Where Have All the Flower Children Gone? Part Two

This is the second article in a two-part series by this title.

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The hippies were an aware generation, on the edge of discovering and achieving remarkable things. Spiritual growth divorced from restrictive religion. A government accountable to the people. Wars that couldn’t happen because kids wouldn’t serve in them. The questioning of authority. Noncompliance with idiocy. Community empowerment through back-to-the-land living and support of local trades and local commerce, breaking the growing stranglehold of Big Business.

The flower children challenged all the assumptions: spiritual, political, social, economic. They asked the big questions and were willing to go to jail for their principles. The hippies knew something was wrong with the world, and even tried to name it: the Establishment, the System. They were so close to the truth that they had to be stopped. Since they couldn’t be stopped, they had to be diverted.

The hippie movement was poisoned from within. Drugs, thrills and depersonalized sex ate away at flower-power vision and resolve. Heads were clouded by pot and heavy metal. Icons announced that getting the latest kick was the way to personal freedom. Drugs weren’t bad – the Establishment only said that to stop our having fun. Drugs would set our mind free. Multi-partnered sex would set our soul free.

The focus turned from activism to pleasure, thrills that never satisfied. We grew bloated with decadence, and longed for a way out. We wanted to be spiritual, but didn’t believe in Jesus. We lost our self-confidence, mourned our lost innocence. If only someone would show us the way back to feeling wonderful again.

That’s where Maharishi found us in the 1960s and 70s when he made his trips to America. He tossed life vests into our turbulent sea. We followed his voice and made it to the shore. We’d be forever grateful.

The hippies could not be allowed to grow into adults and assume responsible places in society. Not without being purged. Our enemies corrupted us, and then we begged for purging. One of their own, Maharishi obliged us. He taught TM to take our “stress” away. We gladly gave it to him. But “stress,” our cares, were attached to our souls. When TM took them away, it took part of us with it. Instead of working our problems through and becoming integrated, we gave them to a mantra, the hypnotic song that transported them, with pieces of our personality, into another dimension.

Is it a stretch to allege that the death of the hippie movement was intentional? A form of cultural genocide? The Establishment lost its critics once the hippies were assimilated. Gone were the voices crying “foul!” and “fraud!” The Establishment and the agenda that drives it wanted the hippie movement killed. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was their henchman … Click here to continue with this article

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  1. May 28, 2008 at 5:13 am

    All organized religions are necessarily based on

    huge lies, backed up with lots of coercions, and

    that dishonesty and violence served systems of

    organized fraud and robbery …

    As long as we use transcendental poetry,

    then the robbers and the robbed are ONE.

    However, any useful knowledge about real things

    measures how they transact across boundaries …

    Human beings fundamentally
    act as robbers in their world,
    and groups of human beings
    are organized robbery gangs.

    Therefore, all churches, corporations and countries,
    are necessarily based on systematic lies & coercions.

    TM could not possibly have been any different.

    The truthless-Truth of transcendental poetry is
    something that is exploited by various kinds of
    professional liars and immaculate hypocrites …

    They ALL do that.

    They are all attempting to privatize “God.”

    I do not dismiss the subtle ways that works.

    However, I think we tend to confuse some
    metaphorical & literal perceptions of that
    when we attempt to communicate about
    how it actually works in the real world.

    I was one of the 1960s hippies
    that was interested in TM too,

    I hated bogus organization
    I was supposed submit to,
    and I never went on
    past my first session.

    Decades later, I was delighted to read this article above.

    It confirms my view of what the TM church seemed to be.

    Everybody still agrees that a brain
    can benefit from being in training,
    but benefit for whom, and how, is
    not so easy to agree upon for all.

    Churches are simply another organized gang.

    There are both benefits & costs from being
    a member of any kinds of organized gangs.

    You both lose and you gain from participating.

    The biggest post-modernizing religion
    these days is built on faith-based money.

    That is the dominant kind of bullies’ bullshit.

    The old-fashioned systems of huge lies
    are unhappy that they have lost ground.

    However, I think we need to go forward.

    We need more self-conscious awareness
    of the fact that civilizations are built on
    organized systems of frauds & robbery,
    and that they must necessarily be that.

    We need a greater use of information
    and higher consciousness about that.

    We need to embrace the paradox that
    everything human beings know is yet
    some relative illusion, and endeavour
    to minimize our illusion with science,
    without succumbing to the illusions
    that we finally know the Total Truth.

    We need to develop a more sophisticated
    appreciation that all governments are, and
    must necessarily be, the best organized of
    the possible gangs of criminals somewhere.

    TM is not unique.

    Every organized group of people is based
    on huge lies, backed up with its corecions
    serving systems of fraud and robberies, as
    necessary for it to survive as its own kind
    of imperialistic information system inside
    of the real world of people transacting
    with themselves and the whole world.

    While I mostly agreed with this article’s views,
    I would broaden its conclusions to reflect a
    general pattern throughout all of politics.

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