Undermining the New World Order, a Whisper at a Time

Social networking and blogging are emerging on the Internet scene at a most serendipitous time. As the snare around our freedoms continues to tighten, ordinary people must start talking. Among ourselves, in public places, in forums like these. As we take stock of what’s happening around us and interpret it through common sense and independent thought, we break the hold of group-think imposed by mainstream media, political leaders, and unexamined dogma. This is true exponentially to the degree that we share what we learn with each another.

As the web of global fascism tightens and plans for the New World Order fall faster into place, freedom-loving people are creating their own web: a network of information and truth. This freedom-web spans the planet through independent blogs and websites and through quiet conversation, one person to another, in coffee shops and kitchens, at job sites and on hiking trails, across the world.

I choose to be part of this global conversation, and that is the reason for this blog. You’re invited to join me here, with comments, observations and knowledge. Download anything you see on this site and freely spread it around. Link to the referenced websites. Share blogs and sites you find that are good. Share information.

Social and political change happen when a group of people have quietly changed in their minds and collectively hold an emotional opinion. The American Revolution was fought and won by only one-third of the colonists. (Another third favored British rule, and the last third just didn’t care).

The black revolution in America began with a shared feeling among the people. Before Rosa Parks sat down in the front of the bus, flicking the domino that sent racial segregation tumbling, the blacks of the south had quietly been talking. They told each other they had had enough. Their group decision changed America.

And so we come together to talk and to listen. To share what we observe and the answers as they come to us.

Welcome to this web log. I’m glad we’ve found each other, and I’m proud to be part of your tribe.

Bronte Baxter


  1. James said,

    April 2, 2008 at 3:15 am

    Serendipity sure seems to come easier with an active participation in the social web. It still amazes me how opportunities flow from such simple tools as tags, videos, blogs, comments and online profiles. You can focus your participation in the world wide conversation to get what you want – and it seems the rules are ‘teach, don’t sell’.

  2. ShaniCat said,

    April 14, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Hello! This is my first ever comment on someone’s site (“blog?”) as I am not the most computer literate, so I hope this works! You write with clarity and intelligence Bronte, and I am glad that David Icke provided the link on his newsletter to your site. Having become aware of David’s work – maybe seven years ago, not only did this ever-increasing awareness of what is really going on totally pull the rug out from underneath my particular “comfort” belief (an Indian “holy man”), but also revealed to me just how much people do not want to look into this state of affairs, if nothing is (consciously) impinging directly upon their own comfort zone. I have run a “New Age” shop for the past fourteen years, providing crystals, books, oracle card decks etc. – the usual scene. But I have come, over the years, to agree so much with David’s perspective on this in truth – people coming into the shop exclaiming “I’m very spiritual – I just love all this stuff” whilst gazing at sparkling lead crystal ornaments, just don’t have a clue. Alternatively, I have also stocked David’s books for years (but sadly can no longer get them wholesale, in Australia) and have a video/dvd lending library of all his works, plus those from Enigma channel and others, and my goodness – are they popular! We have a core group of people very interested in this material, but we all feel that, unfortunately, one must use discretion in whom one speaks to about it. Sadly, our three beautiful daughters do not want to know about it – I have mentioned things, but as one of them said: “Mum, I’ve brought children into this world. I have to believe that it’s a good place” … what can you do? Unless people can see directly for themselves what is going on, by something impinging directly upon their own lives, it’s “head in the sand”. What does it take for them to investigate the dangers of vaccines – a damaged child? Why, with information on the adverse effects of fluoride in public water supplies, and with some councils apparently now realising that it was a bad move, and wanting to remove it from their water supply, does Brisbane (capital city of Queensland) now intend to fluoridate their water supply? Is it because they lhave swallowed the dental propaganda, or is it directives “from above” that know the real effects, and are continuing to implement the agenda. I believe the latter.

    Well, that will do for now. I look forward to reading more of your comments Bronte – best of luck! Warm regards, ShaniCat.

  3. brontebaxter said,

    April 14, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Hey, ShaniCat, great post. I know what you mean about comfort zones. Someone I love is in precisely that position. But I believe people would not keep making such choices if they understood what’s being done to them and how they contribute to it. Anything we can do to help that become obvious will work toward the good.

    I think it’s usually self-defeating to charge in, guns blazing, talking about aliens and shape shifters right off the bat. That causes most minds to close before they even hear any evidence. I try to figure where people are at and then push the envelope. Of course a too-gentle approach can be a cop-out, a protective maneuver to keep from being scoffed at. That’s why I make myself push a ways past other people’s comfort zone and my own when I talk about these subjects. And I mention the David Icke books for where to go to learn more, since his are the best books I’ve found on the subject. Another great book to recommend: “The Gods of Eden,” by William Bramley.


  4. Sam said,

    September 10, 2008 at 1:50 am

    I find it strange when people mention the American Revolution as an inspiring example of people fighting for their freedom, when it is a fact that America is, and always was, a puppet of Great Britain, and the dictatorship only shifted from an obvious one to a covert one.

  5. March 11, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Thank you. It was a very interesting reading and I come back now and then to read a few words.

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