More from Economist Mike Swanson

Mainstream economist Mike Swanson, whose article I referenced in a blog piece earlier this week, today produced an audio MP3 tape in response to the Senate’s passage of the bankster bailout bill. I found it well worth listening to, partly for Mike’s understanding of finance and his ability to provide an alternative view to the story the elite are giving us, and partly because it’s very moving to see a mainstreamer, with no prior belief in the existence of a global conspiracy, to move so close to considering that.

In Mike’s voice, we hear the voice of the people we Truthers need to reach now with our public and private presentations: those who are already starting to wake up. Like Mike, they don’t have far to go to connect all the dots.

This is an excellent tape to send to your mainstreamer friends who are trying to make sense of this historic week. Please note that it takes about 5 minutes (at least on my computer) for the MP3 file to download. Here’s the link:

Mike makes an inspired suggestion in this tape: that we phone not only our own House Representative but other Representatives as well. I would add to that the suggestion that we phone in particular those Representatives whom Obama and Bush are trying to sway to vote yes. You can get many of their names from the following article:

Keep up the pressure!

Bronte Baxter

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  1. Brownhawk said,

    October 4, 2008 at 7:50 am

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. By the same token you could say that money corrupts and absolute money corrupts absolutely. The problem with Congress during this bailout business ( among other problems that I wont go into here) is a two-fold one. One, most of them feel that they have to DO something. The prevailing mindset is to just find a way to get it done, and this is where the emotional predators enter the picture. Key Represenatives in the House who on Monday voted against this bailout got the old guilt trips laid on them and they decided to hold their collective noses and vote ‘yes’ instead, thus demonstrating their vulnerability to that which compromises the integrity of their better judgement. ‘You owe it to the American people to do SOMETHING’, they were told, ‘Doing nothing is not doing your job. Besides, where’s your spirit of compromise?’ And so they caved. So much for having the courage of your convictions. It’s so predictable when we live in this age of cultural malaise that spawns these classes of career politicians. Second is that which ALLOWS them to do something in the first place-and that would be the infinite number of money trees in the Federal Reserve National Forest. There’s just too much funny money around for them to NOT spend too much of it. Essentially what is non-money that is ‘non-created’ in a place at the end of a very long rabbit hole. What an illusion. What a simple scam of evil genius. During those periods in history when some central banking authority wasn’t the money-issuing power in the land there were nice systems of checks and balances. i.e.; There was always just enough of the stuff to marry up with the economic activities it represented , for the most part , in a justly proportional manner. Sure there was some corruption. It wasn’t a perfect marriage. Ain’t no such animal. But all in all it was a good, strong relationship. What we have now is a marriage made in hell. The War of the Roses. Absolute money corrupting absolutely. Time to start barking up the right tree and take away the non-money that created a union that needs a divorce in the worst way.

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