Homegrown vs. Implanted Thoughts: How Susceptible Are You?

A visitor to this blog who uses the handle “Pen Name” shared an anecdote in a comment I’d like to use as a springboard for discussion. She wrote how she once received a boatload of incredible insights that came one after another, she knew not from where. They seemed beautiful, and she wrote them down.

Taken together, they compiled, she thought, a book. Then she examined what she had written in light of her reasoning and experience, decided it was a load of crap, and destroyed the manuscript.

What do you make of that? Would you say she was unfairly letting her intellect rule her heart? Or should she be cheered for her action? Was obliterating the document a mark of courage and integrity or was it an act of self-judgmental foolishness?

Personally, I cheer for her. Here’s why. A lot of us are figuring out that we can’t trust people outside us for our answers. We’ve grown suspicious of gurus, religions, and spiritual teachers. We’ve come to believe that truth is within us, since we sense the divine there. We conclude that we only have to listen to our thoughts and feelings, and let those lead the way.

That conclusion demonstrates maturity, but I think it’s a conclusion that can be manipulated. Think about it. The off-world entities who stand behind religions, gurus, channels and most spiritual teachers, “guiding” with self-serving teachings that keep mankind ensnared – wouldn’t they be capable of speaking to you directly?

If you were one of the gods, concerned that the human race is waking up, that the sheep are about to jump the fence and be gone from your sheering farm forever, wouldn’t you make a crack at talking to the people who are starting to listen to themselves? Wouldn’t you psychically send some “insights” their way that might coax them back into the fold, thoughts that on the surface support their newer and wiser understanding?

I suspect no deity worth their salt would miss that opportunity, especially if the person they target has much influence on other people. The gods aren’t going to give up their One World agenda just because people are starting to listen within. They’ll position themselves to take advantage of the changed situation, to re-route the sheep and to quell the brewing rebellion.

Unless we take measures to psychically protect ourselves, there’s no way to tell at first flush if inspired thoughts are (a) our own intuition, (b) suggestions from helpful entities outside ourselves, or (c) deceptively wise insights from those who would like to get us back in the box. How can we tell which is happening?

First, we can take measures to protect the mind from unwanted outside influences. Second, we can examine our “visions” by the measuring stick of reason and what we know of the world. In other words, by the evidence and the way we’ve put it together so far.

When you add a piece to a board puzzle, you look at what you’ve already assembled and decide where to place the new piece in that context. The new piece may cause you to see that some of the pieces you’ve already placed are hooked together wrong. In that case, you backtrack, self-correct, and rearrange the puzzle in a way that reflects the information the new piece brought to you. On the other hand, the new piece may fit perfectly with what you’ve assembled, simply expanding your picture.

As long as we’re operating on a planet where manipulation is standard protocol, we should be alert to the possibility that the more we wake up, the greater the chance someone will personally target us for a detour. We need to evaluate our visions and ideas in light of the facts we’ve gathered and the way we’ve connected the dots so far. We can’t assume what we think is right because we feel it’s coming from a deep place.

That doesn’t mean allowing the inner critic to silence gut feelings or messages of the heart. It means listening to the intellect and letting it give healthy feedback. Relying too much on intellect and not paying due respect to instincts is as big a mistake as blindly trusting “intuitions.” Outside entities can ply us with intellectual objections that discount what we know on a deeper level, or they can woo us with false feelings. Letting heart and mind inform each other deflects outside interference and makes us come together as more integrated persons.

Challenging as it can be to examine ourselves like this, I think it’s part of the fun of the current adventure, and part of the skill set we need in making the shift from sucker to self-directed. In learning to walk the tightrope that leads to personal empowerment, we can’t give blind credence to either our feelings or intellect. Freedom depends on listening to both.

Alertness and questioning are key. It’s when the sheep start questioning their reality that they notice the walls of their pen and start to devise a plan for getting out. Fixating on any vision or idea and making that the template by which we evaluate everything else is myopic and self-defeating . We need to consistently question our assumptions, and review the puzzle as we piece it, always checking whether it still makes sense in light of new data.

People who commit to living this way grow and change quickly. You can’t stay in one place for long when you approach life curiously and critically. Once you get how to be open and questioning at the same time, you’ve come a long way in honing your tightrope ability.

Part of learning is listening to the views of the people we tend to discount or get triggered by. Our critics have more to teach us perhaps than anyone else. They help us see trouble spots in our own perspective. Then we either change to accommodate the new input or grow firmer and clearer in our original understanding.

An example of this happened to me when I read Tal Brooke’s Riders of the Cosmic Circuit. Tal is a former guru worshipper turned Christian. Years ago when I read his book, I was still into the guru game, and reading his radically different viewpoint on “cosmic experiences” and “enlightenment” was like being sound asleep and getting a slap in the face. It turned my world view on its ear, offering a totally different set of explanations for experiences I had always thought could only add up to one thing. I didn’t wind up sharing Tal Brooke’s word view (I’m not a Christian), but reflecting on his research and insights was transformational, making me rethink all my “givens” and helping me arrive at the insights I have today.

A word about psychic protection. You don’t have to be a sitting duck for mind manipulators. We all have control over what enters our consciousness. Entities dwelling in invisible frequency ranges may try to influence us, and if we have a non-critical attitude, they can access our wavelength. The antidote for this is to send out a message to the psychic environment about what we’ll allow and what we won’t.

The rules for myself that I’ve decided on and “posted” are that friends and family who’ve left this life are welcome to send thoughts, feelings or support anytime they like. I also invite input from “entities in the unseen who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings.” To me, that phrase describes exactly who I’m happy to receive ideas and insights from. Anyone not in those two categories is not welcome to influence me.

You can put this out there by consciously (with focus) making a statement to the universe that includes what you will tolerate and what you won’t. It can go something like “I happily disconnect myself from all entities, energies and programs that may be or are feeding upon me.” (Substitute “willfully” or “consciously” for “happily,” or otherwise change the wording to suit you.)

Once you post your standards of communication to the universe, the universe is bound to respect them. How can you know that? Because if your permission weren’t a key factor in entities being able to manipulate you, they wouldn’t go to such lengths to secure that permission. They require you to give it, even if only on a subconscious level.

In TM, for instance, elaborate seduction is employed to get the new initiate to kneel before a picture of Guru Dev. (See Where Have All the Flower Children Gone? and The Hidden Agenda of Mantra Meditation.) The kneeling appears to be necessary to activate the mantra, and without it or some other form of self-subjugation, the mantra probably wouldn’t work. The subterfuge and seduction are necessary because the will of the person targeted is so important. If free will (permission) weren’t a key factor, the New World Order would have been fully operational centuries ago.

Just as giving permission is powerful, so is removing it. You remove your permission to be psychically manipulated by changing your intention and declaring it, with full focus on your words, which you speak in a firm and unequivocal statement. Those who’d like to lord it may still look for opportunities to slip past your psychological radar in moments of negativity. When thoughts turn dark, become aware of the shift as soon as possible and make a conscious choice to adjust your thinking. The sooner you get out of the doldrums, the less chance unwanted entities have of moving in and squatting on your psychological turf. When you’ve slipped into a mood, repeat your “do not tamper” manifesto out loud a few times until you feel genuine emotion and will behind the words. That restores the boundaries of your psychic protection.

These tips are based on my experience and those of several friends. We find this works in keeping us on a level emotional keel and keeping our heads screwed on straight. There’s no rigid formula. More dogma is the last thing anybody needs. If you find these ideas useful, adapt them however seems practical to you. Feel free to share what you know and experience in the comment section below. The sooner we discover that the big truths must include the life experience of all people, the sooner we’ll learn to listen to each other and benefit from the insights of the puzzle-solvers around us.

May we all have fun with the adventure.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008


  1. PenName said,

    April 29, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Where does that next thought come from? Where does it bubble up from? The mud and quarks in our brain matter? This thing called “consciousness”?

    While I agree that constant vigilence is necessary to stay positive and not fall prey to negative thoughts —– I humbly confess that I am unable at this time to discern what thoughts and feelings are from my own true energy and which are from outside. I find that any human barometer of “good” vs. “bad” doesn’t work to discern them, and that my own feeling or intuition is often faulty as well at this point.

    What works best for me right now is the test of time and continual observation, and never grasping any conclusion too firmly.

    So humbly I keep going, trying to clean the windshield so as to better discern what does come in and attract less outer interference.

    I tend to shun the “surround yourself in light” and various mutterings to psychically protect myself. Once I engage in such efforts to protect myself, I feel somehow I’ve entered some sort of fray and come to their turf in one way or another. I guess my strategy is that I tend to refocus on something here and now in physical reality, like the palpable sensation in my body, or cleaning the kitchen.

    Humble humble humble —- far from contributing tips and guidance to others at this point. But glad and comforted that others are aware of the situation.

  2. PenName said,

    April 29, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    BTW — I want nothing to do with dead friends and relatives talking to me either.

  3. brontebaxter said,

    April 30, 2008 at 3:32 am

    Focused use of imagination, emotionally experiencing the object of desire as if it already is yours, is a thumb-nail description of the technique of Imaginating, which Pen Name is talking about above. My reply, Pen Name, is that we are constantly shaping reality through our daily thoughts, whether we want to be or not, whether we do it consciously or not, so why not take responsibility for our power and create with conscious purpose?

    I notice a remarkable correspondence between my thoughts and my outer reality, and I often change my circumstances by changing my thoughts. To conclude, as you do about yourself, that you don’t have what it takes to determine what’s good and bad for yourself, that you must somehow leave that up to “life” to decide, leaves a person open to forces outside herself deciding those things. It leaves you drifting and vulnerable, a handy target for manipulating entities.

    The philosophy of “humble humble humble” has been taught by every religion. It’s part of destroying people’s self-trust, and that is required before you can take charge of their lives. Any philosophy that encourages us to doubt our ability to know what’s right for ourselves is, I submit, one taught by our manipulators.

    You’ve mentioned that you’ve studied many years with a Tai Chi teacher who doesn’t teach limiting philosophy, but what you say here makes us small, ignorant flotsam floating on the vast, wise ocean of cosmic mind. I say, we ARE cosmic mind, our own little corner of it. No one knows better than you do what’s right for you at any given moment of your life. You may err and choose to experience something that has unpleasant or unfortunate consequences, ones you didn’t anticipate, but who can say that wasn’t what you needed to gain smarts, to ultimately do better?

    Individual choice based on self-referral may not be an infallible barometer of the good, but it’s the closest thing we have to it. Humble humble humble keeps us afraid to be great, from owning and expressing our innate God-given brilliance. Religion wants to keep us small, hence the doctrine that believing in ourselves is dangerous, egotistical. Ego is vile in religion. But it is ego, our personal self-hood, that holds the key to our liberation. That’s why religion must trounce it.

    Bronte Baxter

  4. Barbara said,

    April 30, 2008 at 6:51 am

    I talk to a dead friend every day. He gets a running commentary of my life. Sometimes I get an answer.
    Most of the time I think we are in Grimms fairy tale land. It is just so bad in the world, bio fuels and starving people on the same planet, but your piece today has given me a lot of hope and faith in myself. When I read about compliance being needed for the New World Order that really cheered me up.
    i have a question for you Bronte but it does not cncern any blogs that you have written so far. Where would I ask it from?

  5. brontebaxter said,

    April 30, 2008 at 8:00 am

    I’ve added my email address to the About page, and I welcome all emails. Feel free to write to me there, Barbara, at brontebaxter8@yahoo.com

    Best regards,

  6. PenName said,

    April 30, 2008 at 8:08 am

    I only speak from years of experience, being a Silva mind control graduate, a Sedona Method graduate, a former long term member of Unity, etc……… all of which were effective as promised, and I now have no interest in.

    I am not saying ego is good or bad, nor am I hiding behind traditional religious deprecation of our worth, nor am I saying that eastern-advocated passivity is the answer.

    I’m merely saying that as you point up, we often aren’t sure of where our impressions, both feeling and mental, truly derive from.

    Truly you are correct that it is far better to have good, optimistic, positive thoughts that envision good outcomes for ourselves — after all I submit that maybe our mind is producing soma by the very act of thinking, which creates reality around us to a certain extent so better to keep a light, positive mind — both for that reason, and to prevent attracting negative influences as you’ve said.

    However, I do feel that the spiritual world is far more complicated than we know and while we have great gifts and potentials as humans (because we have a piece of the divine inside of us — but perhaps buried under interference of all the negative noise around us), we also have limitations in our understanding from our current viewpoint in this dimension— therefore humility does not hurt. Keeping a positive attitude and positive thoughts is somewhat different than extruding your energy and foisting it upon the pallette of the world and painting what you will with your soma, because you have ultimate faith that everything will be okay no matter what you do, and if not, it’s what you needed to experience.

    Just as you exhausted the guru-path and found its shortcomings, I exhausted the new age positive thought power path and found its shortcomings…..perhaps this is how we should end this discussion. For just as you have endured endless hours of guru-speak seeking to correct your beliefs, I have endured hours of air-tight create-your-world-through-positive-thought-speak —- I have just as little patience for it as you would have for another deva chanting session.

    I have great confidence that after a few years of this current path you are on, you will see what I mean. Thousands upon thousands have been on that path too for many many years, and it hasn’t produced all that much that I can see in the world…..but it does make its authors and marketers as rich as any Bagwan.

    Peace to you and your blog. This has been a very nice interlude, and I look forward to lurking now and again.

  7. brontebaxter said,

    April 30, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Pen Name, I grant there are excesses and stupidities in any school of thought, including the positive power path, as you call it. I am not a member of Unity or any specific system in that ballpark, which is probably why I’m not bothered by the excesses and stupidities you have experienced and are trying to draw attention to. I’m sure some people do try to foist their desires on the universe, heedless of who it hurts or of the repercussions. That’s not what I ascribe to or recommend.

    I’m merely pointing out in this blog from time to time that we, as individuals, are very powerful, and that it’s in our interest to recognize and act from that power rather than do one of the other two options: (1) give that power away to those who claim to know more than we do, who rupture our faith in ourselves and take us on spiritual detours, or (2) float on the ocean of life, mistaking passivity and “detachment” for freedom.

    I don’t consider myself “on a path” as you call it, and I don’t subscribe to a body of teachings or dogma. I only know what is working in my own life, and I share it. I think, Pen Name, that inside all the twisted, detour-directed teachings of this world, there is a kernel of truth. A truth the deceivers don’t want us to discover in its purity. If we did, we would become free. So they “poison the wine,” pollute the wisdom, and after people go around in circles for a time, some of them leave the merry-go-round. Then they are disillusioned and want nothing more to do with any of the ideas they contemplated while in that system. Even though, amidst the poison, excesses and nonsense, there may have been that tiny pearl of a valuable truth, a valuable piece of the puzzle of life.

    I think you are riled at what you saw and experienced, and I’m sure you have excellent reason to be. But you are pigeonholing me in that camp. I belong to no camp. I know what’s working for me, the pieces of the puzzle I’ve collected, and how I’m currently piecing them together . That’s the extent of it.

    I have one acquaintance, who operates much like the crowd you describe. She refuses to hear anything that has to do with the global agenda or anything possibly wrong in the world. She thinks that’s being negative. She refused to support the environmental efforts of a group I’m in that’s trying to save a native rare-habitat prairie from development. She told me that’s because she’s in real estate, and “believes in” development. She uses the law of attraction to create things for herself and doesn’t give a fiddle what her choices do to the rest of the world, or what shape the world or our community is in. This isn’t because she’s a realtor but because she’s a selfish person with myopic vision.

    Do you see any distinction between this sort of attitude and what I’m advocating? I think you would if you read what I wrote on this subject, the course on Imaginating I created for the school in Australia. One of my goals is to rewrite that course as an e-book. I think you would find it very different from the kind of beliefs and values you’ve been pegging me with.


  8. Rob said,

    May 2, 2008 at 11:30 am

    “What works best for me right now is the test of time and continual observation, and never grasping any conclusion too firmly.” – Pen Name

    I once read an article by a linguist who suggested that the trouble with the English language is that there are words and concepts to express “facts” when there are no facts – only conclusions drawn from observation and reflection. He suggested preceding every statement with “in my opinion” or “it seems to me” or “my observations suggest” or something along those lines. This leaves the door open for further learning and exploring.

    About spirit possession and exorcism: there’s an article on my website about a young Cambodian woman whose spirit is frequently possessed. She’s an orphan and has been passed from family to family all her life. Hence her “spirit too small small” and it’s easy for her to be possessed. If you’re interested, the article’s called “Surrealistic Pillow.” Remember the album? Anyway, I also witnessed a few exorcisms. Refreshing, because they didn’t make a big song and dance of it. Just a guy who learned how from his Dad. And it worked. And then he went back to work.

  9. Mick said,

    May 2, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Very,very interesting and useful. It is refreshing to read words of sanity. Also refreshing to read informed, balanced comments and replies. It is good to see a real debate, helps understanding.
    Rob, do you remember the name of the linguist in question? and what’s the name of your website?
    Bronte, ta very much for your discerning articles. Please produce the e-book sometime.

  10. Rob said,

    May 3, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Mick – Put the cursor over my name and the link to my website will pop up. I wish I could remember the name of the linguist or the link, but I cant. The article was brilliantly written.

  11. C. said,

    May 4, 2008 at 12:19 am

    It seems to me that the moment a movement demanding change, whether it be spiritual, or ecological or else ( thinking about the women’s Liberation too)… that “they” infiltrate, manipulate, distort and proft much money and soma wise. This Global warming trend is becoming the same..proposing solution that anyone who stops an analyses quickly realizes will be either totally ineficient ( windmills ) or precipitate what we are attempting to prevent…and still furthering their agenda of control and “free-feeding”..
    <> Not only do they poison the vine, they brainwash further so that those who see that the “emperor wears no clothes” are ostricized and ridiculed..or labeled a thought-terrorist.
    A site that I found both refreshing & “enlightening”, as it uses metaphysical concepts to support spiritual concepts- hence eliminating much dogma, has a great article on “faux spirituality”. I recommend it as it follows nicely along this topic. http://montalk.net/notes/faux-spirituality

  12. C. said,

    May 4, 2008 at 12:27 am

    For those who might be offended by my comments about the inefficiency of the windmills, let me specify that I only have a beef against those models now being promoted- those high standing, mini wings eyesore…
    Anyone who played with the wind as a child should see that there are easier and better ways to tap into wind power and make it a really desirable altrenative. For an idea of what a really efficient windmill looks like see:

  13. cybernan said,

    July 2, 2008 at 6:30 am

    The importance of your thoughts.
    We are all connected in thought to a grid that surrounds the earth. This is now scientifically proven. Every thought any of us have is simply part of the grid.
    Just take a look at Gregg Braden’s vidios and I would be very interested in your views on the subject. It is really important to keep your thoughts and desires positive – for the future of the world and the life you want in it.

  14. frankanne said,

    July 12, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    C said:
    A site that I found both refreshing & “enlightening”, as it uses metaphysical concepts to support spiritual concepts- hence eliminating much dogma, has a great article on “faux spirituality”. I recommend it as it follows nicely along this topic. http://montalk.net/notes/faux-spirituality.
    thanks for that link C. very interesting.

  15. frankanne said,

    July 13, 2008 at 1:21 am

    cybernan said,
    July 2, 2008 at 6:30 am
    The importance of your thoughts.
    We are all connected in thought to a grid that surrounds the earth. This is now scientifically proven. Every thought any of us have is simply part of the grid.
    Just take a look at Gregg Braden’s vidios and I would be very interested in your views on the subject. It is really important to keep your thoughts and desires positive – for the future of the world and the life you want in it.

    thank you cyberman, what an amazing video/s. i watched all four of them. i sort of understood what gregg was talking about and it wasnt ‘thoughts’ so much as ’emotion’ and ‘feelings’. these are so different from thought processes.

    we can be taught to ‘think’ in a certain way, and there are techniques such as ‘cognitive behavioural technique’ which tell us that if we ‘think’ in a certain way then our ‘behaviour’ can be influenced. but what i got from gregg was something else. it was about ’emotion’ and ‘feeling’ and our just ‘being’ which to me is so different from our ‘behavour’ or our ‘thoughts’.

    to me, what he said was profound, in that it freed me from the constraints of ‘thought police’, it freed me from the constraints of ‘behaviour police’. what gregg said resonated with me because i have long believed that our ’emotions’ and ‘feelings’ are OURS and ours alone. they cannot be tampered with. and it is our emotions that are so important. and so true. and we shouldnt be worried about what they say to us, because they are true and honest and real. if someone is broken hearted, then that is what it is. that is what must be accepted and acknowledged. no point in pretending that the broken heart does not exist, that the broken heart is being negative. it isnt negative, it doesn’t need to be ignored, it doesn’t need to be wiped out. the broken heart just needs to be, without judgement, without being told that it ‘shouldn’t be’ . that just sets up a whole load of problems and repressions and suppresions. (catholic church, anyone?), the broken heart feels pain and it needs to be validated, not ignored or repressed or condemned.

  16. brontebaxter said,

    July 13, 2008 at 2:13 am

    Frankanne, I’m familiar with this philosophy and was ecstatic about it when I first discovered it. I practiced it for a couple of years, and lost my enthusiasm for it completely.The kernel of truth I retained from it is that our pain needs to acknowledged, not stuffed away, because then it hangs out in the subconscious and causes damage. If we let ourselves become conscious of our negative feelings, and what’s beneath them that is bothering us, then it can’t all go subconscious and control us from that unaware level.

    The part of the philosophy I found to be destructive was this: practices that involve “sitting with the feelings” wind up being like stewing in your own juices. I found the negative feelings actually grew and took deeper root in me when I did this. Friends who once practiced what you’re describing found the same results I did, although it took a lot of stewing and suffering before we could figure it out.

    What we give our attention to grows stronger. It’s better to consciously acknowledge a broken heart and then transmute the feelings into personal healing and empowerment. This is done through making a conscious choice, right in the midst of the pain, to pull that energy back in and take possession of yourself. To be the creator of a better reality.

    I have experienced a broken heart doing it both ways, and found the second way immensely more therapeutic. I recovered far faster. If you let the negative feelings just sit there, negative astral entities, who match your vibration in that moment, can attach to you, manipulating the bad feelings and making them worse. This happened to me once on a major scale, on the occasion of the death of my father, when the technique you’re describing turned normal grieving into a deep depression. It wasn’t until, after months of hell, I said “Enough! My father is FINE now!” every time the horrible feelings came up that the “demons” stopped tormenting me. Before that, I had been caught in a whirlpool that kept getting stronger and pulling me further down. In truth, there’s no end to negative feelings if you “just be with them.”

    The emotional state we’re in comes down to a choice. If we suffer, it’s by choice. If we’re in joy, it’s by choice. The choice for suffering is typically well-meaning and unconscious, as when we decide to practice a technique of being with the feelings, but it is a choice nonetheless, with consequences. I am by nature an emotional person and for years was run around by my feelings. Once I realized I had a choice how I would feel, I learned to turn the bad stuff into empowerment and joy.

    I realize the tantalizing appeal of the philosophy you’ve discovered, but I hope you don’t have to follow it for years, like I did, before you realize it leads to a dead end. Your statement that “emotions and feelings are OURS and ours alone – they cannot be tampered with” is a mistaken one. Many experiments have shown that human emotions and feelings can be generated and manipulated by electrical and chemical exterior sources, such as by applying electrodes to certain parts of the brain and stimulating them. The emotions that can result from “getting loaded” are another example of how something outside ourselves, in this case a substance, can produce feelings that are not truly ours, in the soul sense. Look at the mass hysteria that can overtake crowds – are the feelings a person feels at a football game or a riot “theirs and theirs alone” or are people moving with a current, carried along and possessed in such moments by an energy or force that isn’t themselves?

    This teaching, that feelings are “the real you,” is very compelling, because everyone wants to find “the real me.” But who we are is something way deeper than the sway of emotions, which is just the wind blowing through the trees. Who you are is the tree.

    An addendum to this, for clarification: While negative emotions are not who we are, deep pure feelings like joy, love, empowerment, and clarity are very much the nature of our inner being. Feelings like those mean we’re in that deep consciousness place, or being inspired from there. My criticism of “being with the feelings” is targeted at emotions that cause suffering, not feelings that are the core of our divine nature.


  17. frankanne said,

    July 13, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    thank you bronte. i realised after i wrote that that our emotions are very much affected by so many things – music, drugs, alcohol, to name just a few. and yes, i agree that to stew is not good.
    dont know why i wrote it really. maybe the alcohol, lol.

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