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I’ve had an idea, inspired by the fact that a number of this blog’s readers, in the four weeks this blog has been up, have decided to start a blog of their own and write about the global agenda. People are excited about this freedom-web idea: whispering the truth of the conspiracy as we know it, lighting our lantern for anyone who may be on the lookout for a flicker of explanation in the night.

The thing is, once you start a blog, somehow you have to let folks know it exists. Otherwise it’s like getting a telephone, not giving anyone your phone number, and hoping your phone will ring. One of the best ways to get your website out there is with back links. Back links are links to your website from other websites of shared interest. The more back links you have, the more the search engines regard your site as an authority on the subject you write about. And the better your reputation with the search engines, the more people will find you when they do an Internet search.

But the main value of back links is that they expose you to the audience you wish to reach. For instance, say you have a background in the health field and are very aware of the way our food is being poisoned, or of the machinations of Big Pharma to keep people sick. Because of your insider knowledge (you may call it “fringe knowledge,” but it’s more than most of us would have in that field), you can cite evidence that shows the conspiracy at work in the health industry, and you can do that better than the rest of us.

If you were to write articles, citing your sources to support your allegations, and if you were to submit those articles to online magazines in your field of interest, and if they published your articles on their website, linking back from there to your own, you would start to gain quite a readership, wouldn’t you? You’d start making a pretty dramatic difference, using your life experience and specialty knowledge to point out evidence of the global agenda in the field of living you have insider knowledge in. We all have a field like this, an area of special interest or experience (for me it’s gurus/ meditation/ religion/ New Age). That specialty area can be your unique channel for spreading information in the world.

I’ve had 11,000-plus hits on my blog site in the 4 weeks it’s been up. What if just 200 of those visitors started a blog of their own, focusing on their area of interest or expertise as it relates to the conspiracy? What if they started sending articles around, and for each article that got published they requested a back link to their site? What if, on their site, they further presented knowledge about the conspiracy, branching out from their specialty area to include information about the global agenda at work in all areas of life? Wouldn’t even just 200 websites doing that make an impact? Wouldn’t people wake up who never had their slumber disturbed before?

You can start a blog for free, as I did, and the set-up takes ten minutes. You need to blog regularly (no less than once a week) to keep up your audience once you get one. If you can forego the ego trip and the tendency we all have to write about “me,” focusing instead on important information and insights you can share, you can become a major spinner of the freedom-web buzz.

When you write, always remember who you’re speaking to. Is the website you’re sending your article to a Christian one that knows about the conspiracy? You’re going to talk with that in mind. Is this second website you’re writing an article for mostly read by people who practice alternative health but who probably poo-poo the notion of an elite global agenda ? You’ll want to write with their understanding in your awareness.

I don’t at all advocate mincing your words to dumb down your message so you can get chummy with your readers. By necessity, what we have to say will be shocking. But we can startle in a way that doesn’t provoke fear or rage, because such emotions cause readers to go into denial and shut out and everything we are telling them. The skill to develop is pressing the envelope, but not so roughly that we rip it. Showing evidence and connecting the dots is more convincing than playing up sensational details (which only turns off intelligent readers). Facts along with reasoned explaining opens the mind. An emotional diatribe generally pigeonholes the writer as a psychotic, bug-eyed conspiracy theorist. That kind of impression won’t get your articles published, either.

When writing or speaking to people unaware of what you know, evidence is everything. Your personal experience counts as evidence, any first-hand experience you have of your subject. Maybe you’re a high school kid, and you think no one will listen to you. But you know what it’s like to be in school, with so many teachers preaching the panacea of globalization. You know about the mock United Nations assemblies, indoctrinating the students in the ideal of one-world government. You know about the tyranny of annual standardized tests. You’ve been there. You have insider knowledge.

Quotes from books count as evidence, and links to online articles, as long as you link to someone who is regarded with some degree of authority. Linking a fact to an article by a prominent researcher or author carries more weight than linking it to your cousin’s My Space page.

First-hand sources are more convincing than secondary sources: if you can quote Bill Clinton saying something revealing that’s more convincing than quoting someone talking about what they claim Bill Clinton said.

I believe that part of the reason the conspiracy paradigm is still ridiculed by many mainstreamers is the way some anti-conspiracists tend to present themselves. When we color what we say with sinister-looking graphics or over-the-top verbage, we get discounted as biased or imbalanced. Often, in the outrage and strong feelings the truth naturally generates in us when we wake up, anti-conspiracists fail to produce the evidence somewhere in the midst of all that biting sarcasm.

People need to know the facts, and they need to know where we got them so they can check to see if what we said is true. Once we show our facts, and the sources of those facts, only then will our commentary be taken seriously. It’s fine to connect the dots for people, but no one will care unless we prove that the dots really exist in the first place.

The more we reach out to the public with what we’ve discovered, rather than just passing it around inside own niche group, the greater our possibility of overturning the global agenda. Once we share information with enough people, and they see for themselves what’s really going on, the minority that controls this world will be exposed and won’t be able to keep on operating, because society will withdraw its collective permission. Revolutions are won by only a minority of the people. Not everyone has to wake up for the global agenda to be overturned.

So our goal must be to reach out with the repressed information we’ve uncovered, and to interpret for people what that information means as we understand it. We have to be willing to wipe off the spit that many will send our way, to get out there and do our talking or writing anyway. To never take the reactions of people personally. To speak what we know, citing evidence and sharing our experience that brought us to our conclusions. If enough of us take up the challenge and do this, imagine the effect our voices will have on the world.

Old hippies and all people with the splinter, it’s time to act. It’s time to start talking and to take back the world from the shadows who control it. Let’s send up a battle cry.

Bronte Baxter


  1. postcardsfromcambodia said,

    May 13, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Hi Bronte, I was inspired by your blog to create one of my own – not exactly on the global agenda subject (though I’m sure I’ll touch on it) but more about an old hippies reflections on his own searching. I’d like to invite you to have a look at my latest entry, “My Back Pages” and please send me a comment and any suggestions for improving my blog and/or website. Thanks, Rob

  2. David said,

    June 5, 2008 at 6:44 am

    Dear Bronte,
    I agree with what you say; but it seems to me that one of those ‘experts’ you seem to rate very highly, David Icke, turns a lot of ordinary people off and away from NWO agenda research, with his material about reptilians, and the queen of England eating children, and such.

    I only say this to discuss the matter. I have found your blog to be excellent. I reached similar conclusions myself some years ago as to the parasitic and vampiric nature of many spooks and spiritual teachers. I had experience of what I am certain were vampiric healers under the guise of cellular healing. The language of the Cory woman gives me the creeps for that reason. I would never have anything to do with her or her ilk.

    I also had experience of channelling some years ago. It was actually activated by the cellular healing people. I gave it up after almost a year because I became suspicious of its real intent. As the process unfolded there was an increasing insistence on surrendering and letting it be done through me. At the same time some really moving and insightful material came through. Eventually I had something like 20 A4 binders of the stuff. I stopped doing it and put the writings away in a box for maybe two years. Then I decided to read through the material. When I did I found myself becoming disturbed and angry as I read. The anger wasn’t related to any particular statements in the material, but seemed to be a general response arising in me. So I decided to dump it all. I put the lot of it out with the trash. Don’t regret it one bit.

    Since then I am very suspicious of channelled material. I have no basis on which to judge the real nature or intent of any spooks I might contact, so it is safest to stay clear of all that kind of thing. It came down to them or I; either they lived me or I lived me; and I chose I.

    I no longer have any time for gods, saviours or spooks.

    I begin meditations with aura clearing and closing procedures; and I affirm my reliance upon I; by which I mean my conscious presence-awareness, which I presume to be rooted in the Divine ground, and indeed to be part of That. I presume that what is real in me is my sheer presence-awareness; and that it is part of That which is Real altogether.

    Whatever Truth or Reality Is,
    I am part of That.
    My Presence-Awareness is That,
    I Am is the way.
    I live as david in this world
    but I am not david.
    I am Presence-Awareness,
    here, as david, now.

    I do not have any proof of these statements; but long and deep meditation on the matter has led me to these presumptions as being the most rational among the options I can perceive. The materialism option, so popular today, seems not only appalling, but quite irrational to me.

    Anyway thank you for this blog, and for your excellent essays.

  3. brontebaxter said,

    June 5, 2008 at 7:42 am

    Yes, David Icke does scare away some people, but he speaks what he believes and backs it up with evidence. When it’s that far afield from what most people believe, that action takes guts. David’s style is to put it all out there, whether people like the truth or not.

    Can I assume from what you’re saying that you find the idea of reptilians and Satanic ritual murder preposterous? How can ritual murder be preposterous, beyond the ken of humanity, when the world’s scriptures and traditions are full of human sacrifice, eating living hearts, etc.? Do you think the world has really changed that much? Is the human race truly too civilized now for such things, or is there a segment of the population that never outgrew it? And could that segment consist of the same people who openly promoted blood sacrifice in the first place: those who stood to benefit from it, the earthly emissaries of “the gods”?

    As far as reptilians go … Do you acknowledge the likelihood of life on other planets, or do you think we are probably the only planet with life in this almost limitless universe? If you concede there is probably life elsewhere, do you acknowledge that planets could have developed intelligent lifeforms other than the human form, or do you think evolution proceeds identically in every star system? If you concede the likelihood of variety in the formation of lifeforms, why is it hard to conceive that one form of intelligent life that might have developed in some star system could have been reptilian?

    If a person agrees reptilian lifeforms are not that far-fetched, why is David Icke so far-fetched in suggesting such beings may have come here and live here covertly? Is it because he suggests they have a controlling, self-serving agenda? Why is that hard to believe, when so many humans demonstrate the same thing?

    Icke is not the only researcher claiming the involvement of aliens in the conspiracy. Robert Morning Sky concurs and has written some brilliant stuff on this subject (“The Terra Papers”). The scriptures of India say Nagas, a serpent race, parented the kings of India. Credo Mutwa, head shaman of the Zulus, says the secret teachings of his race declare that their kings, too, descended from interbreeding between humans and reptilian-form “gods.” We see evidence of serpents in the worship of Egypt and many other traditions, indicating some kind of connection with reptilian intelligent life was very possibly more than just mythical.

    So I don’t see where Icke is that far out. He just shocks people, by spilling the beans all at once. As a public national figure, he can get away with it. People still pay attention. If you get thousands of hits on your website every day, as he does, you can pretty much say what you want.

    But for those of us who are just starting to speak out about these things, we may do better to ease into such ideas, and lay a very firm foundation, before we broach the incredible. That way there’ll be someone left reading at the bottom of our articles.

    Bronte Baxter

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