Agnihotra, Sylphs and Orgonite: Chem Trail Solutions or God-Scam?

If you know about chem trails, the toxic unexplained streaks across our skies, chances are you’ve heard of sylphs, orgonite and agnihotra as proposed remedies. Sylphs are elementals or nature spirits. The story goes that giant sylphs who live near the sun and on outer planets of our solar system are hovering around earth these days mopping up the chem trails in response to manmade objects known as orgonite and a ritual known as agnihotra.

Wikipedia gives us a quick glimpse into what agnihotra actually is:

“‘Agnihotra’ is a sacred tradition started by the ‘Rishis’ of ancient India. It is now considered by some as the worship of the Lord Yagna Naarayan. ‘Agnihotra’ then means worshipping the Lord Vishnu – Aadi Naarayan – riding on the divine serpent and controlling the infinite cosmos.”

Hello, what was that? The divine serpent? The worship of Lord Yagna Naarayan?

Agnihotra is an ancient Hindu ceremony that gives worship to the Vedic deity Agni (god of fire and sacrifice), and to Naaravan (Lord Narayana or Vishnu, the second god of the Hindu trinity), and also to the sun god, Lord Surya (sometimes spelled/pronounced Soorvava). The worship is performed by chanting mantras and making offerings into the fire, for the gods to consume as symbols of human obeisance. These acts represent giving the god to whom the sacrifice is directed one’s energy, one’s spiritual allegiance and support.

Based on my knowledge of Sanskrit, here is the mantra translation for part of the agnihotra ritual that so many well-meaning would-be-chem-trail-zappers are performing:

Soorvava Svaha

To the Sun God, I offer myself completely

Sooryaya Idam Na Mama

To the Sun God, I prostrate myself

Agnaye Sváhá

To the God of the sacrifice, I bow down

Agnaye Idam Na Mama

To the God of the sacrifice, I prostrate myself

On the educate-yourself website, one of the primary sources of the sylphs-zap-chem-trails theory, you can read an article telling how the fire sylphs, the beings you appease when you perform agnihotra, are the elementals who rule over gunfire. These beings “give you a hug when you shoot a gun,” according to the article.

The implication of the modern New Age use of agnihotra is that if we offer this worship to the gods and their fire-sylph minions, they will reward us by devouring our chem trails. Even if this were true, do we want to do rituals that empower entities who give people hugs for shooting guns? Do we really want to make offerings to Vedic deities who are the Aryan gods, the gods of Babylon transferred to Indian culture?

The Babylonian gods have been identified in the David Icke research as identical with the entities who interbred with mankind to produce the world’s royal bloodlines, the global elite, which are behind the plan for an Orwelllian New World Order. Truthers believe the chem trails are the handiwork of the global elite. How consistent is it to also believe that the force that generates chem trails is working on mankind’s behalf to destroy chem trails?

Agnihotra links its practitioner to the gods, the dark lords that work in unseen dimensions to twist our earthly reality into a prison, for the sake of their ultimate power and control. I’ve written about the god-worship/ soul-siphoning connection in previous articles (see the “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment” series in the column to the left). To practice agnihotra in the belief that it is an innocent ritual that will magically clear the sky of chem trails is a mistake, as powerful an error as mantra meditation, guru worship, and any other practice that calls for surrender of the individual ego to limited entities outside oneself.

If that’s what agnihotra is about, what is the real story behind orgonite? I don’t claim to be an expert on that subject. From what I’ve read, however, I have a major concern about the hexagram built into the coils, because it’s an occult symbol with links to some very questionable things.

Again, let’s consult that friend of the common man, Wikipedia (its entry under “hexagram”):

“The six-pointed star is commonly used both as a talisman and for conjuring spirits in the practice of witchcraft. In the book, ‘The History and Practice of Magic, Vol. 2,’ the six-pointed star is called the talisman of Saturn and it is also referred to as the Seal of Solomon …

“Bradley, author of ‘Secrets of the Freemasons,’ claims: ‘the hexagram is widely associated with the occult, and is considered the most powerful of Satan’s symbols, containing ‘666.’ Occultists also call it the ‘trud’ and use it in necromantic ceremonies to summon evil spirits.’ (Bradley, ‘Secrets of the Freemasons,’ page 45)”

Is it possible then that the hexagram in the orgonite channels energy to the very beings who are ultimately responsible for the chem trails (i.e., the transdimensional beings whom the Illuminati serve)? The conspiracy is famous for creating feedback loops like this – detours – that seem to lead somewhere out of the clutches of enslavement and actually circle right around back into it. We find this in politics and religion, so why would we not find it in the neutralize-the-chem-trails movement? (For a fascinating examination of how symbols are used by the powers-that-be to trap and siphon human energy, visit Matthew Delooze’s website and books, particularly “The Stars Are Falling” and “Is It Me for a Moment?”)

If orgonite seems to work positively for some people, perhaps the reason is not sylphs but the people themselves. Thought is immensely powerful, and if a person places orgonite in strategic places thinking it will clear the atmosphere of negative influences, perhaps it will, on account of the intention and assumption of the human placing it. This would be the Dumbo Effect: when the baby elephant held a “magic” feather thinking the feather would enable him to fly, the elephant flew all right, but on account of his powerful belief, not on account of the feather.

I have trouble with the story that sylphs eat the chem trails for us when the story also goes that the sylphs had to leave their own planet when it was poisoned with a payload of plutonium. If they drown in the poison of plutonium, how can they safely consume the poison of our chem trails? It doesn’t really make sense.

While I’m convinced there are unseen entities helping mankind, I don’t believe they’re doing it as chem-trail eaters, channeled teachers, authors of divine transmissions, or any of the other flashy images the New Age is fond of waving in front of us. They help us by inspiring, by giving resources of courage and hope, by introducing profound insights, ideas and possibilities into our minds that aid in our finding the way out of the prison we’ve let be built up around us. They can’t and won’t do the work for us, and any unseen entity claiming he can and will is probably a dark lord posing as a friend, the creator of yet another enslaving circular detour.

If we want help from the realms of brilliant and magnanimous entities who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings, we need to address them in that way and ask for their subtle assistance. They will always respond. If instead of that we ask for help from Surya, Agni, Narayana, fire sylphs, sun sylphs, air sylphs or any other named entity famous for “helping” people, the odds are very high that we’re aligning ourselves with our deceivers and enslavers, dressed up in their latest disguise.

If in fact there are sylphs who work to help mankind, then addressing “you in the unseen who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings” will naturally enlist the aid of sylphs, among other generous entities. On the other hand, if sylphs are a name for a branch of the deceivers, addressing “you in the unseen who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings” will not invite the sylphs’ influence into your energy field.

It is better to be safe than foolishly trusting. Better to address requests for assistance in a way that protects one’s soul and energy than in a wide-open, trusting way that allows in any fad New Age influence that people happen to be talking about.

The transdimensional deceivers have great PR. They never come out and say, “We’re here to take your soul energy and spiritually assimilate you.” Look at how sweetly their ritual is described in the words of an agnihotra website that is popular now:

“Homa is a Sanskrit word used here synonymously with Yajnya. [Bronte’s note: “yajnya” actually translates as “sacrifice to the gods.”] …

“Homa Therapy is totally a revealed science. It is as old as creation. In the course of time this knowledge was lost, but it is now being resuscitated to give people guidance about how to correct the polluted conditions we find ourselves in on the planet today.

“Homa Therapy comes from VEDAS, the ancientmost body of knowledge known to man. The most basic Homa (Yajnya) is called AGNIHOTRA and is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. Performance of Agnihotra on a regular daily basis establishes the healing energies necessary for a healthy environment.”

Now what poor fool wouldn’t want to sign up for that?

(NOTE TO READERS: This article is expanded in the comment section below, where prompted by the thoughtful remarks of a reader, I write more deeply about this subjects. If you enjoy this blog, don’t skip reading the comments underneath the articles. They are sometimes the very best part.)

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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  1. Anthony said,

    July 10, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    Hello Bronte,

    As someone who found out about “Orgonite” via Ken Adachi’s Educate-Yourself site about 18 months ago, I’d like to comment on your latest blog about chemtrails.

    Here is an overview of terms involved with Orgone

    Firstly, you have to distinguish between “Orgone” (a term coined by Wilhelm Reich, a very interesting man!) which can be understood as Aether, Qi, Prana or simply energy and “Orgonite” which are the physical devices uses to change positive energy into negative energy. Here is a definition of Qi (Orgone, Aether).
    You then have to distinguish between postive orgone POR and negative orgone DOR, which can be understood as sheng qi and sha qi, respectively.
    Orgonite as defined on MateriaEtherica: “As described here relates to Orgone Energy Generating material distributing positive energy(POR).
    Term given by Karl Weltz and later modified by Don Croft.
    Constructed with Polyester or Epoxy resin and metal shavings, approximately 50/50 Ratio, and a quartz crystal point.
    Different from Orgone Accumulators which draw in surrounding orgone energy and amplifies it, if the source of orgone energy is negative(DOR) the Orgone accumulator will produce negative and harmful energy(DOR), this a Orgonite Generator does not do.
    Orgonite affects most sources of negative energy(DOR) in its immediate area, and when deployed intelligently brings marvellous results.”

    As to Sylphs: I very much agree that we all need to cautious when interactiving with the spirit realms, but my understanding is that we are always interacting with the spirit beings and dimensions that surround us. What matters very much is our focus, our heart condition. The purer and more loving we are, the higher and nobler the spirit levels, ultimately God the Creator we interact with. It’s somehow easier to understand the “negative” lower end of the spiritual interaction scale where excessive alcohol, drugs, negative emotions bring us into contact with negative spirits. I suppose this all falls under the category of resonance.

    Sylphs are there (from my personal experience) and they can be seen most often in “positive” skies. Blue skies and sylphs go together like apple pie and ice cream. When I “gift” orgonite I do not call up the sylphs, they simply come. For a wonderful account of the healing of the upper atmosphere, read the following:

    I have never heard of agnihotra, but I will look it up! It is clear that there is no 100% truth just waiting for us. We have to go through the some and mirrors and follow our hearts.

    When I first became aware of the chemtrails about 18 months ago, the skies were full of them. Since I started gifting orgonite we get a lot more blue sky! The proof is there for anybody who has eyes to see and an open mind.

    My personal understanding of the “big picture” is that the Universe (Universes) is filled with Orgone / Aether / Qi. The Universe is also full of life in multiple dimensions that most of us are not aware of. The earth and its atmosphere is also teeming with life. Watch the sky, look at trees, fire, water and see what you can see there. Sure, some of the spirit beings you might perceive look nasty, but many others look kind. I believe that we should be cautious and respectful of the spirit worlds, but not fearful or dismissive. We still have lots to learn! The “Big game” has always involved players from the “good” and “”bad” side vying for control of the energy centres, places of power, that exist throughout the earth. Orgonite can switch the negative energy of a hijacked place or power into neutral energy or even positive energy. If you’re wondering where the places of power are to be found, then just visit your local cathedral, church, monument, castle, town hall etc. Geomancy is a very old art, forbidden in the bible.

    As to the coil and the hexagram. most Orgonite does not include coils, but the energetic effects of the modifications to basic orgonite (which is just polyester resin, a small quartz crystal and metal shavings) have been observed by some very reputable and careful people.

    At the same, of course, nobody should simply take other people’s words for given. Try it for yourself. Make your own observations. To discard potential truths because of one person’s opinion is foolish. Find out more for yourself. Each and every one of us. Here is a link the esoteric definition of energy as given in wikipedia:

    Best regards, Anthony

  2. brontebaxter said,

    July 11, 2008 at 1:19 am

    Anthony, thanks for the brief and to-the-point clarifications around orgone and orgonite. And thanks for explaining that orgonite generators need not contain a hexagon, and for correcting my original use of terms.

    When you say you see sylphs in blue skies, could you tell us what you mean exactly? When people say they see sylphs in the sky, don’t they mean they see clouds in certain shapes, which they interpret as being sylphs?

    Regarding your remark that “the big game has always involved players from the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side vying for control of the energy centres, places of power, that exist throughout the earth,” I wonder why you place good and bad in parentheses. Is this because you don’t believe in good and bad as reliable distinctions? I’d like to comment on that remark.

    My own position on good and bad beings in dimensions beyond the visible is based on my background in religions. A religion typically talks of good and bad entities fighting with each other for control of the earth, and sides with the entities they claim are good. However, if you go to a different religion, the side they claim is good may be completely reversed. An example of this is the gods and demons of India and Persia, who are reversed in the two cultures. Or Jesus and Lucifer, the latter being made into “the good guy who champions freedom” by Luciferian worshippers. Another example is Jehovah at war in the Old Testament with the pagan gods of the time. (He claimed they were evil, but he was the one doing all the killing.) And in the scriptures of India, which I’m most familiar with, there is little or no difference in the behavior or even appearance of gods and demons. They seem to be two very similar groups who simply wear different-colored hats, two like groups of entities competing for the same thing. (Not to belabor the point, but you find the same two groups in the mythology of Greece, with the “younger gods” and the demonized “older gods” they conquered.)

    Both gods and “demons” desire human worship and obeisance, and that makes both eaters of human energy and enslavers of human spirits. I’ve written about this enslavement matter in the “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment” articles, but haven’t talked a lot about the good/bad entity distinction. In my understanding, both sides, the so-called good spirits we read about and bad ones, are engaged in the same business. They only appear to be different, or one better than the other, in the same way Republican and Democrat appear on the surface to be different but are both working to support the same thing.

    When I write about “the gods,” that’s my blanket term for both kinds of beings, those who profess to be good and kindly toward mankind, and those religions points to as evil. Both kinds of spirits function on a vibration only slightly higher than that of visible matter, what some have called “the Fourth Dimension” or “the astral plane.” While they would have us believe they are God or supreme gods with control over everything, that’s actually like the Spanish Conquistadors telling the South American natives that they were their supreme gods and being believed.

    These guys are just self-serving hijackers of energy, who don’t know how to access their own from the Source and have lazily set up a scheme of living off of other people’s. Their schtick is, “If you worship us, we will gift you with the things you need and desire, and if you don’t worship us, we will punish or destroy you.” The gods believe they will die if they can’t hijack human energy – that’s how long it’s been since they practiced living off their own infinite internal supply.

    Since worship is not a popular idea to the modern mind, the gods have taken to disguising the worship they’re after as other things, such as “harmonization of the atmosphere and “attuning to biorhythms.” Mantras that translate literally to “I bow down to so-and-so as my God” are lied about, advertised as “positive sounds with life-supporting qualities that heal all creation.” This was my experience in the TM movement many years ago, and it’s latest expression is the agnihotra ritual movement today. The language of the propaganda is so similar.

    Regarding this other remark you made: “Watch the sky, look at trees, fire, water and see what you can see there. Sure, some of the spirit beings you might perceive look nasty, but many others look kind.”

    It’s important to remember, as we make our spiritual quests, that just because a nature spirit, god, or guru seems kindly does not mean he or she actually is. Deceivers always attempt to appear kindly, as the good guys. This is why I recommend not addressing prayers to any entity by name, as you don’t really know who you are hooking up with. Unless you’re extremely well established in dimensions beyond this one (and I don’t think any of us are in that position yet on this earth, although many pose to be), it’s very easy to affiliate with entities who will use you and detour your journey to true freedom. Very easy , because so many astral entities are hungry to do this, and eagerly come at the call of such prayers.

    When we clear the earth of the hypnosis that blankets it, it will be much easier to see who we’re really dealing with and to travel the astral dimensions and beyond them safely and easily. As long as the illusion of 3D reality is in place, it’s hard to know the real nature of who we’re communicating with. Not only can the manipulators appear beautiful and kindly, they can instill feelings of love and bliss – endorphine generation – in an effort to win our trust. That’s why I don’t advise judging if an entity or is good or bad by “if they seem kind” or beautiful or make us feel good.

    It’s safer to make affirmations protecting ourselves from destructive, invasive, manipulating entities and soliciting the assistance of entities who are far outside the astral and earthly battles for control, entities who live in freedom and beyond the ken of survival and conflict. The phrase “you in the highest dimensions who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings” is my way of inviting connection with them.

    Such beings, who alone can be trusted as friends, don’t appear as either gods or demons in the religions. I suspect they are not talked about in the scriptures at all. We read of angels, and I once called these beings angels, but angels can mean so many things, and so many kinds of entities, including self-serving astral ones. I find it’s better to use no name or title, since names and titles, like symbols, connect us energetically to what the name represents.

    If we pray to “the creator” for instance, and the creator of our material universe is indeed one of the gods as scriptures claim, then by using the term “the creator” we hook up with a limited, self-serving entity who supports aging and suffering and death and who has some limited power but is not the true God, the infinite, loving consciousness that is the source of everything.

    Again, thanks for your comments. I’m sure they’ll engender a great discussion.


  3. venusinpisces said,

    July 11, 2008 at 4:21 am

    Here is a story that I e-mailed to Bronte a few days ago about my own experiences in the orgone movement. It was originally published on the Montalk forum, but I thought it would be relevant here as well. I wasn’t aware of the whole agnihotra angle, that definitely adds a whole other dimension to what’s going on. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has had similar experiences.
    so i have been meaning to post about my orgone story for awhile but havent got around to it because it is a bit of a long story…i got involved with making orgone in 2004 at a particularly difficult time in my life. i was homeless and becoming aware of a human trafficking ring in my area(san francisco) which several of my friends had escaped from. as i found out more, i realized that there was also human sacrifice involved as well. very scary stuff. i tried to approach local activist groups but they were not interested. at all. so i tried working with orgone as a last approach, because the crofts claimed it was effective in disabling nwo-affiliated organizations. i was desperate for anything that would make a difference so i poured all of my money into it.
    making the orgone was especially difficult because i had no place to do it-i tried pouring resin under bridges and carting around garbage bags full of metal shavings in baby carriages while it was raining-i didnt realize resin wont set when it is wet out (i am mentioning this not to get a pity reaction or make myself look like a hero but because it is relevant in what i am about to tell you all). eventually i ended up pouring about 400 towerbusters within my room in a crack hotel(i paid for all of it with my ssi retrocheck). the smell was so extreme you could smell it across the entire 2nd floor and my dog absolutely refused to enter my room, so she had to stay in a friends room. my neighbors thought i was cooking speed(one good thing about living with drug addicts is they dont snitch!). i wasted a lot of resin because i poured the mix into plastic dixie cups, which proceeded to melt all over the floor. the resin permanently adhered to the
    floor-when i was attempting to scrape it off some of the floor tiles came up! eventually, i collapsed on my bed in the midst of all the noxious fumes and hundreds of now paper dixie cups. all in all, it was not a pleasant experience, and i hate to think that the pyschic energy i was emanating during those hours went into the orgone i made. but since don was adamant there was zero chance of that happening, and he invented the damn things, i figured it was ok. hopefully i did not inflict some serious damage(i certainly did to the room!)
    anyways…i had been emailing don and he said he was passing through the bay area with his wife and could help me distribute the tbs. i was so excited to meet him and told all my friends about it. the only problem is that the hotel was run like a jail..we could not have visitors unless they were preapproved by the desk clerks and i had to be downstairs to let them in, visitors had to have ID, and besides i had no phone. i tried to explain this to don but i dont think he understood. so the day of his visit comes and i went to the store for 20 minutes..when i got back the desk clerk told me i had some visitors come by and leave. the next day i got an email from don saying they couldnt find a parking space and left town. i was disappointed but didnt give it much thought beyond that.
    a month goes by. and then i read on ethericwarriors..don is saying that he narrowly avoided getting set up with an agent in san francisco. does he mean me? next, cbsworks blog contains personal information about the inside of my room. how does he know this? his blog says(i dont remember the exact words but the details are still in my memory) “a lady in san francisco had some orgone sent to her..she lied and said she distributed it but the tbs are all in a plastic bag under the sink”…and some other disparaging comments about me that i forget. well he got part of it right and part of it so f*cking wrong i was livid! i spent at least $700 on making all that orgone! and none of it was sent to me! but the funny thing is, the orgone was all in a plastic bag under my sink for awhile. frankly, i felt like my boundaries had been violated and i never spent a cent on orgone again.
    after that experience, that whole scene started to seem more and more cultlike and creepy. i definitely got a black magic vibe from it and eventually resolved to steer clear of the whole group. there was a lot of drama, people on the orgone bulletin boards were all getting called agents, hordes of people were getting banned from posting, etc. at one point i remember very clearly, cbswork(aka Don Bradley) posted a pic of himself on his blog, walking down the beach. the caption he wrote said “the man who walks with angels”. exact quote. i didnt see anything resembling an angel in that picture-not even close. now im not denying that angels exist, or even that they pick certain individuals to communicate with. but whoever those individuals are, i would make a bet that theyre not out there bragging about it. in fact, if im not wrong, humility is one of the qualities that angels gravitate to.
    so thats my orgone experience. has anyone experienced anything like this? maybe it is possible that i unfairly discredited the an entire group based on the immature actions of one person…i dont know. but i am not in any hurry to spend any more money on all that stuff.

  4. Brian said,

    July 11, 2008 at 8:56 am

    Bronte, you make some points which raise interesting possibilities. Ones that, it seems to me, require us to consider a recurring theme that represents what the imposers are perpetrating on humanity. In the political arena, we see in Great Britain this candidate trotted out by the illuminati who gives the appearance of being concerned with the problem of Big Brother looming over people’s lives. Which indeed it is, but David Icke immediately recognized it as a ploy by the bad guys to put their spin on it by generally assuaging and misleading the British public away from what their real agendas are. And while it is disappointing for me to think this way, but in the name of healthy skepticism, could this be a situation where we may want to consider the existence of true AND false sylphs? Perhaps the ‘sylphs’ we see ‘eating the chemtrails’ are the false ones that are ‘trotted put’ for show to get everyone in the know about these things satisfied that we are indeed acting as empowering agents in the whole matter. ( it sure looks like they’re neutralizing the chemtrails and cleaning up the skies nicely, though) But I have been sensing lately that the chemtrails which are doing the real physiological damage are the ones that are sprayed in conjunction with HAARP-related weather conjuring technology. The toxins are coming down with the rain in this possible scenario. It could be that the chemtrails are acting as an integral facet of weather modification science discovered by people like Wilhelm Reich and Nicholas Tesla that has been perverted. These perversions are what is going into the manufacture of ‘seemingly natural’ events like Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean tsunamis, the typhoon in Burma, the earthquake in China, the floods in the midwest, and on and on it goes. And yet, on the other side of these black magicians’ tricks have to do, for example, with those beautiful, low humidity days with a bright blue cloudless sky. That is, until these magnificent looking formations start to appear, and sometimes even parade across the sky. If you’ve been observing them as long as I have, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that these are no ordinary clouds that just look like they’re in the shape of creatures, or whatever else they might look like aided by the power of suggestion. They are definitely unique and very distinctive from clouds. I’ve seen days where they take on the most unusual shapes, including that of sea creatures. I live on the Atlantic coast and I’ve often wondered if your particular geographical location has a bearing on what forms of sylphs you’re likely to see.( e.g.; bison sylphs in South Dakota, etc.) Could it be that these are the true sylphs whose origins have nothing to do with a purported connection to some illusionary a-spect of the ‘solar system’. Could those ‘sylphs’ be ‘a-spect-res’ conjured up from a realm comprised of false light? There’s certainly plenty of food for thought.

  5. lookinup said,

    July 11, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    Hi Bronte,
    I have been reading your posts with great interest since you started this blog and have been thinking of commenting for some time. We share many of the same viewpoints.

    As far as the slyphs go — I have a funny story about that. I have been aware of chemtrails for many years now and have many photos of giant Xs and As over the San Francisco Bay Area. I have told everyone I know about them and showed them pictures. I do as much as I can to make people aware of them as possible. Last year sometine I read about the slyphs on the site you mentioned. Then I was driving home that night from work through San Francisico and was thinking about the whole slyph thing. I looked up and saw a banner on the street of a musical note in the shape and appearance of a cloud. I thought ha–there you go. You see this kind of cloud symbol stuff alot these days in advertisiing. And then I thought hey well, maybe there really are slyphs. And then a car in another lane suddenly sped up and went through a red light and BAM hit another car in an intersection. I thought MAN! How come you never have a cop around when that happens? And just then a cop appeared out of nowhere and pulled up to the accident. It was the only time I remember actually being aware of a thought form actually materializiing so immediately. Anyway, Im not saying I necessarily belive in slyphs, because Im really not sure I do, but I would like to hope there are some other astral entities helping to offset these weird energies out there! In this world of duality, if there is one camp there are probably two, right?

    I watched a David Icke video many years ago and was so riveted by the information that I stayed up for 2 days watching all the tapes. I also saw him in person several times since and have read all his books. I too was part of a spiritual group for many years and got my kick start there. Its like a light bulb goes off and connections start to be made. Things start to make sense. For me, your blog is part of the connections that are currently firing. Thank you!

    Like Bill Hicks says “Planting seeds” ! I think just allowing that opening of information is very worthwhile. It may not show an immediate result but you cant NOT see a chemtrail later when it is first pointed out. So I continue to do what I can whenever possible.

    On a similar note, tonight they aired a documentary called False Flag 911 on our local community television channel. Made me wonder about the role of chemtrail planes in the skies versus NORAD and 911. We know there was apparently a “drill” that day and Norad was told to “stand down” which is why no jets were scrambled to defend the WTC or the Pentagon. What about the chemtrail planes? What is NORAD told about those? What are air traffic controllers told about those? They must be telling them something to keep them so quiet. I cant help thinking that the NWO and the chemtrails are connected. But if we are feeding the gods (4th dimension entities) with our energy all the time and that is in turn feeding the alien 4th dimension sun gods — what do the chemtrails have to do with the sun? Plenty, right? There has to be a connection. The weather channel documtary alluded to the persistent contrails as having some beneficial effect on blocking the suns rays. But hey–if they were REALLY doing something beneifcial I am sure they would be touting it. But they cant because weather control is officially ILLEGAL. And there are some researchers that say that indeed there is actually LESS sunlight hitting the planet. And then there are camps that say creating an artificial block from the sun (via chemtrails) is a good thing because the ozone is so damaged. Others say it is just creating a messsy soupy wave form to hold such dastardly vibrations as HAARP and blocking satelite radar and/or enhancing scalar weapons. So who knows?? Whats the dish? No one really seems to know (or say) for sure. But I want to know — what this has to do with (the NWO) and feeding the gods/sun gods — because that is apparently what it all comes down to (feeding 4th dimension entities/hence sun gods/chemtrails ??) There has to be a connection. Any thoughts?

  6. brontebaxter said,

    July 11, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Hi Lookinup

    I’m sure nature devas exist, which are called by various names like sylphs, nymphs, driads, fairies, etc. I’m not at all sure they can be trusted. I’m also very skeptical of people looking at clouds that resemble a recognized shape and concluding those are sylphs. That sounds too New Agey woo-woo to me. But then, if I believe sylphs exist, who am I to assume they couldn’t take a cloud form?

    I see you writing “sun gods,” but I think you mean to write “sun sylphs.” According to myth, gods are a higher-strata astral entity (in terms of power, not virtue) than nature spirits, and sylphs are a category of nature spirit, so I don’t think it’s correct to call them gods.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t want to give a lot of thought to this sylph subject more than I have already, because I see no way of determining, as long as we’re live life under the pall the 3D illusion, what the truth is on this matter. I prefer to give my attention to things we can reason or research our way through and get to some truth on, and the subject of sylphs isn’t one of them.

    Regarding your remark, “I would like to hope there are some other astral entities helping to offset these weird energies out there! In this world of duality, if there is one camp there are probably two, right?” I would answer like this: if it’s dual, if its involves camps, it isn’t holistic. Entities who present as good or bad, gods or demons, are two sides of the same god-game. They work together to keep the up-line alive, the system whereby humans feed the astral. We have to look beyond the astral, beyond the realm of duality, if we want to connect with beings beyond the physical dimension who aren’t supported by the human-energy farm.

    That was the point of my remarks to the first poster (above): don’t mess around with interdimensional beings on account of their seeming good or kindly or beautiful or because contact with them makes you feel euphoric. None of that means a thing. It can all be manipulated. Rather, if you wish to connect with pure beings in the unseen, attract them by calling to entities who have a certain nature (who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings). That way you weed out duality, members of both sides of the god-scam.


  7. Barbara said,

    July 11, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    This link is from a news post from Mathew Delooze. I’ll just describe the way to find it.
    If you go to utube videos and in the search space type in “Gansu” and have a look at a video. The title starts “Threat: Exceptional clouds” have a look at that. There are also related videos also showing exceptional clouds. I’ve never seen anything like this.

  8. Barbara said,

    July 11, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    This sylph idea seems a bit far fetched, although one of the exceptional clouds in the video does look a bit like a bird. I think we are looking at something more sinister and man made, There is a fair bit of information on Haarp around. Makes me feel very uneasy. This cloud formation was filmed before the earthquake. Was the earthquake somehow “manufactured”

    What a sheltered life I lead! I’ve never heard of orgonite before but I wouldn’t trust anyone who went into my house when I wasn’t there and even searched under the sink and couldn’t wait until I got back to meet themand discuss what he had found in my house, not only that but then put posts on the internet about me.
    He must have known venusinpisces would read it. When I first read that name I read it as venusinpieces and assumed it was written by a woman but I suppose it could be a man but I don’t think so. Would you like to say venus? Male or female?

  9. Anthony said,

    July 11, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Hello Bronte,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Just one remark regarding orgonite generators. As I understand it, the critical factor is the crystal or crystals within the metal / resin mix. The metal / resin mix simply magnifies the effects of the crystal. The study of the nature and properties of crystals is very interesting (I still have lots to learn).

    Regarding my use of “good” and “bad”, the main reason is that I’m aware that any definition of good or bad I make today is simply my own personal, subjective definition based on my knowledge and gut feeling at this time. From past experience, however, I know that my own position has changed a number of times in my lifetime and is more than likely to change again. I make no claims to completely understanding the world / universe around us, but I do know that I’ve seen through certain lies that I believed in the past. For example, I never questioned 9/11 at the time. I had no reason back then to doubt the official sources. I’ve wised up a lot since then.

    I completely agree with you about historical / religious perspectives of good and bad changing over time. To add to your list, I could add the Egyptian God Seth, who I was reading about at the weekend. When we see how quickly and effectively an event like 9/11 can be falsely represented by the mass media, then how much easier must it have been in the past, when generations of history could be chiselled or burned out of living memory? I tend to follow my intuition in most cases, which leads me, for example, to value very highly the example set by the man I believe was Jesus Christ while being very aware (now at least) that the Christian religion is an elaborate package of several mystical religions. What I will not do, however, is to dismiss Jesus Christ and His message because the packaging has been tampered with.

    Your ideas about “Gods” and “Demons” being both hijackers of energy from the 4th dimension / astral plane is very interesting and made me think a lot when I first read your article. I do send my prayers as high up the chain as possible. Your comment about “The Creator” is also very interesting as somehow negative entities seem to be like lawyers. They don’t care how they trap you so long as you give them of your free will what they want. I very much believe in being careful about to where and to whom I direct my thoughts and prayers.

    Regarding what I wrote about nature spirits, I think that most myths, legend and folklore gives the impression that nature spirits are not to be fooled with. There really are a lot of interesting stories about them. My attitude tends to be one of respect. I respect them for what they are, the “good” and the “bad”. Who am I to judge? But orgonite can heal deep wounds in our environment that manifests itself in sometimes spectacular fashion (and sometimes not so spectacular). I try to show respect to all life forms, but I do stand up for the interests of myself and my family. I have very definite ideas about how the world could develop: free from tyranny. I believe that free will is very important. Both mine and that of others.

    To venusinpisces, yes I can sypmathize and identify very much with your experiences. I was also accused of being an agent and I was also spied on (at the very least) at the etheric / astral level and my private correspondence was read by someone running an orgone forum. I have had no personal experience with cbswork and I have respect for what I know about him. At the same time, I take your story seriously and I am prepared at any time to question my assumptions about anybody and anything. I am prepared to question everything, including myself and my own beliefs and behaviour. Only by moving forward can we hope to grow and to learn.

    I’ve written before on Bronte’s blog that my negative experiences have usually turned out to be productive. Without them, I might have been stuck in situations where I was unaware of certain facts that have helped me to move on. I hope that you can also manage to turn the supposed “negative” into the positive!

    And to make it quite clear, I harbour no grudges or ill will towards those who I feel misjudged me or abused my trust and good will. For me, they are no longer relevant to where I am now, although it can take some time until one can say that with conviction and truly mean it. Betrayal hurts, at one level or another, but dwelling on the pain or seeking revenge is the wrong response. Learn from it. You know that you were the innocent party so what does the judgement of strangers matter.

    I wrote in another post here that it is essential that we live each day with joy. That is a great defence against negative interference, from whatever source.

    Thanks again to Bronte for a gracious and thought-provoking reply!
    Best wishes, Anthony

  10. Anthony said,

    July 11, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    Hello Barbara,

    The Sylph idea might seem far-fetched, but as you start to question everything you often come to the conlcusion that truth is stranger than fiction. That is, the fiction that we have until recently held to be truth is just a twisted fragment of the potential reality that truly surrounds us.

    I take try to take a Sherlock Holmes approach. Stay open to all possibilities until you can absolutely discount something. Truth doesn’t come in black and white, there are innumerable variations out there, some containing more and some containing less truth.

    This is why you have to continually question everything and everybody. Not by being a skeptic or a cynic, but by simply remaining open to the possibility that all is not as it seems and that we still have much to learn.

    I was thinking earlier of the Lord of the Rings where Sam says that Strider (Aragorn) feels foul but seems fair, whereas a spy would seem fair but feel foul. We should listen to our inner voice, foolow our intuition, but be prepared to be wrong. It’s no big deal to be wrong now and again if your intentions are honourable and so long as you are big enough to from your errors.

    You don’t have to watch HAARP clouds in YouTube. Whereevr you live, just watch the sky carefully and you’ll start to see the difference between artificial clouds, which often have an unnatural pasty white colour and/or strange ripple effects like sand when the tide goes out and the natural clouds which are a purer white, puffy, wispy and just have a good feel to them. If you study the artificial clouds you’ll often see hideous looking faces and figures in them, while the natural clouds contain beautiful figures.

    Nature is beautiful. Manmade (satanic influenced) recreations are often poor, ugly imitations.

    As for somebody physically entering venusinpieces apartment. This isn’t necessary for someone who can “remote view”. Again, this might seem far out to some people, but there are some incredible psychic abilities that can achieve things that most people simply would not believe. But surely, surely the people who possess such abilities must recognize the moral obligations that go hand in hand with such talents? Sadly this does not always seem to be the case and there is room for all kinds of abuse, intentional and unintentional. Violating somebody else’s etheric / astral space, for example, can not be excused, but as I wrote earlier about the lawyer’s mentality, there are people who can convince themselves that they have a right to do so, or perhaps they have unwittingly gained “permission” from the victim.

    And as for orgonite. These simple objects are very effective, but they are just objects, which means that they respond to their environment in a neutral fashion. There are wonderful examples of the most beautiful orgonite pieces being made by people who create them in a loving, selfless fashion. There might also, however, be pieces that are at the least less pure because they have been fashioned out of selfish motives, money, power, etc.

    My own experiences of orgonite have been very positive, although anybody who sets out on the path of truthseeking is going to face resistance sooner or later. We have to learn and strengthen ourselves continuously, which is often very, very simple: Be happy, be true, be kind, be loving and be forgiving: to yourself and to others.

    Best wishes,

  11. Sonance said,

    July 11, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Hi Bronte,

    I’ve got to throw in my 2 cents about the orgonite mystery. I have spent some time making it too, and am very familiar with Don Croft and I was taken in by this in 2004/05 and spent hours trying to see results from orgonite. First off, orgone energy is simply described as “life force” energy and can be positive or negative and either can throw off the balance and this was used to change the weather by Reich usually to make it rain. I never heard mention of any ritual or hexagram involved. so something new must have been added to keep the interest up. It seems to me, like most things that seem unrealistic, it’s mostly a lot of hype. People are desperate and put hope in some pretty silly things and I think this is one of them. I admit to being guilty on that count.

    The “sylphs” as decribed on ed-y are entities in between world, and your comparison to faries sound about right. It wasn’t long before I began to wonder if the orgone and the sylphs had some really bad energy connected to it, I’ll remain neutral for now. Don Croft is an excellent story teller, no doubt. I bought one of his zappers, and lo and behold I got zapped and have a scar on my arm in the shape of a penny! Hearing venus’s story it makes a little more sense what Don’s about, he’s given a lot of advice that could seriously put people in danger and the more things I did or bought that he suggested seemed to make my life worse, or attracted some ugly stuff. Of course, I have only myself to blame but I would advise others to look to heal themselves with their own God energy and as you say not go calling around to interdimensional beings for lessons learned the hard way. As they’ve always said “Look within to heal.” It’s best to get your own life to work on a sane level and not be seduced by the secret powers or gifts others claim to use.

    As I consult my Ayurveda book it translates agni to simply mean fire. Apparently, there are different types of agni and they tell of it’s use in digestion. It too, seems to relate to life force energy. In my opinion, I avoid any type of ritual or symbol as more and more it all seems tied to the occult and our prison society which we’re all trying to escape at this time. I guess they don’t call it snake oil for nothing!

    Thanks for discussing this topic.


  12. Barbara said,

    July 11, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    Hello Anthony
    The clouds in the u tube videos before an earthquake in two separate places were bright rainbow colours, nothing like I’ve ever seen and there may be more when no-one had a camcorder going at the time.
    I have seen something in the sky that was like a big string of fairy lights in an orange colour. I wasn’t the only person to see them and it was in our local paper.
    Whether Don went into the room by being let in by a caretaker or on a remote viewing level I agree that he should have respected venusin pisces’s privacy.
    I was having a look so find about more about him and came to an interesting piece about the murder of John Lennon.
    There was also something I would like to find more information about and that is the rumour about the death of Paul McCartney. If Paul is dead who married Heather Mills? Who married Linda Eastman even? She didn’t meet him until 1967. Could there have been two Paul McCartneys? Well there certainly seem to have been two Saddam Husseins (at least). This is getting off the subject of the blog although it is connected in a way because of the control over the music industry and musicians in order to influence ordinary people who listen to the music and watch the concerts and the loosh gathering potential there.
    Best wishes

  13. Anthony said,

    July 11, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Hello Sonance,

    Orgonite is not a hype, nor is it one of those silly things that desperate people look to to solve their problems.

    Of course I respect your own experiences with orgonite, but my personal experiences have shown again and again that a simple mix of crystals, resin and metal shavings can produce dramatic results. Artificial HAARP-induced clouds that vapourize within minutes. Descreasing smog and pollution levels over time. The brown haze that used to hang over the hills here is hardly ever to be seen. They’re even complaining in Germany that the clean air is contributing to global warming (not!).

    Don Croft is an excellent story teller, but again, through personal experience, I would give credence to most of his stories (some of his reports are subjective as he himself says), and many other seemingly fantastic stories related by other people, whether related to orgonite or UFOs or reptiles, other dimensions or other “far-out topics”.

    As it happens, Don Croft is the man who accused me (and many others) of being an agent, basically because I disagreed with him on an issue and I also quoted from websites that he disapproved of. I was not going to be told where I could look for my information, and things got completely out of hand. It was basically just silly; except that when you get involved with orgonite you are going to attract attention from unpleasant (often 4th dimensional) sources. I endured what I interpreted to be astral attacks. Fortunately I could fend them off without too much difficulty, but I did feel betrayed by people I had put a lot of faith in.

    I would always defend Don’s reputation where I feel it to be appropriate, which applies very much to the work he has done and he has also been an inspiration to many people. At the same time, there are parts of his character (and I don’t know the man personally) that I disapprove of: for example, his tendency to bracket so many people as agents or his often dismissive / patronizing approach to the “pajama people”.

    ** Barbara: Yes, I also saw the rainbow clouds in China! Very impressive. There are different interpretations, but something big was happening. My point earlier is basically that every one of is surrounded by unusual phenomenon, we just just need to open our eyes. Your “fairy light” experience is a good example! I recently saw 6 or 8 (can’t remember) reddish / orange lights in the night sky that moved like helicopters but didn’t blink at all. Interestingly, similar reports are coming in from around the world.

    The Paul McCartney topic is maybe off-topic, but I did research into it recently (I was always a big Beatles fan). The original link came from Don Bradley’s blog and I was amazed when I saw the Heather Mills interviews, combined with some information on the whole Paul is Dead thing, which started way back in the 60’s. I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t decide either way what was the truth here, but I remained open. Yesterday, my father posted me an article from a British newspaper covering the Paul is Dead story, but interestingly they omitted certain details, especially the Heather Mills interviews. It read like a typical big media story where they give you part truths to keep you away from the big truth (and the article was very much tongue in cheek: everything’s a joke: take nothing seriously; it’s so easy to dismiss things and laugh at them).

    Which brings me back to this topic. We should all think very hard before we dismiss (or accept) anything based on somebody’s opinion. No matter how authoritative they seem. No matter how much good sense (or truth) they’ve provided us with thus far.

    As we climb the mountain of truth, we will be intentionally (and unintentionally) misled. Don’t worry if you take a wrong turn now and again. Recognize your error, learn from it, and continue the ascent, wiser than before.

    Paul McCartney? Maybe be is Billy Shears, but my research only showed my again that he was by far my least favourite Beatle before and after 1966. But John Lennon…. Hmmm!

  14. Anthony said,

    July 11, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    Sorry for posting so much here today…

    But I really wanted to make it quite clear that while I fully accept venusinpisces interpretation of what happened to her, I am not taking sides here. I don’t know enough to be able to judge. I can only repeat that I have found Don Bradley’s words and pictures very inspirational and he writes a lot of interesting things. He is also a loving father of his boys, which as the father of 3 children is something we share in common. Don Bradley wrote recently of how he has been persecuted for taking the stand he has for so many years.

    We should not rule out the possibility of mischief-making that can sow distrust and lead to misunderstandings between people who should really be working together.

    Don Croft accused me of being a fence-sitter. If I am unable to make an honest judgement then what better place to be than sitting on the fence? How can I take sides when I don’t know all the facts? I might have a gut instinct, which is quite often a good thing to follow, but until I have facts or personal experience, then I will remain neutral.

    Best regards, Anthony

  15. mick said,

    July 11, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    Another fascinating and enthralling discussion. Just to lob in my penny’s worth. If anybody wants to judge for themselves the validity or no of Don Croft then is the site to visit. Educate-Yourself only have back issues of his Adventures series as far as I know.

  16. Brian said,

    July 11, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Who’s to say that the true sylphs that I referred to earlier aren’t 3D manifestations of those unseen benevolent ones from beyond these realms of mischief? I would like to think that there are enough people in the world at this time who are beginning to realize their true power as being grounded in love which is being responded to in the form of a legitimate presence in the skies. I mean, at some point one’s intuition has to correctly determine when it’s actually physically seeing a sign that reflects our awakening. To me, these benign entities-if you can differentiate from the malevolently conjured ones- are one such sign. If we are to profess our ability to learn, then eventually we have to KNOW that we’ve actually learned something. As for orgonite, I think it can simply be seen as training wheels on a bicycle, or as having a placebo effect. Ultimately, the power of our focused intent of love as a force of action viscerally summoned from the heart will reap the fruits of what we are striving for. Those beings from ‘beyond’ are reciprocating that love in a spirit of mutual consent. I’m sorry if this sounds too ‘new-agey’. But sooner or later we’ve got to know when we’re winning some of these cat n’ mouse games

  17. Anthony said,

    July 11, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Now this is off-topic, but I found it very uplifting and it fits with some of the advice posted by Bronte about becoming self-sufficient:

    “From Motown to Growtown”. Good luck to all involved!

  18. venusinpisces said,

    July 12, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my story. And just to clarify, I am not trying to start any kind of drama or work up hostility towards the orgonite people. It’s just that I saw over and over on their boards how they all participated in remote viewing anyone who attempted to communicate with them or join the boards. In my opinion, this is a very serious violation of boundaries and an abuse of any psychic abilities they may have. If they were only directing these energies at George Bush and the Rockefellers, maybe I would feel differently, but the fact is that the vast majority of people who have been targeted are regular every day folks.
    One of the problems I have with the Bush administration is their complete disrespect for the private lives of US citizens. Wire-tapping is now considered to be an acceptable way to deal with not only suspected terrorists, but also the average joe. If the truthseeker community recognizes these invasive activities as problematic, then why is there a green light for the same kind of boundary violation happening in the etheirc realm?
    That having been said, I don’t think that orgonite is a hoax. Don Croft promised that if you experimented with orgonite enough, you would be visited by black helicopters and followed by “agents”. Well, I was very blatantly followed by somebody while gifting, and during the time when i was planting the most orgone, I awoke one morning to the sight of a black helicopter hovering 30 feet outside my window. Also, towerbusters will make crystals grow out of ice when they are placed on top of the freezer. That is a fact. But, as with all things occult, just because you get results doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. Who knows, maybe orgonite actually opens some kind of portal to communicate with negative entities. Most people who have read about Wilhelm Rech know that he had to pretty much shut down his lab because it drew black storm clouds and UFOs. But many people have claimed to have acheived miraculous results from orgone, so I really don’t know.
    If my tone towrds the orgonite movement seems more harsh than it did in my previous post, that is because the story was written several years ago and since then I have had time for a lot of reflection on the subject. i don’t harbor any resentment towards the group at this point, I mostly just wanted to let other people know what they are getting into. I also wanted to hear from other people who experienced this, because the entire situation was so confusing to me when it happened and I’m still trying to make sense of it all. The thing is, I believe that Don Bradley, like many disinfo agents, has an enormous amount of valuable intel. I have learned a lot by browsing his websites. But I am alarmed by how someone’s access to intel gives them automatic respect in the truthseeker movement.
    I really, really wanted the orgone thing to work. I fully believe in chemtrails and emf pollution, and have not lost hope that there is a way, possibly even orgone, for all of us to deal with these problems in a constructive way.

  19. brontebaxter said,

    July 12, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Sonance, you wrote “As I consult my Ayurvedic book, it translates simply to mean fire. Apparently, there are different types of fire, and they tell of its use in digestion.”

    Do a Yahoo search on “agni definition” (I just did), and see what you find. Agni is the Hindu god of fire, and the Hindus believe it is he who expresses through all physical forms of fire, including the “fire of digestion.” Agni is a god, period. When you do agnihotra, you are giving energy to this god.

    The fact that an Ayurvedic book “translates it simply to mean fire” is just another example of what I have been saying: that the true significance of what we’re doing when we practice Eastern rituals is kept from us by those who promote the rituals. Ayurveda is the ancient medicinal lore of India. It is very much rooted in Hindu doctrines and gods. This includes rigid doctrines like the caste system, which pigeonhole people’s natures by things like birth or body type, and prescribe remedies accordingly.

    You have to look pretty deeply into Ayurveda to find these connections, but they’re there if you research. It isn’t obvious on the surface, in places like popular Ayurvedic books, whose goal is to modernize and popularize Ayurveda.

    Ayurveda was called by the ancient “seers” who invented it, “the World Medicine.” Interesting term, don’t you think, in light of the New “World” Order?


  20. Rob said,

    July 12, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Bronte wrote: “I find it’s better to use no name or title, since names and titles, like symbols, connect us energetically to what the name represents.

    If we pray to “the creator” for instance, and the creator of our material universe is indeed one of the gods as scriptures claim, then by using the term “the creator” we hook up with a limited, self-serving entity who supports aging and suffering and death and who has some limited power but is not the true God, the infinite, loving consciousness that is the source of everything.”

    While I usually end up agreeing with you in principle, Bronte, sometimes I think you get caught up in your subjective definitions of words and hence make sweeping judgments about their meaning. For me, “the creator” IS ‘the infinite, loving consciousness that is the source of everything’ and God is the white bearded tyrant in the Sistine Chapel. The ‘true God’ you refer to just reminds me of the Jesus Freaks who were trying to convert me back in the sixties: “ours is the one true God,” they would say and tell me that if I joined their church I would be saved. “Isn’t God love?” I’d ask and they’d reply, “yes, but . . .”

    I don’t think Wikipedia is really the last word on definitions and I know, thanks to the David Icke website, that people with agendas fiddle with the definitions in Wikipedia to suit their purposes. Everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – I read about on the internet is defined, interpreted and practiced in a variety of ways, depending upon where you look.

    Like words, messages too are subject to a variety of interpretations. Some of the respondents to your posts talk about a “war’ between those of us who have ‘awakened’ to the machinations of the NWO. I can easily imagine a cult arising where self-proclaimed followers of David Icke start going around and killing those they imagine to be ‘shape shifting reptilians.’ I’m sure there’s nothing your ‘4th dimensional entities’ would like better!

    Words DO have power – whether they’re mantras, sanskrit names of deities or everyday English. The original definition of ‘glamour’ for instance is “a magic spell” and isn’t that what it really is? But should I therefore fear every girl who wants to be “glamourous?” Should I forbid my daughter from wearing makeup?

    There are other words that to my mind have sublime original meanings that have, for whatever reasons, been perverted. Chief amongst them, in my opinion, is “forgiveness.” In its purest form it has an entirely different meaning to the way it’s commonly understood. I used to hate that word: I saw images of angry parents and preachers saying, “I forgive you for being such a bad person” or “if you don’t do it again, I’ll forgive you” or “Aren’t I wonderful because I’m such a forgiving person.” But its original meaning is to “fore-give.” In that sense there is no prior blame, no self- praise, no egotistical pat on the back. For me forgiveness has become a doorway towards understanding that
    “God” REALLY IS LOVE and nothing else and that “God” is our true, free, shared Self .That SELF is synonymous (by my definition) with ATMAN and as the Hindu scriptures say, “Atman and Brahman are One.” The difficulty arises when we think that God or Brahman is someone “out there” who wields ultimate power and before whom we must bow. What does love do? Love gives. Love gives be-fore (fore-gives) asking for something in return (in fact, never asks for something in return: what does love need?). How can any entity that loves be threatened or be a threat to others? By your definition, “the true God [is] the infinite, loving consciousness that is the source of everything.” I agree with you whole-heartedly on that. But by my definition [and I know you can quote sources that will convincingly contradict me – I’ve read them too: I know that Brahman is one of the Hindu trinity – Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva and I’m aware of a squillion interpretations of those names as well], “Brahman” could be substituted for “God” and nothing would be lost.

    Before English was spoken, Sanskrit was the language from which many others were derived: it was a highly sophisticated language long before Latin (from which English is primarily derived) came on the scene. It sometimes seems strange to me that the carefully chosen definitions you use to clarify your meaning actually reflect the definitions used by Hindu scholars and gurus (lit. teacher) of integrity and yet you make blanket statements that imply that Sanskrit or at least the Hindu scriptures are wholly ‘evil.’

    My point is not to convert anyone to anything. I couldn’t care less about the pros and cons of mantra meditation or any other Hindu devotional practice. What I’m interested in is the INTENTION behind the practice. That is trans-cultural. Is one’s intention in prayer to get something in return? Is one’s intention in meditation to gain some sort of glorious personal enlightenment? Is one’s intention in daily life to ‘take care of number 1?’ If so, I think that intention will automatically attract the attention of those, whether 4th dimensional or human, who also want something for themselves, be it money or energy or political power. If the intention is to gain insight into ultimate reality, the ‘true, the good and the beautiful’ and/or unconditional love, one will attract the attention of those who can help us towards those ends.

  21. Sonance said,

    July 12, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Okay Kids, settle down and let’s look at this again. I respect your passion and please know I’m only communicating my understanding of this.

    I did a google search on agni, I live in the US, maybe we get different info – that’s a whole other topic. Here’s what I got from wikipedia:

    Agni is a Hindu and Vedic deity. The word agni is Sanskrit for “fire” (noun), cognate with Latin ignis (the root of English ignite), Russian ogon (fire), pronounced agon, and ogni, pronounced agni (fires). Lithuanian – ugnis (fire). Agni has three forms: fire, lightning and the sun. [1]

    Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire[2] and the acceptor of sacrifices. The sacrifices made to Agni go to the deities because Agni is a messenger from and to the other gods. He is ever-young, because the fire is re-lit every day, yet he is also immortal. snip

    The word agni is Sanskrit for “fire”

    I agree there is a god named after fire, there’s no question, but the word symbolizes fire – can fire be a god? I do not follow any religion and never have, as they all contradict each other and don’t seem to bring out the things I believe god is all about. When I think of Ayurveda, it’s more of practical guide to balancing yourself as they provide suggestions to remedy some imbalances. If your mouth is dry maybe it’s time for some spicy food. Obviously, I’m not an expert on Hindu’s and perhaps this is why I’m lacking the passion or fear about it. I’m just saying I read the website everyday for a 2 or 3 years and I never heard mention of any ritual and if anything it was strickly opposed to any sort of occult behavior. They even frowned upon putting any other stones in the orgonite as it might disrupt the flow.

    I’m way familiar with the Etheric Warriors, I remember when Don left to go do that. I have seen the faces in the sky, whatever they may be. I have made plenty of orgone and still have problems with 4th D entities or government entities I’m not sure which. If orgonite did break up any chemtrails it seemed to attract the planes back, if definitely does something but I’m not sure what. My point being about hype is from what I’ve learned about other sites with similar “life crisis” solving techniques and that is people make a living running these sites an so they have an interest in sucking people in and getting donations for their time.

    If you logically think about what Don Croft says about dropping TBs everywhere and healing the toxins of the earth and then go yourself you’ll probably find people following you. Now how could that be? Let’s think, what could he be connected too? He went into someone’s house, his father was a cia agent, let’s think – what could he be? Yes- really! Isn’t it a small coincidence that he managed to visit during the brief time venus was out and then spread rumors about her apartment, who could gain access on demand? I know how to remote view, and have heard all about the women warriors. I know the whole deal, believe me and in the end I think we are all the same. They are no better or more gifted than you or I or anyone else for that matter. I do believe these sites are heavily tracked as is most everything these days, if you don’t live here in the US I’ll tell you – It’s much worse than it sounds. Why? I don’t know. We lived through a rough draft of this in the 70’s but this is barely even plausible, so sneaking around government towers could land you in some trouble, be careful, that’s all.

    I’m not trying to agrue, this is exactly what disinfo does, it divides people. That’s just what it’s goal is and it works. If you take some valid information and mix it in with some nonsense, then get a little edgy so people take sides there goes any consensus and look how much time people waste instead of doing what really matters. Like I said earlier, I’m neutral about orgonite, if it makes you feel good, great. It never hurts to take things with a grain of salt though.

    Best Wishes,

  22. Barbara said,

    July 12, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Rob when you say “some of the respondents talk about a “war ” can you be more specific? Which post? which comments? They are all numbered.

    There is nothing that “self proclaimed followers of David Icke” would be less likely to do than go around killing anyone they believed to be shape shifting reptilians because a being is going to reincarnate. You could certainly kill a body but that is all.

    “Glamour” derives from an old Scots word.

    Anthony do you have a link to the Heather Mills interviews? It would be really interesting. Heather Mills was portrayed in the British Media as the most hated woman in the country, marrying Paul for his money and having no pre-nuptial financial agreement . I would like to see her side of it.

    Those orange lights in the sky. Interesting that they haven’t just been here.
    I wonder if anyone else reading this has seen them or knows anything about them.

  23. mick said,

    July 12, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    If I may throw in a tuppence regarding words. Credo Mutwa relates the legend that before our enslavement we were androgynous beings who communicated telepathically, using images not words. Speech was not used as it wasn’t necessary. There is an Egyptian legend that I barely remember, but the gist is as follows: The god Thoth visits the first pharoah and presents him with the gift of writing. The pharoah accepts as Thoth is a god, but notes sorrowfully that this “gift” will destroy his peoples’ inner connection and cause division and misunderstanding. In most creation stories I have read the naming of things is an important step in the development of humankind. But is it not one of the major chains of our spiritual enslavement?
    The articles by Ellis C Taylor often contain excellent examples of the occult word play used by the so called illuminati.

  24. brontebaxter said,

    July 12, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    Wow, you guys, this is quite a discussion.

    Rob, I’m so far away from you on this stuff that it’s too much to even try and address. I will correct one point of fact, however. Brahman in Indianism means the consciousness that holds together everything in the world, the universal mind stuff. It is not considered to be a person. Brahma, on the other hand, is an individual: the creator of worlds, the first god of the Hindu trinity. Considered by Indians to be completely different.

    Sonance: In India, Agni is considered to be a god, the god of fire, and fire is considered to be this god’s body, his manifestation. So yes, Agni does mean fire, but what you haven’t understood (probably because I haven’t explained it well) is that in Indianism, fire itself is a deity. Fire itself is a god. The modern “popular” definitions you find, such as on agnihotra sites, don’t spill the part about the deity typically, anymore than Maharishi spilled that the mantras he taught us were names of Hindu gods.

    My point is that the teachers of these practices don’t want to advertise to their recruits what the rituals actually are doing, because if they did, a lot of people would leave, or not get involved in the first place.

    I’m not saying there’s no value in Ayurveda. It offers some practical solutions to some health problems. I’m saying that when you dig beneath the surface, there’s some weird stuff there.


  25. mick said,

    July 12, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    What is a god? An entity, or entites, that claim to be a creator of existence and all included in it? An entity that demands worship? Or feeding? Do we need gods or “The God” to exist?
    The term god seems to be utterly loaded, with many triggers deep in the subconscious. As an example, and no character slur intended, Ken Adachi of Educate-Yourself comes across as a rational, insightful guy who does alot to expose the crap that is going on in this cystem (I’m borrowing that spelling as I too think its great). But question the existence of jesus christ and a veritable torrent of invective will gush forth. Buttons have been pressed to great effect.
    The point being, for entities that demand utter faith (generally) in their existence and powers, for which the conventional historical evidence is often spurious, they certainly have a tight grip of our psyche.

  26. brontebaxter said,

    July 13, 2008 at 5:12 am

    Rob, one thought on your observation that it’s inconsistent for me to promote some ideas you’ve found in Indianism while at the same time I disparage the gurus who (you say) teach the same. Disinformers are successful in what they do because they win people’s admiration and trust by sharing a certain portion of the truth. Their followers hear the truth served up along with their toxic lies, and they swallow the lies whole, because the people resonated with the truth they heard from that teacher and therefore assume all that teacher says must be right and good. It’s a lot like a fish swallowing a hook because the bait tastes wholesome, or a person swallowing poison because it’s undetectable in a drink.

    Of course some of the things I say are like some of the ancient teachings. Hopefully, the similarity is in areas where the ancient teachings were true, not in the areas of their disinformation. We need to wade through the world’s famous teachings, and determine, from reason, experience, and soul sense, what is truth and what is deception. One of the great mistakes truth-seekers can make is to judge a person who speaks something that resonates with them as being trustworthy and a good guy. I certainly did that in the 70s with Maharishi. The deceivers slip right past our radar that way.

    We need to retain a critical, filtering attitude toward everything we hear, even when it comes to writers and thinkers who are indeed genuine. Even the wisest and most well-intentioned people can see or call something wrong, can make an error in perception or judgment.


  27. Sonance said,

    July 13, 2008 at 5:24 am


    I think I understand what you mean about Ayurveda, it certainly has some sort of mystique, and I think you see a lot of that hidden in religion and such. Curiously, I am not finding this bit about the ritual and fire god on the educate-y website. When I visit it most of the stuff about chem-trails and orgone is older, from around 2004-5. Judging by the your over-view of the topic that seems fairly odd itself, I know I wouldn’t have missed that. hmm?

    As for Mick’s comment about god’s, yes I believe we’re heavily loaded for triggers about god in our psyche. We seem to be easy marks! I have come to believe it’s the so called gods or demi-gods such as thoth that are part of this controlling realm and I’ve decided to not give them any distinction other than an entity just for safety sake.

    Thank you all for your interesting veiwpoints!

  28. brontebaxter said,

    July 13, 2008 at 6:30 am

    Sonance, I provided a link to the Agnihotra article on the educate-yourself website in the article above. Here it is again, below. Tip: you have to scroll down the page to see the article. When you open to it, it’s looks like you’re in the index. But under the index, is the agnihotra article. Here’s the link:


  29. Rob said,

    July 13, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    1) I said I could easily imagine “self-proclaimed followers of David Icke going around killing people” simply because such things happen so regularly. I have seen several posts that mention a ‘war’ – couldn’t possibly go back through all the posts and don’t feel it’s necessary. My only point was that no matter who the messenger or what the message, it will be twisted.
    2) I know glamour is an old Scots word. I learned about it meaning “a magic spell” from a friend who grew up in the Orkneys and later saw it listed as the number 1 definition in an old dictionary.
    3)someone else elaborated on “Agni” so it’s just as well I didn’t mention it before. I was going to comment on “Agni is the friend of guns” – another example of meanings (symbolic or literal) being changed with time: I’m sure ‘agni’ the noun and ‘Agni’ the spiritual energy was around long before guns were.
    4)yes, I agree about jumping into something because a portion of it resonates as “true.” As I said at the start of my post, I usually agree with you in principle. Maybe almost always. Again, back to my David Icke followers comment – Bronte wrote: “We need to retain a critical, filtering attitude toward everything we hear” – that would be everything, New Age or ancient, traditional or modern.

  30. brontebaxter said,

    July 13, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Rob, after sitting with your comments from yesterday, I realized you had just inspired me to write the next article. I’ve been meaning to do one on the power of symbols, and your remarks provoke good questions from which to launch it.


  31. Sonance said,

    July 14, 2008 at 5:07 am


    Thanks for the link, that helps explain. Z-S Livingstone is trained in some form or modality I’m having trouble naming. Here’s how Ken A. introduces him to the site:

    “I will post a more substantial biography about Z-S Livingstone who received training from the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek G.E.O.M. from 1970 to 1981 (G.E.O.M. stands for Golden Etheric Order of Melchizedek. ZSL informed me that the A&O had its charter pulled in 1981, but the teachings continue). In the interim, read these wonderful articles, for they open a new vista into our understanding of the forces at play here on this fragile planet we call Mother Earth.”

    He has written about working with elementals and the like at length. I’m not sure this is directing others to attempt the practice though, but as I said I haven’t been following this site as I feel it has changed over the years. It seems to open up a sense of panic for me when reading all the horrible news. I’ll say one thing for Don Croft in that he did bring a feeling of hope to the otherwise dire situation. Thanks for sharing the link.


  32. bev said,

    July 14, 2008 at 7:37 am

    In terms of nature spirits, I have always believed and worked with. Although it is not as has been protrayed in the books/pictures. As part of my culture we have always believed that spirit lives in everything living. It was through telepathic powers that the communication took place. I have followed research on chemtrails for a number of years. The pictures of various spirits however I just came across through your blog. So I did a bit of research. Some I couldn’t exactly see anything. One can only perceive what is in the realms of one’s perception, and what one wants to believe. The asking these spirits to cleanse the chemtrails is too new agey. It is like the ask your angels to guide you. Enstein said the imagination was powerful.

    In terms of the various gods and old meanings and scriptures. Why pray to any gods? Why petition for anything? Why waste one’s energy? The old scriptures are old and haven’t exactly changed anything. All of this information has to read with the understanding of the times. Meanings have changed and times have changed.

    In terms of looking at things from a point of distrust, would it not be more to our benefit to look at things from an open mind? In looking at things from a point of distrust, are we not starting from fear? In starting from fear we are really saying, we do not trust ourselves. I think Rob was correct when he said he ultimately knows the difference between good and evil. Is he not using his own innate power?

    Just a few thoughts..bev

  33. mick said,

    July 14, 2008 at 8:05 am

    It seems to me ZSL is primarily extolling the efficacy of the ash produced from the ritual, along with communication with nature elementals, to purify soil of contaminants. Apparently with startling results. Reminds me of the original Findhorn project (of which there are critics regarding Theosophical links). The mention of orgonite is just in passing in regard to his opinion of organite being linked to air and water elementals.
    He does state that use of ash balls apparently reduced gun crime, guns being firearms and therefore connected with fire elementals.
    This does not invalidate the suspicions regarding the ritual itself and its seeming insidious nature when considered from a sun worship and energy syphoning stand point. I personally have never felt comfortable with eastern rituals, though Ken does seem to extol the Vedas. I agree with Brontes comment that scriptures are a mix of truth and years of tampering and disinformation. All part of the territory, I guess.
    When I’ve visited ethericwarriors I’ve never seen mention of Agnihotra or any such rituals being linked to orgonite use. Though visualisation and etheric grounding is discussed. Elementals and Jinn , and their place in the scheme of thing is also debated.
    The symbolism of the sun worship is probably never even considered as relevant.

  34. brontebaxter said,

    July 14, 2008 at 9:18 am

    Thanks, Sonance, for researching Livingstone (the guy who wrote about using agnihotra on the educate-yourself website article) and finding his link to the Order of Melchizedek. The Order of Melchizedek has been associated in conspiracy research with a group that promotes the conspiracy. (I think Robert Morning Sky was the first place I read of the connection, or it may have been in Icke.)

    You write: “It seems to open up a sense of panic for me when reading all the horrible news. I’ll say one thing for Don Croft in that he did bring a feeling of hope to the otherwise dire situation.”

    I don’t know enough about Don Croft to have an opinion about him, but I do have a problem with the way of thinking I hear you express in that quote. The deceivers always play on what humanity finds “horrible news” by offering their solution. They thereby bring “a feeling of hope to an otherwise dire situation.” But they are the ones who stirred up the problem in the first place.

    That’s what David Icke describes as the old problem-reaction-solution strategy. They create a problem, get everyone panicky, then say “Now now, be soothed, we’ll take care of you all by fixing it like this.” Then we’re right where they want us, doing just what they desired, a situation they created by introducing the problem in the first place.

    We therefore have to be very vigilant of our natural human tendency to panic then look for someone to save us. I’m concerned that the orgonite movement may be driven by just that. Maybe it’s doing something useful, actually changing the environment. Maybe not. But if our subconscious motivation for latching onto orgonite as a solution to chem trails, etc. is because we’re scared and want to feel comforted, our attitude is fertile ground for our own exploitation. We might as well join a guru or a religion or the Obama campaign. Those make you feel cozy, too.

    Bev, you wrote: “In terms of looking at things from a point of distrust, would it not be more to our benefit to look at things from an open mind? In looking at things from a point of distrust, are we not starting from fear? In starting from fear we are really saying, we do not trust ourselves. I think Rob was correct when he said he ultimately knows the difference between good and evil. Is he not using his own innate power?”

    I say, can we really tell the difference between good and evil that easily? The bulk of humanity generally confuses the two, mistaking deceivers for saviors. That’s why we’re well on our way to a global fascist state, with the majority of folks thinking everything coming down is good and all right. Are you and Rob more capable than most people of picking out deceptions disguised as truth? I suggest not, when I see you equate being cautious with coming from fear. What you call open-mindedness is lack of critical thought, gullibility.

    “In starting from distrust,” you say, “we’re really saying we don’t trust ourselves.” No. We’re really saying we don’t trust, without examination, solutions and philosophies in a world of illusions spun by entities who want to enslave the planet. To be cautious and discerning is very much to be trusting of ourselves. If we aren’t cautious and discerning in the kind of world we live in, any trust we have in ourselves is unwarranted.


  35. Rob said,

    July 14, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Bev wrote: “I think Rob was correct when he said he ultimately knows the difference between good and evil. Is he not using his own innate power?” – “Ultimately” is the key word there and of course I think it’s true of all of us. Ultimately we are the only ones capable of discerning truth vs falsehood. Bronte got stuck in the Maharishi’s net for a long time, but ultimately disentangled herself. I got stuck in the guru game for about 10 years, even though some of the very gurus I was going to for “enlightenment” told me not to!!! One my first trip to India I got Hep A and got over it quickly thanks to an Ayurvedic remedy a Western-trained Indian doctor prescribed. Hence I’m in the strange position of being both wary of Hinduism (and religions in general) and respectful of the fact that many individuals have learned from their religious and cultural heritages and then transcended them.

    Open mindedness and critical thinking ideally should go hand-in-hand. I think I tend to over-react to Bronte’s negative criticisms of Hinduism because I was fortunate enough to meet some practicing yogis and Hindus who had an open-minded and critical attitude towards their own religion. I know that when I look back at my original post, I took an uncharacteristically hostile position and I apologise for that.

    I think that fear and anger have their place in the scheme of things – as warning signals. But in the end they’re not very good guides! Thanks Bronte for not over-reacting to my post. The quiet, respectful and thoughtful nature of your blog is what keeps it going in a positive direction!

  36. Brian said,

    July 14, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Mick, Ken Adachi, the editor of the E/Y website HAS explicitly stated that orgonite devices attract sylphs( I’m assuming that’s what you mean by ‘solar angels’) That Z.S. Livingstone has merely speculated on this sounds about right to me. And speaking of ZSL, I think it was Icke who referenced the Melchizedeks as one of the early alien races that came to this planet and set themselves up as among the ‘gods’ that ‘seeded’ the human race. And then from there the reptillians got involved that produced even more ‘gods’ ( The Nephilim) The story has it that the Melchizedeks were blond, blue-eyed aryan types( how’s that for a master race connotation. Anyone up for a little Nietzsche? I didn’t think so.) It seems that the more I think about it, the more I see it all as a kind of perpetuation of this world of dense matter as we are forever conditioned to perceive it. I think maybe when all is said and done this whole business is just keeping us spinning our wheels and going around in circles at the same time, as usual. Diversions and distractions. Distractions and diversions. I love these moments when I feel an epiphany has come over me and all there is left to do is to laugh at all the absurd illusions. Can I get an amen?

  37. Brian said,

    July 14, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    Oops, I forgot, Amen is another one of those Egyptian gods, isn’t he. So let me re-phrase that. Can I get a Hootchi Mama??!!

  38. Anthony said,

    July 14, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    This thread is such a great example of how truth seekers from a wide variety of backgrounds and with often very different opinions and experiences can come together and share these opinions in a productive way!

    Thank you to all of you who responded to my posts, whether in agreement, disagreement or whatever. There was a strong element of mutual respect here, starting with Bronte’s response to my first post and continuing through the thread. This is something that is so rare in the Internet and I think is one of the reasons why Bronte’s site is so popular at the moment.

    Bronte described the role of the ego in one of the earlier threads. The ego, not as something to be obliterated, but to be cleansed of all the false programming and BS that we’ve accumulated and then refined to reveal our true selves (at least that is my understanding).

    So often, discussions get lost in petty ego-driven squabbles, with people trying to prove a point or even hurt others. This discussion, however, is another great example of how we can make our own opinions, listen to others and learn some more. I’ve gained some new impulses from this discussion!

    Barbara: Just search on YouTube Heather Mills Paul McCartney GMTV Interview.

    My last word on Orgonite. I had some very strange experiences simply by reading educate-yourself. If we accept the matrix type idea, I think that anybody who starts to question our perceived “reality” is going to attract attention. From experience, I would say that the best psychic defence is to stay grounded, healthy, happy and positive.

    Questioning the matrix can be traumatic, which is why most people don’t even get that far, or when confronted with uncomfortable facts, they choose denial rather than pursuing the path of truth, despite the evidence surrounding us that we are being led by evil criminals.

    I’m pleased to read that Bronte will be discussing Symbols! Another suggestion for a future topic would be COINTELPRO. Not just the historical event in the 60’s and the written code of disinformation, but also the way that people free of any connections with official disinfo sources can parrot the disinfo lines. And of course, suggestions for how truthers can deal with the ignorance, ridicule, attacks, etc that we face when we set off certain triggers. is another site for anybody curious about orgonite and people’s experiences.

    Best regards, Anthony

  39. Rob said,

    July 14, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Anthony wrote: “But surely, surely the people who possess such abilities must recognize the moral obligations that go hand in hand with such talents? Sadly this does not always seem to be the case and there is room for all kinds of abuse, intentional and unintentional.”

    I read about a practicing Druid who was adept at his craft. As well as manipulating others, he ultimately wreaked havoc on his own life as a result of his mis-use of his psychic abilities. The good news is that he learned from his mistakes and went to work on himself.

    I personally know someone who is a healer. I’ve seen her do amazing, even “miraculous” things. About 35 years ago she saved a man’s life who didn’t want his life saved. In retrospect she felt that she had mis-used her ability because she believes we don’t have the right to over-ride another’s will. She only helps those who ask for her help now.

    The symbols article will be an interesting one!

  40. bev said,

    July 15, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Bronte: If we are operating from distrust when we are investigating something, are we not operating from all our past programming, beliefs, previous experiences, memories and conditionning? With all these installed programs running don’t we end up reacting to new situations or information based on our past experiences. If in the past someone provided us with inaccurate info and we holding onto this experience do we not end up clouding any new information with the past “bad” experience.? I am not saying to accept everything one hears or reads. I am saying that if one would take the time to just listen and watch all sides of a discussion without any preconceived notions or judgments they will put themselves in a better situation of discerning what is truth to that individual. To me the critical thinking comes in after I have listen fully. Isn’t this really what meditation is all about…being fully aware in the moment?
    In terms of the orgone. Wilhelm Reich was an interesting scientist. One of his better books was “Listen, Little Man!” It was written after the US government tried to kill orgone research…as it has tried to kill other research which is not accepted by the government or mass majority. It is a good book in that it shows how conditionning destroys the human potential that is within.
    thanks for all your work and for everyone else’s posts…it is all interesting material.

  41. dxguy said,

    July 15, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Don’t know about all this “agent” stuff and all. Many of us spend time reading these forums trying to understand what is behind Orgonite. I thank Sensei Dennis for putting out some really good Youtube videos on how to make
    TB’s and HHG’s. That got me started. I found it was easier for me to measure out resin in 16 oz increments. I have gifted our local Verizon tower
    with one HHG, buried less than 100 feet from the bottom of the cell tower. I intuited that the tower had to be busted first, then the entire highway
    was gifted at 3 mile intervals. I used a combo of both TB’s and HHG’s. The chemtrails were criss-cross all over the sky before I started. After some weeks of all the deployments done, I have WATCHED a battle in the sky
    between the chemtrail planes, the deployed Orgonite and a huge Sylph.

    The Sylph look like a large bird with outspread wings. The edges of the wings looked like they were done with an airbrush. It all looked very etheric
    with the way the Sylph appeared. The wings were outstretched and the planes looked angry. They kept trying over and over and over different
    patterns, to no avail. The Sylph got all of the trails, and brought it into itself.
    I was all over in an hour. After that time, their weren’t any remains of what the planes had done. It was MOST AMAZING to watch. I doubt many humans viewing this could have understood what they were watching.

    The planes have NOT been back since and this was weeks ago. They were spraying on Sundays, in the afternoon. That had been the long-standing established pattern. I would get pissed watching this, every weekend. Once
    the decision to make and deploy Orgonite was done, it took some action
    and time but the results culminated in watching the Sylph do it’s thing.

    Other uses I’m trying with Orgonite – Gifing my local electrical meter pedestal
    to see if it can slow down the meter – One HHG buried at it’s base, a smaller
    TB directly atop the meter glass. I’ve read elsewhere where this was tried with success, to the point the electric company was freaking out. Guess we’ll see when the next bill cycle goes through. :-)

  42. Sonance said,

    July 15, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Bronte said:

    I don’t know enough about Don Croft to have an opinion about him, but I do have a problem with the way of thinking I hear you express in that quote. The deceivers always play on what humanity finds “horrible news” by offering their solution. They thereby bring “a feeling of hope to an otherwise dire situation.” But they are the ones who stirred up the problem in the first place.

    Bronte also said:

    We therefore have to be very vigilant of our natural human tendency to panic then look for someone to save us. I’m concerned that the orgonite movement may be driven by just that.

    To this I say AMEN. Who was it that said fear is just deception planted in your mind? And so I feel to discern properly we must ask ourselves why do I feel fear about this, and also question whether we’re being manipulated. Fear surely will lead to a facist state, as we’re being fed false fear from our government (US) we see this is the path they believe will give them the authority they seek. The classic scenario as you quote Icke “describes as the old problem-reaction-solution strategy. They create a problem, get everyone panicky, then say “Now now, be soothed, we’ll take care of you all by fixing it like this.” Then we’re right where they want us, doing just what they desired, a situation they created by introducing the problem in the first place.” this is entirely how our society is currently working. It’s how many corporations and industries have gained a monopoly – think fossil fuel. It’s all coming to light as history repeats itself – I believe, at least it’s clear to me. Clearly, it’s time for a change, as this is quite the quagmire.

    Thank you Bronte and all, you comments were very well put.

  43. Anthony said,

    July 15, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    Hello Bev: Regarding your comment about distrust, Bronte made some good points at the end of comment 34.

    I would liken the process of truth seeking to panning for gold. You have to keep on sifting through the dirt to get to the truth that is clearly out there somewhere.

    I wouldn’t use the word distrust. I would prefer to say awareness. We are aware that the mainstream “truths” are not the truth. We are also aware that the real truth does exist. On the path to the real truth we are going to have to sift through a lot of disinformation, intended and unintended. This is not distrust based on fear, this is common sense based on logic.

    We can always be grateful for the lessons we learn along the way. We can and should try to be as positive as we can, but we have to question everything and everybody. Only by asking the questions will we find the answers. Even the noblest and best of information sources, whether a person or a book, will be tainted to some degree. Or does anybody here know of the perfect source?

    Some might say, “The truth lies within you”, which is something I’ve heard a lot lately, but even if it’s true, I can’t find my way to the truth within me unless I’m living my life filled with curiosity, thirsting for knowledge and questioning all that I learn. With experience, I can then filter the dirt out faster and more effectively. I might even see the glint of the gold now and again. I keep on working towards that gold, positively, but with a questioning mind.

  44. Anthony said,

    July 15, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Hello Sonance, Bronte: There isn’t an orgonite movement. There are simply many thousands of people around the world doing their own thing with orgonite, some of whom (a small minority) belong to the various Internet Forums, including Don Croft’s (which has a very small membership). These people are not panicking. They are contributing something very positive (and real) towards making this world a better place.

    The danger would be in these individuals getting too locked into the object that is orgonite and neglecting their own personal development. Most of the people involved are very selfless. They invest their time and money for the benefit of all and expect (and receive) no thanks. More often they receive ridicule, aggression and scorn, but isn’t that the lot of any truther?

    Regarding Sonance’s comments on fear. The fears that people perceive are very real, although fear can be tamed, mastered and banished. I agree that most fear is irrational. There are so many kinds of fear: Fear of failure, fear of standing out in a crowd, fear of poverty, fear of underperforming, fear of losing one’s job, fear of the unknown, fear of what is different, fear of what we don’t understand.

    And what frightens one person may be no threat at all to someone else. For example, a religious old lady will probably have no problems at all with accepting the existence of a spirit world and related topics, yet the same topic might really scare somebody else. Each of us have to confront our own personal fears and work to overcome them. When we become fearless, we can confront unpleasant truths and work towards finding our own solution, not the solution imposed by government.

    We have to take control of our own lives. The more we learn, the easier we can see through the lies. We then have to work at getting our message across to others and we do this best if we are calm, positive and inspirational, not by pushing bad news down other people’s throats. If we are fearless in the face of evil, then we can inspire others, and if we look around we might see some of the fearless people who can inspire us.

  45. Mick said,

    July 16, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Brian, there seems to be a post of mine missing, so i can’t remember what i said of Solar angels. To me, sylphs are air elementals and have no link to solar entities, whatever they are. That was something exclusively mentioned by ZSL. I am presuming when Ken Adachi talks of sylphs he is referring to air elemental type entities and not the solar angels that ZSL mentions.
    Anyway my point was, there is no evidential link between the use of orgonite and the practice of agnihotra, and to infer that there is, is misleading.

  46. Rob said,

    July 17, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    The following is kind of a diversion from the specifics of this topic, but not entirely “off-topic.” It’s connected to earlier topics as well, including some stuff you wrote about Robert Monroe some time ago. I hope you and your readers find it interesting. I’d especially like comments on what I wrote about Nubians at the end.

    from the Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot:pp271-272

    Who Are the Beings of Light?

    “If, as [David} Bohm suggests, physics is beginning to make inroads in areas that were once exclusively the province of the mystic, is it possib le that these encroachments have already been anticipated by the beings who inhabit the near-death realm? Is that why NDEers [Near Death Experiencers] are given an insatiable hunger for such knowledge? Are they, and by proxy the rest of th human race, being prepared for some coming confluence between science and the spiritual?

    We will explore this possiblity a little later. First, another question must be asked. If the existence of this higher dimension is no longer at issue, then what are its parameters? More secifically, who are the beings that inhabit it, and what is their society, dare one say their civilization, really like?

    “. . .[quote from Robert Monroe]’Whatever they may be, [these beings] have the ability to radiate a warmth of friendliness that evokes complete trust,’ he [Robert Monroe] observes. ‘Perceiving our thoughts is absurdly easy for [them].’ And ‘the entire history of humankind and earth is available to them in the most minute detail.’ But Monroe, too, confesses ignorance when it comes to the ultimate identity of these nonphysical entities, save that their first order of business appears to be ‘totally solicitous as to the well-being of the human beings with who they are associated’.” – from Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body, pp 51 and 70

    And then there is this

    “. . . unlike Western NDEers for whom such experiences are disorientingly new, these shamanic explorers appear to have a far vaster knowledge of the geography of these subtler realms . . .

    “They [the Conibo Indians of the Peruvian Amazon] told him [anthropologist Michael Harner, in 1961] that if he really wished to learn, he had to take a shamanic sacred drink made from a hallucinogenic drink called ayahuasca. He agreed and . . . [after he drank it, a group of winged, dragonlike beings] explained that they were responsible for both the origin and evolution of all like on the plenet.”

    Here’s the rub: Harner then went to a blind Conibo shaman and told him “about the dragon-like beings and their claim that they were the true masters of the earth, the shaman smiled with amusement. ‘Oh, they’re always saying that. But they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness,’ he corrected.” p267

    I guess my point is this: this is all fascinating stuff, but I still contend that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself and that our ‘book learning’ about the 4th dimension and our still very undeveloped abilities to connect with other realms reveal as much about our unresolved inner fears as anything else. I think it’s very important for us to honestly address those issues as we continue on our shared and separate journeys.

    That said, my personal journey has taken me to the Nubians. During meditation yesterday I saw a tall man holding what appeared to be either a spear or staff standing with his arm around a woman who was obviously his wife. It was only a silhouette, but I got the impression he was African. I asked him who he was and the words ‘a Nubian King’ popped into my head. I googled Nubian king and learned (in a quick sitting) that the Nubians were driven out of Egypt about 3500 years ago. This was fascinating to me because in The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes contends that our split from our right brain and the ‘realm of the gods’ happened about 3 millenia ago when something culturally traumatic occurred and since then we’ve been left brain dominant (hence we listen to our verbal chatter and get information only from our 5 senses and ‘intellect’). AND, also in Talbot’s book, a woman had an NDE and learned that if certain events hadn’t occurred about 3000 years ago, we would now be living in a peaceful and harmonious world – but she wouldn’t tell the interviewer what those events were. I would love to hear from anyone who has any in-depth knowledge about the Nubians and Egyptians circa 1500BC. It all might amount to nothing: I am a babe in the spiritual woods, but I like to follow up on these things. Thanks

  47. Sonance said,

    July 18, 2008 at 1:48 am


    Wow, you bring up some really interesting stuff, Nubian kings, ayahuasca and the like really fascinate me as well. I have spent hours reading about such on the quest of whad does it all mean. After having this discussion about the orgonite and chemtrails/ sylphs and ancient religions I received an email about how to stay healthy from the chemtrail effects, along with that the virtually ignored articles of impeachment and it dawned on me. Why are we allowing this to go on? We shouldn’t have to adapt to being poisoned by our own governments! Here we are getting lost in discussion barely even realizing we’re basically agreeing to let this go on by not reacting to make it stop. Daunting as it may seem really, this is the solution all who are gifting orgonite are seeking, to end the aerial assault. It seems reasonable enough to me, I think it’s time “throw the bums out” as they say. I know I’m tired of constantly being blasted by frequencies that blur the mind, anyone else?

  48. Rob said,

    July 18, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Thanks Sonance: I’m going to look into Orgonite – had never heard of it before and got distracted. No Chemtrails here in Cambodia as yet, but I’m sure they’ve been around since I was a kid (I’m now 60). I vividly remember being fascinated by them and asking my Dad what they were. He told me they were vapor trails, but even then I questioned that because vapor trails went away and these didn’t. I grew up in So. California and remember seeing them out in the desert.

    Speaking of Orgonite reminds me of orgone, also discussed above, I remember reading Wilhelm Reich back in my yoga days. But I had a strange prejudice then that I can’t put my finger on now and “wrote him off’ – when I revisited him a couple of years ago, I went, “wow! So that’s what he was talking about!”

  49. Anthony said,

    July 21, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    Hello Sonance,

    Those who are gifting orgonite are doing something positive and this discussion is not getting lost if someone like Rob is prepared to approach the subject with an open mind.

    How do we “throw the bums out” in a system that is loaded from top to bottom against the people? Petitions? E:mail campaigns? Ron Paul? Courts? Debates? Letters to the editor?

    I am not being negative, just realistic. All of the above are worth trying, but we have to change from the bottom up. We change ourselves and our immediate environment. Don’t underestimate the positive contributions being made every day by many, many people throughout the world. We’re not helpless. We’re not giving in. But we can’t win a loaded game. We have to play our own way. And our way is of course unique to each one of us, but I guess that we have some uniting elements: Love, fairness, tolerance, respect, hope, creativity, joy of being, etc. We don’t just say it. We mean it and live it. we make a difference every day.

    Orgonite and the various related subjects of energy, places of power, ley lines etc. get to the very heart of the problems. People can believe it or not, but the simple process of gifting orgonite is helping to heal our environment in so many positive ways. There are very promising reports coming in from differrent parts of the world as to how weather manipulation to negative ends is being prevented and very positive effects are being enjoyed.

    I find Rob’s comment 48 very important. He overcame the “strange prejudice” against Wilhelm Reich and gave him another try. I find that a great example of how a truthseeker’s persistence and open mindedness can (will?) be rewarded over time. Cambodia and its people have suffered a lot in recent decades. I’m sure that there is a lot of negative energy there that could be healed.

    Look around every day and see and enjoy the beauty that you see. By living in a truly positive, constructive, creative and healthy fashion you automatically protect yourself against many of the negative environmental factors. I don’t mean to preach, but I feel soooooooo positive and it feels sooooo good to be alive right now! Anybody else feeling good? ;-)

  50. Sonance said,

    July 24, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m certainly not debating the fact that ley lines and energy, places of power and the likes aren’t important, this is why we find large cathedrals and monuments at these kinds of places. And I agree having a positive attitude is most helpful. What I’m saying is we’ve been conditioned into believing we can’t change things or our voice is not heard and so we adapt in other ways, which is fine but not the most practical. If your spouse is cheating would you put orgonite in his underwear drawer? – If that didn’t make you laugh you’re definitely too serious!

    I don’t know if orgonite changes the weather or just the intention of the gifter, it’s hard to know what’s causing the changes. I’ve heard some mention it may attract entities that have powers larger than we’re prepared to deal with, who knows? As far as changing the political climate it will most likely happen as in the past, when enough people decide it’s too much and find a way to communicate that in front of enough other people who will also agree. As it is now, as you know things are completely out of skew, there is no media present to broadcast the real situation, so it’s word of mouth. Our governments are poisoning the planet, and we’re footing the bill and that is only a very small portion of what’s transpired and not something that any human-being should be complacent about. I don’t have the answer, I wish I did. At some point however, we will all need to learn to get along and stop harming everything around us, wouldn’t you agree?

  51. Anthony said,

    July 24, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    Hello Sonance,

    The intention of the gifter might be able to influence things temporarily, and I believe I experienced that myself once, but I can’t be in hundreds of places at once and I can’t be there 24 hours a day. The orgonite can.

    I think I mentioned already that I feel that anybody who questions the matrix is going to attract attention from entities that most of us had at most read about until we experience them. After my own personal experiences, which felt quite disturbing at the beginning (and this was without orgonite), I kept on moving forward, reading, sharing experiences, learning (especially learning how to overcome fears of the unknown) and I’ve now reached the point where I fully accept the existence of multiple dimensions and entities of various kinds. I don’t understand it all, but in a way it’s no more shocking than finding out about cheese mites and bed mites as a kid. I heard how one boy at our school fainted when he saw the magnification of what was crawling under his nails.

    Orgonite in the underwear drawer? Wow, I haven’t tried that yet, but it could be a great way to boost orgasms and change the sexual act into a POR generating experience! ;-)

    Regarding your last point, this is exactly why I feel confident about our future. I’m fortunate enough to live and work with people from all over the world. I have so many wonderful experiences and I’ve learned that when it comes to “serious” topics, I can enjoy far more positive conversations with Africans or Indians than with Europeans (especially Brits and Americans who are often so sure that they know everything already that there is no scope for exchange. There are notable exceptions of course).

    I’m not taking anything for a given thing, but I’m thoroughly convinced that if we were all allowed and encouraged to freely express ourselves and our societies were open to new, positive innovations then we could turn the situation of the world around in the blink of an eye.

    Science, for example, is not the enemy. Materialistic, aetheistic, fascist science is drving us to ruin, but there are countless examples of scientists who have alternative ideas regarding say free energy or health who already have the answers to most of the world’s problems. the question is how do we break the evil monopoly of the elite? Again, I think that local initiatives offer a great potential.

    The current financial system is heading for preprogrammed ruin. It was always intended to fail. The question is whether or not we allow the minority to dictate the solution. Communism instead of Capitalism? No thank you! Again, I’m sure that there are people out there with solutions, and again the local community level could be a major factor.

    I try to be an optimistic realist. I’m aware that many people don’t want to listen, but the more extreme the global situation becomes, the more likely people are to listen. Right now, for example, many Britons or Americans are still wrapped up in their sports, TV, movies or music, but if things get really bad then maybe they’ll listen to the people with alternatives.

    Okay. Soap Box packed away. Take care everyone!

  52. sacred warrior said,

    September 15, 2008 at 2:38 am

    Well I never thought I would run into the name Don Croft by clicking this section. First of all he HAS TO BE CIA cause a lot of seriously bad events took place AFTER he came to meet me and I was almost killed in a head-on collision. Things he says and so forth… Yes, they do remote view, and I saw his wife’s reaction when we were all at a restaurant and I looked at her pentacle. Anyway, Venus and others here are 100% posting about the darkness in regards to this Croft dude…he is working for them, no doubt about it.

  53. Lorae Ireland said,

    November 12, 2008 at 4:49 am

    IMO, Don Croft has gone “round the bend”. Years ago he was more sane and balanced. And yes, we used to e-mail back and forth. Then he went to Africa…

    I’d given him (D.C.) info about the connection between Pike’s Peak and the Washington Monument which led him to gift the latter. Soon following, it was closed for almost a year of “repairs” – which tied into the “End of Days” scenario by Hoagland.

    Enough about poor old Don. Aside: DB did the remote-viewing.

    Here’s my go-round with Al and MK (Don C’s sister) opposing the Agnihotra c-p:

  54. Fran said,

    November 15, 2009 at 9:28 am

    I see that this post and subsequent comments are about a year old but I just came across it all and wanted to add one observation re the orgonite ‘devices’, meant to dispense positive energy and clear toxic chemtrails (?). Please just notice though that in most basic form they are composed of approximately 50% polyester or epoxy resin and 50% metal shavings (usually aluminum), in which are buried various quartz crystals. (!!!)
    Polyester and epoxy resins are highly toxic to manufacture, potential health threats to work with, and produce final products which usually have a very ‘dead’ feel to them. And into these toxic, ‘dead’ substances we are supposed to bury quartz crystals, encasing them in a way which effectively prevents them from contact with the natural world or from vibrating in response to it as their natural crystal lattice structure normally allows them to do.
    And this is what we ‘gift’ to the world, to cleanse it?
    Does anyone else see what is WRONG with all this?

  55. Fran said,

    November 15, 2009 at 9:32 am

    And the metal shavings – scrap leftovers of manufacturing processes, usually aluminum, sharp, damaging to work with, usually esthetically unappealing and energetically draining.

  56. PrinceCorey said,

    October 21, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    From what I have seen orgonite is good, the bees have been saved and flourished this year, bumpercrop of blossoms, lots of bugs and birds, sylphs, but mostly clear blue skies crisp clean air, charged clean rain and clear standing water that grows a vortex when frozen. also severe damage to Monsanto Gmo crops in the area. People are starting to become aware of the bad stuff and their participation in it. So for 2 thumbs up from me for orgonite, sylphs, and check SOHO for latest images of the Pheonix Firebird protecting us from solar flares. Strange days.

  57. February 21, 2011 at 1:29 am

    I haven’t read your entire blog however, I am impressed with it and it would have been helpful when i went through my disillusionment. I will add my experiences with the WUWU crowd as I call them.

    There may be some real gurus G and mayis M but we in the west will never find out about them and neither will most Indians. What I have seen coming to the West are G and M whose only mantra is SHOW ME THE MONEY.

    I did TM. I hated maharishi for overcharging for everything. What is said about GE “You Can Get Better But You Can’t Pay More” applies to MMY. I am sure the beatles left him because 1. he wanted their money , 2. they couldn’t take drugs and 3. perhaps he had sex with women. I never had the respect for MMY that I had for his guru dev who seemed to me to be another kettle of fish perhaps the real thing.

    I saw Gurumayi. She greeted me with total horrow on her face and bodily withdrawal. I became impressed that these G and M manipulate their followers by placing the devotee in a state of dependency and need, wanting the Guru/Mayi’s approval. I never followed this woman as anyone who greeted me in this manner was not my mayi.

    I went to Sai Baba. Sai Baba does have some siddhis. Not being male I can’t personally comment on his homosexuality and supposed pedophilia but can’t deny it as so many accuse him of it. He does ask the devotee to surrender to him and this is done astrally. Mine was a pied piper come on, nothing sexual or physical but a hypnotic pied piper. The one thing I learned from Sai Baba is Never Surrender Yourself to Anyone or Anything Unless You Really Know What You are Surrendering To. I am against surrender to any guru or mayi. If you surrender to anyone. Surrender to God, the Whole thing the Real thing not some God pimp or God scam artist. i personnally wonder if these gurus and mayis don’t siphon off good karma or energy from their willing surrendered devotees, that is how cynical I have become of the whole fraudulent rip off community. I was googling MMY and Illuminati when I found this site. I wondered if MMY had been given money by the Illuminati for doing what he did, it certainly would tie in with their new one world religion. If Sai Baba does practice sodomy as claimed then that is the illuminati’s prefered sexual route. While we would expect a new messiah and a new religion in the Aquarian Age I would hope it would be for the Benefit of Everyone not for the Benefit of the Few. NEVER SURRENDER YOUR PERSONAL POWER TO ANYONE .
    3. I became aware of a rich German devotee who was an Amma devotee who developed cancer, divorced her Indian husband and gave all her money to Amma. The Amma people were negligent taking care of her physical needs. The husband was alloted a small amount of the woman’t money by Amma. DON’T GIVE AWAY ALL YOUR MONEY AWAY TO THESE PEOPLE. I may not have the whole story and Amma may truly be innocent but as an outsider I am suspicious of the whole thing. I left Amma.
    4. I did meet a woman with siddhis who was a follower of Sai Baba. She was very arrogant and only wanted to use her siddhis on people who were wealthy or who worshipped her as a goddess. I personally think the siddhis are a bad thing, The siddhis corrupt because the correct ego foundation is not there making one egotistical, manipulative and heartless.
    5. I am concerned about the whole Reptilian influence on the Vedic society and the Reptilians are very caste conscious. While i am aware there are good reptilians and bad reptilians, I am concerned as a Christian about trusting the Dragon. Wasn’t it the reptile that lied to/mislead Eve in the Garden of Eden?
    6. Religious compromise in the Kali Yuga. It is true that MMY lied about the whole religious thing. He misrepresented his technique( actually based on the vedic hindu religion) as being founded on as a scientific meditative practice. His entire movement is founded on a LIE. Many people on the siddhis course became aware of this and left him. However, having understood that Christ did not die on the cross (which was the other good thing I learned from following Sai Baba) the Catholic Church LIED to us good christians as well. I personally see a Void as all relgions now have corrupt elements and have lost their direct link to God Consciousness and their original purpose to restore the wayward to God Consciousness. I do not want to see that Void filled with the coming New World Order cloned false Christ and this NWO false teachings. While I cannot condone rejecting all the prior religions they need a cleanse deep to the roots.

  58. Bodine said,

    March 6, 2011 at 2:24 am

    It is easy to get sidetracked by all these ultimately petty questions and squabbles over what is real. I will tell you what is real and can be counted on – the positive vibe of orgonite. If it wasn’t so positive we all wouldn’t be so diligent about spreading it around in the wide world. That is essentially what is important. These personalities with all their human foibles and stuff are just not very important. When you can really feel the orgonite vibe that is all that is required to send you on your way.

  59. kanil said,

    June 9, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Any idea how to contact HOMA farming community in USA. Need to live in that environment. Have a peaceful day – In Ahimsa
    kanil .. 310 356 7546

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