Taking Back Congress: What Americans Must Do Now

We have four weeks until the U.S. elections. Four weeks to spread the viral word through emails, fliers, any tools we’ve got, that now is the time for Americans to take back their Congress, to elect representatives who represent the will and best interest of the people.

Why don’t I say “time to take back the presidency”? Because that’s harder, with so many people believing still in Obama, and with the independent vote split between people planning to write in Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Marcy Kaptur, Cynthia McKinney and others. The presidency will be harder to return to the people in this next election, but Congress is a piece of cake if we do our cooking right.

Think about it. Americans are outraged that Congress betrayed the massively expressed will of the people. They bury their rage under the flimsy hope that maybe Congress knew better than they did the way out of the mess, that maybe we the people just don’t understand high finance well enough. But as the market continues to tumble and fear continues to rise, Americans are trusting less and less that Congress knows what it’s doing.

This is the time to send out the idea into the American consciousness that we must kick out every Senator and House Representative who voted for the bailout bill. If we can convince our fellows of that, and if we elect a new Congress that represents the people, we have real hope of turning around our situation.

A Congress filled with the people’s people would repeal the Patriot Act, dissolve the Federal Reserve, reinstate tariffs, and do all the other legal things necessary to restore our sovereignty and freedoms. A Congress that represents the people will say no to the manipulations of a power-elite president, and such a president will be weak without a Congress ratifying his schemes.

CONGRESS IS THE KEY. To elect a good one, we need to each work locally, first by examining the roster of candidates to determine those who are the power players and those who are decent folk. We need to research who’s running and decide who among them should represent us.

If there is a U.S. Senate or U.S. House position that has no candidate running except for power-elites, we must invent a stout write-in candidate for that position. If you know of no one personally who could do the job, take a look at your local “voters’ pamphlet” to find good people running for local positions in government whom you might persuade to serve in the higher position of U.S. Senator or U.S. House Rep. Phone these likely people and ask them questions to clearly determine their attitudes and positions, then ask prospects if they would go to Washington for a term if the people elected them through a grassroots “write-in” campaign.

Keep phoning prospective write-in candidates and interviewing them until you’ve found your man (or woman). Then create a viral flurry within your district/state to elect that write-in candidate along with the decent people who are already running on the ballot. Email can be highly effective for this.

If you do a web-search for “write-in candidate U.S. Senate” or “write-in candidate U.S. House,” you will see that people get elected that way all the time. This is a practical strategy that can work, but it takes some work, and we have 4 weeks to do it. If you possibly can, research people running for House districts other than your own, and include the names of “the good guys” running in the other districts in your viral campaign. At the bottom of every email, include a note “SPREAD THIS E-MAIL FAR AND WIDE. IF YOU DO, WE CAN RESTORE CONGRESS TO THE PEOPLE.”

Our emails must always remind of the ultimate truth: that the crash was intentionally manipulated by the power-elite to move the world closer toward global fascist economy and government, and that anyone who voted to support the bailout is either a fool or in league with that power elite. But we must argue further (for those not yet convinced there’s a global agenda) that even if you don’t believe the disaster was intentional, it’s plain to see that those in Congress who voted for the bailout thumbed their noses at the will of the people they were elected to represent and instead accepted the solution of the very individuals who caused the problem in the first place: the U.S. Secretary of Treasury and the chairman of the Federal Reserve. We must route out the Congressional representatives who cave to pressure, power, and flattery (i.e., Obama phone call) and replace them with decent, ordinary folk whose only interest is what’s best for their people.

Any angry American can see the reasonableness behind that logic, once it is explained to them. It won’t be hard to mobilize a grassroots back-kick and to elect a “people’s Congress” if we put forth some effort. Is it worth the trouble? I don’t think anyone reading this could deny that.

What is the alternative if we don’t take this action, except a continuing march toward even greater tyranny? Starting a viral campaign now to restore Congress to the people is a peaceable, powerful way to subvert the efforts of the power-elite to create a police state in America. If we don’t act now, if we allow our fear or discouragement to render us deer in the headlights, we are responsible, right along with the power-mongers and head-in-the-sand Americans, for the marshal law that follows. Do we really want that on our conscience?

I know how scary it is, now that push has come to shove and all we’ve heard predicted is starting to happen. I get scared too, and even occasionally fantasize running and hiding. But it’s in such moments that men and women are called on to be great. It’s in these moments that we find hidden resources within ourselves – resources that give us energy and ideas that can bring new life to a nation.

Does that sound grandiose? It’s just the situation. Either we rise to be the heroes now, or who will? The myopic followers who still trust in the Cystem? The power mongers, who are laughing behind their hands at our ineffectual moaning and predictions? Our little children and grandchildren?

There is always hope, even in dire situations. In any conspiracy plan, there are always the seams, the cracks. Every piece of pottery has its delicate spot, every warrior his Achilles’ heel. Our job is to search out those holes and cracks and manipulate them to our advantage. Right now such a crack has presented itself in the form of the Congress to be chosen in the next election. We need to seize this opportunity and run with it, NOW.

The movie “Rescue Dawn” told the real-life story of Deiter Dengler, a U.S. Navy pilot who crashed in Viet Nam. Thrown into a prison camp, he announced to his fellow POWS the moment he was locked up that he was going to free himself out by morning. They scoffed at his impractical resolve, and indeed, it took him considerably longer than “by tomorrow morning” to escape. But escape he did, unlike all the others who shared his dire situation.

Why did Dieter get home, when none of his comrades did? Because HE MADE UP HIS MIND TO. He didn’t take “impossible” for an answer. His will was iron-strong, and DEMANDED a release from what to him was an intolerable situation.

We all have the power of will, the choice of what we’ll live with and accept. If you can’t live with the New World Order closing over your head and drowning out your breath, then do something about it! Shake off the catatonia and hopelessness that threatens to swallow us up, and commit your will to taking action.

Those who determine never to accept fascism will free themselves from its threat. Those who say nothing can be done, will be rounded up or microchipped. It’s all in the attitude. Life has shown us that. You get to decide if you’re going to lie down and let the tanks roll over you or if you’re going to muster your grit, look for the cracks in the system, and slip out through one. You even get to decide if you’re only going to save your own skin or if you’ll take the human race with you.

This is an exciting time, a time of awakening. The unsustainable system most people allowed themselves to believe in all these eons is finally showing itself for the flimsy thing it is. The pain and fear this causes make for questioning in the collective. People are ready to consider our explanations and our solutions, if only we have the gumption to make them heard.


NOTE: Check out these two links to see how each of the Senators and House Reps voted on the bailout.


  1. Waldo said,

    October 12, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into the Illuminati’s ‘Great work of the ages’, this is what would grind the machine to a creaking and crashing halt. But the traitors in our midst are always thinking several steps ahead of the game they’re orchestrating with their preparations for any contingency. In the last two Presidential elections and in this years’ early primary voting the results were rigged (Ron Paul actually finished a very strong second in New Hampshire) Unless you’re able to install some seriously scrupulous and comprehensive watchdog surveillance system that ‘watches the watchers’ you’re gonna run into the same problem. I would advise that some of our energies be channeled towards this area , otherwise all efforts to bring the right candidates to the forefront could be in vain.

    Bronte’s Response: Any ideas on how we could do that, Waldo (or anybody)? This is the time to be imaginative and creative. We have to invent our way out of the box we’re in, and the old solutions won’t help us.

    It was Joseph Stalin who said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” How do we ensure honest vote counting within our home states? Can the people demand to be present at the count?

    Again, the general principal for solving this can be “breaking the big problem down into multiple smaller problems”: 50 problems for 50 states. If each state’s counting were monitored by the citizens, there could be no lies about who won. If the power-elite tried to lie about the winners in say, 35 states where decent candidates won the main positions, you’d have 35 states screaming about it. 35 screaming states would be hard for the country to ignore.

    But let’s start this viral campaign for decent candidates first, then look into how to keep the election honest. By the way, when sending out emails to people not in your state, it’s a good idea to include the two lists of who voted how (available as links at the end of my article). That way your readers from other states can look up who voted how in their own state and have something to start working with in their own local area.

  2. charles parkey said,

    October 26, 2008 at 4:56 am

    being an american war vet
    i can not support either of our presidental candiates.it seems that common sense is dead in this country.i will be voting for barr. the writer here is almost totaly right.the trouble is you cant get amercians to agree on anything even saving there own country.——charles parkey cw3 usa ret.

  3. stemple said,

    March 28, 2013 at 4:03 am

    Here’s the thing, it is extremely rare to have a candidate, any more influential than perhaps at the local level, even show up on the ballot who isn’t “in on” the game. I know this because I have some very wealthy friends in the business community who “work with” political hopefuls. There is so much “back pocket” game going on for a year or more before a candidate will even announce their intention of running. Voting is a suckers game. Its all about money and favors. Only an independently wealthy politician who owes favors to no one and fears to political loss is even mildly capable of really making changes, or saying what they really think. Those candidates are few and far between, and even they often end up compromising their ideals.

    Not only that but it’s asking the powers that be for permission. It doesn’t take much discernment to figure out that it really doesn’t’ matter who is elected. The results of the game are fixed and the “guy in office” is a pawn who has either willingly sold his/her soul, or ends up finding out that regardless of how much integrity they stepped into “power” with, it was an illusion. Their hands are tied. Voting with your dollars and with your energy is more effective than an empty ballot.

    Voting is an illusion that the unseen powers use as a trick to appease the masses into the idea that they have a choice. Not only that, but they use morally hot “social issues” like abortion and gay marriage to burn through the publics energy so that stuff like genetic engineering, corporate immunity from prosecution, and the Patriot Act get little to no public attention. There is an agenda that’s been in place since before any of us were born and no vote is going to change that. There are ways to stem the tide and intervene, but a vote here counts about as much as it does in Zimbabwe or Serbia.

    • brontebaxter said,

      March 29, 2013 at 6:31 am

      From Bronte to Stemple:

      And how precisely do we “stem the tide and intervene” as you say? Your comment is full of reasons why effort WONT’T work, without a single positive suggestion of what WILL work. What good does that kind of thinking do, that kind of talk? It only demoralizes people and renders them actionless.

      If we sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, telling ourselves how rigged and hopeless things are, we can expect things to get even worse. Try taking back society when the drones and robots are manning the show, which is the next step! It’s important to do what we can, NOW, and I know for a fact, having worked hard on the Ron Paul campaign, that liberty lovers are working to take back politics and make it serve the people. Things are certainly rigged from the top, but by working at the grassroots level, we can toss out the tyrants.

      If you can’t make a suggestion of your own for how to make things better, don’t sneer at the efforts of people who are trying to make a difference.


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