‘Journey of Souls’ Enlightens in Spite of Itself

I received an interesting comment today on my old article Creating Reality through Thought: Why It Works, When It Fails, How to Fix It. I thought I’d share the letter and my response to it here.

The reader writes:

“The problem with the “Law of Attraction” is that it doesn’t qualify itself in terms of where and what circumstances it will work or not work. Let us take just a couple examples.

“a) Say someone throws a lot of gasoline on you and lights you on fire and you suffer horrendous burns

“b) Say you were covertly given a bioagent that sent you through convulsions, neurotoxins affecting your ability to think and enormous pain all over your body

“c) Let’s say you were in pakistan having a nice day and suddenly a group of men abducted you. Next thing you knew you were in guantanamo Bay facility being tortured for being a suspected terrorist ( of couse they knew you weren’t but they don;t care). The men who abduxted you of course got paid for bringing them some “terrorist fodder”

“Will the Law of Attraction help you? Could you implement it under those circumstance during the events and after? Would you conclude that your thoughts created and allowed the whole scenario?

“Bronte wrote:

“Looking back on our childhood, or on incidents of victimization in our lives, we may find it hard to believe our thoughts either created or allowed the whole scenario.

“For some people … yeah. For others … no way. There is something very wrong with this concept. I’m pretty sure that if I knew what I knew many decades back about this planet, I would not reincarnate on this planet. Whatever bad one can say about the New World Order, one can say much worse about most of the human cattle they manage. The Stanley Milgram experiments put most of the human population at the same mentality as the New World Order. The only difference is that one is smarter than the other.

“Also, without the mindless humans, the New World Order management strategies would fail. The bulk of the human population has more in common with the NWO than the NWO would ever want to admit. So I could imagine most people wanting to come back to this hell hole called earth.

“Bronte wrote:

“But if we’re willing to let go of the karma doctrine long enough …

I threw karma crap in the basket. it takes mindless sheep to swallow that absurd concept.

“Dr. Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls”

I read the book and found it pushing more spiritual enslavement. I threw my copy away so can only reference it by memory. It talks about “guides,” “teachers,” “councils,” etc., just another upper-echelon power structure. The entire book also shows spirits disconnected from earth reality.

Bronte responded to the reader:

First, about Newton’s book. Yes, it does talk about “guides” and celestial “councils” that help us decide the direction of our next incarnation. And of course those all represent enslavement and manipulation. The value of the book is that it makes that manipulation more obvious.

For those who haven’t read it, “Journey of Souls” is a set of transcriptions that Newton (a regression therapist) made during his conversations with hypnotized subjects whom he regressed back to the “between-life space,” the place where we allegedly go to between incarnations or lifetimes. Subject after subject reported similar experiences of the afterlife, whether they believed in life after death or not prior to being regressed by Newton.

Of course we have only his word for this. But taken together, the transcripts are worth some serious considering. They appear to represent people’s subconscious memories of how they planned the events of each subsequent reincarnation.

The transcripts show humans as having a choice but preferring to create suffering and chaos for ourselves in each new life because we think that will “purify our souls” of our past bad tendencies or actions. Apparently those who run the world that is the between-life space have people believing those lies there, just as religions have us believing the same lies here.

According to the book, people are assigned a “council of three” elders who are members of the larger “council of elders” who are at the top of the hierarchy in the afterlife. This “gentle and loving” smaller council works to steer the soul into plans for its reincarnation that will be to the soul’s “spiritual benefit.” That’s as far as Newton’s book takes it, because Newton is blind to the New World Order conspiracy.

Those of us aware of the New World Order agenda read the book from a very different perspective than the one the author wrote it from. We are given a window into how the manipulation of souls takes place in the nether world, and why we encounter spontaneous mishaps and disasters in this one.

It is because we ourselves planned it, set it up before we born, according to the transcripts’ uncovered memories. We created events on the time line that would cause us suffering in this life, thinking those would make us wiser and better spiritually.

This explains the reason for the three kinds of scenarios you listed at the top of your comment, the kind of horrible events that strike us out of the blue, that we were not desiring – things that appear to “just happen.” The truth is, they don’t “just happen.” They happen because we allowed them. Not consciously in this life, but in the pre-life place where we set them up as part of what we would experience here.

If the soul feels it is guilty (and what soul does not?), that soul will most likely set up an experience of self-punishment in this world to cleanse itself of its “bad karma.” You and I agree that karma is a story fed to us to keep us enslaved, a doctrine that when accepted always creates more suffering. The incessant suffering supplies our upline, the Fourth Dimension energy vampires, with food. That’s why they assign us a “council of elders” to “help” us design each lifetime to be studded with bad things.

It’s supposed to purge the soul, but it does not. It makes us sadder, more hurt, weaker. More prone to further manipulation and still another lifetime filled with even more “lessons to learn” and “sins to be punished.”

There’s no end to the cycle until we consciously break it. And this is what the knowledge of our power to create our own reality allows us to do. Bad things may still strike us out of the blue until we fully wake up and reprogram our pre-life plans for our future. But even disasters do hit, we have the power to get out of our fixes by using our current choices (intent), visualization, and control of our thoughts to extract ourselves.

In another article, I write about the true story of Dieter, an American navy pilot who was shot down in Viet Nam and found a way of out a seemingly impenetrable prison camp, when all his fellow POWS said it was impossible. (This story is told in the excellent movie, “Rescue Dawn.”) Dieter did the impossible that no one else could do, and lived to tell about it. Why did he succeed, when all his fellows died? Because he alone had the mindset that insisted on life, on freedom, on escape. The others were controlled by the hopelessness engendered by their external circumstances.

So we can choose which way we will live in any unfavorable circumstance: we can get ourselves out of the fix, or let it beat us. When we tackle the job in front of us, not only can we influence/change any problem, but committing ourselves to such action cultures the kind of consciousness we’re trying to return to. It makes us heroes. A hero isn’t a victim.

As far as your assessment of humanity goes, you appear to be a fatalist and misanthrope, my friend. You despise people, but you are one of the people yourself. Yes, we’ve grown very stupid and sheeplike, but this is the time for us to wake up to that and reverse that. By taking back the power of our minds.

You are an intelligent person, but caught in the web they’ve spun for us. They win, when you only go as far in your thinking as you do. And if they can instill the intelligent with hopelessness, it’s easier to control the less intelligent, because those who would normally wake up first and sound the alarm to the rest, instead wake up and say, “Look at you stupid idiots. You deserve it.”

I think your mind is aware but your spirit is limping. Pick yourself up and recognize your power, instead of complaining about how lousy it is, and holding yourself superior to the rest. That kind of attitude feeds right into their plans for swallowing all consciousness in their massive maw. If they succeed in that, we’ll experience the implosion of the universe. We can’t afford to remain either depressed or arrogant.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008


  1. Bunnydancer said,

    November 18, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    I would like to reccomend a website for information purposes..you do not have to agree with anything the fellow is saying, but i think he has a fairly good assessment of lost souls in the astral, and how they get pulled in from this life by agreements (like you have pointed out before with the mantras) and/or being infiltrated by and manipulated by astral entities, and/or by belief structures they have not questioned.
    This is his website:
    Go to the site map, he has alot of material on “ascended beings” and “angels”
    here is the page on the astral infomation:

    He has been to hell and back, i think it is interesting reading.

    Sincerely, Bunny

    • WhatMoreCanISay said,

      January 18, 2015 at 9:10 am

      Thank you Bunny

  2. Brownhawk said,

    November 19, 2008 at 9:43 am

    I remember reading ‘Journey of Souls’ and there was a passage which spoke of ‘points of light’ in ‘clusters’ located throughout regions in an afterlife setting. The points of light representing individual souls and the clusters being soul groups. Sounds to me like nothing more than an astral world equivalent to how we are experiencing life here. Different bearings. Same ruse. A few years later when Bush the elder was President he made a speech and referred to ‘a thousand points of light on a shining hill’. Enough to give you chills when you think that he is aware of what many people aren’t about how this whole life-death cycle scam works. Can you imagine being reincarnated (yet again) into a world with a fully implemented new world order? No thanks. I’ll pass. I’ve had my fill of this nonsense. Bush, who was the first politician since Hitler to utter the phrase ‘new world order’, is purported to have been, in actuality, a former SS officer who was instrumental in the carrying out of ‘Operation Paperclip’, bringing ex-nazis into the American CIA. Not too hard to connect the dots of the dark magic that’s responsible for the trance-state of humanity. The advent of the nazis indicate the culmination of evil’s ‘great work of the ages’ to delivering a coup d’ grace to us. Make no mistake about it, the hypnotic spell that has been cast over mankind is not broken when entering into the astral realm after the demise of the physical body. The deception will continue ‘here and there’ so long as we fail to understand the true nature of our immortal reality as master and commander of our being. It is from this base of understanding that we learn to actualize that reality with the power of intention. When grounded in love this defines the awakening as the acknowledgement of our spiritual truth.

  3. Em said,

    November 19, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    Thank you for having the courage and patience to create this blog. Yes, I agree with you even in these challenging and difficult times that those in power (and those of their nature) seem to do all they can to continually disempower and ruin all who they can.

    It is up to each of us to restore hope, freedom and creativity in spite the illusionary nightmare that has deceived us. I’m sort of guessing that you also read montalk.net (one of my favorites)? Have you come across spiritinform.com by The Holographic Canvas author Sonia Barrett?

    Thanks again for your continued work.

  4. Brownhawk said,

    November 21, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    While reading from the montalk website I came across a section with the heading ‘Morality. Allow me to quote here: ‘good and evil are subjective and relative’, ‘proper balance between good and evil forces result in positivity’, too much good leads to stagnation’, ‘one who fights solely for good or evil is a fool’, etc. etc. I don’t know about you, but red flags started to go up after reading this stuff. I’d be careful when wading in these waters, or get out of them altogether.

  5. Felicia said,

    December 4, 2008 at 6:49 am

    I have not read Journey of Souls but it sounds like Memories of God and Creation: Remembering from the Subconscious Mind. It’s all hypnotically retrieved memories of “life before life.” Same stuff. We enter a heavenly “sphere” (of which there are seven – maybe the famous seven heavens?) and of course are reprogrammed by our “guides” to re-enter Earth and suffer again. But we get so blissed out on feeling good for a while in the sphere and reconnecting with other spirits of people we have loved that we don’t see the trap for what it is.

    One time I worked with a Payute shaman who told me LOTS of stuff that you cover here, Bronte. Some of the reverberations are quite eerie. He was very unusual in the sense that so many native American/indigenous shamans seem to teach “journeying” in meditation to connect with the “elders’ (the spirits of deceased relatives who are said to be spiritual guides.) He saw this as Kindergarten level shamanic journeying and not the real stuff at all. He says the REAL challenges happen after you get over the novelty of talking with your dead loved ones and ancestors and start to see where THEY have agreed to become trapped. So instead of looking at journeying to the motherland, or the ancestral fields where the discarnates happily reunite, he says we must avoid these places at all costs – especially when we are dying. But too often the emotional gravity of suddenly feeling all that loving connection with family we haven’t seen for a while pulls us into their orbit, and then we all get trapped on the wheel again. He was a little bit Carlos Castaneda in the sense that he taught a vigilant warrior stance while doing metaphysical work and a much-needed (he thought) distrust of ANY discarnate being or guide because they all serve the same “masters.” He perceived our ideal destination after death as being wherever we wanted it to be – “Why limit our journey as spirits when we’ve been limited for aeons by taking on physical bodies over and over again?” So he saw no one “end point,” no single “heaven” – just various way stations in the afterlife where we hang out with loved ones, have a nice reunion, and then wait like sheep to be reincarnated without ever realizing the con that’s being played on us. The problem would appear to be that the “guides” are masters at simulating what amounts to a “spiritual orgasm” of joy and bliss which is very similar to what you describe, Bronte, as happening with certain forms of meditation. In that state, we no longer perceive questionable beings as negative because we’re basically drugged out on joy.

    Tricky stuff.

  6. Doven said,

    December 6, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    To further what Felicia has mentioned, I entered a healing dream state recently that pretty much confirms all the info you have just shared. Interesting timing.

  7. Krzysiek said,

    December 12, 2008 at 7:22 am

    Thank You for creating this blog. I must say it helped me much. From time to time I come across new insight that after much consideration must be taken into account. Those eye openers are important if we are open enough to re-evaluate our current state of the view on life/conciousness. I think that if I could be proven wrong (and it isn’t easy, as with most humans, we tend to stick to our own represantation of the reality) then it’s a wonderful thing. It proves I’ve been wrong the whole time.

  8. Adam said,

    March 17, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    I found this awhile back and I think it is the clearest explanation of what some call co-creation that I have ever heard. It is basically an explination for the physics of what has been called the “law of atraction”.

    I have been studying Nassim Haramein’s work for many months now. I find his work to be truly mind blowing. In my opinion he has achieved the holy grail of physics the “Grand Unified Field Theory” and it works. He found his way to it through expanded and awakened consciousness and not the cold disconnected sciences. So it is not surprising that the main stream physicist have a huge problem with him.

    Nassim Haramein is the founder of the Resonance Project:



    Adam, at your suggestion, I just checked out this Nassim Haramein, and I am very impressed. I suggest people watch his you-tube presentation on the pyramids and the sun god. It is the clearest thing on the pyramids I’ve seen yet. This man appears to be free-thinking, brilliant, and able to find the holes in traditional theories. And he’s easy and fun to listen to! I plan to watch more of him.

  9. steve said,

    March 31, 2009 at 5:20 am

    I’m reading JOS at the moment and while I’m finding it a fascinating read – and not TOO far off the accounts of NDErs – I did get a kick out of what Brownhawk said above about the spiritual hierachy in it (tho gentle) as a “fully implemented new world order”.
    At the very least that shows an incredibly fierce independence of thought and will that I really love. Plus it is a fascinating idea: imagine if even the ‘heaven realms’ mentioned in NDEs (I believe sincerely) and other sources (with varying degrees of believability) WERE just one more ‘society’ created not-always for the good of all! VERY COOL concept! DEEP THINKING! My own spiritual experiences do point to the fact that each of us is UTTTERLY divine and have a special kind of independence IN OUR OWN RIGHT. We ARE the creators – LITERALLY. And while yes, there are consequences for all our actions – a kind of spiritual gravity if you like…natural simple laws that make things POSSIBLE (good and bad), we do have ULTIMATE will to do whatever we want. And we are NOT mere tools or ‘learning-units’ of anyone.

    Bearing in mind this possiblity that even after-death realms may have ‘hidden ceilings and walls’ which (probably powerful) beings within them may not want you to see beyond (even for “your own good” (because, as we can see on earth, even well-meaning beings can have major holes in thier wisdom and knowledge)), here’s a tip for everyone based on my experience – and that of many other people, regarded as sages and also just anonymous wise people…

    (this is echoed in the tibeatan book of the dead and taught more explicitly in dzogchen generally)
    When you die you will have an opportunity to find your ‘base’. The very ‘bottom’ or foundation of all existence. A place beyond which you cannot go. A place through which you cannot fall – because that is your base. It will be an all-pervading spacious empty fullness. It will probably be pure white at first and then all black. But don’t be scared -even though it will be intense and incredibly pure in it’s simplicity and power. It is your very SELF. Yourself in your purest, simplest form. It is you alone AS yourself. Even the whole universe is merely an experience of that space. it is the cradle of all existence – yourself.

    Death is the opportunity to realise this by experiencing it (ie. yourself) in its purest and most powerful form. And when you do, you will realise that no one in this universe can kick you around, tell you what to do, or know better than you. For you are ALL within yourself. And what can you ever be or experience that is outside of YOU?

    Hehe, getting a bit poetic there at the end.

    This point, where all physical stuff and even your own thought peels/falls away, is the ultimate opportunity even BEFORE you go into any KIND of other so-called ‘world’ (and I use that phrase advisadly), to understand your true independence from all worlds and beings.

    You take part in the agenda of others – even great, big, impressive (even blissful – as Bronte might say – others) only AT YOUR OWN CHOICE.

    With appreciation to Bronte and the powerful free-thinking truth-seekers she has managed to attract here!

    An old Tibetan saying goes: “The quality of gold is tested by melting it, rubbing it, cutting it.” Truth is the same and may we keep BITING!

    [PS For the record, I’m not aligned with buddhism or anything else! ;-) ]

  10. Dani said,

    May 18, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Hi Bronte, I have been a reader of your blog for a few years now. I find myself coming back to your blog at certain times. I have just recently got myself a copy of michael Newtons book ‘Journey of Soul’s and also his second book ‘Destiny of souls@. I have almost completed the first book.

    I, like you, am reading this book from the perspective of knowing that a NWO exists and so do dark forces (archons, reptilians, demons, whatever) that manipulate our lives etc.
    I find it interesting that this book has no mention of such dark forces, has no warning about them and even says that any darkness in our lives is because of our own thought forms.

    I have also been interested in psychic mediums and have had a few ‘readings’ from a time to time, mainly due to grief from a loved one who has left this realm. It has always comforted me but I must admit something that really bothers me is that perhaps we are still controlled even over on the ‘otherside’ or the ‘afterlife.’

    After reading Newtons book there is rife talk about hierarchial forces, sages, guides, council of elders and how souls progress by changing colour etc. Although those under hypnosis keep reminding Newton that there is no hierarchy, that everyone is the same, but it’s difficult to get this across…. i do wonder… how this is so.

    Why do we keep coming back to Earth? I have always been paranoid about the New Age mindset that we come back here in order to learn. But to learn what? And why? On the other hand, evil and suffering, whether intentional or not, does teach us something about ourselves…. they say that which does not kill you makes us stronger (and we never really die)…. is that why we come here? To make ourselves stronger? To understand the duality of ‘good’ and ‘evil’? I suspect that if we ever, as a race, overcome this evil we will know not what to do next time deceivers come our way…. is this really just one big crazy game?
    It seems those in the afterlife (gathered from hypnosis, psychic mediums etc) are not so concerned with the ‘archons’ or whatever you want to call this dark force. They say we take things here too seriously.

    Did we choose to come here to have a bash at fixing things? To bring more light into the world. I mean, look at what you have achieved Bronte… just with these articles you have written. You have brought something into the world that enlightens… makes people think outside of the box. Whilst the whole world is crazy, there are pockets of light. Did we choose to come here and do this? Perhaps many lost their way. It is always nice to think that we are guided by something…. something that really does want to give us the truth, knowledge and true freedom.
    Perhaps, on some level, we have allowed ourselves to be used and abused, brutalised… why, if that is the case, i’m not so sure. But maybe a good question is what have we learned from witnessing and feeling such evil? What does it teach us? I’m not trying to be new agey about it either. Thinking happy thoughts while sitting in the lotus position has never been my kinda thing. But ACTION, action gets us some place.

    Anyways, those are my thoughts and my thoughts are ever changing. I love to hear peoples different opinions. I’d love to hear yours if you care to share any more of yourself. Thanks again,


    • brontebaxter said,

      May 19, 2013 at 2:48 am

      Hi Dani

      Remember that “the need for both good and evil” is part of the dogma/trick the powers that be use to keep us enslaved. If we think experiencing evil makes us stronger and is good for us, we are more apt to accept it as part of life rather than asking “How can we free the world from evil?” Since evil is what they feed on, they, of course, need evil (I prefer to call it suffering) to persist.

      Yes, the evidence certainly indicates that the manipulation goes on in the afterlife. Michael Newton’s books, with their transscipts of hypnotized subjects reporting their between-life experiences, attest to this (although Newton himself is sublimely unaware of the fact). Of course the afterlife would be structured as his transcripts describe, if the same beings are in control there as are in control here.

      The encouraging thing is that the so-called “afterlife” is a big place. Newton’s only reporting on “heaven,” the place most people automatically drift to upon leaving this physical plane. What about other locations out there? What if we refused to just drift toward the light, and stuck out on our own exploring? What if we insisted on finding another world where FREE entities live, unbound by the limiting rules that apply here and – apparently – in “heaven”? Surely, you, I, and the people reading this blog are not the only souls in the universe who aim for something greater than slavery as the defining theme of existence. It’s just the law of averages that somewhere in the cosmos there are probably beings who’ve figured things out further than we have and who actually live empowered and free. I believe we can connect with them psychically if we try to, while we’re in this life – asking for them to inspire us with help and insight. I also believe we can probably locate them directly, through will and intention, when we leave this plane.

      What I hope I am smart enough to spare myself from, should I pass this dimension before learning to master it, is an automatic ride on the moving sidewalk to the traditional heaven. No floating toward the light for me! I want to see what better things are out there. I heartily encourage blog readers to take a look at Michael Newton’s books, especially the second book, as I recall, for a glimpse of what is waiting for us if we aren’t proactive with our destiny when we leave here.


      • justdoit8 said,

        May 19, 2013 at 7:17 am

        Hi Bronte. Thanks for your reply. Yes, sadly, I have the same concerns that you do after endless searching. What bothers me is that people I love have probably gone into that light and have been caught up in the ‘afterlife’ experience. I don’t want to leave them behind. It’s a tricky situation. If we do get caught up in the light, I wonder if there is a way to change the situation from there…. I mean, I can’t imagine myself taking any bull from a bunch of beings of light who call themselves ‘elders’ or ‘sages’ or whatever. If they plan on sitting me down to be grilled about my current life I’ll be grilling them back on the whole sick situation down here.
        I wonder what will happen to people who distrust these beings.
        I don’t like the hierarchy that is being described in Newton’s book. The people under hypnosis claim it is not like that, but how can be? Why do our souls need to change colour? It just all seems very limiting.

        I have received messages from various psychic mediums regarding a dear friend who passed though. Unfortunately, this person was unaware of the control system here and so was I at the time. The messages were comforting, but from what I understand… they are probably blissfully stuck in that matrix too. Saddens me.

        Just when you think Earth may be the end of the game… the damn hole gets a whole lot deeper.

        Also, there is NO mention about alien beings messing with this planet… which has been solid knowledge in pretty much EVERY ancient culture here on Earth from Sumeria, Zulus In Africa, South America… the world over…. and all the information in that book regarding aliens is very very basic. It’s as if it’s purposely hidden.

        I am the end of Michael Newton’s first book and shall be beginning the next one. I plan to report my thoughts on this too. Thanks Bronte for this blog!

      • brontebaxter said,

        May 19, 2013 at 12:53 pm

        Yes. Excellent points. I totally agree. As far as helping loved ones who are there goes, I have the same concern, but I think the best way we can truly be of help is to get free of the matrix ourselves. Then, I presume, we will have the wherewithal to insert ourselves into their reality (and again depart from it) at will, and help in that fashion.


  11. Dani said,

    May 23, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    I have recently begun reading Michael Newton’s second boo – Destiny of Souls. I am now on the subject or demons or otherwise ‘negative’ entities. According to Newton’s hypnotic subjects none of these entiities exist and all ‘evil’ is thus a human characteristic and no one from the spirit world has ever seen any ‘demonic’ forces and say they do not exist.

    This i find rather strange given the vast amount of texts from ancient civilisations, psychics, and every day people throughout the ages.

    Here is an excerpt:

    “The idea that satanic entities exist as outside forces to confuse and subvert people is a myth perpetuated by those who seek to control the minds of others for their own ends.”

    I have heard and read way too many instances from ‘normal’ everyday people of seeing entities, such as reptilians, greys etc…. all seeming to have a dark agenda. And there is no mention of this.

    The ancient Gnostic texts talk about the Archons in great detail as being alien mind parasites that seek to deceive us. Castenada also alludes to a very similar thing in his book The Active Side of Infinity.

    I’m just not sure about all this pink fluffy cloud stuff that Newton is harping on about. I agree that humans can be evil enough on their own, but this world has something else sucking the life out of it too.

    Here’s another excerpt with Dr Newton and one of his subjects in the trance state;

    Dr. N: To bad spirits who interfere with life forms for the pleasure of doing harm.

    S: (abruptly) Who told you this? There are no evil spirits, only inept ones… and those who are careless… and indifferent…

    Inept is the last thing I would call the dark forces that do exist… in my opinion. It would be illogical to think any different in light of all the teachings, peoples experiences and the state of the world.

    I do wonder how Newton has come to all these fluffy cloud conclusions. Are his subjects really under hypnosis…. could it be something else?

    Does anyone have any comments on this?



  12. Dani said,

    May 24, 2013 at 4:10 am

    I found this post on a forum discussing Newton’s work:

    Newtonia” is that place that hypnotherapist and author Dr. Michael Newton says we go to between lives (between the end of one lifetime and the beginning of the next). He himself has no name for it, so I have decided to call it Newtonia.

    In my opinion, Newtonia is not the only place we can go to after we die, nor is it the place where we come from originally. What we can learn there does not help us. On the contrary, it is a dangerous place, as we are pushed down into less powerful and autonymous states; eventually to be extinguished as a free being.

    In Newtonia we are coerced into a scripted next lifetime so we can learn “life lessons”. Typically these are lifetimes where we “learn” what hurts so we can avoid it (for ourselves or for doing it to others). As far as I’m concerned, if you want to teach me a lesson, write it down in 100 words or less and let me read it. That would be much better than a lifetime of suffering.

    I am in much agreement with Dr. Newton’s observations; they concur with my own conclusions. It his interpretation of those observations that I differ with. Specifically:

    Newtonia is not the only place we can go to when we die.

    Newtonia is not our spiritual “home”.

    The “life lessons” we are assigned to are not our free choices; they are imposed upon us.

    “Life lessons” do not require a lifetime of suffering to be learned. Just tell me what works and what doesn’t!

    Older spiritual beings — the blue and purple colored ones — are not “more advanced”. They are degraded and eventually become cogs in a great machine rather than the free and independent beings they once were.

    I’m sure I’ve been to Newtonia many times, but it is not a good place. It is to be avoided by whatever means necessary.



  13. Dani said,

    May 24, 2013 at 4:35 am

    Another point really bothering me about this book is that every transcript seemed to sound teh same. In that the language almost sound slike its coming from the same person. This is strange. It’s almost like you have 5 year ols doing thetalking or some kind of cartoon character. Someone else has picked this up too and probably explained it better than i can:

    “I’m in the middle of Newton’s Journey of Souls right now. I think it’s highly interesting; but then I found the bio of Jody Gilbert to be intellectually challenging (see her on You Tube with W.C. Fields in the Diner Sketch).

    One problem I have with Newton’s clients is that judging by syntax, expression, etc. they all sound like the same person. Different people have different ‘vias’ (sorry for the Scn) in speech. ‘Ya know’, is the most common. ‘n stuff’ is another, and of course that by now old stand by, ‘I’m like’…No groping for words. Align his sessions on some machine that measures speech inflection, word choice, etc. and it’ll probably read ‘same person spoke last twenty times.’

    This doesn’t mean that what he writes isn’t true. But it’s a red flag for me. As for implants…somewhere in squirreldom I once read about that white tunnel that so many who’ve come back from near death experiences speak about. The implant is the bliss and love that the victim is surrounded by as he enters the tunnel. Blissing a victim out is a tried and true method of implants. By the way, for fans of Chip and Dale tech, the tunnel is supposedly supplied by the solar system Antares. In any event, Newton tells of subjects being drawn into a tunnel and ‘pulled’ along to the staging area. This seems pretty universal, unless one is an old advanced soul, then one shoots through like a rocket. The fact that there has been no description thus far in the book of warm fuzzies, love emanating from an untraceable source, and bliss, impresses me favorably. Also no Jesus…danken Gott! We’ll see. ”


    • brontebaxter said,

      May 26, 2013 at 2:44 am

      Dani, this is spot-on reporting on your part. Thanks for these posts with all the revealing quotations from Michael Newton’s books. I’m unclear what you mean by the last couple sentences in the above post though. Sounds like you’re referring to another book entirely. Please clarify.


  14. justdoit8 said,

    May 25, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    I couldn’t bring myself to finish his second book destiny of souls. Someone from another blog made an excellent review of his book too. I scoured the net for people who have come to similar conclusions as we have and thankfully they do exist. I’ll provide some links:

    Here’s some excerpts;

    And i have allot of information about the in between lives in the false astral heavens according to the PROPAGANDA book “Journey of Souls”
    Here are some qoutes from it:

    “Dr. N: Do you know of anyone who didn’t want to be reborn again on Earth for any
    S: Yes, my friend Mark. He said he had nothing to contribute anymore. He was sick
    of life on Earth and didn’t want to go back.
    Dr. N: Had he lived many lives?
    S: No, not really. But he wasn’t adjusting well in them.
    Dr. N: What did the teachers do with him? Was he allowed to stay in the spirit
    S: (reflectively) We choose to be reborn when it is decided we are ready. They don’t
    force you to do anything. Mark was shown he did benefit others around him.
    Dr. N: What happened to Mark?
    S: After some more … indoctrination … Mark realized he had been wrong about his
    abilities and finally he went back to Earth.
    Dr. N: Indoctrination! This makes me think of coercion.”

    “Dr. N: In the Ring, can you look at life on planets besides Earth?
    S: I can’t because I’m programmed for tracking time on Earth.”

    “When I ask my subjects how a loving God
    could permit suffering, surprisingly there are few variations in their responses. My
    cases report our souls are born of a creator which places a totally peaceful state
    deliberately out of reach so we will strive harder.
    We learn from wrongdoing. The absence of good traits exposes the ultimate flaws in our nature.”

    “S: It is cylindrical-very bright-it is above and all around us. The cone is small at the
    top and wide at the bottom, so it fits over all of us-like getting under a great white
    cap-we can float under the cone in order to use it.
    S: The top funnels energy down as a waterfall in a spreading circle around all of us
    and allows us to really concentrate on our mental sameness as a group.
    Dr. N: And what do you feel when you are under the cone?
    S: We can feel all our thoughts being expanded … then drawn up … and returned
    back … with more knowledge added.
    Dr. N: Does this intelligent energy help your unity as a group in terms of more
    focused thinking?
    S: Yes, it does.
    Dr. N: (deliberately confrontational) To be frank with you, Allum, I wonder if this
    cone is brainwashing your original thoughts? After all, the arguments and
    disagreements between you and the others of your group are what make you
    Dr. N: Who operates the cone?
    S: Those who watch over us.”

    “I have had many cases where a client has been incarnating for up to 30,000 years on
    Earth and is still in the lower levels of I and II.”

    “Dr. N: Explain to me how this pulling process works which will take you to your
    S: I am riding on a wave … a beam of light.
    Dr. N: Is this beam electromagnetic, or what?
    S: Well … it’s similar to the bands of a radio with someone turning the dial and
    finding the right frequency for me.
    Dr. N: Are you saying you are being guided by an invisible force without much
    voluntary control and that you can’t speed things up as you did right after death?
    S: Yes. I must go with the wave bands of light … the waves have direction and I’m
    flowing with it. It’s easy. They do it all for you.
    Dr. N: Who does it for you?
    S: The ones in control … I don’t really know.
    Dr. N: Then you are not in control. You don’t have the responsibility of finding your
    own destination.”

    Ok these are just scratching the surface many of these kind of reactions: S: The ones in control … I don’t really know. (f*ck yeah it’s not “i don’t really know” but “i don’t really care anymore”) emphasis on THE ONES IN CONTROL. And believe me that place is FULL of hierarchical BS, ascended masters and a place where all souls gather after they shed their physical bodies that place oozes a factory THEY LITERALLY LINE UP all these poor souls to be “guided” to their appointed places of mindf*ck..they talk about new souls being the most rebellious i know why they are the least mind controlled….unlike the wise OLD souls who are so deeply PROGRAMMED they just swallow everything what these master beings tell them. And they have “judges” up there aka “The Elders” when i read that book a sudden urge of resistance was very strong in me i knew it in my guts this is evil packaged in a sweet lullebuy “love & light” they are keeping us imprisoned! But you need to know why it’s because of OUR SOUL there lies the answer…Why would they make these HUGE attempts to control our soul and study it at the same time????? It makes no sense if all they are after is gold, silver, and all the physical valuable things on a planet to pillage it and then leave. Although this is also part of their plan to rob the valuable things on earth. BUT the most VALUABLE is our SOUL it is the number 1…

    And this 11:11 is starting to piss me off! Lately i’m having more frequently the appearance of this 11:11″

  15. justdoit8 said,

    May 26, 2013 at 5:31 am

    Sorry! Yes, i’m not quite sure myself what all that is about. It was a post on the book from an amazon review I think. But what they were talking about rings true for me. The understandable part anyways. Sheez…. just when you thought you may get a rest at the end of this life…. sigh

    • brontebaxter said,

      May 26, 2013 at 3:04 pm

      Just one thing I don’t agree with in what you wrote, Dani: that if someone just gave us a few paragraphs explaining what we need to learn in life, we’d learn it just from reading it. Maybe you were joking around, but in case you weren’t … I think experience is necessary for emotional or spiritual learning, but I don’t think it has to be negative experience. From what I’ve seen, people immersed in negative experiences, in suffering, often go deeper and deeper into the abyss rather than learning anything. Suffering can get people more and more lost. But positive, joyous experiences – these give us wisdom and promote our spiritual advancement at the same time. I believe if you’re having a negative experience, make a point to learn from it, rather than letting it defeat or discourage you. But don’t adopt the philosophy that you need failure and disappointment and suffering to grow – or that’s what you’ll attract and get!


      • justdoit8 said,

        May 26, 2013 at 5:05 pm

        Hi Bronte. Yes, I totally agree. Sorry, I should have made it clearer that I had actually copied and pasted that info from some other blog that somebody else had left. I just wanted to show that others were coming to similar conclusions to Journey of Souls… which is great. It wasn’t me who wrote that …. though I agree with most of it, I also agree with your point. Experience is necessary, but the suffering is something else altogether.

        I came across a video recommended on a blog that was discussing the ‘soul trap’ theory and I’m going to post it here. So far, this guy seems very very knowledgeable about the traps after death and he talks about how the reincarnation gig is basically and unnecessary ‘mindf*ck’. I guess it’s no wonder some in the ancient world spent their lifetimes preparing for after death. Let me know what ya’ll think about the video if you listen to it…

  16. justdoit8 said,

    May 26, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    My apologies. The video is here:

  17. justdoit8 said,

    May 27, 2013 at 1:34 am

    I highly recommend these videos on reincarnation and karma. Amazing.

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