epigenetics (Bruce Lipton, et al.)

  13. weinzbelardo said,

    August 4, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Hi Bronte, did you know that our human bioenergetic system have dual function of a cooler and heater? If one awakens his/her Kundalini via heater mode (pingala/yang channel switched on) , one will going to feel being burn as that is it’s natural function…to heat our human body. I’ve awakened my Kundalini blissfully without any suffering or painful hellish side-effects since September 1993 when I was 22 years old by using my carefully and scientifically devised technique. The Kundalini awakening is a tremenous release of dormant life force at the base of one’s, which could bestow bliss, health, youth, peace of mind, virtues, spiritual powers of healing, etc., wisdom and enlightenment if via the ida/ying cooling channel. Otherwise, the awakened Kundalini could burn the body and brain, consequently what we call nowadays as Kundalini syndrome and insanity. In Christian tradition, Kundalini awakening is called Baptism by holy spirit and fire. The Apostles and other disciples of Jesus experience the same divine power awakening (after their persistent and intense group prayer) and they describes it as tongues of fire above their heads during the so-called Penticost that bestow them the power to heal, perform miracles and speak in public full of wisdom. To all advanced yoga, meditation or prayer practitioners out there, you should be careful coz as the old and new testament of the bible said that “God is also a consuming fire”

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