‘But My Cult Isn’t Like That’ – How the Almost Awake Keep Spinning the Dream

I’ve observed a curious phenomenon among most “spiritual” people I know: the tendency toward wholehearted support for all observations about the delusions of other people’s cults alongside myopia toward the parallel delusions in their own. In saying “cults,” I include religions. Religions are cults that the delusions of large populations have made respectable in mainstream society. When it’s socially respectable, spiritual servitude is called religion. When it’s not, it’s called a cult.

Christians, for instance, are aware of some of the pitfalls in New Age spirituality. They do a good job of exposing these in their writings, but cannot see how Jesus with his father, Jehovah the Genocider, are anything but divine. Western guru followers often ridicule the naiveté of Christians but can’t perceive how obsequiousness to their guru is no different than worship of the Christ.

On my blog, commenters cheer iconoclastic articles until I strike on the teacher or spiritual figure they personally have pinned their hopes on. Then their writing takes a different tone. We spurn channelers but root for Eckhart Tolle. We scoff at Amma or Sai Baba but revere that little guru we met in the Himalayas. Perhaps we shake our heads at the folly of all of them, then pray to sylphs or await the arrival of the Galactic Federation to fix the messes on Earth.

Folly is the right word for all of this. How can we say we’ve seen through the illusions of our time when we give our power to anything other than the God within? When we revere anyone other than that First Cause as the font of truth?

We have this need to believe in some spiritual teacher, to be guided by some spiritual system, yet we realize deceptions surround us. If we address the insecurity behind our dogged insistence on protective figures and comforting codifications of “truth,” we finally make contact with the Infinite – the only true security. Instead of doing that, many people try to resolve the dichotomy by cutting loose a bunch of old beliefs and transferring their trust and idolatry to a single new focus, an entity who talks a better talk.

This is yet another detour, but the people who take it close their minds to seeing it. They still aren’t ready to accept responsibility, to trust completely the Infinite within them and wake up. They aren’t ready to take that last step to spiritual adulthood.

Why do people brag about becoming impervious to deception when they continue falling for old tricks dressed up in new finery? I think because it makes us feel safe, beyond the ken of mistakes. But self-congratulation, when we don’t deserve it, is a dangerous thing, making us careless and overconfident. We walk right into the next snare.

I find my energy flagging when I read comments on this blog that defend entrenched illusions, especially when posters remain staunch in their positions which are so very far away from the message I started this blog to share. The comment section is increasingly becoming the domain of a small handful of these people. In light of these two facts, I’m making the following changes in procedure beginning with this article:

A Yahoo Groups discussion forum has been started where readers of this blog can discuss among themselves whatever they wish. Anyone can access the new forum at:


I will not affiliate with the new forum, and the comments there do not represent my opinions. I may or may not occasionally leave comments there.

The comment section of this blog will from now on be reserved for short remarks (up to 12 lines) relevant to the article and for information readers wish to contribute that is relevant to the subject. Longer comments, off-topic comments, as well as back-and-forth discussion between posters is from now on restricted to the Yahoo Groups forum created for this purpose.

If technical kinks appear in the new discussion forum in the beginning, please let me know about them by email at brontebaxter8@yahoo.com

I hope this will get the blog back on track to pursue its original purpose and allow the people who want to take it in different directions to have their own forum and go in any direction they wish.

Note: People may also be interested in checking out a new blog: http://custodialsmackdown.wordpress.com

that is inviting open comment and discussion on all points custodial (anything to do with manipulation by spiritual forces). I agree with much of what this writer is saying, and totally disagree with some of it (such as his position on Jesus). But ClearEyes, the blogger, strikes me as sincere and intelligent, with many stimulating ideas worth contemplating. Drop in and visit.

Bronte Baxter



  1. David said,

    August 6, 2008 at 8:59 am

    what a shame,many blogs and forums seem to degenerate into bun fights because of entrenched positions..challenging some ones position is construded as attacking them personally.Having a core belief which you identify with; you and the belief become indivisable hence why it becomes personel.There are no fixed sacred cows only an on going evolving awakening.Keep up the good work Bronte i have enjoyed your thoughts very much.

  2. Brian said,

    August 7, 2008 at 4:03 am

    Hi Bronte, With all the water that’s gone over the dam regarding the comments on your blogs it was a good call to change the format. I hope that there won’t be a trade-off in terms of how stimulating these discussions have been in the past. I understand how your energy tends to flag when you see that continuing ‘guru attachment’ among people. I think there’s a fine line sometimes between when we RE-fer to certain ‘spiritual’ figures and when we’re DE-ferring our power to those figures. It seems as if the discussions get hopelessly bogged down when any references whatsoever are made, let alone how they may imply any deferrence of that power to others. This business of realizing our ability of being our own leaders is still mostly unchartered or unremembered territory for many of us as we come out of our slumber. I find myself somewhat regretful if my own position has been misconstrued in any way as it pertains to this ‘fine line’ and I look forward to moving away from these ‘referrals and deferrals’ in our discussions of future articles from you. Brian

  3. Mick said,

    August 10, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Points taken Bronte. A big thanks for the links.

  4. judigem said,

    August 17, 2008 at 2:33 am

    Wow….I am once again really grateful to have found this blog. Guru attachment is applicable to politics, and all of it is about power…..as I’ve just come out of a 7 year look at astrology/politics and in 6 months all of it became my candidate against your candidate, and a huge ‘GOD IS ON MY SIDE NOT YOURS’…..

    This feels like fresh air here.

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