Wall Street Tsunami: Riding the Wave

It comes as no surprise to Truthers that the global elite are manipulating the markets to create havoc for mankind. But prepared as we are mentally for their shenanigans, emotionally and materially we find ourselves wondering what to feel and what we should do in the current situation.

Here are some thoughts from my corner, starting with material matters first. Buy bullion, and do it now, as much as you can manage. You can transfer it back into cash in a week or two if you want to. But gold and silver (the hard asset version, not gold and silver stocks) will be helpful things to have if 1929 is repeating itself.  In depressions, people trade with gold and silver. Right now people are buying it up like crazy, and you can be sure they plan to buy and sell with it in the event of a crash. So get yourself some.

What assets can you cash out without wrecking your lifestyle if the crash doesn’t occur? Liquidate those and buy gold or silver instead. Don’t liquidate, however, until you have located a source where you can buy bullion. Where I live, the coin shops are sold out, and people are on waiting lists. I tried another city not far from my own, and found a coin shop there that’s selling. I told the man how many ounces I wanted, and he locked me into the spot price at the time I placed the phone call. Tomorrow I will go in to pay and pick them up. I made sure the gold was ready before I liquidated the assets that would buy it, because having a heap of worthless cash would be no better than having a dried-up asset.

The gentleman I am buying from has bought and sold bullion from his coin shop for over 30 years. He confided that yesterday he mortgaged his home and turned the entire sum into gold and silver. I asked him why he did that, since owning a house that was bought and paid for seemed a better way to go through a depression than having a pile of gold and no home of your own.

He said a home of your own is certainly better, but that if the market crashes, he will have gold enough for three homes. That’s because if the dollar falls, the value of gold will spike. He plans to buy his own house back for as little as a dime on the dollar, then have bullion left over to buy essential goods as needed.

If the crash doesn’t happen, he will act as his own banker for a while, cashing out a gold coin a month to pay his mortgage. If the economy stabilizes and the price of gold starts to seriously drop, he will simply pay off his mortgage again with the gold and get his house back.

So he loses nothing by liquidating ownership of the house temporarily in order to purchase hard assets. He said that even though gold is at $862 an ounce now, he expects it will rise to three times that in the event of a total crash. That gives bullion a kind of security that is good to avail oneself of.

A couple I know liquidated almost all their stocks a few months ago in order to pay off their home mortgage. I’ll bet they are thanking themselves right now. Even if you can only come up with a couple thousand dollars, buy a little bullion on Saturday or Monday if you can. The only way you could really lose is if the crash doesn’t happen, the price of gold drops a lot, and you go to sleep and aren’t noticing. Then if you wanted to convert the gold back to cash, you would take a loss.

If you buy hard assets, do it from a private coin shop where you don’t have to register your name. Better to keep your purchase confidential. Expect the seller to charge you slightly over the spot price, as this is his legitimate commission on the sale. But a reputable coin dealer will charge a reasonable commission. Where I live, most shops charge $25 to $50 commission per ounce of gold. Find out what the going rate is, and don’t go with a dealer who charges way above the norm.

Call around to coin shops in your area and find out their commission, what the spot price is (that means the exact price at the moment of the metal), if they have bullion available, and if not when they expect it. If the dealer is nasty-sounding on the phone, chances are he also overcharges. Go with a person you feel good about.

Other things it’s good to buy this weekend: anything that will make life easier if you have to live in a cashless society, or without electricity. If you need something as expensive and complex as a wood stove or a well with a hand pump, don’t fret that you don’t have time. Buying the bullion will make it easier to purchase those things later if you need them.

I spent the afternoon buying little essentials and things to make life more comfortable in a simpler world: stocking up on soap, matches and toilet paper; grain and dried beans (enough to last a good while); a manual carpet sweeper, and some tools I was needing. I also stocked up on vitamins, pet food and pet medications.

Doing these things felt empowering and reminded me that I do have control over how I allow outer events in the world to affect my life. I had an interesting interchange yesterday with a friend. Prior to having lunch with her, I had been stewing all morning about how poorly prepared I felt to face the possibility of a crash. After all, I thought, I have a mortgage, and if a crash happened, I could be homeless and lose my pets. How lucky was my friend, I thought, as she owns her home outright.

To my surprise, when we met for lunch, my friend was stewing as badly as I was. Her big cause of fear was that she might not be able to pay her property taxes in a crash, and that her home would be taken from her for that reason. This gave me some helpful perspective.

Here was a woman I envied for how well-off she was materially, how prepared for anything, yet her anxiety was equal to or worse than my own. It occurred to me that if she had a scheme figured out for paying her property taxes, she would probably be in just as much anxiety worrying that they might cart her away because she is a leader in the local branch of the John Birch Society which has been warning the public about the New World Order for years. I realized that if that fear wasn’t nagging her, she could as easily get upset over the possibility of cancer striking her in the next few years. In other words, there is ALWAYS a reason for any of us to get upset, if upset is the mental mode we inadvertently let ourselves slip into.

My friend had every reason to feel secure (compared to me), yet that made no difference in her subjective state of feeling. We were matched for anxiety, however much she excelled in preparedness. I realized then that it was pointless to get into worry over what might happen, when it is our fear, not our circumstances, that is the real cause of our suffering.

Rather than think of all the bad scenarios that could happen to us in the event of a crash, why not think of things we can do to be as secure as possible materially, then trust that we’ll figure out the rest as we go along and as opportunities present themselves? Why not imagine we’ll be in the right place at the right time, rather than inevitably in harm’s way? It’s as easy to imagine sailing through the years ahead, Great Depression or no, as it is to imagine getting kicked out of your house, getting incarcerated, or dying.

And the fact of the matter is, what we imagine, we nudge into reality. Many people who lived through the 1930s say the Depression years were the best years of their life. People helped each other; the drive to consume, own and be better than peers evaporated; people lived close to their gardens and to their families. Circumstances forced them to remember the things that counted, and to live from that insight. Life became rich.

So if we have to, we also can weather a Great Depression. And we’ll do it with style – our own style, with our own unique creativity and resourcefulness, with optimism and a song. If we maintain our focus, we’ll defeat the New World Order in the process.

Are you worried that they’ll tear you and your kids from your home because you can’t pay the mortgage? Well, 80 percent of the world has mortgages, too, and will be in that boat with you. They can’t kick 80 percent of the world onto the street: there would be massive riots. So stop worrying that you’re going to be thrown out.

More likely they will try to institute the national ID, insisting people take it if they want to keep living in a foreclosed home. That’s where we Truthers come in, with our massive grassroots campaign to inform people, and to organize massive resistance to policies like the national ID (a prelude to the national microchip).

If worse comes to worse and you have to move from your house, you’ll fall on your feet if you maintain faith in yourself. Someone will open their home to you who owns their house outright, or you’ll camp out in the woods a while and live like an Indian, close to the land. Have you ever slept on the ground in a sleeping bag at night? The Earth fills you with her energy. It gives you health and vitality. You could do worse than become a child of nature, even if it means your children must learn the same.

The point is, we are capable of weathering whatever is up the road, because we are capable beings. And because we CHOSE to come here at this time. It is a great adventure, and one thing’s guaranteed, the next few years aren’t going to be dull. We are in the middle of a great story, a story about the destiny of the human spirit and of the human race. We get to help write the plot and the dialog. This tale has a happy ending, although if we saw in advance exactly how it plays out, it would spoil the fun of reading (and writing) the book.

I remember a magazine article years ago with an interview of an American who had been a hostage in Iran for many months. His captors used to hold a gun at his head every day and play with him, shooting the trigger to scare him. He said he never knew from one moment to the next if he would still be alive the next hour.

After the fear abated, which fear eventually does, he found himself left with a curious state of consciousness: he was at peace. The torments of his captors didn’t bother him anymore. He existed in a space of Isness, of expanded consciousness, that was content and whole within Itself. He knew whatever happened, he and those he loved were going to be all right. He actually said those months were the most meaningful of his life, filled with a light he never knew before or since. His consciousness spent the time dwelling in a world, in a vibrational level, that transcended the trials of this dimension.

He said the bliss of that state made the whole ordeal not only bearable but a blessing. He felt afterwards that he would not have had those expanded  experiences had the stress of the prison environment not stimulated his soul to reach for something higher, greater and more beautiful than he had ever known as an ordinary denizen of this world.

My point? That we can make something good out of anything. That the future is going to be what we design it to be. If we determine it’s going to be good, fun and blissful, it’s going to be those things. If we ride the wave of fear and come out the other side, maintaining an expectation that life will give us whatever we need to thrive – then that is what we will meet on the road ahead.

All the human race is in the same soup together. Together we may stew a while, but then we’ll climb our way out. I know it, because I’ve already seen it. Because Love has decided that’s how it’s going to be. And nothing can argue with Love, because Love is the strongest force in the universe, and overcomes all resistance. Let the Illuminati play the game how they will, because Love is trump to every card.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site: https://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/

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