The Revolution Begins at Home: 10 Things You Can Do to Change the World

Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”     ~ Margaret Mead

What does it mean, when 12,000 people in one week are attracted to read an article with a far-out topic like Toppling the New World Order: A Vision for How We Can Do It, out of all the other things they could be reading about? When the piece ranked #21 out of 3.5-million WordPress blogs? It means we’re powerful, Truthers. It means our numbers are huge. It means you are not alone out there, knowing the things that threaten this world and wanting to do something about it! Such numbers are cause for much hope.

The next question: what happens when those 12,000 people decide to get busy? Okay, let’s cut the numbers to be realistic. Let’s assume out of 12,000 readers, 2 out of 12 are too scared to act, another 2 aren’t sure there’s a conspiracy, 2 are fatalists who think nothing can stop the train wreck, 2 are too lazy to leave their computer chair, and 2 believe the world will be fine if they just sit home and think happy thoughts. That still leaves 2,000 people out of 12,000 who are serious, who know the need for action and are wondering how to get started. 2,000 seed people, ready to create a better world.

I wrote in the “Toppling” article about starting public talks in our communities, showing the turn-out the evidence of global conspiracy, and connecting the dots for aware citizens who until now have not been able to complete their own mental picture. I talked about the support group this would create, how the growing membership pooling their talent and skills would develop the capacity to spread this information still further, talking to regional leaders and those in public office, even running for office themselves perhaps on an independent or Truther ticket.

This is an exciting concept when you consider that 2,000 people, working in up to 2,000 separate cities, could make this information blitz happen in every country and major city in the world. In fact, it’s already begun, as David Icke, the Whole Truth Coalition, and other respected conspiracy writers and researchers introduce and promote this and related activist ideas.

Picture it: 2,000 serious people, and the 500 to 2,000 cities that they live in hit with public lectures and conspiracy information as those 2,000 people get themselves busy locally. Picture those cities getting plastered with lecture presentations not once but again and again, as more people join the community groups, educate themselves, and make themselves available for additional public and private presentations. Cities that double in number, as local groups expand to give talks in other metropolitan areas not far from their own. New groups beginning in each of those new cities, which also then expand to generate start-up groups in still other towns. In time, the message will be talked about in libraries and community centers, in colleges and classrooms, in every city on the planet.

This was how Eastern mysticism swept the Western world, starting with Transcendental Meditation centers in thousands of cities in the 70s. It’s how the apostles spread Christianity. It’s called grassroots activism, and it’s a proven way to get out any message, call out support for any cause, be it beneficial or sinister. Truthers have saturated the Internet with the truth of the global agenda. Now it’s time to saturate the non-cyber world, where billions of people remain uninformed because they don’t spend time on their computers.

It’s an exciting concept, one that when embraced by 2,000 seed people can bring humanity back from the brink of world fascism. Because each of those 2,000 people acts in concert with a Truth Movement, that in all its varied expressions and dimensions, is already tens of thousands (possibly millions) strong.

The principle we operate on is this: solve the big, impossible problem by breaking it down into many small, manageable problems. Break a global threat to freedom down into its component parcels: the ignorance of the individual people and communities supporting it. Eliminate that ignorance by spreading information, helping people to connect the dots, and the people will withdraw their support from the systems and leaders that aim to destroy them. A majority of the population is not needed. Every successful revolution was won by a minority. The American Revolution was won by a third of the colonists.

There is another reason why this strategy is going to succeed: it expands our base to include the decent people working at higher levels within the power structure. Many government officials and other community and regional leaders are willful members of the elite clique that has as its goal the enslavement of humanity. But mixed in with these are genuine, decent human beings who simply want to do a good job and serve the public. Part of our job, as community groups of Truthers, is to find out who those sincere leaders are and approach them with thought-provoking information, so they are inspired to research alternative news sites, realize the global agenda, and support us in our efforts.

In my article, The Power of Being Little, I wrote about a grassroots activist movement where I live that successfully stopped a powerful regional agency from a damaging plan it intended to inflict on our citizenry. Part of how we defeated them was by going to our state senators and representatives, telling them the story, and asking for their help. We also went to county commissioners, city commissioners, and other public leaders. A number of these people took an interest in our cause, and chose to publicly speak out against the agency’s agenda. Having a few king-pins on our side tipped the scale, and the agency gave up its plans.

The global elite, who have had the same agenda for centuries, aren’t simply going to disappear because we start to take action. But from the perspective of knowledge, they can be monitored and never empowered with positions of authority again. Standing up together through legal means is a peaceful way of taking back control of our lives and our nations. The danger of reprisal is minimal, because we work in groups in a nonviolent way within the legal structure (a structure we may one day legally overhaul, when our numbers are great enough).

We need to find the good people in positions of influence and inform them of what’s really happening. Then we need to work with them to put a stop to every law and policy that plays into the agenda of Big Brother government.

So how do you get into action in your local community? Here are ten suggestions to help you get started:

Action Step 1: Create an Internet “truth tree” Spread conspiracy information virally, with chain-style e-mails. These are e-mails you send out regularly that operate on the principle of a chain letter. You start a truth tree by once a week sending out a link to an online article to at least 20 people in your online address book. At the bottom, you ask them to send the article to 20 other people if they think this information is important.

As you read online articles, bookmark those you think give the best evidence of the New World Order agenda, the emerging police state, the propaganda media, growing surveillance, plans for the microchip, election manipulation, 9/11 fraud, other government lies, plus anything else that supports the contention that we are moving toward global fascism through the machinations of an international cartel.

Once a week, pick one outstanding article from your bookmark file and send it, with a short comment describing the link’s content, to that list of your 20-plus people. The list should include family members, old friends, your more progressive colleagues, and other people on your address list who “never knew you believed in that kind of stuff.”

The goal here is not to tell the people on your email list about reptilians, channeled messages, orgonite, Satan’s takeover, the return of Jesus, or the world as a hologram. Believe whatever you will about those subjects, but trying to promote them in these e-mails will probably do more harm than good for your truth tree and for freedom. If you alienate your 20 people with subjects that are too controversial for people just learning about the global agenda, they’ll put you in a spam file and never hear a thing you have to say. The conspiracy moves forward. Alternatively, you can get out the essential information: that there is a world plan in place moving us toward fascism, and that we must stop cooperating with it. If all people unite on that basic point and start working together, we will defeat the Fourth Reich.

At the bottom of each weekly e-mail, include a note that points the reader toward your favorite alternative news sites and that asks them to pass the e-mail on to 20 other people. Your note might read something like this:

Sample truth tree email footnote:

Please forward this message widely! If you send it to 20 people in the next hour, you’ll add an important branch to this e-mail “truth tree” helping to expose the lies that undermine our freedoms. An informed citizenry is the first-line defense against tyranny.

For more alternative news, check out these websites:

Be sure and make the links in your e-mail live links, so readers can click on them and go directly to the article or alternative news site. To make a live link, type the URL into a Word document, hit the space bar to make it turn blue, then cut and paste it into the body of your email.

If starting an e-mail truth tree seems like an inconsequential thing to do in light of the all-pervasiveness of the conspiracy, think about how all-pervasive a chain-style e-mail can be! Out of your 20 people, how many do you think might actually pass your weekly emails on? Let’s be really conservative and say only 2. Then let’s say that out of those 2 people’s lists of 20, another measly 2 pass the message, and so forth down the line. Using those numbers (a 10-percent pass-on rate), what would be the future of your humble little message?

After your “inconsequential” e-mail got sent around like this for just 10 rounds (10 levels deep), 20,460 people would have received it. Send it around another 5 times, and 655,340 people will have seen it.

Still not impressive enough? Okay. What if those 2,000 seed people we talked about, a tiny percentage of those who are reading this article, all started their own Internet truth-tree, each sending out one little e-mail, just like you’re thinking of doing? After 10 rounds of its being passed around, nearly 41-million people would have been contacted. After 5 more rounds, raise that figure to 1.3 billion!

Who says we don’t have time to spread the word to enough people to stop the global train wreck? My heavens, we could do it in a matter of weeks.

Action Step 2: Create the content for a public presentation Focus on evidence of conspiracy and the emerging police state. Touch on every area of living that the global agenda is influencing and working through – every arm of the octopus. Give examples the audience can identify with, that they know from the mainstream news, then add other information from the alternative press to fill out the picture. Be able to back up everything you plan to say, citing sources. Pick out articles you find the most convincing, and make some copies to pass or hand out. Make a Power Point presentation, if you are technically astute.

In my opinion it’s better to stick with the 3D level of the conspiracy in your introductory talk. Getting into esoteric subjects like religion, aliens, and holograms will turn off most people’s minds to where they can’t hear you. We don’t all need to agree on these subjects to form effective Truther groups, as David Icke and Alex Jones both pointed out when Alex interviewed David on his radio show a few weeks back. We need to join together, all who are aware of the global conspiracy, in our efforts to inform the still-sleeping public of the snare being dropped around our heads. You don’t have to believe in Jesus or in reptilians to do this. Talking of either one will only turn away people at introductory lectures.

That doesn’t mean you have to be untrue to what you believe. Just don’t make your spiritual or philosophical views get in the way of the purpose of your talks. We are facing the crackdown of global Big Brother government here. That is what we must expose and stop. On the way to our goal, it’s fine and even important to share and debate our personal perspectives on the deeper sides of the conspiracy, but we can’t afford to give potential new Truthers the impression that our citizens activist group is a “Jesus” organization or an “enlightenment” organization. The best, most effective groups will extend open arms to whoever wants to stop the conspiracy, regardless of their spiritual persuasion.

The goal of the introductory talk is to connect the dots for the already fairly aware people who will be attracted to attend it. These are people who know something’s not right, but aren’t sure what. Provide information that fills in the gaps in what they know, and direct them where they can go to learn more. Then let them go home and read some on their own. You succeed not by convincing them in this short meeting, but by getting them thinking and investigating. So don’t hammer them with everything you know – just the most salient points, to get them started.

Prepare a handout you will distribute to everyone that includes website addresses and names of books you recommend, plus a way they can contact you. Pass around a sign-up sheet on a clipboard to collect names, email addresses and phone numbers for future talks and activities of the group.

Another way to make a public presentation is to play an introduction-to-the-conspiracy DVD by a leading expert (like Ike or Jones), comment on it afterwards, then open up the topic for questions and discussion. Possible DVDs you might use, depending on your personal orientation and preferences, include David Icke at the Oxford Union, Alex Jones’ 9/11 Truth Rising or Loose Change’s Fabled Enemies. There is also a wonderful, free 25-minute video appropriate for a public presentation, that sums up the conspiracy and encourages noncompliance and spreading the word. A reader created it and sent it in. You can find this on the web and download it by clicking here.

To gain some practice and confidence before addressing the general public, give a presentation in your living room, inviting all your family and friends.

Here is an idea for how you might open or end your presentation. When you broach the topic of conspiracy, say you wonder why most of us automatically snicker at that word. Ask your audience how logical that is: Don’t we all know some people have an insatiable lust for power? Don’t we all know that self-serving people exist, who lie and cheat daily, and that some even kill when it serves their purposes? Don’t we also know that less-than-global conspiracies happen all the time, things like Enron, for instance?

Given these facts, is it that far-fetched to surmise that a small group of self-serving people might form a secret plan to attempt to control the world? Is it really “irrational” to think anyone might be capable of having such a desire? Is it irrational to think some might be intelligent enough to attempt it to carry it out?

When you consider what’s rational, the only truly irrational thing about conspiracy research is the hysteria-like reaction people have on hearing the term. What foundation is there for the spontaneous scoffing? Why the knee-jerk reaction? Could it just be that we’ve all been conditioned to react that way?

Conditioned by who? The mainstream media and our government leaders, as we observe the attitude they constantly take on the subject. Why would they trivialize the topic of global conspiracy, making nonsense of something that obviously could be possible? Could it be that marginalizing people who contemplate the possibility of a world plan, holding these people up to public ridicule, somehow serves our leaders’ best interests? What does that suggest about the agenda of our leaders?

Action Step 3: Pick a name for your group You may want to call it “Citizens for Truth and Transparent Government” or “Citizens against Big Brother Government,” or something else that clearly tells the community what you’re about. Don’t include words like “enlightenment” or “Christian” in the title, or you will come off as a New Age or Christian group and turn away half the people you would otherwise draw.

Avoid words in the title that sound extremist or inflammatory, like “police state.” Yes, we are out to inform people of the growing global police state, but putting that term in your group name (or in the title of your lecture on your posters) makes your activism look like the work of wild-eyed radicals in the view of a public who haven’t yet heard the evidence for your case. Wait and use those terms when you have the audience in front of you and you can back up your legitimate use of “police state” with proof. Also, inflammatory terms on your posters can start alarm bells ringing at your own local police station. Why attract negative attention when you don’t have to?

Action Step 4: Schedule a public talk or DVD showing/ presentation If you live in a major metropolitan area, set up one of these for each major neighborhood in the city (plan one at a time, so you aren’t overwhelmed). Phone around the community to find a free site for a public lecture. Where I live, the public library lets community groups use their meeting rooms without charge. You can also try community centers, senior centers, hospitals, churches, high schools and colleges, as many of these offer free or inexpensive rooms to local groups that don’t solicit money from their audiences.

A way to get a no-cost presentation at a local college is to find a student group or faculty member to sponsor you. Once you have given the talk, interested students can set up a club for the group on campus, and all future facility reservations will be free. The group could call itself the same thing as the name of your citizens group, only with the word “students” instead of “citizens.” In my community, it would be “Students against Big Brother Government.” The value to your campaign of starting a campus branch is immeasurable. Idealistic young students, unjaded by decades of toiling under the heel of the ruling elite, will respond warmly to well-presented facts and your rallying message. They will be your energetic allies, working within the community to further spread the word.

When you phone in search of a facility, simply ask to speak to whoever is in charge of scheduling the use of their meeting rooms. Tell her that you’d like to know if they make rooms available without charge to local groups for a public lecture. Find out how many people the various rooms will hold, and reserve one that can accommodate the largest number of people who might respond to your publicity. If the room holds 60 and you get 100, that means 40 people will walk away uninformed. Also be careful to select a location that the public can identify, find and get to easily. Schedule for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night, as these are best for lecture attendance.

Action Step 5: Create a flier Use it as both a poster and a handout to publicize your presentation. Here is the wording for the flier I will use:

Sample flier:


and the New World Order

It’s not just a story in a novel anymore!

Find out why America is losing its freedoms and what people are doing to stop it. The solution depends on each of us.


[Day and Date]


[Facility Name]


Sponsored by Citizens against Big Brother Government

Find some background art that’s appropriate for the flier – provocative, but not gory or inflammatory. My fliers have the United States Seal with the all-seeing eye in pale shades of gray in the background behind the text. (I plan to make this available for download at World Truth Coalition when it’s finished.)

Save the flier to your computer, and run off dozens of copies at your local copy center.

Action Step 6: Publicize the event in your community Circumvent the mainstream media (remember the power of being little). One week before the event, post your fliers everywhere in town you remember ever seeing a bulletin board. Then look for more bulletin boards at food co-ops, libraries, convenience stores, groceries, and other public places. A day or two after you post your flier, go back to the main bulletin board sites and replace any that have been torn down. Keep doing this as often as necessary until the day of the event.

After you’ve hit the bulletin boards, put up a dozen or two more fliers in the main merchant section of town (or the merchant section of the neighborhood, if you’re postering for a presentation in one section of a major city). Most private store owners will give permission for a flier in their window or on their wall if you ask nicely. Hold it up so they can see what it looks like, and say, “May I put a flier in your window about a free public lecture for the community at the library next Wednesday night?” That establishes you as legit and superficially mainstream, so you will usually get a nod with no questions. When you poster, don’t dress too bizarrely. If you do, store owners will be reluctant to put up your flier.

The reason lots of posters (that is, fliers) are important is that people forget about an event unless they see it advertised repeatedly, and the flier is your main publicity. I don’t recommend plastering a parking lot full of cars with fliers on their windshields unless you know ahead of time that it’s legal. Where I live, you could be stopped by a cop for doing it, and that kind of attention is not in your best interest.

You’ll also want to get a public service announcement (PSA) to every local radio station or cable television station a week before the event. A PSA should be brief enough that it can be read over the air by an announcer in about 15 seconds (if you make it longer, it probably won’t get read, or essential information could be left out). Drop the PSA off at the radio station in person, or mail it with a note like the following:

Sample note to accompany radio PSA:

Dear (station name) program manager:

I represent a local nonprofit community group, and we would appreciate your reading the enclosed PSA over the air beginning next [list the day and date]. If you have any questions, please contact me at [your phone and/or e-mail address].


[Your name]

on behalf of Citizens against Big Brother Government

Also send the PSA to the community calendar at your local mainstream newspapers, and smaller papers. Call each paper in advance and get the name of the person who handles the calendar, then mail the PSA directly to them, with a note similar to the one you used for the radio stations. Make sure any daily newspapers have the PSA in their hands one week before the event, or your PSA may arrive too late to be published. Weekly papers need even more advance notice, and monthlies may need as much as 6 weeks in advance of their publication date.

If it seems unbelievable that a mainstream newspaper would publicize an event like this, keep in mind that the clerical person paid to post the community calendar is not schooled in what is “acceptable news” quite the way her superiors in the newsroom are. Chances are good that you’ll slip your PSA right into that mainstream newspaper again and again with the upper echelon never even seeing it. That’s the power of being little.

Here is the text I’m using for my own PSAs: provocative without being inflammatory:

Sample PSA for radio or newspaper:

Big Brother government and the Orwellian New World Order: it’s not just a story in a novel anymore. Find out why America is losing its freedoms and what people are doing to stop it. Come to a talk [Day], [Date], at [Time] at the [Facility Name], [Room Number], [Address]. Sponsored by Citizens against Big Brother Government.

Fliers and PSAs are important ways you can publicize every public presentation. There are also “one-time shots” – the kind of publicity you get from a media source only once, or occasionally. These include things like an interview/article at the local college newspaper, a radio interview on a local alternative radio station, publication of an article you wrote in a non-establishment weekly or monthly community paper, or an announcement in your mother’s company newsletter. Special publicity like this must be scheduled a couple months in advance of your event. Try to arrange it so the article or airing reaches the public a few days to a week prior to your talk.

Another excellent way to publicize your presentation is to go somewhere friendly, like the local food co-op, and ask the manager if you can hand out fliers in front of the store. This, of course, entails some financial investments, as you have to pay for the cost of the fliers, but if you hand these out in the right places, you will fill your audience. In my town, the best places to hit are the health food co-op and the student union on the college campuses. When people have their own flier in hand, they are much more likely to remember to attend your event.

Action Step 7: Give your presentation Be sure to include lots of hope in it. If the picture you paint is fatalistic, people will turn away without considering the merits of your points. Show them why we are powerful as a grassroots movement, talk about our numbers, and the global effort to break the big problem down into many small problems. Tell them we need their help.

Encourage them to leave their names and contact information, and to inform themselves by researching alternative news sites and informative books for the information they aren’t getting on the mainstream news. Have some of your favorite conspiracy books and DVDs on a table in the back for them to look at as samples, or better yet, have some for sale. Invite the crowd to a second lecture in one week’s time – same time, same place (to make it easy to remember).

At the second meeting, play another DVD or go more deeply into the conspiracy material. Remember to save your 4D, spiritual solutions for the second meeting if you are determined to share them at all. If you do, be very respectful of the people in your audience who will not be able to accept these concepts, and make very clear to the group that agreeing with them is not required in order to stand up to the conspiracy or before they can become an active member of the group.

Make clear this philosophy is your own perspective, and that within the Truth Movement, there are many other spiritual perspectives. Explain that the Truth Movement has room for them all, because if we wait until we all agree on such issues, we’ll be dead or microchipped first. Better to work together to take back control from our common enemy, and save spiritual debates for our leisure.

If someone at your lecture gets angry or wants to argue, don’t lose your cool. This information is scary at first if you haven’t heard of it, and mind-blowing. People naturally might react with denial or rage. Explain this, and be compassionate with any spontaneous reactions people may give, but keep on presenting your points. If someone wants to interrupt the presentation to get into a debate or a quarrel, calmly explain that there’ll be time at the end for discussion. If they persist, a person or two from the audience will typically jump in and tell the loudmouth to be quiet. After all, the group came to hear you, not some heckler.

Avoid getting into an argument or word battle. If you do, you’ll lose the audience’s support. Present your material without ego attachment, and let your listeners take it or leave it. What they choose to make of what you say is their business. Your job is to share the information with those who came to hear it.

Action Step 8: Contact local leaders Give them information, and ask for their support of your group’s efforts to defeat Big Brother government and expose the New World Order agenda. People you contact should include not only legislators but anyone with influence who you think is probably a genuine, decent human being. The more influential people we can wake up and get working with us, the better.

To get an appointment with a legislator, simply phone their office and ask for one. Give you name and say you are a citizen of the constituency who wishes to express your views on the growth of Big Brother government. You will be given a 10-or-15-minute appointment slot (find out in advance how much time you’ve got).

If possible, go to the appointment with another Truther, so if you fall short of words you will have some backup. Plan in advance the points you will make, so you make best use of your time, and stick within the time frame allotted. Be sure to give the legislator some handouts and a page with online links to some alternative news websites. Explain that a local group is forming, and similar groups all over the world, while explaining your goals. Ask that they research the subject of the New World Order, and if they find your concerns valid, to work from the within their position to incapacitate Big Brother government. Tell them you’ll contact them in a month to see what their position is on the matter after they’ve had a chance to do some reading.

Action Step 9: Join the Whole Truth Coalition This is an international networking group supported by David Icke, but it is for all Truthers of every philosophical persuasion. The Coalition’s goal is to connect and coordinate people working to spread the word in their countries and local communities. If you send the Coalition an email, or sign up for their newsletter/mailing list, you will receive notices about what other Truthers are doing in and get names of any other activists who may be living in your area. The Whole Truth Coalition website, as it grows, will also share tips, materials, and a broad range of information. Become a part of this group now, both to give help and to receive it.

Action Step 10: Visualize global freedom and expect a happy outcome Focus your thoughts on the fun and joy of the world waking up and mankind becoming free after all these centuries, rather than focusing on the latest plodding maneuver of the global elite.

Keep your spirit happy by reminding yourself that no one can do anything to anyone without their conscious or unconscious permission, and that you and millions of others are changing your minds about what you will allow. In the quantum mechanics of creation, expectation is everything. EXPECT a happy outcome for our efforts, and freedom has to win out. We simply won’t have it any other way.

These are exciting times we live in. The time to reach out to the public and to the decent among our leaders is now. People who once scoffed become ready to listen when systems they believed in start to crumble, and all established systems are crumbling presently. An animal, being surrounded by hunters, is more likely to escape, the closer the hunters approach. This is because the greater danger looms, the more likely it is to be recognized by the animal being threatened.

In the same way, all the signs around us of the tightening police state work to our benefit, if we but use the opportunity for education that the growing threat provides. Now, like no other time, people are ready to listen.

Our job is not to convince anybody, but to find the minority who are starting to ask the important questions and to help them see the big picture. Then, to ask those who’ve become convinced to work with us sharing information and taking down the laws and policies that are creating our prison.

There is no need for fear, because we are conscious children of God, and consciousness and the Infinite both are powerful. There is no need for fatalisim, because 5 percent can’t control the 95 percent without the latter’s permission, and the 95 percent are waking up in exponential numbers as the sounds of the approaching hunters become more distinct.

Fear and fatalism are luxuries we can’t afford to indulge in any longer. It’s time to shoulder our backpacks, whistle a cheerful tune, and get out there and alert the hunted.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another site as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this website at



  1. brontebaxter said,

    September 18, 2008 at 8:31 am

    What follows is an edited compilation of comments from readers.

  2. Bobby Waldron said,

    September 19, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    I am extremely pleased and grateful to the good powers concerned that beautiful dynamic and REAL beings like you fellow truth seekers exist in this dark hologram we are stuck in (temporarily.) I would like to do some real damage. Will you be my friends? THANKS from BOBBY

  3. Rusty said,

    September 19, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Good approach via group formation to get the Truth out and circulating.
    Our method, as a loose group of individuals, is to make the Truth palatable via the vehicle of satire, actually viewing the Illuminati / NWO and associated nuisances through a microscope and magnifying the cesspit of ironic idiocies and hypocrisies they dwell in.
    Power to your project.

  4. Rob said,

    September 19, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Great ideas Bronte. It’s time people became more motivated and started spreading the word of what is really happening in the world. If we do nothing, then nothing is what we’ll get. If we all do SOMETHING then it has to make a difference.
    People have to realise that we are all in this together and if we want to change the whole, we have to begin by changing ourselves and influencing those who come into our lives.

  5. Steve said,

    September 19, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Brilliant! Keep up the great work!

  6. derek said,

    September 19, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    edinburgh truth group coalition is starting up with a meeting/informal get together in Oct see david icke forum for details or email

    thanks for the great articles Bronte

  7. ILLUMINATOR said,

    September 20, 2008 at 2:52 am

    I live in Barbados and find this article very inspiring. I think we are in very troubling times but the positive thing is that people will find it increasingly difficult to deny that something is up. More and more people are being directly affected by what is happening and through the mere need for survival will be open to ideas that previously would have been outlandish to them.

    I guess it is time we stop just agreeing with what David Icke, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and others have been saying and spreading and actually get up and get busy ourselves.

  8. swami said,

    September 20, 2008 at 4:29 am

    Greetings…We now must make a choice, to be free or not to be free.
    By free I mean freed of the constant internal dialog..the mind. If we keep being involved in for example, what is happening day by day on the political fronts, in the outside world events, in the changing daily folly, we will not be free of the mind. Until one is free of the mind I would suggest you “just stop looking” or trying for any solution on any level, in any direction, in any dimension, for any reason, be it political or whatever, until you without doubt wake up from the dream of constant thinking, and are able to just keep quiet. Once you can keep quiet, then all will be well !!!!.
    Good Luck….Swami John

    BRONTE’S RESPONSE: I’ve included this comment in the published selection of reader comments to demonstrate the kind of deterring effect religion has on freedom. Following the Eastern tradition, Swami John here is consent to let the world go to hell, blissfully at peace with the attendant human suffering, because he has been spiritually awakened to the true meaning of freedom: “just keeping quiet.” For anyone who thinks mankind’s spiritual leaders might actually have our greater good at heart, this little tidbit from the Swami should clear up any doubts.

  9. Revolution Harry said,

    September 20, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Bronte, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve written here. In fact it’s pretty much the conclusion I’ve come to in recent weeks.

    In the late 80’s and early 90’s when house music was beginning to be played in certain clubs in the UK I started a club night of my own. At the time I was reading an obscure under ‘psychedelic/hippy/spiritual’ magazine called ‘Encyclopedia Psychedelica’. In it was a reference to four Hopi Indian Prophecies, three of which they claimed had come true (not only haven’t I got the magazine anymore but I’ve googled searched and can find no reference to the prophecies). I can only remember one of the three which was something like ‘Ghandhi assassinated’. Anyway, the fourth was revolution in England. I was looking for a name for the club night and thought that was perfect because it also associated with records revolving or spinning on a deck. Quite soon we started to do newsletters. In the spirit of the times, the ‘summer of love’ etc (the mdma was quite powerful back then, lol – not that I’m advocating drug use as a solution, just painting the picture) we used to end our newsletters with the words love, revolution. Anyway, it caught on and we changed the name of the club night. All these years later it seems to me that maybe that’s an apt name for what we need now. I’ve already registered the domain the-love-revolution for my own website so I can do exactly as you’ve suggested; collate relevant information that I can direct people I talk to towards. Every little thing helps.

    I agree with you entirely about leaving out the more esoteric and controversial stuff but it might make sense to make a passing reference to it. Inevitably, particularly if you point people in the direction of David Icke, they are going to come across it. Just explain it’s not an essential component of what you are trying to get cross and that not everyone subscribes to those ideas. Indeed, it’s probably wise to explain that there is disagreement on various things between researchers but that there is complete agreement on the basic fundamentals; then concentrate on those.

    My feeling is that the ‘way in’ is to expose the banking ‘scam’. This alone is evidence enough of a ‘conspiracy’. Even more so when they become aware that no government or media is helping to expose or discuss this.

    In terms of activism how do you feel about the idea of creating local ’round tables’. Each person can be responsible for concentrating on a particular part of the agenda and may even create a round table of their own to focus on that aspect. We’ve allowed the elites to dictate and control our lives for long enough and it’s surely time to take responsibility for our own lives, way of life, local community, nation etc.

    Lastly, I can’t agree with you more about Swami John. However what is true is that any solution lies as much within us as with any action we take in the wider world. Perhaps making sure any action we do take is based on love rather than hate will help us to succeed.

    Here comes the Love Revolution…. lol!

    PS I can’t remember where I read it the other day (it was on a NWO related site) but it said ‘smile, you’re on the winning side’. Let’s hope a few more than 2,000 get up and do something because if they do we will be.

    BRONTE’S RESPONSE: Good point, Harry, about giving people a little heads-up on the controversial points Truthers don’t all agree on. I very much like everything you suggested in that paragraph. I think I will cover that part in my lectures just as you suggest. As far as the round table idea goes, might you expand on that a bit? You mean one person on the team is responsible for publicity, one is responsible for contacting government leaders — stuff like that? Please explain your idea and why you think it might be good.

  10. Brownhawk said,

    September 20, 2008 at 8:17 am

    In the interest of breaking in people gradually to what’s goin’ on, one of my favorite methods is to start by referring to the American Revolutionary War. I’ll begin by saying that just because the American army won the war on the battlefield, leading to the adoption of a national constitution with its crucial Bill of Rights, it doesn’t mean that that makes us automatically free forever. I’ll pose to them, in a rhetorical manner, a question asking what is so far-fetched about those in positions of political power wanting to wield that power over people with designs on controlling them? History is replete with examples. At this point, many listeners will be thinking, ‘But this is America, it can’t happen here.’ I will bring up how various amendments to the Constitution have been virtually abrogated. ( Here you can reference the Patriot Acts, Posse Commitatus, etc.) I will ask them to consider, even if they believe the official version of 9/11, how does this perceived threat of terrorism justify an assault on the Bill of Rights? This is where some of those listening to you might be thinking, ‘Yes, but it would only be a temporary suspension of rights for our protection. Full rights would be resumed when the threat has ended.’ Anticipating this thinking you might say, ‘Even if you’re comforted by the thought that any suspension of civil rights would only be temporary, how do you reconcile that to the fact that our ‘leaders’ have stated that this is a war that will last a hundred years, if not longer?’ This is where you might wanna hit ’em with the words of old Ben Franklin where he said, ‘Those who are willing to give up their liberty for a little security deserve neither and get tyranny instead.’ We truthers are in the business of provoking thought. Good luck in your skillful endeavors.

    BRONTE’S RESPONSE: Very well argued, Brian. I think to talk to an audience in this way would be very powerful. The more we can engage them in thinking these matters through with us, in connecting the dots with us, the more the message will hit home. What you’ve done here is to anticipate your listeners’ objection to your position, voice the objection, answer it, then move right along to their next anticipated objection. This style of speaking is very engaging.

    I like your quote by Franklin. Here’s another good one: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants and the creed of slaves.” ~ William Pitt.

  11. tamsin said,

    September 21, 2008 at 5:52 am

    hi bronte
    there are some very good films on youtube which explain the whole situation and they show the concentration camps being built and the fema plastic coffins
    piled up ready and waiting THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO EVER is really good and does not allude to aliens, it is on the Earthlasthope channel
    people should copy these films to dvd and give them to out at meetings.
    However Youtube is in the process of censoring a lot of truth info so act quickly!
    people can relate to films because they believe everything they see on TV

  12. Lou Cypher said,

    September 21, 2008 at 10:10 am

    I understand how passionate some of you are in doing something to awaken society to ” the agenda” but do you not see that trying to fight fire with fire will not produce a well balanced solution for mankind in the end .NWO and alike movements rely on our own dualistic natures and our fears of losing what we have,and what we would not like to lose in our lives; eg… when the people are awakened to how they are being manipulated ,do you really believe they will support anything that will jeopardize the materialistic preconditioned security blankets that they and their families have placed and worked hard,fought wars and generally played the NWO’s game to obtain all the way through history. When you have alerted the masses ,how will you explain that the things that they are fighting for… are the things that keep themselves in bondage. How will you break the materialistic dualistic conditioned ideals that anchor and drive the masses.

    BRONTE’S REPLY: That’s a good question, and I’m interested in seeing how other readers answer it. Here is my perspective.

    First of all, “dualism” is an Easternism term that suggests you buy into that mindset. Easternism teaches that because “all is one,” therefore nothing material or earthly matters once you become “spiritual” and realize the oneness. I believe that teaching is designed to alienate us from 3D life and to take away our natural desire to make this world a good one. The teaching was created by the elite to keep us uncritical and allowing of anything they wish to do. I’ve written about this extensively in a number of other articles.

    Second, I don’t believe people are “materialistic” by nature, clinging to worldly things as you (and Easternism) describe. We need to make a living in this world, and that rightly entails materiality. If many of us grow too immersed in material “toys,” it isn’t because we’re ignorant by nature and “attached” to this world in some kind of anti-spiritual way.

    It’s because the hard stress of trying to stay materially afloat in a system where we spend almost all our lives working to pay taxes and mortgages (to make the fat cats richer) is very wearing on the spirit. It leaves people exhausted at the end of the day and the end of the workweek. Drained, exhausted people seek relief in things like excessive TV and other mindless things that temporarily numb the pain.

    I myself have certainly gotten caught in such patterns during periods of my life where I was working too hard and under too much stress, but that didn’t make me “dualistic and materialistic,” just an overworked slave seeking some kind of relief.

    When we can show our fellow slaves that they are not free as they have been taught to believe, they will see the real cause of their problems: the cystem we have allowed to take away the fruits of our labor and our energy for living. People are not stupid, just hypnotized and uninformed. Once truth breaks through their hypnosis, they are free, just as a person awaking from a hypnotist’s trance is not bound by the illusions that ensnared him a moment earlier.

    Lou, it serves your spiritual teachers’ clandestine purposes getting you and others to believe in this hopeless way about humanity. It adds to your alienation from the world, making this life seem worthless and making the people who take it seriously look to you like fools. Naturally, you’re left with no desire to save anything, because this cleverly conditioned mindset makes this world look like an ignorance piece of crap only worth transcending, not the least bit worth redeeming.

    In my spiritual view, that is a slap in the face of the Infinite, which made this world to be a beautiful, wonderful, joyful place – which it will never be as long as people think like you do. We need to remember the original vision for creation, which each of us carries deep within our hearts, in a primordial memory. Our task as humans is to remember that and to take individual action to make that divine dream become a glorious reality.

  13. Brownhawk said,

    September 22, 2008 at 12:01 am

    It’s not the ‘things’ that are keepin’ us in bondage.When people are truly awakened to the way they’re being manipulated, then that awakening pre-supposes that the manipulation is being engineered by a bogus medium of exchange. i.e.; the Federal Reserve cystem of fiat funny money. If you can convince people that they can keep all of their ‘stuff’ without the wearing stress that it takes to maintain it then you will have gotten their attention. This is key, and that part isn’t really that difficult. It’s about having sound monetary policies. In fact, many more people than is collectively realized supported Ron Paul in this year’s presidential election campaign. Without the subterfuge and sabotage you would be amazed at just how much support he actually got. The Illuminati obviously know what a monkey wrench thrown into their plans he represents. The main concern now is that given the diabolical genius of their manipulating ways, they are well aware of the growing discontent. The current economic problem and reaction are playing out now. The battle that’s raging is for the hearts and minds as to what the solution will be. My hunch is that the Fed has nearly completed all of its dirty work. The trick now is to give people a false sense of complacency with their own brand of convincing that makes people believe that government control of everything having to do with the ‘world economy’ is the only viable way to go. They’re rollin’ the dice and this is the window of opportunity for truthers to open eyes to the realization that ‘dog eat dog’ as the way things are and can ever be amounts to nothing more than the simplest of hypnotic trances that the black magicians could ever conceive of.

  14. Andrew said,

    September 22, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Hi there, excellent piece, great ideas! I just wanted to comment on a quote from ‘Revolution Harry’, ’smile, you’re on the winning side’. I believe this possibly comes from a book entitled ‘Handbook for the New Paradigm’. This is a fascinating book (with a fascinating background to it!) and contains inspiring guidance on how to deal with our current situation. I think it would very much go hand in hand with the beliefs and ideas you reflect here Bronte.

    If you ‘google’ it you will find you can buy this publication as a paperback, but it has no copyright and is free to copy and distribute! The downloadable version I believe is completely free… I would recommend it to everyone looking for guidance.

  15. The Hanged Man said,

    September 23, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Hi, here’s my thought on how to change the world.

  16. Luke Furr said,

    September 26, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    So…Bronte Baxter – having read a few additions of your blog website – I think you’re successfully making ground on some really good points. I too have had the suspicions about society since I was very young, now I am less young but am qualified and mature enough to get access to some REAL information and put some money into raising awareness and action.

    We’re ALL in this together and it makes me so glad to see blogs like yours coming up with useful information and ideas. Grateful :) I’m in the process of setting up a truth group in Cardiff, inside-out this always starts at home and I would like this information to spread like joy throughout many lands.

    peace and love,
    Luke 23.

    BRONTE’S RESPONSE: And Luke, I’m grateful to you and all the good people like you who are out there doing something. We are so strong together, and we all are each other’s best hope. The David Icke store actually ran out of the Oxford Presentation DVDs because so many people were jumping on the bandwagon, ordering them to use for public presentations!

    They’re taking orders now on his website again, by the way, and the back-ordered DVDs will be available and shipped in a couple of weeks (That means any readers out there who tried to order and got the message “Out of Stock” can now go back in and place an order online for this item).

  17. kimpunkrock said,

    September 30, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Great article. i was thinking about doing some of those same things. I have been studying truth and spirituality for 14 years and I feel as if I am ready to pass on some of the knowledge that I have learned.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. Rob said,

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    The average person is to busy to find the answers to many of the answers that they are seeking in the world around them. We also like to believe this site is an uncorrupted point of reference for 1st time and seasoned truthseekers

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  19. Rubella said,

    October 13, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Nice article, Bronte. You’re a very inspiring writer and it always amuses me the way you refer to the elite as “thugs”. Makes it a bit hard to be worried about them.

    Anyways, good work.

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