Keep Up the Pressure on Washington Against the Bailout

The banksters were defeated in the House yesterday on account of the will of the people, who inundated their representatives with calls demanding a “no” to the bank bailout. It’s time to make more calls and send more letters, this time in particular to the Senate.

Tomorrow the rich elite will brazenly circumvent the decision of the House and attempt to get the Senate to pass their bill. This is like a child who doesn’t get his way with Mommy and tries running to Daddy, except that it’s so much more serious.

Below is the letter I sent tonight to my Senators. Feel free to copy it and to send it to your own Senator. Phone calls are even more effective. I plan to call both my senators in the morning.

If enough of us do this, we will again bring down this bill. We are making history, folks! To get the phone number and e-mail address of your Senator, click here.

My letter to the Senators:

Dear Senator So-and-So:

It is imperative that you reject this tricky new move by the banksters to pass their bailout bill by going around the decision of the House, in direct and opposition to the will of the American people. This brazen and tyrannical move, by the elite who wish to control both the top levels of finance and government, is proof that we are closer to a police state than we think.

Whatever happened to that rule we learned in grade school civics, that if a bill is rejected by the body of Congress it starts in, it is defeated? Why can these banksters and their friends in high government twist the rules of our country, to serve their greedy purposes? What kind of republic is that? Or shall we call it dictatorship?

Their attempt to doctor the bill by tacking a puny tax cut onto it is like a swindler attempting to get a man to sign over the ownership of his home by offering him a cherry lollipop. The American people demand accountability, not lollipops. Let the banksters take their medicine and go bankrupt. The market will recover, as the 166 expert economists who signed a letter to Congress all attested.

Take a stand on the side of the people tomorrow, Senator. History is in the making, and you have the chance as never before to make a difference. Do the right thing, and you will be elected in again proudly by your constituents. Vote for the elite tomorrow, and you will lose much more than your career in government. You will lose your freedom to live in a republic where the will of the people determines the law of the land.

Your constituent,


(blog by Bronte Baxter)



  1. Brownhawk said,

    October 1, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    While this whole bail-out business is front and center how many people are aware that virtually the same amount ) have ALREADY been poured into the Wall St. coffers as reported by Ron Paul. But they’re just sittin’ on the money until this bail-out dog and pony show, if it passes, triggers an explosion of ‘confidence’ in the markets.( as has been the design all along ) Then it will be ‘business as usual’. And now we have senators who want to sweeten the pot as a lure in the form of phantom tax breaks. ( the whole rotten system renders that sort of thing meaningless with the hidden taxes that its generated inflation creates) All of this is essentially symptomatic because the most crucial problem we face in our attempts at bringing down the NWO concerns the central banking authority in general and the Federal Reserve system in particular. This is the one area, by far ( it’s not even close ) that deserves our attention and where we need to put the focus of our efforts with all the energy and imagination we can muster if we are to prove ourselves to be the doers we proclaim ourselves to be. This is the mother of all battles. The face and heart of the dragon that needs to be slain. Everywhere else that our activism takes us pales by comparison. Just be warned. These are the front lines in this war and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart because when you take on the Fed you’re entering the lair of the beast. And as I’ve written before, cut off the head of the viper and the body of the snake dies. A good video I recommend is called, ‘The Money Masters’ You can access it here:

  2. Brownhawk said,

    October 3, 2008 at 5:25 am

    This bailout is the latest traitorous slap in the face of the American people by a Congress that has proven itself to be hopelessly out of touch with the people it purports to serve. They are like the wife of an abusive husband ( the banksters) that becomes resigned to her misery and somehow tries to make the ‘best’ of it. And her ‘children’ (we the people) who depend on her to do the right thing on their behalf are abused as well. What is it gonna take for the kids to encourage Mom enough to embolden her to get away from this toxic dependency before this tragedy ends with the abuser killing his family? Whatever she might do to stand up to the intimidating bully will be dangerous and may get them all killed anyway but at least they would stand a fighting chance. So what is the fight to be? What does Mom need to hear that can motivate her to make this final confrontation and try and save herself and her children? What will disarm him and put him away in shackles before the inevitable slaughter? What gives him his power and how do you take it away? His power is the central banking authority that grants him an ill-gotten license to print and issue money that he uses as a gun pointed to the head of his family. I’ve written before about how the Fed will be ‘discarded into the dustbin of history , having fulfilled its nefarious purposes for the enslavement of mankind’. It’s getting perilously close to that historical moment. The capstone on the pyramid on the back of the $1 U.S. Fed note will be cemented in place and that dollar will have been rendered obsolete and with it more of our freedoms. Let’s not fool ourselves any longer. Confronting and taking down this Goliath is what must be done. Now we just gotta fashion the slingshot that will do it.

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