The Forgotten Key to Freedom

Let’s talk more about loosh. If you haven’t read my article, “Tracking the Crack in the Universe,” that’s the foundation for what we’ll talk about here, so check out that last blog before you continue. For readers who have completed “Loosh 101,” this is “Loosh 102.”

The concept of loosh, in my opinion, holds a major clue to human freedom. What is loosh, as it was described to Robert Monroe? It is a kind of energy that animals and humans generate in situations that involve two things: an intense desire plus a negative emotion. In the last article I equated loosh with “life force,” but when loosh arises in the harvestable form, it is laced with some form of negativity: fear (in the example of a mother defending her young), sadness or hopelessness (in the example of a lonely person), fear again (in the example of prey/predator combat). So how do we explain this? Life energy isn’t negative, so what really is loosh?

It seems to me loosh is a strong inrush of vital energy caused by a strong desire in the individual experiencing it. It’s that adrenaline surge you feel in a fight-or-flight situation. But it’s more than a chemical, because we are told loosh is also generated in a situation like a lonely person pining, where no adrenaline is involved. In both cases, there is a common element: a strong emotional desire. Negativity seems to be what makes the harvesting possible, but it is not the loosh. It’s something that sometimes laces loosh, and its presence is necessary for access to the substance by interdimensional energy-eaters. Negativity is not the essential emotion but an overlay emotion, and when it is present, it creates a drain on the inrush of vital energy.

Let me explain more concretely. Whenever we have a strong desire without tangential feelings of fear, sadness, remorse, etc., what do we experience? A surge of life, a re-charge. We say “I’m pumped” or “I’m psyched.” We feel power. But when we have a strong desire accompanied by the negative emotions, that’s another story. Then our strong desire seems to churn inside us, causing anguish. In the first case, our life energy is infused into us from somewhere. In the second case, it’s being infused and at the same time being drained away. Hence no re-charge.

Negative emotions come from an attitude, a decision that has been struck by a very deep part of us, the subconscious mind. The subconscious decision behind a negative emotion like fear or sadness is something like “This won’t work,” “I can never have it,” “I’m sure to fail.” Self-messages from the deep influence what happens to us in outer, material reality. If we’re engaged in combat, a self-defeating attitude determines that we lose. If we’re trying to create something nice, this attitude jinxes us. If we have a fabulous dream, a negative subconscious decision ordains that the dream remains a wish and never becomes reality.

Negative self-talk, which results from self-doubt on the subconscious level, also opens the door to being harvested. When the subconscious has decided that we can’t get what we want, that we will fail, that fundamental ruling relinquishes the reins that control our destiny, in spite of the positive thoughts we may be consciously thinking. Self-doubt puts the outcome of any endeavor on the cosmic “freebie shelf,” where anyone who wants can come and take it over. That’s the reason behind the expression, “Victory belongs to the most committed.” The individual with the least negative self-talk about a competitive outcome wins, because that is the person with the fewest internal obstructions to manifesting their desire.

Negative self-talk makes it possible to be defeated by an opponent with a more user-friendly subconscious. It also opens the door for trawling psychic entities, like “the gods” or Monroe’s “light being,” to lap up the influx of energy that our strong desire has instigated. No such in-road exists when a strong desire is accompanied by a determined intention. The energy drain only happens when negative self-talk contaminates the process of strongly desiring something. Then the tears come, or the sadness, or the fear or the outrage, and that self-undermining mindset that shouts “I can’t do this!” shoots a hole in our manifestation, letting the wonderful energy drain away to benefit those who know how to cart it away and make use of it. Did they steal it, these loosh harvesters? Actually, they didn’t. We gave them permission subconsciously. We said “I can’t handle this,” so somebody else decided. That’s what happens when you put your life or desires on the freebie shelf of the universe.

To put this in a nutshell:

· Strong desire + authoritative intent = influx of life energy stored (spiritual empowerment)

· Strong desire + self-defeating attitude = influx of life energy siphoned (spiritual harvesting)

What’s emerging from this picture is that intent is everything. Intent is the reverse side of permission. Holding a determined intention is the key to both success in a given situation and to personal empowerment from that situation, while having a weak intent (a desire polluted by self-doubt) is tantamount to permission for someone else to step in. This spills the life energy and places the key to a situation’s outcome into the hands of something outside ourselves.

Let’s look at this from another angle. What is that inrush of energy you feel when you have a powerful desire, the kind that’s uncorrupted with negative mind chatter? When you get that flush of inspiration, that idea of something wonderful you could be or do or create or experience, how do you feel? You are flooded with energy and joy. If it happens in the middle of the night, you are up for hours. There’s power in a dream, in a desire. Because dreaming and desiring are – what? – they’re attached to something. They’re like a pipeline, bringing in an unbounded rush of energy. Where does that come from? What is it that such great thoughts tap into? Whatever it is, it seems to be the font of the life force itself. The energy that rushes in from that place is strong enough to empower people to lift cars that have fallen on the body of a loved one. It’s strong enough to give the victory in battle to the physically weaker party.

Quantum physics has revealed that matter is not solid. It’s made up of atoms, which are not particles and waves as we once believed, but waves only. Matter is nothing but vibration: waves in some unseen medium. We could call that unseen “nothingness,” or we could call it “consciousness,” or “energy.” I suggest that consciousness and energy are better names for the material emptiness at the core of physical life, because how can “nothing” manifest as matter and all the varied activity of this world? Surely it’s more reasonable to assume that the energy we see around us comes from a source of energy, rather than from zip. Our experience suggests that we ourselves are linked to a source that is a font of energy, something outside physical matter, something on which matter is predicated.

When we desire something, or dream of something that instills a desire, that need reaches into the deepest part of ourselves, a realm that is a powerhouse of energy and consciousness. Unless we obstruct the natural process by throwing up self-doubt, the Infinite, this powerhouse, responds to our desire like a reservoir responds to an opening pipeline: it rushes in to fill it. That’s why energy suffuses us in our inspired moments and in our crisis moments. We are becoming more powerful, more filled with life, at those times. We are garnering spiritual power. In those moments we are fulfilling the intention of the life force to create and to manifest, and to become a unique embodiment of itself: an empowered creator, making manifest more creation, more expressions of life.

Powerful, authoritative desire is the key to personal empowerment, spiritual empowerment. That’s why those who feed off human life created religious teachings that tell us desire is bad. If we believe it’s bad to want things, our desires will never be powerful, never full of confident intent. They will be wimpy and ridden with self-doubt: just the thing the psychic trawlers like, because then our pipeline to the Infinite has holes in it, making any incoming energy harvestable.

So passion, or what I’ve been calling “authoritative intent,” brings in spiritual power. Self-doubt brings in the harvesters. Loosh is the power of the Source, the power of life. When we access it through desire, it infuses us, unless we let it be drained off by doubting ourselves, by shooting holes in our pipeline.

Intent and permission are reverse sides of will, and will is one of the faculties of personhood. We can give it away through permission, letting our energy be siphoned and our souls assimilated into oneness with the harvesters. Or we can build our will and grow in personal empowerment. We are told that being spiritual means surrendering our ego (our desires and our self-hood). But true spiritual empowerment will never be achieved by bending before the gods in self-abnegation. Spiritual empowerment means living the power of the Infinite as unique expressions of the Infinite, which is what our spirits were long before the gods got hold of us. Long before the creation of this physical universe took place.

Freedom means taking back control of ourselves through will, taking back control of our spirits. It means exercising will to think the thoughts we desire, not the thoughts the trawlers want us to think.

And freedom means much more. It means, through intent, hooking up our bodies to run on the intelligence, love and energy of the Infinite, rather than on the limited grid of DNA. DNA was created by (or at least is currently controlled by) the gods, our harvesters. It is programmed with our decay and death. We can overcome the program by establishing ourselves in our nature as one with our spiritual Source. When we ordain, from our authority as sons and daughters of the Infinite, then the power behind our wishes brings them to fruit, whatever our declaration might be. We can ordain a parking place, or we can ordain a healing, or immortality. We can ordain personal freedom from harassment by purveyors of the global agenda. We can also work together with other awakening creators, and ordain freedom for mankind. Working on behalf of all material creation, we can ordain freedom and happiness for all beings in the physical universe. We can establish material life on a new level, where death, lack and suffering are never part of the picture again. We can claim our own divinity, and oust the regime that controls this dimension. And if we choose to ordain that, we must do it in love and compassion for the trawlers, not in revenge and hate, because a made-new world is no place for negative things.

The harvesters are hungry, like everybody else. The gods are no worse than we are when we eat chicken or beef, or when we set up pens on a farm. They eat our energy because they know no other way to live. Our life force sustains them, while they make us their minions. But just as we don’t need meat to live, just as we can rewire ourselves to live off the power of the Infinite within us, so, too, can these gods. What better way to help them learn to tap their internal spiritual resources than by removing their external food source, rendering ourselves unavailable? When humankind takes back its power and its home in the universe, the psychic vampires will have empty nets from their trawling and will have to look to the same Source we’re being forced to look to for ongoing life.

This learning process, for both mankind and gods, won’t be easy and may not always be pretty. But it’s the door to everyone’s freedom, the door to a new life. We can no longer afford to let paradise remain a metaphysical concept. We have to make it reality. Because it’s the only alternative, at this time in history, to assimilation. Our enemies wish not only to harvest our energy but to assimilate our consciousness, our individual souls. That is their plan with their New World Order, where all will be microchipped servants of global government. That is their plan with a universal religion, where all will surrender their egos and amalgamate into Oneness consciousness: the impersonal consciousness of “enlightenment” – stripped of desires, originality, joy, passion, and the power to choose.

We either let them accomplish this by doing nothing, or we take action now. We pick up the forgotten key to freedom, call it whatever you will: choice, personal will, authoritative intent, impassioned and confident desire. We elect to become the children of the Infinite that we forgot how to be. We take back our birthright as sons and daughters of the original, loving, joyous divine intention.

How will that happen? The Infinite will show the way. Once we hook up our pipeline of desire and shore up the holes of self-doubt – in other words, once we take back our power – Original Consciousness can pump its life into our flagging bodies and spirits once more. With that will come inspiration and ideas. Connections will get made. When that starts happening to enough of us, how can the New World Order do anything but fail?

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site.


  1. Rob said,

    May 25, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    This is all very interesting! Can you clarify a couple of things: my take on the Robert Monroe story was that the light being was like a guide, revealing a rather horrible truth with the intention of helping him (and through him, his readers) wake up. It’s been quite awhile since I read his book, so I may be wrong.

    Secondly, what do you mean by desire? There’s (to my mind) the negative desire to dominate, control, come out “on top” (“the Americfan Way”) and then there’s the positive, life-enhancing desire to share, to nourish, to love, etc. Of course those get flipped upside-down by the negative suggestion that these things require self-hatred in the form of “ego death” or “spiritual surrender” (I got suckered into that one). If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else, really? But that’s not exactly the same thing as “looking out for number one.” Anyway, would appreciate any comments – yours and/or your readers

  2. Rob said,

    May 25, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    I think I answered one of my own questions: If you weren’t afraid of losing, why would you want to win? Inspiration is quite different from an adrenaline rush or the crushing feeling of defeat.

  3. C. said,

    May 26, 2008 at 1:17 am

    Good one Bronte!!
    Not only are we told that desire is bad but we are told we are powerless. I believe that’s the key. Claiming our Power. Their Modus Operendi is to makes us believe we are powerless that we have to ask some “god” to grant us what we want, or desire and then just hope our wish is granted.
    Negative emotions emerges from negation of our own power to create…when we deny our own creative power, it leaks out of us, un-used, untapped. Kinda like an architect that denies his ability to build something but the building materials still get delivered in the construction yard and get stolen by those lurking in the shadows for free construction material…
    I know, bad analogy but the point is “they” take what we obviously ( to them) don’t want. ( even if “they” trick us into it. I always say if the fish was un-aware enough to bite the bait….he deserves to be hooked.Survival of the fittest..)
    The universe abundantly, continuously sends us lifeforce ( or manna, prana or whatever one wants to call it)’s an unending pipeline type thing.
    Having a sudden desire or inspiration, automatically the Universe sends us what we need in manner of energy to accomplish our dream, our creation, hence the in-rush. But blocking that flow, out of negation of our own power, leaves the “delivery” opened to theft.
    The thing with “them”, is that they don’t have their own pipeline to the Source…so we are the source of their life, so to speak. And THAT is the big secret- “they” don’t want us to know we are, in a manner of speaking, their creator. We give them power.
    Let me add this, as long as we don’t connect directly to the “source”, we tend to feed off each other, we all do this to a certain extent. The thing with “power suckers’ is that they absolutely refuse, or are unable to recognise their own connection to the source, or perhaps have could be argued that their lack of conscience demonstrate that they are not “of” the source but rather “of” Humans.( speaking mostly about psychic vampires) but my point is they can’t live without us…hence the desire to enslave humanity…to guarantee their survival.

    Remember those stories about fairies…that one has to believe…In Peter Pan, when we’re all supposed to clap for Tinker Bell so she stays alive and gets energy.
    …or the stories of gods from Arthurian/Merlin stories..that if we don’t believe in them, they die. Specifically the movie made in 1998 with Sam Neill, where the whole plot revolves around people needing to believe in magic for the gods and magical creatures to live. We see that in many legends.
    “Good fairies”, or even angels if you want, lives off love and mutual respect; psychic vampires or”demons” as the bible calls them, feed off fear and control.

    My personal take on this is that those “gods” are there to serve US..not the other way around. Obviously we have something they don’t, I would even go as far as to say that “they” should worship us!!LOL!!

  4. brontebaxter said,

    May 26, 2008 at 3:33 am

    Rob, yes, “desire” can mean lots of different things to people, so let me clarify. A person can use this knowledge of self-empowerment to gain power at the expense of others, or they can use it to help others, or they can use it to help themselves but without hurting anybody else. Power in itself is value neutral. It’s what you do with it that makes it life-supporting or life-damaging.

    I notice you give examples of two types of desires only: those that hurt others and those that nourish others. There are also desires to take care of ourselves, and desires to express ourselves (to be creative, to make something wonderful). We’re taught by most religions that to have desires for ourselves is wrong, and such teachings don’t even acknowledge the fact that there are creative desires. Desire isn’t bad any more than power is. It’s what you do with it that counts.

    We’re taught that power corrupts because then people will be afraid of developing the muscle it takes to become free. We’re told desires are selfish and therefore unspiritual. But a person can be harmonious and loving, helpful to others, and be a powerful creator, a maker of good things. Spiritual teachers typically vilify both desires and power. This is to keep us in the sheep pens.


  5. C. said,

    May 26, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Bronte, I was pondering what I said about fairies and angels…do they truly work WITH us or are we supporting entities from other realms who have figured out a better tactic to siphon away power? Kind of thief versus someone who asks for a charitable donation…

    I came to the conclusion that once all is said and done, it’s a matter of giving power away..period. Whether to fairies, angels or demons doesn’t really matter.
    I think it taps into “transference”, we can’t or won’t own or power so we bestow it on intermediary that will work for us…like paying an employee.
    Is it Nelson Mandella that said that what we feared the most is that we are powerful beyond measure?
    Perhaps we feel that we need, certainly it is more fun and entertaining to have fairies carry our “surplus” power…
    I have had many experiences where I “know” fairies or angels helped me but in sight of your article, I realize that perhaps it “worked” because my intent, and therfeore power, was clear and thus immediately effective.
    Maybe it’s time to get rid of the “middle man”!

    So far it’s what I have deduced….

    I also wanted to say that in a way this connects to your previous post about life feeding on life…to hook up individually to the pipeline, to the flow of manna or prana…by claiming our own power we don’t need to feed on life…as much, at least…
    Several years back I read about that and started to “feed” on prana through conscious breathing exercises. Honestly, my food consumption as greatly diminished. I haven’t been able to eliminate physical food yet, but I believe that it’s a possibility for the Human race.
    I certainly eliminated one full meal a day, and greatly diminished the remaining two, and feel better and healthier than ever!!


  6. brontebaxter said,

    May 26, 2008 at 6:49 am

    C, I’d love to know what breathing exercises you’re doing. Some of us might like to try working with them ourselves. Also, there’s a discussion of diet now going on in the comment section of Loosh 101, the “Tracking the Crack in the Universe” article that preceded this one. Check it out.


  7. C. said,

    May 26, 2008 at 8:09 am

    I’ve answered this question on the discussion borad for the “Loosh 101, as it was more relevant there…see you there!!

  8. Al Diaz said,

    May 26, 2008 at 10:07 pm


    Excellent and insightful post, thank you for sharing.

    Ilumine Ao,
    Al Diaz

  9. DancesWithBunnies said,

    May 28, 2008 at 3:22 am

    The two ecstatic experiences i have had have been when i was using LOA to attract joy into my life..(not stuff)…i would love to be able to live every day in that state of joy..the one time it lasted an entire week.

    It is interesting that all religious views from around the world focus on giving your will up, except for the occultic view.

    I have noticed whether it is advaita, or ACIM or christianity..sufism, zen, et al that this paradigm may FEEL less conflicted in the beggining, but leads to deep depression with me.
    (i am one of those people who can’t just read about a thought system i have to put it on like you would try on clothes and walk around in it for awhile)

    Why is that?

    Considering that 1 out of 5 children in the US comes from an abusive home, i have a theory that these are the people that are drawn into these types of religions or fundamentalism..which would also explain the complacency with the Bush presidency..

    on a personal note..i apologize but i struggle with the negative self was incuclated into me as a child as one of the one in five…if anyone has good resources for dealing with self talk i would be much obliged if you would share them.

    It is my hope that you will write more on the Baxter Bronte..
    This is incredibley important (at least to me)….i almost got sucked into the “giving up your wil to merge with oneness” view again this weekend.

    Okay, about these “gods” or macrobes..even the esotericists know about them, at leas tthe traditionalists do.
    Here is an interesting excerpt from a book called “False dawn” (a pretty through expose of the New Age Movement), where he is refrencing CS Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength” and the macrobes that suck out the life force:
    (bear in mind that this is written by a christian traditionalist the info is still interesting)

    I would also like to see this information of Robert Monroe’s i never knew that that was where the term “loosh” comes from.

    Thanks again, Bighugs to all,

  10. Mick said,

    May 28, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    Hi, enlightening article and posts. This is something I’ve, oh too slowly, been realizing.
    If everything is a hologram of our creation, then I think its part of the fun side to create and empower positive “middlebeings”. Are we not the middlebeings for Infinite All? Isn’t it all an experience of learning in how to responsibly create? And isn’t that a biggie too? – the whole aspect of responsibilty in what we think, say and do. I know it may seem pithy in the face of what is happening in the world, but life is truly a wonderful experience if we can face up to the grand responsibilty of being the creators we are.
    So much to consider, so much to learn, so much to do.
    Thank you to you and your readers, it is re-igniting hope.

  11. David said,

    June 5, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Bravo Bronte! Well written. I fully agree with you. If enough of us can wake up and throw off the psycho-emotional shackles of the religions and the secular indoctrinations we have been subjected to, then how can their agenda succeed?

    A serious problem, I think, is the pain of awakening. I know in my own case I had to survive through an extended period of longing to die. I am fortunate to be still alive. My own experience is not necessarily typical, but I know a number of younger people I would perceive as being potential awakeners, who are suffering awfully, and even expressing suicidal thoughts.

    I don’t feel I can dump this stuff full blown on them; I feel I must be careful not to intrude on their lives; or presume that my views are right or appropriate to them. But I do try to listen and en-courage, and suggest as much as I feel I can.

    They don’t realise that if awakening to the reality of this world did not wreck their heads and break their hearts, then there would really be something wrong with them. A lot of these young awakeners turn to drugs and other distractions to ease the pain and loss they are experiencing. They think there is something messed up with them, when in fact it is the world that is messed up.

    The mass of ordinary decent people are just so embedded in their own life dramas, they take the world to be as it is presented in the mainstream media; which is pretty dysfunctional, but it doesn’t present the nightmare agenda that is menacing the world at this time; unless you already know and have eyes to see; and then it’s pretty obvious. But it seems to me most people are not going to get this in time, and we cannot blame or harass them.

    But as you rightly say, if enough people keep on talking about this, some of the potential awakeners may come across the sites and begin to realise they are not mad and they are not alone either. We need as many as possible to wake up as soon as possible.

    You are also a very talented writer Bronte; I hope your book will get published soon.

  12. Stefan Fobes said,

    June 6, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    Very good points raised. It seems, at least from my experience, that when you are doing something you are really good at and really love doing, you feel this sort of internal golden glow, (what I call it) and when you feel this, you know you are on the right path, and that, along with focus, total trust in self, and large amounts of initiative, seems to wash you right through the thickness of this dimension and get you what you need to get through life surprisingly quickly. Keeping to this internal golden glow, you also find that if you continue trusting yourself and not being afraid to make mistakes along the way, you find that no one can stand in your way, not even the astral entity possessed Illuminati themselves, who are really low forms of life on the spiritual totem pole. Why do you think they need our energy and consent to do anything?

  13. Glen said,

    June 18, 2008 at 9:41 am


    I have really enjoyed reading these series of posts you have made except for the last 2 chapters. You seem to go from we (ourselves) are the only ones that can find the truth of our spirituality to Robert Monroe’s point of view of being harvested by entities in a different realm. It seems you accept his view as truth and make several suggestions on how to live according to what he has written.

    I completely agree with the whole emotional side of the discussion as relating to our self-confindence and interaction with the world, but when you bring how we eat into this subject, you really turn towards an agenda based way of thinking. Here you are again saying that what Robert has written (remember this is just something someone wrote down, no way of know whether it is true or not) is true and that we must stop eating living things because of it. This is obviously a highly debated topic around the world and many good points are made on each side, but I would equate the discussion between the two to whether Christianity or Buddhism is the correct religon or philosophy to follow.

    It is a natural instinct of every living thing on this planet to feed in some way. An infant still in the womb must feed. Animals feed on instinct, not with the mindset to cause suffering, they have no concept of that. The same goes for ancient man during the hunter-gatherer time. Whether we were created to act this way to feed some dimensional being or not does not change the fact that WE HAVE to feed in some way. I mean, you can get very technical with this line of thinking and go down to the microscopic level such as bacteria and discuss whether you are eating and killing things at this level.

    Either way, I think it is a personal choice by everyone on this earth how they choose to nuroush themselves. Meat has been as much a part of man’s life as nuts and vegetables have been. I personally think focusing too intently on what is and not right to eat takes away from other pursuits in peronal development. But if you consider that a strong part of development and works for you, then who am I to judge? I think the other way around should apply as well…



  14. brontebaxter said,

    June 18, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Hi Glen

    If it were just some light being Robert Monroe allegedly encountered saying that the purpose of creation is to to feed beings in another dimension, I would not take it so seriously. But as I attempted to point out in the previous article in this series, the world’s religions tell us the same thing. Some, like the Vedas of India, state it more blatantly than others.

    The fact that the religion of every culture practiced human and animal sacrifice is evidence-per-behavior in support of the loosh theory. Add to that the statements from scripture saying as much, and you’ve got a solid case. Jehovah wanted “the aroma of the sacrifice” and the Jews to commit genocide. The devas want the Soma, produced in worship and in blood sacrifice. The gods of every culture have told humans that they owe worship and sacrifice to the gods. What is worship and blood if not energy, what Monroe calls loosh?

    As far as meat-eating goes, there are all sorts of rationales to justify it. One of my favorites, that makes me smile every time, is “I’d love to be a vegetarian if I could, and I think it’s great that other people eat that way, but my body won’t let me go without meat.” Most people who say that have never tried giving up eating flesh, or if they did, they didn’t incorporate more protein from vegetarian sources to replace the meat they were missing.

    I’m with you on not letting this discussion turn into a food debate, but the problem of eating is at the very core of suffering on this planet. Taking the life of another conscious being is violence and stealing of the worst kind. It is murder. We dress it up to be acceptable, call cows “beef” and lambs “mutton.” We put pretty garnishes on our dishes. But at bottom, we’re thriving by taking the life of another, and it isn’t necessary.

    A baby feeds on its mother, but it is the mother’s choice to give life to the child, in the same way a tree willingly gives us fruit, which makes fruit-eating or an infant suckling very different from someone eating a steak. A mother’s milk and a tree’s fruit are not only willingly gifted, they don’t kill the donor. Eating a steak does.

    You say it’s animal instinct to eat, and I don’t deny that. All animals, including us, are programmed by our creators to live that way. The point of these last two articles is that we can live differently. We can remove ourselves from dependence on the grid and establish ourselves, body and soul, in the infinite source of energy at our core, our infinite consciousness. We can re-wire ourselves, so to speak, to live on the Infinite Source, on God, rather than on one another. A step in this direction to stop eating animals.


  15. ice9 said,

    July 2, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Dancing with bunnies:negative self talk: the mind has tendancy to repetition like a needle stuck in the same groove of a record, negative self talk seems to accenuate this even more – give yourself a mental nudge, repeat three times in your mind or out loud : I turn a negative into a positve.This will disrupt the negative cycle, at first it can require a fair amount of mental discpline but as you catch youself in negative self talk more often it will occur less and less.Affirmations by Stuart Wilde is an interesting read: as with all things read and take on board only that which your instinct or “knowing” tells you is right.

  16. Brandon Paul said,

    May 4, 2020 at 12:45 am

    I cannot thank you enough for writing this. This literally saved my ass right now. I have been living at Yogaville for 4 years. I almost became a monk here. I thought I was headed to God, doing Mantra, bowing down to what I see now as so obvious demons and other possessed human beings. The source has always been here. Of course! No middle men needed. I feel so free and happy. Thank you thank you.

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