Human Will: The Forgotten Freedom Faculty

Modern spiritual teachings, both Christian and New Age, tell us love is the answer to all the problems humanity is facing. But love without will is powerless. That’s why love is touted as the singular solution, because such teachings lead mankind away from the path to freedom. That fulfills the purpose of religion, which is to keep mankind enslaved through the powers of erroneous thought.

When is the last time you heard anyone talk about the importance of that forgotten human faculty, the will? When did you read anything about it? The last time I heard it discussed, I was a child, back in the 1950s. Adults then spoke of  “willpower.” But even though will was talked about, mostly it was a topic of humor. People were fond of saying how they didn’t have any willpower, giggling about it as they dove into their cigarette pack or their second helping of dessert.  The assumption was that will was the gift of the superhuman, that ordinary flawed humanity could not be expected to find it in themselves.

The human will has been ignored as a serious subject for a very long time. We talk about our other faculties constantly: our brains, our sexuality, our athletic prowess, our emotional sensitivity, our empathy, even our intuition and psychic abilities. But the human will – the ability we have to decide and to choose, and to do so in a way that carries power – that part of our humanness is buried. Not because it’s weak or incapable of doing, but because our social programming has conspired to make us forget it exists.

There’s an old story called Acres of Diamonds about a man who traveled the world as a pauper looking for riches, only to discover as an old man that the land his home had always been on contained acres of undiscovered diamond mines. The diamonds represent the will, the faculty we possess that’s capable of choosing and molding our future. Right now when we’re threatened with tyrants at every turn, with the very loss of all that makes life worth living, we need to connect with this forgotten part of our humanity and call on it for answers and solutions.

I believe this is the lesson we were born for. Have we not been born into a world of bullies and the bullied? Of hunters and the hunted? People aware of the global conspiracy have woken up to this. But there’s more to the story, if we want to be free. We have to dig deeper.

Why is the world an interplay of tyrants and victims? Why is that the biggest game in town? Why does genuine love get short billing, in spite of our good intentions to be loving and “evolved”? The reason is that will controls the playing field, and the ones exerting the will are the tyrants. The rest of us, unaware of the power of will, fall prey to the schemes of those who know how to use it.

Adopting a loving attitude when we haven’t yet broken out of being victims will not save us personally nor will it save the world.  Our fear will constantly drive us to abdicate our lovingness. Even if we manage to stay loving in the face of injustice and enslavement, love does little to help if it isn’t upheld by will. I cry, you cry, we embrace – and hug all the way to the FEMA camp.

As a frequent visitor at the Alex Jones website, I value all the information available there. I sometimes read the comments at the end of the articles and am troubled by the hopelessness so many posters feel about our future. I found the same attitude in many emails and comments I received when I was very active writing this blog.

The truth movement has awoken to the realities preying upon mankind, but has yet to take the step to become a genuine liberty movement. Truth movement, liberty movement – one focuses on knowledge, the other on empowerment. Only when we make that shift can we take back the control of our lives and our world that the tyrants are sucking from us.

People are hopeless because they don’t believe they have any power over the threatening situation. They think the tyrants hold all the cards. Indeed, the tyrants are brilliant, and have posted guards at every exit. They’ve planned their chess moves well in advance, while we, the novice players, are just waking up to how to play the game.

But human intelligence, buttressed by will, does have the ability to throw a wrench in their  strategy, just as a savvy chess opponent can defeat any strategy if he’s determined and clever enough. No set of moves, however brilliantly orchestrated, is guaranteed to win every game. It only succeeds if the opponent is less clever than the other player. With enough will and deep thought, any brilliant chess play can be defeated. In the same way, determination and cleverness can defeat the strategists planning the New World Order.

Think of “determination” as will in action. Will decides what we allow (the passive aspect of willing) and what we initiate (the active aspect). Then determination implements the decision. For all practical purposes, “will,” “choice,” and “determination” refer to the same thing. From this point on, I’ll use the terms interchangeably.

I am increasingly certain that reclaiming our will is the door to our freedom – the only door to our freedom. Ignorance of the power of will is what keeps us afraid and enslaved.

I’ve written elsewhere in this blog about the power of thought to create real things in the outer world. Some call it the Law of Attraction. Some call it Creating Reality. Thought is powerful and creative because it rides on will. A thought without a strong intention, without passion behind it, is nothing but a pipe dream. A thought infused with will is a force to be reckoned with.

Determined thought or intention moves the machinery of the universe, not only on the gross level but at the subtlest level of life. Quantum physics talks about the intention of scientists in experiments determining the path taken by quantum particles. This isn’t just a theory, or feel-good pretending: it’s scientific fact.

In your own life, think about the times you’ve accomplished something, or someone you know accomplished something. Compare that to the times you didn’t accomplish. Was not will the differentiating factor? When you succeeded, was it not because you refused to have it any other way?

Some time ago I was an activist on a neighborhood project attempting to  save our town from encroachment by a powerful government agency with destructive designs. There were several people at the helm, organizing the fight. I’ll never forget one day when one of them told me, with the utmost determination and confidence, that the agency would without a doubt be defeated. This was at a time in the campaign when everything looked like the agency would win.

Lynn is a spiritual woman with a high degree of personal will and empowerment. She had made up her mind that the plan would be defeated, and that was the end of it. It was simply a done deal. Not just a done deal in her mind, but a done deal in the real world. She had decided it so, with all the passion and confidence she possessed. This beautiful person understood the power of her own determination. She fully got that if she made up her mind that the agency could not have her home, then it could not take it. She knew she had the right and power to decide whether to concede it to them.

I knew in that moment, from the way she said it, that she had created the defeat of the agency. All the motions we all went through from that point onward were merely the denouement, the winding up of the story. The outcome had already been decided. This master of reality had made up her mind that the bullying stopped at her front door, and it did.

We’re so much more powerful than we realize. Mothers with will in gear have lifted automobiles off their trapped children. Prisoners with will have broken out of impossible-to-escape prison camps (see the movie Rescue Dawn for one such remarkable true story). We all know someone who with the confident innocence of determined desire succeeded in something the world considered impossible. We think of them as exceptional, but the only difference between them and the rest of us is that they access a faculty that most of humanity doesn’t remember it possesses.

I’m working on building my will. When I find something in my life I don’t like  – a situation, a negative habit – I now say to myself, “I don’t accept this.” I say it with confidence and a sense of being finished. I may not know at the time how I’m going to get out of the thing that has bound me, but the ropes begin to loosen the moment I make the decision that I’m done. Circumstances develop from that point onward that bring about the end of the thing I want rid of. It’s quite dramatic sometimes, even miraculous. Other times, it’s gradual and subtle. Always it works.

I build my will in little things and in so doing develop my confidence in taking on matters of substance. I fully believe if the time comes when I face someone demanding I get vaccinated or microchipped, I will spontaneously access the power to make them leave me in peace.

I remember the moment in the first Star Wars where Obiwon waves his hand in front of an Empire cop, and the dazed guy lets him pass. And the moment in the book/movie, The Education of Little Tree, where officials come to drag the boy to a reservation school, but the granddad sees them coming from the hilltop; he and the boy are safe in the woods every time the would-be enslavers come to their door (another great true story).

Those who are afraid (and do not master their fear) that they will be sent to FEMA camps or killed, are creating being sent to FEMA camps or killed.  Those who believe global tyranny is a done deal are creating experiencing global tyranny. By passively accepting the horrendous as inevitable, the passive aspect of our own will kicks in to allow it, stamping the plans of the tyrants with our own personal seal of permission.

We live on the Earth at this time because we chose to be here. We allowed it, we willed it. Perhaps we did that so we might experience the drama of bullies and bullied being played out in the extreme, as it is being played out today. Perhaps we wanted the stakes to be this high in order to jog our will awake, so we might become at last fully human, fully empowered, reality creators, masters of living.

We are only victims if that’s how we perceive it. We can take the bull by the horns, take charge of any situation. No one ever does anything to us that we don’t on some level allow. Allowing can be as simple as believing there’s no way out. It can be as simple as fear, or any other form of helpless acceptance.

What happens in our future is up to no one but us. The rest of the world can do what it likes, experience what it wants to, for its own ultimate freedom and wisdom. But no one can force anyone to be a slave who does not accept it. Whatever your fellows choose to do, you are safe and free if you determine to be.

But can your choice for personal freedom help save the world from the New World Order? I think it’s the only thing that can save it. But that’s the subject for another article.

Bronte Baxter

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© Bronte Baxter 2009



  1. Brownhawk said,

    July 7, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Perhaps we’ve been down this road several times before on this Planet. I’m always intrigued by the ancient legends that tell of past cataclysmic events which have overwhelmed the Earth. The most recent one involving Atlantis,with everything eventually going back to ‘square one’, starting that same ball rolling again from Sumeria. It’s like we keep cycling around, playing what is essentially the same old cat n’ mouse game.

    Would it be far-fetched to say that we’re on the brink of yet another cataclysmic experience, its degree of severity yet to be determined? But I think you’re being prescient, Bronte, when you suggest that mankind is in effect, forcing a showdown with the bullies, with the aftermath being one where the true definition of awakening will be understood with the full meaning of our power of intent(will) becoming realized. Only then can love be actuated.

  2. Jane Margaret said,

    July 7, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    We are the vehicles for Love In Action. We embody that and we are not without the capacity to change the plans of any so called dark energies which may wish to entrap us, collectively. We can change this one person at a time, taking self determined action to not fall into traps of all kinds, including the new age dogma and catma.
    Will is how we do this. ‘Information’ about the wrongs of the world is not enough. My spiritual helpers said many years ago that ‘it is not a question of whether people believe what you receive about the threats to humanity at this time; it is a question about whether they will DO anything about it.’ They also said: ‘Know what ‘heavenly’ actions and conditions look like; if you do not know what heaven looks like, if you are confused about that, you will not be able to bring Heaven To Earth. Perhaps our religions, all of them none exempt, need to take heed of this lesson of LOVE in action and what it looks like, exactly.

  3. Czymra said,

    July 8, 2009 at 6:16 am

    You couldn’t have summed up my recent findings better. I thank you for that.
    However, I find it disturbing to read the ever same references to the good ol’ conspiracy. I have no doubt that there are forces at work that lead (not plot) to the downfall of humanity but I think they have to be seen in the same light that you throw at our own inadequacies.
    If I am unwilling to learn about my own decision of failure, how can I overcome it? Why should it be different for the ‘human-complex’ as a whole?
    Alex Jones and co. are just another entertainment catch for those who wish to get out. There are real problems out there, and what you wrote motivated me to take those on (again) with the determination and attention they deserve, but at the moment, they sure have less to do with FEMA camps and the likes and furthermore are far less virtual (not that virtual things aren’t real but I dare say less relevant to survival). If you were to look at the root of this problem, I’m sure the Illuminati were the last place to look.

    On another note, our enslavement seems only possible because we have all been interfaced with similar values and concepts by now. Without wanting to place blame: Americanisation has provided a base to disarm us, for how else can these concepts enter our consciousness if they aren’t communicated across some platform?
    If any native people ever had to die for any reason, then it’s likely because they were incompatible with a value system of slavery. I doubt that there is an ultimate ‘value system’ (if that is even the right word) but it shows how malleable these values really are.
    I always return to one question: is it healthy?

  4. Mat said,

    July 9, 2009 at 6:32 am

    This is it – the will – the third, forgotten faculty of the human mind, next to thinking and feeling. You may, for example, be in the river and be carried along its current. You may like it, feel good about it, or even think that it might take you to good results. But… is it your own, very personal ‘will’ to flow or swim in this direction?

    Somebody may decide about something (will) based on thoughts or feelings. And as soon as the thinking or feeling changes, the will is drifted away. It means the ‘will’ has been surrendered. It means that the personal will is passive, is sleepy. It means that somebody has surrendered her/his own soul to the currents of group consciousness (family, nation, religion, etc.).

    Wake up sleeping souls! – one may say. Wake up your own personal will and take full responsibility for your own life!

    Thank you Bronte for your enlivening article.

  5. Waldo said,

    July 9, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    Waking up and starting to see your power of will pre-supposes that you’ve been asleep to begin with, and I think more people realize they have been than it may appear. It seems like it’s expressing itself in all kinds of crazy ways. At the very least we’re starting to ‘feel our oats’, even if we’re unclear about getting a grip on the total meaning of what this power is. Which is not at all surprising, given how suppressed mankind has been for so long on this planet.

    For that matter, we’re all trying to find the handle, let alone getting a grip on it. But at least we know there IS a handle. When you know there is one, the struggle to master the grip is well worth it. You become relentless in your pursuit of it, even if along the way you make the mistake of coming across as superior to your peers in attempts at expressing your understanding. Maybe that’s just over-compensating for a lifetime of stifled expression.

    But I say better to be a bull in a china shop than a lamb on a spit. The learning will come and any ego trips will dissipate.

  6. Bunny said,

    July 14, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Magick is about developing the will..check out Franz Bardon sometime.
    The will to love is powerful Magick.

    At any rate, what i am seeing is that the international banking cartels are in the process of being destroyed NOW..the upcoming flu scare and forced vaccination mandates are a last ditch effort to get the populace back under control. It is coming down…all of it. They can’t stop it.

  7. Isreal said,

    September 27, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    um…great stuff…this just comes naturally to you then, that is great…I was impressed

  8. MannyEs said,

    October 17, 2009 at 7:16 am

    This is a very impressive article. The power of the human will, and the fact that it is a forgotten freedom faculty is something I recently discovered intuitively, in the course of my daily meditations. I was like WOW and i thought i had discovered something that was largely unknown to most people. And then I find this article that so articulately presents my “discovery”. So I’m like WOW again. But let us note that it takes an effort of will to make such a discovery, and again an effort of will to make use of the knowledge. It is one thing to know, and another thing to DO. Just knowing is not enough.
    But if I may, I would advise that it is best not to focus too much on conspiracy theories. There are conspiracies, as there have always been, and probably always will be. But I think we should leave it at that, or we could find ourselves speculating endlessly on things of which we have no proof and waste time and mental energy that should be used to focus on the one thing that matters namely SELF and its development. And besides, thinking conspiracy may only help the conspirators, because “thoughts are things”.
    Again, thanks for this wonderful article. I am now feeling less alone.

  9. justdoit8 said,

    May 27, 2013 at 1:12 am

    Bronte, what is your take on those teachings that say ‘love’ attachments should be discouraged in order for the soul to find ‘enlightenment’? This sounds like more BS to me.

    • brontebaxter said,

      May 27, 2013 at 2:49 pm

      Yep, more BS.


      • Yosako said,

        August 9, 2013 at 9:50 pm

        Bronte, why is that there aren’t new entries since 2011? I’m sure there is more to say.

      • brontebaxter said,

        August 10, 2013 at 8:55 am

        I have not been in writing mode for some time. Working out personal issues of my own. When and if I have more to say, I will write more on these subjects again. For now, I’ve produced an online book, available for download on this website, with enough information and ideas in it to upend a lot of traditional thinking. I believe I’ve done my part, at least for now.


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