Brilliant Video Explains ‘Funny Money’

One of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time is a 47-minute piece I discovered yesterday on the website of Elizabeth Kucinich. Elizabeth is the wife of Dennis Kucinich, a United States Congressmen who attempted to run for president early in the campaign. He has also led the effort to impeach Bush in the past few months and strikes me as a man of integrity and sincerity. He certainly doesn’t dance to the tune of the power elite.

This videotape appearing on Elizabeth’s website is another contribution the Kucinichs have made to wake America up and create substantial change. The topic of the film is money and how it works. The video explains the shennanigans of bankers, and how the fraud started in the beginning. History is simplified for the sake of clarity, but the movie pointedly asks near the end, “Did all this happen by accident or is it conspiracy?” After watching what came before, anyone would find it very hard to answer “accident.”

The film incorporates humor and explains things simply yet profoundly. It’s the best explanation of how money is created by debt that I’ve yet found. Even I who thought I understood this material learned quite a few new things here. The video would be perfect for playing at a public presentation on the New World Order, but you’ll need to add to it if you use it for that, since it only explains money, not the entire scope of the conspiracy.

At the end, the film makes suggestions for how we might restore a sustainable economic system – excellent suggestions to think about. This is a moderately worded video that could well wake up our sleeping friends when harsher presentations cause them to cover their ears. The style is moderate, but the impact is earth-shaking. Their illusions will be shattered before they’ve had time to run from the messenger. But because the information is not presented in fear, but rather in the spirit of understanding and solution-seeking, it has a very uplifting effect while shattering at the same time.

A middle-of-the-roader sent the video to me, and it had rocked her world. Let’s watch it, rejoice in it, and get it out there, folks. I’m not sure how long Elizabeth will have it on her website, so make sure you don’t miss it.

To view the film, click here.

Bronte Baxter

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  1. prioris said,

    November 17, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    This article hurts your credibility with the idea that she is trying to wake up america. You are still buried in the political and economic matrix.

    Her husband is a soldier of the New World Order. He also is implicated in the cover up of the 911 events.

    Assuming you are sincere, you still have a ways to go in understanding the five sense world we live in

    If the economy were run correct, we should be working only a couple days a month, everyone would own their homes and cars outright after a couple years of labor in exchange. energy should be dirt cheap, pollution should be non existent, fake environmental groups and EPA would have nothing to do, children would be home schooled, comex and stock markets would be shutdown, the need for doctors and nurses would diminish drastically and people would be healthier than ever, medical care would become dirt cheap,poverty around the world would disappear and capitalism, socialism and virtually all other economic isms would be seen as economic enslavement of the minds.

    They have the minds of the population so well trained that most people think the economic solution involves providing people with “jobs”. The more savier ones think getting rid of the federal reserve is the answer but most of their minds have been to indoctrinated to discard the rest of the economic enslavement structures around them. They forget that there wasn’t any federal reserve prior to 1913 and still economic chaos ensued.


    I’ve never claimed to be a trained economist or someone with special knowledge about finance. Nor is my background politics. My field is religions. But as an American suffering from the financial woes afflicting all of us, I try to think independently and deeply (as we all should be doing) about why we are where we are and what makes sense as a solution.

    You make a good point about the Federal Reserve not being the only problem, and your vision of what our economy should look like is not unsimilar to the description in my “Bluebacks” article. But you want to attack people, and imply everyone trying to make a difference who doesn’t think exactly like you do (including me) is a spy working for the Illuminati. This attitude builds distrust and division, which is what the Illuminati want to infect the Truth Movement with. So how helpful are you being, and what are your own motivations?

    I base my liking of the Kucinichs on the feeling I get from Dennis, who seems like a sincere and passionate man to me. He’s fighting to get Bush impeached, and I’ve heard him address Congress on Truth issues in a way that’s very commendable. You say he “is implicated in the 9/11 cover-up.” What does that mean exactly? Share your full information and don’t drop hints, if you want people to take you seriously.

    I’m surmising what you’re implying is that he doesn’t believe 9/11 was an inside job (same as Ron Paul). Surely if Kucinich were fully knowledgable about the affairs of this world, he’d think differently. But there ARE sincere people in government, who don’t have all the facts yet, who are working as best they know how to right what’s wrong in the system. They may not all go deep enough, but these are the people we should be sending information to, encouraging, and working with.

    Together with those sincere individuals who hold or run for public office, we can take the power away from the majority in power who are the insincere. Not only can we. We must.

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